Compiled by Richard Gillmann from FOLKDJ-L playlists
Based on 165326 airplays from 194 different DJs

  1: "Joe Hill's Last Will," John McCutcheon [Appalsongs, 5/15] (365)
        "Joe Hill's Last Will"
        "Casey Jones"
        "Preacher And The Slave"
        "It's A Long Way To The Soup Line"
        "Rebel Girl"
        "There Is Power In A Union"
        "What We Want"
        "Where The Fraser River Flows"
        "Overalls And Snuff / The Connaughtman's Rambles"
  2: "A Wanderer I'll Stay," Pharis And Jason Romero [Lula, 3/15] (331)
        "A Wanderer I'll Stay"
        "Goodbye Old Paint"
        "Ballad Of Old Bill"
        "Cocaine Blues"
        "Dying Soldier"
        "It's A Sin To Tell A Lie"
        "New Lonesome Blues"
        "Lonesome And I'm Going Back Home"
        "There's No Companion"
        "Backstep Indi"
        "Old September"
  3: "Joy Of Living: A Tribute To Ewan MacColl," Various Artists [Compass, 10/15] (322)
        "Joy Of Living," David Gray
        "Dirty Old Town," Steve Earle
        "Sweet Thames, Flow Softly," Rufus And Martha Wainwright
        "Freeborn Man," Paul Brady
        "Shoals Of Herring," Seth Lakeman
        "30-Foot Trailer," Eliza Carthy
        "Moving On Song," Norma Waterson
        "Cannily, Cannily," Unthanks
        "Jamie Foyers," Dick Gaughan
        "Terror Time," Karine Polwart
  4: "The Social Music Hour Vol. 1," Spuyten Duyvil [, 3/15] (310)
        "Make Me A Pallet"
        "Keep Your Skillet Good And Greasy"
        "Who's Gonna Shoe Your Pretty Little Feet?"
        "Lord Franklin"
        "Cruel War"
        "Fishing Blues"
        "O Babe It Ain't No Lie"
  5: "Jayme Stone's Lomax Project," Jayme Stone [Borealis, 2/15] (306)
        "Lazy John"
        "Before This Time Another Year"
        "Hog Went Through The Fence, Yoke And All"
        "I Want To Hear Somebody Pray"
        "Susan Anna Gal"
        "Sheep, Sheep Don'tcha Know The Road"
        "Devil's 9 Questions"
  6: "Happy Prisoner: The Bluegrass Sessions," Robert Earl Keen [Dualtone, 2/15] (299)
        "T For Texas"
        "Walls Of Time"
        "Hot Corn, Cold Corn"
        "East Virginia Blues"
        "Footprints In The Snow"
        "Old Home Place"
        "52 Vincent Black Lightning"
        "Long Black Veil"
        "Wayfaring Stranger"
        "99 Years For One Dark Day"
  7: "Precious Memories," Sue Massek [Strictly Country, 4/15] (294)
        "Come All You Coal Miners"
        "Down On The Picket Line"
        "I Don't Want Your Millions Mister"
        "I'm Going To Organize"
        "Precious Memories"
        "I Am A Union Woman"
        "Girl Of Constant Sorrow"
        "I Hate The Capitalist System"
        "Dreadful Memories"
  8: "Anna And Elizabeth," Anna And Elizabeth [Free Dirt, 3/15] (287)
        "Little Black Train"
        "Lovin' Babe"
        "Goin' Across The Mountain"
        "Greenwood Sidey"
        "Very Day I'm Gone"
        "Soldier And The Lady"
        "Won't You Come And Sing For Me"
  9: "Tell Tale Heart," Chuck Brodsky [, 3/15] (281)
        "Not A Single Shot"
        "2000 Friends"
        "Rachel's Guitar"
        "New Shoes For Tom Guerin"
        "Splinter Cheeks Johnson"
        "My British Emily"
        "I Used To Fall"
        "Vulture's Eye"
 10: "Tomorrow's Child," Jonathan Edwards [Rising, 6/15] (275)
        "Down In The Woods"
        "Mole In The Ground"
        "This Old Guitar"
        "Tomorrow's Child"
        "Girl From The Canyon"
        "Hard Times"
        "Sandy Girl"
        "Ain't Got Time"
 11: "Dear Jean: Artists Celebrate Jean Ritchie," Various Artists [Compass, 9/14] (265)
        "Black Waters," John McCutcheon And Ensemble
        "L&N Don't Stop Here Anymore," Robin And Linda Williams
        "Peace Round," Jean Ritchie And Friends
        "Let The Sun Shine Down On Me," Kim And Reggie Harris
        "My Dear Companion," Cathy Fink And Marcy Marxer
        "One I Love," Judy Collins
 12: "Tangled Country," The Honey Dewdrops [, 3/15] (240)
        "Same Old"
        "Fair Share Blues"
        "Loneliest Songs"
 13: "Looking Back: Our American Irish Souls," The Burns Sisters [Sisters, 1/15] (239)
        "Clare To Here"
        "Mothers' Ode"
        "Free-Born Man"
        "Ned Of The Hill"
        "Oh, Danny Boy"
        "To Live Again"
        "Far From My Home"
 14: "Brotherhood," The Gibson Brothers [Rounder, 2/15] (230)
        "Bye Bye Love"
        "How Mountain Girls Can Love"
        "Crying In The Rain"
        "Sweetest Gift"
        "Long Gone"
        "I Have Found The Way"
        "Eastbound Train"
 15: "The Newpart," April Verch [Slab Town, 4/15] (225)
        "I Heard The Bluebirds Sing"
        "Belle Election"
        "Bring Your Clothes Back Home"
        "The Newpart"
        "Polska From Kumla"
        "It Don't Do Nothing But Rain"
        "Midnight Wheeler"
        "Cruel Willie"
 16: "Shifted," Harpeth Rising [Grimm Rising, 8/15] (219)
        "I Am Eve"
        "Dance Me To The End Of Love"
        "Rollin' To You"
        "7 Thunders"
        "Well, Hell"
 17: "Pandemonium," Moors And McCumber [, 12/14] (218)
        "My Heart Is Open"
        "You Take Me Somewhere"
        "Crack A Smile"
        "If Living Was Easy"
        "All Great Tragedy"
 18: "Best Medicine," The Stray Birds [Yep Roc, 10/14] (217)
        "Best Medicine"
        "Simple Man"
        "Feathers And Bone"
        "Black Hills"
 18: "Tomorrow Is My Turn," Rhiannon Giddens [Nonesuch, 2/15] (217)
        "Shake Sugaree"
        "Up Above My Head"
        "Black Is The Color"
        "Don't Let It Trouble Your Mind"
        "Round About The Mountain"
        "Angel City"
        "She's Got You"
 20: "The 45th Parallel," Neptune's Car [, 1/15] (211)
        "Blue Sky Turned To Rust"
        "The 45th Parallel"
        "By The Time It Gets Dark"
        "Emily Dickinson"
        "Fly Fishing The Big Hole"
        "Saugerties, New York"
 21: "Ain't In No Hurry," Jorma Kaukonen [Red House, 2/15] (204)
        "Nobody Knows You When You're Down And Out"
        "Ain't In No Hurry"
        "Other Side Of The Mountain"
        "Brother Can You Spare A Dime"
        "In My Dreams"
        "Sweet Fern"
        "Where There's 2 There's Trouble"
        "Terrible Operation"
 22: "Della Mae," Della Mae [Rounder, 5/15] (203)
        "Boston Town"
        "No Expectations"
        "Take One Day"
        "Can't Go Back"
        "To Ohio"
        "For The Sake Of My Heart"
 22: "Just For The Love Of It," Happy Traum [, 7/15] (203)
        "Things Are Coming My Way"
        "Church Street Blues"
        "In The Pines"
        "Careless Love Blues"
        "Tennessee Waltz"
        "Crash On The Levee"
        "Spanish Is The Loving Tongue"
 22: "Sliding Delta," Michael Jerome Browne [Borealis, 1/15] (203)
        "Sliding Delta"
        "My Road Is Rough And Rocky"
        "Special Rider Blues"
        "I Heard Somebody Call"
        "Living In The Whitehouse"
        "Bull Doze Blues"
        "When Your Way Gets Dark"
 25: "Third Street," Peter Mayer [Blue Boat, 11/14] (202)
        "Union Depot"
        "Tomorrow's Train"
        "Hawk And Whale"
        "When You Dream"
        "Winds Of October"
        "It's Not Far"
 26: "A Bird In This World," Joel Mabus [Fossil, 2/15] (196)
        "Hillbilly Singer"
        "Welcome Back To The Blues"
        "Kentucky Hambone Blues"
        "How About The Blues"
        "Simply Lost In The Blues"
        "Brown County Bounce"
        "Hemingway's Beard"
        "Hoosier Blues"
 27: "Domestic Eccentric," Old Man Luedecke [True North, 7/15] (194)
        "Early Days"
        "Chester Boat Song"
        "Low On The Hog"
        "Briar And The Rose"
        "Real Wet Wood"
        "Brightest On The Heart"
        "Girl In The Pearl Earring"
 28: "Chasing The Sun," The Sweet Lowdown [, 11/14] (193)
        "River Winding Down"
        "Chasing The Sun"
        "You Can Find The North"
        "Birds And The Bees"
        "Road Song"
 29: "Still She Will Fly (EP)," Heather Pierson Acoustic Trio [Vessel, 5/15] (191)
        "Still She Will Fly"
        "Ain't Gotten Around"
        "You Don't Know Him The Way I Do"
        "Make It Mine"
        "What Else Can I Do"
 30: "Redemption Road," Tom Paxton [Pax, 3/15] (190)
        "Redemption Road"
        "Mayor Of MacDougal Street"
        "Virginia Morning"
        "If The Poor Don't Matter"
        "Central Square"
        "Time To Spare"
        "Susie Most Of All"
 31: "The Rose Of Roscrae: A Ballad Of The West," Tom Russell [Frontera, 4/15] (189)
        "Rose Of Roscrae"
        "Midnight Wine"
        "Hair Trigger Heart"
        "Resurrection Mountain"
        "He Wasn't A Bad Kid, When He Was Sober"
        "Last Running"
 32: "Fine Bloom," Free The Honey [, 9/15] (187)
        "Take Me Home"
        "Honey Blues"
        "High Peaks"
        "Crooked Child"
        "Hymn For Renewal"
        "Go With The Light"
        "Beautiful Life"
 33: "Too Big World," Bumper Jacksons [, 6/15] (186)
        "Coffee Mama"
        "Satan, Your Kingdom Must Come Down"
        "Trouble In Mind"
        "Delta Bound"
        "Pretty Mama Put A Spell On Me"
        "Red Silk Stockings"
 34: "Ordinary Band," Katie Dahl [Waterbug, 6/15] (185)
        "Ballad Of The Lazy Susan And The Dumbwaiter"
        "Ordinary Band"
 35: "Owls," Danny Schmidt [Live Once, 5/15] (179)
        "Faith Will Always Rise"
        "Girl With Lantern Eyes"
        "Soon The Earth Shall Swallow"
        "Cries Of Shadows"
        "Bad Year For Cane"
        "Guns And The Crazy Ones"
        "All The More To Wonder"
 36: "Further West," Hungrytown [Listen Here!, 5/15] (176)
        "Hard Way To Learn"
        "Pastures Of Plenty"
        "Don't You Let Me Down"
        "Further West"
        "Don't Cross That Mountain"
        "Eastward Forests, Westward Hills"
 37: "Sundown Over Ghost Town," Eilen Jewell [Signature, 5/15] (175)
        "Worried Mind"
        "Hallelujah Band"
        "Rio Grande"
        "Needle And Thread"
        "Down The Road"
 38: "Leave Some Things Behind," The Steel Wheels [Big Ring, 4/15] (174)
        "Promised Land"
        "End Of The World Again"
        "Old Guitar"
        "Find Your Mountain"
        "We've Got A Fire"
        "Rescue Me, Virginia"
        "Worn Wool, Soft Leather"
 38: "What I'm Lookin' For," Dan Weber [Highway 142, 3/15] (174)
        "Oh Woody"
        "What I'm Lookin' For"
        "Ain't Done Ramblin' Yet"
        "Spinning My Wheels"
        "Take A Liking To You"
        "Leaving Texas"
 38: "The Widening Gyre," Altan [Compass, 1/15] (174)
        "House Carpenter"
        "White Birds"
        "Triple T"
        "No Ash Will Burn"
        "Far Beyond Carrickfinn"
        "Lurgy Streams"
 41: "Bright Shadow," Ana Egge [Grace/Parkinsong, 5/15] (171)
        "Flat Top Guitar"
        "Jenny Run Away"
        "Bright Shadow"
        "Rock Me"
 42: "Devil In The Seat," The Foghorn String Band [, 1/15] (170)
        "Pretty Polly"
        "Columbus Stockade Blues"
        "Mining Camp Blues"
        "90 Miles An Hour"
        "Longing For A Home"
        "Lost Gal"
        "Paddy On The Turnpike"
 43: "Songs Of Heart And Home," Greg Blake [, 9/15] (169)
        "Hey Porter"
        "Hills Of My Home"
        "Summer Wages"
        "50 Miles From Nowhere"
        "Where I Live"
        "Sweetest Love"
 43: "Trust," The Levins [, 1/15] (169)
        "Love Song"
        "Laugh With Me"
        "World Of Peace"
        "God's Spies"
        "Lines In The Land"
        "I Am Here"
 45: "The Hour Before," Elaine Romanelli [, 4/15] (166)
        "She And He"
        "Red Tail"
        "Heart Has To Know"
        "40 Back"
 46: "When I'm Free," Hot Rize [Ten In Hand, 9/14] (165)
        "Western Skies"
        "Blue Is Fallin"
        "You Were On My Mind This Morning"
        "I Never Met A One Like You"
        "I Am The Road"
 47: "Dreaming As I Do," Caroline Cotter [Bella Blue, 2/15] (160)
        "Bella Blue"
        "Dreaming As I Do"
        "My Evergreen"
        "This Place"
        "Journey In C"
 48: "Tomorrow You're Going," The Pine Hill Project [Signature, 3/15] (159)
        "Farewell To St. Dolores"
        "I Know You Rider"
        "Sweetest Thing"
        "I Live On A Battlefield"
 49: "Ionia," Lindsay Lou And The Flatbellys [, 2/15] (158)
        "Hot Hands"
        "River Jordan"
        "Old Song"
        "Everything Changed"
 50: "Django And Jimmie," Willie Nelson And Merle Haggard [Legacy, 6/15] (153)
        "Django And Jimmie"
        "Don't Think Twice, It's Alright"
        "It's All Going To Pot"
        "Missing Ol' Johnny Cash"
        "It's Only Money"
 50: "Violets Are Blue," Rani Arbo And Daisy Mayhem [Signature, 3/15] (153)
        "Heart Of The World"
        "Swing Me Down"
        "Walk Around The Wheel"
        "Over And Over"
        "I Love This City"
        "You Should See Me Now"
        "Sweet And The Bitter"
 52: "Bela Fleck & Abigail Washburn," Bela Fleck & Abigail Washburn [Rounder, 10/14] (152)
        "Pretty Polly"
        "What'cha Gonna Do"
        "New South Africa"
        "What Are They Doing In Heaven Today?"
        "Banjo Banjo"
 53: "Brighter Every Day," Trout Steak Revival [, 3/15] (150)
        "Union Pacific"
        "Wind On The Mountain"
        "Brighter Every Day"
        "Ours For The Taking"
        "Sierra Nevada"
 53: "Grandma's Got A Boombox," Sandy Ross [, 5/15] (150)
        "Distant Campfire"
        "Child Of The Sixties"
        "Giddyup Joker"
        "Grandma's Got A Boombox"
        "Lobo Rey De La Currumpaw"
 53: "The Song Of The Banjo," Alison Brown [Compass, 10/15] (150)
        "Carolina In The Pines"
        "What's Going On?"
        "The Song Of The Banjo"
        "Long Way Gone"
        "Time After Time"
 56: "The Many Hats Of Jory Nash," Jory Nash [Thin Man, 2/15] (147)
        "Ain't Coming Home"
        "Night With You"
        "Homeless Man"
        "King In Denial"
 56: "So Far, So Good," David Roth [Wind River, 6/15] (147)
        "Does Joni Mitchell Ever Mow The Lawn"
        "We Are The Stuff Of Stars"
        "Keep The Table Set"
        "If I Could Write A Song Like Berlin"
        "Pachamama Turns"
        "So Far, So Good"
 58: "Coffee Creek," The Slocan Ramblers [, 7/15] (146)
        "Coffee Creek"
        "Streamline Cannonball"
        "Pastures Of Plenty/Honey Babe"
        "Call Me Long Gone"
 59: "XVII," The Nields [, 2/15] (143)
        "Joe Hill"
        "Wasn't That A Time"
        "You Don't Have That Kind Of Time"
        "Dave Hayes The Weather Guy"
        "Love Love Love"
 60: "Get Together: Banana Recalls Youngbloods Classics," Lowell Levinger [Grandpa Raccoon, 9/15] (142)
        "Get Together"
        "Darkness Darkness"
        "Grizzly Bear"
        "Hippie From Olema"
 61: "Dreams And Ghosts: A Family Album," Avery Hill [, 7/15] (141)
        "Hello And Goodbye"
        "Work I Do"
        "Summer 1957"
        "93 Lewis Street"
        "God Save The Watchman"
 62: "Kokomo Kidd," Guy Davis [M. C., 9/15] (140)
        "Kokomo Kidd"
        "Lay Lady Lay"
        "Little Red Rooster"
        "Taking Just A Little Bit Of Time"
        "Like Sonny Did"
        "Maybe I'll Go"
 62: "Sorrow Bound," Kaia Kater [Kingswood, 6/15] (140)
        "Southern Girl"
        "When Sorrows Encompass Me Round"
        "En Filant Ma Quenouille"
        "Rose On The Mountain"
 64: "Knockout Rose," Boxcar Lilies [, 9/15] (137)
        "Freight Train"
        "Papa Come Quick"
        "Captain's Seat"
        "Knockout Rose"
        "Put The Top Down"
        "Not In My Name"
 65: "Round Trip," Beppe Gambetta And Tony McManus [Borealis, 8/15] (136)
        "Bonnie Mulligan's"
        "Sleeping Tune"
        "La Bergamasca"
        "Slightly Go Blind"
 66: "Tetu," Le Vent Du Nord [Borealis, 3/15] (135)
        "Noce Tragique"
        "D'ouest En Est"
        "Le Rosier"
        "Amant Volage"
 67: "Starlight Highway," Corinne West [Make, 5/15] (134)
        "Trouble No More"
        "Cry Of The Echo Drifter"
        "Give Our Ships Away"
        "Gypsy Harbor"
        "Starlight Highway"
        "Sweet Rains Of Amber"
 68: "Walk On Solid Ground," Gene And Gayla Mills [Heart Pine, 4/15] (132)
        "Daytime Stars"
        "No Dominion Over Me"
        "Another Day"
        "Butcher Boy"
        "More Of You"
        "Give Me A Boat"
 69: "Power In The Blood," Buffy Sainte-Marie [True North, 5/15] (130)
        "It's My Way"
        "Power In The Blood"
        "Carry It On"
        "Farm In The Middle Of Nowhere"
        "We Are Circling"
        "Sing Our Own Song"
 70: "At Home: The Maine Tour," Noel Paul Stookey [Neworld, 9/15] (129)
        "In These Times"
        "Glory Train"
        "One And Many"
        "Nukes R Nuts"
        "Wedding Song"
 70: "Leaving Soon," Crow And The Canyon [, 6/15] (129)
        "Gentle On My Mind"
        "Crow And The Canyon"
        "Brooklyn To Milwaukee"
        "We Give"
        "Wine And Whiskey"
 70: "Some Part Of The Truth," Brother Sun [, 2013] (129)
        "Lady Of The Harbor"
        "In The Name Of Love"
        "I Ain't Got No Home"
        "These Hands"
        "Jericho Road"
 70: "Sweet Memories... Never Leave," Erynn Marshall And Carl Jones [Dittyville, 2/15] (129)
        "Poor Little Ellen"
        "Jack Rabbit Jump"
        "One Fond Adieu"
        "Convict And The Rose"
        "Daredevil Blues"
        "Piney Woods"
 70: "Hudson Harding Sampler, Vol. 10: Happy Holidays," Various Artists [Hudson Harding, 12/15] (129)
        "Longest Night Of The Year," Joe Jencks
        "Christmas In A Coal Mine," Aj Lee
        "Auld Lang Syne," Kate Taylor
        "How Could We Not Believe," Anna Laube
 75: "The Red Album," Red Molly [, 4/14] (128)
        "Sing To Me"
        "Homeward Bound"
        "1952 Vincent Black Lightning"
        "Clinch River Blues"
        "With A Memory Like Mine"
        "Willow Tree"
 75: "Wood, Wire & Words," Norman Blake [Plectraphone, 1/15] (128)
        "There's A One Way Road To Glory"
        "Incident At Condra's Switch"
        "Savannah Rag"
        "Chattanooga Rag"
        "Grady Forester's Store And Cotton Gin"
        "Blake's Rag"
 77: "Morning In A New Machine," Dubl Handi [, 6/15] (127)
        "Train That Carried My Girl From Town"
        "Cumberland Gap"
        "Don't It Get Trouble In Your Mind"
        "Half Shaved"
 78: "The Faster It Goes," The Railsplitters [, 5/15] (126)
        "Salt Salt Sea"
        "Tell Me"
        "Planted On The Ground"
 78: "The Traveling Kind," Emmylou Harris And Rodney Crowell [Nonesuch, 5/15] (126)
        "The Traveling Kind"
        "Higher Mountains"
        "I Just Wanted To See You So Bad"
        "La Danse De La Joie"
        "Weight Of The World"
 80: "Mother Country," Dave Crossland [Folk Era, 4/15] (125)
        "I Remember America"
        "Daydream Believer"
        "July, You're A Woman"
        "Mother Country"
        "Man Who Would Be King"
 80: "Such Jubilee," Mandolin Orange [Yep Roc, 5/15] (125)
        "Old Ties And Companions"
        "Little Worlds"
        "Jump Mountain Blues"
        "Settled Down"
        "From Now On"
 80: "That Kind Of Girl," Amy Speace [Windbone, 2/15] (125)
        "Nothing Good Can Come From This"
        "Hymn For The Crossing"
        "Better Than This"
        "Trouble Looks Good On You"
        "Come Pick Me Up"
 83: "Rural Electrification," Peter Keane [Little Hat, 6/15] (124)
        "Sitting On Top Of The World"
        "Hobo's Lullaby"
        "Nobody's Dirty Business"
        "Almost Gone"
        "Nobody Knows But Me"
 84: "Dogwood Cats," Jefferson Ross [Deep Fried, 6/15] (123)
        "Dogwood Cats"
        "Great Big Garden"
        "Sore Fingertips"
        "Closed Minded People"
        "Good Morning, Daniel"
 84: "Little Hinges," Qristina And Quinn Bachand [Beacon Ridge, 1/15] (123)
        "What You Do With What You've Got"
        "Crooked Jack"
        "Jimmy's Fiddle"
        "Welcome Farewell Set"
        "3 Little Babes"
 86: "The Turning Point," Tim Grimm [Cavalier, 2013] (119)
        "King Of The Folksingers"
        "Anne In Amsterdam"
        "Family History"
        "I Don't Mind"
        "Rovin' Gambler"
 87: "Banjo & Fiddle: Tunes From The North, Songs From The South," Karrnnel Sawitsky And Daniel Koulack [, 3/15] (116)
        "How Does A Poor Man Stand Such Times And Live"
        "Little Birdie"
        "Old French Set"
        "Killin' Floor"
        "Red Rocking Chair"
        "Woodchuck Set"
 87: "Walking Into White," Sarah McQuaid [Waterbug, 8/15] (116)
        "Where The Wind Decides To Blow"
        "Canticle Of The Sun"
        "First Time Ever I Saw Your Face"
        "I Am Grateful For What I Have"
        "Walking Into White"
        "Jackdaws Rising"
 89: "Baladista," Joel Rafael [Inside, 4/15] (115)
        "Old Portland Town"
        "500 Miles"
        "Good Samaritan"
        "When I Go"
        "El Bracero"
        "Sticks And Stones"
 89: "Foxhounds," Kathy Kallick Band [Live Oak, 11/15] (115)
        "Tear Stained Letter"
        "I'm Not Your Honey Baby Now"
        "Sally Ann"
 89: "Kelly Bosworth," Kelly Bosworth [, 11/14] (115)
        "House Of Gold"
        "Wayfaring Stranger"
        "Fisherman's Song"
        "No, Never, No"
 89: "Tillamook Burn," Lauren Sheehan And Zoe Carpenter [, 11/14] (115)
        "Honey Baby Blues"
        "In The Wee Midnight Hours"
        "Skinny Leg Blues"
 93: "The Night Tribe," Jimmy Lafave [Music Road, 5/15] (112)
        "Beauty Of You"
        "Never Came Back To Memphis"
        "Trying To Get Back To You"
        "Queen Jane Approximately"
        "Dust Bowl Okies"
 94: "Georgia I'm Here," Joe Crookston [Milagrito, 4/14] (111)
        "Big Sky"
        "Riding The Train"
        "Georgia I'm Here"
        "Impermanent Things"
        "Tuesday Morning"
        "Fall Down As The Rain"
 94: "The Promise Of The Sowing," Dan Schatz [Folk-Legacy, 8/15] (111)
        "The Promise Of The Sowing"
        "Gone Gonna Rise Again"
        "Now Is The Cool Of The Day"
        "1800 And Froze To Death"
        "Boll Weevil Holler"
 96: "Discovered: Live In Concert," Peter, Paul And Mary [Rhino, 11/14] (110)
        "Give Yourself To Love"
        "You Can Tell The World"
        "Cactus In A Coffee Can"
        "No Choice"
        "Midnight Special"
 96: "Lost On The River," The New Basement Tapes [Harvest, 11/14] (110)
        "Kansas City"
        "Lost On The River #20"
        "Spanish Mary"
        "Down On The Bottom"
        "Florida Key"
 98: "Emerald," Dar Williams [Self, 5/15] (109)
        "Slippery Slope"
        "Girl Of The World"
        "Empty Plane"
        "New York Is A Harbor"
        "Mad River"
 98: "Still The King: Celebrating The Music Of Bob Wills And His Texas Playboys," Asleep At The Wheel [Bismeaux, 3/15] (109)
        "What's The Matter With The Mill"
        "Trouble In Mind"
        "Time Changes Everything"
        "Girl I Left Behind Me"
 98: "Tim May And Steve Smith," Tim May And Steve Smith [Desert Night, 4/15] (109)
        "Washboard Road"
        "Let It Be"
        "Blue Skies"
        "Deer Valley"
        "Scotch On The Beach"
        "This Boat"
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