Compiled by Richard Gillmann from FOLKDJ-L radio playlists
Based on 10964 airplays.

  1: "Forget About It," Alison Krauss (44)
        "Forget About It" (9)
        "Ghost In This House" (8)
        "Never Got Off The Ground" (6)
        "Stay" (5)
        "Could You Lie" (4)
        "Dreaming My Dreams With You" (4)
        "It Wouldn't Have Made Any Difference" (3)
        "It Don't Matter Now" (2)
        "Maybe" (2)
        "That Kind Of Love"
  1: "Long Ride," Ramblin' Jack Elliott (44)
        "Cup Of Coffee" (8)
        "Sky Above, The Mud Below" (8)
        "Connection" (6)
        "Ranger's Command" (5)
        "Picture From Life's Other Side" (4)
        "St. James Infirmary" (4)
        "Diamond Joe" (3)
        "East Virginia Blues" (3)
        "True Blue Jeans"
        "With God On Our Side"
  3: "Truth Of A Woman," Kristina Olsen (42)
        "Rainy Night In Chinatown" (9)
        "Truth Of A Woman" (7)
        "If I Stayed" (5)
        "Yellow Piper" (5)
        "Part Time Love" (4)
        "Between This Woman And This Man" (3)
        "Big O" (3)
        "Headlights On The Highway" (2)
        "Spend The Whole Night With You" (2)
        "Blue Piper"
        "Phoebe's Iceberg"
  4: "Paradise Lost And Found," Anne Hills And Michael Smith (41)
        "Dutchman" (7)
        "We Become Birds" (5)
        "I Will" (4)
        "Painted Horse" (4)
        "Paterson Summer" (4)
        "Danger" (3)
        "Disappearing Heart" (3)
        "Spoon River" (3)
        "Roll Me Home" (2)
        "Silken Dreams" (2)
        "Stranded In The Moonlight" (2)
        "This Rain" (2)
  5: "Sleepless," Kate Rusby (36)
        "Our Town" (7)
        "Cobbler's Daughter" (6)
        "Fairest Of All Yarrow" (3)
        "I Wonder What Is Keeping My True Love This Night" (3)
        "Unquiet Grave" (3)
        "Wild Goose" (3)
        "All God's Angels" (2)
        "Duke And The Tinker" (2)
        "Sho Heen" (2)
        "Sleepless Sailor" (2)
        "Sweet Bride" (2)
  6: "Bluegrass Sessions," Bela Fleck (32)
        "Blue Mountain Hop" (7)
        "Ode To Earl" (5)
        "Polka On The Banjo" (5)
        "Buffalo Nickel" (3)
        "Clarinet Polka" (2)
        "Spanish Point" (2)
        "Do You Have Room"
        "Foggy Moutain Special"
        "Home Sweet Home"
        "Major Honker"
        "Old Jellico, Puddle Jumper, Dead Man's Hill"
        "Over Grown Waltz"
        "When Joy Kills Sorrow"
  7: "He Didn't Dance," Cucanandy (30)
        "Milky Way" (6)
        "Munster Jigs" (3)
        "Where The Highland Thistle Grows" (3)
        "Breton An Dros" (2)
        "Cape Breton Set" (2)
        "Cucannandy" (2)
        "Gort Reels" (2)
        "Pretty Little Girl" (2)
        "Road To Ballinakill" (2)
        "Callin Rua"
        "Emigrants Farewell"
        "Irish Jigs"
        "Mouth Music Set"
        "My Buachaillin Donn"
        "Wounded Hoosier"
  7: "In My Hands," Natalie MacMaster (30)
        "New York Jig" (5)
        "Flamenco Fling" (4)
        "Mom's Jig" (3)
        "Olympic Reel" (3)
        "Blue Bonnetts Over The Border" (2)
        "Get Me Through December" (2)
        "In My Hands/New York Jig/Get Me Through December" (2)
        "Moxham Castle" (2)
        "Father John Macleod's Jig"
        "Flora Macdonald"
        "In My Hands And Flamenco Fling"
        "In My Hands, Welcome To The Trossachs, Gramma"
        "Welcome To The Trossachs"
  7: "Sparrow's Wing," Garnet Rogers (30)
        "Edge Of The Earth" (7)
        "Under The Summer Moonlight" (6)
        "Come Again" (4)
        "Cricket Dance" (3)
        "Next Turn Of The Wheel" (3)
        "All That Is" (2)
        "Stormfront" (2)
        "These Broken Hills" (2)
 10: "I Feel Like Singing Today," Jim Lauderdale And Ralph Stanley (29)
        "I Feel Like Singing Today" (10)
        "Highway Through My Home" (3)
        "Maple On The Hill" (3)
        "I Will Wait For You" (2)
        "Joy, Joy, Joy" (2)
        "Who Will Sing For Me" (2)
        "You'll Find Her Name Written There" (2)
        "Fly Lovebird Fly," Mountain Boys
        "I Wish Today Could Be Tommorrow"
        "What About You"
        "Who Thought The Railroad Wouldn't Last"
        "World Is Not My Home"
 11: "Crash Course In Roses," Catie Curtis (26)
        "Hundred Miles" (6)
        "What's The Matter" (5)
        "Burn Your Own House Down" (3)
        "Start Again" (3)
        "Magnolia Street" (2)
        "Roses" (2)
        "World Don't Owe Me" (2)
        "Gave Me Love"
        "I'll Cover You"
        "Wise To The Ways"
 11: "Where Blue Meets Blue," Andrew Calhoun (26)
        "Hello In There" (5)
        "River Song" (4)
        "Vancouver" (4)
        "Buffalo" (2)
        "Garage" (2)
        "King" (2)
        "Politics" (2)
        "Cows In The Road"
        "Portrait Of A Girl And Her Parents"
        "Roads In Disrepair"
        "Some Roads In Disrepair/Buffalo/The King/Hello In There"
        "Wild Birds"
 13: "Breaking Down To 3," Dave Moore (25)
        "Big Fool For You" (7)
        "Midnight" (4)
        "Mr. Music" (4)
        "Down To The River" (2)
        "Let's Take Our Time And Do It Right" (2)
        "Painting This Room" (2)
        "All The Time In The World"
        "Big Drafty House"
        "Magic Dust"
        "Shark's Don't Sleep"
 13: "Tall Tales," Hot Club Of Cowtown (25)
        "Draggin' The Bow" (5)
        "Sally Goodin" (4)
        "There'll Be Some Changes Made" (3)
        "Bonaparte's Retreat" (2)
        "I Laugh When I Think How I Cried Over You" (2)
        "Red Hot Mama" (2)
        "Wildcat" (2)
        "Darling You And I Are Through"
        "Joe Bob Rag"
        "Polka Dots And Moonbeams"
        "You Can't Take It With You"
 15: "Drag Queens In Limousines," Mary Gauthier (24)
        "Drag Queens In Limousines" (8)
        "Lifetime" (4)
        "Our Lady Of The Shooting Stars" (4)
        "I Drink" (3)
        "Karla Faye" (3)
        "Different Kind Of Gone"
        "Jackie's Train"
 16: "Casting Shadows," Leigh Hilger (23)
        "Blow Bugle Blow" (4)
        "Willi Brown" (4)
        "Rosalee" (3)
        "Ballad Of Silas Ebb" (2)
        "Moments Full Of Emptiness" (2)
        "Rushing Water" (2)
        "Spend Your Days With Me" (2)
        "You Have No Right" (2)
        "Kurt's Song," Leah Hilger
        "Running Water"
 17: "Retrograss," Grisman, Hartford And Seeger (22)
        "Memphis" (4)
        "Sittin' On The Dock Of The Bay" (3)
        "Uncle Pen" (3)
        "Maggie's Farm" (2)
        "Maybelline" (2)
        "My Walking Shoes" (2)
        "Jerusalem Ridge"
        "Old Home Place"
        "Rocky Road Blues"
        "Room At The Top Of The Stairs"
        "When I'm Sixty-4"
        "Windy Mountain"
 17: "Short Stories," Tom Kimmel (22)
        "Blue Highway" (3)
        "Crying Ground" (3)
        "Nobody's Business" (3)
        "Poetic Justice" (3)
        "Angels" (2)
        "Bigger Than The Both Of Us" (2)
        "Walk The Walk" (2)
        "Can't Get You Out Of My System"
        "On To Something"
        "That's What I Love About Rain"
        "Tip Of My Tongue"
 17: "Simple Gearle," Stacey Earle (22)
        "Show Me How" (4)
        "Losers Weep" (3)
        "Next Door Down" (3)
        "Simple Gearle" (3)
        "Just Another Day" (2)
        "Waiting-Wedding Night" (2)
        "Cried My Heart Out"
        "If It Weren't For You"
        "In My Way"
        "Silly You"
        "Weekend Runaways"
 17: "Traveler's Code," Darryl Purpose (22)
        "Last Great Kiss Of The 20th Century" (6)
        "Mr. Schwinn" (4)
        "Child Of Hearts" (3)
        "Ring On My Hand" (2)
        "Traveler's Code" (2)
        "True As The River" (2)
        "For The Story"
        "Smoke And Mirrors"
 21: "Blue Highway," Blue Highway (21)
        "Born With A Hammer In My Hand" (9)
        "I Hung My Head" (2)
        "Lonely Old Town" (2)
        "Lonesome Hearted Blues" (2)
        "Man Of Constant Sorrow" (2)
        "Clay And Ottie"
        "Don't Come Out Of The Hole"
        "I'm A Man Of Constant Sorrow"
        "It Wasn't You"
 21: "The Crossing," Tim O'Brien (21)
        "John Riley" (5)
        "Ireland's Green Shore" (3)
        "Mountaineer Is Always Free" (3)
        "Crossing" (2)
        "Kid On The Mountain" (2)
        "Wagoners's Lad" (2)
        "Into The West"
        "Rod Mcneil"
        "Talkin' Cavan"
 21: "Hear That Wind Howl," Geoff Bartley (21)
        "Dying Crapshooter's Blues" (4)
        "Come On In My Kitchen" (3)
        "Lemonade And Everything They Told Me" (3)
        "Sittin' On Top Of The World" (3)
        "Crossroads Blues" (2)
        "Denomination Blues" (2)
        "Fullerton Street Strut"
        "If I Had Possession Over Judgement Day"
        "No Money Down"
        "Papa's On The Housetop"
 21: "Shine Eyed Mister Zen," Kelly Joe Phelps (21)
        "Hobo's Son" (6)
        "Dock Boggs Country Blues" (5)
        "Good Night Irene" (2)
        "House Carpenter" (2)
        "River Rat Jimmy" (2)
        "Wandering Away" (2)
        "Capman Bootman"
        "Doc Boggs Country Blues"
 25: "Laurie Lewis And Her Bluegrass Pals," Laurie Lewis (20)
        "Acony Bell" (6)
        "Tall Pines" (3)
        "Beyond The River Bend" (2)
        "Big Eddy" (2)
        "Hard Luck And Trouble" (2)
        "When I Get Home" (2)
        "Black Waters"
        "Blow, Big Wind"
        "Wind At Play," Laurie Lewis And Her Bluegrass Pals
 25: "Now's The Time," Stephan Smith (20)
        "Peace On Earth" (4)
        "Ballad Of Abner Louima" (3)
        "Movin' Down The Line" (3)
        "Railroad Boy" (3)
        "Another Man Down" (2)
        "Now's The Time" (2)
        "All Together Now," Stephen Smith
        "Chickadee Boom"
        "I Need To Know," Stephen Smith
 25: "Simple Path," Irene Kelley (20)
        "Dancin' Shoes" (6)
        "Little Bluer Than That" (4)
        "It Wasn't Me" (2)
        "Jealousy" (2)
        "Bluer Than That," Irene Kelly
        "Constant State Of Grace"
        "Never Lookin' Back"
        "O Mexico"
        "One Fine Day"
        "Pilgrim In The Rain"
 28: "Calling On Love," Paul Kamm And Eleanore Macdonald (19)
        "Calling On Love" (8)
        "From Clare To Here" (3)
        "Home" (2)
        "Queen Of Northern Lights" (2)
        "Broken Down On Easy Street"
        "Chasing The Storm"
        "Great Highway," Kamm And Macdonald
        "Last Tango In Paradise"
 28: "Can You Read This Boston?," Various Artists (19)
        "Along The Way," Kevin So (3)
        "Forgiven," Beloved Few (3)
        "Say 'em Strong," Adrianne (3)
        "These 4 Walls," Kyler (3)
        "2 Steps," Gonzalo Silva (2)
        "Truth," Pamela Means (2)
        "Beautiful Boy," Nate Borofsky
        "Hollow Man," Mark Erelli
        "We Could Be Alone," Mercy James
 28: "Grand Hotel," Mad Pudding (19)
        "Grand Hotel" (6)
        "First We Take Manhattan" (3)
        "Leon Accordeon" (2)
        "Celtic Funk Stew," Madd Pudding
        "Leon Acordeon"
        "Michael Freeman"
        "Reel Di Janeiro"
 28: "Hartwell Horn," William Pint And Felicia Dale (19)
        "Simon The King/Give Us A Drink Of Water" (3)
        "White Cockade" (3)
        "2 An Dros In G" (2)
        "Captain Grant" (2)
        "It Was A Lover And His Lass" (2)
        "Sing Ho To The Greenwood" (2)
        "Widow And The Devil" (2)
        "Down With The French"
        "Rufty Tufty"
        "She Moved Through The Faire"
 28: "High Lonesome," Longview (19)
        "I'm Going Home Again" (3)
        "Little Annie" (3)
        "Windy Mountain" (3)
        "High Lonesome" (2)
        "Leavin' Tennessee" (2)
        "Where The Dim Lights Are The Dimmest" (2)
        "Angels Are Singing"
        "Just Wondering Why"
        "Little Georgia Rose," Seldom Scene
        "Voice Of My Savior"
 28: "When I Go," Dave Carter With Tracy Grammer (19)
        "When I Go" (5)
        "The River, Where She Sleeps" (4)
        "Frank To Valentino" (2)
        "Kate And The Ghost Of Lost Love" (2)
        "Lancelot" (2)
        "Don't Tread On Me"
        "Elvis Presley"
        "Grand Prairie Tx Homesick Blues"
        "Little Liza Jane"
 34: "Broken Things," Julie Miller (18)
        "2 Soldiers" (3)
        "Out In The Rain" (3)
        "I Need You" (2)
        "I Still Cry" (2)
        "Orphan Train" (2)
        "2 Brothers"
        "All My Tears"
        "Broken Things"
        "Out Of The Rain"
        "Ride The Wind To Me"
        "Strange Lover"
 34: "Rosaryville," Kate Campbell (18)
        "Fade To Blue" (4)
        "In My Mother's House" (3)
        "Look Away" (3)
        "Rosa's Coronas" (3)
        "Porcelain Blue" (2)
        "Rosaryville" (2)
        "Heart Of Hearts"
 34: "Wagoner's Lad," Mike Craver (18)
        "Wagoner's Lad" (7)
        "Dewberry Place" (2)
        "Down At The Crossroads" (2)
        "Lord Gregory/Big Tree Lodge" (2)
        "One Day When Now Is Gone" (2)
        "Black Randy"
        "Little Brown Bat"
        "Ollie's Song"
 37: "Crusades Of The Restless Knights," Ray Wylie Hubbard (17)
        "Conversation With The Devil" (8)
        "Crows" (3)
        "After The Harvest" (2)
        "River Bed"
        "There Are Some Days"
        "Forgot To Write Song Down"
 37: "Harvest Home," Jay Ungar And Molly Mason (17)
        "Bound For Another Harvest Home" (5)
        "Bonaparte's Retreat/Hoedown" (4)
        "Thanksgiving Waltz" (3)
        "Farmer's Set"
        "Hatmaker's Hoedown"
        "La Chanson De Mardi Gras"
        "Prairie Spring"
        "Solstice Hymn"
 37: "Mock Tudor," Richard Thompson (17)
        "Cooksferry Queen" (5)
        "Walking The Long Miles Home" (4)
        "Sights And Sounds Of London Town" (3)
        "Hope You Like The New Me" (2)
        "Uninhabited Man" (2)
        "Dry My Tears And Move On"
 37: "Western Wall: The Tucson Sessions," Linda Ronstadt And Emmylou Harris (17)
        "Across The Border" (4)
        "1917" (3)
        "For A Dancer" (2)
        "Western Wall" (2)
        "Across The River"
        "All I Left Behind"
        "He Was Mine"
        "Loving The Highway Man"
        "Raise The Dead"
        "Sisters Of Mercy"
 41: "Good Old Boys," John Hartford And The Hartford String Band (16)
        "Good Old Boys" (5)
        "Keep On Truckin'" (4)
        "On The Radio" (3)
        "Cross-Eyed Child" (2)
        "Owl Feather"
        "Waltz Of The Mississippi"
 41: "Live In Texas," Lyle Lovett (16)
        "If I Had A Boat" (5)
        "Church" (2)
        "I've Been To Memphis" (2)
        "She's No Lady / Here I Am" (2)
        "That's Right" (2)
        "North Dakota"
        "Wild Women Don't Get The Blues," Lyle Lovett W Francine Reed
        "You Can't Resist It"
 41: "The Mountain," Steve Earle And The Del McCoury Band (16)
        "The Mountain" (3)
        "Texas Eagle" (3)
        "Carrie Brown" (2)
        "Connemara Breakdown"
        "Graveyard Blues"
        "Graveyard Shift"
        "Harlan Man"
        "I'm Still In Love With You," Dement
        "Leroy's Dustbowl Blues"
        "She'll Be Commin' 'round The Mountain," Kirby Snow
 41: "Too Much Fun," Holy Modal Rounders (16)
        "Happy Rolling Cowboy" (3)
        "Penny's Farm" (3)
        "Violets So Blue" (3)
        "Bonaparte's Retreat" (2)
        "Little Girl And The Dreadful Snake"
        "Long Journey"
        "Sail Away Ladies"
 41: "Tornado In Slo Mo," Darcie Deaville (16)
        "Catch The Ball" (7)
        "Goin' Back Home" (2)
        "Icey Barrel Of A Loaded Gun" (2)
        "Picture Of A Dream/Icy Mountain" (2)
        "Chain Of Love"
        "When I Was A Child"
        "Who Needs You?"
 46: "10 Year Night," Lucy Kaplansky (15)
        "End Of The Day" (3)
        "One Good Reason" (3)
        "5 In The Morning" (2)
        "Just You Tonight" (2)
        "Somewhere Out There" (2)
        "10 Year Night"
        "For Once In Your Life"
        "Lucy Kaplanksy," End Of The Day
 46: "Cry Cry Cry," Dar Williams, Lucy Kaplansky And Richard Shindell (15)
        "Cold Missouri Waters" (6)
        "Shades Of Gray" (3)
        "Lord, I Have Made You A Place In My Heart" (2)
        "By Way Of Sorrow"
        "Northern Cross"
 46: "Mountain Heart," Mountain Heart (15)
        "Cold Winds" (4)
        "Midnight Train" (3)
        "You Still Call Me Baby" (3)
        "Katy Cline" (2)
        "Cold Kentucky Rain"
        "Gambler's Lament"
 46: "Polkasonic," Brave Combo (15)
        "Purple Haze" (4)
        "Apples, Peaches, Pumpkin Pie" (2)
        "Down At The Friendly Tavern" (2)
        "Skytrain" (2)
        "Conchita, The Waitress"
        "Down In The Valley"
        "Jimi Hendrix Polka"
        "Polka Dancer"
        "Red Wing"
 46: "Winding Through Life," Doyle Lawson And Quicksilver (15)
        "Gladness, Peace And Love" (4)
        "Up Above The World So High" (4)
        "Do Right And Come Smiling Through" (2)
        "River Of Tears," Doyle Lawson (2)
        "Just Let Me Fly"
        "Lord, It's Just Another Hill"
        "Seek Ye Out The Old Path"
 46: "You'll Never Be The Sun," Lynn Morris (15)
        "Long Train Of Fools" (2)
        "Wrong Road Again" (2)
        "You'll Never Be The Sun" (2)
        "Destination Love"
        "If Teardrops Were Pennies"
        "Likes Of You"
        "Love Beyond"
        "Scraps From Your Table"
        "Seventeen Cents"
        "Thy Burdens Are Greater Than Mine"

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