Compiled by Richard Gillmann from FOLKDJ-L radio playlists
Based on 146403 airplays from 272 different DJs

  1: "Flower Of Avalon," Tracy Grammer [Signature, 4/05] (434)
        "Laughlin Boy"
        "Gypsy Rose"
        "Mother, I Climbed"
        "Hey Ho"
        "Hard To Make It"
        "Preston Miller"
        "Shadows Of Evangeline"
        "Any Way I Do"
        "Winter When He Goes"
  2: "The Duhks," The Duhks [Sugar Hill, 2/05] (426)
        "Death Came A Knockin"
        "Dance Hall Girls"
        "Wagoner's Lad"
        "Mists Of Down Below"
        "Love Is The Seventh Wave"
        "True Religion"
        "Everybody Knows"
        "Magnolia Set"
        "You And I"
        "Gene's Machine"
  3: "Paradise Hotel," Eliza Gilkyson [Red House, 8/05] (384)
        "Man Of God"
        "When You Walk On"
        "Calm Before The Storm"
        "Paradise Hotel"
        "Is It Like Today"
        "Think About You"
        "Jedidiah 1777"
  4: "Fair And Square," John Prine [Oh Boy, 4/05] (335)
        "Crazy As A Loon"
        "Long Monday"
        "Glory Of True Love"
        "Morning Train"
        "Clay Pigeons"
        "My Darlin' Hometown"
        "Some Humans Ain't Human"
        "I Hate It When That Happens To Me"
        "Other Side Of Town"
        "Taking A Walk"
  5: "The Waking Hour," David Francey [Red House, 9/04] (278)
        "The Waking Hour"
        "Morning Train"
        "Highway 95"
        "Sunday Morning"
        "Tonight In My Dreams"
        "Fourth Of July"
        "Ankle Tattoo"
  6: "Blues And Lamentations," Kate Campbell [Large River, 8/05] (276)
        "Miles Of Blues"
        "Pans Of Biscuits"
        "Freedom Train"
        "Lord, Help The Poor And Needy"
        "Peace Comes Stealing Slow"
        "Genesis Blues"
        "Lay Back The Darkness"
        "New Blues"
  7: "Stolen Moments," Alison Brown [Compass, 5/05] (273)
        "Homeward Bound"
        "Sound Of Summer Running"
        "Prayer Wheel"
        "Magnificent 7"
        "One Morning In May"
        "McIntyre Heads South"
        "Pirate Queen"
  8: "She Waits For Night," Uncle Earl [Rounder, 7/05] (267)
        "Walkin' In My Sleep"
        "Sugar Babe"
        "Take These Chains"
        "There Is A Time"
        "Willie Taylor"
        "Booth Shot Lincoln"
        "Pale Moon"
        "Ida Red"
        "How Long"
  9: "Land Of Milk And Honey," Eliza Gilkyson [Red House, 3/04] (262)
        "Peace Call"
        "Hiway 9"
        "Milk And Honey"
        "Tender Mercies"
        "Runnin' Away"
        "Ballad Of Yvonne Johnson"
 10: "Defying Gravity," Cheryl Wheeler [Philo, 2/05] (256)
        "Little Road"
        "It's The Phone"
        "Since You've Been Gone"
        "Summer's Almost Over"
        "Defying Gravity"
        "On The Plane"
 11: "Let Em Run," The Bills [Red House, 7/04] (254)
        "Let Em Run"
        "Old Blue Bridge"
        "Nowhere To Be"
        "Bamfield's John Vanden"
        "Which Way Away"
        "Oeil Au Beurre Noir"
 12: "40 Days," Wailin' Jennys [Red House, 4/04] (250)
        "One Voice"
        "Beautiful Dawn"
        "Old Man"
        "Parting Glass"
        "Heaven When We're Home"
 13: "Redbird," Kris Delmhorst, Jeffrey Foucault And Peter Mulvey [Signature, 2/05] (245)
        "Buckets Of Rain"
        "Hold On"
        "Whole World Round"
 14: "Lonely Runs Both Ways," Alison Krauss And Union Station [Rounder, 11/04] (241)
        "My Poor Old Heart"
        "Goodbye Is All We Have"
        "Pastures Of Plenty"
        "Crazy As Me"
        "Rain Please Go Away"
        "Unionhouse Branch"
 15: "Hearts In Mind," Nanci Griffith [New Door, 2/05] (240)
        "Simple Life"
        "I Love This Town"
        "Heart Of Indochine"
        "Last Train Home"
        "Big Blue Ball Of War"
 16: "Half A Million Miles," The Kennedys [Appleseed, 7/05] (213)
        "Chimes Of Freedom"
        "Half A Million Miles"
        "How Will I Ever Be Simple Again"
        "Midnight Ghost"
 17: "These Times We're Living In," Various Artists [Red House, 2/05] (208)
        "Riverside," John Gorka
        "Arlington," Wailin' Jennys
        "Cept You And Me Babe," Greg Brown
        "River Road," Jimmy Lafave
        "Coast," Eliza Gilkyson
        "Land Of The Living," Lucy Kaplansky
        "We All Need More Kindness In This World," Guy Davis
 18: "Where The Mangoes Are," Kate McDonnell [Appleseed, 2/05] (204)
        "Railroad Bill"
        "Go Down Moses"
        "Goodbye Song"
        "Lemon Marmalade"
 19: "Signature Sounds 10th Anniversary Collection," Various Artists [Signature, 9/04] (200)
        "Long Time Traveling," Rani Arbo And Daisy Mayhem
        "You Must Slumber," Dave Carter And Tracy Grammer
        "5 Days In May," Salamander Crossing
        "Shades Of Black, Shades Of Blue," Richard Shindell
        "Ain't No Train," Kris Delmhorst
        "Ignorance," Lori McKenna
 20: "Fiddler's Green," Tim O'Brien [Sugar Hill, 8/05] (193)
        "Early Morning Rain"
        "Pretty Fair Maid In The Garden"
        "Look Down That Lonesome Road"
        "Buffalo Skinners"
        "Fiddler's Green"
        "Train On The Island"
        "Long Black Veil"
 21: "The Art Of Virtue," Adrienne Young And Little Sadie [Addie Belle, 6/05] (191)
        "The Art Of Virtue"
        "Hills And Hollers"
        "Jump The Broom"
        "Don't Get Weary"
        "My Sin Is Pride"
        "Bonaparte's Retreat/My Love Is In America"
 21: "Mercy Now," Mary Gauthier [Lost Highway, 2/05] (191)
        "Mercy Now"
        "Wheel Inside The Wheel"
        "I Drink"
        "Prayer Without Words"
        "Empty Spaces"
        "It Ain't The Wind, It's The Rain"
 23: "Blue Nightfall," Jimmy Lafave [Red House, 3/05] (185)
        "River Road"
        "Bohemian Cowboy Blues"
        "Rain Falling Down"
        "Shining On Through"
        "Sweet Sweet Love"
        "Blue Nightfall"
 23: "Woodyboye," Joel Rafael Band [Appleseed, 4/05] (185)
        "This Train Is Bound For Glory"
        "Way Over Yonder In The Minor Key"
        "Ramblin' Reckless Hobo"
        "Rangers Command"
        "Dance Around My Atom Fire"
        "Sierra Blanca Massacre"
 25: "Hotwalker," Tom Russell [Hightone, 3/05] (181)
        "Beat Folk"
        "Van Ronk"
        "America The Beautiful"
 26: "I Walk The Road Again," Happy Traum [Roaring Stream, 8/05] (172)
        "Blues Ain't Nothin"
        "Tonight I'll Be Staying Here With You"
        "Step It Up And Go"
        "Danville Girl"
        "Empty Pocket Blues"
        "Fare Thee Well, Marianne"
 27: "Love, Hope And Transportation," Malvinas [Self, 11/04] (167)
        "Sweet And Sunny South"
        "Eve Takes The Fall"
        "Eastward Bound"
        "St. Anthony"
 27: "Why Should The Fire Die?," Nickel Creek [Sugar Hill, 8/05] (167)
        "Tomorrow Is A Long Time"
        "When In Rome"
        "Scotch And Chocolate"
        "Somebody More Like You"
 29: "Breakfast," Kate MacLeod And The Pancakes [Waterbug, 4/05] (166)
        "Handsome Molly"
        "Potter's Wheel"
        "Time Passes Slowly"
        "Whole World Round"
        "Thirst Quencher"
        "Prodigal Son"
 30: "The Girl Who Couldn't Fly," Kate Rusby [Compass, 9/05] (165)
        "Game Of All Fours"
        "Elfin Knight"
        "Wandering Soul"
        "No Names"
        "Mary Blaize"
        "You Belong To Me"
 30: "Sparks In The Radio," Jim Photoglo [Grifftone, 4/05] (165)
        "Hillbilly Hollywood"
        "Sparks In The Radio"
        "This Train Keeps Rollin"
        "Fishin' In The Dark"
        "That's Love To Me"
        "Heatwave In The Delta"
 32: "Cornbread Nation," Tim O'Brien [Sugar Hill, 8/05] (163)
        "Cornbread Nation"
        "Hold On"
        "House Of The Rising Sun"
        "Running Out Of Memory"
        "California Blues"
 33: "No Direction Home," Bob Dylan [Columbia, 8/05] (162)
        "Song To Woody"
        "When The Ship Comes In"
        "Man Of Constant Sorrow"
        "She Belongs To Me"
        "Hard Rain's A-Gonna Fall"
 34: "Ragin' Live," Rhonda Vincent And The Rage [Rounder, 3/05] (161)
        "One Step Ahead Of The Blues"
        "Drivin' Nails In My Coffin"
        "Kentucky Borderline"
        "Missouri Moon"
 35: "Two Wings," Lauren Sheehan [Wilson River, 10/05] (159)
        "2 Wings"
        "Red Rocking Chair"
        "Are You Tired Of Me?"
        "Lonesome Day Blues"
        "Drunk Man Blues"
        "Won't You Be Kind"
 36: "The Back Fields," Tim Grimm [Wind River, 10/05] (158)
        "People's Highway"
        "Lost And Found"
        "Everybody's Gone Crazy"
        "My Turn"
        "Autumn Garden"
        "Girl From The North Country"
 36: "Remembering Rachel: Songs Of Rachel Bissex," Various Artists [Self, 8/05] (158)
        "Just Like That," Dar Williams With Patty Larkin
        "For Florence," Ellen Bukstel, Kate McDonnell, Siobhan Quinn
        "Oh Jackson," Ruthie Foster
        "Welcome To The Game," Tracy Grammer And Jim Henry
        "In White Light," Jennifer Kimball With Catie Curtis
 36: "Unfamiliar Moon," Vance Gilbert [Self, 12/04] (158)
        "That Front Porch Song"
        "Your Brighter Day"
        "Unfamiliar Moon"
        "10 Thousand Skies"
        "Alone Down Here"
        "Leaving Avon"
 39: "My Better Self," Dar Williams [Razor & Tie, 9/05] (155)
        "Teen For God"
        "You Rise And Meet The Day"
        "Everybody Knows This Is Nowhere"
        "Comfortably Numb"
 40: "A Brief History," The Waifs [Compass, 1/05] (152)
        "Don't Think Twice, It's Alright"
        "Bridal Train"
        "When I Die"
 40: "New Moon," Northern Lights [Fifty Fifty, 4/05] (152)
        "Listen To The Radio"
        "Blue Chalk"
        "Oh, Lady Be Good"
        "Sit Down Servant"
        "Blue Yodel No. 4"
        "Lonely Moon"
 42: "Tale Of Two Americas," Rod MacDonald [Wind River, 6/05] (151)
        "Lucky Ones"
        "Tale Of 2 Americas"
        "Ray And Ron"
 42: "Thugs And Lovers," J.P. Jones [Self, 2/05] (151)
        "Man Stands Up"
        "Temporary Blues"
        "Not Your Business Now"
 44: "Vuelta," Richard Shindell [Koch, 8/04] (146)
        "Waist Deep In The Big Muddy"
        "So Says The Whipporwill"
        "Hazel's House"
        "Last Fare Of The Day"
 45: "Lost Hills," Terence Martin [Good Dog, 6/05] (145)
        "East Of The River"
        "Hank Williams"
        "Sleep Faster"
        "Lost Hills"
        "Next Best Thing"
        "Empty Pockets"
 46: "American Jukebox Fables," Ellis Paul [Philo, 4/05] (144)
        "Blacktop Train"
        "Jukebox On My Grave"
        "Kiss The Sun"
        "She Was"
        "Take All The Sky You Need"
 47: "The Farthest Wave," Cathie Ryan [Shanachie, 4/05] (141)
        "Be Like The Sea"
        "Wild Flowers"
        "Follow The Heron"
        "Rough And Rocky"
        "What's Closest To The Heart"
        "The Farthest Wave"
        "Peata Beag Do Mhathar"
 47: "Waiting For The Water," Pat Wictor [RiskyDisc, 9/04] (141)
        "Love Is The Water"
        "Don't Dig My Grave Too Deep"
        "Where Did You Go?"
        "Sleep Easy"
        "Hard Time Killing Floor Blues"
        "Train I Ride"
        "Shake These Blues"
 49: "Names," Tim Grimm [Wind River, 10/04] (140)
        "Pretty Boy Floyd"
        "Jackie Brown"
        "Lady Maisry"
        "Lula Walls"
        "Barbara Allen"
 50: "Weather And Water," The Greencards [Dualtone, 6/05] (139)
        "Weather And Water"
        "Almost Home"
        "Ghost Of Who We Were"
        "Like A Melody"
        "Marty's Kitchen"
 51: "Drum Hat Buddha," Dave Carter And Tracy Grammer [Signature, 2001] (134)
        "Ordinary Town"
        "Gentle Arms Of Eden"
        "I Go Like The Raven"
        "Gentle Soldier Of My Soul"
 51: "For The Women," Enoch Kent [Second Avenue, 1/05] (134)
        "Sewing Machines"
        "Come Me Little Son"
        "Tyne Boatman"
        "Green Grow The Rashes"
        "Women O' Dundee"
        "Beggin' Man"
 51: "Make It Through This World," Greg Trooper [Sugar Hill, 4/05] (134)
        "Green Eyed Girl"
        "Dream Away The Blues"
        "Make It Through This World"
        "No Higher Ground"
        "When I Think Of You My Friends"
        "Don't Let It Go To Waste"
 54: "Love Call Me Home," Peggy Seeger [Appleseed, 4/05] (133)
        "Sing About These Hard Times"
        "Love Call Me Home"
        "Poor Ellen Smith"
        "Who Killed Cock Robin?"
 55: "Jiig," Ian Robb [Fallen Angle, 3/05] (132)
        "Chicken On A Raft"
        "Rambling Sailor"
        "Bonny Black Hare"
        "I Should Like To Be A Policeman"
        "Oggie Man"
        "Sweet Thames Flow Softly"
 55: "Migration," David Olney [Loudhouse, 4/05] (132)
        "My Lovely Assistant"
        "Light From Carolina"
        "All The Same To Me"
        "Speak Memory"
        "Ace Of Spade Blues"
 57: "Miles From Home," Jed Marum [Boston Road, 2/05] (130)
        "Miles From Home"
        "Chickahominy River"
        "Mary McGuill"
        "Where The Green Grass Grows"
        "Last Day In May"
 57: "Slide Effects," Phil Leadbetter [Pinecastle, 3/05] (130)
        "California Cotton Fields"
        "Fields Of Gold"
        "Glide Path"
        "Sea Of Tranquility"
        "There's More Pretty Girls Than One"
 59: "Almost Like Tonight," Erica Wheeler [Blue Pie, 2/05] (129)
        "Sober Harley Guys"
        "Maryland County Road"
        "Crazy Love"
 60: "Hymns For The Exiled," Anais Mitchell [Waterbug, 9/04] (127)
        "2 Kids"
        "Before The Eyes Of Storytelling Girls"
        "Hymn For The Exiled"
        "I Wear Your Dress"
        "Quecreek Flood"
 60: "The Outsider," Rodney Crowell [Columbia, 8/05] (127)
        "Shelter From The Storm"
        "Don't Get Me Started"
        "Ignorance Is The Enemy"
        "Beautiful Despair"
        "The Outsider"
 62: "Fall Down As The Rain," Joe Crookston [Milagrito, 3/04] (124)
        "Fall Down As The Rain"
        "Sylvan Song"
        "Good Stuff"
 63: "Verdant Mile," Tracy Grammer [Self, 8/04] (118)
        "Verdant Mile"
        "Wasn't Born To Follow"
        "Solitary Man"
        "Old Paint"
        "This Dirty Little Town"
        "When I Reach The Place I'm Goin"
 64: "The Other Evening In Chicago," Bob Franke [Waterbug, 7/05] (117)
        "Alleluia, The Great Storm Is Over"
        "Hard Love"
        "Thanksgiving Eve"
 65: "The Only Word," Kat Eggleston [Redwing, 6/05] (116)
        "Measure For Measure"
        "Only Word / Clumsy Lover"
 66: "Luv Songs For Grownups," The Dreamsicles [Self, 7/05] (115)
        "Nobody Said"
        "Really Good At Loving You"
        "Let's Stay Together"
        "What We Know Now"
 67: "Come On Back," Jimmie Dale Gilmore [Rounder, 8/05] (114)
        "Gotta Travel On"
        "Standin' On The Corner"
        "Saginaw, Michigan"
        "I'll Never Get Out Of This World Alive"
        "I'm Movin' On"
 68: "Calico," Erynn Marshall [Merriweather, 6/05] (113)
        "Boat's Up The River"
        "Davy Come Back And Act Like You Oughta"
        "Hard For To Love"
        "Carroll County Blues"
 68: "Grascals," Grascals [Rounder, 2/05] (113)
        "Leavin's Heavy On My Mind"
        "Me And John And Paul"
        "Viva Las Vegas"
        "Sally Goodin"
        "Where Corn Don't Grow"
 68: "Grey County," Tim Harrison [Second Avenue, 1/05] (113)
        "Pack Up Your Sorrows"
        "Canada Gander's Lament"
        "Don Quixote's Dream"
        "Grey County Winter"
        "Never Bound By Time"
 68: "O Brother, Where Art Thou? Soundtrack," Various Artists [Mercury, 2000] (113)
        "I Am A Man Of Constant Sorrow," Soggy Bottom Boys
        "I'll Fly Away," Alison Krauss And Gillian Welch
        "Down To The River To Pray," Alison Krauss
        "Big Rock Candy Mountain," Harry McClintock
 72: "40," Larry Sparks [Rebel, 3/05] (112)
        "Blues Stay Away From Me"
        "John Deere Tractor"
        "Carter's Blues"
        "Georgia Peaches"
 72: "Beyond Borders," Andrew McKnight [Falling Mountain, 1/05] (112)
        "Hard Times In The Heartland"
        "Good Things Matter"
        "Beyond Borders"
        "How High The Mountain"
 72: "Impossible Dream," Patty Griffin [ATO, 4/04] (112)
        "Useless Desires"
        "Love Throw A Line"
        "Kite Song"
        "Cold As It Gets"
        "Top Of The World"
 72: "Live At The Newburyport Firehouse," Dry Branch Fire Squad [Rounder, 1/05] (112)
        "He's Coming To Us Dead"
        "Orphan Child"
        "50 Miles Of Elbow Room"
 72: "Waiting For An Echo," Solas [Shanachie, 2/05] (112)
        "Silver Dagger"
        "Coconut Dog/Morning Dew"
        "Hanover Reel/John James' Reel/The Copperplate"
        "On A Sea Of Fleur De Lis"
        "Night Visit"
 72: "Yellow," Cary Cooper [Hudson Harding, 10/05] (112)
        "I Feel The Earth Move"
        "Hannah Hold Your Heart"
        "All The Ways You Give Yourself Away"
 78: "Hop High," Crooked Still [Footprint, 8/04] (111)
        "Angeline The Baker"
        "Darling Corey"
        "Orphan Girl"
        "Shady Grove"
        "Lulu Gal"
 78: "Let My People Go!," Kim And Reggie Harris & Rabbi Jonathan Kligler [Appleseed, 2/05] (111)
        "What's That I Hear"
        "In The Mississippi River"
        "Freedom Road"
        "We Shall Overcome: Evolution Of A Song"
        "Remembering Phil Ochs"
 78: "Like Water," Paul Kamm And Eleanore MacDonald [Freewheel, 9/05] (111)
        "Judas Silver"
        "End Of The Season"
        "Starlight On The Rails"
        "Like Water"
        "Peace Jumpers"
        "Talking About Freedom"
 81: "Chasing The Sun," Karan Casey [Shanachie, 4/05] (110)
        "When Will We All Be Free"
        "Mother Earth's Revenge"
        "Chasing The Sun"
        "Keg Of Brandy"
        "Lady Mary Anne"
 81: "Parlor Guitar," Joel Mabus [Fossil, 9/05] (110)
        "Tishomingo Blues"
        "You Made Me Love You"
        "I'm Just Wild About Harry/Avalon"
        "They Didn't Believe Me"
 83: "Campfire," Melwood Cutlery [Borealis, 5/05] (108)
        "Ballad Of The Moonlight Lady"
        "Jimmy's Room"
        "I Wonder"
 84: "New Century Suite," Michael J. Miles [Self, 4/05] (107)
        "Vincent Black Lightning"
        "When Things Go Wrong"
        "New Century Suite III And Iv"
        "Opus 822"
        "Firefly Sonata I"
 85: "The Tide," Lucy Kaplansky [Red House, 9/05] (106)
        "I've Just Seen A Face"
        "My Name Joe"
        "The Tide"
        "Texas Blues"
        "When I Get To The Border"
 86: "Devils And Dust," Bruce Springsteen [Columbia, 4/05] (105)
        "Devils And Dust"
        "Jesus Was An Only Son"
        "Silver Palomino"
        "All I'm Thinkin' About"
 86: "Rock That Babe," The Mammals [Signature, 4/04] (105)
        "Fall On My Knees"
        "Bush Boys"
        "Quite Early Morning"
        "D Medley"
        "John Henry"
 86: "Song Of The Traveling Daughter," Abigail Washburn [Nettwerk, 8/05] (105)
        "Coffee's Cold"
        "Song Of The Traveling Daughter"
        "Rockabye Dixie"
        "Single Drop Of Honey"
 86: "You Can't Save Everybody," Kieran Kane And Kevin Welch [Compass, 7/04] (105)
        "You Can't Save Everybody"
        "Everybody's Working For The Man Again"
        "Just Like That"
        "Till I'm Too Old To Die Young"
        "Hillbilly Blue"
 90: "Great Big World," Pierce Pettis [Compass, 8/04] (104)
        "Alabama 1959"
        "Another Day In Limbo"
        "Great Big World"
        "Rodeo Around The World"
        "Black Sheep Boy"
 91: "Exploration," Sarah Lee Guthrie And Johnny Irion [New West, 3/05] (103)
        "Dr. King"
        "Holdin' Back"
        "In Lieu Of Flowers"
        "Gotta Prove"
        "Cease Fire"
        "Mornin's Over"
 91: "Red Dog Tracks," Chip Taylor And Carrie Rodriguez [Back Porch, 5/05] (103)
        "Must Be The Whiskey"
        "Oh Set A Light"
        "Red Dog Tracks"
        "Keep Your Hat On Jenny"
        "Wonder Of You"
 93: "Wayward Angel," Kasey Chambers [Warner, 9/04] (101)
        "Wayward Angel"
        "Follow You Home"
 94: "Ready To Receive," Claudia Russell [Radio Rhythm, 5/05] (100)
        "Ready To Receive"
        "Tonight I'll Be Stayin' Here With You"
        "Oh California"
 95: "Laughing In The Face Of The Blues," Jack Williams [Wind River, 10/05] (99)
        "Laughing In The Face Of The Blues"
        "Meet Me Mama"
        "Buckets Of Rain"
        "High Cotton"
        "Lay Down By The Water"
 95: "The Red Thread," Lucy Kaplansky [Red House, 1/04] (99)
        "I Had Something"
        "Land Of The Living"
        "This Is Home"
        "The Red Thread"
        "Line In The Sand"
 97: "The Road West," John Reischman And The Jaybirds [Corvus, 1/05] (98)
        "Blackberry Bramble"
        "Hop High My Lulu Gal"
        "Travelin' The Road West"
        "You'll Find Her Name"
        "Home Sweet Home"
 97: "Waves," Eric Andersen [Appleseed, 10/05] (98)
        "Thirsty Boots"
        "Ramblin' Boy"
        "Bold Marauder"
        "Today Is The Highway"
 99: "Five Star Day," Liz Carlisle [Self, 8/05] (97)
        "Feels Like Home"
        "9/8 Central"
        "True Love's Hand"
        "Little Sadie"
 99: "Old Time Mojo," Mike Stevens And Raymond McLain [Borealis, 2/05] (97)
        "I Am A Pilgrim"
        "Wabash Cannonball"
        "Blowin' Up A Storm"
        "Johnny B. Goode"
 99: "Wayward Son," John Doyle [Compass, 7/05] (97)
        "Gallant Poacher"
        "Apprentice Boy"
        "Cocks Are Crowing"
        "Jack Dolan"
        "Bitter The Parting"
102: "Drive," Night Sun [Borealis, 2/05] (96)
        "Don't Count Riches"
        "Canadian Song"
        "All I Do Is Drive"
        "Going Down The Road Feeling Bad"
        "Jolie Pantalon"
103: "Live In Sydney," Arlo Guthrie [Rising Son, 8/05] (95)
        "City Of New Orleans"
        "St. James Infirmary"
        "Me And Bobby McGee"
        "Remembering Alice"
103: "Regulars And Refugees," Carrie Newcomer [Philo, 8/05] (95)
        "Angels Unaware"
        "Be True"
        "All Saint's Day"
        "Nothing's Ever Wasted"
        "Alice And Roy"
103: "Run," Old School Freight Train [Acoustic Disc, 5/05] (95)
        "Louisiana 1927"
        "Henry Brown"
        "Mr. Parshif's Jig"
103: "Seeds: The Songs Of Pete Seeger, Vol. 3," Pete Seeger & Friends [Appleseed, 2003] (95)
        "Bring Them Home"
        "Take It From Dr. King"
        "Precious Friend," Holly Near And Ronnie Gilbert
107: "Here Come The Choppers," Loudon Wainwright III [Sovereign Artists, 4/05] (94)
        "Hank And Fred"
        "No Sure Way"
        "God's Country"
        "Had To Be Her"
107: "Weiser Sunrise," Foghorn String Band [Nettwerk, 8/05] (94)
        "Wink The Other Eye"
        "Kicking Up The Devil On A Holiday"
        "Sleepy Eyed Joe"
        "All Night Long"
        "Stagger Lee"
109: "Beautiful Dreamer: The Songs Of Stephen Foster," Various Artists [American Roots, 8/04] (93)
        "Camptown Races," Duhks
        "Hard Times Come Again No More," Mavis Staples
        "Gentle Annie," Ollabelle
        "My Old Kentucky Home," John Prine
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245: "Soul Journey," Gillian Welch [Acony, 2003] (56)
        "Look At Miss Ohio"
        "One Little Song"
        "No One Knows My Name"
248: "Across The Bridge," Drew Emmitt [Compass, 8/05] (55)
        "Meet Me In The Morning"
        "Up Where We Are"
        "All Night Ride"
248: "My Treasure," Anna Wolfe [Self, 8/05] (55)
        "Jane's Song"
        "I Take Notice Of Kindness"
        "My Treasure"
248: "Sing Me Out," Kate Campbell [Compadre, 8/04] (55)
        "Jesus And Tomatoes"
        "Older Angel"
        "Waiting For The Weather To Break"
248: "Texas," Audrey Auld Mezera [Reckless, 3/05] (55)
        "Ball And Chain"
        "Love You Like The Earth"