How to Subscribe to FOLKDJ-L

FOLKDJ-L is an electronic discussion group for people who are interested in all folk-based music (bluegrass, old-time, traditional balladry, traditional international music, singer-songwriters, etc.) on the radio. The group was established primarily for DJs, but others are welcome as well. Current subscribers include:

The forum is an opportunity for us to compare notes on such topics as record company service, new releases, fundraising, interviewing, operational and technical issues, relationships with station management, and the future of folk music on the radio. Many of us post our playlists for the rest to review.

Please note that traffic on FOLKDJ-L can be very heavy; it may add as many as 20-50 e-mail messages to your mailbox per day. If this presents a challenge to your email system, you may want to consider the digest option, which allows you to receive a bundle of messages at once.

There are two methods by which you may subscribe to FOLKDJ-L. First, click the "FOLKDJ-L Server & Archives" link at left and subscribe online (you'll need to generate a password, and confirm via email, to prevent unauthorized use). Alternately, you may send a note to with the following command in the body of the note:

subscribe folkdj-l Your Fullname Your Affiliation

Please replace "Your Fullname Your Affiliation" with your actual name and affiliation. The affiliation information is optional.

You will receive a message back from the listserv, asking you to confirm your subscription (by responding "OK"). You must do this within 48 hours in order to complete the subscription process.

For more information about FOLKDJ-L, contact the list owners, Paul Stamler, Mike Regenstreif, Bob Blackman and Arthur Berman by using our handy comment form. If you're having trouble subscribing, please include pertinent details of what commands were sent -- copies of emails from you to the server, and any server replies will help speed resolution of any problems.

FOLKDJ-L is served with Listserv software through the generosity of the fine people at Penn State.