Compiled by Richard Gillmann from FOLKDJ-L radio playlists
Based on 156671 airplays from 194 different DJs

  1: "Little Blue Egg," Dave Carter And Tracy Grammer [Red House, 2/12] (442)
        "Way Over Yonder In The Minor Key"
        "Hard To Make It"
        "Hard Edge Of Livin"
        "Gypsy Rose"
        "Better Way"
        "3-Fingered Jack"
        "Cross Of Jesus"
        "September Sea"
        "Any Way I Do"
  2: "This Land: Woody Guthrie's America," John McCutcheon [Appalsongs, 11/11] (340)
        "Biggest Thing That Man Has Ever Done"
        "I Ain't Got No Home"
        "This Land Is Your Land"
        "This Is Our Country Here"
        "Mail Myself To You"
        "Hobo's Lullaby"
        "Pastures Of Plenty"
        "Pretty Boy Floyd"
  3: "Light In The Sky," Red Molly [, 10/11] (331)
        "Walk Beside Me"
        "Do I Ever Cross Your Mind"
        "Your Long Journey"
        "Come On In My Kitchen"
        "Dear Someone"
        "It's Too Late To Call It A Night"
        "By The Mark"
        "Hello Goodbye"
  4: "Silver Lining," The Honey Dewdrops [, 6/12] (316)
        "One Kind Word"
        "Hills Of My Home"
        "Let Me Sing"
        "Silver Lining"
        "No More Trouble"
        "It's Hard To Pray"
  5: "Lay Down, Lay Low," The Steel Wheels [, 1/12] (283)
        "Breaking Like The Sun"
        "Rain In The Valley"
        "Halfway To Heaven"
        "Lay Down Lay Low"
        "Nola's First Dance"
        "Indian Trail"
        "Spider Wings"
        "Know Her Name"
  6: "The Stray Birds," The Stray Birds [, 9/12] (263)
        "Dream In Blue"
        "25 To Life"
        "Railroad Man"
        "No Part Of Nothin"
        "Wind And Rain"
        "Just Sayin"
        "My Brother's Hill"
  7: "Reunion," Lucy Kaplansky [Red House, 9/12] (252)
        "This Morning I Am Born Again"
        "I'm Looking Through You"
        "Beauty Way"
        "Life Is Beautiful"
        "Gone Gone Gone"
        "I'll See You Again"
  8: "New Siberia," Antje Duvekot [, 4/12] (248)
        "Into The City"
        "Ballad Of Fred Noonan"
        "Sleepy Sea Of Indigo And Blue"
        "New Siberia"
        "Life Of A Princess"
        "Perfect Date"
        "4 Stitches"
  9: "Promised Land," Gina Forsyth [Waterbug, 2/12] (233)
        "Promised Land"
        "Sweet And Sunny South"
        "4th Of July"
        "Just Like Eddie"
        "What I Did On Mardi Gras Day"
        "Christmas In China"
        "Copper Rooster"
        "We Will Be Reborn"
  9: "Some Bright Morning," Rani Arbo And Daisy Mayhem [Signature, 4/12] (233)
        "Hear Jerusalem Moan"
        "I'll Fly Away"
        "Reason To Believe"
        "Travelin' Shoes"
        "East Virginia"
        "Will Your House Be Blessed?"
        "Crossing The Bar"
 11: "Voice Of Ages," The Chieftains [Hear, 2/12] (217)
        "When The Ship Comes In"
        "Frost Is All Over"
        "Pretty Little Girl"
        "Come All Ye Fair And Tender Ladies"
        "Carolina Rua"
        "Hard Times Come Again No More"
        "Lark In The Clear Air/Olam Punch"
 12: "Three," The Refugees [Wabuho, 1/12] (209)
        "Catch Me If You Can"
        "January Sky"
        "Can't Stop Now"
        "Green Rocky Road"
        "Chain Stores, Malls And Restaurants"
        "7 Days"
        "Every Body And Soul"
 13: "Tilt-A-Whirl," Drew Nelson [Red House, 2/12] (208)
        "Promised Land"
        "Hallelujah Morning"
        "Here To There"
        "Danny And Maria"
        "St. Jude"
        "5th Of September"
 14: "The Plum Tree And The Rose," Sarah McQuaid [Waterbug, 3/12] (194)
        "Sun Goes On Rising"
        "Lift You Up And Let You Fly"
        "Hardwick's Lofty Towers"
        "Solid Air"
        "The Plum Tree And The Rose"
        "So Much Rain"
        "In Derby Cathedral"
 14: "These Old Dark Hills," Robin And Linda Williams [Red House, 8/12] (194)
        "These Old Dark Hills"
        "Storms Never Last"
        "My Lucky Day"
        "Tessie Mae"
        "World Wide Peace"
        "Crossing The Bar"
 16: "Prior Convictions," Grant Peeples [Gatorbone, 5/12] (193)
        "Things Have Changed"
        "Last Night I Dreamed In Spanish"
        "Road To Damascus"
        "Patriot Act"
        "Last Honest Man"
        "Gunning For The Buddha"
        "Market Town"
 17: "Leaving Eden," Carolina Chocolate Drops [Nonesuch, 2/12] (192)
        "Country Girl"
        "Ruby, Are You Mad At Your Man?"
        "Leaving Eden"
        "No Man's Mama"
        "Riro's House"
        "West End Blues"
 18: "In Good Company," Bill Evans [Native And Fine, 5/12] (190)
        "Follow The Drinking Gourd"
        "Hard Day's Night"
        "You've Got To Hide Your Love Away"
        "Distance Between 2 Points"
        "On And On"
        "Walk To The Water"
        "Mother Nature's Son"
 19: "Red Apples And Gold," Gathering Time [, 5/12] (189)
        "Red Apples And Gold"
        "Sweet Cider"
        "Family Tree"
        "Path That's Right For You"
        "Old Crows"
        "If It Would Only Rain"
 20: "Hickory," Mariel Vandersteel [, 3/12] (188)
        "Hog And Sheep Going To The Pasture"
        "Sitting On The Ridge"
        "3 Forks Of The Cumberland"
        "Flannery's Dream"
        "On The Danforth"
        "Springar From Valdres"
 21: "Ashes And Roses," Mary Chapin Carpenter [Zoe, 6/12] (186)
        "What To Keep And What To Throw Away"
        "Soul Companion"
        "Transcendental Reunion"
        "Chasing What's Already Gone"
        "I Tried Going West"
        "Don't Need Much To Be Happy"
        "New Years Day"
 22: "American Hornpipe," Dana And Susan Robinson [Threshold, 6/12] (182)
        "When This Old Hat Was New"
        "Lazy John"
        "Raleigh And Spencer"
        "Will The Circle Be Unbroken"
        "Who Killed Cock Robin"
        "Farmer's Market A-Z"
 22: "Wilderness Songs And Bad Man Ballads," Tim Grimm [Vault, 8/11] (182)
        "Rebecca Versailles"
        "Law And Order"
        "Salt And Bullets"
        "Cover These Bones"
 24: "The Promise Of Friday Night," Twangtown Paramours [Inside Edge, 7/12] (180)
        "Widow Of The Mountain"
        "Walks Like A Duck"
        "All The Love I Can Stand"
        "Same 'ol Same 'ol"
        "The Promise Of Friday Night"
        "I'll Get Through To You"
 25: "This One's For Him: A Tribute To Guy Clark," Various Artists [Icehouse, 11/11] (179)
        "Texas Cookin," Gary Nicholson, Darrell Scott And Tim O'Brien
        "Cape," Patty Griffin
        "Home Grown Tomatoes," Ray Wylie Hubbard
        "Dublin Blues," Joe Ely
        "My Favorite Picture Of You," Jerry Jeff Walker
 26: "Sunday Never Comes," Jackstraw [, 12/11] (175)
        "Come On Back To Me"
        "May The Twain Ne'er Meet"
        "Poor Man"
        "Just Another Way To Go"
        "Sunny Brae"
        "Randy The Rambler"
        "Dark And Empty"
 27: "Brother Sun," Brother Sun [World Wide, 2/11] (174)
        "All I Want Is A Garden"
        "What Must Be Done"
        "Come With Me"
        "Love Is The Water"
        "Sister Moon"
 27: "Hundred Dollar Valentine," Chris Smither [Signature, 6/12] (174)
        "What They Say"
        "Hundred Dollar Valentine"
        "Place In Line"
        "On The Edge"
        "All We Need To Know"
        "Feeling By Degrees"
 29: "Our Lady Of The Tall Trees," Cahalen Morrison And Eli West [, 9/12] (173)
        "Our Lady Of The Tall Trees"
        "Stone To Sand"
        "Church Street Blues"
        "All I Can Do"
        "Lady Does Not Often Falter"
 30: "Pete Remembers Woody," Pete Seeger And Friends [Appleseed, 9/12] (171)
        "66 Highway Blues"
        "New York Town," Woody Guthrie And Cisco Houston
        "Woody's Ghost - Part 1," David Bernz
        "Pete Meets Woody"
 30: "Red Ducks," Pesky J. Nixon [, 5/12] (171)
        "Wagon Wheel"
        "Talk About Heaven"
        "You Ain't Goin' Nowhere"
        "Hold On"
        "Girls Just Want To Have Fun"
        "Tread Light"
 32: "The Harrow And The Harvest," Gillian Welch [Acony, 6/11] (170)
        "Way It Goes"
        "Scarlet Town"
        "Hard Times"
        "Silver Dagger"
        "6 White Horses"
        "Way The Whole Thing Ends"
 33: "Chimes Of Freedom: The Songs of Bob Dylan," Various Artists [Fontana, 2011] (169)
        "Simple Twist Of Fate," Diana Krall
        "One Too Many Mornings," Johnny Cash Feat. The Avett Brothers
        "Political World," Carolina Chocolate Drops
        "7 Curses," Joan Baez
        "Blowin' In The Wind," Ziggy Marley
 33: "Long Ride Home," Darrell Scott [Full Light, 1/12] (169)
        "It Must Be Sunday"
        "You're Everything I Wanted Love To Be"
        "No Use Living For Today"
        "Every Road Leads Back To You"
 35: "Home By Dark," Steve Gillette And Cindy Mangsen [Compass Rose, 1/12] (168)
        "California Zephyr"
        "Holy Smoke"
        "Home By Dark"
        "2 Sisters"
        "Some Boats"
 35: "An Island Out Of Time," Molasses Creek [Soundside, 2/12] (168)
        "Mississippi Sawyer"
        "Scat Reel Set"
        "It's A Sin To Tell A Lie"
        "Here Comes Rose"
        "I'm A Fisherman"
        "House On The Hill"
 37: "1000 Pound Machine," Kate Campbell [Large River, 4/12] (167)
        "Red Clay After Rain"
        "Montgomery To Mobile"
        "Wait For Another Day"
        "I Will Be Your Rest"
        "1000 Pound Machine"
        "Alabama Department Of Corrections Meditation Blues"
 37: "Woody At 100: The Woody Guthrie Centennial Collection," Woody Guthrie [Smithsonian/Folkways, 7/12] (167)
        "I Ain't Got No Home"
        "This Land Is Your Land"
        "Them Big City Ways"
        "Jolly Banker"
        "Pastures Of Plenty"
        "Hard Travelin"
        "Do Re Mi"
 39: "Heroes," Willie Nelson [Legacy, 5/12] (165)
        "Just Breathe"
        "Roll Me Up"
        "Come On Up To The House"
        "Horse Called Music"
        "Every Time He Drinks He Thinks Of Her"
        "My Window Faces The South"
 39: "Intersection," Nanci Griffith [Hell No, 4/12] (165)
        "Just Another Morning Here"
        "High On A Mountain Top"
        "Hell No"
        "Bethlehem Steel"
        "Never Going Back"
        "Waiting On A Dark Eyed Gal"
 39: "Mercy For The Dispossessed," Geoff Bartley [Magic Crow, 7/12] (165)
        "I've Endured"
        "Everything's 4 Sale"
        "Long Way Down To Harlan"
        "Past Is Dead And Gone"
        "Mercy For The Dispossessed"
        "God Bless The Child"
        "High On A Mountaintop"
 42: "When We Get To Shore," Coty Hogue [Perpetual Hoedown, 8/12] (162)
        "Going To The West"
        "I'm On Fire"
        "Handsome Molly"
        "Blue And Lonesome"
        "Second Hand News"
 43: "Borderland," The Stray Birds [, 3/12] (161)
        "Birds Of The Borderland"
        "Come Sunday"
        "My Horses Ain't Hungry"
        "Down In The Willow Garden"
        "Distant Shore"
        "Ask Me A Personal Question"
 44: "The End Of The Beginning," John Flynn [, 1/12] (160)
        "The End Of The Beginning"
        "Giving Stone"
        "Song From The Subliminal Hymnal"
        "Crazy As Ever"
        "When I Throw Stones"
 44: "Sing The Delta," Iris DeMent [Flariella, 10/12] (160)
        "Go On Ahead And Go Home"
        "Night I Learned How Not To Pray"
        "There's A Whole Lotta Heaven"
        "Kingdom Has Already Come"
        "Before The Colors Fade"
        "Makin' My Way Back Home"
        "Sing The Delta"
 46: "Camilla," Caroline Herring [Signature, 8/12] (159)
        "Black Mountain Lullaby"
        "Traveling Shoes"
        "Summer Song"
        "Maiden Voyage"
 47: "Walls That Talk," Roy Schneider [Shiny Gnu, 9/12] (158)
        "Dancin' On The Mountain"
        "Soldier's Joy"
        "Fill The Well"
        "Long Time Gone"
        "Cedar Ridge"
 48: "Depending On The Distance," Jimmy LaFave [Music Road, 9/12] (154)
        "Land Of Hope And Dreams"
        "Tomorrow Is A Long Time"
        "Clear Blue Sky"
        "Bring Back The Trains"
        "Red Dirt Night"
        "Missing You"
 49: "Outshine The Sun," The Foghorn String Band [, 9/12] (151)
        "Be Kind To A Man While He's Down"
        "Humpback Mule"
        "Homestead On The Farm"
        "Gospel Ship"
        "Outshine The Sun"
 50: "The Tiny Life," Honor Finnegan [, 1/12] (150)
        "Internet Junkie"
        "Life Is Short"
        "Wonderful World"
        "The Tiny Life"
        "We Are Hearts"
 51: "The Good Stuff," Peter Mulvey [Signature, 3/12] (147)
        "Everybody Knows"
        "But I Do"
        "Green Grass"
        "Are You Sure?"
        "Egg Radio"
 52: "Waves," Milkdrive [, 6/12] (146)
        "Dear Prudence"
        "Gulf Road"
        "Tom's Ranch"
        "Gargamel's Cat"
 52: "What We Lost," Ben Bedford [Waterbug, 9/12] (146)
        "John The Baptist"
        "What We Lost"
        "Guinevere Is Sleeping"
        "Empty Sky"
 54: "Release Your Shrouds," Lindsay Lou & The Flatbellys [Earthwork, 6/12] (144)
        "My Side Of The Mountain"
        "Leaves Are Changin"
        "Pass Me The Whiskey"
        "Hat's Off"
        "All Day"
 54: "Rockin' The Uke," Cathy Fink And Marcy Marxer [Community, 11/11] (144)
        "Blues Stay Away From Me"
        "Dark Eyes"
        "Bye Bye Blackbird/Red, Red Robin Medley"
        "Comes Love"
        "Rockin' The Uke"
        "I'll Be Dreaming Of Hawaii"
 56: "In The Time Of Gods," Dar Williams [Razor & Tie, 4/12] (142)
        "I Am The One Who Will Remember Everything"
        "I Have Been Around The World"
        "Summer Child"
        "This Earth"
        "Storm King"
        "Light And The Sea"
        "Write This Number Down"
 57: "Row Upon Row Of The People They Know," The Once [Borealis, 10/11] (140)
        "By The Glow Of The Kerosene Light"
        "Jack The Sailor"
        "Cradle Hill"
        "Song For Memory"
        "My Husband's Got No Courage"
        "Ode To A Broken Heart"
 58: "Brambles And Thorns," John Wort Hannam [Borealis, 10/12] (135)
        "Great Lakes"
        "Poor Man"
        "Damn Tattoo"
        "Beautiful Friend"
        "Pretty Good"
        "Radiant Land"
 59: "Perfect Storm," Dan Crary & Thunderation [Blue Night, 7/11] (134)
        "Muley Was A Railroad Man"
        "One More Dollar"
        "Deep River Blues"
        "Girl From The North Country"
        "Sail Away Ladies/Sally Ann"
 60: "Heart Of The Country," Chris Brashear [Dog Boy, 9/12] (133)
        "Time The Perfect Stranger"
        "Mama's Opry"
        "Old Pueblo"
        "Hills Of Arkansas"
        "Today I Saw The Longest Train"
 61: "Nobody Knows You," Steep Canyon Rangers [Rounder, 4/12] (132)
        "Nobody Knows You"
        "Knob Creek"
        "Between Midnight And The Dawn"
        "As I Go"
        "Rescue Me"
        "Easy To Love"
 61: "A Passing Glimpse," Pharis And Jason Romero [Lula, 7/11] (132)
        "Forsaken Love"
        "Hillbilly Blues"
        "Where Is The Gamblin' Man?"
        "My Flowers, My Companions, And Me"
        "A Passing Glimpse"
        "I'm Just Here To Get My Baby Out Of Jail"
 63: "Trouble I Wrought," Bobtown [, 8/12] (131)
        "Don't Fear The Reaper"
        "Burn Your Building Down"
        "Battle Creek"
        "Flood Water Rising"
        "Mama's Got The Backbeat"
 64: "Dark So Gold," The Pines [Red House, 1/12] (130)
        "If By Morning"
        "Cry Cry Crow"
        "Rise Up And Be Lonely"
        "All The While"
        "Be There In Bells"
 64: "Mud And Stone," Loretta Hagen [Bearfort, 2/12] (130)
        "Mud And Stone"
        "When My Years Are Stacked"
        "Now That You're Home"
        "I'm Gone"
 64: "Safe Crossing," West Of Eden [West Of, 4/12] (130)
        "On She Goes"
        "Safe Crossing"
        "Lee Ho"
        "Green Fields Of Clover/The Homecoming"
        "Scilly Set"
        "Waiting For The Storm"
 64: "The Same Way Down," Annalivia [, 9/12] (130)
        "False Sir John"
        "Bright Sunny South"
        "Turtle Dove"
        "New Mown Meadow"
        "Wherever We're Bound"
        "Restless For Awhile"
 64: "We Have Made A Spark," Rose Cousins [Old Farm Pony, 2/12] (130)
        "All The Stars"
        "If I Should Fall Behind"
 69: "Monticello," The Hard Road Trio [Desert Night, 6/12] (127)
        "Crack In The Sky"
        "Maybe I Should Tell You"
        "2:00 Moon"
        "Best Of Intentions"
        "Break Free"
 69: "Revolutions Per Minute," Emma's Revolution [Moving Forward, 11/11] (127)
        "Occupy The Usa"
        "Stand Together"
        "Sun And The Wind"
        "Love Is"
        "Taxed Enough Already?!"
 71: "Darkling & The Bluebird Jubilee," Joe Crookston [Milagrito, 3/11] (125)
        "Good Luck John"
        "I Sing"
        "Friend Like You"
        "Everything Here Is Good"
        "Caitlin At The Window"
 72: "Steamboat In A Cornfield," Truckstop Honeymoon [, 12/11] (124)
        "Play Along"
        "She Wants To Be French"
        "Grateful Dead Show"
        "Going Back To Louisiana"
        "Your Mother Is A Sociopath"
        "On The Prairie Now"
 73: "Big Big Love," Katya Chorover [, 10/11] (122)
        "Big Big Love"
        "Little Bird"
        "Brother Flower"
        "Dirty Old Town"
        "Satisfied Life"
        "Movin' On"
 74: "Tromper Le Temps," Le Vent Du Nord [Borealis, 5/12] (120)
        "Toujours Amants"
        "Le Diable Et Le Fermier"
        "Le Winnebago"
        "Le Dragon De Chimay"
        "La Soiree Du Hockey"
 75: "Between The Breaks...Live!," Stan Rogers [Fogarty's Cove, 1979] (119)
        "Mary Ellen Carter"
        "Witch Of The Westmorland"
        "White Collar Holler"
        "First Christmas"
        "Rolling Down To Old Maui"
        "Harris And The Mare"
 75: "Carry Me Back," Old Crow Medicine Show [ATO, 7/12] (119)
        "Ain't It Enough"
        "We Don't Grow Tobacco"
        "Carry Me Back To Virginia"
        "Bootlegger's Boy"
        "Country Gal"
 77: "Folk Remedies," Steve Spurgin [Blue Night, 7/12] (118)
        "Whiskey Town"
        "Carolina In The Fall"
        "Long Gone"
        "Visions Of Plenty"
        "If I Never See Ireland Again"
 77: "Grandma's Rules For Drinking," Annie Lou [, 6/12] (118)
        "Grandma's Rules For Drinking"
        "Plaid Parade"
        "Winter Song"
        "Don't You Know Boy"
        "Take Your Leg Off Mine"
        "Teach Me To Dance"
 77: "A Hundred Years From Now," Neal And Leandra [Uncle Gus, 2/12] (118)
        "A Hundred Years From Now"
        "I've Been Everywhere"
        "Nothing Left To Lose"
 77: "Paper Airplane," Alison Krauss And Union Station [Rounder, 4/11] (118)
        "Dimming Of The Day"
        "Paper Airplane"
        "Dust Bowl Children"
        "Lay My Burden Down"
        "My Opening Farewell"
        "On The Outside Looking In"
 81: "Past Perfect," Steve Spurgin [Blue Night, 4/11] (117)
        "This Might Be The Year"
        "Collar To The Wind"
        "Walkin' Boss"
        "Fire On The Kettle"
        "Last Armadillo Waltz"
 82: "Now Take Flight," Coyote Grace [Mile After Mile, 11/11] (116)
        "To The River"
        "Goodnight, Lady"
        "I'm On Fire"
        "My Baby The Sun"
 83: "Delta Time," Hans Theessink & Terry Evans [Blue Groove, 9/12] (115)
        "Delta Time"
        "Build Myself A Home"
        "How Come People Act Like That"
        "Blues Stay Away From Me"
        "Birds And The Bees"
 83: "Vicksburg Blues," Butch Thompson And Pat Donohue [Red House, 8/12] (115)
        "Midnight Hour Blues"
        "How Long Blues"
        "Sunday Rag"
        "Vicksburg Blues"
        "Blues For 2"
 85: "I Carry All I Own," Caroline Doctorow [Narrow Lane, 3/12] (114)
        "Way Out West"
        "Down The Road"
        "Prairie In The Sky"
        "Circle Of Friends"
        "Dust Devils"
 85: "Pink Umbrella," Cary Cooper [ethereal girl, 10/11] (114)
        "Jimmy Stewart"
        "Left You For Jesus"
        "Good Day"
        "Time To Let Go"
 87: "America Come Home," Joel Rafael [Inside, 7/12] (113)
        "America Come Home"
        "Dance Around My Atom Fire"
        "Indian Summer"
        "Singing In The Streets"
        "Go Tell The Savior"
 87: "New Kind Of Lonely," I See Hawks In L. A. [Western Seeds, 2/12] (113)
        "Bohemian Highway"
        "I Fell In Love With The Grateful Dead"
        "New Kind Of Lonely"
        "Hunger Mountain Breakdown"
        "If You Lead I Will Follow"
 89: "Two At A Time," The Two Man Gentlemen Band [Hearth, 3/12] (112)
        "Please Don't Water It Down"
        "Pork Chops"
        "Shut That Gate"
        "2 Star Motel"
        "Tikka Masala"
 90: "Everything Is Everywhere," Carrie Newcomer [Available Light, 11/11] (111)
        "I Believe"
        "Breathe In Breathe Out"
        "Air And Smoke"
        "Everything Is Everywhere"
 90: "Evie Ladin Band," Evie Ladin Band [Evil Diane, 4/12] (111)
        "First Time"
        "Dime Store Glasses"
        "Got You On My Mind"
        "Down To The Door/Lost Girl"
 92: "Calling Me Home," Kathy Mattea [Sugar Hill, 9/12] (110)
        "Gone, Gonna Rise Again"
        "Black Waters"
        "Far Cry"
        "Maple's Lament"
        "Hello, My Name Is Coal"
 92: "Move," Sultans Of String [Canada, 9/11] (110)
        "Heart Of Gold"
        "Emerald Swing"
        "Dos Guitarras"
 94: "End Of The World," David Greenberg And Harpeth Rising [Grimm Rising, 7/12] (109)
        "Truck Stop Mama"
        "Goin' Goin' Gone"
        "Goin' My Way"
        "Evil Eye"
 94: "Love Remembered, Love Forgot," Buskin And Batteau [Nouveau Retro, 8/12] (109)
        "Single Wing"
        "In This Light"
        "One Month Crazier Than You"
        "3 Shots"
        "Words That Bring The Tear"
 96: "Beneath Some Lucky Star," Bill Staines [Red House, 10/12] (108)
        "Along The Road"
        "If I Come To Need An Angel"
        "Salt Air"
        "Shady Grove"
        "Lord Franklin"
 97: "Thirteen Songs You May Or May Not Have Heard Before," Richard Shindell [, 1/12] (106)
        "Reunion Hill"
        "Waiting For The Storm"
        "Next Best Western"
 98: "The Hills Of Ithaca," The Burns Sisters [Sisters, 7/12] (105)
        "The Hills Of Ithaca"
        "Prisoner Of The Promised Land"
        "Tell The Truth"
        "Gas Man"
 98: "Little Pilgrim," Jory Nash [Thin Man, 11/12] (105)
        "Best Of Your Heart"
        "Song About Love"
        "Helicopters Circling"
        "Old Invitation"
        "Long Siesta"
100: "Caravan," Burns And Kristy [Trespass, 6/12] (104)
        "Runaway Train"
        "If I Fly"
        "Blue Paper Boat"
        "All My Tears"
100: "The Horse King," Cosy Sheridan [Waterbug, 10/11] (104)
        "Be Outside"
        "Don't Walk Away From Love"
        "Higher Financial Reform"
        "Air Guitar"
        "The Horse King"
100: "Lady On The Green," Rafe And Clelia Stefanini [Old Willow Tree, 4/12] (104)
        "Blues Stay Away From Me"
        "Whiskey Seller"
        "Elkhorn Ridge"
        "I Never Will Marry"
        "Poplar Bluff"
103: "Rise," Annabelle Chvostek Ensemble [Borealis, 9/12] (103)
        "Equal Rights"
        "Fox Tail"
        "All Have Some"
        "End Of The Road"
        "G20 Song"
        "Hartland Quay"
104: "Mesabi," Tom Russell [Shout Factory, 9/11] (101)
        "Farewell Never Never Land"
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        "Romance In Durango"
        "Charming Betsy"
237: "Man Of Many Moons," Danny Schmidt [Red House, 2/11] (61)
        "Houses Sing"
        "Buckets Of Rain"
        "Man Of Many Moons"
237: "Sleep With One Eye Open," Chris Thile And Michael Daves [Nonesuch, 5/11] (61)
        "Bury Me Beneath The Willow"
        "Rain And Snow"
        "Rolling In My Sweet Baby's Arms"
237: "Small Braveries," Carey Creed [Azalea City, 9/12] (61)
        "Great Unknown"
        "I'm Not Gonna Give Up"
        "Perfect World"
        "You Plant Your Fields"
237: "You Gotta Roll EP," Woody Pines [, 5/12] (61)
        "Ham And Eggs"
        "Red Rockin' Chair"
        "Treat You Right"
        "Long Gone Lost John"
245: "For The Good Times," The Little Willies [Milking Bull, 1/12] (60)
        "Diesel Smoke, Dangerous Curves"
        "Lovesick Blues"
        "Fist City"
245: "Silver Sky," The Infamous Stringdusters [High Country, 3/12] (60)
        "Place That I Call Home"
        "Don't Mean Nothin"
        "Tears Of The Earth"
247: "Cackalack," Jonathan Byrd [Waterbug, 1/11] (59)
        "I Was An Oak Tree"
        "Father's Day"
        "Reckon I Did"
        "Wild Ponies"
247: "Electric Dirt," Levon Helm [Vanguard, 2009] (59)
        "When I Go Away"
        "Growin' Trade"
        "Tennessee Jed"
247: "Midwest," Adam James Sorensen [Self, 2/12] (59)
        "With Your Radio On"
        "Winter Song"
        "Chicago River"
        "People Start Fires"
247: "Monongah," Kyle Carey [, 6/11] (59)
        "Devil At Your Back"
        "Star Above Rankin's Point"
247: "My Dusty Road," Woody Guthrie [Rounder, 2009] (59)
        "Going Down The Road"
        "Hard Travelin"
        "Pretty Boy Floyd"
247: "Otter Creek," Ken Kolodner And Brad Kolodner [Fenchurch, 1/11] (59)
        "Otter Creek"
        "Rocky Beaches"
        "Big Scioty"
247: "Shiver Into Spark," Otter Creek [, 9/12] (59)
        "Shiver Into Spark"
        "Ashokan Farewell"
        "9 Hundred Miles"
247: "This Land Is Your Land: The Asch Recordings, Vol. 1," Woody Guthrie [Smithsonian/Folkways, 1997] (59)
        "This Land Is Your Land"
247: "Wrecking Ball," Bruce Springsteen [Columbia, 3/12] (59)
        "We Take Care Of Our Own"
        "We Are Alive"
        "Wrecking Ball"