Compiled by Richard Gillmann from FOLKDJ-L radio playlists
Based on 11313 airplays from 134 different DJs

  1: "The Back Fields," Tim Grimm [Wind River, 10/05] (77)
        "The People's Highway"
        "Lost And Found"
        "My Turn"
        "Autumn Garden"
  2: "Blues And Lamentations," Kate Campbell [Large River, 8/05] (54)
        "Miles Of Blues"
        "Freedom Train"
        "Pans Of Biscuits"
  3: "Paradise Hotel," Eliza Gilkyson [Red House, 8/05] (51)
        "Man Of God"
        "Paradise Hotel"
        "Think About You"
        "When You Walk On"
  4: "Two Wings," Lauren Sheehan [Wilson River, 10/05] (50)
        "Two Wings"
        "Kind Hearted Woman"
        "Lonesome Day Blues"
  5: "Yellow," Cary Cooper [Hudson Harding, 10/05] (42)
        "All The Ways You Give Yourself Away"
        "Hannah Hold Your Heart"
  6: "My Better Self," Dar Williams [Razor & Tie, 9/05] (38)
        "You Rise And Meet The Day"
  7: "Giants," Donal Hinely [Scuffletown, new] (36)
        "Before Music Was A Product"
        "Talkin' Cheap Trick Blues"
  8: "Some Days," Lou And Peter Berryman [Cornbelt, 10/05] (35)
        "Best Laid Plans"
  9: "Laughing In The Face Of The Blues," Jack Williams [Wind River, 10/05] (34)
        "Meet Me Mama"
        "Laughing In The Face Of The Blues"
  9: "She Waits For Night," Uncle Earl [Rounder, 7/05] (34)
        "Sugar Babe"
        "Walkin' In My Sleep"
        "There Is A Time"
 11: "Serenade," Mick McAuley And Winifred Horan [Compass, new] (33)
        "After The Gold Rush"
        "Jug Of Punch Set"
 12: "Live In Sydney," Arlo Guthrie [Rising Son, 8/05] (32)
        "City Of New Orleans"
        "Me And Bobby McGee"
        "Remembering Alice"
 13: "Half A Million Miles," The Kennedys [Appleseed, 7/05] (31)
        "Half A Million Miles"
        "Chimes Of Freedom"
        "How Will I Ever Be Simple Again"
 13: "Hands Across The Water," Various Artists [Compass, new] (31)
        "Fair And Tender Ladies," Tim O'Brien And Lunasa
        "This World's Family," Jim Lauderdale With Maura O'Connell
 15: "The Girl Who Couldn't Fly," Kate Rusby [Compass, 9/05] (27)
        "No Names"
        "Game Of All Fours"
 16: "Those Were The Days," Dolly Parton [Sugar Hill, 10/05] (26)
        "Blowin In The Wind"
        "Those Were The Days"
        "Turn, Turn, Turn"
 16: "Waves," Eric Andersen [Appleseed, 10/05] (26)
        "Bold Marauder"
 18: "Flower Of Avalon," Tracy Grammer [Signature, 4/05] (23)
        "Winter When He Goes"
        "Laughlin Boy"
 19: "Acoustic Rainbow 23," Various Artists [Poetman, new] (22)
        "Rough And Rocky," Cathie Ryan
        "Green Eyes," Misty River
 19: "I Walk The Road Again," Happy Traum [Roaring Stream, 8/05] (22)
        "Blues Ain't Nothin"
        "Tonight I'll Be Staying Here With You"
 21: "Cornbread Nation," Tim O'Brien [Sugar Hill, 8/05] (21)
        "Hold On"
        "California Blues"
        "Cornbread Nation"
 21: "Fiddler's Green," Tim O'Brien [Sugar Hill, 8/05] (21)
        "Early Morning Rain"
        "Long Black Veil"
 21: "Prairie Wind," Neil Young [Reprise, 9/05] (21)
        "Far From Home"
 21: "Remembering Rachel: Songs Of Rachel Bissex," Various Artists [Self, 8/05] (21)
        "Never Go Back," Greg Greenway W/ Kim And Reggie Harris
 21: "Solo Acoustic, Vol. 1," Jackson Browne [Inside Recordings, new] (21)
        "These Days"
        "Lives In The Balance"
 21: "There Goes The Neighborhood," Mark Stepakoff [Self, new] (21)
        "Barbecue Sauce"
        "Amanda Peet"
 21: "The Tide," Lucy Kaplansky [Red House, 9/05] (21)
        "Everybody Knows But Me"
        "My Name Joe"
 28: "Bowery Songs," Joan Baez [Koch, 9/05] (20)
        "7 Curses"
 28: "Like Water," Paul Kamm And Eleanore MacDonald [Freewheel, 9/05] (20)
        "Peace Jumpers"
        "Starlight On The Rails"
 28: "New Moon," Northern Lights [Fifty Fifty, 4/05] (20)
        "Listen To The Radio"
        "Lonely Moon"
 28: "Sanctuary Road," Erik Balkey [Hudson Harding, 10/05] (20)
        "Always One More Round"
        "Leaves Are Gone"
        "Something In The Air/It's Not On The Airwaves"
 32: "Out Beyond Ideas," David Wilcox And Nance Pettit [What Are, 9/05] (19)
        "Some Seeds"
 32: "Woman Of The House," Cherish The Ladies [Rounder, 10/05] (19)
        "Sweet Thames Flow Softly"
        "Green Fields Of Canada"
 34: "Laebrack," Catriona McKay And Chris Stout [Greentrax, new] (18)
        "Eileen's Lament"
 34: "No Direction Home," Bob Dylan [Columbia, 8/05] (18)
        "Desolation Row"
 34: "Weiser Sunrise," Foghorn String Band [Nettwerk, 8/05] (18)
        "Mississippi Sawyer"
        "Stagger Lee"
 37: "Land Of Milk And Honey," Eliza Gilkyson [Red House, 3/04] (17)
        "Peace Call"
        "Hiway 9"
 37: "Weather And Water," The Greencards [Dualtone, 6/05] (17)
        "Ghost Of Who We Were"
        "Like A Melody"
 39: "5 South," Janet Beazley [Backcountry, 9/05] (16)
        "Julia Belle"
        "5 South"
 39: "Chicago Wind," Merle Haggard [Sony, new] (16)
        "America First"
        "Where's All The Freedom"
 39: "Home To You," Peasall Sisters [Dualtone, 8/05] (16)
        "Where No One Stands Alone"
        "Home To You"
 39: "Parlor Guitar," Joel Mabus [Fossil, 9/05] (16)
        "I'm Just Wild About Harry - Avalon"
 39: "Raw Vision," Tom Russell Band [Philo, 9/05] (16)
        "Blue Wing"
        "Veteran's Day"
 39: "Why Should The Fire Die?," Nickel Creek [Sugar Hill, 8/05] (16)
        "When In Rome"
 45: "40," Larry Sparks [Rebel, 3/05] (15)
 45: "The Duhks," The Duhks [Sugar Hill, 2/05] (15)
        "Mists Of Down Below"
        "Death Came A Knockin"
 45: "MR7," Mustard's Retreat [Yellow Room, 9/05] (15)
        "Here Comes The Snow"
        "Simple Faith"
 45: "Never Ending Conversation," Kelly Mulhollan [Self, 9/05] (15)
        "Garden Of Love"
        "God To Hungry Child"
 45: "Nuthatch Suite," Sons Of The Never Wrong [Gadfly, 8/05] (15)
        "Too Many"
 45: "The Other Evening In Chicago," Bob Franke [Waterbug, 7/05] (15)
        "In Lieu Of Chili / Thanksgiving Eve"
        "Thanksgiving Eve"
 45: "Sparks In The Radio," Jim Photoglo [Grifftone, 4/05] (15)
        "Sparks In The Radio"
        "Hillbilly Hollywood"
 45: "This Human Heart," David Kleiner [Self, new] (15)
        "Hopeless Romantic"
        "This Human Heart"
 45: "Trouble From The Start," Lisa Moscatiello [Machine Heart, 9/05] (15)
        "Brand New Me"
 45: "Unseen Hours," Malinky [Greentrax, new] (15)
        "Edom O Gordon"
        "Flowers Of Saskatchewan"
 55: "American Jukebox Fables," Ellis Paul [Philo, 4/05] (14)
        "Kiss The Sun"
        "Blacktop Train"
 55: "The Art Of Virtue," Adrienne Young And Little Sadie [Addie Belle, 6/05] (14)
        "The Art Of Virtue"
 55: "Collaborations," Will Taylor And Strings Attached [Heart, 9/05] (14)
        "Easy Rider"
 55: "Defying Gravity," Cheryl Wheeler [Philo, 2/05] (14)
        "Little Road"
 55: "Fair And Square," John Prine [Oh Boy, 4/05] (14)
        "I Hate It When That Happens To Me"
        "Clay Pigeons"
 55: "Folkzinger," Christine Lavin [Appleseed, 9/05] (14)
        "All My Lovin"
        "Winter In Manhattan"
 55: "Seeing Things," Heidi Muller And Bob Webb [Self, new] (14)
        "Sacred Ground"
 62: "40 Days," Wailin' Jennys [Red House, 4/04] (13)
        "One Voice"
 62: "Cherryholmes," Cherryholmes [Skaggs Family, 9/05] (13)
        "Workin' Man"
 62: "Let It Slide," David Holt [High Windy, new] (13)
 62: "Made Of Mud," Dana Cooper [King Easy, 9/05] (13)
        "Nothing To Fear"
 62: "Profile," Pat Donohue [Bluesky, 10/05] (13)
        "Give A Dog A Bone"
 62: "Seeds: The Songs Of Pete Seeger, Vol. 3," Pete Seeger & Friends [Appleseed, 2003] (13)
        "Precious Friend," Holly Near And Ronnie Gilbert
 62: "Waking Hour," David Francey [Red House, 9/04] (13)
 69: "Five Star Day," Liz Carlisle [Self, 8/05] (12)
        "9/8 Central"
        "Feels Like Home"
 69: "At This Stage," Eric Bogle [Greentrax, 8/05] (12)
        "And The Band Played Waltzing Matilda"
 69: "The Best Kept Secret," Jerry Douglas [Koch, 9/05] (12)
        "Swing Blues No. 1"
 69: "Bluegrass Hits," Various Artists [Rounder, new] (12)
        "Dark Waters," Reno And Smiley
 69: "Come On Back," Jimmie Dale Gilmore [Rounder, 8/05] (12)
        "I'll Never Get Out Of This World Alive"
 69: "The Hard And The Easy," Great Big Sea [Zoe, new] (12)
        "Captain Kidd"
        "French Shore"
 69: "Impossible Dream," Patty Griffin [ATO, 4/04] (12)
        "Useless Desires"
 69: "Inspired," Giveway [Greentrax, new] (12)
 69: "One More Time," Joy Lynn White [Thortch, new] (12)
        "I'm Free"
 69: "Song Of The Traveling Daughter," Abigail Washburn [Nettwerk, 8/05] (12)


Compiled by Richard Gillmann from FOLKDJ-L radio playlists
Based on 11313 airplays from 134 different DJs

1. "After The Gold Rush" (14)
        by Mick McAuley And Winifred Horan
        from "Serenade"
1. "Giants" (14)
        by Donal Hinely
        from "Giants"
1. "People's Highway" (14)
        by Tim Grimm
        from "The Back Fields"
4. "Yellow" (13)
        by Cary Cooper
        from "Yellow"
5. "Man Of God" (11)
        by Eliza Gilkyson
        from "Paradise Hotel"
5. "Miles Of Blues" (11)
        by Kate Campbell
        from "Blues And Lamentations"
7. "2 Wings" (10)
        by Lauren Sheehan
        from "Two Wings"
7. "And The Band Played Waltzing Matilda" (10)
        by Eric Bogle
        from "At This Stage"
        also "Scraps Of Paper"
7. "Autumn Garden" (10)
        by Tim Grimm
        from "The Back Fields"
10. "Everybody's Gone Crazy" (9)
        by Tim Grimm
        from "The Back Fields"
10. "Lost And Found" (9)
        by Tim Grimm
        from "The Back Fields"
10. "Meet Me Mama" (9)
        by Jack Williams
        from "Laughing In The Face Of The Blues"
10. "My Turn" (9)
        by Tim Grimm
        from "The Back Fields"
10. "These Days" (9)
        by Jackson Browne
        from "Solo Acoustic, Vol. 1"
10. "Wreck Of The Edmund Fitzgerald" (9)
        by Gordon Lightfoot
        from "Summertime Dream"
16. "Echoes" (8)
        by Dar Williams
        from "My Better Self"
16. "Paradise Hotel" (8)
        by Eliza Gilkyson
        from "Paradise Hotel"
16. "Rough And Rocky" (8)
        by Cathie Ryan
        from "Acoustic Rainbow 23"
16. "Song Of Thanksgiving" (8)
        by Tim Harrison
        from "Wheatfield With Crows"
16. "Yellow House" (8)
        by Red Molly
        from "Red Molly"
21. "Before Music Was A Product" (7)
        by Donal Hinely
        from "Giants"
21. "City Of New Orleans" (7)
        by Arlo Guthrie
        from "Live In Sydney"
21. "Easy Rider" (7)
        by Will Taylor And Strings Attached
        from "Collaborations"
21. "Freedom Train" (7)
        by Kate Campbell
        from "Blues And Lamentations"
21. "Hold On" (7)
        by Tim O'Brien
        from "Cornbread Nation"
21. "Painter" (7)
        by Neil Young
        from "Prairie Wind"
21. "Pans Of Biscuits" (7)
        by Kate Campbell
        from "Blues And Lamentations"
21. "Sometimes Trouble Is A Gift" (7)
        by Tim Grimm
        from "The Back Fields"
21. "Sugar Babe" (7)
        by Uncle Earl
        from "She Waits For Night"
21. "Thanksgiving Eve" (7)
        by Bob Franke
        from "In This Night"
        also "The Other Evening In Chicago"
21. "Think About You" (7)
        by Eliza Gilkyson
        from "Paradise Hotel"


Compiled by Richard Gillmann from FOLKDJ-L radio playlists
Based on 11313 airplays from 134 different DJs

1. Tim Grimm
2. Eliza Gilkyson
3. Kate Campbell
4. Dar Williams
5. Lauren Sheehan
6. Bob Dylan
7. Tim O'Brien
8. Lou And Peter Berryman
9. Cary Cooper
9. Dolly Parton
9. Neil Young
12. Tom Paxton
13. Jack Williams
13. Joan Baez
15. Arlo Guthrie
16. Donal Hinely
16. Mustard's Retreat
18. Johnny Cash
19. The Kennedys
19. Uncle Earl
21. Eric Andersen
21. Lucy Kaplansky
23. Jackson Browne
24. Kate Rusby
24. Mick McAuley And Winifred Horan
26. Eric Bogle
26. Nanci Griffith
26. Tom Russell
29. Joel Mabus
29. John Prine
29. Tracy Grammer
32. John McCutcheon
33. Greg Brown
33. Richard Shindell
35. Cheryl Wheeler
35. Happy Traum
35. John Gorka
38. Bob Franke
38. David Francey
38. Joni Mitchell


Compiled by Richard Gillmann from FOLKDJ-L radio playlists
Based on 11313 airplays from 134 different DJs

1. Rounder
2. Compass
3. Sugar Hill
4. Red House
5. Columbia
6. Philo
7. Appleseed
8. Smithsonian/Folkways
9. Signature
10. Wind River
11. Flying Fish
12. Vanguard
13. Greentrax
14. Waterbug
15. Warner
16. Shanachie
17. Borealis
18. Hightone
19. Reprise
20. Green Linnet
21. Rhino
22. Koch
23. Razor And Tie
24. Rebel
25. Capitol
25. Pinecastle
27. Copper Creek
27. Dualtone
29. Nettwerk
30. Large River
31. RCA
31. Rising Son
33. Sony
34. Gadfly
34. New West
36. Hudson Harding
37. Lost Highway
38. Elektra
38. Skaggs Family
40. Mercury

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