Compiled by Richard Gillmann from FOLKDJ-L radio playlists
Based on 12059 airplays from 140 different DJs

  1: "Paradise Hotel," Eliza Gilkyson [Red House, 8/05] (91)
        "Man Of God"
        "Calm Before The Storm"
        "Is It Like Today"
        "When You Walk On"
  2: "Blues And Lamentations," Kate Campbell [Large River, 8/05] (78)
        "Lord, Help The Poor And Needy"
        "Miles Of Blues"
        "Pans Of Biscuits"
  3: "The Girl Who Couldn't Fly," Kate Rusby [Compass, new] (58)
        "Game Of All Fours"
        "Elfin Knight"
        "No Names"
  4: "No Direction Home," Bob Dylan [Columbia, new] (57)
        "Hard Rain's A-Gonna Fall"
        "Man Of Constant Sorrow"
        "Blowin' In The Wind"
  5: "Fiddler's Green," Tim O'Brien [Sugar Hill, 8/05] (54)
        "Look Down That Lonesome Road"
        "Pretty Fair Maid In The Garden"
        "Early Morning Rain"
        "Fiddler's Green"
  6: "She Waits For Night," Uncle Earl [Rounder, 7/05] (53)
        "Walkin' In My Sleep"
        "Sugar Babe"
        "Booth Shot Lincoln"
        "Take These Chains"
  7: "Parlor Guitar," Joel Mabus [Fossil, new] (49)
        "Annie Laurie"
        "You Made Me Love You"
        "I'm Just Wild About Harry/Avalon"
  8: "Cornbread Nation," Tim O'Brien [Sugar Hill, 8/05] (47)
        "House Of The Rising Sun"
        "Cornbread Nation"
        "Hold On"
  9: "Half A Million Miles," Kennedys [Appleseed, 7/05] (43)
        "How Will I Ever Be Simple Again?"
        "Chimes Of Freedom"
  9: "I Walk The Road Again," Happy Traum [Roaring Stream, 8/05] (43)
        "Empty Pockets Blues"
        "I Walk The Road Again"
        "Tonight I'll Be Staying Here With You"
 11: "Remembering Rachel: Songs Of Rachel Bissex," Various Artists [Self, 8/05] (40)
        "Royal Blues," Holly Figueroa With Annie Wenz
        "For Florence," Ellen Bukstel, Kate McDonnell, And Siobhan Quinn
 12: "Outsider," Rodney Crowell [Columbia, 8/05] (38)
        "Shelter From The Storm"
        "Beautiful Despair"
 13: "Like Water," Paul Kamm And Eleanore MacDonald [Freewheel, new] (33)
        "End Of The Season"
        "Judas Silver"
        "Peace Jumpers"
 14: "Come On Back," Jimmie Dale Gilmore [Rounder, 8/05] (31)
        "Saginaw, Michigan"
        "Gotta Travel On"
        "I'll Never Get Out Of This World Alive"
 15: "The Second Million Miles," Bill Staines [Red House, new] (30)
        "Louisiana Storm"
        "Dear Friend"
 16: "The Art Of Virtue," Adrienne Young And Little Sadie [Addie Belle, 6/05] (29)
        "The Art Of Virtue"
        "Hills And Hollers"
        "Bonaparte's Retreat"
 16: "The Duhks," The Duhks [Sugar Hill, 2/05] (29)
        "Love Is The Seventh Wave"
        "Death Came A Knockin"
        "True Religion"
 16: "Tale Of Two Americas," Rod MacDonald [Wind River, 6/05] (29)
        "Lucky Ones"
        "Tale Of 2 Americas"
 16: "Why Should The Fire Die?," Nickel Creek [Sugar Hill, 8/05] (29)
        "Tomorrow Is A Long Time"
        "When In Rome"
        "Scotch And Chocolate"
 20: "For You Only," Rachel Ries [Waterbug, 8/05] (28)
        "For You Only"
        "Our Summertime"
 20: "My Better Self," Dar Williams [Razor & Tie, new] (28)
        "2 Sides Of The River"
 22: "5 Star Day," Liz Carlisle [Self, 8/05] (27)
        "True Love's Hand"
        "Feels Like Home"
 23: "American Folk," Various Artists [Putumayo, 8/05] (26)
        "Don't Look For Me," Jeffrey Foucault
        "Jubilee," Elizabeth Mitchell And Daniel Littleton
 23: "Folkzinger," Christine Lavin [Appleseed, new] (26)
        "Happiness Runs"
        "Chicken Soup"
 25: "Weiser Sunrise," Foghorn String Band [Nettwerk, new] (25)
        "All Night Long"
        "Sleepy Eyed Joe"
 26: "Collaborations," Will Taylor And Strings Attached [Heart, new] (24)
        "Easy Rider"
        "Never Is A Moment"
        "Set The Prairie On Fire"
 26: "In Play," Liz Carroll And John Doyle [Compass, new] (24)
        "Ronan Boys / Ralph's 2-3-5"
        "Island Of Woods"
 28: "Nuthatch Suite," Sons Of The Never Wrong [Gadfly, new] (23)
        "Good For Her"
        "Too Many"
 28: "Out Beyond Ideas," David Wilcox And Nance Pettit [What Are, new] (23)
        "On A Day When The Wind Is Perfect"
        "You Who Knew Me"
 28: "The Tide," Lucy Kaplansky [Red House, new] (23)
        "My Name Joe"
        "The Tide"
 31: "40 Days," Wailin' Jennys [Red House, 4/04] (22)
        "One Voice"
        "Something To Hold Onto"
 31: "Acoustic Rainbow 22," Various Artists [Poetman, 8/05] (22)
        "Lovin' Ain't Been Easy On My Mind," Pete Goble
        "Come Clean My Chimney," Ariane Lydon
 31: "Fair And Square," John Prine [Oh Boy, 4/05] (22)
        "Crazy As A Loon"
        "Morning Train"
 31: "Sparks In The Radio," Jim Photoglo [Grifftone, 4/05] (22)
        "Hillbilly Hollywood"
        "This Train Keeps Rollin"
 35: "Live In Sydney," Arlo Guthrie [Rising Son, new] (21)
        "40 Years Of Songs"
 35: "The Other Evening In Chicago," Bob Franke [Waterbug, 7/05] (21)
        "Alleluia, The Great Storm Is Over"
 37: "Defying Gravity," Cheryl Wheeler [Philo, 2/05] (20)
        "Summer's Almost Over"
        "Little Road"
 38: "Home To You," Peasall Sisters [Dualtone, 8/05] (19)
        "Home To You"
        "Angel Band"
 38: "In The Cool," Pieta Brown [Valley Entertainment, 8/05] (19)
        "Lonesome Songs"
 38: "Never Ending Conversation," Kelly Mulhollan [Self, new] (19)
 38: "Tin Lily," Jeff Black [Dualtone, 7/05] (19)
        "Easy On Me"
        "All Days Shine"
 38: "Waking Hour," David Francey [Red House, 9/04] (19)
        "Fourth Of July"
        "Morning Train"
 43: "Song Of The Traveling Daughter," Abigail Washburn [Nettwerk, 8/05] (18)
        "Backstep Cindy/ Purple Bamboo"
        "Coffee's Cold"
 43: "Stolen Moments," Alison Brown [Compass, 5/05] (18)
        "Sound Of Summer Running"
        "Homeward Bound"
 43: "Weather And Water," The Greencards [Dualtone, 6/05] (18)
        "Weather And Water"
 46: "Flower Of Avalon," Tracy Grammer [Signature, 4/05] (17)
        "Gypsy Rose"
        "Hard To Make It"
 46: "Lost Hills," Terence Martin [Good Dog, 6/05] (17)
        "East Of The River"
 46: "Promise," Quicksilver [Wilf's, new] (17)
        "Baynham And Spencer"
 46: "Time," Lou Reid And Carolina [Lonesome Day, new] (17)
        "Brighter Shade Of Blue"
        "Tennessee Backroads"
 50: "5 South," Janet Beazley [Backcountry, new] (16)
        "Julia Belle"
 50: "Childish Things," James McMurtry [Compadre, new] (16)
        "Memorial Day"
        "Childish Things"
 50: "One Dime At A Time," Steep Canyon Rangers [Rebel, new] (16)
        "Waiting To Hear You Call My Name"
 50: "These Times We're Living In," Various Artists [Red House, 2/05] (16)
        "Coast," Eliza Gilkyson
        "Land Of The Living," Lucy Kaplansky
 50: "Woodyboye," Joel Rafael Band [Appleseed, 4/05] (16)
        "Rangers Command"
        "Way Over Yonder In The Minor Key"
 55: "Bowery Songs," Joan Baez [Koch, new] (15)
        "Silver Dagger"
 55: "Made Of Mud," Dana Cooper [King Easy, new] (15)
        "Nothing To Fear"
 55: "Mercy Now," Mary Gauthier [Lost Highway, 2/05] (15)
        "Mercy Now"
        "Wheel Inside The Wheel"
 58: "Early 21st Century Blues," Cowboy Junkies [Zoe, new] (14)
        "License To Kill"
 58: "Hair In My Eyes Like A Highland Steer," Corb Lund [Stony Plain, new] (14)
        "Truck Got Stuck"
        "Rodeo's Over," Corb Lund And Ian Tyson
 58: "Let Em Run," The Bills [Red House, 7/04] (14)
        "Let Em Run"
        "Old Blue Bridge"
 58: "Look," Beth Nielsen Chapman [Compass, 6/05] (14)
        "Trying To Love You"
 58: "New Moon," Northern Lights [Fifty Fifty, 4/05] (14)
        "Listen To The Radio"
 58: "Only Word," Kat Eggleston [Redwing, 6/05] (14)
        "Both Our Houses"
 58: "Promise To A Soldier," Honi Deaton And Dream [CMG, new] (14)
        "I'm Callin' Jesus"
        "River Of Tears"
 58: "Regulars And Refugees," Carrie Newcomer [Philo, 8/05] (14)
        "Angels Unaware"
 66: "Across The Bridge," Drew Emmitt [Compass, 8/05] (13)
        "Meet Me In The Morning"
        "Up Where We Are"
 66: "Dad's Dinner Pail," Debra Cowan [Falling Mountain, 7/05] (13)
        "Walloping Window Blind"
        "Bold Richard"
 66: "Dark And Weary World," South Austin Jug Band [Blue Corn, new] (13)
        "Raleigh And Spencer"
 66: "Don't Ask Don't Tell," Michelle Shocked [Mighty Sound, 6/05] (13)
        "Evacuation Route"
 66: "Driving Home," Cheryl Wheeler [Philo, 1993] (13)
        "When Fall Comes To New England"
 66: "Luv Songs For Grownups," The Dreamsicles [Self, 7/05] (13)
        "Really Good At Loving You"
 66: "Songs From The Gutter," Thea Gilmore [Compass, new] (13)
        "I Dreamed I Saw St. Augustine"
        "Down To Nowhere"
 66: "Wayward Son," John Doyle [Compass, 7/05] (13)
        "Gallant Poacher"
 66: "We Belong To The Gold Coast," Steve Dawson [Black Hen, new] (13)
        "Fried, Dried And Laid To The Side"
        "Slip By"


Compiled by Richard Gillmann from FOLKDJ-L radio playlists
Based on 12059 airplays from 140 different DJs

1. "Requiem" (35)
        by Eliza Gilkyson
        from "Paradise Hotel"
2. "Louisiana Storm" (23)
        by Bill Staines
        from "The Second Million Miles"
3. "Lord, Help The Poor And Needy" (17)
        by Kate Campbell
        from "Blues And Lamentations"
4. "Lucky Ones" (15)
        by Rod MacDonald
        from "Tale Of Two Americas"
5. "Miles Of Blues" (14)
        by Kate Campbell
        from "Blues And Lamentations"
6. "Game Of All Fours" (13)
        by Kate Rusby
        from "The Girl Who Couldn't Fly"
6. "Louisiana 1927" (13)
        by Marcia Ball
        from "Down The Road Live"
        also "Let Me Play With Your Poodle"
6. "Shelter From The Storm" (13)
        by Rodney Crowell
        from "Outsider"
9. "Elfin Knight" (12)
        by Kate Rusby
        from "The Girl Who Couldn't Fly"
9. "Hard Rain's A-Gonna Fall" (12)
        by Bob Dylan
        from "No Direction Home"
        also "Live At The Gaslight 1962"
9. "Look Down That Lonesome Road" (12)
        by Tim O'Brien
        from "Fiddler's Green"
12. "House Of The Rising Sun" (11)
        by Tim O'Brien
        from "Cornbread Nation"
12. "How Will I Ever Be Simple Again?" (11)
        by Kennedys
        from "Half A Million Milels"
12. "Louisiana 1927" (11)
        by Randy Newman
        from "Good Old Boys"
        also "Randy Newman Songbook Vol. 1"
12. "Man Of God" (11)
        by Eliza Gilkyson
        from "Paradise Hotel"
16. "Pans Of Biscuits" (10)
        by Kate Campbell
        from "Blues And Lamentation"
17. "Calm Before The Storm" (9)
        by Eliza Gilkyson
        from "Paradise Hotel"
17. "Evacuation Route" (9)
        by Michelle Shocked
        from "Don't Ask Don't Tell"
17. "Land Of The Living" (9)
        by Lucy Kaplansky
        from "The Red Thread"
        also "These Times We're Living In"
17. "Namaste" (9)
        by Kennedys
        from "Half A Million Miles"
17. "Walkin' In My Sleep" (9)
        by Uncle Earl
        from "She Waits For Night"
22. "Good For Her" (8)
        by Sons Of The Never Wrong
        from "Nuthatch Suite"
22. "Happiness Runs" (8)
        by Christine Lavin
        from "Folkzinger"
22. "Hold On" (8)
        by Tim O'Brien
        from "Cornbread Nation"
22. "Is It Like Today" (8)
        by Eliza Gilkyson
        from "Paradise Hotel"
22. "Mercy Now" (8)
        by Mary Gauthier
        from "Mercy Now"
22. "Pretty Fair Maid In The Garden" (8)
        by Tim O'Brien
        from "Fiddler's Green"
22. "Tomorrow Is A Long Time" (8)
        by Nickel Creek
        from "Why Should The Fire Die"
22. "Weather And Water" (8)
        by The Greencards
        from "Weather And Water"
22. "When Fall Comes To New England" (8)
        by Cheryl Wheeler
        from "Driving Home"
22. "When In Rome" (8)
        by Nickel Creek
        from "Why Should The Fire Die"
22. "When You Walk On" (8)
        by Eliza Gilkyson
        from "Paradise Hotel"


Compiled by Richard Gillmann from FOLKDJ-L radio playlists
Based on 12059 airplays from 140 different DJs

1. Tim O'Brien
2. Bob Dylan
2. Eliza Gilkyson
4. Kate Campbell
5. Kate Rusby
6. Joel Mabus
7. Uncle Earl
8. Dar Williams
9. Bill Staines
9. Kennedys
11. Cheryl Wheeler
12. Lucy Kaplansky
13. Happy Traum
14. Nanci Griffith
15. Rodney Crowell
16. Joan Baez
17. John Prine
17. Paul Kamm And Eleanore MacDonald
19. Rod MacDonald
20. Arlo Guthrie
21. Christine Lavin
22. The Duhks
22. Jimmie Dale Gilmore
24. Adrienne Young
24. David Francey
24. Richard Thompson
27. Liz Carlisle
27. Nickel Creek
27. Rachel Ries
30. Foghorn String Band
30. Leo Kottke
30. Pete Seeger
33. John McCutcheon
33. Sons Of The Never Wrong
35. Lucinda Williams
35. Tracy Grammer
37. Bob Franke
37. Carrie Newcomer
37. Johnny Cash
37. Liz Carroll And John Doyle
37. Maria Muldaur
37. Wailin' Jennys


Compiled by Richard Gillmann from FOLKDJ-L radio playlists
Based on 12059 airplays from 140 different DJs

1. Rounder
2. Sugar Hill
3. Red House
4. Columbia
5. Compass
6. Appleseed
7. Philo
8. Smithsonian/Folkways
9. Waterbug
10. Signature
11. Green Linnet
12. Flying Fish
13. Shanachie
14. Vanguard
15. Warner
16. Rhino
17. Dualtone
17. Greentrax
17. Large River
20. Nettwerk
21. Hightone
22. Rebel
23. New West
24. Borealis
25. Putumayo
26. Pinecastle
27. Capitol
28. Copper Creek
28. Fossil
28. Sony
31. Razor And Tie
32. Alligator
32. Koch
32. MCA
35. Mercury
36. Reprise
37. Northern Blues
37. Roaring Stream
37. Wind River
40. A&M
40. Gadfly
40. Lost Highway
40. Oh Boy

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