Compiled by Richard Gillmann from FOLKDJ-L radio playlists
Based on 166046 airplays from 195 different DJs

  1: "What I Know," Tom Rush [Appleseed, 2/09] (411)
        "River Song"
        "Casey Jones"
        "Too Many Memories"
        "East Of Eden"
        "Fall Into The Night"
        "Hot Tonight"
        "Drift Away"
        "What I Know"
        "All A Man Can Do"
        "Silly Little Diddle"
  2: "Instead The Forest Rose To Sing," Danny Schmidt [Red House, 3/09] (370)
        "Better Off Broke"
        "Swing Me Down"
        "Grampa Built Bridges"
        "Night's Beginning To Shine"
        "Serpentine Cycle Of Money"
        "Southland Street"
        "2 Timing Bank Robber's Lament"
        "O Bally Ho"
        "Accidentally Daisies"
  2: "River Of Time," Jorma Kaukonen [Red House, 2/09] (370)
        "There's A Bright Side Somewhere"
        "Preachin' On The Old Campground"
        "River Of Time"
        "Been So Long"
        "Nashville Blues"
        "More Than My Old Guitar"
        "Cracks In The Finish"
        "Another Man Done A Full Go Round"
        "Trouble In Mind"
        "Izze's Lullaby"
  4: "Land Of The Shadows," Ben Bedford [Hopeful Sky, 1/09] (334)
        "Twenty One"
        "Land Of The Shadows"
        "Mother Jones On The Line"
        "Cherry Mine"
        "You're The Weather"
        "10 Paces"
        "As Long As Your Eyes Are Blue"
        "One Night At A Time"
  5: "The Crow," Steve Martin [Rounder, 1/09] (312)
        "Daddy Played The Banjo"
        "Pretty Flowers"
        "Hoedown At Alice's"
        "Words Unspoken"
        "The Crow"
        "Late For School"
        "Pitkin County Turnaround"
        "Clawhammer Medley"
        "Wally On The Run"
  6: "Sweetheart Like You," Guy Davis [Red House, 2/09] (302)
        "Steamboat Captain"
        "Sweetheart Like You"
        "Bring Back Storyville"
        "Slow Motion Daddy"
        "Can't Be Satisfied"
        "Words To My Mama's Song"
        "Follow Me Down"
        "Down South Blues"
        "Angels Are Calling"
        "Baby Please Don't Go"
  7: "Pointing At The Sun," Cheryl Wheeler [Dias, 5/09] (301)
        "Pointing At The Sun"
        "Summer Fly"
        "One Step At A Time"
        "Grey And Green"
        "Praise The Lord And Life Is Grand"
        "Holding On"
        "My Cat's Birthday"
        "Cat Accountant"
        "White Cat"
  8: "Song Up In Her Head," Sarah Jarosz [Sugar Hill, 6/09] (294)
        "Come On Up To The House"
        "Song Up In Her Head"
        "Tell Me True"
        "Edge Of A Dream"
        "Fischer Store Road"
        "Can't Hide"
        "I Can't Love You Now"
        "Left Home"
  9: "Singing Through The Hard Times: A Tribute To Utah Phillips," Various Artists [Righteous Babe, 2/09] (291)
        "Green Rolling Hills Of West Virginia," Emmylou Harris And Mary Black
        "I Remember Loving You," Tom Paxton
        "Room For The Poor," Cathy Fink And Marcy Marxer
        "All Used Up," John McCutcheon
        "Phoebe Snow," Kendel Morse
        "Daddy What's A Train," Jay Peterson
 10: "Live At The Mauch Chunk Opera House," The Wailin' Jennys [Red House, 8/09] (266)
        "Deeper Well"
        "One Voice"
        "Glory Bound"
        "Racing With The Sun"
        "Motherless Child"
        "Bring Me Li'l Water Silvy"
 11: "Gravity Of Grace," Johnsmith [Blue Pine, 6/09] (264)
        "Scotch Pine"
        "Ring That Bell"
        "Right Into Love"
        "Safe Home"
        "Jay Bird"
        "Father's Day"
        "Times They Are A-Changin"
        "Eliza Jane"
 11: "No Worries Now," Joel Mabus [Fossil, 8/09] (264)
        "Am I Right"
        "How Can I Keep From Singing"
        "2 Cents Plain"
        "Poison In The Glass"
        "Alligator Ate Her Poodle"
        "Little Mister Diddy"
        "Halfway Home"
        "You Voted Red"
 13: "The Loving Kind," Nanci Griffith [Rounder, 6/09] (262)
        "The Loving Kind"
        "Across America"
        "Money Changes Everything"
        "One Of These Days"
        "Up Against The Rain"
        "Cotton's All We Got"
        "Still Life"
 14: "Classics," Susan Werner [Self, 2/09] (256)
        "Hazy Shade Of Winter"
        "Turn Turn Turn"
        "Mercy Mercy Me"
        "Don't Let Me Be Misunderstood"
        "Maybe I'm Amazed"
        "Lonely People"
 15: "You Don't Have To Like Them Both," Eric Brace And Peter Cooper [Red Beet, 11/08] (254)
        "I Know A Bird"
        "Yesterdays And Used To Be's"
        "Denali, Not McKinley"
        "Her Bright Smile Haunts Me Still"
        "Omar's Blues #2"
        "Down To The Well"
        "Drinking From A Swimming Pool"
        "Her Bright Smile Still Haunts Me"
 16: "So Dark You See," John Gorka [Red House, 10/09] (245)
        "I Think Of You"
        "Ignorance And Privilege"
        "Whole Wide World"
        "Trouble In Mind"
        "Diminishing Winds"
        "Night Into Day"
        "Fond Kiss"
 17: "The Near Demise of the High Wire Dancer," Antje Duvekot [Black Wolf, 3/09] (235)
        "Long Way"
        "Ragdoll Princes And Junkyard Queens"
        "Dublin Boys"
        "Coney Island"
 18: "That Kind Of Love," Pierce Pettis [Compass, 1/09] (230)
        "Hallelujah Song"
        "I Am Nothing"
        "Nothing But The Wind"
        "To Dance"
        "That Kind Of Love"
        "Pastures Of Plenty"
        "You Did That For Me"
        "Talk Memphis"
 19: "Everything You Love Will Be Taken Away," Slaid Cleaves [Music Road, 4/09] (225)
        "Green Mountains And Me"
        "Beautiful Thing"
        "Tumbleweed Stew"
        "Hard To Believe"
        "Run Jolee Run"
 20: "Double Play," Liz Carroll And John Doyle [Compass, 3/09] (224)
        "Pound A Week Rise"
        "Chandelier/Anne Lacey's"
        "Ricky's White Face/The Boys From Bolinas"
        "Rushin' Dressing / The Quitter / Remove The Rug"
        "Down At The Wakehouse-The True Love Of My Heart"
        "Before The Storm/The Black Rogue"
 20: "Sara Watkins," Sara Watkins [Nonesuch, 4/09] (224)
        "Long Hot Summer Days"
        "Lord Won't You Help Me"
        "Any Old Time"
        "My Friend"
        "Will We Go"
 22: "Open Hand," David Wilcox [What Are, 4/09] (222)
        "Modern World"
        "Dream Again"
        "Vow Of Silence"
        "Open Hand"
        "How Long"
        "River Run Dry"
        "Captain Wanker"
 23: "Hello, Stranger," Catie Curtis [Compass, 8/09] (221)
        "Hello Stranger"
        "100 Miles"
        "Walking On A Wire"
        "Dad's Yard"
        "Passing Through"
        "Tuesday's Dead"
        "Don't Want To Know"
 24: "The Company You Keep," Alison Brown [Compass, 4/09] (218)
        "Forky On The Water"
        "Clean Plate Club"
        "Road West"
        "Crazy Ivan"
        "Rain Or Shine"
        "Over 9 Waves"
        "Under The Wire"
        "Drawing Down The Moon"
        "Rocket Summer"
 25: "Able Baker Charlie And Dog," Joe Crookston [Self, 2/08] (213)
        "Bird By Bird"
        "Logical Song"
        "Red Rooster In The Mash Pile"
        "Able Baker Charlie And Dog"
        "Freddy The Falcon"
        "Hands Metal And Wood"
 25: "Sea Of Tears," Eilen Jewell [Signature, 4/09] (213)
        "Shakin' All Over"
        "One Of Those Days"
        "Rain Roll In"
        "Sea Of Tears"
        "Nowhere In No Time"
        "Darkest Day"
        "Sweet Rose"
        "Fading Memory"
 27: "Old Jawbone," Euphonia [Self, 2/09] (212)
        "Angeline The Baker's Gone"
        "Tear My Stillhouse Down"
        "Cotton-Eyed Joe"
        "Crying In The Rain"
        "In Tall Buildings"
        "Boatman's Dance"
        "I'm Going Away"
        "Old Man At The Mill"
 28: "Dusty Road To Beulah Land," Drew Nelson [Waterbug, 4/09] (210)
        "Grandmother Moon"
        "Highway 2"
        "True And Fine"
        "Farmer's Lament"
        "Waiting For The Sun"
 29: "Townes," Steve Earle [New West, 5/09] (207)
        "Pancho And Lefty"
        "To Live Is To Fly"
        "White Freightliner Blues"
        "Colorado Girl"
        "Delta Momma Blues"
        "Where I Lead Me"
 30: "Love Filling Station," Jesse Winchester [Appleseed, 4/09] (206)
        "Bless Your Foolish Heart"
        "It's A Shame About Him"
        "I Turn To My Guitar"
        "Stand By Me"
        "Far Side Bank Of Jordan"
        "O What A Thrill"
        "Wear Me Out"
 31: "My Blue Garden," Annie And Rod Capps [Yellow Room, 6/09] (205)
        "Serenity Road"
        "My Blue Garden"
        "Honey, Sugar, Baby, Mine"
        "Crocodile Man"
        "Sheriff's Daughter"
        "Another Day"
 32: "Better Times Will Come," Diana Jones [Proper, 5/09] (204)
        "Better Times Will Come"
        "Day I Die"
        "Something Crossed Over"
        "Cracked And Broken"
        "All God's Children"
        "Henry Russell's Last Words"
 33: "Let's Do Something," Bill Evans And Megan Lynch [Native And Fine, 1/09] (203)
        "Rocks And Water"
        "Into The Mystic"
        "Northern Sky"
        "Old Dog"
        "Distance Between 2 Points"
 34: "Blood And Candle Smoke," Tom Russell [Shout Factory, 9/09] (195)
        "East Of Woodstock, West Of Viet Nam"
        "Santa Ana Wind"
        "Mississippi River Runnin' Backwards"
        "Nina Simone"
        "American Rivers"
 34: "Not Far Now," Richard Shindell [Signature, 4/09] (195)
        "Juggler Out In Traffic"
        "Balloon Man"
        "Get Up Clara"
        "Parasol Ants"
        "Gethsemani Goodbye"
        "State Of The Union"
 36: "Dream City: Essential Recordings, 1997-2006," Greg Brown [Red House, 7/09] (194)
        "Blue Car"
        "Lull It By"
        "Summer Evening"
        "Your Town Now"
        "Rexroth's Daughter"
        "Dream City"
 37: "House Of Cards," James Keelaghan [Borealis, 10/09] (193)
        "House Of Cards"
        "Safe Home"
        "Circle Of Stone"
        "Since You Asked"
 38: "Links In A Chain," Joe Jencks [Turtle Bear, 8/09] (186)
        "Links In A Chain"
        "Get Together"
        "White Buffalo"
        "On Eireann's Shore"
        "Joe Hill"
        "Crossing Over"
 39: "Love And Other Tragedies," Red Molly [Self, 5/08] (182)
        "Keep Your Lamp Trimmed And Burning"
        "May I Suggest"
        "Mind Of A Soldier"
        "Beaumont Rest Stop"
        "Is The Blue Moon Still Shining"
 40: "Eros," Cosy Sheridan [Wind River, 11/08] (179)
        "Last Love Letter"
        "Days I Do Not Believe"
        "Story Of Longing"
        "Happiness Is Waiting"
        "Canyon Rim"
        "Do You Love The Life You Made"
 41: "Is It Me?," Jim Photoglo [Grifftone, 5/09] (176)
        "Is It Me?"
        "Daddy's Lullaby"
        "It Used To Take A Little"
        "Jesus Saves"
        "That's What I Am Talkin' About"
 41: "The Killer In Me," Amy Speace [Wildflower, 3/09] (176)
        "Haven't Learned A Thing"
        "Weight Of The World"
        "Dog Days"
        "The Killer In Me"
        "Something More Than Rain"
 43: "One To The Heart, One To The Head," Gretchen Peters With Tom Russell [Frontera, 2/09] (173)
        "Sweet And Shiny Eyes"
        "Prairie In The Sky"
        "Snowin On Raton"
        "Blue Mountains Of Mexico"
        "These Cowboys Born Out Of Their Time"
 44: "500 Miles: The Blue Rock Sessions," Cliff Eberhardt [Red House, 9/09] (171)
        "Long Road"
        "Have A Little Heart"
        "When The Leaves Begin To Fall"
        "500 Miles"
        "I Love Money"
        "Back Of My Mind"
 44: "Rollin' Along," Jonathan Edwards [Strictly Country, 7/08] (171)
        "Red Light, Green Light"
        "4 Strong Winds"
        "If I Were A Carpenter"
        "7 Daffodils"
        "Carolina Caroline"
        "Morning Train"
 46: "Girls Like Us," Rhythm Angels [High Horse, 1/09] (167)
        "Girls Like Us"
        "Sister Love's Cafe"
        "If I Had A Gun"
        "If Wishes Were Horses"
        "29 Ways"
        "Mama's House"
 46: "Let The Bad Times Roll," Tom Chapin [Sundance, 6/09] (167)
        "We Will Adjust"
        "Water Is Wide"
        "Once When I Was Young"
        "Bridge To Somewhere"
        "Upstate New York Waltz"
        "This Too Shall Pass"
 48: "Songs... With Repercussions," Ronny Cox [Wind River, 5/09] (166)
        "Grapes On The Vine"
        "Happy Father's Day"
        "Milkbone Underwear"
        "Santa Ana Winds"
        "Can I Come Back Home"
        "Water Is Wide"
 49: "Lovers' Well," Matt And Shannon Heaton [Eats, 2/09] (165)
        "Lily Of The West"
        "Botany Bay"
        "Mountain Rambler"
        "Golden Glove"
        "Brad's Honeybees"
        "First Date"
        "Lady Fair"
 50: "Unbound," The Refugees [Wabuho, 7/08] (162)
        "You Plant Your Fields"
        "Fishing In The Dark"
        "Save The Best For Last"
        "Stickin' With My Baby's Love"
 51: "Free To Fall," Beaucoup Blue [Self, 10/08] (159)
        "Free To Fall"
        "Oh America"
        "Catch Me When I Wake Up"
        "Delta Rain"
        "Hesitation Blues"
 52: "Mara's Gems," Mara Levine [Self, 3/09] (157)
        "Wild Rose Of The Mountain"
        "Last Thing On My Mind"
        "If I Were A Carpenter"
        "Sweetest Gift"
        "Firefly Field"
 53: "Another Country," Caroline Doctorow [Narrow Lane, 10/08] (156)
        "Bold Marauder"
        "Reflections In A Crystal Wind"
        "Quiet Joys Of Brotherhood"
        "Birmingham Sunday"
        "Hard Lovin' Loser"
        "Raven Girl"
 53: "Big Mystery," Dana And Susan Robinson [Threshold, 8/09] (156)
        "Zephyr Wind"
        "Big Mystery"
        "Delta Queen"
        "Gone But Not Forgotten"
        "Dog's Life"
 53: "Fond Desire Farewell," Debra Cowan [Falling Mountain, 4/09] (156)
        "Darkest Hour Is Just Before The Dawn"
        "Ruins By The Shore"
        "Yon Green Valley"
        "Wall Of Stone"
        "Snow Is On The Ground"
 56: "The Green Fields Of America," The Green Fields Of America [Compass, 1/09] (155)
        "Across The Western Ocean"
        "Bonny Irish Boy"
        "Rambling Irishman"
        "New Irish Barn Dance"
 57: "Between Trains," Bop Ensemble [Cordova Bay, 8/09] (151)
        "Buckets Of Rain"
        "Peace Like A River"
        "California Dreamin"
        "Flash Around The Globe"
        "Change For Children"
        "Husbands And Wives"
 58: "Fascination," The Greencards [Sugar Hill, 4/09] (149)
        "Outskirts Of Blue"
        "Crystal Merchant"
        "Davey Jones"
 59: "32 Cents: Postage Due," Arlo Guthrie With The Dillards [Rising Son, 3/09] (148)
        "Tom Joad"
        "Ship In The Sky"
        "Hard Travelin"
        "So Long It's Been Good To Know Yuh"
        "Do Re Mi"
        "Sally Don't You Grieve"
 59: "Across The Troubled Wave," David Ferrard [Alter Road, 9/09] (148)
        "Hard Times Come Again No More"
        "Peg And Awl"
        "Pretty Saro"
        "Jute Mill Song"
        "Calling My Children Home"
 59: "At 89," Pete Seeger [Appleseed, 9/08] (148)
        "Waist Deep In The Big Muddy"
        "Wonderful Friends"
        "False From True"
        "If It Can't Be Reduced"
        "Or Else!"
 59: "True Love Don't Weep," James Hill And Anne Davison [Borealis, 4/09] (148)
        "Ev'ry Night"
        "Ode To A Frozen Boot"
        "Oh! Susanna"
        "Richard's Reel"
        "One More Lie To Love"
        "Travelin' On"
 63: "Goldrush," Putnam Smith [Itchy Sabot, 6/09] (147)
        "Full Moon, Baby"
        "Wouldn't Need This Whiskey"
        "I Think It's Almost Summertime"
        "Rollin' Blues"
        "Lawnmower Repair"
 64: "Everyone Is Someone," Dala [Campus, 6/09] (146)
        "Levi Blues"
        "Northern Lights"
        "Stand In Awe"
        "Lonely Girl"
 64: "Your Heart Is A Glorious Machine," Sometymes Why [Signature, 3/09] (146)
        "Slow Down"
        "Cold Feet Blues"
        "Shine It"
        "Sound Asleep"
        "Stupid Kiss"
 66: "Buena Vista," Robin And Linda Williams [Red House, 9/08] (144)
        "Southern Shores"
        "Maybelle's Guitar And Monroe's Mandolin"
        "Going, Going Gone"
        "Buena Vista"
        "When A Thread Gets Caught"
        "For Better Or Worse"
 66: "Dakota Lullaby," Albert And Gage [Moon House, 6/09] (144)
        "Dakota Lullaby"
        "Hell Or High Water"
        "Cuttin' A Rug"
        "If I Die Tomorrow"
 68: "Tremolo," The Pines [Red House, 8/09] (143)
        "Pray Tell"
        "Spike Driver Blues"
        "Heart And Bones"
        "Lonesome Tremolo Blues"
        "Skipper And His Wife"
        "Meadows Of Dawn"
 69: "Bonfires," Zoe Mulford [Azalea City, 10/09] (142)
        "Just Before I Go"
        "Welcome In Another Year"
        "Open Water"
        "1952 Vincent Black Lightning"
        "One Day The Sun's Gonna Shine"
        "All Of The Songs Were Road Songs"
        "Wind And Rain"
 70: "Shoot The Moon Right Between The Eyes," Jeffrey Foucault [Signature, 2/09] (141)
        "Late John Garfield Blues"
        "Hello In There"
        "Clocks And Spoons"
        "Daddy's Little Pumpkin"
        "Far From Me"
        "Mexican Home"
 70: "Zama Zama: Try Your Luck," Battlefield Band [Temple, 9/09] (141)
        "Robber Barons"
        "Greenland's Icy Waters"
        "Mines Of Golkonda"
        "Ballarat Jig"
        "Plain Gold Ring"
 72: "Cotton," Sam Baker [Music Road, 7/09] (140)
        "Who's Gonna Be Your Man"
        "Angel Hair"
 72: "Let The Circle Be Wide," Tommy Sands [Appleseed, 1/09] (140)
        "Song Sings On"
        "Let The Circle Be Wide"
        "People Have Spoken"
        "Young Man's Dream"
        "Keep On Singing"
 72: "Red Shoes And Golden Hearts," Buskin And Batteau [Nouveau Retro Media, 5/09] (140)
        "Choose Joy"
        "Good Luck In The Promised Land"
        "Red Shoes And Golden Hearts"
        "Living On The Edge Of Dreams"
        "Just A Girl"
 75: "Electric Dirt," Levon Helm [Vanguard, 6/09] (138)
        "Tennessee Jed"
        "Stuff You Gotta Watch"
        "White Dove"
        "Growin' Trade"
        "Move Along Train"
        "Golden Bird"
 75: "Time Stands Still," Chris Smither [Signature, 9/09] (138)
        "Surprise, Surprise"
        "Time Stands Still"
        "Don't Call Me Stranger"
        "It Takes A Lot To Laugh, It Takes A Train To Cry"
        "Call Yourself"
        "I Don't Know"
 77: "Written In Chalk," Buddy And Julie Miller [New West, 3/09] (137)
        "Ellis County"
        "Selfishness Of Man"
        "Gasoline And Matches"
        "One Part, 2 Part"
        "Don't Say Goodbye"
 78: "Slice O Life: Live Solo," Bruce Cockburn [Rounder, 3/09] (133)
        "Wondering Where The Lions Are"
        "Lovers In A Dangerous Time"
        "Soul Of A Man"
        "Pacing The Cage"
 79: "Crooked Man," Chris Stuart And Backcountry [Backcountry, 9/08] (132)
        "Crooked Man"
        "Streets Of Charlottetown"
        "Brunswick Stew"
        "Lantern Bay Inn"
 79: "Wanderer's Paean," Kim Beggs [Self, 2006] (132)
        "Lay It All Down"
        "Ain't Gonna Work"
        "Wanderer's Paean"
        "Walking Down To The Station"
        "All The Good Times"
 81: "Doors And Windows," Bearfoot [Compass, 4/09] (131)
        "Single Girl"
        "Before I Go"
        "Don't Let Me Down"
        "Northward Bound"
        "Oh My Love"
 82: "A Friend Of A Friend," Dave Rawlings Machine [Acony, 11/09] (130)
        "Monkey And The Engineer"
        "Bells Of Harlem"
        "How's About You"
        "I Hear Them All"
        "Sweet Tooth"
 82: "True Stories," Martin Simpson [Compass, 9/09] (130)
        "Look Up, Look Down"
        "Sir Patrick Spens"
        "Wind And The Rain"
        "Home Again"
        "Swooping Molly"
 84: "Gauntlet," Nathan Rogers [Borealis, 8/09] (129)
        "Jewel Of Paris"
        "Land Of The Living Skies"
        "Willie O' Winsbury"
        "Puddler's Tale"
 84: "The List," Rosanne Cash [Manhattan, 10/09] (129)
        "Girl From The North Country"
        "500 Miles"
        "Sea Of Heartbreak"
        "Long Black Veil"
        "Miss The Mississippi And You"
        "Motherless Children"
 84: "A Stranger Here," Ramblin' Jack Elliott [Anti-, 4/09] (129)
        "Soul Of A Man"
        "New Stranger Blues"
        "Richland Women Blues"
        "Rising High Water Blues"
        "Death Don't Have No Mercy"
 87: "Inland Territory," Vienna Teng [Zoe, 4/09] (128)
        "Grandmother Song"
        "Last Snowfall"
        "In Another Life"
 87: "My Dusty Road," Woody Guthrie [Rounder, 8/09] (128)
        "You Can Hear My Whistle Bow"
        "Hard Travelin"
        "Sonny's Flight"
        "Going Down The Road"
 89: "Ozark: A Celebration In Song," Still On The Hill [Termite, 9/08] (127)
        "7 Pies"
        "Take Me To The Other Side"
        "Weaning House"
        "Otis And Ocie"
        "Devil Snake"
 90: "Matching Baggage," Bill And Kate Isles [Self, 2/09] (126)
        "Old Fences"
        "Matching Baggage"
        "Sutra Mn Polka"
        "Tonight In My Dreams"
        "Wilderness Lady"
        "All I Wanna Do"
 90: "Short Blue Stories," Steve James [Hobemian, 2/09] (126)
        "Folk Radio"
        "Original High/Low Stomp"
        "Birmingham Steel"
        "Reckon I Did"
        "Same Thing Could Happen To You"
 92: "High Wide And Handsome: The Charlie Poole Project," Loudon Wainwright III [Proper, 8/09] (125)
        "Awful Hungry Hash House"
        "High Wide And Handsome"
        "Bill Mason's Bride"
 92: "When Humans Walked The Earth," Mason Brown [Round Shining, 5/08] (125)
        "Lord Franklin"
        "Big Liza Jane/Frosty Noon"
        "Bright Sunny South"
        "Days Of 49"
        "Will You Go To Flanders"
 94: "Many Moons," Robyn Landis [Brave Hearts, 5/09] (124)
        "Paul's Song"
        "Losing Sleep"
        "Dry Rain, Calm Wind"
        "Jamison Brown"
        "Shrink The Sky"
 95: "Brothers From Different Mothers," Dailey And Vincent [Rounder, 3/09] (122)
        "Head Hung Down"
        "Years Ago"
        "Girl In The Valley"
        "Your Love Is Like A Flower"
        "Winter's Come And Gone"
 95: "Letters From A Flying Machine," Peter Mulvey [Signature, 8/09] (122)
        "On A Wing And A Prayer"
        "Dynamite Bill"
        "Kids In The Square"
        "Some People"
 95: "Speak," Kat Eggleston [Paperboat, 9/09] (122)
        "Birken Tree"
        "Sanctuary/The History Man"
        "Everybody Knows"
        "49 Rooms"
        "Road To Ruin"
 98: "Gentle As The Sun," Naomi Sommers [American Melody, 10/08] (121)
        "2 Sparrows"
        "Mama's House"
        "Sea Of Heartbreak"
        "Come Home"
        "Gentle As The Sun"
 98: "The Maker's Mark," Tony McManus [Compass, 2/09] (121)
        "Maids Of Mitchelstown"
        "Rolling Waves-Martin Wynne's #1"
        "Inveran / The Devil In The Kitchen / Locheil's Away To France"
        "Coast River"
        "Donal Og/ The Lea Rig"
100: "America's Waiting," John Flynn [Self, 7/09] (119)
        "America's Waiting"
        "Chicken House"
        "Go Wake A Heart"
        "Without You With Me"
        "Semper Fi"
100: "Elkins," Notorious [Black Socks, 7/08] (119)
        "Sarah Jane"
        "Old Aunt Jenny With Her Nightcap On/Elkins"
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