Compiled by Richard Gillmann from FOLKDJ-L radio playlists
Based on 161868 airplays from 195 different DJs

  1: "Courage," Si Kahn [Strictly Country, 5/10] (505)
        "Peace Will Rise"
        "Otis Is Flying"
        "Playing The Old Songs"
        "On This Old Farm"
        "Sail Away"
        "Going Up The Mountain"
        "Molly Maguire"
        "Washington Square"
        "Abe Lincoln Walks Tonight"
        "Stones In The Furrow"
  2: "James," Red Molly [Self, 2/10] (435)
        "Tear My Stillhouse Down"
        "Gulf Coast Highway"
        "You'll Never Leave Harlan Alive"
        "Troubled Mind"
        "Last Call"
        "Can't Let Go"
        "Black Flowers"
        "Foreign Lander"
        "End Of The Line"
        "Poor Boy"
        "Lookin' For Trouble"
  3: "Red Horse," Red Horse [Red House, 7/10] (409)
        "I Am A Child"
        "Wayfaring Stranger"
        "Blue Chalk"
        "Wild Horse"
        "If These Walls Could Talk"
        "Don't Mind Me"
        "Forget To Breathe"
        "Walk Away From Love"
  4: "The Day After Everything Changed," Ellis Paul [Black Wolf, 1/10] (294)
        "Rose Tattoo"
        "Hurricane Angel"
        "The Day After Everything Changed"
        "Once Upon A Summertime"
        "Nothing Left To Take"
  5: "Butcher Holler: A Tribute To Loretta Lynn," Eilen Jewell [Signature, 7/10] (283)
        "Fist City"
        "I'm A Honky Tonk Girl"
        "Whispering Sea"
        "Another Man Loved Me Last Night"
        "One Of Those Days"
  6: "Double CD: When Two Lovers Meet / I Won't Go Home 'Til Morning," Sarah McQuaid [Self, 10/09] (269)
        "Sprig Of Thyme"
        "Last Song"
        "Uncloudy Day"
        "Chickens They Are Crowing"
        "West Virginia Boys"
        "In The Pines"
        "Ode To Billie Joe"
        "Parting Glass"
  7: "If The Sun Will Shine," The Honey Dewdrops [Self, 6/09] (266)
        "Bluest Blue Eyes"
        "Fly Away Free"
        "Wandering Boy"
        "Stomping Ground"
        "When Was The War"
        "Don't Leave Me Here"
        "Without Tears"
  8: "Genuine Negro Jig," Carolina Chocolate Drops [Nonesuch, 2/10] (263)
        "Cornbread And Butterbeans"
        "Trouble In Your Mind"
        "Your Baby Ain't Sweet Like Mine"
        "Hit 'em Up Style"
        "Snowden's Jig"
        "Cindy Gal"
        "Sandy Boys"
  9: "Some Strange Country," Crooked Still [Signature, 5/10] (260)
        "Sometimes In This Country"
        "Half Of What We Know"
        "Golden Vanity"
        "You Got The Silver"
        "I'm Troubled"
        "Henry Lee"
        "Locust In The Willow"
        "Cold Mountains"
 10: "Between The Hollow And The High-Rise," Kathy Kallick Band [Live Oak, 5/10] (248)
        "Where Is My Little Cabin Home"
        "New White House Blues"
        "My House"
        "Whistle Stop Town"
        "Girl Next Door"
        "Panhandle Rag"
        "There's A Higher Power"
 11: "Home," Louise Mosrie [Zoe Cat, 1/10] (244)
        "Battle Of Blair Mountain"
        "Blackberry Winter"
        "I Love This World"
        "Sweet Relief"
        "Maybe I'm Your Angel"
 12: "25," Patty Larkin [Signature, 3/10] (238)
        "I'm Fine"
        "Chained To These Loving Arms"
        "Booth Of Glass"
        "Open Arms"
 13: "Love And Circumstance," Carrie Rodriguez [Ninth Street Opus, 4/10] (236)
        "Rex's Blues"
        "Waltzing's For Dreamers"
        "Big Love"
        "When I Heard Gypsy Davy Sing"
        "I'm So Lonesome I Could Cry"
        "Steal Your Love"
        "Wide River To Cross"
        "Eyes On The Prize"
 14: "So Dark You See," John Gorka [Red House, 10/09] (233)
        "Ignorance And Privilege"
        "Whole Wide World"
        "I Think Of You"
        "Diminishing Winds"
        "Fond Kiss"
        "Night Into Day"
        "Trouble In Mind"
 15: "Blossoms," Laurie Lewis [Spruce And Maple, 2/10] (232)
        "How Can I Keep From Singing"
        "Lark In The Morning"
        "Here Today"
        "Train Of Love"
        "Roughest Road"
        "Burley Coulter's Song For Kate Helen Branch"
        "Cool Your Jets"
 16: "Farm Songs," Tim Grimm [Vault, 12/09] (229)
        "80 Acres"
        "People's Highway"
        "Heart Of The Winter"
        "Longest Night"
        "Pray For Rain"
        "Too Hard Drivin"
        "Back Fields"
 17: "Before And After," Carrie Newcomer [Rounder, 2/10] (220)
        "Before And After"
        "If Not Now"
        "Do No Harm"
        "Ghost Train"
        "Simple Change Of Heart"
        "Stones In The River"
        "I Do Not Know Its Name"
 18: "The Age Of Miracles," Mary Chapin Carpenter [Zoe, 4/10] (219)
        "I Was A Bird"
        "We Traveled So Far"
        "The Age Of Miracles"
        "Way I Feel"
        "4 June 1989"
        "Mrs. Hemingway"
        "I Have A Need For Solitude"
 19: "Downtown Church," Patty Griffin [Credential, 1/10] (218)
        "Little Fire"
        "Move Up"
        "House Of Gold"
        "If I Had My Way"
        "Never Grow Old"
        "Wade In The Water"
        "Coming Home To Me"
 20: "The Garden," Ruth Moody [Red House, 4/10] (213)
        "The Garden"
        "We Can Only Listen"
        "Travellin' Shoes"
        "Closer Now"
        "Cold Outside"
        "We Could Pretend"
 21: "Chicken And Egg," Tim O'Brien [Howdy Skies, 7/10] (210)
        "My Girl's Waiting For Me"
        "You Ate The Apple"
        "Sun Jumped Up"
        "Gonna Try To Make Her Stay"
 22: "Leave Your Sleep," Natalie Merchant [Nonesuch, 4/10] (207)
        "Adventures Of Isabel"
        "Bleezer's Ice Cream"
        "Nursery Rhyme Of Innocence And Experience"
        "If No One Ever Marries Me"
        "Calico Pie"
        "Topsyturvey World"
 23: "A Friend Of A Friend," Dave Rawlings Machine [Acony, 11/09] (206)
        "Sweet Tooth"
        "I Hear Them All"
        "Bells Of Harlem"
        "Monkey And The Engineer"
        "How's About You"
        "It's Too Easy"
        "To Be Young"
 24: "Darkness Sure Becomes This City," Joy Kills Sorrow [Signature, 2/10] (205)
        "New Shoes"
        "Kill My Sorrow"
        "Send Me A Letter"
        "You Make Me Feel Drunk"
        "We Will Have Our Day"
        "Thinking Of You And Such"
 25: "These Old Roots," The Honey Dewdrops [Self, 9/10] (202)
        "Nobody In This World"
        "That Good Old Way"
        "Sweet Heaven"
        "Test Of Time"
        "Only You Can Know"
        "Goodbye And Farewell"
 26: "A Crooked Road," Darrell Scott [Full Light, 5/10] (199)
        "A Crooked Road"
        "Father's Song"
        "Long Wide Open Road"
        "For Suzanne"
        "Open Door"
 26: "Love Is Strange," Jackson Browne And David Lindley [Inside, 5/10] (199)
        "Mercury Blues"
        "Crow On The Cradle"
        "For Everyman"
        "Call It A Loan"
        "I'm Alive"
        "Late For The Sky"
        "Running On Empty"
        "Take It Easy"
 28: "The List," Rosanne Cash [Manhattan, 10/09] (195)
        "500 Miles"
        "Girl From The North Country"
        "Sea Of Heartbreak"
        "Miss The Mississippi And You"
        "Motherless Children"
        "Long Black Veil"
        "Bury Me Under The Weeping Willow"
 29: "Baby O!," Brooks Williams [Red Guitar Blue, 3/10] (192)
        "Frank Delandry"
        "Grinnin' In Your Face"
        "Walk You Off My Mind"
        "Sugar Sweet"
        "All Been Said"
        "Louis Collins"
 29: "The Once," The Once [Borealis, 9/10] (192)
        "Sail Away To The Sea"
        "Maid On The Shore"
        "3 Fishers"
        "Coming Back To You"
        "Nell's Song"
        "Willie Taylor"
 31: "Exiles Return," Karan Casey And John Doyle [Compass, 2/10] (186)
        "Sailing Off To The Yankee Land"
        "False Lady"
        "Exiles Return"
        "Madam I'm A Darling"
        "Little Drummer Girl"
        "Sally Grier"
        "Shipyard Slips"
 32: "Natural Angle," Grada [Compass, 1/10] (185)
        "John Riley"
        "Butcher Boy"
        "Abe's Axe"
        "Bottom Of The Hill"
        "No Linen No Lace"
        "Pretty Polly"
        "Louis Collins"
 32: "Things That Fly," The Infamous Stringdusters [Sugar Hill, 4/10] (185)
        "17 Cents"
        "You Can't Stop The Changes"
        "In God's Country"
        "Magic #9"
        "It'll Be Alright"
        "Taking A Chance On The Truth"
 32: "The Turning Tide," Solas [Compass, 2/10] (185)
        "Ghost Of Tom Joad"
        "Hugo's Big Reel"
        "Sailor's Life"
        "Girl In The War"
        "Ditching Boy"
 35: "Made Of Stars," Sally Spring [Sniffinpup, 3/10] (181)
        "Lake Pontchartrain"
        "Beautiful Ride"
        "Boys In The Cornfield"
        "Mentone, Alabama"
        "It Don't Make Sense"
        "Summer's End"
 36: "Highway 71," 3 Penny Acre [Second String, 7/10] (179)
        "Highway 71"
        "Sonny Brown"
        "Ballad Of John Lambeth"
        "Ezra's Place"
        "Old Limestone"
 37: "The Living Side," Meg Hutchinson [Red House, 2/10] (176)
        "Hard To Change"
        "Full Of Light"
        "Every Day"
        "Travel In"
        "See Me Now"
 38: "Welcome Home," Doug Spears [Cypress Moss, 2009] (173)
        "Yellow Butter Moon"
        "Steam Train"
        "Mother's Tears"
        "Welcome Home"
        "Hemingway's Hurricane"
 39: "Turn Back A Page," Ruth And Max Bloomquist [Ruby, 2/10] (171)
        "Highway Song"
        "Same Old Grind"
        "Take It Down The Road"
        "Daddy Was An Old Man"
        "Bathe Me In The Water"
        "Michigan Girl"
 40: "The High Road Home," Jack Williams [Wind River, 7/10] (168)
        "The High Road Home"
        "Atlantis Goin' Down"
        "O, Chain Lightnin"
        "Bad Feeling"
        "Road Dog Blues"
        "While The Sun Goes Down"
 41: "House Of Cards," James Keelaghan [Borealis, 10/09] (167)
        "House Of Cards"
        "Safe Home"
        "What's For You"
        "Since You Asked"
        "Circle Of Stone"
 41: "Just One Angel," Christine Lavin And Friends [Yellow Tail, 12/10] (167)
        "Jewish Kid Born On Christmas Day Talkin' Blues," Sally Fingerett
        "Ready For The Dark," Larry Murante
        "Christmas In Brooklyn," Erik Frandsen
        "Christians And The Pagans," Darryl Purpose
        "When You're Single At Christmastime," Christine Lavin And The Accidentals
        "Christmas Guitar," Megon McDonough
 43: "Legacy," Peter Rowan Bluegrass Band [Compass, 9/10] (166)
        "Jailer Jailer"
        "So Good"
        "Turn The Other Cheek"
        "Lord Hamilton's Yearling"
        "Catfish Blues"
 44: "Song Up In Her Head," Sarah Jarosz [Sugar Hill, 6/09] (162)
        "Song Up In Her Head"
        "Come On Up To The House"
        "Tell Me True"
        "Edge Of A Dream"
        "I Can't Love You Now"
 45: "No Fool For Trying," Madison Violet [True North, 6/09] (160)
        "Small Of My Heart"
        "No Fool For Trying"
        "Time And Tide"
        "Baby In The Black And White"
 46: "From The Fire," Paul Kamm And Eleanore MacDonald [Freewheel, 6/10] (145)
        "Ship Gonna Sail"
        "Song Of The Land"
        "Quiet Voices"
        "To Let The Light In"
        "If You Hadn't Been Lucky"
        "From The Fire"
 46: "Mystery Prize," Rebecca Loebe [Self, 12/09] (145)
        "Her In That Dress"
        "Mystery Prize"
        "Land And Sea"
        "Redneck Karaoke Bar"
 48: "The Famous Lefty Flynn's," The Grascals [Rounder, 3/10] (144)
        "Last Train To Clarksville"
        "I'm Blue, I'm Lonesome"
        "Son Of A Sawmill Man"
        "The Famous Lefty Flynn's"
        "Blue Rock Slide"
        "Satan And Grandma"
 48: "The Last Black And White TV," Terence Martin [Good Dog, 6/10] (144)
        "Down From Sacramento"
        "Last Black And White Tv"
        "Short On Words"
        "Miles From Here"
        "Halfway There"
        "What Side Of Town"
 50: "Carpenter And May," Carpenter And May [Violin Shop, 8/10] (143)
        "We Can Work It Out"
        "If You're Ever In Oklahoma"
        "Cherokee Shuffle"
        "Blue And Lonesome"
        "What A Wonderful World"
        "Whiskey Before Breakfast"
        "Isle Of Inishmore/Dance With Me"
 51: "Bonfires," Zoe Mulford [Azalea City, 10/09] (142)
        "Welcome In Another Year"
        "Just Before I Go"
        "1952 Vincent Black Lightning"
        "All Of The Songs Were Road Songs"
        "Wind And The Rain"
 51: "Cry Till You Laugh," Terri Hendrix [Wilory, 6/10] (142)
        "Slow Down"
        "Hand Me Down Blues"
        "You Belong In New Orleans"
        "Hula Mary"
        "Come Tomorrow"
        "Take Me Places"
 53: "Safe Upon The Shore," Great Big Sea [Self, 7/10] (138)
        "Good People"
        "Long Life"
        "Safe Upon The Shore"
        "Yankee Sailor"
        "Have A Cuppa Tea"
        "Road To Rain"
 54: "New Blue Day," Jory Nash [Thin Man, 10/09] (136)
        "Our Time Again"
        "God Don't Know Me Anymore"
        "Before You Get There"
        "Kiss For The Great Unknown"
 55: "Until You Come Home: Songs For Veterans And Their Kin," George Mann, Julius Margolin and Friends [Self, 1/10] (133)
        "When The War Is Won," Laurie MacAllister And Amy Speace
        "Writing In The Margins," John Gorka
        "Yellow Ribbon," Utah Phillips
        "I Am Willing," Holly Near
        "Unknown," Tom Paxton
 56: "Salt Of The Earth," Harlem Parlour Music Club [Self, 7/09] (132)
        "Dyin' To Be Born Again"
        "Runaway Train"
        "Greater Good"
        "Thank You"
        "Trucks Of Pennsylvania"
 56: "San Patricio," The Chieftains Featuring Ry Cooder [Hear, 3/10] (132)
        "Sands Of Mexico"
        "La Iguana"
        "March To Battle"
        "La Golondrina"
        "Cancion Mixteca"
 58: "Longing For Heaven," Jeni And Billy [Jewell Ridge, 4/10] (131)
        "If I Ever Get 10 Dollars"
        "Single Girl"
        "Ballad Of Sally Kincaid"
        "I Saw A Man At The Close Of Day"
        "Longing For Heaven"
 58: "Red Wine," Hey Mavis [Stellada, 7/10] (131)
        "Red Light"
        "Red Wine"
        "Tell Me Lover True"
        "Knock Me Off My Feet"
        "Sister Mary"
 60: "Golden Apples Of The Sun," Caroline Herring [Signature, 11/09] (129)
        "True Colors"
        "Long Black Veil"
        "See See Rider"
        "Tales Of The Islander"
        "Cactus Tree"
        "Little Bit Of Mercy"
 60: "Twistable Turnable Man: A Musical Tribute to Shel Silverstein," Various Artists [Sugar Hill, 6/10] (129)
        "Queen Of The Silver Dollar," Sarah Jarosz With Black Prairie
        "This Guitar Is For Sale," John Prine
        "Boy Named Sue," Todd Snider
        "Winner," Kris Kristofferson
        "Ballad Of Lucy Jordan," Lucinda Williams
 62: "All The Good Summers," Andrew And Noah Van Norstrand [Great Bear, 5/10] (128)
        "Samuel Mason"
        "Only One Season"
        "Wasp's Goggles"
        "Where Should I Go"
 62: "Living Ever-Lovin' LIVE," Pat Wictor [Risky Disc, 1/10] (128)
        "What Are They Doing In Heaven Today?"
        "Kerrville Campfire Song"
        "Love In Vain"
        "Little Love Is Gonna Do"
        "How Come We Don't Fight"
        "Shake These Blues"
 62: "Shade Of The Trees," Storyhill [Red House, 4/10] (128)
        "Better Angels"
        "Cover Your Tracks"
        "Town Talks"
        "Well Of Sorrow"
        "World Go Round"
 62: "Strawberry Moon," Neptune's Car [Self, 9/10] (128)
        "Lighthouse Keeper"
        "Follow This Highway"
        "Strawberry Moon"
        "Full Moon Night"
 66: "Country Music," Willie Nelson [Rounder, 4/10] (125)
        "Freight Train Boogie"
        "Dark As A Dungeon"
        "Pistol Packin' Mama"
        "I Am A Pilgrim"
        "Man With The Blues"
 67: "It All Comes Back To Love," Stephanie Bettman And Luke Halpin [Fiddlin' Lizard, 8/10] (124)
        "Fiddler's Bend"
        "It All Comes Back To Love"
        "Moonlit Night"
        "After The Storm"
 67: "The Spokes Man," Craig Werth [Self, 3/10] (124)
        "The Spokes Man"
        "Good Old Dog"
        "My Way Or The Highway"
        "If Angels Had No Wings"
        "I Had To Get Here"
 69: "October Valentine," Chris Kokesh [Self, 7/10] (123)
        "Night Like This"
        "Radio Soul"
        "Planting A Garden In October"
        "Rose Of My Heart"
 70: "What's More Honest Than A Song?," Shannon Wurst [Fancy Mayhem, 2/10] (122)
        "Ivory Bill"
        "Gypsy Stranger"
        "16 Tons"
        "Blackbird Song"
 71: "Paradise," Judy Collins [Wildflower, 6/10] (121)
        "Diamonds And Rust"
        "Last Thing On My Mind"
        "Ghost Riders In The Sky"
        "Weight Of The World"
        "Once I Was"
 72: "Points Of View," Anne Hills [Appleseed, 11/09] (120)
        "My Daughter And Vincent Van Gogh"
        "Alexandra Leaving"
        "Moon's Song"
 73: "Saints And Sinners," Mollie O'Brien And Rich Moore [Remington Road, 9/10] (119)
        "Keep It Clean"
        "Saints And Sinners"
        "Don't Bother Me"
        "Everything I've Got"
        "Lonely For A While"
 74: "Hello, Stranger," Catie Curtis [Compass, 8/09] (118)
        "Passing Through"
        "100 Miles"
        "Hello Stranger"
        "Dad's Yard"
        "Walking On A Wire"
 74: "The Last Star," Heidi Talbot [Compass, 9/10] (118)
        "Shepherd Lad"
        "Willie Taylor"
        "Start It All Over Again"
        "The Last Star"
        "Sally Brown"
 74: "Resurrection Blues," Ernest Troost [Travelin' Shoes, 10/09] (118)
        "Resurrection Blues"
        "Switchblade Heart"
        "Blackwater River"
        "Doubtin' Blues"
 77: "Up On The Ridge," Dierks Bentley [Capitol, 6/10] (117)
        "Rovin' Gambler"
        "Fiddlin' Around"
        "Up On The Ridge"
 78: "Gentleman From Virginia," Albemarle Ramblers [Merriweather, 1/10] (115)
        "Glendy Burke"
        "Yew Piney Mountain And My Mama Always Talked To Me"
        "Way Down The Old Plank Road"
        "Otto Wood The Bandit"
        "Gentlemen From Virginia"
 78: "High Wide And Handsome: The Charlie Poole Project," Loudon Wainwright III [Proper, 8/09] (115)
        "High Wide And Handsome"
        "Old And Only In The Way"
        "Sweet Sunny South"
        "Took My Gal Out Walkin"
 80: "Grace Pettis," Grace Pettis [Blue Rock, 10/09] (114)
        "9 To 5 Girl"
        "Turning Too"
        "Gypsy's Code"
        "What You Didn't Want To Know"
 80: "The Hills Will Cradle Thee," Lainie Marsh [Bait And Tackle, 9/09] (114)
        "Banjo Moon"
        "Dream Of A Miner's Child"
        "Ways To Go"
        "The Hills Will Cradle Thee"
 80: "Waterbug Anthology 9," Various Artists [Waterbug, 3/10] (114)
        "I Was An Oak Tree," Jonathan Byrd
        "Dark Horses," Leslie Smith
        "4th Of July," Gina Forsyth
        "8 More Miles To Louisville," Sam Pacetti
        "Do You Love The Life You Made," Cosy Sheridan
 83: "Hudson Harding Sampler, Vol. 5: Happy Holidays," Various Artists [Hudson Harding, 12/10] (113)
        "Beside The Tree," Craig Werth
        "Holly And The Ivy," Chris Kokesh
        "Cold Front," Lynn Hollyfield
        "If'n I Was God," Cary Cooper
 84: "Master Sessions," Eric Brace And Peter Cooper [Red Beet, 9/10] (112)
        "Wait A Minute"
        "I Wish We Had Our Time Again"
        "Suffer A Fool"
        "Missoula Tonight"
        "Silent Night"
 84: "The Near Demise of the High Wire Dancer," Antje Duvekot [Black Wolf, 3/09] (112)
        "Long Way"
        "Ragdoll Princes And Junkyard Queens"
 84: "We Are Each Other's Angels," Katie Geddes [Katydid, 6/10] (112)
        "We Are Each Other's Angels"
        "Hello Stranger"
        "I've Just Seen A Face"
        "Hello In There"
        "Walk Right Back"
 87: "Able Baker Charlie And Dog," Joe Crookston [Self, 2008] (111)
        "Bird By Bird"
        "Logical Song"
        "Able Baker Charlie And Dog"
        "Red Rooster In The Mash Pile"
        "Hands Metal And Wood"
 87: "Everyone Is Someone," Dala [Campus, 6/09] (111)
        "Levi Blues"
        "Northern Lights"
        "Lonely Girl"
 89: "Bless My Sole," Angel Band [Appleseed, 7/10] (108)
        "Didn't See It Coming"
        "Fly Away Home"
        "Hope Is On The Way"
        "Same Boat"
        "Bless My Soul"
 89: "My Stars Your Eyes," James Gordon [Borealis, 2/10] (108)
        "I've Come Along"
        "At The Whim Of The Wind And The Sea"
        "Great Duncan Heist"
        "Alone On The Road On Valentine's Day"
 89: "Tune In," Nuala Kennedy [Compass, 3/10] (108)
        "My True Love"
        "Waves Of The Silvery Tide"
        "Spider And The Fly"
        "Footsteps/Julian And Iwona's"
        "All Of These Days"
        "Books In My Library"
 92: "Links In A Chain," Joe Jencks [Turtle Bear, 8/09] (107)
        "Links In A Chain"
        "On Eireann's Shore"
        "Joe Hill"
        "Get Together"
        "Let The Band Play Dixie"
 92: "Live At The Mauch Chunk Opera House," The Wailin' Jennys [Red House, 8/09] (107)
        "Deeper Well"
        "One Voice"
        "Bring Me Li'l Water Silvy"
        "Bold Riley"
 94: "Intrepid," Lisa Bigwood [Mothers Girl, 12/09] (105)
        "These Days"
        "Iris And Rose"
        "Sister Tiger"
        "Cats In The Woodpile"
        "Cold Mountain River"
 95: "Red Wing," The Steel Wheels [Self, 1/10] (104)
        "Red Wing"
        "Nothing You Can't Lose"
        "Love You Like I Should"
        "Second Of May"
 96: "The Road That Leads Me Home," L. J. Booth [Firefly Jar, 9/09] (103)
        "Hills Of Morning"
        "Box Elder"
        "Light Of The Pearl"
 96: "The Twangtown Paramours," The Twangtown Paramours [Inside, 6/10] (103)
        "On My Way"
        "Simple And True"
        "Orphan In The Storm"
        "Moon And Back"
        "Ballad Of Little Lula"
 98: "Time Stands Still," Chris Smither [Signature, 9/09] (102)
        "Time Stands Still"
        "Surprise, Surprise"
        "It Takes A Lot To Laugh, It Takes A Train To Cry"
        "Miner's Blues"
        "Don't Call Me Stranger"
 99: "Black Flowers Volume 1-2," Lynn Miles [True North, 2/10] (101)
        "Black Flowers"
        "Thousand Lovers"
        "Night Drive"
 99: "Unpredictable," John McVey [Self, 8/10] (101)
        "Crooked Way"
        "Just Like Heaven"
        "Lay Your Burden Down"
        "Rodeo Around The World"
        "Too Small A Word"
101: "Forever And A Day," Kruger Brothers [Double Time, 3/10] (100)
        "Forever And A Day"
        "Don't Think Twice, It's All Right"
        "If I Needed You"
        "Down In The Coal Mine"
101: "One And All," Pieta Brown [Red House, 4/10] (100)
        "Other Way Around"
        "Calling All Angels"
        "Wishes Falling Through The Rain"
        "It Wasn't That"
        "Prayer Of Roses"
101: "The Road To Damascus," Notorious [Black Socks Press, 10/10] (100)
        "Wild Rose Of The Mountain"
        "The Road To Damascus"
        "Do You Know What It Means To Miss New Orleans"
        "Beneath The Stones"
        "Caje Sukarije"
101: "Should Have Known," Yvette Landry [Self, 6/10] (100)
        "Better Days"
        "Blue Moon Girl"
        "Should Have Known"
        "Down Home Blues"
        "120 Proof"
105: "Bird Song," Heather Masse [Red House, 11/09] (99)
        "Bird Song"
        "I Don't Wanna Wake Up Today"
        "Over The Mountain"
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