Posting Spinitron playlists to Folk-DJ


Here’s how I post my Spinitron playlists. I start on my Spinitron home page, where I select the playlist that I want to post:

Once I’ve opened the playlist, I select the choice to “Export/Email” my playlist:

That brings me to a screen where I can choose which data I want to include, what format I want it in, and how I want it delivered:

For my purposes, I simply choose Artist, Song, and Album (“Release”).  I select the format “Text table (slash separator), and then select “Copy-paste” for my delivery option.  Once I’ve made those selections, I click the “Display” button and I’m taken to a screen where I can simply copy my selected data in my selected format:
I generally omit the headings of my show name and so on, posting just the actual playlist in an email to Folk-DJ.
The only other thing I do to keep the process simple is to maintain an email template in GMail that has the basic boilerplate of the format that I want for my email, including the email header (so I need only add the date), and the signature at the end.
Posting a playlist from Spinitron to Folk-DJ takes 2-3 minutes at most, and that includes time to proofread it before I click “Send”.