Compiled by Richard Gillmann from FOLKDJ-L radio playlists
Based on 12091 airplays.

  1: "The Captain," Kasey Chambers (57)
        "The Captain" (12)
        "Last Hard Bible" (8)
        "Cry Like A Baby" (6)
        "This Flower" (6)
        "Don't Go" (5)
        "Hard Way" (5)
        "Don't Talk Back" (3)
        "Southern Kind Of Life" (3)
        "We're All Gonna Die Someday" (3)
        "You Got The Car" (3)
        "These Pines" (2)
        "Mr. Baylis"
  2: "Anthymn," Cosy Sheridan (51)
        "Dorothy And Eve" (10)
        "Multiply Pierced" (9)
        "Demeter's Lost Daughter" (7)
        "World Has Taken Care Of Me" (5)
        "Bikini On A Billboard" (4)
        "Ladies Room" (4)
        "Ant Hymn" (3)
        "Love Is Thicker Than Water" (3)
        "Oren's Song" (2)
        "PMS" (2)
        "Urban Assault Vehicle"
  3: "O Brother, Where Art Thou? Soundtrack," Various Artists (45)
        "I'll Fly Away," Gillian Welch And Allison Krauss (13)
        "I Am A Man Of Constant Sorrow," Soggy Bottom Boys (7)
        "Didn't Leave Nobody But The Baby," Emmylou Harris, Alison Krauss And Gillian Welch (5)
        "Man Of Constant Sorrow," Soggy Bottom Boys (4)
        "You Are My Sunshine," Norman Blake (4)
        "Big Rock Candy Mountain," Harry Mcclintock (3)
        "Down To The River To Pray," Alison Krauss (3)
        "In The Jailhouse Now," Soggy Bottom Boys (3)
        "Oh Death," Ralph Stanley (2)
        "Angel Band," Stanley Brothers
  3: "Tanglewood Tree," Dave Carter And Tracy Grammer (45)
        "Tanglewood Tree" (10)
        "Crocodile Man" (9)
        "Hey Conductor" (8)
        "Mountain" (6)
        "Cowboy Singer" (2)
        "Farewell To Bitterroot Valley" (2)
        "Farewell To Fiddler's Rim" (2)
        "Farewell To Saint Dolores" (2)
        "Walking Away From Caroline" (2)
        "Cat Eyed Willie Claims His Lover"
  5: "The Road To Canso," Scruj Macduhk (44)
        "Rambling Irishman" (7)
        "Cidermill" (6)
        "Silence They Say" (6)
        "Roddy McCorley/Lost Gander" (5)
        "La Banqueroute - La Reel St. Jean" (4)
        "Nonsuch/Dinky's Reel/The Meech Lake Breakdown" (4)
        "Maid Who Sold Her Barley/The Rakes Of Kildare" (3)
        "The Road To Canso" (3)
        "Northern Set" (2)
        "Adventure Sings/ Louis Riel"
        "Cragie Hills"
        "La Banqueroute And La Reel Ste. Jean"
        "Things In Life"
  5: "Unit Of Measure," Tony Rice Unit (44)
        "Gold Rush" (9)
        "Jerusalem Ridge" (6)
        "Manzanita" (6)
        "Sally Goodin" (5)
        "Shenandoah" (5)
        "Beaumont Rag" (4)
        "High Noon" (3)
        "House Of The Rising Sun" (3)
        "Swing 42" (3)
  7: "Things That Never Added Up To Me," Al Grierson (43)
        "'til The Circle Is Complete" (17)
        "Things That Never Added Up To Me" (6)
        "Dust Bowl Don Quixote" (4)
        "Lonely Deadhead Boxcar" (4)
        "Wild Dogs Of Kitwanga" (4)
        "50 Cent Sneakers" (2)
        "Flowers Of Auschwitz" (2)
        "50' Sneakers"
        "Dogs Of Kitawanga"
        "Soldier And His Own True Love"
        "Sunday Way Up Yonder, Til The Circle Is Complete"
  8: "At The Turning Of The Year," Herdman, Hills And Mangsen (41)
        "Uncle Dave's Grace" (12)
        "Away Ye Merry Lassies" (5)
        "Goodbye To The Roses" (5)
        "Druggist" (4)
        "Corn, Water And Wood" (3)
        "Solstice Round" (3)
        "At The Turning Of The Year" (2)
        "Forget Me Not" (2)
        "Snow" (2)
        "Years" (2)
        "Swinton May Song"
  8: "The Hour Before Dawn," Solas (41)
        "Miner's Life" (7)
        "Last Of The Great Whales" (6)
        "I Will Remember You" (5)
        "Bonnie Mae" (4)
        "Granny Quinn's/The Lilac Reel/Sporting Pat" (4)
        "Homeless" (3)
        "Little Child" (3)
        "What's Up With Win/Sonny Brogan's/Cahil's Jig" (3)
        "New Custom House/Etc" (2)
        "When My Love And I Parted" (2)
        "Bheadh Buachaillin Deas Ag Sile"
        "Burach Na Carraige Baine"
  8: "Trainfare Home," Last Forever (41)
        "All For You" (7)
        "Down The Road" (5)
        "John Doe #24" (5)
        "Casey Jones" (4)
        "Duke Of Earl" (4)
        "Roll On The Ground" (4)
        "That's Enough" (3)
        "What Are They Doing In Heaven Today" (3)
        "Diamond Joe" (2)
        "Louis Collins / Spike Driver Blues" (2)
        "Bachelor's Hall"
 11: "Live At The Davy Lamp," Jez Lowe And The Bad Pennies (39)
        "Another Man's Wife" (6)
        "High Part Of The Town" (5)
        "Military Road" (5)
        "Guilts" (4)
        "Old Bones" (3)
        "Galloways" (2)
        "Sweep Horizons Clean" (2)
        "These Coal Town Days" (2)
        "Big Meeting Day"
        "Greek Lightning"
        "Just Like Moses"
        "Kid Canute/Scotty Moore's Reel"
        "Last Of The Widows"
        "London Danny"
        "Soda Man"
        "To The New Moon's Arms"
        "Weave And Worry"
        "You Can't Take It With You"
 12: "Hard Times In Babylon," Eliza Gilkyson (36)
        "Coast" (9)
        "Hard Times In Babylon" (9)
        "Beauty Way" (6)
        "Engineer Bill" (3)
        "In My Dreams" (2)
        "Sanctuary" (2)
        "Walk Away From Love" (2)
 13: "Password," Geoff Muldaur (35)
        "At The Christmas Ball" (8)
        "Got To Find Blind Lemon" (4)
        "Kitchen Door Blues" (4)
        "Mary Of The Wild Moors" (4)
        "Some Of These Days" (4)
        "K.C. Moan" (3)
        "Wait til I Put On My Robe" (3)
        "Light Rain" (2)
        "Trouble Soon Be Over" (2)
 14: "Crossing Muddy Waters," John Hiatt (33)
        "Crossing Muddy Waters" (12)
        "Lincoln Town" (5)
        "Before I Go" (3)
        "Lift Up Every Stone" (3)
        "Gone" (2)
        "Only The Song Survives" (2)
        "Take It Back" (2)
        "What Do We Do Now" (2)
        "Lucky Town"
        "Mr. Stanley"
 15: "Empty Old Mailbox," Don Rigsby (32)
        "Bluestone Mountain" (6)
        "Don't Sell The Land" (6)
        "Empty Old Mailbox" (4)
        "If I Had A Mother Like You" (4)
        "I Won't Be There" (2)
        "Precious Love" (2)
        "Bad Day In Akron"
        "Dust To Dust"
        "Here I Am In Love Again"
        "I Am A Little Scholar"
        "Poor Little Rich Man"
        "Son Of A Gun"
        "These Old Blues"
 15: "Just A Drifter," Chris Jones (32)
        "Man On The Side Of The Road" (6)
        "Cowboys Ain't Supposed To Cry" (5)
        "BRN Breakdown" (4)
        "Tonight I'm Gonna Ride" (3)
        "Heartaches To Forget" (2)
        "Just A Town" (2)
        "Last Nail" (2)
        "Pretty Saro" (2)
        "Uphill Climb" (2)
        "Few More Years"
        "Just A Drifter"
        "Slave Rock"
 15: "Red Dirt Girl," Emmylou Harris (32)
        "Red Dirt Girl" (6)
        "Michelangelo" (5)
        "Bang The Drum Slowly" (4)
        "Boy From Tupelo" (3)
        "My Baby Needs A Shepherd" (3)
        "I Don't Want To Talk About It" (2)
        "My Antonia" (2)
        "One Big Love" (2)
        "Pearl" (2)
        "Hour Of Gold"
        "J'ai Fait Tout"
        "Tragedy," Emmylo Harris
 18: "Fool's Gold," Aengus Finnan (31)
        "Ballad Of Marguerite De La Roche" (5)
        "Blackleg Miner" (4)
        "Fool's Gold" (3)
        "Lately" (3)
        "Black Is The Colour" (2)
        "Dear Evalina" (2)
        "Fly Away" (2)
        "John Tyrone" (2)
        "War Bride's Waltz" (2)
        "Wayfaring Stranger" (2)
        "Black Is The Music"
        "Sweet Evelina"
        "Wild Rose"
 19: "This Way Home," Cindy Kallet (30)
        "Longed So Far" (7)
        "Salmon River" (5)
        "Huckleberries" (4)
        "Landing" (4)
        "Them Stars" (4)
        "Shallow Brown/Cargo" (2)
        "Red Spruce"
        "Skunk Don't Care"
        "Window Tree," Cindy Kallet With Will Brown
        "Winter Window"
 20: "Always In Style," John Duffey (29)
        "Hickory Wind" (4)
        "Let Me Be Your Friend" (4)
        "Tennessee Blues" (4)
        "Boatman" (2)
        "Let Old Mother Nature Have Her Way" (2)
        "Life Is Like A Mountain Railroad" (2)
        "Old Hometown" (2)
        "Philadelphia Lawyer" (2)
        "Rose Of Old Kentucky" (2)
        "After Midnight"
        "Long Black Veil"
        "Pictures From Lifes Other Side"
        "Say Won't You Be Mine"
        "They're At Rest Together"
 20: "Blue On Dakota," Barbara Lamb (29)
        "Blue Night" (4)
        "Flatt Lonesome" (4)
        "Night Train" (4)
        "Old Dirt Goes To The Fair" (4)
        "Opium Bob" (4)
        "Blue On Dakota" (3)
        "Boneyard" (3)
        "Charlottes Website"
        "Diner Swing"
        "If People Find You Can Fiddle"
 22: "Public Domain: Songs From The Wild Land," Dave Alvin (28)
        "Shenandoah" (5)
        "Delia" (3)
        "Maggie Campbell" (3)
        "Railroad Bill" (3)
        "Short Life Of Trouble" (3)
        "East Virginia Blues" (2)
        "Engine 143" (2)
        "Walk Right In" (2)
        "Dark Eyes"
        "Don't Let Your Deal Go Down"
        "Hard Life Of Trouble"
        "Mama, Ain't Long For Day"
        "What Did The Deep Sea Say"
 22: "Songs Of The Carter Family," Jody Stecher And Kate Brislin (28)
        "Motherless Children" (4)
        "River Of Jordan" (4)
        "Meet Me In The Moonlight" (3)
        "Sow Em On The Mountain" (3)
        "Away Out On The Old St. Sabbath" (2)
        "Bear Creek Blues" (2)
        "Bye And Bye" (2)
        "Don't Forget This Song" (2)
        "Dreaming Of You Darling" (2)
        "Single Girl - Married Girl" (2)
        "Dark And Stormy Weather"
        "March Winds Gonna Blow My Blues Away"
 22: "Special Delivery," Larry Sparks (28)
        "California Zephyr" (5)
        "Colleen Malone" (5)
        "Lovin' On Borrowed Time" (5)
        "Undelivered Message" (3)
        "Ghost Stories" (2)
        "I'm Movin'" (2)
        "Richmond County" (2)
        "Timberline" (2)
        "Be Nobody's Darling But Mine"
        "Snow Covered Mound"
 25: "Souvenirs," John Prine (27)
        "Angel From Montgomery" (4)
        "Fish And Whistle" (4)
        "Hello In There" (3)
        "Sam Stone" (3)
        "Storm Windows" (3)
        "Far From Me" (2)
        "People Putting People Down" (2)
        "6 O'clock News"
        "Blue Umbrella"
        "Donald And Lydia"
        "Grandpa Was A Carpenter"
        "Late John Garfield Blues"
 26: "Presidential Campaign Songs, 1789-1996," Oscar Brand (26)
        "Don't Stop Thinking About Tomorrow" (3)
        "All Of Them--Song Of The Presidents" (2)
        "Song Of The Presidents" (2)
        "Abraham Lincoln"
        "Calvin Coolidge"
        "Democrats, Good Democrats"
        "Follow Washington"
        "George Washington"
        "Get On A Raft With Taft"
        "Grant, Grant, Grant"
        "Harding You're The Man For Us"
        "Harrison Yankee Doodle"
        "I'm Just Wild About Harry"
        "Jimmy Polk Of Tennessee"
        "Just Before Election, Andy"
        "Lincoln And Liberty"
        "Marching Down To Washington"
        "Marching With Mckinley"
        "Same Merry Go-Round"
        "Thomas Jefferson"
        "Tippecanoe And Tyler Too"
        "Why Not The Best"
        "Wilson, That's All"
 27: "Covenant," Greg Brown (25)
        "Rexroth's Daughter" (6)
        "'cept You And Me Babe" (4)
        "Real Good Friend" (4)
        "Waiting On You" (3)
        "Walkin' Daddy" (3)
        "Blues Go Walking" (2)
        "Living In A Prayer"
        "Pretty One More Time"
 28: "Waterproof," Terence Martin (24)
        "Waterproof" (6)
        "Another Memphis Blues" (4)
        "Familiar Mysteries" (2)
        "Folding Chairs" (2)
        "Great Impostor" (2)
        "Orphanage Trees" (2)
        "Room To Spare" (2)
        "Almost Anyone"
        "Augustine Creek"
        "Cracks In The Sidewalk"
        "Orphanange Tree"
 29: "Frisco Mabel Joy Revisited," Various Artists (22)
        "How I Love Them Old Songs," Hole Dozen (5)
        "Frisco Depot," Meredith Miller Band (4)
        "Mobile Blue," Dave Alvin And The Guilty Men (3)
        "American Trilogy," Midnight Choir (2)
        "Future's Not What It Used To Be," Gary Heffern (2)
        "Interlude," Bill Frisell (2)
        "Remember The Good," Michael Fracasso (2)
        "Prologue," Bill Frisell
        "San Francisco Mabel Joy," Kris Kristofferson
 29: "Levee Town," Sonny Landreth (22)
        "Broken Hearted Road" (6)
        "U.S.S. Zydecoldsmobile" (4)
        "This River" (3)
        "Levee Town" (2)
        "Love And Glory" (2)
        "Turning With The Century" (2)
        "Soul Salvation," Sonny Landreth With Bonnie Raitt
        "Z Rider"
 29: "Live As I'll Ever Be," Chris Smither (22)
        "Killin' The Blues" (3)
        "Link Of Chain" (3)
        "No Love Today" (3)
        "Winsome Smile" (3)
        "Can't Shake These Blues" (2)
        "Devil's Real" (2)
        "Hold On" (2)
        "Cave Man"
        "Dust My Broom"
        "Help Me Now"
        "Small Revelations"
 29: "Wings Of Wonder," Claudia Schmidt (22)
        "Wings Of Wonder" (5)
        "Somebody Else's Restaurant" (4)
        "It All Depends" (3)
        "Moon Winked At Hale-Bopp" (2)
        "Remember" (2)
        "Stop To Rest" (2)
        "Friday The Loveteenth"
        "Peter And Lois Go Round And Round"
        "Poor Wayfaring Stranger"
        "Wayfaring Stranger"
 29: "Wires From The Bunker," John Stewart (22)
        "Cheyenne" (4)
        "American Way" (3)
        "Escape Of Old John Webb" (2)
        "Hot On The Trail" (2)
        "It Might As Well Be Love" (2)
        "Molly And Tenbrooks" (2)
        "Molly Dee" (2)
        "Wide Eyed In Babylon" (2)
        "Diamonds In The Coal"
        "Liddy Buck"
        "Same Old Heart"
 34: "House Concert," Lou And Peter Berryman (21)
        "Uncle Dave's Grace" (8)
        "Dupsha Dove 2:50" (3)
        "Acme Forgetting Service" (2)
        "Talking At The Same Time" (2)
        "Broccoli Shy"
        "Cheese Beer Snow And Older'n Everybody"
        "Cockroach Christmas"
        "Madison, Wisconsin"
        "Older'n Everybody"
 34: "Nadurra," Capercaillie (21)
        "Skye Waulking Song" (5)
        "Cockerel In The Creel" (2)
        "Hope Springs Eternal" (2)
        "Michael's Matches" (2)
        "Tighinn Air A'mhuir Am Fear A Phosas Mi" (2)
        "Argyl Lassies"
        "Argyll Lasses"
        "Eurythmic/Bulgarian Red/The Cockerell In The Creel"
        "Hoireann O"
        "Inspector Hector/Etc"
        "Mo Chailin Dileas Donn"
        "No Chailin Dilean Donn"
 34: "Sailing To Philadelphia," Mark Knopfler (21)
        "Sailing To Philadelphia" (5)
        "Speedway At Nazareth" (3)
        "Do America" (2)
        "Last Laugh," Mark Knopfler With Van Morrison (2)
        "Prairie Wedding" (2)
        "What It Is" (2)
        "Who's Your Baby Now?" (2)
        "Baloney Again"
        "Sands Of Nevada"
        "Silvertown Blues"
 34: "Talkin' To Myself," Lonesome River Band (21)
        "Swing That Hammer" (6)
        "Do You Want To Live In Glory" (3)
        "Talkin' To Myself" (3)
        "Dog Gone Shame" (2)
        "Harvest Time" (2)
        "Place Where You Can Bury Me" (2)
        "Crime I Didn't Do"
        "I Won't Be Calling For You"
        "Willow Garden"
 34: "Things I Gave Away," Mollie O'Brien (21)
        "Train Time" (4)
        "Throw It Away" (3)
        "You Won't See Me" (3)
        "Love, Life And Money" (2)
        "River's Invitation" (2)
        "When I'm Gone" (2)
        "When I've Got The Moon" (2)
        "House, Boat, Lovers"
        "Practicing Walking Away"
        "Train Song"
 39: "Love Light," Claire Lynch (20)
        "Missionary Ridge" (4)
        "He Don't Like To Talk About It" (3)
        "I'm Movin'" (3)
        "Love Light" (3)
        "Blue Water Holler" (2)
        "I Don't Have To Dream" (2)
        "Keep My Love There" (2)
        "Savannah" (2)
        "Stranger Things Have Happened"
        "Sweethearts Again"
 40: "Scene It All," Seldom Scene (19)
        "Boots Of Spanish Leather" (7)
        "Rollin' And Tumblin'" (3)
        "Dusty" (2)
        "From This Moment On" (2)
        "Trust In The Tide" (2)
        "I Will Always Be Waiting For You"
        "Walking The Dog"
        "You Better Get Right"
 40: "Somewhere Near Paterson," Richard Shindell (19)
        "Wisteria" (5)
        "Merritt Parkway, 2 A.M." (3)
        "Waiting For The Storm" (3)
        "Abuelita" (2)
        "Confession" (2)
        "Calling The Moon"
        "My Love Will Follow You"
 42: "People On The Highway," Various Artists (18)
        "Strolling Down The Highway," Chris Smither (4)
        "Blackwater Side," Kelly Joe Phelps (3)
        "Running From Home," Ralph Mctell (3)
        "Where Did My Life Go?," Eleanor Mcevoy (2)
        "Bird Song," Maggie Boyle
        "Do You Hear Me Now," Donovan
        "Moonshine," Steve Tilston
        "Needle Of Death," Roy Harper
        "Soho," Al Stewart
        "Sweet Mother Earth," Martin Jenkins
        "Tell Me, What Is True Love?," Brooks Williams
 42: "Carry Me Across The Mountain," Dan Tyminski (18)
        "Carry Me Across The Mountain" (5)
        "I Dreamed Of An Old Love Affair" (4)
        "Sunny Side Of The Mountain" (2)
        "Be Assured"
        "Every Day I Think Of You"
        "Faith Is A Mystery"
        "Green Fees"
        "Praise The Lord"
        "Stuck In The Middle Of Nowhere"
        "Think About You Every Day"
 42: "Henry Street: A Retrospective," Salamander Crossing (18)
        "Tear My Stillhouse Down" (3)
        "Big Black Bird" (2)
        "Dona Nobis Pacem" (2)
        "2 Faces"
        "Burning Bridges"
        "Color Outside The Lines"
        "Desert Wind"
        "Fire In The Sky"
        "Oh My Darling/Ruby On The Railroad"
        "Oh My Little Darlin'/Ruby On The Railroad"
        "Passion Train"
        "Passion Tree"
        "Rocky Mountain Side"
        "Shotgun Down The Avalanche"
 42: "Last Of The Old Time," Chuck Brodsky (18)
        "He Came To Our Town" (7)
        "Boys In The Back Room" (5)
        "I Love It In The Country" (2)
        "Schmoozing" (2)
        "Third Dead Cat" (2)
 46: "Almost Commercially Viable," Peggy Seeger With Irene Scott (17)
        "You Don't Know How Lucky You Are" (4)
        "Polonium" (3)
        "Sweet Heroin" (3)
        "Give 'em An Inch"
        "Good War"
        "Morning Comes Too Soon"
        "New Spring Morning"
        "Night Song"
        "Once Again"
        "Primrose Hill"
 46: "Back Home Again," Rhonda Vincent (17)
        "Lonesome Wind Blues" (7)
        "Passing Of The Train" (3)
        "When I Close My Eyes" (2)
        "Little Angels"
        "Pretending I Don't Care"
        "Where No Cabins Fall"
        "You're In My Heart"
 46: "Best Of Broadside," Various Artists (17)
        "Lafayette," Lucinda Williams (2)
        "Shady Acres," Janis Ian (2)
        "Aberfan Coal Tip Tragedy," Thom Parrot
        "Burn Baby Burn," Rev. F. D. Kirkpatrick And Jim Collier
        "Catcher In The Rye," Sammy Walker
        "Earl Durand," Charlie Brown
        "Hole In The Ground," Thom Parrott
        "Plastic Jesus," Ernie Marrs And The Marrs Family
        "Time Is Running Out," Wendy Smith
        "Time Will Come," Elaine White
        "Victor Jara," Arlo Guthrie
        "Waist Deep In The Big Muddy," Pete Seeger
        "We Seek No Wider War," Phil Ochs
        "We Will Never Give Up," Kristin Lems
        "Welcome Welcome Emigrante," Broadside Singers
 46: "Good Songs For Hard Times," Ginny Hawker And Tracy Schwarz (17)
        "Butcher's Boy" (4)
        "Your Lone Journey" (3)
        "Fog On The Water" (2)
        "Let's Turn Back The Years" (2)
        "32 Acres"
        "Cool Down On The Banks Of Jordon"
        "Fiddler," G. Hawker And T. Schwartz
        "Gently Rock Me"
        "I Just Steal Away And Pray"
        "Lone Journey"
 50: "When The Cactus Is In Bloom," Bob Bovee And Gail Heil (16)
        "Farmer Is The Man" (3)
        "Robinson County" (2)
        "Spotted Pony" (2)
        "Yellow Rose Of Texas" (2)
        "'long Side Of The Santa Fe Trail"
        "California Blues"
        "Dry And Dusty"
        "Dying Ranger"
        "Escudilla Waltz"
        "Get Along Little Dogies"
        "Sportin' Cowboy"
        "When The Cactus Is In Bloom"
 50: "Green World," Dar Williams (16)
        "After All" (5)
        "Calling The Moon" (3)
        "I Had No Right" (2)
        "It Happens Every Day" (2)
        "We Learned The Sea" (2)
        "And A God Descended"
        "I Won't Be Your Yoko Ono"
 50: "Nickel Creek," Nickel Creek (16)
        "Fox" (3)
        "Ode To A Butterfly" (3)
        "Lighthouse's Tale" (2)
        "Cuckoo's Nest"
        "Hand Song"
        "House Of Tom Bombadil"
        "Ode To A Butter Fly"
        "Ode To A Lighthouse"
        "Out Of The Woods"
        "Reasons Why"
        "When You Come Back Down"
 50: "Soup Happens," Hot Soup (16)
        "Tain't No Sin To Dance Around In Your Bones" (4)
        "Dig Down Deep" (2)
        "Red Kimono 3:50" (2)
        "Soup" (2)
        "Last Thing On My Mind"
        "Sunrise On Carawan Hill"
        "What Was The Last Thing On My Mind"
 54: "American III: Solitary Man," Johnny Cash (15)
        "Wayfaring Stranger" (4)
        "That Lucky Old Sun" (3)
        "I Won't Back Down" (2)
        "Nobody" (2)
        "I'm Leavin Now"
        "Mary Of The Wild Moor"
        "Would You Lay With Me"
 54: "Badlands," Various Artists (15)
        "Highway Patrolman," Dar Williams (4)
        "Open All Night," Son Volt (3)
        "Atlantic City," Hank III (2)
        "Nebraska," Chrissie Hynde And Adam Seymour (2)
        "Reason To Believe," Aimee Mann And Michael Penn (2)
        "Downbound Train," Raul Malo
        "State Trooper," Deana Carter
 54: "Big Mon: The Songs Of Bill Monroe," Various Artists (15)
        "Walk Softly On This Heart Of Mine," Dixie Chicks W/ Ricky Skaggs (3)
        "Close By," Patty Loveless With Ricky Skaggs And Friends (2)
        "Cry, Cry Darlin'," Dolly Parton (2)
        "Little Georgia Rose," Ricky Skaggs And Travis Tritt (2)
        "On The Old Kentucky Shore," Ricky Skaggs And Joan Osborne (2)
        "Big Mon," Ricky Skaggs And Kentucky Thunder
        "Darlin' Corey," Bruce Hornsby
        "Heavy Traffic Ahead," Steve Warnier
        "Used To Be," Ricky Skaggs
 54: "Broke Down," Slaid Cleaves (15)
        "Broke Down" (3)
        "One Good Year" (3)
        "This Morning I Am Born Again" (3)
        "Cold And Lonely" (2)
        "I Feel The Blues Moving In" (2)
        "Lydia" (2)
 54: "Dev'lish Mary," Hot Club Of Cowtown (15)
        "Star Dust" (3)
        "Dev'lish Mary" (2)
        "Devil's Dream" (2)
        "Exactly Like You" (2)
        "When Day Is Done" (2)
        "Little Liza Jane"
        "Texas Is Still Home To Me"
        "When The Bloom Is On The Sage"
        "You Don't Care What Happens To Me"
 54: "Distillation," Erin Mckeown (15)
        "Queen Of Quiet" (3)
        "You Mustn't Kick It Around" (3)
        "Didn't They?" (2)
        "How To Open My Heart In 4 Easy Steps" (2)
        "Dirt Gardener"
        "Fast As I Can"
        "La Petite Mort"
        "Little Cowboy"
 54: "Heartland," Henning Kvitnes (15)
        "Min Beste Venn" (4)
        "Heartland" (3)
        "Hit The Wall" (2)
        "Wooden Bridge" (2)
        "Good Old Something"
        "Naked In The Sea"
        "Ved Hvert Daggry"
 54: "Places In Between," Terri Hendrix (15)
        "It's A Given" (3)
        "Places In Between" (3)
        "Goodtime Van" (2)
        "Motherless Children" (2)
        "Moon On The Water"
        "My Own Place"
        "Prelude / Goodtime Van"
 54: "Time Between Trains," Susan Werner (15)
        "Standing In My Own Way" (4)
        "Vincent" (3)
        "Bring 'round The Boat" (2)
        "Like Bonsai" (2)
        "Time Between Trains" (2)
        "Courting The Muse"
        "Petaluma Afternoons"
 54: "The Trade," Dana Robinson (15)
        "Chautauqua Day" (3)
        "The Trade" (3)
        "Anderson Grade" (2)
        "Ballad Tree" (2)
        "Counting Freights" (2)
        "Rainbow Sign" (2)
        "Pat Do This"

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