Compiled by Richard Gillmann from FOLKDJ-L radio playlists
Based on 9786 airplays.

  1: "Bleecker Street," Various Artists (54)
        "Last Thing On My Mind," Cry Cry Cry (13)
        "Pack Up Your Sorrows," Loudon Wainwright III And Iris Dement (7)
        "Bleecker Street," Jonatha Brooke (6)
        "Thirsty Boots," John Gorka (6)
        "Everybody's Talkin'," Patty Larkin (4)
        "So Long Marianne," John Cale And Suzanne Vega (4)
        "Morning Glory," Chrissie Hynde (3)
        "Let's Get Together," Paul Brady (2)
        "My Back Pages," Marshall Crenshaw (2)
        "No Regrets," Curtis Stigers (2)
        "Darling Be Home Soon," Jules Shear
        "I Ain't Marchin' Anymore," Black 47
        "Love's Still Growing," Suzzie And Maggie Roche
        "Since You Asked," Beth Nielsen Chapman
  2: "Road," James Keelaghan (53)
        "Message To The Future" (8)
        "Your Secret" (8)
        "Love What A Road" (7)
        "Mirabeau Bridge" (6)
        "Captain Torres" (5)
        "My Old Man" (5)
        "Pillow" (5)
        "Number 37" (3)
        "Ring" (3)
        "Who Dies?" (2)
        "I Won't Be Your Secret"
  3: "Mother," Susan McKeown, Cathie Ryan And Robin Spielberg (47)
        "Mother Of Mine" (15)
        "Rock Me To Sleep, Mother" (8)
        "Grandma's Song" (6)
        "Mother's Celebration" (3)
        "Real Pretty Mama" (3)
        "Ancient Mother" (2)
        "Peata Beag Do Mhathar" (2)
        "Baby's Lullaby"
        "Circle Of Life"
        "Jennie's Song"
        "Mother / North Star"
        "Seothin Seo-H-O"
        "Song For Jennie"
        "Song Forjenny"
  3: "Where Have All The Flowers Gone?: The Songs Of Pete Seeger," Various Artists (47)
        "And Still I Am Searching," Pete Seeger (3)
        "Festival Of Flowers," Tish Hinojosa (3)
        "Get Up And Go," Tom Paxton (3)
        "Kisses Sweeter Than Wine," Jackson Browne And Bonnie Raitt (3)
        "Quite Early Morning," Holly Near (3)
        "Turn Turn Turn," Bruce Cockburn (3)
        "I Come And Stand At Every Door," Anne Hills (2)
        "Living In The Country," Martin Simpson (2)
        "My Name Is Lisa Kalvelage," Ani Difranco (2)
        "My Rainbow Race," Donavan (2)
        "Oh, Had I A Golden Thread," Judy Collins (2)
        "Sailing Down My Golden River," Greg Brown (2)
        "Waist Deep In The Big Muddy," Dick Gaughan (2)
        "Water Is Wide," John Gorka (2)
        "We Shall Overcome," Bruce Springsteen (2)
        "Where Have All The Flowers Gone," Tommy Sands, Dolores Keane, Vedran Smailovic (2)
        "All My Children Of The Sun," Tim Robbins
        "Doublin," Si Kahn And The Freighthoppers
        "If I Had A Hammer," Nanci Griffith
        "Letter To Eve/Tommy Sands W/Dolores Keane And Vedran Smailovic," Indigo Girls
        "My Father's Mansions," Billy Bragg, Eliza Carthy
        "Old Father Hudson/Sailing Down Dirty Stream," Casey Neill
        "Those Three Are On My Mind," Kim And Reggie Harris/Magpie
        "To Everyone In The World," Cathy Fink And Marcy Marxer
        "Wimoweh," The Weavers
  5: "3 Wishes," Erica Wheeler (44)
        "Onward From Here" (13)
        "Angeline" (6)
        "Casey, Illinois" (6)
        "Jack's Tavern" (4)
        "Saturday" (4)
        "Laying It Down" (3)
        "Nowhere To Go" (3)
        "Solace Of A Prayer" (3)
        "January Wind"
  6: "You'll Never Be The Sun," Lynn Morris (42)
        "Likes Of You" (7)
        "Long Train Of Fools" (5)
        "Thy Burdens Are Greater Than Mine" (5)
        "Wrong Road Again" (5)
        "Scraps From Your Table" (4)
        "Seventeen Cents" (4)
        "You'll Never Be The Sun" (4)
        "Love Beyond" (3)
        "If Teardrops Were Pennies" (2)
        "Twister" (2)
        "Destination Love," Lynn Morris Band
  7: "Crossing," Tim O'Brien (41)
        "Wagoner's Lad" (7)
        "Ireland's Green Shore" (5)
        "Talkin' Cavan" (5)
        "Wandering" (4)
        "John Riley" (3)
        "Kid On The Mountain" (3)
        "Mountaineer Is Always Free" (3)
        "Crossing" (2)
        "Into The West" (2)
        "Lost Little Children" (2)
        "Ribbon In Your Hair" (2)
        "Rod Mcneill" (2)
  8: "Sylvia Hotel," Cheryl Wheeler (36)
        "If It Were Up To Me" (22)
        "His Hometown" (3)
        "But The Days And Nights Are Long" (2)
        "Unworthy" (2)
        "All The Live Long Day"
        "Lighting Up Mighty Miss"
        "Rainy Road Into Atlanta"
        "Right Time To Do The Wrong Thing"
        "Sylvia Hotel"
  9: "One Night: Live 1982," Greg Brown (35)
        "Dream On" (7)
        "Banjo Moon" (6)
        "Canned Goods" (6)
        "Ella Mae" (3)
        "On Records The Sound Just Fades Away" (3)
        "Flat Stuff" (2)
        "Never Shine Sun" (2)
        "Banjo Man"
        "Every Street In Town"
        "Heart Of My Country"
        "Red House"
 10: "Mule To Ride," Tara Nevins (34)
        "Sittin' On Top Of The World" (9)
        "Troubles" (5)
        "Lee Highway Blues" (3)
        "Darling Corey" (2)
        "Down The Road" (2)
        "I've Got A Mule To Ride" (2)
        "Pig In A Pen" (2)
        "Rocky Island" (2)
        "3 Wheel Drive"
        "Chilly Winds"
        "Daddy Said So"
        "Fall On My Knees"
        "Hell Broke Loose In Georgia"
        "Lost John"
        "This Time"
 11: "Laurie Lewis And Her Bluegrass Pals," Laurie Lewis (32)
        "Tall Pines" (9)
        "Acony Bell" (7)
        "Going To The West" (4)
        "Black Waters" (3)
        "Blow, Big Wind" (2)
        "When I Get Home" (2)
        "Beyond The River Bend"
        "Big Eddy"
        "Hard Luck And Trouble"
        "Weavily Wheat"
        "Wood Thrush's Song"
 12: "10 Year Night," Lucy Kaplansky (31)
        "10 Year Night" (8)
        "Just You Tonight" (5)
        "5 In The Morning" (4)
        "Turn The Lights Back On" (4)
        "One Good Reason" (3)
        "Promise Me" (3)
        "For Once In Your Life" (2)
        "Somewhere Out There" (2)
 12: "Steady Steady Yes," Annie Gallup (31)
        "James" (6)
        "3 Photographs" (5)
        "Circle" (4)
        "Don't Go Back To Sleep" (4)
        "Howling In The Distance" (4)
        "Jack Mcgraw" (3)
        "It Was You In The Morning" (2)
        "Anything Is Possible"
 12: "Third Generation Blues," Doc And Richard Watson (31)
        "House Of The Rising Sun" (4)
        "Milk Cow Blues" (4)
        "Columbus Stockade Blues" (3)
        "Gypsy Davey" (3)
        "If I Were A Carpenter" (3)
        "Walk On Boy" (3)
        "Honey Please Don't Go" (2)
        "St. James Infirmary" (2)
        "Train Whistle Blues" (2)
        "Baby Please Don't Go"
        "Moody River"
        "South Coast"
        "Uncloudy Day"
 15: "Headlines And Footnotes," Pete Seeger (30)
        "My Get Up And Go" (5)
        "Waist Deep In The Big Muddy" (4)
        "Passing Through" (3)
        "Bells Of Rhymney" (2)
        "Viva La Quince Brigada" (2)
        "Battle Of Maxton Field"
        "Coal Creek March Medley"
        "Coal Creek March;Payday At Coal Creek;Down The Line"
        "English Is Cuh-Ray-Zee"
        "Hold The Line"
        "Little Boxes"
        "Little Of This And That"
        "Peg And Awl"
        "There Once Was A Woman Who Swollowed A Lie"
        "Times A-Getting Hard"
        "Wasn't That A Time"
        "Waste Deep In The Big Muddy"
 16: "Family," Del McCoury Band (28)
        "Don't You Think It's Time To Go" (4)
        "Get Down On Your Knees And Pray" (4)
        "Look Of A Perfect Diamond" (4)
        "50/50 Chance" (3)
        "Nashville Cats" (3)
        "Red Eyes On A Mad Dog" (3)
        "She's Left Me Again" (3)
        "Backslidin' Blues"
        "Cryin' Heart Blues"
        "On The Lonesome Wind"
        "You Look Like A Perfect Diamond"
 16: "Fingers And Thumbs," Adrian Legg (28)
        "Lunchtime At Rosie's" (7)
        "Hymn For Jaco" (4)
        "Rocking Horse" (4)
        "Not Remotely Blue" (3)
        "Tracy's Big Moment" (3)
        "Cradle Songs" (2)
        "Hymn To Jaco"
 18: "Women Of Kerrville," Various Artists (27)
        "God Made Woman," Burns Sisters (5)
        "Longbed From Kenya," Betty Elders (5)
        "Perfect Work Of Art," Karen Taylor Good (3)
        "Time," Dee Carstensen (3)
        "Safe Place," Alisa Fineman (2)
        "Walking On The Moon," Katy Moffatt (2)
        "Don't Go In The Water," Cosy Sheridan
        "Her Melancholy Muse," Eliza Gilkyson
        "Like An Engine," Amilia Spicer
        "Move," Pele Juju
        "Notion," Barbara Kessler
        "Old Fashioned Girl," Kate Wallace
        "Road," Patty Larkin
 19: "Family Tree," Darrell Scott (26)
        "My Father's House" (6)
        "Any World" (3)
        "Lazarus Dies Again" (3)
        "She Sews The World With Love" (3)
        "When There's No One Around / Will The Circle Be Unbroken" (3)
        "Family Tree" (2)
        "Hummingbird" (2)
        "Mahala" (2)
        "I Never Had A Sister"
        "Rhonda's Last Ride"
 19: "Songs From The Mountain," Dirk Powell, Tim O'Brien, And John Herrmann (26)
        "Blackest Crow" (5)
        "Cluck Old Hen" (4)
        "Hard Times" (3)
        "Raleigh And Spencer" (3)
        "Angel Band" (2)
        "Stobrod's Tune" (2)
        "Drunkard's Hiccups"
        "Lonesome John"
        "Mountain Air Etc"
        "Mountain Air/Washington's March/Bonaparte's Retreat"
        "Skillet Good And Greasy"
        "Wayfaring Stranger"
        "When I Die I'll Live Again"
 21: "Ancient Tones," Ricky Skaggs (25)
        "Walls Of Time" (6)
        "Pig In A Pen" (4)
        "Connemara" (3)
        "Mighty Dark To Travel" (3)
        "How Mountain Girls Can Love" (2)
        "Lonesome Night" (2)
        "Boston Boy," Ricky Skaggs And Kentucky Thunder
        "Coal Minin' Man"
        "Give Us Rain"
        "How Mtn Girls Can Love"
        "Little Bessie"
 22: "The Mountain," Steve Earle And The Del Mccoury Band (24)
        "Dixieland" (4)
        "Yours Forever Blue" (4)
        "I'm Still In Love With You" (3)
        "Carrie Brown" (2)
        "Graveyard Shift" (2)
        "The Mountain" (2)
        "Connemara Breakdown And Leroy's Dustbowl Blues"
        "Harlan Man"
        "Leroy's Dustbowl Blues"
        "Outlaws Honeymoon"
        "Paddy On The Beat"
        "Texas Eagle"
 23: "Blackbirds And Thrushes," Niamh Parsons (23)
        "Water Is Wide" (6)
        "Blackbirds And Thrushes" (5)
        "Maid On The Shore" (3)
        "Fear A Bhata" (2)
        "Sally Sits Weeping" (2)
        "Flower Of Magherally O"
        "Flowers Of Finae"
        "Kilnamartyra Exile"
        "Wounded Hussar"
 23: "Bluegrass Mandolin Extravaganza," Various Artists (23)
        "No, You Stand Back," David Grisman Et Al (3)
        "Cattle In The Kane," Sam Bush And Del Mccoury (2)
        "Dixie Hoedown," Ensemble With Del Mccoury (2)
        "Mccoury Blues," Ronnie And Del Mccoury (2)
        "Roanoke," Bush, Grisman (2)
        "Wayfaring Stranger," Sam Bush And David Grisman (2)
        "B Natural," Ronnie Mccoury And David Grisman
        "Blue Moon Of Kentucky," David Grisman Et Al
        "Boston Boy," Ricky Skaggs, David Grisman, Ronnie And Del McCoury
        "Cakewalk," Jesse McReynolds
        "Catnip," Bluegrass Mandolin Extravaganza
        "Cherokee Lady," Bluegrass Mandolin Extravaganza
        "Dusty Miller," Ensemble With Del Mccoury
        "I Wonder Where You Are Tonight," David Grisman Et Al
        "Miss Issie," Frank Wakefield
        "Panhandle Country," Ensemble With Del McCoury
 23: "Vignettes," Winstons (23)
        "Anything At All" (7)
        "Heart Of Stone" (5)
        "Caroline And Ray" (4)
        "Bending Blades" (2)
        "Leave The Hurt Behind" (2)
        "Bad News Bears"
        "Iris Alley"
 26: "Drive You Home Again," Chris Smither (22)
        "Drive You Home Again" (4)
        "No Love Today" (4)
        "Duncan And Brady" (3)
        "Get A Better One" (3)
        "Hey, Hey, Hey" (2)
        "Steel Guitar" (2)
        "Don't Make Promises"
        "Hold On II"
        "Rattlesnake Preacher"
        "Tell Me Why You Love Me"
 27: "Reflections," Chet Atkins And Doc Watson (21)
        "Don't Monkey Round My Widder" (5)
        "Tennessee Rag/Beaumont Rag" (4)
        "Me And Chet Made A Record" (3)
        "On My Way To Canaan's Land" (3)
        "Dill Pickle Rag" (2)
        "Black And White/ Medley"
        "Flatt Did It"
        "I'm On My Way To Cannan's Land"
        "Tennessee/Beaumont Rags"
 27: "Town To Town," Tanya Savory (21)
        "When The River Rose" (5)
        "40, 80 Or 10" (3)
        "Big Town" (3)
        "Back To Tuscon" (2)
        "Different Shores" (2)
        "Dad Was A Minister"
        "I Don't Hear That Train"
        "Reason Enough"
        "Reuben Brown"
        "Time Was"
 27: "When I Go," Dave Carter With Tracy Grammer (21)
        "The River, Where She Sleeps" (5)
        "Annie's Lover" (4)
        "Little Liza Jane" (3)
        "Don't Tread On Me" (2)
        "Lancelot" (2)
        "When I Go" (2)
        "Elvis Presley"
        "Frank To Valentino"
        "Grand Prairie Texas Homesick Blues"
 30: "Scottie Sparks," Scottie Sparks (19)
        "Old Railroad Track" (5)
        "In My Arms Instead Of In My Memory" (4)
        "Train" (4)
        "Working On A Mansion" (2)
        "Get Thee Behind Me Satan"
        "Little Willie"
        "Midnight Storm"
        "Old 109"
 31: "Mule Variations," Tom Waits (18)
        "What's He Building In There?" (4)
        "Chocolate Jesus" (3)
        "Get Behind The Mule" (2)
        "Hold On" (2)
        "House Where Nobody Lives" (2)
        "Take It With Me" (2)
        "Georgia Lee"
        "Lowside Of The Road"
        "Picture In A Frame"
 31: "Tears Of Stone," The Chieftains (18)
        "Deserted Soldier," Chieftans (3)
        "I Know My Love," Chieftains With The Corrs (3)
        "Lowlands Of Holland," Chieftans (3)
        "Raglan Road," Chieftains (2)
        "Stor Mo Chroi," Chieftains/B. Raitt (2)
        "Danny Boy," Chieftans
        "Fiddling Ladies," Chieftains
        "Jimmy Mo Mhile Stor," Chieftans
        "Never Give All The Heart," Chieftains With Brenda Fricker And Anuna
        "Siul A Run," Sissel W/The Chieftains
 31: "Trio II," Emmylou Harris, Dolly Parton And Linda Ronstadt (18)
        "After The Gold Rush" (6)
        "Do I Ever Cross Your Mind" (2)
        "I Feel The Blues Moving In" (2)
        "Lover's Return" (2)
        "When We're Gone, Long Gone" (2)
        "You'll Never Be The Same" (2)
        "Blue Train"
        "High Sierra"
 34: "Borders," Cliff Eberhardt (17)
        "Anna Lee" (4)
        "Land Of The Free" (3)
        "Everybody Knows How I Feel" (2)
        "Fix Your Blues" (2)
        "Unrequited" (2)
        "Wrong Side Of The Line" (2)
        "Why Is The Road So Long"
 34: "Cherry Blossoms In The Springtime," Jeanette Williams (17)
        "Break My Heart" (7)
        "Cherry Blossoms In The Springtime" (3)
        "Lonely Side Of Goodbye" (3)
        "What Will Become Of Me?" (2)
        "In His Arms I'm Not Afraid"
        "Stripped Of My Pride"
 34: "Drive All Night," Jamie Anderson (17)
        "Drive All Night" (5)
        "Just Another Day" (3)
        "Mama Come Quick" (2)
        "Roses" (2)
        "With My Smile" (2)
        "Dark Chocolate"
        "Great Ride"
        "I Wanna Be A Straight Man"
 34: "Night In A Strange Town," Lynn Miles (17)
        "Middle Of The Night" (5)
        "Rust" (5)
        "Anywhere" (2)
        "One You're Waiting For" (2)
        "Beautiful Night"
        "Map Of My Heart"
        "Yeah Yeah"
 38: "Bare To The Bone," Carrie Newcomer (16)
        "Amelia Almost 13" (4)
        "Just Like Downtown" (3)
        "3 Women" (2)
        "Bare To The Bone" (2)
        "When One Door Closes" (2)
        "Anything With Wings"
        "I'm On Your Side"
 38: "Cry Cry Cry," Dar Williams, Lucy Kaplansky And Richard Shindell (16)
        "Cold Missouri Waters" (4)
        "Ballad Of Mary Magdelen" (2)
        "Northern Cross" (2)
        "Shades Of Grey" (2)
        "Down By The Water"
        "Fall On Me"
        "Speaking Of Angels"
        "Speaking With The Angel"
 38: "Full Throated Abandon," Tanglefoot (16)
        "One More Night" (4)
        "Jenny Wren" (3)
        "7 A Side" (2)
        "Emmeline" (2)
        "Floating Bridge Of Ennismore" (2)
        "Angel Of Long Point"
        "Let The Piper Play"
        "Stubborn Old Heart"
 38: "Man From God Knows Where," Tom Russell (16)
        "Man From God Knows Where" (4)
        "Outcast," Tom Russell And Dave Van Rank (3)
        "When Irish Girls Grow Up" (3)
        "Anna Olsen" (2)
        "Chickasaw County Jail"
        "Patrick Russell"
        "Rider On And Orphan Train"
        "Wayfarin' Stranger," Iris Dement
 38: "Songs At The Moon," Mark Humphreys (16)
        "Oh The Lonesome" (6)
        "Hello Again" (4)
        "Amazing Days" (3)
        "Michael" (2)
        "We Turn"
 43: "After Yesterday," John Gorka (15)
        "St. Caffeine" (4)
        "Amber Lee" (2)
        "Heroes" (2)
        "January Floor" (2)
        "After Yesterday / When He Cries / St. Caffiene"
        "Thorny Patch"
        "When He Cries"
        "When The Ice Goes Out"
 43: "Honesty Room," Dar Williams (15)
        "When I Was A Boy" (4)
        "The Baby Sitter's Here" (2)
        "You're Aging Well" (2)
        "Flinty Kinda Woman"
        "I Love, I Love"
        "In Love But Not At Peace"
        "Mark Rothko Song"
        "Travelling Again"
        "When Sal's Burned Down"
 43: "Life's Highway," Big Country Bluegrass (15)
        "Life's Highway" (4)
        "Big Ball In Boston" (2)
        "Big Walker"
        "He Said If You Love Me"
        "Heaven We'll Call Home"
        "I Was Left On The Street"
        "In Foggy Old London"
        "In Such A Short Time"
        "Nobody's Darling"
        "Watery Deep"
        "Why Do I Keep Trying"
 43: "Link In The Chain," Pete Seeger (15)
        "Aimee Semple Mcpherson" (2)
        "Turn! Turn! Turn!" (2)
        "Be Kind To Your Parents"
        "Get Up And Go"
        "Last Train To Nuremberg"
        "Living In The Country"
        "Michael Row The Boat Ashore"
        "My Name Is Lisa Kalvelage"
        "My Oklahoma Home Blowed Away"
        "Oh Freedom"
        "We Shall Overcome"
        "Where Have All The Flowers Gone"
 43: "Mark Erelli," Mark Erelli (15)
        "Hollow Man" (3)
        "River Road" (3)
        "I Always Return" (2)
        "Midnight Train" (2)
        "Only Wondering Where You Are" (2)
        "Holler Do It Everyday"
        "Northern Star"
        "One Too Many Midnights"
 43: "Tornado In Slo Mo," Darcie Deaville (15)
        "Blackbird On The Runway And Dalmatian On The Roof" (2)
        "Catch The Ball," C-Darcy Deaville (2)
        "Picture Of A Dream/Icy Mountain" (2)
        "Tornado In Slo Mo" (2)
        "Chain Of Love"
        "It's Just The Moon," Darcie Deville
        "When I Was A Child"
        "Who Needs You"
 43: "Walkin' In My Shoes," Kathy Kallick (15)
        "Walkin' In My Shoes" (4)
        "Rocky Road Blues" (3)
        "When I Wake Up To Sleep No More" (3)
        "Dark Moon And After All"
        "Don't Mind Me," Kathy Kallick Band
        "I Won't Do It Again"
        "Moods Of A Fool"
        "Wings," Kathy Kallick Band
 50: "Les Sampou," Les Sampou (14)
        "Afraid Of The Dark" (4)
        "Flying Fish" (2)
        "Hanging By A Thread" (2)
        "Sitting On Jupiter" (2)
        "Broken Pieces"
        "I Want You"
        "My Van Gogh"
        "Same Fine Line"
 50: "Skree," Casey Neill Trio (14)
        "Mingulay Boat Song" (3)
        "Araby" (2)
        "Hare Of Kilgrain" (2)
        "Mighty Love" (2)
        "Dusty Windmill Set"
        "Hallowed Be Thy Ground"
        "Love Is A Killing Thing"
        "Saints Of The Ditches," Casey Neil Trio
 50: "Songs Of Mississippi John Hurt," Bill Morrissey (14)
        "Coffee Blues" (4)
        "Avalon Blues" (2)
        "Beaulah Land" (2)
        "First Shot Missed Him"
        "Hey Honey Right Away"
        "Hot Time In The Old Town Tonight"
        "I'm Satisfied"
        "Joe Turner Blues"
        "Louis Collins"
 50: "Translucent Soul," Ellis Paul (14)
        "Angel In Manhattan" (3)
        "Translucent Soul" (3)
        "7 Days" (2)
        "Live In The Now" (2)
        "I Won't Cry Over You"
        "She Loves The Girl"
        "Take Me Down"
        "World Ain't Slowin' Down"

These lists are compiled and posted to the FOLKDJ-L web site every month
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The process of compiling the Top Albums list is automated (I do hand correct
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a spreadsheet.  The second program processes the spreadsheet into a readable
report.  Playlists have to include artist, song and album name (label is
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parse them.  My programs wind up identifying about 60% of the songs actually

The Top Albums list is sorted in descending order by number of plays recorded
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of plays is adjusted downwards; otherwise the raw counts are used.  The
top 50 albums are listed.

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