FOLKDJ-L Quickstart Guide 

  1. Go to in your web browser (Chrome, Firefox, Safari, etc.). You might want to bookmark this link!
  2. Click “Log In”
  3. Click “Register Password”
  4. Type in your email, and password
  5. Go to your email client, and wait for an activation email (check SPAM folder)
  6. Click the link in your activation email
  7. You should see this screen. You now have an account in the Penn State Listserv system. Click Log In.
  8. Go to, and click the ≡ button and then “Subscribe or Unsubscribe”
  9. Fill in your name, and your mail preferences. If you want to receive an email for every post, leave as is, otherwise select Digest (HTML DIGEST) or Index (HTML INDEX).
  10. Go to your email inbox and wait to receive the activation email, then click the link in the email.
  11. You may now send posts to, or post to the listserv via the web interface. (Click the ≡ and “Post Message”. If that option isn’t present, you might not be logged in).