Compiled by Richard Gillmann from FOLKDJ-L radio playlists
Based on 154719 airplays from 189 different DJs

  1: "We Shall Overcome: The Seeger Sessions," Bruce Springsteen [Columbia, 4/06] (441)
        "Pay Me My Money Down"
        "Old Dan Tucker"
        "Erie Canal"
        "Mrs. McGrath"
        "My Oklahoma Home"
        "O Mary Don't You Weep"
        "Jesse James"
        "Eyes On The Prize"
        "John Henry"
        "Froggie Went A Courtin"
        "We Shall Overcome"
        "Jacob's Ladder"
  2: "Firecracker," Wailin' Jennys [Red House, 6/06] (408)
        "Devil's Paintbrush Road"
        "Glory Bound"
        "Long Time Traveller"
        "Apocalypse Lullaby"
        "Things That You Know"
        "Prairie Town"
        "This Heart Of Mine"
  3: "My Remembrance Of You," Diana Jones [Newsong, 3/06] (351)
        "Pretty Girl"
        "Hold On Me"
        "My Beloved"
        "All My Money On You"
        "Willow Tree"
        "Fever Moon"
        "My Remembrance Of You"
        "Lay Me Down"
  4: "Migrations," The Duhks [Sugar Hill, 9/06] (347)
        "Out Of The Rain"
        "Down To The River"
        "Turtle Dove"
        "Mountains O' Things"
        "Ol' Cook Pot"
        "Who Will Take My Place"
        "Moses Don't Get Lost"
        "3 Fishers"
        "Heaven's My Home"
        "Fox And The Bee"
  5: "Break Me Open," Johnsmith [Blue Pine, 4/06] (305)
        "Back To The Mystery"
        "Honest Truth"
        "Break Me Open"
        "Silver Creek"
        "Barefoot In The Dew"
        "Pothole Season"
        "21 Miles"
        "Cold Cold Ground"
        "So Here's To You"
  6: "Writing In The Margins," John Gorka [Red House, 7/06] (286)
        "Writing In The Margins"
        "Road Of Good Intentions"
        "Chance Of Rain"
        "When You Sing"
        "Bluer State"
        "I Miss Everyone"
  7: "Love And Fear," Tom Russell [Hightone, 2/06] (266)
        "Stealing Electricity"
        "Sound Of One Heart Breaking"
        "Pugilist At 59"
        "Ash Wednesday"
        "It Goes Away"
        "K. C. Violin"
        "4 Chambered Heart"
        "Stolen Children"
  7: "Love Sweet Love," Lynn Miles [Red House, 4/05] (266)
        "1000 Lovers"
        "Flames Of Love"
        "Night Drive"
        "8 Hour Drive"
        "Love Sweet Love"
        "This Is The Night"
        "Sweet And Tender Heart"
  9: "Closer," Lui Collins [Waterbug, 4/06] (261)
        "Red Red Robin"
        "All The Pretty Birds"
        "Step Into The Water"
        "Blood Red The Stain"
        "Making Pies"
        "Someone To Come Home To"
        "Gone But Not Forgotten"
 10: "Seven Is The Number," Dave Carter And Tracy Grammer [Self, 7/06] (257)
        "7 Is The Number"
        "Sarah Turn 'round"
        "Texas Underground"
        "Gas Station Girl"
        "Gun-Metal Eyes"
        "Promised Land"
        "Long, Black Road Into Tulsa Town"
        "Snake-Handlin Man"
 11: "Hope And Other Casualties," Mark Erelli [Signature, 3/06] (254)
        "Seeds Of Peace"
        "Imaginary Wars"
        "Passing Through"
        "Hartfordtown 1944"
        "Here And Now"
        "Only Way"
        "Seasons Pass"
        "Snowed In"
 11: "Paradise Hotel," Eliza Gilkyson [Red House, 8/05] (254)
        "Man Of God"
        "Paradise Hotel"
        "When You Walk On"
        "Think About You"
        "Jedidiah 1777"
 13: "Tulips For Lunch," Chuck Brodsky [Waterbug, 2/06] (252)
        "Liar Liar Pants On Fire"
        "Toast To The Woman In The Holler"
        "Curse Of The Billy Goat"
        "Old Song Handed Down"
        "In The Beginning"
        "2 Left Feet"
        "Ballad Of D. B. Cooper"
 14: "Unsung," Slaid Cleaves [Rounder, 5/06] (240)
        "Oh Roberta"
        "Flowered Dresses"
        "Another Kind Of Blue"
        "Song For June"
        "Fairest Of Them All"
        "Working Stiff"
        "Devil's Lullaby"
 15: "Shaken By A Low Sound," Crooked Still [Signature, 8/06] (231)
        "Can't You Hear Me Callin"
        "Ain't No Grave"
        "Come On In My Kitchen"
        "New Railroad"
        "Little Sadie"
        "Oxford Town/Cumberland Gap"
        "Wind And Rain"
        "Railroad Bill"
 16: "Leave The Light On," Chris Smither [Signature, 9/06] (229)
        "Leave The Light On"
        "Origin Of Species"
        "Visions Of Johanna"
        "Open Up"
        "Blues In The Bottle"
        "Seems So Real"
        "John Hardy"
 17: "The Evening Call," Greg Brown [Red House, 8/06] (221)
        "Joy Tears"
        "The Evening Call"
        "Cold And Dark And Wet"
        "Mighty Sweet Watermelon"
        "Treat Each Other Right"
        "Coneville Slough"
 18: "Songs Of The Open Road," The Kennedys [Appleseed, 8/06] (218)
        "Hard Rain's A-Gonna Fall"
        "8 Miles High"
        "Late Night Grande Hotel"
        "Sin City"
        "Gypsy Rose"
 19: "Long Night Moon," Catie Curtis [Compass, 8/06] (217)
        "People Look Around"
        "Passing Through"
        "It's A Wonder"
        "Water And Stone"
        "Hard Time With Goodbyes"
        "Find You Now"
 20: "Invisible Man," Darrell Scott [Full Light, 6/06] (216)
        "Goodle Usa"
        "Hank Williams' Ghost"
        "Shattered Cross"
        "Invisible Man"
        "And The River Is Me"
        "Let's Call It A Life"
 21: "I'm A Mountain," Sarah Harmer [Cold Snap, 11/05] (215)
        "I'm A Mountain"
        "I Am Aglow"
        "Escarpment Blues"
        "Will He Be Waiting For Me?"
        "Goin' Out"
 22: "Folk Is The New Black," Janis Ian [Cooking Vinyl, 2/06] (214)
        "Great Divide"
        "Folk Is The New Black"
        "Life Is Never Wrong"
        "My Autobiography"
        "Jackie Skates"
        "Standing In The Shadows Of Love"
 23: "Your Daughters And Your Sons," The Duhks [Sugar Hill, 2003] (206)
        "Your Daughters And Your Sons"
        "Leather Winged Bat"
        "Rock Of Ages"
        "Trooper And The Maid"
        "Pretty Boy Floyd"
        "Green Fields Of Glentown Medley"
        "Le Meunier Et La Jeune Fille Les Quatre Fer En L'air"
 24: "Weightless," Greg Greenway [Sheen Of Heat, 9/06] (198)
        "My Good Name"
        "What Must Be Done"
        "Rosa Parks"
        "I Love Everybody"
        "No More Songs"
        "Down The Road"
        "Song For Soldiers"
 25: "The Back Fields," Tim Grimm [Wind River, 10/05] (195)
        "People's Highway"
        "The Back Fields"
        "Sometimes Trouble Is A Gift"
        "Lost And Found"
        "My Turn"
        "Like A Blessing"
        "Girl From The North Country"
 25: "Flower Of Avalon," Tracy Grammer [Signature, 4/05] (195)
        "Laughlin Boy"
        "Hey Ho"
        "Mother, I Climbed"
        "Gypsy Rose"
        "Winter When He Goes"
        "Hard To Make It"
        "Preston Miller"
 27: "Red Letter Day," The Gibson Brothers [Sugar Hill, 1/06] (191)
        "Red Letter Day"
        "One Raindrop"
        "Lonesome Number One"
        "Barn Song"
        "Walking With Joanna"
        "I Got A Woman"
        "Prisoner's Song"
 28: "She Waits For Night," Uncle Earl [Rounder, 7/05] (188)
        "Take These Chains"
        "Walkin' In My Sleep"
        "Sugar Babe"
        "How Long"
        "Ida Red"
 29: "Two Wolves," John Flynn [Mettafour, 7/06] (186)
        "2 Wolves"
        "No More War"
        "Put Your Freedom Where Your Mouth Is"
        "Trust The Rope"
        "Pleasures Of The Harbor"
        "There's No Them There"
 30: "Being There," Steve Gillette And Cindy Mangsen [Compass Rose, 4/06] (185)
        "Road Through The Woods"
        "Kid With The Comic Book"
        "High Cotton"
        "Mr. O'Reilly"
        "Odd Man Out"
        "Darkness Comes"
 30: "Modern Times," Bob Dylan [Columbia, 9/06] (185)
        "Thunder On The Mountain"
        "Levee's Gonna Break"
        "Spirit On The Water"
        "Someday Baby"
        "Rollin' And Tumblin"
        "When The Deal Goes Down"
        "Nettie Moore"
 32: "Heaven Is So High," Pat Wictor [Risky Disc, 7/06] (182)
        "Heaven Is So High"
        "I Will Walk With You"
        "Raise My Voice And Sing"
        "You Got To Move"
        "When I Go"
        "Rejoice In My Troubles"
 33: "The Other Side Of The Glass," Paul Mills [Borealis, 2/06] (181)
        "Last Steam Engine Train"
        "Doc's Guitar"
        "45 Years"
        "Blues Is Like Shoes"
        "Times We'll All Remember"
        "Yard Sale Song"
 34: "Laughing In The Face Of The Blues," Jack Williams [Wind River, 10/05] (179)
        "High Cotton"
        "Meet Me Mama"
        "Laughing In The Face Of The Blues"
        "Buckets Of Rain"
        "Lay Down By The Water"
        "Life Is Sweet"
        "Tell Old Bill"
 35: "Spooked," Marley's Ghost [Sage Arts, 2/06] (178)
        "Sail Away Ladies"
        "Get Off The Track"
        "Last Words"
        "Wicked Messenger"
        "Old Time Religion"
        "Palms Of Victory"
 36: "Forerunner," The Cottars [Rounder, 1/06] (175)
        "Hold On"
        "Atlantic Blue"
        "Byker Hill"
        "Send Me A River"
        "Georgia Lee"
        "Pat Works On The Railway"
 36: "Riverside Battle Songs," Ollabelle [Verve Forecast, 8/06] (175)
        "High On A Mountain"
        "See Line Woman"
        "Gone Today"
        "Troubles Of The World"
        "Everything Is Broken"
        "Reach For Love"
 38: "Workbench Songs," Guy Clark [Dualtone, 7/06] (169)
        "Walkin' Man"
        "Tornado Time In Texas"
        "Diamond Joe"
        "No Lonesome Tune"
        "Analog Girl"
        "Out In The Parking Lot"
 39: "Never Been To Vegas," Red Molly [Self, 8/06] (167)
        "Long Gone Lonesome Blues"
        "Coal Tattoo"
        "Long Ride Home"
        "It's Goodbye And So Long To You"
        "Caleb Meyer"
        "Oh My Sweet Carolina"
        "When The Roll Is Called Up Yonder"
 40: "My Better Self," Dar Williams [Razor & Tie, 9/05] (164)
        "Everybody Knows This Is Nowhere"
        "You Rise And Meet The Day"
        "Comfortably Numb"
        "So Close To My Heart"
 41: "Departure," The Mammals [Signature, 2/06] (163)
        "Kiss The Break Of Day"
        "Alone On The Homestead"
        "Follow Me To Carthage"
        "Satisfied Mind"
        "Do Not Go Quietly Unto Your Grave"
 42: "One Meat Ball," Christine Lavin And Friends [Appleseed, 8/06] (161)
        "One Meat Ball," Dave Van Ronk
        "Blueberry Pancakes," Annie Bauerlein And Chip Mergott
        "Pie," Debi Smith With Doc Watson
        "Root Beer For Breakfast," Vance Gilbert
        "Tomato Puddin," Jeff Daniels
        "Orange Cocoa Cake," Cathy Fink And Marcy Marxer
 42: "Strange Conversation," Kris Delmhorst [Signature, 6/06] (161)
        "Everything Is Music"
        "Strange Conversation"
        "We'll Go No More A-Roving"
        "Light Of The Light"
        "Sea Fever"
        "Pretty How Town"
        "Since You Went Away"
 44: "New Day," Claire Lynch [Rounder, 3/06] (159)
        "Be Ready To Sail"
        "Leavin' On That Evening Train"
        "Train Long Gone"
        "Up This Hill And Down"
        "I Believe In Forever"
        "River Of Dreams"
 45: "Adieu False Heart," Linda Ronstadt And Ann Savoy [Vanguard, 7/06] (157)
        "Adieu False Heart"
        "Walk Away Renee"
        "Plus Tu Tournes"
        "Too Old To Die Young"
        "Rattle My Cage"
        "I Can't Get Over You"
 45: "Laps In Seven," Sam Bush [Sugar Hill, 6/06] (157)
        "Bringing In The Georgia Mail"
        "White Bird"
        "River's Gonna Run"
        "Dolphin Dance"
        "Ridin' That Bluegrass Train"
        "Where There's A Road"
 45: "Roadside Saints," Zoe Mulford [Azalea City, 5/06] (157)
        "American Wake"
        "Angel In The Storm"
        "Our Lady Of The Highways"
        "Earth And The Sky"
        "Gonna Wear Red"
 48: "Fiddler's Green," Tim O'Brien [Sugar Hill, 8/05] (156)
        "Look Down That Lonesome Road"
        "Early Morning Rain"
        "Pretty Fair Maid In The Garden"
        "Buffalo Skinners"
        "Train On The Island"
        "Fiddler's Green"
 48: "Wild Bouquet," Burns Sisters Band [Ithaca, 9/06] (156)
        "Vigilante Man"
        "Bring Them Home"
        "I Am A Patriot"
        "Wild Flower Honey"
 50: "Blues And Lamentations," Kate Campbell [Large River, 8/05] (155)
        "Miles Of Blues"
        "Pans Of Biscuits"
        "New Blues"
        "Freedom Train"
        "Lay Back The Darkness"
 51: "Land Of Milk And Honey," Eliza Gilkyson [Red House, 2004] (154)
        "Peace Call"
        "Hiway 9"
        "Runnin' Away"
        "Tender Mercies"
 52: "Taking The Long Way," Dixie Chicks [Columbia, 5/06] (152)
        "Not Ready To Make Nice"
        "I Hope"
        "Long Way Around"
        "Everybody Knows"
 53: "Take Me Back," April Verch [Rounder, 2/06] (150)
        "Tennessee Wagoner"
        "Tom, Brad And Alice"
        "Loggers In The Short Grass"
        "7 Years"
        "Grand Slaque"
        "Take Me Back"
        "Wings To Fly"
 54: "Honey On My Grave," Abbie Gardner [Gimmie Some Ribs, 5/06] (149)
        "Honey On My Grave"
        "Sweet Georgia Pines"
        "Hit The Road Jack"
        "You Got To Move"
        "Ain't Misbehavin"
 55: "Fields Of Dreams And Glory," Dan McKinnon [Self, 1/06] (146)
        "Wandering Days"
        "Aesop's Fables"
        "Road Less Traveled"
        "Fields Of Dreams And Glory"
        "This Side Of The Sod"
 56: "Lost John Dean," Kieran Kane, Kevin Welch And Fats Kaplin [Compass, 5/06] (140)
        "Monkey Jump"
        "I Can't Wait"
        "Lost John Dean"
        "Satan's Paradise"
        "Them Wheels Don't Roll"
        "Postcard From Mexico"
        "To The Harvest Look Ahead"
 57: "Personal File," Johnny Cash [Columbia, 5/06] (138)
        "Letter Edged In Black"
        "In The Sweet Bye And Bye"
        "When It's Springtime In Alaska"
 58: "The Day The River Sang," John Stewart [Appleseed, 2/06] (137)
        "The Day The River Sang"
        "New Orleans"
        "Baby It's You"
        "East Of Denver"
        "Naked Angel On A Star-Crossed Train"
 58: "How To Grow A Woman From The Ground," Chris Thile [Sugar Hill, 9/06] (137)
        "Watch 'at Breakdown"
        "Dead Leaves And The Dirty Ground"
        "Eleventh Reel"
        "How To Grow A Woman From The Ground"
 60: "All American Bluegrass Girl," Rhonda Vincent [Rounder, 6/06] (136)
        "All American Bluegrass Girl"
        "Heartbreaker's Alibi"
        "Rhythm Of The Wheels"
        "Forever Ain't That Long Anymore"
        "God Bless The Soldier"
 60: "Before The Separation," Freebo [Poppabo, 1/06] (136)
        "It Goes By Fast"
        "Before The Separation"
        "We Are All One People"
        "Soldier At War"
        "You Don't Have To Live This Way"
 60: "For The Living Of These Days," Kate Campbell With Spooner Oldham [Large River, 9/06] (136)
        "Would They Love Him Down In Shreveport"
        "Jesus Christ"
        "If I Ever Get To Heaven"
        "Terrible Mercy"
        "Dark Night Of The Soul"
        "They Killed Him"
 63: "$12.99," Dave Potts [Looking Up, 8/06] (134)
        "If I Broke The Record"
        "In My Backyard"
        "Garden We're Growing"
        "Amanda Bramlett"
 63: "Change," David Lamotte [Lower Dryad, 8/06] (134)
        "Walking In Your Footsteps"
        "Crawl Inside"
        "Keep The Change"
        "Let Me Go"
 65: "Reunion: A Decade of Solas," Solas [Compass, 4/06] (133)
        "Pastures Of Plenty"
        "Newry Highwayman"
        "On A Sea Of Fleur De Lis"
        "Rain And Snow"
        "Nil Na La"
 66: "Vista," David Wilcox [W. A. R, 5/06] (132)
        "Get On"
        "Great Big World"
        "Same Shaker"
        "Grateful For Her Beauty"
        "Wilford Brandon Hayes"
 67: "Blissville," Jeff Talmadge [Corazong, 1/06] (131)
        "40 Days Of Rain"
        "Driving To Blissville"
        "Lie To Me"
        "Soldier's Christmas"
        "Hard Part's Letting Go"
 67: "Fair And Square," John Prine [Oh Boy, 4/05] (131)
        "Glory Of True Love"
        "Crazy As A Loon"
        "Long Monday"
        "My Darlin' Hometown"
        "Morning Train"
 67: "Midnight On The Water," David Mallett [North Road, 7/06] (131)
        "Ballad Of The St. Anne's Reel"
        "Summer Of My Dreams"
        "Angel Standin' By"
        "I Knew This Place"
        "Midnight On The Water"
 70: "Little Willies," Little Willies [Milking Bull, 3/06] (130)
        "Roly Poly"
        "I'll Never Get Out Of This World Alive"
        "Love Me"
        "Best Of All Possible Worlds"
        "Roll On"
        "Easy As The Rain"
 71: "In The Dirt," Karen Savoca [Alcove, 1/06] (129)
        "In The Dirt"
        "Just Let Go"
        "Give Me A Kiss"
        "16 Windmills"
        "In Trouble With You"
 71: "Postcards," Peter Ostroushko [Red House, 6/06] (129)
        "Manassas Junction"
        "Baghdad Blues"
        "Bemidji Blues"
        "Cashdollar's Berkshire Blues"
        "McCully's Waltz"
 73: "Accidental Pilgrimage," Jen Cass [Blind Justice, 4/06] (128)
        "Dear Mr. President"
        "Standing In Your Memory"
        "I Believe"
        "Small Town Boy"
 73: "All The Roadrunning," Mark Knopfler And Emmylou Harris [Warner, 5/06] (128)
        "This Is Us"
        "Rollin' On"
        "Love And Happiness"
        "All The Roadrunning"
        "Red Staggerwing"
 73: "Songs For Bright Street," Amy Speace [Wildflower, 6/06] (128)
        "Row Row Row"
        "Step Out Of The Shade"
        "Water Landing"
 76: "The Great Divide," Eric Taylor [Blue Ruby, 1/06] (127)
        "The Great Divide"
        "Just Short Of The Line"
        "Bonnie And Avery"
        "Manhattan Mandolin Blues"
 76: "Song Of The Traveling Daughter," Abigail Washburn [Nettwerk, 8/05] (127)
        "Coffee's Cold"
        "Rockabye Dixie"
        "Song Of The Traveling Daughter"
        "Who's Gonna Shoe"
 78: "Ghost Repeater," Jeffrey Foucault [Signature, 5/06] (126)
        "Ghost Repeater"
        "Mesa, Arizona"
        "Americans In Corduroys"
        "One For Sorrow"
        "One Part Love"
 78: "Skunkmello," Guy Davis [Red House, 4/06] (126)
        "Blackberry Ramble"
        "It Takes Love To Make A Home"
        "Hooking Bull At The Landing"
        "Po' Boy, Great Long Ways From Home"
        "Skunkmello's Dance Of The Chickens"
        "Natural Born Eas' Man"
 80: "40 Days," Wailin' Jennys [Red House, 2004] (125)
        "One Voice"
        "Old Man"
        "Heaven When We're Home"
        "Parting Glass"
        "Beautiful Dawn"
 80: "Big Dream Boulevard," Antje Duvekot [Black Wolf, 5/06] (125)
        "Helpless Kiss"
        "Diamond On Your Hand"
 80: "From The Pasture To The Future," The Waybacks [Compass, 4/06] (125)
        "From The Pasture To The Future"
        "Petrified Man"
        "Monkey Pants"
        "Bluebird Waltz"
 80: "Stone And Sand And Sea And Sky," Penny Lang [Borealis, 6/06] (125)
        "Let Me Fly"
        "If I Could Be The Rain"
        "Prairie Sky"
        "One Too Many Mornings"
        "Careless Love"
 84: "Black Cadillac," Rosanne Cash [Capitol, 1/06] (124)
        "Black Cadillac"
        "Radio Operator"
        "I Was Watching You"
        "God Is In The Roses"
        "World Unseen"
 84: "Rogue's Gallery: Pirate Ballads, Sea Songs, And Chanteys," Various Artists [Anti, 8/06] (124)
        "Mingulay Boat Song," Richard Thompson
        "Blood Red Roses," Sting
        "Rolling Sea," Eliza Carthy
        "Turkish Revelry," Loudon Wainwright III
 86: "Long Steel Rail," Riley Baugus [Sugar Hill, 8/06] (122)
        "I'm Troubled"
        "Lonesome Road Blues"
        "Long Steel Rail"
        "What Are They Doing In Heaven"
        "June Apple"
        "Sail Away Ladies"
 87: "Life Short Call Now," Bruce Cockburn [True North, 7/06] (121)
        "Peace March"
        "This Is Baghdad"
        "Slow Down Fast"
        "Life Short Call Now"
 87: "We Will Be Together," David Massengill [Gadfly, 7/06] (121)
        "Talking Dave Van Ronk Blues"
        "Dave Van Ronk's Last Cigar"
        "To Climb A Tree"
        "Somebody Else Not Me"
 89: "Hudson Harding Sampler, Vol. 1: Happy Holidays," Various Artists [Hudson Harding, 12/06] (119)
        "Peace Come Christmas Day," Erik Balkey
        "Welcome In Another Year," Zoe Mulford
        "Christmas Cards," Dave Potts
        "It's About Peace," Bernice Lewis
        "On Christmas Day," Chris Rosser
 89: "The Waking Hour," David Francey [Red House, 2004] (119)
        "The Waking Hour"
        "Morning Train"
        "Highway 95"
        "Sunday Morning"
        "Fourth Of July"
 91: "The Duhks," The Duhks [Sugar Hill, 2/05] (118)
        "Death Came A Knockin"
        "Love Is The Seventh Wave"
        "Mists Of Down Below"
        "Dance Hall Girls"
        "Wagoner's Lad"
 92: "The Art Of Virtue," Adrienne Young And Little Sadie [Addie Belle, 6/05] (117)
        "The Art Of Virtue"
        "Hills And Hollers"
        "Don't Get Weary"
        "My Love Will Keep"
 92: "Defying Gravity," Cheryl Wheeler [Philo, 2/05] (117)
        "Little Road"
        "Since You've Been Gone"
        "Must Be Sinking Now"
        "Summer's Almost Over"
        "It's The Phone"
 92: "Garden Of Days," Jamie Byrd [Rooster Dog, 12/05] (117)
        "Gonna Build Me A Barn"
        "Heart Of The Wood"
        "In A Mirror"
        "String Of Pearls"
        "I Found You"
        "Summer's Night In June"
 95: "A Little Girl. . . A Big 4-Lane," Alecia Nugent [Rounder, 2/06] (116)
        "Muddy River"
        "Too Good To Be True"
        "I Cried All The Way To Kentucky"
        "Breaking New Ground"
        "Meet Me In Heaven Someday"
 95: "Tunesmith Retrofit," Kelly Joe Phelps [Rounder, 8/06] (116)
        "Crow's Nest"
        "Handful Of Arrows"
        "Plumb Line"
        "Big Shaky"
        "Spanish Hands"
 97: "Golden West," Laurie Lewis And The Right Hands [Hightone, 9/06] (115)
        "Rank Stranger"
        "Your Eyes"
        "99 Year Blues"
        "Live Forever"
        "Before The Sun Goes Down"
        "Bury Me In Bluegrass"
 97: "Underdog," Wishing Chair [Self, 5/05] (115)
        "One Real Song"
        "Bully Circus"
        "Outlaw Wedding"
        "Sue Mundy"
 99: "Flying An Unknown Flag," Pete Morton [Harbourtown, 2/06] (113)
        "I'm In Love With Emily Dickinson"
        "Another Train"
        "Busker's Song"
        "Great Gold Sun"
        "Corruption Country"
 99: "The Girl Who Couldn't Fly," Kate Rusby [Compass, 9/05] (113)
        "Game Of All Fours"
        "Mary Blaize"
        "Fare Thee Well"
        "Elfin Knight"
 99: "Half Of My Crime," Annie Gallup [Waterbug, 3/06] (113)
        "14 Days Of Rain"
        "3rd Person"
 99: "Union," Sam Pacetti And Gabriel Valla [Waterbug, 8/06] (113)
        "Dark Horses"
        "Christians And The Outlaws"
        "Wildwood Flower"
        "Ft. Worth Blues"
        "New Angel Song"
        "Lark In The Morning"
103: "Cat Tales: Songs Of The Feline Persuasion," Cindy Mangsen [Compass Rose, 12/05] (112)
        "Rudy's Big Adventure"
        "Guide Cats For The Blind"
        "Cats Of The Coliseum"
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