Compiled by Richard Gillmann from FOLKDJ-L playlists
Based on 152109 airplays from 184 different DJs

  1: "Weights And Wings," Brother Sun [, 4/16] (335)
        "Mary Don't You Weep And Moan"
        "When I'm Gone"
        "Mighty Long Way"
        "Keep On Going"
        "Where Are You Moses"
        "Mighty Mighty River"
        "So Far To Come"
        "I Won't Look Down"
        "Source Of The Sun"
        "Viva La Evolucion"
  2: "All These Years," Solas [THL, 2/16] (304)
        "Darkness Darkness"
        "Roarie Bummlers"
        "Little Bird Of Heaven"
        "Standing On The Shore"
        "Wandering Aengus"
        "16 Come Next Sunday"
        "Unnamed Shetland Reel"
        "Lay Me Down"
        "Not Alone"
  3: "The Hazel And Alice Sessions," Laurie Lewis And The Right Hands [Spruce And Maple, 1/16] (270)
        "Pretty Bird"
        "Working Girl Blues"
        "Won't You Come And Sing For Me?"
        "James Alley Blues"
        "Who's That Knocking?"
        "Cowboy Jim"
        "Walking In My Sleep"
        "Let That Liar Alone"
        "Train On The Island"
  4: "Keepsake," Gathering Time [Treble-G, 3/16] (263)
        "Who Knows Where The Time Goes"
        "Mom's Guitar"
        "Station Song"
        "Blue Robe"
        "Battles That I've Won"
        "Silver Star"
        "Broken Chain"
  5: "The K.O.A. Tapes (Vol. 1)," Kate Campbell [Large River, 1/16] (251)
        "Some Song"
        "From Galway To Graceland"
        "Me And Bobby McGee"
        "Lay Back The Darkness"
        "Strangeness Of The Day"
        "I Am A Pilgrim"
  6: "Mud And Apples," Lucy Wainwright Roche And Suzzy Roche [Bunny, 4/16] (248)
        "Bleecker Street"
        "Both Sides Now"
        "Rhythm Of The Rain"
        "Cold October Day"
        "Mud And Apples"
        "Melancholy Ways"
  6: "Undercurrent," Sarah Jarosz [Sugar Hill, 6/16] (248)
        "Early Morning Light"
        "Take Another Turn"
        "House Of Mercy"
        "Take Me Back"
        "Everything To Hide"
        "Comin' Undone"
        "Green Lights"
        "Still Life"
  8: "Good Days a Comin," Ivas John [Right Side Up, 6/16] (244)
        "Can't Help But Wonder Where I'm Bound"
        "Goin' Back To Arkansas"
        "Payday Boogie"
        "Greenville Trestle High"
        "Roll Mississippi"
        "Dark As A Dungeon"
        "Here I Am"
  9: "Lift," Dave Gunning [Wee House, 7/15] (243)
        "Sing It Louder"
        "They Don't Do That No More"
        "This Changin' Wind"
        "Alberta Gold"
        "I Robbed The Co. Store"
        "Halo That Fits"
        "Red Onion"
 10: "75th Birthday Celebration," Joan Baez [, 6/16] (238)
        "Catch The Wind"
        "Before The Deluge"
        "Don't Think Twice, It's All Right"
        "Hard Times Come Again No More"
        "Forever Young"
 11: "These Are The Days," Burning Bridget Cleary [, 11/15] (237)
        "Madam I'm A Darling"
        "Another Day"
        "Chloe's Passion"
        "Scones Of Boxty"
        "Pipe Set"
 12: "Pete, Woody & Me - Volume I: Keep The Flame Alive," Spook Handy [Akashic, 6/16] (234)
        "Banks Of Marble"
        "My Oklahoma Home Blowed Away"
        "My Rainbow Race"
        "Quite Early Morning"
        "So Long, It's Been Good To Know Yuh"
        "Hobo's Lullaby"
        "Keep The Flame Alive"
 12: "Storyman," Sam Bush [Sugar Hill, 6/16] (234)
        "Play By Your Own Rules"
        "Bowling Green"
        "Handmics Killed Country Music"
        "Everything Is Possible"
        "Transcendental Meditation Blues"
        "Carcinoma Blues"
        "Lefty's Song"
 14: "Dori Freeman," Dori Freeman [Free Dirt, 2/16] (233)
        "Ain't Nobody"
        "You Say"
        "Where I Stood"
        "Fine Fine Fine"
        "Go On Lovin"
        "Any Wonder"
 15: "Ladies And Gentlemen," Infamous Stringdusters [Compass, 1/16] (222)
        "Run To Heaven"
        "Ladders In The Sky"
        "Won't Be Long"
        "See How Far You've Come"
        "I Believe"
        "Rock And Roll"
        "Coming Back To You"
        "Old Whiskey Bottle"
 15: "Penny's Farm," Jim Kweskin And Geoff Muldaur [Kingswood, 9/16] (222)
        "Down On Penny's Farm"
        "Sweet To Mama"
        "Diamond Joe"
        "Boll Weevil"
        "Louis Collins"
        "Fishing Blues"
 17: "Weighted Mind," Sierra Hull [Rounder, 1/16] (218)
        "Black River"
        "Queen Of Hearts/Royal Tea"
        "Choices And Changes"
        "Wings Of The Dawn"
 18: "Colvin And Earle," Shawn Colvin And Steve Earle [Fantasy, 6/16] (217)
        "You Were On My Mind"
        "Tell Moses"
        "Ruby Tuesday"
        "Happy And Free"
        "Come What May"
        "Raise The Dead"
        "Tobacco Road"
 19: "Nine Pin," Kaia Kater [Kingswood, 5/16] (215)
        "Saint Elizabeth"
        "Little Pink"
        "Paradise Fell"
        "Hangman's Reel"
        "Rising Down"
        "Fine Times At Our House"
        "9 Pin"
 19: "Foxhounds," Kathy Kallick Band [Live Oak, 11/15] (215)
        "Tear Stained Letter"
        "Don't Let Your Deal Go Down"
        "Banjo Pickin' Girl"
        "So Dang Lonesome"
        "I'm Not Your Honey-Baby Now"
        "Kentucky Mandolin"
 21: "Magic Fire," The Stray Birds [Yep Roc, 8/16] (211)
        "Hands Of Man"
        "Shining In The Distance"
        "Sunday Morning"
        "Third Day In A Row"
        "Mississippi Pearl"
 22: "Traveling Circus," No Fuss And Feathers [Roadshow, 1/16] (203)
        "Drift Away"
        "Union Pacific"
        "How Much Time"
        "Motherless Child"
 23: "Empty Train," David Francey [Laker, 2/16] (194)
        "Empty Train"
        "Holy Ground"
        "Big Texas Moon"
        "False Knight"
        "Mirror Ball"
 24: "Trail Of Tales," The Bills [Borealis, 3/16] (189)
        "Wonders I've Seen"
        "West Bay Crossing"
        "Trail Of Tales"
        "Forgotten Beech Grove"
        "Happy Be"
        "What Trouble Is"
 25: "Jump The Fire," Evie Ladin Band [Evil Diane, 5/16] (183)
        "Ease On Down"
        "Honey Lou"
        "Jump Up And Go"
        "Have It All"
        "Jump The Fire"
        "Drinking About You"
        "Heat Of The Day"
 26: "The Pilot And The Flying Machine," Ben Bedford [Waterbug, 4/16] (173)
        "Pilot And The Flying Machine, Part 1"
        "Letters From The Earth"
        "Long Blue Hills"
        "Blood On Missouri"
        "High And Low"
        "Voyage Of John And Emma"
 27: "The Both," Eli West [, 2/16] (170)
        "Lonesome Valley"
        "Give Me Your Love And I'll Give You Mine"
        "You Asked Me To"
        "Lone Pilgrim"
        "If I Could Make You My Own"
        "Rainbow Midst Life's Willows"
 27: "Old Songs For Modern Folk," Vincent Cross [Rescue Dog, 4/16] (170)
        "Freeport Town"
        "Michael Brown"
        "Going Down That Road"
        "Ode To An Old Guitar"
        "As The Crow Flies"
        "Passing Through"
        "Garments Of Shame"
 27: "Rattle And Roar," The Earls Of Leicester [Rounder, 7/16] (170)
        "Train That Carried My Girl From Town"
        "Steel Guitar Blues"
        "I'm Working On A Road"
        "Why Did You Wander?"
        "Flint Hill Special"
        "You Can Feel It In Your Soul"
 30: "Roses And Victory," Honor Finnegan [Frock, 2/16] (168)
        "Song Of Bernadette"
        "Take Me"
        "Fortune Cookie"
        "Roses And Victory"
        "Wishing Flower"
 31: "Red Grass," Ilya Toshinskiy [Hadley, 5/16] (167)
        "Red Grass"
        "Train Station"
        "At The End Of The Day"
        "Close To Home"
        "Old River"
        "Country Morning"
        "Melissa's Song"
 32: "Coming Home," O'Connor Band with Mark O'Connor [Rounder, 8/16] (165)
        "Jerusalem Ridge"
        "Always Do"
        "Ruby, Are You Mad At Your Man?"
        "Coming Home"
        "Fishers Hornpipe"
        "Sweet Ones"
 32: "Live From Blue Rock," Moors And McCumber [, 2/16] (165)
        "Leaving For Cobh"
        "Long Way Down"
        "Caged Bird"
        "You Take Me Somewhere"
 34: "So Lucky," The Lucky Sisters [Patio, 12/15] (164)
        "Let The Mystery Be"
        "All That Is"
        "I Can't Stand Up Alone"
        "These Hands"
        "Safe Home, Sweet Light"
 35: "Sometimes I Feel Too Much," Cosy Sheridan [, 3/16] (162)
        "Woody Guthrie Watch Over Me"
        "Eurydice Goodnight"
        "Your Old Age"
        "Sometimes I Feel Too Much"
        "I Am Your Landlord"
        "If I Were A Bird"
        "Linda's Song"
 35: "Tears And Laughter," Robin Greenstein [Windy, 9/16] (162)
        "Hole In The Ground"
        "Here I Am"
        "I Heard The Road Call Me"
        "Tale Of 2 Cities"
        "Tears In Heaven"
        "Tears And Laughter"
 35: "Washashore Cowgirl," Monica Rizzio [, 2/16] (162)
        "Willie Nelson"
        "You And Me"
        "Washashore Cowgirl"
        "Delta Dawn"
        "Luckier Than You"
        "On My Way"
        "Long Lost Friend"
 38: "Copper Rooster And Other Tunes And Tales," Gina Forsyth [Waterbug, 6/16] (161)
        "In Dreams I Go Back Home"
        "Copper Rooster"
        "Whiskey Before Breakfast"
        "Carroll County Blues"
        "Road To Columbus"
 39: "Miller's Creek," The Belle Hollows [Elm Hill, 8/16] (158)
        "Different Kind Of Rain"
        "Tightrope Wires"
        "I'd Just Let It Go"
        "Come The Mornin"
        "Ocean Song"
 39: "North By South," Claire Lynch [Compass, 9/16] (158)
        "It's Worth Believin"
        "Kingdom Come"
        "Molly May"
        "Cold Hearted Wind"
        "Empty Train"
        "Black Flowers"
        "All The Diamonds In The World"
 41: "The Deep Hollow," The Deep Hollow [, 4/16] (157)
        "Beginning And The End"
        "Straight To You"
        "Clipped Wings"
        "Dead And Gone"
        "Getting Good At Feeling Bad"
 42: "Full Circle," Loretta Lynn [Legacy, 3/16] (155)
        "Lay Me Down"
        "Black Jack David"
        "Everything It Takes"
        "In The Pines"
        "Who's Gonna Miss Me"
        "Everybody Wants To Go To Heaven"
 43: "Extraordinary Days," Rebecca Folsom [, 1/16] (153)
        "Better Times"
        "New Day"
        "Extraordinary Days"
        "Slice Of Heaven"
 44: "Charismo," Hackensaw Boys [Free Dirt, 4/16] (146)
        "Don't Bet Against Me"
        "Content Not Seeking Thrills"
        "By And By"
        "Wolves Howling"
        "Worlds Upside Down"
 44: "Totally Average Woman," Carla Ulbrich [Romantic Devil, 8/15] (146)
        "Totally Average Woman"
        "Needless Dissection"
        "Joe's Ex-Girlfriends"
        "Cheek To Cheek"
        "Swamp Thing"
 46: "Fall Away Blues," Red Tail Ring [, 8/16] (145)
        "Fall Away Blues"
        "Gibson Town"
        "Shale Town"
        "Come All Ye Fair And Tender Ladies"
        "Ghost Whispers"
        "Wondrous Love/Lay Aside Your Crown"
 46: "The More I Learn," Bryan Sutton [Sugar Hill, 6/16] (145)
        "Walkin' Across This Land"
        "You're Gonna Make Me Lonesome When You Go"
        "Arkansas Traveller"
        "Backwater Blues"
        "Virginia Creeper"
        "The More I Learn"
 46: "The Ultimate Guide To English Folk," Various Artists [Arc, 10/16] (145)
        "Canadee-I-O," Nic Jones
        "Scarborough Fair," Martin Carthy
        "Stand By Your Guns," Full English
 49: "Deep Waters," The Lonely Heartstring Band [Rounder, 6/16] (143)
        "Deep Waters"
        "If I Had A Hammer"
        "Rambling, Gambling Willie"
        "Road's Salvation"
 49: "Excellent Day," Lizanne Knott [Proper, 4/16] (143)
        "Lay My Burden Down"
        "It Ain't Necessarily So"
        "Stolen Car"
        "Come For The Kill"
        "Excellent Day"
        "Rainbow Crow"
 49: "Hobo Jungle Fever Dreams," Corin Raymond [Local Rascal, 3/16] (143)
        "2 Miles Of Train"
        "Hard On Things"
        "Morning Glories"
        "Law And The Lonesome"
        "Take Me To The Mountain"
        "Under The Belly Of The Night"
 52: "Before Beginning," John Gorka [Red House, 7/16] (140)
        "Down In The Milltown"
        "I Saw A Stranger With Your Hair"
        "Branching Out"
        "I Know"
        "Love Is Our Cross To Bear"
 52: "Fine Bloom," Free The Honey [, 9/15] (140)
        "Take Me Home"
        "Beautiful Life"
        "Honey Blues"
        "Go With The Light"
        "Jenny Caught A Catfish"
        "Wabbit Time"
 52: "Just For The Love Of It," Happy Traum [, 7/15] (140)
        "Things Are Coming My Way"
        "Careless Love Blues"
        "I Ain't Got No Home"
        "Church Street Blues"
        "Sailing Down My Golden River"
        "Crash On The Levee"
 55: "Didn't We Waltz," Amy White with Al Petteway [Fairewood, 1/16] (139)
        "Love Among The Ruins"
        "You're My Favorite"
        "Sing To Me"
        "King Size Bed"
        "Back To You"
        "Didn't We Waltz"
 56: "Flight," Coty Hogue [Perpetual Hoedown, 5/16] (137)
        "Pretty Bird"
        "Sweet Sebastian"
        "Poor Ellen Smith"
 56: "Live," Runa [, 7/16] (137)
        "Ain't No Grave"
        "King's Shilling"
        "Bedlam Boys"
        "Wind That Shakes The Barley"
        "Farewell To Tarwathie"
 58: "Blue Skies," Mountain Heart [Compass, 5/16] (136)
        "Maggie's Farm"
        "Bad Grounds"
        "Blue Skies"
        "Have You Heard About The Old Hometown"
        "I Can't Get Over You"
 58: "Calla's Waltz," Jed Marum [Boston Road, 3/16] (136)
        "Calla's Waltz"
        "Even As I Ramble"
        "Wild Geese"
        "Loch Lomond"
        "Prayer From Little Round Top"
        "Loch Tay Boat Song"
 60: "American Landscape," Dave Murphy [, 5/16] (135)
        "Miss The Bus"
        "Brooklyn Street"
        "Fading Taillights"
        "Voice Inside Your Head"
        "Can't Get Next To You"
 60: "Restless Moon," Meg Braun [, 4/15] (135)
        "Storms Are On The Ocean"
        "Gypsy Moon"
        "Holland Town"
        "Red Bird"
        "Drunkard's Daughter"
        "Leaving Kind"
 62: "Still The Birds," Darryl Purpose [Blue Rock, 5/16] (134)
        "When Buddha Smiled At The Elephant"
        "Prince Of The Apple Towns"
        "Meaning Of My Love"
        "Everywhere At Once"
 63: "The Beautiful Not Yet," Carrie Newcomer [Available Light, 9/16] (131)
        "Lean In Toward The Light"
        "Help In Hard Times"
        "Season Of Mercy"
        "Cedar Rapids 10 Am"
        "Slender Thread"
        "You Can Do This Hard Thing"
 63: "Folkest," Denise Jordan Finley [Dome Island, 2/16] (131)
        "Girl On The Rhythm Guitar"
        "Darlin' Cory"
        "Elmer McCurdy"
        "Charlotte's Jalopy"
        "My Father's Train"
        "Raised By The Railroad Line"
 65: "Charm City Junction," Charm City Junction [Patuxent, 6/15] (130)
        "Frog On A Lily Pad"
        "Train On The Island"
        "Last Chance"
        "I'm Troubled"
        "New River Train"
 65: "Worth The Wait," Goodbye Blue [Wondermore, 3/16] (130)
        "Another One On The Way"
        "It's Complicated"
        "So Hard Anymore"
        "Worth The Wait"
        "By Firelight"
        "Light The Way"
        "6 Years"
 67: "Real Midnight," Birds Of Chicago [5 Head, 2/16] (128)
        "Dim Star Of The Palisades"
        "Color Of Love"
        "Remember Wild Horses"
        "Estrella Goodbye"
 68: "Celebration," David Mallett [North Road, 2/16] (127)
        "Girl With The Golden Hair"
        "Last Farmer's Ball"
        "2 Sides To Every Story"
        "Better Than That"
        "Whatever Gets You By"
 68: "Family Friends And Heroes," Frank Solivan [Compass, 3/16] (127)
        "Dark Hollow"
        "Pretty Woman"
        "I Still Miss Someone"
        "Mask, Snorkel And Fins"
        "Cazenovia Casanova"
 68: "My Lucky Stars," Arnie Naiman [Merriweather, 5/16] (127)
        "Slipping And Sliding / Boatsman"
        "Playin' Jane"
        "My Lucky Stars"
        "South River Dam"
        "Catch Of The Day"
 71: "Dreaming In Vinyl," Caroline Doctorow [Narrow Lane, 9/16] (126)
        "Time Passes Slowly"
        "To Be Here"
        "Dangling Conversation"
        "Sunday Morning"
        "I Think It's Going To Rain Today"
        "Across The Universe"
 71: "Say That Now," Ana Egge And The Sentimentals [Grace, 6/16] (126)
        "Promises To Break"
        "Falling, Falling, Falling"
        "Girl From The Banks Of The Ohio"
        "Cheaters And Deceivers"
        "Away We Go"
 73: "Rise Up," Erika Kulnys [, 8/16] (125)
        "Keep Your Feet Moving"
        "Rise Up"
        "I'm On Fire"
        "Love's Not Wasted"
        "Burning The Furniture"
 74: "Beyond The Ash And Steel," Judy Kass [, 1/16] (123)
        "Beyond The Ash And Steel"
        "Snows They Melt The Soonest"
        "Same Sorry Old Timeless Tale"
        "Chili Pepper Nights"
        "Selfless Deed"
        "Turn Us Around"
 74: "Stranger To Stranger," Paul Simon [Concord, 5/16] (123)
        "Insomniac's Lullaby"
        "Proof Of Love"
        "Stranger To Stranger"
 76: "Once Upon A Different Time," Jaime Michaels [Frumdahart, 6/16] (122)
        "Once Upon A Different Time"
        "Singing For My Supper"
        "No Paddle Wheel"
        "Somewhere Like Italy"
        "Circling Around"
 77: "Wild Blue Yonder," The Western Flyers [, 7/16] (121)
        "Tennessee Waltz"
        "You're From Texas"
        "No Moon At All"
        "Sweet Georgia Brown"
        "Along The Navajo Trail"
        "Carroll County Blues"
 78: "Here I Am," Rebekah Long [LUK, 5/16] (120)
        "Ain't Life Sweet"
        "I Know This Town"
        "Hairpin Hattie"
        "I Washed My Face In The Morning Dew"
        "Maple Tree And Me"
 79: "Careless," Richard Shindell [Amalgamated Balladry, 9/16] (119)
        "Stray Cow Blues"
        "Deer On The Parkway"
        "Your Guitar"
        "All Wide Open"
        "Atlas Choking"
 80: "Del And Woody," Del McCoury Band [, 4/16] (117)
        "New York Trains"
        "Ain't A Gonna Do"
        "Government Road"
        "Californy Gold"
        "Hoecake Fritters"
        "Dirty Overhalls"
 80: "Folk Art," The Robert Bobby Duo [I Likemike, 2/16] (117)
        "Constantly Tweaking"
        "Dance Hall Girls"
        "God Couldn't Wait"
        "Fine As Wine"
        "I Wish It Would Rain"
        "Whatever I Fell For You"
 80: "In Her Dream," Julie Parisi Kirby [Jaiya, 9/15] (117)
        "When I Was A Fair Maid"
        "Firefly Song"
        "Every Day We Sail Around The World"
        "Christopher O'Rordan"
        "Lord Franklin"
 83: "Broke In Brooklyn," Millpond Moon [Tikopia, 2012] (116)
        "Barbed Wire"
        "You Were There For Me"
        "Broke In Brooklyn"
        "Blowin' In The Wind"
        "Life Is A Riddle"
 83: "Choreographic," Rachael Sage [Mpress, 5/16] (116)
        "Try Try Try"
        "Learn To Let You Go"
 83: "Heart Of A Song," Nancy Cassidy [Twitter Twatter, 6/16] (116)
        "Whole Bunch Of Love"
        "Heart Of A Song"
        "Life Ain't No Railroad Track"
        "Love Train"
        "Come Home To Me"
 83: "Innocent Road," Caleb Klauder And Reeb Willms [West Sound, 9/16] (116)
        "I'd Jump The Mississippi"
        "C'est Le Moment"
        "Coming On Strong"
        "New Shoes"
        "There Goes My Love"
 83: "Pompadour," Tim O'Brien [Howdy Skies, 10/15] (116)
        "Water Is Wise"
        "Go Down To The Water"
        "I Gotta Move"
        "Whatever Happened To Me"
 88: "20,000 Versions Of The Sun," Greg Greenway [Sheen Of Heat, 8/16] (115)
        "Can't Get Out Of My Own Way"
        "Good Morning"
        "Never Say Never"
        "Lazy Morning"
        "Skin I'm In"
 89: "Doolin," Doolin [Compass, 7/16] (113)
        "Galway Girl"
        "Ballad Of Hollis Brown"
        "Itinerant Singing Boy"
        "Chanson Pour John"
        "Reel Africa"
 89: "Electricity," Victor And Penny [Overtone, 3/16] (113)
        "Moon Over Bourbon Street"
        "Day Off Boogie"
        "Penny's Pounce"
        "More In Store"
 89: "Grain By Grain," Mark Mandeville And Raianne Richards [Nobody's Favorite, 4/16] (113)
        "Don't Ever Stop Believing"
        "Hang On To The Day"
        "Diggin' Me A Hole"
        "Grain By Grain"
        "Across The Morning"
 89: "Playing It Forward," The Savage Hearts [, 9/16] (113)
        "High Road"
        "Don't Cry Blue"
        "Faded Love"
        "Ragtime Annie"
 93: "I Love Hamburgers," Joe Giacoio [Romantic Devil, 10/15] (112)
        "I Love Hamburgers"
        "In God's Image"
        "Long Story Short"
 93: "Square Peg," Marci Geller [, 12/15] (112)
        "Save Me"
        "Only Love Matters"
        "Forgotten Dreams"
        "Would You Still Believe"
        "She Was Happy Then"
 93: "The Tumbling River," Chris Coole [Northern, 4/16] (112)
        "Beautiful Life"
        "I Know Your Wandering Heart"
        "May Day #1"
        "The Tumbling River"
        "Led Me To The Wrong"
        "Leaving 2674"
 96: "Ain't We Brothers," Sam Gleaves [Community, 11/15] (111)
        "Ain't We Brothers"
        "Working Shoes"
        "Angel In The Ashes"
        "My Singing Bird"
        "Creek's Froze Up/ Callahan"
 97: "For A Song," Mark Erelli [, 4/16] (110)
        "For A Song"
        "Analog Hero"
 97: "Joy Of Living: A Tribute To Ewan MacColl," Various Artists [Compass, 10/15] (110)
        "Sweet Thames, Flow Softly," Rufus And Martha Wainwright
        "Moving On Song," Norma Waterson
        "Dirty Old Town," Steve Earle
        "Joy Of Living," David Gray
        "Father's Song," Martin Simpson
 99: "The Jeremiahs," The Jeremiahs [Self, 2014] (108)
        "Forgotten Sons"
        "North Sea Holes"
        "Hogeye Man"
        "King Of Rome"
        "25 O'Clock"
 99: "More Alive," Don White [, 11/15] (108)
        "Good Thing She Can't Read My Mind"
        "Union Song"
        "Last Dance"
        "How To Get Your Kids To Move Out"
        "Great Day"
101: "Spring Tide," Beth Wood [Self, 6/16] (107)
        "Paper Kites"
        "Black Coal Train"
        "Long White Gown"
        "Gone Too Soon"
        "Wide Mouth Jar"
102: "Honest Life," Courtney Marie Andrews [Mama Bird, 8/16] (106)
        "Honest Life"
        "How Quickly Your Heart Mends"
        "Rookie Dreaming"
        "Table For One"
        "15 Highway Lines"
        "Not The End"
103: "Beyond The Rain," Quiles And Cloud [Compass, 1/16] (105)
        "By The Rio Grande"
        "Black Sky Lightning"
        "Deep Ellum Blues"
        "Mississippi River"
        "Shake Me Now"
103: "Love You Strong," Terri Hendrix [Wilory, 2/16] (105)
        "Texas Star"
        "Feel The Time"
        "Love You Strong"
        "Mingulay Boat Song"
        "Northern Lights"
105: "Dark Horse Days," Donal Hinely [Atom, 2/16] (104)
        "Barn Wood"
        "Ain't Nobody"
        "Damaged Goods"
        "When I Burn"
105: "In The Magic Hour," Aoife O'Donovan [Yep Roc, 1/16] (104)
        "Porch Light"
        "Detour Sign"
        "Magic Hour"
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        "How Mountain Girls Can Love"
        "Bye Bye Love"
        "Eastbound Train"
238: "#LoveInEvolution," Sweet Honey In The Rock [Appleseed, 1/16] (60)
        "Somebody Prayed For Me"
        "Idk, But I'm Lol!"
        "Operator-Jesus On The Mainline-I Don't Know What You Come To Do"
        "Prayer For The World- Song 23"
238: "Shadow Trails," Linda McRae [Borealis, 9/15] (60)
        "Flowers Of Appalachia"
        "Can You Hear Me Calling"
        "Charlie Parr"
        "Jesus Or Jail"
238: "Simpatico," Adler And Hearne [Spring Hollow, 10/16] (60)
        "River Of Peace"
        "Pineywoods Are Singin' Our Song"
238: "Something Fine," Rj Cowdery [Goosepie, 7/15] (60)
        "Across The Great Divide"
        "Love Is Our Cross To Bear"
        "Mending Walls"
238: "Songs Of Heart And Home," Greg Blake [, 9/15] (60)
        "Hills Of My Home"
        "Home Is Where The Heart Is"
        "Summer Wages"
        "Where I Live"
238: "True Sadness," The Avett Brothers [Republic, 6/16] (60)
        "Ain't No Man"
        "Divorce Separation Blues"
        "Mama, I Don't Believe"
247: "Bridging The Tradition," Lonesome River Band [Mountain Home, 3/16] (59)
        "Rock Bottom"
        "Boats Up The River"
        "Rocking Of The Cradle"
        "Thunder And Lightning"
247: "A Congress Of Treasons," Grant Peeples And The Peeples Republik [Gatorbone, 1/16] (59)
        "Miner Poets"
        "Basement Of Her Heart"
        "Breakfast In The Gulag"
        "If I"
247: "Long I Ride," Special Consensus [Compass, 6/16] (59)
        "Highway 40 Blues"
        "Long I Ride"
247: "New Shoes," The Bombadils [Borealis, 9/16] (59)
        "Wild Mountain Thyme"
        "Squirrels Rule The Day-Raccoons Rule The Night"
247: "Orchids And Violence," Michael Daves [Nonesuch, 2/16] (59)
        "Darling Corey"
        "June Apple"
        "Elzic's Farewell"
247: "Ramblin Feels Good," Jeff Scroggins And Colorado [Self, 7/16] (59)
        "Carefree Highway"
        "Sometimes Dig For Taters"
        "Dismal Nitch"
247: "Songs In The Dark," The Wainwright Sisters [Pias America, 11/15] (59)
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        "Our Mother The Mountain"
        "Baby Rocking Medley"
        "Do You Love An Apple"
247: "These Hills," Irene Kelley [Mountain Fever, 6/16] (59)
        "Carolina Wind"
        "Coal Train"
        "Johnson's Hardware Store"