Compiled by Richard Gillmann from FOLKDJ-L playlists
Based on 165520 airplays from 176 different DJs

  1: "A Stranger In This Time," Tim Grimm And The Family Band [Vault, 3/17] (414)
        "Gonna Be Great"
        "These Rollin' Hills"
        "13 Years"
        "Finding Home"
        "Darlin' Cory"
        "Black Snake"
        "Hungry Grass"
        "So Strong"
        "Over The Waves"
        "Over Hill And Dale"
        "Hard Road"
  2: "Trolling For Dreams," John McCutcheon [Appalsongs, 1/17] (388)
        "Y'all Means All"
        "3 Chords And The Truth"
        "Sharecropper's Son"
        "Waltz 'round The Kitchen"
        "Between Good And Gone"
        "Reason I'm Here"
        "She Is"
        "This Is Not A Song"
  3: "Poets, Philosophers, Workers And Wanderers," Joe Jencks [Turtle Bear, 5/17] (387)
        "Let Me Sing You A Song"
        "Solidarity Forever"
        "Going Home"
        "Everybody Sings The Blues"
        "One Piece At A Time"
        "Best Of Friends"
        "Wheelbarrow Johnny"
        "Let It Rain"
  4: "Small Brown Birds," Zoe Mulford [Azalea City, 1/17] (342)
        "President Sang Amazing Grace"
        "Answer The Knock At The Door"
        "February Thunder"
        "Queen Of Skye"
        "Won't You Come On In?"
        "One Damn Thing"
        "Speak True"
        "Small Brown Birds"
  5: "Freedom Highway," Rhiannon Giddens [Nonesuch, 2/17] (327)
        "Birmingham Sunday"
        "We Could Fly"
        "At The Purchaser's Option"
        "Freedom Highway"
        "Angels Laid Him Away"
        "Following The North Star"
        "Hey Bebe"
        "Better Get It Right The First Time"
  6: "Where The River Meets The Road," Tim O'Brien [Howdy Skies, 3/17] (300)
        "Where The River Meets The Road"
        "When The Mist Clears Away"
        "Guardian Angel"
        "High Flying Bird"
        "Windy Mountain"
        "Grandma's Hands"
        "Little Annie"
        "My Old Brown Coat And Me"
        "Friday, Sunday's Coming"
        "Few Old Memories"
  7: "Before I Go," Ordinary Elephant [Berkalin, 1/17] (250)
        "Best Of You"
        "Railroad Man"
        "Highway 71"
        "Thank You"
        "Washington Said East"
        "Another Day"
        "Can I Count On You"
        "Who I Am"
  8: "The Long-Awaited Album," Steve Martin And The Steep Canyon Rangers [Rounder, 9/17] (242)
        "Santa Fe"
        "All Night Long"
        "Girl From River Run"
        "Canadian Girl"
        "Strangest Christmas Yet"
        "Nights In The Lab"
        "So Familiar"
  9: "Boots No. 1: The Official Revival Bootleg," Gillian Welch [Acony, 11/16] (232)
        "Orphan Girl"
        "Red Clay Halo"
        "Tear My Stillhouse Down"
        "Georgia Road"
        "Acony Bell"
  9: "Play One More: The Songs Of Ian And Sylvia," Tom Russell [True North, 5/17] (232)
        "Wild Geese"
        "Night The Chinese Restaurant Burned Down"
        "When The Wolves No Longer Sing"
        "Old Cheyenne"
        "Thrown To The Wolves"
        "Short Grass"
        "Rio Grande"
        "Play One More"
 11: "Further Down The Line," Scott Cook [, 3/17] (224)
        "Further Down The Line"
        "Walk That Lonesome Valley"
        "Your Sweet Time"
        "Careful With My Heart"
        "Kitchen Dance Party On"
        "Fellas, Get Out The Way"
        "If He Showed Up Now"
 11: "Singin'," Heather Pierson Acoustic Trio [Vessel, 6/17] (224)
        "Dark As A Dungeon"
        "Righteous Song"
        "Get Up And Go"
        "Take A Deep Breath And Smile"
        "Sometimes I Can't Believe My Luck"
        "Give Give Give"
 13: "Against All Tides," Harpeth Rising [, 5/17] (223)
        "I Did Not Make The World"
        "Love Child"
        "Prison Trilogy"
        "Shades Of Orange"
        "In The Singing"
        "Drink Of Reddest Wine"
 14: "Letters Never Read," Dori Freeman [Free Dirt, 10/17] (220)
        "If I Could Make You My Own"
        "I Want To See The Bright Lights Tonight"
        "Over There"
        "Just Say It Now"
        "Ern And Zorry's Sneakin' Bitin' Dog"
        "That's All Right"
        "Turtle Dove"
        "Cold Waves"
 15: "Bidin' My Time," Chris Hillman [Rounder, 9/17] (217)
        "Bells Of Rhymney"
        "Given All I Can See"
        "Such Is The World That We Live In"
        "Walk Right Back"
        "When I Get A Little Money"
        "Here She Comes Again"
 16: "Fifteen," The Wailin' Jennys [Red House, 10/17] (215)
        "Boulder To Birmingham"
        "Loves Me Like A Rock"
        "Keep Me In Your Heart"
        "Light Of A Clear Blue Morning"
        "Old Churchyard"
        "Weary Blues From Waitin"
 17: "Poor David's Almanack," Dave Rawlings [Acony, 8/17] (212)
        "Midnight Train"
        "Come On Over My House"
        "Cumberland Gap"
        "Good God A Woman"
        "Money Is The Meat In The Coconut"
 18: "Happy Little Trees," KC Groves [, 9/17] (211)
        "Little Rain"
        "Northern Lights"
        "I Can't Quit You"
        "Lover's Return"
        "Train 45"
 19: "Wild As We Came Here," The Steel Wheels [Big Ring, 3/17] (210)
        "Sing Me Like A Folk Song"
        "Scrape Me Off The Ceiling"
        "To The Wild"
        "Wild As We Came Here"
        "Take Me To The Ending"
        "Till No One Is Free"
        "Broken Mandolin"
 20: "Boat In The Water," Tom Paxton [Pax, 2/17] (209)
        "Boat In The Water"
        "Last Hobo"
        "Outward Bound"
        "Hitch To My Gitalong"
        "Eleanor's Song"
        "First Thing I Think Of Each Morning"
 20: "Tunes From David Holt's State Of Music 2," Various Artists [High Windy, 4/17] (209)
        "Shake Sugaree," Rhiannon Giddens, Dirk Powell, Jason Sypher
        "West End Blues," Rhiannon Giddens, Dirk Powell, Jason Sypher
        "Watches The Clouds Roll By," Kruger Brothers
        "Roll On Buddy," Wayne Henderson, Jeff Little, David Holt
        "Last Train To Kitty Hawk," Balsam Range
        "Leaving Eden," Laurelyn Dossett
        "Monumental Fool," Steep Canyon Rangers
 22: "Echo In The Valley," Bela Fleck And Abigail Washburn [Rounder, 10/17] (207)
        "Take Me To Harlan"
        "On This Winding Road"
        "Don't Let It Bring You Down"
        "Over The Divide"
        "My Home's Across The Blue Ridge Mountains"
        "Come All You Coal Miners"
        "If I Could Talk To A Younger Me"
 23: "For Better, Or Worse," John Prine [Oh Boy, 9/16] (206)
        "Who's Gonna Take The Garbage Out"
        "Color Of The Blues"
        "Just Waitin"
        "Remember Me"
        "Storms Never Last"
        "Falling In Love Again"
        "Mr. And Mrs. Used To Be"
 24: "Revolution Now," Emma's Revolution [Moving Forward, 5/17] (204)
        "Sing People Sing"
        "Fire In Ferguson"
        "Earned This Gray"
        "My Feet Are Tired"
        "I Am A Woman"
        "Rock Me Ocean"
 25: "Chase The Sun," The Early Mays [Bird On The Wing, 8/17] (202)
        "Oh Babe, It Ain't No Lie"
        "I Am A Girl Of Constant Sorrow"
        "Chase The Sun"
        "Mannington #9"
        "Jeff Sturgeon"
        "Little Pink"
 25: "Workin's Too Hard," Rayna Gellert [StorySound, 1/17] (202)
        "Workin's Too Hard"
        "Grey Bird"
        "Strike The Bells"
        "Oh Lovin' Babe"
        "River Town"
        "I'm Bound For The Promised Land"
 27: "Jayme Stone's Folklife," Jayme Stone [Borealis, 4/17] (201)
        "Drunken Hiccups"
        "Wait On The Rising Sun"
        "That's All Right"
        "Candy Gal"
        "Mwen Pas Danse"
 28: "God's Problem Child," Willie Nelson [Legacy, 4/17] (200)
        "Still Not Dead"
        "God's Problem Child"
        "Little House On The Hill"
        "He Won't Ever Be Gone"
        "Old Timer"
        "Delete And Fast Forward"
 29: "Get Up And Do Right," Cathy Fink And Marcy Marxer [Community, 2/17] (199)
        "Get Up And Do Right"
        "Chilly Winds"
        "Redwinged Blackbird"
        "Song Of Joy"
        "You Are Love"
        "Goodbye Anne/Glory In The Meeting House"
 29: "On That Other Green Shore," John Reischman And The Jaybirds [Corvus, 6/17] (199)
        "2 Of Us"
        "Wellesley Station"
        "Don't You Hear The Lambs A-Crying"
        "Daylighting The Creek"
        "Home Is Where I Long To Be"
        "You've Got To Righten That Wrong"
        "Red Diamond"
 31: "God Bless The Grass," The Malvinas [Soona, 4/17] (198)
        "God Bless The Grass"
        "I Ought To Know"
        "How Can I Keep From Singing"
        "Somewhere Off The Foot Of This Mountain"
        "Weak In The Knees"
 32: "Shame," Rachel Baiman [Free Dirt, 6/17] (196)
        "Never Tire Of The Road"
        "Getting Ready To Start"
        "In The Space Of A Day"
        "Thinkin' On You"
        "Let Them Go To Heaven"
        "Wicked Spell"
 33: "The Swift House," Ken And Brad Kolodner [Fenchurch, 1/17] (195)
        "Steel Rail Blues"
        "I've Endured"
        "Tippin' Back The Corn"
        "Chilly Winds"
        "Deep Ellum Blues"
        "Sap's Rising/The Dull Chisel"
 34: "Brooks' Blues," Brooks Williams [Red Guitar Blue, 2016] (191)
        "Trouble In Mind"
        "You Never Can Tell"
        "Sitting On Top Of The World"
        "Statesboro Blues"
        "Backwater Blues"
        "Mother Earth"
        "From 4 Until Late"
 34: "Turn Your Face To The Sun," I Draw Slow [Compass, 4/17] (191)
        "My Portion"
        "Don't Wake The Children"
        "Garage Flowers"
        "Crooked Life"
 36: "Laws Of Gravity," The Infamous Stringdusters [Compass, 1/17] (190)
        "Hard Life Makes A Good Song"
        "This Ol' Building"
        "1901: A Canyon Odyssey"
 37: "Waves," Jennifer Cutting's Ocean Orchestra [Sunsign, 1/17] (189)
        "Johnny Has Gone Electric"
        "Steady As You Go"
        "Crane And Tower"
        "One April Morning"
        "Leaves Of Autumn"
        "Rocking The Baby / The Curlew"
 38: "Tennessee Moon," Ray Cardwell [Pinecastle, 1/17] (187)
        "Tennessee Moon"
        "Whole World 'round"
        "New Jerusalem"
        "Cedar Creek Pickaway"
        "His Will"
        "Sailin' For Glory"
        "My Heart Stays With You"
 39: "From Where I Started," Sera Cahoone [Lady Muleskinner, 3/17] (183)
        "Always Turn Around"
        "Only One"
        "Up To Me"
        "Time To Give"
        "Dusty Lungs"
        "Tables Turned"
 39: "This Is Absolutely Real," Pat Wictor [RiskyDisc, 3/17] (183)
        "There But For Fortune"
        "Knock On The Door"
        "Lincoln Park"
        "Scorpion Departs"
        "City Boy"
 41: "Chasing The Ghost," Lydia Sylvia Martin [Dryad, 2014] (182)
        "C And O Train"
        "Strawberry Blues"
        "Jo Bones"
        "Liza Jane"
        "Dark Holler Blues"
        "Undone In Sorrow"
        "Fisher's Hornpipe/Barlow Knife"
 41: "Divining Rod," Wyatt Easterling [Phoenix Rising, 3/17] (182)
        "American Dream"
        "Stumbling Towards The Light"
        "Pacing The Cage"
        "Stay In The Boat"
        "Don't Cry For Me"
        "Somewhere Down The Road"
 43: "Turmoil And Tinfoil," Billy Strings [Apostol , 9/17] (178)
        "All Of Tomorrow"
        "On The Line"
        "Salty Sheep"
        "Turmoil And Tinfoil"
        "Meet Me At The Creek"
        "While I'm Waiting Here"
        "Living Like An Animal"
 44: "When The Bloom Falls From The Rose," Sarah Jane Scouten [Light Organ, 6/17] (175)
        "Every Song I Sing"
        "Where The Ghost River Flows"
        "Acre Of Shells"
        "Bang Bang"
        "Crack In Your Windshield"
        "Coupe De Ville Rag"
        "Rosehips For Scurvy"
 44: "Windy City," Alison Krauss [Capitol, 2/17] (175)
        "Gentle On My Mind"
        "You Don't Know Me"
        "Dream Of Me"
        "River In The Rain"
        "Windy City"
        "Losing You"
        "Poison Love"
 46: "Far Away, Long Ago," Jack Williams [Wind River, 12/16] (173)
        "John Henry"
        "Ain't I A Woman"
        "Banks Of The Edisto"
        "I Don't Sing The Blues"
        "Never Say Goodbye"
        "Sing-Song World"
 47: "Fading Mystery," Taarka [, 1/17] (172)
        "Carried Away"
        "Finn McCool Crosses The Rocky Mountains"
        "What My Darlin' Says"
        "Sun And Rain"
        "I Could Really Use You Now"
 47: "Mount Royal," Julian Lage And Chris Eldridge [Free Dirt, 2/17] (172)
        "Things In Life"
        "Living In The Mississippi Valley"
        "Bone Collector"
        "Old Grimes"
        "Greener Grass"
 49: "Smoke Behind The Clouds," The Bucking Mules [Free Dirt, 4/17] (169)
        "Fire On The Mountain"
        "Smoke Behind The Clouds"
        "Jasper Jail"
        "Girl On The Greenbriar Shore"
        "Wild Geese At Flight"
 50: "Eyes Brand New," Zoe And Cloyd [, 4/17] (168)
        "Running On Empty"
        "Let's All Go Down To The River"
        "Eyes Brand New"
        "Old Stone Wall"
        "Fast Air"
        "Jewel Of The Caspian Sea"
        "Underground Railroad"
 51: "The April Verch Anthology," April Verch [Slab Town, 2/17] (167)
        "Light In The Window"
        "Long Way Home"
        "Jump Cricket Jump"
        "Still Trying"
        "My Home In The Sky"
 52: "Sixty," Julie Gold [, 11/16] (163)
        "Real World"
        "Anxious And Depressed"
        "Drop Dead"
        "Southbound Train"
 52: "This Much Is True," Byrd And Street [, 2/17] (163)
        "Mighty Long Road"
        "Eighty Dollar Guitar"
        "Workin' Man"
        "Til The Night Goes Away"
        "Good Old Days"
        "Man With A Cardboard Sign"
 54: "Rise," Molly Tuttle [, 6/17] (162)
        "Good Enough"
        "Friend And A Friend"
        "Lightning In A Jar"
        "Super Moon"
        "Save This Heart"
        "You Didn't Call My Name"
 55: "The Hammer And The Heart," Susan Cattaneo [Jersey Girl, 6/17] (160)
        "Work Hard Love Harder"
        "River Always Wins"
        "In The Grooves"
        "Everybody Cryin' Mercy"
        "Space Oddity"
 56: "One Light Many Windows," Merlin Snider [Barking Dog, 10/16] (159)
        "Fly Away Sail Away"
        "Cold Rain"
        "Fresh Dirt"
        "Abraham's Light"
        "Procrastination Blues"
        "Girl With The Long Brown Hair"
 56: "Folksinger, Vol. 2," Willie Watson [Acony, 9/17] (159)
        "Samson And Delilah"
        "On The Road Again"
        "Gallows Pole"
        "Always Lift Him Up And Never Knock Him Down"
        "Dry Bones"
        "When My Baby Left Me"
 56: "What If," The Jerry Douglas Band [Rounder, 8/17] (159)
        "Hey Joe"
        "Go Ahead And Leave"
        "Hot Country 84. 5"
        "Last Wild Moor"
        "Butcher Boy"
 59: "Ironbark," The Waifs [Compass, 3/17] (157)
        "Higher Ground"
        "Important Things"
        "Sugar Mama"
 60: "Coming Down The Mountain," Mipso [, 4/17] (156)
        "Coming Down The Mountain"
        "Train Down The Line"
        "My Burden With Me"
        "Hurt So Good"
        "Spin Me Round"
        "Cry Like Somebody"
 61: "Reach For The Stars," Elaine Mahon [Gatorbone, 2/17] (154)
        "When My Mother Sings"
        "You Are Not Alone"
        "Look Up"
        "Rolling Home"
        "Lean Into Love"
        "Sweet Florida"
 61: "You've Been Away So Long (EP)," Alice Howe [, 2/17] (154)
        "Homeland Blues"
        "You've Been Away So Long"
        "Nothing But You"
        "Make A Fool Out Of Me"
        "Don't Worry Honey"
 63: "Universal Favorite," Noam Pikelny [Rounder, 3/17] (153)
        "Folk Bloodbath"
        "Old Banjo"
        "Sweet Sunny South"
        "I've Been A Long Time Leavin"
        "My Tears Don't Show"
 64: "No Rain, No Rose," John Craigie [, 1/17] (151)
        "Virgin Guitar"
        "Rough Johns"
        "Live With Less"
        "Highway Blood"
 65: "Different Hymnals," Joel Mabus [Fossil, 8/17] (150)
        "God Don't Like It - I Don't Either"
        "We'll Understand It Better Bye And Bye"
        "Stand By Me"
        "4 Early Shape Note Hymns"
        "Everybody's Grace"
        "One Simple Song"
 66: "The Fairest Flower Of Womankind," Lindsay Straw [, 4/17] (149)
        "Blow Away The Morning Dew"
        "Female Rambling Sailor"
        "Fair Annie"
 66: "Sonny And Brownie's Last Train," Guy Davis And Fabrizio Poggi [M. C., 3/17] (149)
        "Walk On"
        "Sonny And Brownie's Last Train"
        "Take This Hammer"
        "Freight Train"
        "Baby Please Don't Go Back To New Orleans"
        "Step It Up And Go"
        "Shortnin' Bread"
 68: "Short Stories," Beppe Gambetta [Borealis, 10/17] (148)
        "Randall Collins"
        "Doc Watson Medley"
        "Benedicta 1944"
        "Der Wind Tragt Uns Davon"
        "Notes From The Road"
 69: "The Willow Collection," Cassie And Maggie [, 11/16] (147)
        "Let No Man Steal Your Thyme"
        "Willow Hits"
        "Strip The Willow Set"
        "Blue Willow"
        "Nobleman's Wedding"
 70: "Alastair Moock," Alastair Moock [, 6/17] (144)
        "Make It Great"
        "Off They Go"
        "Big Thoughts"
 70: "The Nashville Sound," Jason Isbell And The 400 Unit [Southeastern, 6/17] (144)
        "If We Were Vampires"
        "Last Of My Kind"
        "Hope The High Road"
        "White Man's World"
        "Cumberland Gap"
        "Something To Love"
 70: "Spaghettification," Christine Lavin [, 8/17] (144)
        "Turn This Ship Around"
        "College Fight Song For Sesquipedalians"
        "Getting Weighed"
        "Please Dont Hand Me Your Baby"
        "What The Hell Was That"
        "Hole In The Bottom Of The Sea"
 73: "Undercurrent," Sarah Jarosz [Sugar Hill, 6/16] (140)
        "Early Morning Light"
        "House Of Mercy"
        "Take Me Back"
        "Take Another Turn"
        "Everything To Hide"
 74: "TajMo," Taj Mahal And Keb' Mo' [Concord, 5/17] (138)
        "Diving Duck Blues"
        "Waiting On The World To Change"
        "All Around The World"
        "Don't Leave Me Here"
        "She Knows How To Rock Me"
 74: "While We're Here," Catie Curtis [Magenta, 2/17] (138)
        "While We're Here"
        "Please Explain"
        "Don't Belong To This World"
        "You Are Loved"
        "If I Fall"
 76: "Blink," Rebecca Loebe [Black Wolf, 2/17] (135)
        "Forever Young Forever"
        "Down To The Wire"
        "Weeping Willow"
        "Easy Money"
 76: "Folk Hotel," Tom Russell [Frontera, 9/17] (135)
        "Leaving El Paso"
        "Rise Again, Handsome Johnny"
        "Sparrow Of Swansea"
        "Up In The Old Hotel"
        "I'll Never Leave These Old Horses"
 78: "Shake Me Now," Quiles And Cloud [Compass, 3/17] (134)
        "Black Sky Lightning"
        "Deep Ellum Blues"
        "By The Rio Grande"
        "Feelin' Good"
        "Worried Man Blues"
        "You Ain't Goin' Nowhere"
 79: "Fragments," Chris Ronald [Borealis, 5/17] (131)
        "Everything Goes Green"
        "Freedom Train"
        "Get Back In The Game"
        "Okanagan Sunset"
        "Rain City Blues"
 80: "Night Tree," Night Tree [, 9/17] (130)
        "Wish On The Wind"
        "I Feel A Rumblin"
        "Wheel In The Forest"
 81: "Close Ties," Rodney Crowell [New West, 3/17] (129)
        "It Ain't Over Yet"
        "East Houston Blues"
        "Storm Warning"
        "I'm Tied To Ya"
        "Nashville 1972"
 81: "Natural Conclusion," Rose Cousins [Old Farm Pony, 2/17] (129)
        "Like Trees"
        "Tender Is The Man"
 83: "Down Hearted Blues," Eilen Jewell [Signature, 9/17] (126)
        "Nothing In Rambling"
        "Down Hearted Blues"
        "You'll Be Mine"
        "Poor Girl's Story"
        "Another Night To Cry"
        "It's Your Voodoo Working"
 84: "Horizon Lines," Matthew Byrne [, 8/17] (125)
        "Long Years Ago"
        "River Driver"
        "Go To Sea No More"
        "Sarah Jane"
 84: "The Ultimate Guide To English Folk," Various Artists [ARC Music, 10/16] (125)
        "Bold Riley," Oysterband
        "Heather Down The Moor," June Tabor And Martin Simpson
        "Aderyn Pur," Mary Hopkin
 86: "Americana," Ray Davies [Legacy, 4/17] (124)
        "Rock 'n' Roll Cowboys"
        "Great Highway"
 87: "In The Ground," The Gibson Brothers [Rounder, 2/17] (122)
        "Homemade Wine"
        "Remember Who You Are"
        "Fool's Hill"
        "In The Ground"
        "Everywhere I Go"
 87: "Penny's Farm," Jim Kweskin And Geoff Muldaur [Kingswood, 9/16] (122)
        "Fishing Blues"
        "Down On Penny's Farm"
        "Louis Collins"
 87: "Trip To Walden Pond," Hanneke Cassel [, 4/17] (122)
        "Passing Place/Silver Special"
        "Trip To Walden Pond"
        "Gretl In The Garden/Artsy Smartsy Phoebe"
        "Coilsfield House"
        "De Oppresso Liber"
 90: "Small Believer," Anna Tivel [Fluff And Gravy, 9/17] (121)
        "Riverside Hotel"
        "Saturday Night"
        "Ordinary Dance"
        "Highest Building"
 90: "Treasure Of The Broken Land: The Songs Of Mark Heard," Various Artists [Storm Weathered, 6/17] (121)
        "Nod Over Coffee," Rodney Crowell
        "Treasure Of The Broken Land," Buddy Miller
        "Rise From The Ruins," Birds Of Chicago
        "Strong Hand Of Love," Sierra Hull
        "Worry Too Much," Willie Sugarcapps
 92: "A Black And Tan Ball," Ben Hunter, Phil Wiggins, Joe Seamons [Tantamount, 7/17] (120)
        "Do You Call That A Buddy"
        "Shanghai Rooster"
        "Po Howard"
        "How'm I Doin"
        "Guitar Rag"
        "Hard Time Blues"
 92: "Leadbelly, Baby!," Dan Zanes And Friends [Smithsonian/Folkways, 9/17] (120)
        "Rock Island Line"
        "Boll Weevil"
        "Take This Hammer"
        "Cotton Fields"
        "Bring Me A Little Water, Sylvie"
 92: "Hudson Harding Sampler, Vol. 12: Happy Holidays," Various Artists [Hudson Harding, 12/17] (120)
        "Christmas In Bethlehem," Mark Stepakoff
        "Noel Y'all," Young And Rusty
        "December In Aleppo," Montgomery Delaney
        "Happy Christmas," Fred Gillen Jr
        "Love Comes Down," Emma's Revolution
 95: "Bone On Bone," Bruce Cockburn [True North, 9/17] (119)
        "40 Years In The Wilderness"
        "States I'm In"
        "Looking And Waiting"
        "Stab At Matter"
        "12 Gates To The City"
        "False River"
 95: "Ghost On The Car Radio," Slaid Cleaves [Candy House Media, 7/17] (119)
        "Drunken Barber's Hand"
        "Already Gone"
        "Primer Gray"
        "Take Home Pay"
        "Old Guard"
 97: "Peel Back Another Layer," Laura Oden [, 1/17] (117)
        "Your Move"
        "Best Things In Life"
        "Gracie And The Tsa"
        "Sleep Come Home"
        "Already Been Kissed"
 98: "Lines Of Longitude," Chris And Meredith Thompson [Alkali, 5/17] (116)
        "When I Go"
        "I Know What Love Is"
        "Light Of The Sun"
        "Lines Of Longitude"
        "Nothing Ventured"
        "There But For Fortune"
 98: "One Song At A Time," Barbara Jo Kammer [, 9/17] (116)
        "I Can See Clearly Now"
        "So Good"
        "Medicine Wheel"
        "New Shoes"
        "Winning Side"
 98: "Savage On The Downhill," Amber Cross [, 7/17] (116)
        "Pack Of Lies"
        "Trinity Gold Mine"
        "Savage On The Downhill"
        "Tracey Joe"
        "Lone Freighter's Wail"
        "Storms Of Scarcity"
 98: "So Many Stars," Friction Farm [, 7/17] (116)
        "Calm Is Worse Than The Storm"
        "Price Of War"
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238: "Come Back Coming On," Young And Rusty [Motherlotus, 8/17] (66)
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238: "Honest Life," Courtney Marie Andrews [Mama Bird, 8/16] (66)
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        "Only In My Mind"
        "How Quickly Your Heart Mends"
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        "You Say"
        "Go On Lovin"
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        "What The Water Knows"
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        "This Year"
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        "Pacifist's Lament"
        "Deferred Gratification"
        "Even More"
242: "The Irishman's Daughter," Kitty Donohoe [Roheen, 4/17] (64)
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242: "Made In Brooklyn," John McEuen [Chesky, 9/16] (64)
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        "Mr. Bojangles"
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242: "Middle Of Nowhere," Folkapotamus [Phatcat, 9/17] (64)
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242: "Original," Bobby Osborne [Compass, 6/17] (64)
        "They Call The Wind Maria"
        "I've Gotta Get A Message To You"
        "Goodbye Wheeling"
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242: "The Workingman's Blues," Kat Goldman [Self, 8/17] (64)
        "Don't Know Where I'm Bound"
        "One To Dream"
        "Put Your Toolbox Down"
250: "Brushwood: Songs And Stories," Norman Blake, Assisted by Nancy Blake [Plectrafone-Western Jubilee, 1/17] (63)
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250: "Lift," Dave Gunning [Wee House, 2015] (63)
        "Sing It Louder"
        "This Changin' Wind"
        "I Robbed The Co. Store"
250: "Lukas Nelson And Promise Of The Real," Lukas Nelson And Promise Of The Real [Fantasy, 8/17] (63)
        "Just Outside Of Austin"
        "Fool Me Once"
        "Set Me Down On A Cloud"