Compiled by Richard Gillmann from FOLKDJ-L radio playlists
Based on 11589 airplays.

  1: "Big Mon: The Songs Of Bill Monroe," Various Artists (72)
        "Darlin' Corey," Bruce Hornsby (12)
        "Blue Moon Of Kentucky," John Fogerty (10)
        "Rocky Road Blues," Dwight Yoakam (9)
        "Walk Softly," Dixie Chicks And Ricky Skaggs (9)
        "Blue Night," Mary Chapin Carpenter (7)
        "Heavy Traffic Ahead," Steve Wariner (7)
        "Cry, Cry Darlin'," Dolly Parton (6)
        "On The Old Kentucky Shore," Ricky Skaggs And Joan Osborne (4)
        "Close By," Patty Loveless And Ricky Skaggs (2)
        "I Am A Pilgram," Charlie Daniels (2)
        "My Little Georgia Rose," Travis Tritt (2)
        "Big Mon," Ricky Skaggs
        "Used To Be," Ricky Skaggs And The Whites
  2: "Things I Gave Away," Mollie O'Brien (65)
        "River's Invitation" (18)
        "You Won't See Me" (10)
        "Throw It Away" (7)
        "Love, Life And Money" (6)
        "When I'm Gone" (5)
        "When I've Got The Moon" (5)
        "Right Thing" (4)
        "House, The Boat, The Lovers" (3)
        "Train Time" (3)
        "Practicing Walking Away" (2)
        "This House, This Boat, The Lovers"
        "When I Got The Moon"
  3: "Public Domain: Songs From The Wild Land," Dave Alvin (57)
        "Railroad Bill" (7)
        "Short Life Of Trouble" (7)
        "What Did The Deep Sea Say" (7)
        "Texas Rangers" (6)
        "Walk Right In" (5)
        "East Virginia Blues" (4)
        "Mama, Ain't Long For Day" (4)
        "Shenandoah" (4)
        "Delia" (3)
        "Murder Of The Lawson Family" (3)
        "Dark Eyes"
        "Don't Let Your Deal Go Down"
        "Engine 143"
        "Lawson Family Murder"
        "Maggie Campbell"
        "Short And Lonely Life"
        "Sign Of Judgement"
  4: "Never An Adult Moment," Austin Lounge Lizards (53)
        "Hillbillies In A Haunted House" (11)
        "Grunge Song" (8)
        "Rasputin's Hmo" (8)
        "Forty Years Old And I'm Livin' In My Mom's Garage" (5)
        "Me I Used To Be" (4)
        "Beautiful Waitress" (3)
        "Big Rio Grande River" (3)
        "Hundred Miles Of Dry" (3)
        "Big Ol' Bone" (2)
        "Illusion Travels By Stock Car" (2)
        "Waitin' On A Call From Don" (2)
        "Rio Grande River"
  5: "Covenant," Greg Brown (46)
        "Waiting On You" (9)
        "Rexroth's Daughter" (7)
        "'cept You And Me Babe" (6)
        "Blue Car" (4)
        "Living In A Prayer" (4)
        "Pretty One More Time" (3)
        "Real Good Friend" (3)
        "Walkin' Daddy" (3)
        "Blues Go Walking" (2)
        "Dream City" (2)
        "I Wish I Was Married To You" (2)
  6: "Dev'lish Mary," Hot Club Of Cowtown (41)
        "Dev'lish Mary" (9)
        "Devil's Dream" (5)
        "Little Liza Jane" (5)
        "When Day Is Done" (4)
        "Exactly Like You" (2)
        "I'd Understand Why" (2)
        "Stardust" (2)
        "Tahavolo Swing" (2)
        "When The Bloom Is On The Sage" (2)
        "Wild Dog" (2)
        "It's My Lazy Day"
        "Just A Little Lovin'"
        "My Life's Been A Pleasure"
        "My Little Liza Jane"
        "Way Down Yonder In The Cornfield"
        "You Don't Care What Happens To Me"
  7: "One If By Hand," Sons Of The Never Wrong (38)
        "Getting Better" (9)
        "Jonah" (5)
        "Teva" (5)
        "Madame Butterfly" (3)
        "Magnetic Poetry" (3)
        "Secrets" (3)
        "Hallelujah For The Getaway" (2)
        "Home Hymn" (2)
        "No 1-4 Me" (2)
        "My Last Boyfriend"
        "One Simple Question"
        "Sleeping Bag"
  8: "Distillation," Erin Mckeown (36)
        "Blackbirds" (9)
        "Little Cowboy" (7)
        "Didn't They?" (4)
        "Fast As I Can" (4)
        "You Mustn't Kick It Around" (4)
        "Love In 2 Parts" (3)
        "Daisy And Prudence"
        "Dirt Gardener" And "Love In 2 Parts"
        "How To Open My Heart In 4 Easy Steps"
        "La Petit Mort"
        "Queen Of Quit"
  8: "The Trade," Dana Robinson (36)
        "Rainbow Sign" (6)
        "Counting Freights" (5)
        "Pat Do This" (5)
        "Trade" (5)
        "Ballad Tree" (4)
        "Troy" (3)
        "Chautauqua Day" (2)
        "Lazy John" (2)
        "Little Sadie" (2)
        "Anderson Grade"
        "Somebody Loves You"
 10: "Live As I'll Ever Be," Chris Smither (34)
        "Link Of Chain" (5)
        "Dust My Broom" (4)
        "Killin' The Blues" (4)
        "No Love Today" (4)
        "Hold On I" (3)
        "Slow Surprise" (3)
        "Winsome Smile" (3)
        "Can't Shake These Blues" (2)
        "Cave Man" (2)
        "Up On The Lowdown" (2)
        "Devil's Reel"
        "Small Revelations"
 11: "Tanglewood Tree," Dave Carter And Tracy Grammer (33)
        "Crocodile Man" (5)
        "Hey Conductor" (5)
        "Happytown" (4)
        "Cat Eyed Willie Claims His Lover" (3)
        "Cowboy Singer" (3)
        "Tanglewood Tree" (3)
        "Walkin' Away From Caroline" (3)
        "Farewell To Fiddler's Run" (2)
        "Cat Eye Willie"
        "Cowboy Song"
        "Farewell To Bitterroot Valley"
        "Farewell To Saint Delores"
 12: "While The Ages Roll On," Ralph Stanley (32)
        "Dad's Old Rocky Field" (5)
        "Are You Ready" (4)
        "Day Is Past And Gone" (4)
        "Gone Away With A Friend" (4)
        "Daddy's Wildwood Flower" (3)
        "One Drop Of Water" (3)
        "Robin Built A Nest On Daddy's Grave" (3)
        "Man From Gallilee" (2)
        "While The Ages Roll On" (2)
        "Because He Loved Me"
        "Old Job"
 12: "Wings Of Wonder," Claudia Schmidt (32)
        "Remember" (6)
        "Wings Of Wonder" (6)
        "It All Depends" (5)
        "Wayfaring Stranger" (4)
        "Livingstone's Farewell" (2)
        "Moon Winked At Hale-Bopp" (2)
        "Peter And Lois Go Round And Round" (2)
        "Stop To Rest" (2)
        "Friday The Loveteenth"
        "Poor Wayfaring Stranger"
        "Somebody Else's Restaurant"
 14: "The Green World," Dar Williams (31)
        "Another Mystery" (6)
        "We Learned The Sea" (5)
        "What Do You Love More Than Love" (5)
        "I Had No Right" (4)
        "I Won't Be Your Yoko Ono" (3)
        "After All" (2)
        "Calling The Moon" (2)
        "Spring Street" (2)
        "And A God Descended"
        "Playing To The Firmament"
 15: "Red Dirt Girl," Emmylou Harris (29)
        "Red Dirt Girl" (8)
        "Tragedy" (6)
        "I Don't Want To Talk About It Now" (4)
        "Boy From Tupelo" (3)
        "Michelangelo" (2)
        "Pearl" (2)
        "Bang The Drum Slowly"
        "My Antonia"
        "My Baby Needs A Shepherd"
        "One Big Love"
 16: "Empty Old Mailbox," Don Rigsby (28)
        "Empty Old Mailbox" (9)
        "These Old Blues" (5)
        "Don't Sell The Land" (3)
        "Bluestone Mountain" (2)
        "I Won't Be There" (2)
        "Precious Love" (2)
        "Bad Day In Akron"
        "Here I Am In Love Again"
        "I Am A Little Scholar"
        "Poor Little Rich Man"
 16: "Hold With Hope," Breakaway (28)
        "Pastures Of Plenty" (9)
        "Can't Stop A Train" (5)
        "Chenango County Blues" (3)
        "Old, Old, House" (3)
        "One Time, One Night" (3)
        "Snowshoe" (3)
        "Darkness Darkness"
 16: "Somewhere Near Paterson," Richard Shindell (28)
        "Grocer's Broom" (6)
        "Abuelita" (4)
        "Confession" (3)
        "My Love Will Follow You" (3)
        "Waiting For The Storm" (3)
        "Spring" (2)
        "You Stay Here" (2)
        "Calling The Moon"
        "Kenworth Of My Dreams"
        "Merritt Parkway, 2 A. M"
 19: "Ice Caps: The Peaks Of Telluride," Sam Bush (27)
        "Girl From The North Country" (8)
        "Sailin' Shoes" (6)
        "Same Ol' River" (4)
        "Big Mon" (3)
        "Hungry For Your Love" (2)
        "Angel To Be"
        "I Put A Spell On You"
        "Lee Highway Blues"
 20: "Harvest Time," Tom, Betty And Nathan Druckenmiller (26)
        "Greasy Coat" (4)
        "Don't Say Goodbye" (3)
        "Sail Away Ladies" (3)
        "Abe's Retreat" (2)
        "Before I Met You" (2)
        "I Still Miss Someone" (2)
        "Lost Girl" (2)
        "Summer Waltz" (2)
        "Train On The Island" (2)
        "Farther Along"
        "Lsot Girl"
        "Waynesboro/Big Scioto"
        "You're Running Wild"
 20: "Last Of The Old Time," Chuck Brodsky (26)
        "40 Years" (4)
        "Gone To Heaven" (4)
        "In The Country" (4)
        "Take It Out Back" (4)
        "Boys In The Back Room" (3)
        "Bonehead Merkle" (2)
        "Restless Kid" (2)
        "3rd Dead Cat"
        "He Came To Our Town"
        "Third Dead Cat"
 22: "Age Of Possibility," Carrie Newcomer (25)
        "Bare To The Bone" (6)
        "When It's Gone It's Gone" (5)
        "All I Know" (3)
        "Sparrow" (3)
        "Threads" (3)
        "7 Dreams" (2)
        "This Too Shall Pass" (2)
        "Love Is Wide"
 22: "Old Time Music For The New Millennium," Various Artists (25)
        "Alligator Crawl," Kristina Olsen (5)
        "St. Louis Blues," Flintlock (4)
        "Ginny Git Around," Acie Cargill (3)
        "Adieu False Heart," Susan Brown (2)
        "Blackwaterside," Debra Cowan (2)
        "Dear Mother," Acie Cargill (2)
        "Star Of Munster," Dave Dalessandro (2)
        "Bachelor's Lament," Acie Gargill
        "By The Railroad Tracks," Ellen And John Wright
        "Cabbage Head," Howard Lee Noel
        "Down By The Railroad Tracks," John And Ellen Wright
        "Where The River Bends," Harold Lamb
 24: "Scene It All," Seldom Scene (24)
        "Boots Of Spanish Leather" (9)
        "Rollin And Tumblin" (4)
        "When The Walls Come Tumblin' Down" (3)
        "Nadine" (2)
        "Walkin' The Dog" (2)
        "Blue And Lonesome"
        "From This Moment On"
        "Trust In The Tide"
        "You Better Get Right"
 25: "Fair Weather," Alison Brown (23)
        "Fair Weather" (6)
        "Everyday I Write The Book" (4)
        "Late On Arrival" (4)
        "Hummingbird" (2)
        "Leaving Cottondale" (2)
        "Shake And Howdy" (2)
        "Deep Gap"
        "Girl's Breakdown"
        "Poe's Pickin' Party"
 26: "Henry Street," Salamander Crossing (22)
        "Tear My Stillhouse Down" (6)
        "Shotgun Down The Avalanche" (4)
        "Desert Wind" (2)
        "God Bless That Poor Moonshiner" (2)
        "Wade In The Water" (2)
        "Child Of The Wind"
        "Color Outside The Lines"
        "Fire In The Sky"
        "New Madera Waltz"
        "Old Woman Lament"
        "Rocky Mountain Side"
 26: "Soup Happens," Hot Soup (22)
        "Last Thing On My Mind" (6)
        "Much Better View Of The Moon" (4)
        "'tain't No Sin To Dance Around In Your Bones" (3)
        "Dig Down Deep" (3)
        "Grandfather's Chair"
        "Jungle Song"
        "New Day"
        "Red Kimono"
        "Silence Into Song"
        "Sunrise On Carawan Hill"
 28: "Endangered Species," Eric Bogle (21)
        "Our National Pride" (5)
        "Sign, The Waltzing Matilda Waltz" (3)
        "Beam Me Up Scotty" (2)
        "Jimmy Dancer" (2)
        "Road To El Dorado" (2)
        "Endangered Species"
        "Jingle Jangle"
        "Just Here For The Money"
        "No Gods At All"
        "River Of Time"
        "Robin's Rant/ Tom O'neill's Tantrum"
        "You've Got Nothing I Need"
 28: "Foundation," Doc Watson (21)
        "Black Mountain Rag" (5)
        "Billy In The Lowground" (2)
        "Doc's Guitar" (2)
        "Nashville Pickin'" (2)
        "Stone's Rag" (2)
        "Cannonball Rag"
        "Dill Pickle Rag"
        "Fiddler's Dream/Etc"
        "June Apple"
        "Salt Creek"
        "Salt River/Bill Cheatham"
        "Texas Gales"
        "Windy And Warm"
 30: "Barbara Kessler," Barbara Kessler (20)
        "Persephone" (6)
        "Baby" (3)
        "Grown Up Love Songs And Other Oxymorons" (3)
        "Red Yellow Blue" (3)
        "Perfectly Good Way To Pray" (2)
        "Angels Are Crying"
 30: "Blue Heartache," Lou Reid And Carolina (20)
        "Grass Lover" (5)
        "Blue Heartache" (4)
        "Letter From My Darlin'" (4)
        "Helen" (3)
        "Ain't Nobody Gonna Tie Me Down" (2)
        "I Stood And Watched You Go"
        "Living In Our Country World"
 30: "Fields Of Promise," Dave Crossland (20)
        "Swimming In The Stars" (10)
        "Blood In The Fields" (4)
        "Shenandoah" (3)
        "Sweet Jennifer" (2)
        "Matthew Shepard"
 30: "Nickel Creek," Nickel Creek (20)
        "Lighthouse's Tale" (4)
        "Fox" (3)
        "Ode To A Butterfly" (3)
        "Cuckoo's Nest" (2)
        "Reasons Why" (2)
        "Hand Song"
        "In The House Of Tom Bombadill"
        "Out Of The Woods"
        "Pastures New"
        "Sweet Afton"
        "When You Come Back Down"
 30: "Talkin' To Myself," Lonesome River Band (20)
        "Swing That Hammer" (9)
        "Do You Want To Live In Glory" (2)
        "Harvest Time" (2)
        "Talkin' To Myself" (2)
        "Are You Ashamed To Call Me Darlin'"
        "Crime I Didn't Do"
        "Mary Ann"
        "No One Can Love You Dear"
        "Willow Garden"
 35: "Carry Me Across The Mountain," Dan Tyminski (19)
        "Think About You Every Day" (5)
        "Carry Me Across The Mountain" (4)
        "Greens Fees" (3)
        "Stuck In The Middle Of Nowhere" (2)
        "Be Assured"
        "Faith Is A Mystery"
        "Please Dear Mommy"
        "Sunny Side Of The Mountain"
        "Tiny Broken Heart"
 35: "Postcards," Tom Landa And The Paperboys (19)
        "Living Proof" (4)
        "Santiago A Sevilla" (3)
        "Cantares" (2)
        "Mary" (2)
        "Still The Night" (2)
        "The Cop, The Scot, The Gal, And Her Neighbor"
        "Fochunters' Waltz," Paperboys
        "Le Moutoun Noir"
        "Standing Here"
        "Triste Cancion"
 37: "Friend For Life," Bryan Bowers (18)
        "Banks Of The Ohio" (3)
        "Friend For Life" (2)
        "Give Me The Roses" (2)
        "Old Joe Clark" (2)
        "Red River Valley" (2)
        "Shortening Bread" (2)
        "Sitting On Top Of The World" (2)
        "Amazing Grace"
        "Glory Land"
        "Gospel Ship"
        "Phoebe Snow"
        "Storms On The Ocean"
        "White Coral Bells"
 37: "Goodbye Girls, I'm Going To Boston," Art Stamper (18)
        "Goodbye Girls, I'm Going To Boston" (6)
        "Newlywed's Reel" (3)
        "East Virginia" (2)
        "Barndance Polka"
        "Jenny Lind"
        "Miss Spence's Reel"
        "Old Horse And Buggy"
        "Old Joe Clark"
        "Rusty Gun"
 37: "Hunting The Heart," Pete Morton (18)
        "Forgiveness Hill" (3)
        "Twitching Net Curtains" (3)
        "Deep Blue Sea" (2)
        "Drink To Me Only" (2)
        "Hunting The Heart" (2)
        "Maybe Nothing's Spoken" (2)
        "Battle Of Trafalgar"
        "Madam Or Sir"
 37: "These Are The Roots," Diane Zeigler (18)
        "These Are The Roots" (4)
        "This Too Shall Pass" (4)
        "Jack's Belted Galloways" (2)
        "What You've Always Known" (2)
        "Holy Ground"
        "In Defense Of Eve"
        "Listen To The Timber Fall"
        "Winter Sun"
        "You Were Welcome Here"
 41: "The Ballad Of Ramblin' Jack," Ramblin' Jack Elliott (17)
        "Railroad Bill" (4)
        "Muleskinner Blues" (3)
        "Cuckoo" (2)
        "Pastures Of Plenty, Rake And Rambling Boy" (2)
        "Car Song"
        "Hard Travelin"
        "Rake And A Ramblin Boy"
        "San Francisco Bay Blues"
        "Take Me Home"
 41: "Dancing With Words," Artisan (17)
        "Dancing With Words" (3)
        "Dreams To Chase" (3)
        "Farewell Song" (3)
        "Polite People" (2)
        "Truth Teller" (2)
        "You Are There" (2)
        "Go With A Smile On My Face"
        "I Ain't Going Down"
 41: "Drama Queen," Judith Edelman (17)
        "Blood Reunion" (5)
        "Load Of Blues" (4)
        "Good Day, There It Goes" (2)
        "All I Know"
        "Come July"
        "Don't Open That Door"
        "Factory Men"
        "Sailor Boy"
        "Something Red"
 41: "No Closing Chord," Rosalie Sorrels (17)
        "I Cannot Sleep For Thinking Of The Children" (3)
        "No Closing Chord" (3)
        "From Way Up Here" (2)
        "Magic Penny/The *Visitation" (2)
        "Judge Said"
        "Little Muscle"
        "Lost Children Street"
        "Money Crop"
        "On The Rim Of The World"
        "This World"
        "What Have They Done To The Rain"
 41: "Places In Between," Terri Hendrix (17)
        "My Own Place" (4)
        "Places In Between" (3)
        "Eagles" (2)
        "Goodtime Van" (2)
        "Motherless Children" (2)
        "It's A Given"
        "Joy Or Sorrow"
        "Moon On The Water"
        "Throw My Love"
 41: "Real Time," Tim O'Brien And Darrell Scott (17)
        "Walk Beside Me" (3)
        "House Of Gold" (2)
        "More Love" (2)
        "Weary Blues From Waiting" (2)
        "With A Memory Like Mine" (2)
        "I'm Not Gonna Forget You"
        "Keep Your Lamp Trimmed And Burnin'"
        "Little Sadie"
        "Long Time Gone"
        "Second Mouse"
        "There Ain't No Easy Way"
 41: "So Many Miles," Stephen Fearing (17)
        "Blind Indifference" (3)
        "Glory Train" (3)
        "Wailing Wall" (3)
        "Bells Of Morning" (2)
        "Expectations" (2)
        "Longest Road" (2)
        "So Many Miles"
        "When My Baby Calls My Name"
 48: "14 Days," Laura Love (16)
        "In Seattle" (4)
        "I Am Going To Miss You" (2)
        "More Of You" (2)
        "Shenandoah" (2)
        "Sometimes Davey Wins" (2)
        "Stoned Soul Picnic" (2)
        "14 Days"
 48: "Gardener," Rebecca Riots (16)
        "Cemetery" (5)
        "Fiddler's Creek" (3)
        "Shantytown" (2)
        "Sing To The Angels" (2)
        "Borrowed Clothes"
        "Gentle Rebellion"
        "Sweet Reminder"
 48: "Harry's Gone Fishing," Leon Rosselson (16)
        "Harry's Gone Fishing" (4)
        "Money Matters" (3)
        "You Noble Diggers All" (3)
        "It's Just The Song" (2)
        "Mercenaries" (2)
        "She Came From Out Of Nowhere"
 48: "Leaving Fort Knox," Lui Collins (16)
        "Swimming To The Other Side" (5)
        "Things To Do" (3)
        "Green Light" (2)
        "Song Of The Waters" (2)
        "Dark Silkie"
        "Won't Miss You"
 48: "Lowlands," Susan Mckeown (16)
        "Lowlands Of Holland" (3)
        "Dark Horse On The Wind" (2)
        "Hare's Lament" (2)
        "Lord Baker" (2)
        "Nansai Og Ni Obarlain" (2)
        "Fair London Town"
        "Goodbye And Farewell"
        "Nighean Dubh , Johnny Coughlin, Hare's Lament"
        "Sl n Agus Beannacht/Goodbye And Farewell"
        "Snows They Melt The Soonest"
 48: "Time After Time," Eva Cassidy (16)
        "Way Beyond The Blue" (4)
        "Kathy's Song" (3)
        "Ain't No Sunshine" (2)
        "Letter" (2)
        "Penny To My Name" (2)
        "I Wandered By A Brookside"
        "Tulsa Chili Bop," Fred Travers
 48: "Tone Poems III," Mike Auldridge, Bob Brozman And David Grisman (16)
        "Beat Biscuit Blues" (4)
        "Nostalgia Prelude" (3)
        "St. Louis Blues" (2)
        "Trash Can Stomp" (2)
        "Crazy Rhythm"
        "It Happened In Monterey"
        "Limehouse Blues"
        "Moonlight Bay"
        "Stompin' At The Savoy"
 48: "Yella Hoose," John Mccusker (16)
        "Boys Of The Puddle" (5)
        "Night Visiting Song" (4)
        "Ann Maguire's Silver Wedding/The 30 Year Jig"
        "Anne Mcguire's"
        "Emma And Jamie's Wedding"
        "Kev's Trip To Brittany"
        "Shetland Molecule"
        "Wee Michael's March"
 56: "Been A Long Time," Si Kahn (15)
        "Houses On The Hill" (3)
        "Long Way To Harlan" (3)
        "Going Down To The Old Home Place" (2)
        "Just A Lie" (2)
        "Tarpaper Shacks" (2)
        "Brown Lung"
        "First Time Lover," Si Kahn/Laurie Lewis
 56: "Draw Them Near," Jess Klein (15)
        "Song For An Angel" (4)
        "Cloud Song" (2)
        "Goodbye, Goodbye" (2)
        "Ireland" (2)
        "Love Is Where You Find It" (2)
        "I Sure Would"
        "I'll Be Alright"
        "Little White Dove"
 56: "Forbidden Fruits And Vegetables," Danny Flowers (15)
        "Read On" (4)
        "Tulsa Time" (4)
        "Back In My Younger Days" (2)
        "Gulf Coast Highway" (2)
        "Off The Deep End"
        "Rededicate My Love To You"
        "Tennessee Hideaway"
 56: "In The Blue Room," Alan Bibey (15)
        "County Fool," Alan Bibey And Del Mccoury (3)
        "I'll Be Alright Tomorrow" (2)
        "Save Your Heart" (2)
        "Amanda Lee"
        "Busy Fingers"
        "Evening Prayer Blues"
        "Lee's Reel"
        "What Am I"
        "Wild Fiddler's Rag"
 56: "Murder On Music Row," Larry Cordle And Lonesome Standard Time (15)
        "Black Diamond Strings" (3)
        "Jesus And Bartenders" (3)
        "Hard Times," Larry Cordle (2)
        "I Know How It Feels" (2)
        "Murder On Music Row" (2)
        "I'm Not The First"
        "Long Enough To Make Me Blue"
        "When It's All Said And Done"
 56: "Out Of The Blue," The Burns Sisters (15)
        "Out Of The Blue" (3)
        "2 Step Recipe" (2)
        "God Made Woman" (2)
        "I Wish I Never Met You" (2)
        "Never Be Mine" (2)
        "For Your Love"
        "Prayer Of St. Francis"
        "Something Real"
 56: "Part Of Growing Up," Rarely Herd (15)
        "Gone But Not Forgotten" (3)
        "Steel Town" (3)
        "Halley Came To Jackson" (2)
        "I Will Be Always Waiting For You" (2)
        "Lift These Chains"
        "Part Of Growing Up"
        "Perfect Fool"
        "Sinner's Plea"
        "True Love Never Dies"
 56: "Turtle Wings," Valerie Smith (15)
        "Simpson's Holler" (4)
        "Hand Me Down" (3)
        "I Feel The Blues Moving In" (3)
        "Big Ol' Train" (2)
        "Good Man" (2)
        "On Mandolin"
 56: "Week In Eek," Ken Waldman (15)
        "Turkey In The Straw" (3)
        "Old Joe Clark" (2)
        "Over The Waterfall" (2)
        "Week In Eek" (2)
        "Cluck Old Hen"
        "Coming Home With The Girls In The Morning"
        "Juneau Vets/Dave's Ghost/Top Of The World"
        "Old-Time String Band Jam"
        "Sadie At The Backdoor/Girls In The Morning"

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