Compiled by Richard Gillmann from FOLKDJ-L radio playlists
Based on 157864 airplays from 187 different DJs

  1: "Some Part Of The Truth," Brother Sun [, 2/13] (435)
        "Lady Of The Harbor"
        "In The Name Of Love"
        "These Hands"
        "Everybody's Cryin' Mercy"
        "I Ain't Got No Home"
        "Pushing Stones"
        "House That Jack Built"
        "Jericho Road"
        "There's Enough Love"
  2: "Long Gone Out West Blues," Pharis And Jason Romero [Lula, 2/13] (320)
        "Long Gone Out West Blues"
        "Wild Bill Jones"
        "Come On Home"
        "Waiting For The Evening Mail"
        "Truck Driver's Blues"
        "Sad Old Song"
        "I Want To Be Lucky"
        "Lost Lula"
        "Sally Goodin"
        "Lonely Home Blues"
  3: "Jewels And Harmony," Mara Levine [, 1/13] (314)
        "The Dutchman"
        "Leaves That Are Green"
        "When I Sing With You"
        "April Come She Will"
        "Immigrant Dream"
        "Blackberry Time"
        "I Will Walk With You"
  4: "So Say We All," David Francey [Red House, 5/13] (305)
        "Long Long Road"
        "Cheap Motel"
        "Pandora's Box"
        "Blue Skies"
        "Ordinary Man"
        "American Blues"
  5: "The Stray Birds," The Stray Birds [, 9/12] (269)
        "Dream In Blue"
        "Railroad Man"
        "25 To Life"
        "Just Sayin"
        "Heavy Hands"
        "My Brother's Hill"
        "No Part Of Nothin"
        "Wind And Rain"
  6: "Bristol Bay," Si Kahn [Strictly Country, 6/13] (266)
        "Beauty Of Alaska"
        "Dead Man's Sand"
        "Bristol Bay"
        "Once I Was Young"
        "Pebble Mine"
        "Everything Is Bigger In Alaska"
        "Sailing To Alaska"
  7: "Next Time Around," Darryl Purpose [Blue Rock, 10/12] (250)
        "Dreams Of Life"
        "Girl From Golden"
        "Next Time Around"
        "Ghost Of Crazy Horse"
        "Race The Wind"
        "Stories That We Tell"
        "Orange Raincoat"
        "Fourth Chair"
  7: "No More Rain," The Steel Wheels [, 4/13] (250)
        "Go Up To That Mountain"
        "Walk Away"
        "Whistle Blows"
        "Waters Edge"
        "I Will Love You"
  9: "Love Has Come For You," Steve Martin And Edie Brickell [Rounder, 4/13] (249)
        "When You Get To Asheville"
        "Sun's Gonna Shine"
        "Sarah Jane And The Iron Mountain Baby"
        "Get Along Stray Dog"
        "Love Has Come For You"
        "Friend Of Mine"
        "Remember Me This Way"
        "Siamese Cat"
 10: "Live At Blue Rock," Mary Gauthier [Proper, 10/12] (238)
        "I Drink"
        "Sugar Cane"
        "Our Lady Of The Shooting Stars"
        "Your Sister Cried"
        "Last Of The Hobo Kings"
        "Wheel Inside The Wheel"
        "Drag Queens In Limousines"
 11: "Sugar Shack," The Boxcar Lilies [, 5/13] (235)
        "If I Needed You"
        "Sugar Shack"
        "6 Ways To Sunday"
        "That Lonesome Road"
        "Don't Send Me Up To Heaven"
        "Good Fortune"
        "In This Valley"
 12: "These Wilder Things," Ruth Moody [Red House, 5/13] (232)
        "Dancing In The Dark"
        "Trouble And Woe"
        "One Light Shining"
        "Trees For Skies"
        "These Wilder Things"
        "Life Is Long"
 13: "Pressed For Time," Burning Bridget Cleary [, 6/13] (224)
        "On A Sea Of Fleur De Lis"
        "2 Sisters"
        "Oh My Little Darling"
        "Pressed For Time"
        "Ballad Of Tim Evans"
        "Stor Mo Chroi / Eddie Kelly's"
        "Ashokan Farewell"
 14: "Woody Guthrie At 100! Live At The Kennedy Center," Various Artists [Legacy, 6/13] (220)
        "Deportee," Ani Difranco
        "Hard Travelin," Jimmy Lafave
        "Pastures Of Plenty," Judy Collins
        "Union Maid," Old Crow Medicine Show
        "So Long, It's Been Good To Know Yuh," Del McCoury Band With Tim O'Brien
        "I Ain't Got No Home," Rosanne Cash
        "Pretty Boy Floyd," Rosanne Cash
 15: "Banjo Babes," Various Artists [Wepecket Island, 10/12] (213)
        "Rappin' Shady Grove," Kaia Kater
        "When I Go To West Virginia," Aubrey Atwater
        "Precious Days," Evie Ladin
        "Boatman," Dale Robin Goodman
        "I Love My Honey," Evie Ladin
        "See That My Grave Is Kept Clean," Aubrey Atwater
        "Little Orchid," Hilary Hawke
        "High On A Mountain," Dale Robin Goodman
 16: "Still Fighting The War," Slaid Cleaves [Music Road, 6/13] (212)
        "Still Fighting The War"
        "Rust Belt Fields"
        "Texas Love Song"
        "In The Rain"
        "Welding Burns"
        "Hometown Usa"
        "God's Own Yodeler"
 17: "Child Ballads," Anais Mitchell & Jefferson Hamer [Wilderland, 3/13] (211)
        "Riddles Wisely Expounded"
        "Willie Of Winsbury"
        "Clyde Waters"
        "Willie's Lady"
        "Sir Patrick Spens"
        "Tam Lin"
 18: "22 Days," John McCutcheon [Appalseed, 10/13] (203)
        "Heaven's Kitchen"
        "Orion's Belt"
        "Of An Age"
        "Dry Land Fish"
        "Nothing Like You"
        "Adagio In A Minor"
 19: "Things Are Coming My Way," Marcy Marxer [Community, 1/13] (200)
        "Things Are Coming My Way"
        "Angeline The Baker"
        "Kissing In The Dark"
        "Fool's Gold"
        "Girl Django"
        "I Wish I Knew How It Would Feel To Be Free"
        "It's The Girl"
 19: "This World Oft Can Be," Della Mae [Rounder, 5/13] (200)
        "Letter From Down The Road"
        "This World Oft Can Be"
        "Turtle Dove"
        "Ain't No Ash Will Burn"
        "Pine Tree"
 21: "Memories And Moments," Tim O'Brien And Darrell Scott [Full Skies, 9/13] (195)
        "Keep Your Dirty Lights On"
        "Memories And Moments"
        "Time To Talk To Joseph"
        "Brother Wind"
        "It All Comes Down To Love"
 22: "American Kid," Patty Griffin [New West, 5/13] (193)
        "Go Wherever You Wanna Go"
        "Don't Let Me Die In Florida"
        "Mom And Dad's Waltz"
        "Faithful Son"
        "Wild Old Dog"
 22: "Darlingford," Cara Luft [Blue Case, 6/12] (193)
        "Only Love Can Save Me"
        "Portland Town"
        "Ploughboy And The Cockney"
        "He Moved Through The Fair"
        "Bring 'em All In"
        "Bye Bye Love"
 24: "Into The Dark," Laura Cortese [, 4/13] (192)
        "For Catherine"
        "Into The Dark"
        "Heel To Toe"
        "Life Is Good Blues"
        "I Am The House"
        "Lay Me Low"
        "Village Green"
 24: "The Light Still Burns," Lauren Sheehan [Wilson River, 4/13] (192)
        "Hard Times"
        "I Wish I Could Shimmy Like My Sister Kate"
        "Bearcat Blues"
        "My Baby's So Sweet"
        "C Medley"
        "In The Sweet Bye And Bye-Keep On The Sunny Side"
        "Old Folks At Home"
 26: "Bittersweet," Alice Gerrard [Spruce And Maple, 7/13] (191)
        "Sweet South Anna River"
        "Payday At The Mill"
        "Lonely Night"
        "Play Me A Song I Can Cry To"
        "Tell Me Their Story"
 26: "Up Like The Clouds," Dubl Handi [, 1/13] (191)
        "Shout Little Lula"
        "New River Train"
        "Cluck Old Hen"
        "Katie Cruel"
        "Undone In Sorrow"
        "Single Girl"
 28: "How To Sleep In A Stormy Boat," Amy Speace [Windbone, 4/13] (189)
        "Fortunate Ones"
        "Sea And The Shore"
        "How To Sleep In A Stormy Boat"
        "Left Me Hanging"
        "Feathers And Wishbones"
        "Hunter Moon"
 28: "Walk Along John," John Reischman [Corvus, 4/13] (189)
        "Itzbin Reel"
        "Walk Along John To Kansas"
        "Deadly Fox"
        "Joe Ahr's Dream"
        "Side By Each"
        "Salt River"
 30: "Aragon Mill: The Bluegrass Sessions," Si Kahn And The Looping Brothers [Strictly Country, 8/13] (186)
        "Aragon Mill"
        "To Hear Doc Watson Play"
        "Wild Rose Of The Mountain"
        "Gone, Gonna Rise Again"
        "5 Days A Week"
        "Tarpaper Shacks"
 31: "Carnival," Nora Jane Struthers & The Party Line [Blue Pig, 4/13] (185)
        "Baker's Boy"
        "Jack Of Diamonds"
        "Travelin' On"
        "Bike Ride"
        "Barn Dance"
        "Listen With Your Heart"
        "Party Line"
 31: "Little Boat," Rita Hosking [, 2/13] (185)
        "Parting Glass"
        "5 Star Location"
        "Sierra Bound"
        "Blow Northwest Wind"
        "Where Time Is Reigning"
        "Nothing Left Of Me"
 33: "The Heart's Swift Foot," Red Tail Ring [Earthwork, 4/13] (184)
        "Ohio Turnpike"
        "My Heart's Own Love"
        "Body Like A Bell"
        "Queen Of The West And Other Stories"
        "Dirt Triangle"
        "Katy Came Breezing"
        "The Heart's Swift Foot"
 34: "Memory Wall," Buddy Mondlock [Sparking Gap, 5/13] (182)
        "Canary's Song"
        "What Do I Know"
        "Holes You Leave"
        "Stone In My Pocket"
        "Stay Up All Night"
        "Quoddy Point"
        "Ugly One"
 35: "Hayseed," Susan Werner [30 Tigers, 6/13] (178)
        "City Kids"
        "Something To Be Said"
        "Back To The Land"
        "Plant The Stars"
        "Egg Money"
 35: "In The Time Of Gods," Dar Williams [Razor & Tie, 4/12] (178)
        "I Am The One Who Will Remember Everything"
        "Storm King"
        "I Have Been Around The World"
        "Light And The Sea"
        "Summer Child"
        "Write This Number Down"
        "This Earth"
 37: "Everything Is Great," Erik Balkey [Hudson Harding, 2012] (177)
        "Baseball In My Blood"
        "Singer's Lament"
        "My America"
        "Born In The Usa"
        "Love, It Ain't Easy"
        "Everything Is Great"
        "Hard Times"
 38: "The Barn Birds," Jonathan Byrd & Chris Kokesh [Waterbug, 7/13] (174)
        "We Used To Be Birds"
        "One Night At A Time"
        "Paint The Town Blue"
        "In The Light Of Day"
        "Sundays Loving You"
        "Desert Rose"
        "Lay Your Hands On The Highway"
 39: "Endless Ocean," The Tuttles With A. J. Lee [Back Studio, 6/13] (172)
        "Hickory Wind"
        "My Window Faces The South"
        "Columbus Stockade Blues"
        "Cotton Eyed Joe"
        "Oh, Mandolin"
        "Beaumont Rag"
        "Few Old Memories"
 40: "The Old School," Peter Rowan [Compass, 4/13] (170)
        "Keepin' It Between The Lines"
        "Doc Watson Morning"
        "That's All She Wrote"
        "O Freedom"
        "Mountain Man's Dream"
        "True Love To Last"
 41: "Old Yellow Moon," Emmylou Harris And Rodney Crowell [Nonesuch, 2/13] (168)
        "Hanging Up My Heart"
        "Invitation To The Blues"
        "Black Caffeine"
        "Spanish Dancer"
        "Bluebird Wine"
        "Dreaming My Dreams"
        "Back When We Were Beautiful"
 41: "Ring Them Bells," The Copper Ponies [Hudson Harding, 6/13] (168)
        "Ring Them Bells"
        "Last Train"
        "Why Worry"
        "If I Go"
 43: "Give Me All You Got," Carrie Rodriguez [Ninth Street Opus, 1/13] (167)
        "Devil In Mind"
        "Sad Joy"
        "Lake Harriet"
        "Whiskey Runs Thicker Than Blood"
        "I Cry For Love"
        "I Don't Mind Waiting"
 43: "Live At Caffe Lena," Various Artists [Tompkins Square, 9/13] (167)
        "Green Rolling Hills Of West Virginia," Utah Phillips
        "Mr. Bojangles," Jerry Jeff Walker
        "City Of New Orleans," Arlo Guthrie
        "Gaslight Rag," Dave Van Ronk
 43: "Vancouver," Deborah Holland [RageOn, 6/13] (167)
        "I Wanna Be A Canadian"
        "Norwegian Wood"
 46: "Our Lady Of The Tall Trees," Cahalen Morrison And Eli West [, 9/12] (164)
        "Lady Does Not Often Falter"
        "Church Street Blues"
        "Our Lady Of The Tall Trees"
        "Stone To Sand"
        "Red Prairie Dawn"
 46: "Yes Please," The Bills [Red House, 8/12] (164)
        "Plant Song"
        "Shining Face"
        "Blackberry Ivy And Broom"
        "Hallowed Hall"
        "Not The End"
        "Pandora's In Flames"
 48: "As The Crow Flies," Childsplay [, 7/13] (160)
        "Hawk And Crow / As The Crow Flies"
        "Leave No Millionaire Behind"
        "Dear Companion"
        "Last Alleluia"
 49: "The Good Book," Roy Book Binder [Peg Leg, 5/13] (158)
        "The Good Book"
        "It Coulda Been Worse"
        "Step Right Up"
        "Electric Cigarette Blues"
        "Poker Playin' Papa"
        "What You Gonna Do"
        "Full Go Around"
 50: "Bright Like Gold," April Verch [Slab Town, 4/13] (155)
        "Sandy River Belle"
        "No Other Would Do"
        "Only One"
        "Raven In The Hemlock"
 51: "Coyote Wings," Zoe Mulford [Azalea City, 1/13] (154)
        "Sister, Sail"
        "Pocket Fulla Quarters"
        "Coyote Wings"
        "Storm Damage"
        "When The Coffee's All Gone"
        "Sunrise Susquehanna"
 51: "They Called It Music," The Gibson Brothers [Compass, 3/13] (154)
        "They Called It Music"
        "Darker The Night, The Better I See"
        "Buy A Ring, Find A Preacher"
        "Daddy's Gone To Knoxville"
        "Songbird's Song"
        "Home On The River"
 53: "Time," Kathy Kallick Band [Live Oak, 8/12] (153)
        "Long Time Travelin"
        "Lord Protect My Soul"
        "Old Black Choo Choo"
        "Thinkin' Of Home"
        "Dark Hollow"
 54: "Greetings From Cheryl Wheeler Live," Cheryl Wheeler [Dias, 9/12] (152)
        "Where's All The Money"
        "Lady Gaga's Singing Program"
        "Little Kids"
 55: "New Everything," Brooks Williams [Red Guitar Blue, 7/13] (150)
        "Deep River Blues"
        "Carry On"
        "Mercury Blues"
        "King Of California"
        "One Step"
 56: "Electric," Richard Thompson [New West, 2/13] (148)
        "Saving The Good Stuff For You"
        "Salford Sunday"
        "Snow Goose"
        "Where's Home?"
        "Good Things Happen To Bad People"
 56: "Goodnight Moonshine," Molly Venter And Eben Pariser [, 2/13] (148)
        "Willow Tree"
        "Work I Done"
        "Walking After Midnight"
        "Dark Side Of The Rainbow"
        "End Of The World Blues"
        "Goodnight Moonshine"
        "All Our Friends"
 56: "Hammer Down," The Steeldrivers [Rounder, 2/13] (148)
        "Shallow Grave"
        "Burnin' The Woodshed Down"
        "I'll Be There"
        "Wearin' A Hole"
        "When I'm Gone"
        "When You Don't Come Home"
        "Lonesome Goodbye"
 56: "Say Grace," Sam Baker [, 8/13] (148)
        "Isn't Love Great"
        "Road Crew"
        "Say Grace"
        "Panhandle Winter"
        "Go In Peace"
 56: "Christine Lavin Presents: Just One Angel v2.0," Various Artists [Yellow Tail, 12/13] (148)
        "These Ornaments," Craig Werth
        "Snow Day," Honor Finnegan
        "Light The Lamp," Emily Kurn
        "Pass The Fruitcake," Claudia Russell And Bruce Kaplan
        "I Want An Old Fashioned Christmas," Amy Speace
 61: "Reunion," Lucy Kaplansky [Red House, 9/12] (147)
        "This Morning I Am Born Again"
        "I'm Looking Through You"
        "Beauty Way"
        "I'll See You Again"
 62: "Inside Llewyn Davis," Various Artists [Nonesuch, 11/13] (145)
        "Green, Green Rocky Road," Oscar Isaac
        "500 Miles," Justin Timberlake, Carey Mulligan And Stark Sands
        "Fare Thee Well," Oscar Isaac And Marcus Mumford
        "Last Thing On My Mind," Stark Sands With The Punch Brothers
        "Death Of Queen Jane," Oscar Isaac
        "Hang Me, Oh Hang Me," Oscar Isaac
 63: "Kitchen, Love," Putnam Smith [Itchy Sabot, 6/13] (144)
        "Country Girl"
        "Emily Dickinson"
        "New Shoes"
        "Cast Iron Pan"
 64: "Brothers Of The Highway," Dailey And Vincent [Rounder, 5/13] (142)
        "Brothers Of The Highway"
        "Hills Of Caroline"
        "Steel Drivin' Man"
        "Back To Jackson County"
        "Close By"
        "Howdy Neighbor Howdy"
 65: "Love Calling," Darden Smith [Compass, 7/13] (141)
        "Angel Flight"
        "Love Calling"
        "Medicine Wheel"
        "Mine Till Morning"
        "7 Wonders"
        "Better Now"
 66: "Sing The Delta," Iris DeMent [Flariella, 10/12] (140)
        "Go On Ahead And Go Home"
        "Night I Learned How Not To Pray"
        "Mama Was Always Tellin' Her Truth"
        "There's A Whole Lotta Heaven"
        "Sing The Delta"
 67: "The Ash & Clay," The Milk Carton Kids [Anti-, 3/13] (139)
        "Hope Of A Lifetime"
        "Honey, Honey"
        "Ash And Clay"
        "Jewel Of June"
 67: "Dear Sister," Claire Lynch [Compass, 5/13] (139)
        "Dear Sister"
        "Buttermilk Road/The Arbours"
        "How Many Moons"
        "I'll Be Alright Tomorrow"
        "Doin' Time"
        "Once The Teardrops Start To Fall"
 67: "Only Slightly Mad," David Bromberg Band [Appleseed, 9/13] (139)
        "Nobody's Fault But Mine"
        "Keep On Drinkin"
        "I'll Rise Again"
        "Drivin' Wheel"
        "Fields Have Turned Brown"
        "Nobody Knows The Way I Feel This Mornin"
 70: "Back 40," Robin & Linda Williams [Red House, 10/13] (138)
        "Boots Of Spanish Leather"
        "Urge For Going"
        "My Sweet Love Ain't Around"
        "On And On"
        "Pine County"
 70: "High Moon Order," Betse Ellis [Free Dirt, 6/13] (138)
        "Long Time To Get There"
        "Elk River Blues"
        "Twilight Is Stealing"
        "Straight To Hell"
        "Dry And Dusty"
 72: "Fossils," Aoife O'Donovan [Yep Roc, 6/13] (137)
        "Lay My Burden Down"
        "Red And White And Blue And Gold"
        "Thursday's Child"
        "Briar Rose"
        "Fire Engine"
 72: "Wild Bill Jones," The Quiet American [, 1/13] (137)
        "Apple In The Fall"
        "Gallows Pole"
        "Come Walkin' With Me"
        "Wild Bill Jones"
        "True Love Will Find You In The End"
 74: "Down in Washington Square," Dave Van Ronk [Smithsonian/Folkways, 10/13] (136)
        "Duncan And Brady"
        "Another Time And Place"
        "Gambler's Blues"
        "Buckets Of Rain"
 74: "My Favorite Picture Of You," Guy Clark [Dualtone, 7/13] (136)
        "My Favorite Picture Of You"
        "Rain In Durango"
        "Cornmeal Waltz"
        "El Coyote"
        "Hell Bent On A Heartache"
 76: "The Comeback Album," Eric Brace And Peter Cooper [Red Beet, 4/13] (135)
        "Ancient History"
        "Ponzi Scheme"
        "Nobody Knows"
        "Rain Just Falls"
 77: "Won't Be Long Now," Linda Thompson [Pettifer, 10/13] (134)
        "As Fast As My Feet"
        "Love's For Babies And Fools"
        "Never Put To Sea Boys"
        "If I Were A Bluebird"
        "Father Son Ballad"
 78: "Tom Rush Celebrates 50 Years Of Music," Tom Rush [Appleseed, 8/13] (133)
        "Urge For Going"
        "No Regrets/Rockport Sunday"
        "Hot Tonight"
        "What I Know"
        "Drivin' Wheel"
 79: "Build Me Up From Bones," Sarah Jarosz [Sugar Hill, 9/13] (132)
        "Fuel The Fire"
        "Over The Edge"
        "Build Me Up From Bones"
        "Dark Road"
        "Mile On The Moon"
        "Simple Twist Of Fate"
 79: "Gravity Pulls," Hounds Of Finn [New Folk, 6/13] (132)
        "Wild Mountain Thyme"
        "Gravity Pulls"
        "Golden Ticket"
        "My Father's Coat"
 79: "Silver Lining," The Honey Dewdrops [, 6/12] (132)
        "One Kind Word"
        "Hills Of My Home"
        "Silver Lining"
        "Let Me Sing"
        "No More Trouble"
 79: "Skipping Rocks," Ken & Brad Kolodner [Fenchurch, 9/13] (132)
        "Down On My Knees"
        "Skipping Rocks"
        "Billy In The Lowground"
        "Red Rocking Chair"
 79: "Threshold," Karine Polwart [Borealis, 2/13] (132)
        "Rivers Run"
        "Follow The Heron"
        "Take Its Own Time"
        "Better Things"
 84: "Jack Of All Trades," Steve Chizmadia [Jack Of All Trades, 2/13] (131)
        "Song For Pete"
        "Wall Street Fat-Cat Tax-Payer Bail-Out Blues"
        "Memphis Girl"
        "I'm Alright"
        "Nashville Star"
 84: "The Weather Inside," Beth Wood [Blue Rock, 2011] (131)
        "Coyote Prayer"
        "New Kid"
        "Close Your Eyes, Here We Go"
        "The Weather Inside"
 86: "We Made It Home," Melody Walker & Jacob Groopman [Maker/Mender, 10/13] (130)
        "We Made It Home"
        "Little Blue Caboose"
 87: "Flash Company," Outside Track [Lorimer, 9/12] (127)
        "Mountain Road"
        "Flash Company"
        "False Knight On The Road"
        "Whitby Maid"
 87: "Grandma's Rules For Drinking," Annie Lou [, 6/12] (127)
        "Grandma's Rules For Drinking"
        "Take Your Leg Off Mine"
        "Plaid Parade"
        "Cluny Is So Tall"
        "On The Main Drag"
        "Winter Song"
 89: "Broken Film," Disappear Fear [, 9/13] (126)
        "Farmland And The Sky"
        "Perfect Shade"
        "American Artist"
        "Broken Film"
 89: "The Low Highway," Steve Earle & The Dukes (& Duchesses) [New West, 4/13] (126)
        "Love's Gonna Blow My Way"
        "The Low Highway"
        "After Mardi Gras"
        "Warren Hellman's Banjo"
 91: "Temptation," Spuyten Duyvil [, 9/13] (125)
        "I'll Fly Away"
        "Honey On My Grave"
        "Honey Whiskey"
 92: "Tune Tramp," Erynn Marshall [Hickoryjack, 12/12] (124)
        "Milwaukee Blues"
        "Ragged But Right"
        "Poor Hobo"
        "Bonaparte's Retreat"
        "Rambler's Blues"
 93: "Angels Without Wings," Heidi Talbot [Compass, 1/13] (121)
        "Dearest Johnny"
        "Button Up"
        "When The Roses Come Again"
        "Angels Without Wings"
        "Wine And Roses"
 93: "Carved Wood Box," Cal Scott [Tamarack, 12/12] (121)
        "Carved Wood Box"
        "Paid Too Much For The Diamond"
        "Smallest Act Of Kindness"
        "One More River"
        "Dig Down Deep"
        "London Town"
 93: "Take This Song With You," Maya And The Ruins [, 9/12] (121)
        "Train Whistle Blues"
        "Bootlegger's Blues"
        "Let Me In"
        "Roll Along Kentucky Moon"
        "Write Me A Letter"
 93: "Tender Is The Night," Old Man Luedecke [True North, 11/12] (121)
        "Kingdom Come"
        "Jonah And The Whale"
        "I'm Fine"
        "Song For Ian Tyson"
        "Tortoise And The Hare"
 97: "Tales From Jackson Bridge," Harpeth Rising [Grimm Rising, 9/13] (119)
        "House Of The Rising Sun"
        "It Don't Really Matter"
        "Burn Away Your Troubles"
 98: "Almanac Trail," Rik Palieri And George Mann [Almanac Trail, 7/13] (118)
        "I'm Going Down That Road Feeling Bad"
        "Union Maid"
        "Which Side Are You On?"
        "Harry Bridges"
        "I Don't Want Your Millions, Mister"
 98: "Light In The Sky," Red Molly [, 2011] (118)
        "Walk Beside Me"
        "Your Long Journey"
        "Do I Ever Cross Your Mind"
        "Come On In My Kitchen"
        "It's Too Late To Call It A Night"
100: "Walking Song," Ron Block [Rounder, 7/13] (117)
        "Walking Song"
        "Nickel Tree Line"
        "Devil In The Strawstack"
        "Summer's Lullaby"
        "Shortnin' Bread"
101: "Tell The Ones I Love," Steep Canyon Rangers [Rounder, 9/13] (116)
        "Tell The Ones I Love"
        "Come Dance"
        "Stand And Deliver"
        "Bluer Words Were Never Spoken"
102: "Land On Shore," Ari And Mia [, 5/13] (115)
        "Glad You Came By"
        "Starry Crown"
        "Marble Moon"
        "Land On Shore"
102: "Still Green," Patty Larkin [Signature, 9/13] (115)
        "Best Of Intentions"
        "Mando Drum"
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105: "Tooth & Nail," Billy Bragg [Cooking Vinyl, 3/13] (114)
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111: "Juba Dance," Guy Davis [M. C., 9/13] (107)
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