Compiled by Richard Gillmann from FOLKDJ-L radio playlists
Based on 12938 airplays.

  1: "Hour Before Dawn," Solas (62)
        "Miner's Life" (16)
        "Last Of The Great Whales" (9)
        "Bonnie Mae" (7)
        "Bheadh Buachaillin Deas Ag Sile" (6)
        "Granny Quinn's / The Lilac Reel / Sporting Pat" (5)
        "I Will Remember You" (5)
        "What's Up With Win-Sonny Brogan's-Cahal's Jigs" (3)
        "When My Love And I Parted" (3)
        "Homeless" (2)
        "Little Child" (2)
        "New Custom House/Etc" (2)
        "Boy/Girl Tune"
  1: "Live At The Davy Lamp," Jez Lowe And The Bad Pennies (62)
        "Black Diamonds" (11)
        "Galloways" (6)
        "Guilts" (5)
        "Old Bones" (5)
        "Tom Tom" (5)
        "Another Man's Wife" (3)
        "London Danny" (3)
        "Soda Man" (3)
        "Sweep Horizons Clean" (3)
        "You Can't Take It With You" (3)
        "Bergen" (2)
        "Big Meeting Day" (2)
        "Last Of The Widows" (2)
        "Military Road" (2)
        "New Moon's Arms" (2)
        "These Coal Town Days" (2)
        "Back In Durham Gaol"
        "Greek Lightning"
        "High Part Of Town"
  3: "Empty Old Mailbox," Don Rigsby (57)
        "Bluestone Mountain" (10)
        "Empty Old Mailbox" (9)
        "These Old Blues" (8)
        "I Won't Be There" (7)
        "Bad Day In Akron" (6)
        "Don't Sell The Land" (5)
        "If I Had A Mother Like You" (2)
        "Louise" (2)
        "Son Of A Gun" (2)
        "Dust To Dust"
        "Here I Am In Love Again"
        "I Am A Little Scholar"
        "I Am A Scholar"
        "Poor Little Rich Man"
        "Precious Love"
  4: "Red Dirt Girl," Emmylou Harris (56)
        "Red Dirt Girl" (20)
        "Bang The Drum Slowly" (6)
        "Boy From Tupelo" (5)
        "Michelangelo" (5)
        "My Baby Needs A Shepherd" (5)
        "My Antonia" (4)
        "Tragedy" (3)
        "Hour Of Gold" (2)
        "I Don't Want To Talk About It Now" (2)
        "One Big Love" (2)
        "Pearl" (2)
  5: "Password," Geoff Muldaur (52)
        "Kitchen Door Blues" (11)
        "K.C. Moan" (8)
        "Drop Down Mama" (5)
        "Some Of These Days" (5)
        "Wait 'til I Put On My Robe" (5)
        "Beautiful Isle Of Somewhere" (4)
        "At The Christmas Ball" (3)
        "Got To Find Blind Lemon - Part 2" (3)
        "Light Rain" (3)
        "Mary Of The Wild Moors" (3)
        "Prairie Lullaby"
        "Trouble Soon Be Over"
  6: "Covenant," Greg Brown (47)
        "'cept You And Me Babe" (10)
        "Rexroth's Daughter" (8)
        "Real Good Friend" (5)
        "Waiting On You" (5)
        "Blues Go Walking" (3)
        "Living In A Prayer" (3)
        "Lullaby" (3)
        "Pretty One More Time" (3)
        "Blue Car" (2)
        "Dream City" (2)
        "Walkin' Daddy" (2)
        "Marriage Chant"
  7: "Tanglewood Tree," Dave Carter And Tracy Grammer (43)
        "Crocodile Man" (7)
        "Mountain" (6)
        "Farewell To Fiddler's Rim" (5)
        "Tanglewood Tree" (5)
        "Cat-Eyed Willie Claims His Lover" (4)
        "Happytown" (4)
        "Hey Conductor" (4)
        "Cowboy Singer" (3)
        "Farewell To St. Dolores; Hey Conductor" (2)
        "Farewell To Bitterroot Valley"
        "Farewell To Saint Delores"
        "Walkin' Away From Caroline"
  8: "Big Mon: The Songs Of Bill Monroe," Various Artists (41)
        "Blue Night," Mary Chapin Carpenter (7)
        "On The Old Kentucky Shore," Ricky Skaggs And Joan Osborne (5)
        "Cry, Cry, Darlin'," Dolly Parton (4)
        "Heavy Traffic Ahead," Steve Wariner With Ricky Skaggs (4)
        "Walk Softly," Dixie Chicks And Ricky Skaggs (4)
        "Close By," Patty Loveless (3)
        "Darlin' Corey," Bruce Hornsby (3)
        "My Little Georgia Rose," Travis Trirr (3)
        "Big Mon," Ricky Skaggs Et Al (2)
        "Blue Moon Of Kentucky," John Fogerty (2)
        "Georgia Rose," Travis Tritt With Ricky Skaggs And Friends
        "I Am A Pilgrim," Charlie Daniels W/Ricky Skaggs
        "Rocky Road Blues," Dwight Yoakam With Ricky Skaggs And Friends
        "Used To Be," Whites
  9: "Hard Times In Babylon," Eliza Gilkyson (40)
        "Beauty Way" (13)
        "Hard Times In Babylon" (11)
        "Coast" (6)
        "Persephone" (3)
        "Highway" (2)
        "Sanctuary" (2)
        "Walk Away From Love" (2)
        "Baby's Walkin'"
 10: "The Green World," Dar Williams (39)
        "After All" (8)
        "Calling The Moon" (5)
        "I Won't Be Your Yoko Ono" (5)
        "We Learned The Sea" (5)
        "It Happens Every Day" (4)
        "Playing To The Firmament" (3)
        "Spring Street" (3)
        "What Do You Love More Than Love" (3)
        "A God Descended"
        "And A God Descended"
        "I Had No Right"
 11: "Things I Gave Away," Mollie O'Brien (38)
        "River's Invitation" (12)
        "House, The Boat, The Lovers" (5)
        "Train Time" (5)
        "Throw It Away" (3)
        "When I've Got The Moon" (3)
        "Love, Life, And Money" (2)
        "Practicing Walking Away" (2)
        "Right Thing" (2)
        "When I'm Gone" (2)
        "You Won't See Me" (2)
 12: "Captain," Kasey Chambers (37)
        "Captain" (7)
        "Don't Talk Back" (6)
        "Cry Like A Baby" (5)
        "Last Hard Bible" (3)
        "Southern Kind Of Life" (3)
        "These Pines" (3)
        "This Flower" (3)
        "You Got The Car" (3)
        "Hard Way" (2)
        "Don't Go"
        "We're All Gonna Die Someday"
 12: "Dev'lish Mary," Hot Club Of Cowtown (37)
        "Dev'lish Mary" (7)
        "Little Liza Jane" (5)
        "Devil's Dream" (4)
        "Stardust" (4)
        "Exactly Like You" (3)
        "Tchavolo Swing" (3)
        "Just A Little Lovin'" (2)
        "My Life's Been A Pleasure" (2)
        "When Day Is Done" (2)
        "I'd Understand Why"
        "Life's Been A Pleasure"
        "Way Down Yonder In The Cornfield"
        "When The Bloom Is On The Sage"
        "You Don't Care What Happens To Me"
 14: "Best Of Broadside," Various Artists (36)
        "Ballad Of Donald White," Bob Dylan (4)
        "Legal/Illegal," Ewan Maccoll And Peggy Seeger (3)
        "Take Me For A Walk," Gil Turner (3)
        "John Brown," Blind Boy Grunt/Bob Dylan (2)
        "Links On The Chain," Phil Ochs-Broadside Singers (2)
        "Long Time Troubled Road," Eric Andersen (2)
        "Shady Acres," Janis Ian (2)
        "Waist Deep In The Big Muddy," Pete Seeger (2)
        "Ain't That News," Broadside Singers With Tom Paxton
        "Baby I've Been Thinking," Janis Ian
        "Ballad Of Earl Durand," Charlie Brown
        "Birmingham Sunday," Richard Farina
        "Bizzness Ain't Dead," New World Singers
        "Blowing In The Wind," New World Singers
        "Bound For Glory," Phil Ochs-Sammy Walker
        "Business," Pete Seeger
        "Carry It On," Broadside Singers With Len Chandler
        "Catcher In The Rye," Sammy Walker
        "Changes," Phil Ochs
        "Draglines," Deborah Silverstein And The New Harmony Sisterhood Band
        "Freedom Riders," Phil Ochs
        "Gonna Be An Engineer," Peggy Seeger
        "Hard Rain's Goin Fall," Pete Seeger
        "Let Me Die In My Footsteps," Happy Traum
        "Little Boxes," Malvina Reynolds
        "Mack The Bomb," Pete Seeger
        "Mississippi Goddam," Nina Simone
        "My Father's Mansion's Many Rooms," Pete Seeger
        "My Oklahoma Home," Sis Cunningham
        "Plains Of Nebrasky-O," Eric Andersen And Phil Ochs
        "Times I've Had," Broadside Singers With Phil Ochs
        "Vietnam," Paul Kaplan
        "What Did You Learn In School Today?," Tom Paxton
        "What Have They Done To The Rain?," Malvina Reynolds
        "Willing Conscript," Pete Seeger
 14: "Public Domain: Songs From The Wild Land," Dave Alvin (36)
        "Shenandoah" (5)
        "Maggie Campbell" (4)
        "Walk Right In" (4)
        "Delia" (3)
        "Don't Let Your Deal Go Down" (3)
        "East Virginia Blues" (3)
        "Mama, Ain't Long For Day" (3)
        "Engine 143" (2)
        "Murder Of The Lawson Family" (2)
        "Texas Rangers" (2)
        "Dark Eyes"
        "Railroad Bill"
        "Short Life Of Trouble"
        "Sign Of Judgement"
        "What Did The Deep Sea Say?"
 16: "Never An Adult Moment," Austin Lounge Lizards (35)
        "Hillbillies In A Haunted House" (10)
        "Forty Years Old And I'm Livin' In My Mom's Garage" (6)
        "Grunge Song" (4)
        "Asheville/Crashville" (3)
        "Me I Used To Be" (3)
        "Rasputin's Hmo" (3)
        "Beautiful Waitress" (2)
        "Big Ol Bone"
        "Hundred Miles Of Dry"
        "Illusion Ravels By Stock Car"
        "Waiting On A Call From Don"
 17: "Crossing Muddy Waters," John Hiatt (30)
        "Crossing Muddy Waters" (7)
        "Before I Go" (4)
        "Lift Up Every Stone" (4)
        "Gone" (3)
        "Lincoln Town" (3)
        "God's Golden Eyes" (2)
        "Only The Song Survives" (2)
        "What Do We Do Now?" (2)
        "Mr. Stanley"
        "Take It Back"
        "Take It Down"
 18: "At The Turning Of The Year," Herdman, Hills And Mangsen (29)
        "Away Ye Merry Lassies" (7)
        "Goodbye To The Roses" (6)
        "Forget-Me-Not" (4)
        "Druggist" (3)
        "Uncle Dave's Grace" (3)
        "Corn, Water And Wood" (2)
        "At The Turning Of The Year"
        "Solstice Round"
        "Winter Is Past"
        "Winter's Come And"
 18: "Henry Street: A Retrospective," Salamander Crossing (29)
        "Tear My Stillhouse Down" (4)
        "Child Of The Wind" (3)
        "God Bless That Poor Moonshiner" (3)
        "Shotgun Down The Avalanche" (3)
        "Desert Wind" (2)
        "Down In The Mill Town" (2)
        "Fire In The Sky" (2)
        "Passion Train" (2)
        "Sweetest Song" (2)
        "Things We Said Today" (2)
        "Big Black Bird"
        "Burning Bridges"
        "Rocky Mountain Side"
        "Wade In The Water"
 18: "Levee Town," Sonny Landreth (29)
        "Levee Town" (7)
        "Love And Glory" (5)
        "This River" (4)
        "U.S.S. Zydecoldsmobile" (4)
        "Broken Hearted Road" (3)
        "Spider-Gris" (3)
        "Turning With The Century"
 18: "Sailing To Philadelphia," Mark Knopfler (29)
        "Sailing To Philadelphia" (8)
        "Prairie Wedding" (4)
        "What It Is" (4)
        "Last Laugh" (3)
        "Sands Of Nevada" (3)
        "Speedway At Nazareth" (3)
        "Baloney Again"
        "Do America"
        "Last Word"
 22: "You're The One," Paul Simon (28)
        "That's Where I Belong" (6)
        "Darling Lorraine" (4)
        "Old" (4)
        "Pigs, Sheep And Wolves" (4)
        "Teacher" (3)
        "Look At That" (2)
        "Hurricane's Eye"
        "Sweet Lorraine"
        "You're The One"
 23: "Hold With Hope," Breakaway (26)
        "Pastures Of Plenty" (5)
        "Chenango County Blues" (3)
        "Faded Prints" (3)
        "Snowshoe" (3)
        "Can't Stop A Train" (2)
        "Darkness, Darkness" (2)
        "Hold With Hope" (2)
        "One Time, One Night" (2)
        "Sophronie" (2)
        "Water's So Cold" (2)
 23: "Last Of The Old Time," Chuck Brodsky (26)
        "In The Country" (5)
        "Bonehead Merkle" (4)
        "Gone To Heaven" (4)
        "He Came To Our Town" (3)
        "Take It Out Back" (3)
        "Restless Kid" (2)
        "Third Dead Cat" (2)
        "3rd Dead Cat"
        "40 Years"
        "Boys In The Back Room"
 23: "Prime Cuts of Bluegrass 47," Various Artists (26)
        "Lovin' On Borrowed Time," Larry Sparks (7)
        "Come Back To Me In My Dreams," Steve Day (4)
        "Man On The Side Of The Road," Chris Jones (3)
        "Time Can Mend," Francine Michaels (3)
        "At The Cross," David Johnson (2)
        "Be Strong," Clint Miller And Del McCoury Band
        "Hold To God's Unchanging Hand," Dry River Boys
        "I'll Fly Away," Clint Miller And The Del McCoury Band
        "I'll Wear A White Robe," Tim Surrett
        "Jessica's Lullaby," Johnny Staats Project
        "Jesus And Bartenders," Larry Cordle And Lonesome Standard Time
        "Shafer's Reel," Johnny Staats
 23: "Trainfare Home," Last Forever (26)
        "All For You" (4)
        "Casey Jones" (4)
        "That's Enough" (4)
        "What Are They Doing In Heaven Today?" (4)
        "Duke Of Earl" (3)
        "John Doe #24" (3)
        "Bachelor's Hall"
        "Diamond Joe"
        "Down The Road"
        "Roll On The Ground"
 27: "Live As I'll Ever Be," Chris Smither (24)
        "Hold On" (5)
        "Devil's Real" (4)
        "Up On The Lowdown" (3)
        "Can't Shake These Blues" (2)
        "Dust My Broom" (2)
        "No Love Today" (2)
        "Cave Man"
        "Help Me Now"
        "I Am The Ride"
        "Killin' The Blues"
        "Link Of Chain"
        "When I Was A Cave Man"
 28: "Back Home Again," Rhonda Vincent (23)
        "Lonesome Wind Blues" (6)
        "When I Close My Eyes" (5)
        "Passing Of The Train" (4)
        "Jolene" (2)
        "Keep Your Feet On The Ground" (2)
        "Where No Cabins Fall" (2)
        "Out Of Hand"
        "Pretending I Don't Care"
 28: "Nickel Creek," Nickel Creek (23)
        "Ode To A Butterfly" (5)
        "Fox" (4)
        "Lighthouse's Tale" (4)
        "When You Come Back Down" (4)
        "Out Of The Woods" (3)
        "Cuckoo's Nest" (2)
        "Reasons Why"
 28: "One If By Hand," Sons Of The Never Wrong (23)
        "Getting Better" (4)
        "Magnetic Poetry" (4)
        "Comet" (2)
        "Hallelujah For The Getaway" (2)
        "No 1 4 Me" (2)
        "One Simple Question" (2)
        "Sleeping Bag" (2)
        "Teva" (2)
        "My Last Boyfriend"
 28: "Special Delivery," Larry Sparks (23)
        "Colleen Malone" (7)
        "Lovin' On Borrowed Time" (7)
        "Ghost Stories" (4)
        "Around The Carousel"
        "Be Nobody's Darling But Mine"
        "California Zephyr"
        "Snow Covered Mound"
 32: "People On The Highway," Various Artists (22)
        "Strolling Down The Highway," Chris Smither (5)
        "Do You Hear Me Now?," Donovan (3)
        "Running From Home," Ralph Mctell (2)
        "Soho," Al Stewart (2)
        "Dreams Of Love," Rab Noakes
        "Fresh As A Sweet Sunday Morning," Wizz Jone
        "Is It Real?," James Devlin And Helen Mcgurk
        "It Don't Bother Me," Steve Ashley
        "Needle Of Death," Roy Harper
        "People On The Highway," Legends Of Tomorrow
        "Rambling's Going To Be The Death Of Me," Rod Clements
        "Tell Me What Is True Love?," Brooks Williams
        "When I Get Home," Bernard Butler
        "Where Did My Life Go?," Eleanor Mcevoy
 32: "Scene It All," Seldom Scene (22)
        "Rollin' And Tumblin'" (7)
        "Boots Of Spanish Leather" (5)
        "From This Moment On" (3)
        "Walking The Dog" (2)
        "I Will Always Be Waiting For You"
        "When The Walls Come Tumblin' Down"
        "You Better Get Right"
 34: "Korong," Kornog (21)
        "Lassie Wi' The Yellow Coatie" (4)
        "Baleadenn" (3)
        "Child Noryce" (2)
        "Fest Stivell: Gwriziad Difennet" (2)
        "Air Our Faire Pleurer La Marieegavottes"
        "Al Letanant Schmitt O Kimiadin Ar 5ved/Dans Plinn"
        "Al Letanant Schmitt O Kimiadin Ar 5vewd Kompagnunez/Dans Pin"
        "Ar Plac'h Diw Wech Eueujet/Etc"
        "Fest Stivell: Feunteun Zen"
        "Fest Stivell: Gouel Holvedel"
        "For A New Baby"
        "Gavotte Pourlet / Laride-Gavotte"
        "Kolo Stara Vlajna"
 34: "Talkin' To Myself," Lonesome River Band (21)
        "Swing That Hammer" (5)
        "Harvest Time" (4)
        "Mary Ann" (4)
        "Dog Gone Shame" (2)
        "Are You Ashamed To Call Me Darlin'"
        "Crime I Didn't Do"
        "Do You Want To Live In Glory"
        "I Won't Be Calling For You"
        "No One Can Love You"
        "Place Where You Can Bury Me"
 34: "Written In Red," Louise Taylor (21)
        "Cherry Tree" (7)
        "His Hands" (3)
        "Over The Mountain" (3)
        "2 Bends In The Road" (2)
        "Stubborn As A Gun" (2)
        "Gunny Hole"
        "Meet You Here," 39. Louise Taylor
        "Miriam Bell"
        "While My Love Is Away"
 37: "Distillation," Erin Mckeown (20)
        "Blackbirds" (6)
        "Little Cowboy" (5)
        "Queen Of Quiet" (3)
        "La Petite Mort" (2)
        "Didn't They?"
        "Dirt Gardener"
        "Love In 2 Parts"
        "You Mustn't Kick It Around"
 37: "Foundation," Doc Watson (20)
        "Cannonball Rag" (3)
        "June Apple" (3)
        "Black Mountain Rag" (2)
        "Dill Pickle Rag" (2)
        "Rainbow" (2)
        "Stone's Rag" (2)
        "Billy In The Lowground"
        "Doc's Guitar"
        "Fiddler's Dram-Whistling Rufus-Ragtime Annie," Doc And Merle Watson
        "Fiddler's Dream/Etc"
        "Salt River-Bill Cheatham"
        "Windy And Warm"
 37: "Listening," Ken Whiteley (20)
        "Woke Up This Morning" (5)
        "If The Wind" (3)
        "Listening" (3)
        "All I Need" (2)
        "That's What I Love About You" (2)
        "Bird, Mole, Flower"
        "Both Shall Sing"
        "Easy To Change,"
        "Lord You Left Me"
        "Lord You Lifted Me"
 37: "Love Light," Claire Lynch (20)
        "Missionary Ridge" (4)
        "I'm Movin'" (3)
        "Jealousy" (3)
        "Love Light" (3)
        "Savannah" (3)
        "Blue Water Holler" (2)
        "I Don't Have To Dream"
        "Keep My Love There"
 41: "Age Of Possibility," Carrie Newcomer (19)
        "Threads" (3)
        "When It's Gone, It's Gone" (3)
        "7 Dreams" (2)
        "Anything With Wings" (2)
        "Sparrow" (2)
        "Tornado Alley" (2)
        "All I Know"
        "Bare To The Bone"
        "Here I Am"
        "Love Is Wide"
        "This Too Will Pass"
 41: "Broke Down," Slaid Cleaves (19)
        "Broke Down" (6)
        "Horseshoe Lounge" (3)
        "Lydia" (3)
        "One Good Year" (3)
        "Bring It On" (2)
        "Cold And Lonely"
        "I Feel The Blues Moving In"
 41: "Grasshoppers," Grasshoppers (19)
        "River Of Tears" (7)
        "Set Me Free" (4)
        "Cold Dark Night" (3)
        "Y2K" (3)
        "It Amazes Me"
        "Let's Rekindle Our Love"
 41: "Harry's Gone Fishing," Leon Rosselson (19)
        "You Noble Diggers All" (4)
        "Encore" (3)
        "Bad Driver" (2)
        "Mercenaries" (2)
        "Money Matters" (2)
        "Child Killers"
        "Harry's Gone Fishing"
        "It's Just The Song"
        "Postcards From Cuba"
        "She Came From Out Of Nowhere"
        "Song Of Choice," Dick Gaughan
 41: "Ice Caps: The Peaks Of Telluride," Sam Bush (19)
        "Girl From The North Country" (8)
        "Memphis In The Meantime" (3)
        "Big Mon" (2)
        "Lee Highway Blues" (2)
        "Girl Of North Country"
        "Same Ol' River"
        "Speak Of The Devil/Memphis In The Moonlight"
        "Spooky Lane"
 41: "Live," Ellis Paul (19)
        "Conversation With A Ghost" (4)
        "Maria's Beautiful Mess" (3)
        "World Ain't Slowin' Down" (3)
        "Weightless" (2)
        "Airplane Pilot Dead Head" And "The World Ain't Slowin' Down"
        "All Things Being The Same"
        "Here She Is"
        "Paperback Man"
        "Tornado Girl"
        "When We Begin"
        "Where We Begin" And "Mrs. Jones"
 41: "Lowlands," Susan Mckeown (19)
        "Lowlands Of Holland" (5)
        "Lord Baker" (4)
        "Moorlough Shore" (3)
        "Dark Horse On The Wind" (2)
        "Hare's Lament" (2)
        "Johnny Coughlin"
        "Nighean Dubh/The Dark Haired Girl"
        "To Fair London Town"
 41: "Regrooving The Dream," Patty Larkin (19)
        "Beg To Differ" (3)
        "Hotel Monte Vista" (3)
        "Only One" (3)
        "Anyway The Main Thing Is" (2)
        "Hand Full Of Water / Mink Coats" (2)
        "Mink Coats" (2)
        "River" (2)
        "Lost And Found"
        "Random Play"
 49: "Fair Weather," Alison Brown (18)
        "Fair Weather" (6)
        "Everybody's Talkin'" (3)
        "Deep Gap" (2)
        "Devil Went Down To Berkeley" (2)
        "Late On Arrival" (2)
        "Everyday I Write The Book," Alison Brown With Sam Bush
        "Hummingbird," Alison Brown With Claire Lynch
        "Leaving Cottondale"
 49: "The Grass Is Blue," Dolly Parton (18)
        "Traveler's Prayer" (6)
        "Train, Train" (4)
        "Few Old Memories" (2)
        "I Still Miss Someone" (2)
        "Cash On The Barrelhead"
        "Grass Is Blue"
        "I Am Ready"
        "I'm Gonna Sleep With One Eye Open"
 49: "Little Lion," Brooks Williams (18)
        "Belfast Blues" (6)
        "Asa Branca" (4)
        "O Leaozinho" (3)
        "What Wondrous Love" (2)
        "Frenzy A The Feeder"
        "Lizard Logic"
        "Water Song"
 49: "Wings Of Wonder," Claudia Schmidt (18)
        "It All Depends" (5)
        "Livingstone's Farewell" (3)
        "Somebody Else's Restaurant" (2)
        "Stop To Rest" (2)
        "Wayfaring Stranger" (2)
        "Wings Of Wonder" (2)
        "My One And Only Love"
 53: "Blue Heartache," Lou Reid And Carolina (17)
        "Blue Heartache" (3)
        "Grass Lover" (3)
        "Helen" (3)
        "Letter From My Darling" (2)
        "Living In Our Country World" (2)
        "Hobo Song"
        "I Stood And Watched You Go"
        "Memories Don't Die"
        "Take This Hammer"
 53: "If I Could Only Fly," Merle Haggard (17)
        "Wishing All These Old Things Were New" (7)
        "If I Could Only Fly" (4)
        "Crazy Moon" (2)
        "Honky Tonky Mama"
        "Proud To Be Your Old Man"
        "Thanks To Uncle John"
        "Think About A Lullaby"
 53: "Mining For Gold," James Gordon (17)
        "Frobisher Bay" (4)
        "Mining For Gold" (3)
        "Back Before Wal-Mart"
        "Caledonia Street"
        "Chippewa Smile"
        "Fields Of Rock And Snow"
        "Home To You Once More"
        "Leaving Inverarden"
        "Looking For Livingstone"
        "Oh Klondike, No Herring Left In The Bay"
        "Stuart And Lillian"
        "Your Wandering Gypsy Boy"
 53: "Places In Between," Terri Hendrix (17)
        "My Own Place" (3)
        "Places In Between" (3)
        "It's A Given" (2)
        "Moon On The Water" (2)
        "Goodtime Van"
        "Invisible Girl"
        "Joy Or Sorrow"
        "Motherless Child"
        "Prelude / Goodtime Van"
 53: "Songs Of The Carter Family," Jody Stecher And Kate Brislin (17)
        "Dark And Stormy Weather" (3)
        "Bear Creek Blues" (2)
        "March Winds Gonna Blow All My Blues Away" (2)
        "River Of Jordon" (2)
        "Single Girl, Married Girl" (2)
        "Sow Em On The Mountain" (2)
        "Away Out On The Old Saint Sabbath"
        "Bye And Bye"
        "Meet Me In The Moonlight"
        "Motherless Children"
 53: "What You Whispered," David Wilcox (17)
        "Guitar Shopping" (3)
        "What You Whispered" (3)
        "Deeper Still" (2)
        "Start With The Ending" (2)
        "Whisper Of The Wheels" (2)
        "In The Broken Places"
        "Inside Of My Head"
        "Rule Number One"
        "Step Into Your Skin"
        "This Tattoo"
 59: "Against The Moon," Anne Dodson (16)
        "Wait Till The Clouds Roll By" (3)
        "Why Do You Worry" (3)
        "Fiddler's Ear" (2)
        "Leatherwing Bat" (2)
        "Monopoly" (2)
        "Against The Moon"
        "Big Green Tree"
        "Life Comes In"
 59: "Anthracite Shuffle," Tom Flannery (16)
        "My Little Boy In The Mines," Lisa Moscatiello (3)
        "Anthracite Shuffle" (2)
        "Breaker" (2)
        "Miner Boy" (2)
        "We'll Sing Hallelujah" (2)
        "Always Out Of Sight"
        "Alyssa's Lament"
        "King Coal"
        "Knox Mine Disaster 1959"
        "Why Do You Blame Me"
 59: "Anthymn," Cosy Sheridan (16)
        "Demeter's Lost Daughter" (5)
        "Anthymn" (2)
        "Ladies' Room" (2)
        "Multiply Pierced" (2)
        "Oren's Song" (2)
        "Dorothy And Eve"
        "Love Is Thicker Than Water"
        "Urban Assault Vehicle"
 59: "Endangered Species," Eric Bogle (16)
        "Sign" (4)
        "Our National Pride" (3)
        "Road To El Dorado" (2)
        "Jingle Jangle"
        "Just Here For The Money"
        "No Gods At All"
        "River Of Time"
        "Waltzing Matilda Waltz"
        "You've Got Nothing I Need"
 59: "Goodbye Girls, I'm Going To Boston," Art Stamper (16)
        "East Virginia" (3)
        "Swing Lady Home" (3)
        "Brushy Fork Of John's Creek" (2)
        "Miss Spence's Reel" (2)
        "Goodbye Girls I'm Going To Boston"
        "John Riley The Shepherd"
        "Old Horse And Buggy"
        "Old Joe Clark"
        "Old Sally Goodin'"
 59: "John And Mary," IIIrd Tyme Out (16)
        "John And Mary" (4)
        "Rose Of My Heart" (4)
        "Just Call On Him" (3)
        "Coal Mine Blues"
        "I Pray My Way Out Of Trouble"
        "Milk Cow Blues"
        "Out Of Sight, Out Of Mind"
        "Snow Angel"
 59: "Milk Cow Blues," Willie Nelson (16)
        "Crazy" (6)
        "Thrill Is Gone," Willie Nelson W/B. B. King (3)
        "Rainy Day Blues" (2)
        "Black Night," Willie Nelson W/Dr. John
        "Kansas City"
        "Milk Cow Blues"
        "Texas Flood," Willie Nelson W/ Kenny Wayne Shepherd
        "Wake Me When It's Over"
 59: "Out Of The Blue," Burns Sisters (16)
        "Longtime" (4)
        "Something Real" (3)
        "God Made Woman" (2)
        "Never Be Mine" (2)
        "2 Step Recipe"
        "For Your Love"
        "Out Of The Blue"
        "Prayer Of St. Francis"
 59: "Postcards," Tom Landa And The Paperboys (16)
        "Living Proof" (6)
        "Cop, The Scot, The Gal And Her Neighbour" (3)
        "Falling Down" (3)
        "Goodbye" (2)
        "Santiago A Sevilla"
        "Still The Night"
 59: "Presidential Campaign Songs 1789-1996," Oscar Brand (16)
        "California Here We Come"
        "Don't Stop Thinking About Tomorrow"
        "For Hayes And Wheeler, Too"
        "For Jefferson And Liberty"
        "Get On A Raft With Taft"
        "Grant, Grant, Grant"
        "Harding You're The Man For Us"
        "He's All Right"
        "Just Before Election, Andy"
        "Keep Cool And Keep Coolidge"
        "Little Ye Know Who's Coming"
        "Marching Down To Washington"
        "Roosevelt The Cry"
        "Same Merry-Go-Round"
        "Tippecanoe And Tyler Too"
        "Wilson, That's All"
 59: "So Many Miles," Stephen Fearing (16)
        "Blind Indifference" (3)
        "Longest Road" (3)
        "Glory Train" (2)
        "Wailing Wall" (2)
        "Bells Of Morning"
        "Dog On A Chain / James Medley"
        "So Many Miles Away"
        "Tryin' Times"
 59: "The Trade," Dana Robinson (16)
        "Counting Freights" (3)
        "The Trade" (3)
        "Chautauqua Day" (2)
        "Pat Do This" (2)
        "Ballad Tree"
        "Countin Frieghts"
        "Lazy John"
        "Rainbow Sign"
        "Somebody Loves You"
 59: "Wires And Wood," Johnny Staats Project (16)
        "Coal Tattoo" (4)
        "Shaffer's Reel," Johnny Staats (3)
        "Jessica's Lullaby" (2)
        "Legend Of The Ghost Coon" (2)
        "Mandolin Meltdown" (2)
        "John 'barty' Jam"
        "Wires And Wood"
        "You Can't Take It With You When You Go"
 59: "Wires From The Bunker," John Stewart (16)
        "Molly And Tenbrooks" (3)
        "Wide Eyed In Babylon" (3)
        "All The Desperate Men" (2)
        "American Way" (2)
        "Escape Of Old John Webb" (2)
        "Diamonds In The Coal"
        "Hot On The Trail"
        "Tears Of The Sun"
        "Under Heavy Fire"

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