Compiled by Richard Gillmann from FOLKDJ-L radio playlists
Based on 8759 airplays.

  1: "Where Have All The Flowers Gone?: The Songs Of Pete Seeger," Various Artists (70)
        "Bells Of Rhymney," Roger Mcguinn (6)
        "If I Had A Hammer," Nanci Griffith And Friends (6)
        "Kisses Sweeter Than Wine," Jackson Browne And Bonnie Raaitt (5)
        "Where Have All The Flowers Gone," Tommy Sands, With Dolores Keane And Vedran Smailovic (5)
        "Water Is Wide," John Gorka (4)
        "And Still I Am Searching," Pete Seeger (3)
        "Doublin," Si Kahn (3)
        "Living In The Country," Martin Simpson (3)
        "Quiet Early Morning," Holly Near (3)
        "Sailing Down My Gold River," Greg Brown (3)
        "We Shall Overcome," Bruce Springsteen (3)
        "False From True," Guy Davis (2)
        "My Name Is Lisa Kalvelage," Ani Difranco (2)
        "Of Time And Rivers Flowing," Richie Havens (2)
        "Oh Had I A Golden Thread," Judy Collins (2)
        "One Grain Of Sand," Odetta (2)
        "To Everyone In The World," Cathy Fink And Marcy Marxer (2)
        "Turn, Turn, Turn," Bruce Cockburn (2)
        "Waist Deep In The Big Muddy," Dick Gaughan (2)
        "All Mixed Up," Peter, Paul And Mary
        "Blessed Be The Nation," Studs Terkel
        "Festival Of Flowers," Tish Hinojosa
        "Get Up And Go," Tom Paxton
        "How Can I Keep Form Singing," Cordelia's Dad
        "I Come And Stand At Every Door," Anne Hills
        "Letter To Eve," Indigo Girls
        "My Father's Mansions," Billy Bragg And Eliza Carthy
        "Old Father Hudson-Sailing Down Dirty Stream," Casey Neill
        "Step By Step," Sweet Honey In The Rock
  2: "Bottleneck Dreams," Salamander Crossing (53)
        "5 Days In May" (13)
        "What Kind Of Person" (7)
        "Crossing The Bar" (5)
        "Last Iron Horse" (5)
        "Paul And Peter Walked" (5)
        "River And The Rain" (4)
        "Light In The Window" (3)
        "Put The Weight On Me" (3)
        "Ain't Gonna Work Tomorrow" (2)
        "Indigo Rose" (2)
        "Long, Long Gone" (2)
        "Something Above" (2)
  3: "Seeing Things," Laurie Lewis (51)
        "Blue Days, Sleepless Nights" (13)
        "Let The Bird Go Free" (9)
        "Kiss Me Before I Die" (8)
        "Refugee" (5)
        "Manzanar" (4)
        "Angel On His Shoulder" (3)
        "Tattoo" (3)
        "Visualize" (3)
        "Bane And Balm" (2)
        "Blackest Crow"
  4: "Visions Of Plenty," Kate Campbell (42)
        "Visions Of Plenty" (12)
        "Crazy In Alabama" (6)
        "Jesus And Tomatoes" (6)
        "Sing Me Out" (4)
        "Bus 109" (3)
        "Deep Tang" (3)
        "Funeral Food" (3)
        "Perfect World" (2)
        "This Side Of Heaven" (2)
  5: "Clinch Mountain Country," Ralph Stanley (41)
        "Lonesome River" (4)
        "Gold Watch And Chain" (3)
        "Pretty Little Miss In The Garden" (3)
        "Pretty Polly," Ralph Stanley And Patty Loveless (3)
        "White Dove," Ralph Stanley And Porter Wagoner (3)
        "Window Up Above," Ralph Stanley And George Jones (3)
        "Bright Morning Star," Ralph Stanley And Kathy Mattea (2)
        "Lonesome Banjo Man," Ralph Stanley With Ralph Stanley Ii (2)
        "Pig In A Pen" (2)
        "Shouting On The Hills Of Glory" (2)
        "Another Night," Ralph Stanley/Joe Diffie
        "Darkest Hour Is Just Before Dawn," Ralph Stanley And Dwight Yoakam
        "Gathering Flowers For The Master's Bouquet," Ralph Stanley And Br5-49
        "How Mountain Girls Can Love," Ralph Stanley/Hal Ketchum
        "I Just Got Wise"
        "If I Lose," Ralph Stanley And Friends
        "If That's The Way You Feel," Ralph Stanley With Vince Gill And Patty Loveless
        "Let Me Love You One More Time," Ralph Stanley W/ Tim O'brien
        "Memories Of Mother," Ralph Stanley And Claire Lynch
        "Old Love Letters," Ralph Stanley And Laurie Lewis
        "She's More To Be Pitied," Ralph Stanley With Marty Stuart
        "Standing On The Hills Of Glory"
        "Stone Walls And Steel Bars," Ralph Stanley And Junior Brown
        "Way Down Deep"
  6: "Folkscene Collection," Various Artists (39)
        "Our Town," Iris Dement (6)
        "Goin' Back To Harlan," Kate And Anna Mcgarrigle (4)
        "Someday Soon," David Wilcox (4)
        "This Was Pompeii," Dar Williams (4)
        "Writing On The Wall," Lowen And Navaro (4)
        "Box," Dillon O'brien (3)
        "Love Is On Our Side," Tish Hinojosa (3)
        "Pacing The Cage," Bruce Cockburn (3)
        "Waltzing For Dreamers," Richard Thompson (3)
        "Lock Keeper," John Gorka (2)
        "Barn Burning," Dave Alvin
        "Columbus," Mary Black
        "Hit The Ground Running," Maura O'connell
  7: "Howlin' At The Moon," Sam Bush (35)
        "Howlin' At The Moon" (7)
        "Big Rabbit" (5)
        "Face Tomorrow" (3)
        "Funk 42" (3)
        "Mr. Freddie" (3)
        "Ozzie And Max" (3)
        "Crossing The Transippi" (2)
        "Harbor Docks" (2)
        "Song For Roy" (2)
        "Beaver Creek Mansion"
        "Cloverleaf Rag"
        "Go With The Flow"
        "Hold On"
        "Take Me Out To The Ball Game"
  8: "I Used To Be Nice," Rachel Bissex (31)
        "In The Middle" (6)
        "Royal Blues" (4)
        "There's A River" (3)
        "What's Right" (3)
        "Angel" (2)
        "Ballad Of Eunice And Pearl" (2)
        "December Moon" (2)
        "In The Magazines" (2)
        "Passion" (2)
        "Witness" (2)
        "Cold November Wood"
        "In The Mirror"
        "In Themiddle"
  9: "Blue Earth," Maria Sangiolo (27)
        "Jenny Dreamed Of Trains" (5)
        "Sense Of Humor" (4)
        "To Live Is To Fly" (4)
        "Singing Beach" (3)
        "Before The Sun Goes Down" (2)
        "Blue Earth" (2)
        "This House" (2)
        "Work Of Heart" (2)
        "All We Need"
        "Something Real"
  9: "What's That I Hear?: The Songs of Phil Ochs," Various Artists (27)
        "No More Songs," Karen Savoca (4)
        "Bells," Roches (2)
        "I Ain't Marching Anymore - Arlo Guthrie," Various (2)
        "Is There Anybody Here?," Sonia (2)
        "Outside A Small Circle Of Friends," Dave Van Ronk (2)
        "Pleasures Of The Harbor," Rod Macdonald (2)
        "When I'm Gone," Eric Andersen (2)
        "Another Age," John Wesley Harding
        "Bracero," John Gorka
        "Changes," Nancy Tucker
        "Freedom Riders," Kim And Reggie Harris
        "Hands," Pat Humphries
        "I Ain't Marchin' Any More," Arlo Guthrie
        "I'm Not Marching Anymore," Arlo Guthrie
        "Power And The Glory," Magpie
        "Tape From California," Greg Greenway
        "There But For Fortune," Rex Fowler
        "What's That I Hear," Kim And Reggie Harris
  9: "You Don't Know My Mind," Guy Davis (27)
        "If You Love Somebody" (8)
        "Best I Can" (6)
        "Grandma's Tea House" (3)
        "You Don't Know My Mind" (3)
        "If I Could Fly Like An Eagle" (2)
        "Marlboro Blues" (2)
        "Dorothy Is Harlem Bound"
        "Po' Boy"
        "You Remembered My Name"
 12: "Moondreamer," Priscilla Herdman (26)
        "Howl At The Moon" (9)
        "1000 Pairs Of Pajamas" (3)
        "All Through The Night" (3)
        "Bluegrass Boy" (3)
        "Dreamland" (2)
        "Stars On The Water" (2)
        "Goodnight My Angel"
        "John O'dreams"
        "Mid Night Round"
        "While You Sleep"
 13: "Midnight Storm," Blue Highway (24)
        "I'd Rather Be A Lonesome Pine" (5)
        "Pikeville Flood" (4)
        "Keen Mountain Prison" (3)
        "Find Me Out On A Mountain Top" (2)
        "Getting Over You" (2)
        "He Walked All The Way Home" (2)
        "Last Dollar Blues" (2)
        "Midnight Storm" (2)
        "Some Day" (2)
 13: "Walkin' Down The Line," Rick Robbins (24)
        "East Texas Red" (5)
        "Handsome Molly" (5)
        "Walkin' Down The Line" (5)
        "Desperados Waiting For A Train" (3)
        "Buffalo Skinners"
        "Diamond Joe"
        "Highway Man"
        "Low And Lonely"
        "Those Brown Eyes"
        "Tramp On The Street"
 15: "Shaking Off Gravity," Vance Gilbert (23)
        "Fly" (4)
        "Twice Struck" (4)
        "Charlene" (3)
        "Icarus By Night" (3)
        "Watching A Good Thing Burn" (2)
        "Do What You Gotta Do"
        "Hey Lah Dee Dah Song"
        "House Of Pain"
        "Jsut Can't Go Like That"
        "Just Can't Golike That"
        "Noting For You"
        "Taking It All To Tennessee"
 16: "Around The Campfire," Peter, Paul And Mary (22)
        "Down By The Riverside" (3)
        "Garden Song" (2)
        "If I Had A Hammer" (2)
        "Michael Row The Boat Ashore" (2)
        "River Of Jordan" (2)
        "This Land Is Your Land, The Garden Song" (2)
        "Weave Me The Sunshine" (2)
        "Where Have All The Flowers Gone" (2)
        "500 Miles"
        "Inside And Weave Me The Sunshine"
        "Kisses Sweeter Than Wine"
        "Marvelous Toy"
        "Right Field"
 16: "Dream Loud," Julie Gold (22)
        "Dream Loud" (5)
        "Goodnight New York" (5)
        "Human Experiment" (4)
        "Heaven" (2)
        "I Love To Sing" (2)
        "Welcome To Paradise" (2)
        "Freeze Time"
 18: "Family Album," Various Artists (21)
        "Grandma's White Lebaron," Chip Taylor (3)
        "Orange Cocoa Cake," Lou And Peter Berryman (3)
        "Picture," Louden Wainwright (3)
        "Rider On An Orphan Train," David Massengill (3)
        "Cat's In The Cradle," Tom Chapin (2)
        "How I Met Your Mother," Andy Breckman (2)
        "Trouble Never Looked So Good," Gerry Devine (2)
        "Up In The County," Peter Gallway (2)
        "Grandpa's Advice," Adie Grey
 18: "Gaelic Envy," Nancy White (21)
        "Gaelic Envy" (4)
        "Moose On The Highway" (4)
        "Pierced Matron" (4)
        "Manly Band" (3)
        "Gracias A La Vida" (2)
        "Bet He Can Tango"
        "Clapping Song For Grownups"
        "He Wrote Too Many Songs About His Girlfriend"
        "Un Peu Cochon"
 18: "Live At The Mac," Iiird Tyme Out (21)
        "He Said If I Be Lifted Up" (4)
        "Till The End" (4)
        "I A'int Broke But I'm Badly Bent" (3)
        "Blue Moon Of Kentucky" (2)
        "What Was I Supposed To Do" (2)
        "Erase The Miles," Iird Tyme Out
        "I'm Better Off Without You"
        "Little Rabbit"
        "Lord Protect My Soul"
        "Someone Took My Place With You"
        "Tennessee Waltz"
 21: "Crazy Quilt," Cathy Barton And Dave Para (20)
        "Bayou Sara" (3)
        "Levee Breakdown/Etc" (3)
        "Handful Of Songs" (2)
        "House Carpenter" (2)
        "Missouri Mission Song" (2)
        "Spider Bit The Baby" (2)
        "Bramble And The Rose"
        "Got The Kansas City Blues"
        "Granite Lake"
        "John Stinson's #2"
        "Port One"
        "Worldwide Peace"
 22: "Convenience Store Troubadours," Chris Chandler (19)
        "You're So Mundane" (4)
        "Breakfast Serial Killers" (3)
        "Last Thoughts On Elvis Presley" (3)
        "Wild Mountain Thyme" (3)
        "Blood To Wine" (2)
        "Sex- Let's Do It" (2)
        "Thriftstore Diva"
 22: "Domestic Blues," Bap Kennedy (19)
        "Ghosts Of Belfast" (4)
        "Long Time A Comin'" (4)
        "Unforgiven" (4)
        "Domestic Blues" (2)
        "Angel Is The Devil"
        "I've Fallen In Love"
        "Long Time A'coming/Domestic Blues/The Ghosts Of Belfast"
        "Long Time Coming"
        "Mostly Water"
 24: "Early Rebel Recordings," Country Gentlemen (18)
        "Teach Your Children" (3)
        "Girl From The North Country" (2)
        "Let The Light Shine Down On Me" (2)
        "Walkin' Down The Line" (2)
        "When They Ring Those Golden Bells" (2)
        "Amelia Earheart's Last Flight"
        "Fields Have Turned Brown"
        "Fox On The Run"
        "Many A Mile"
        "Orange Blossom Mandolin"
 24: "Horse Whisperer," Various Artists (18)
        "Whispering Pines," Iris Dement (4)
        "Slow Surprise," Emmylou Harris (3)
        "South Wind Of Summer," Hill County Flatlanders (3)
        "Still I Long For Your Kiss," Lucinda Williams (3)
        "Leaving Train," Gillian Welch (2)
        "Big Balls In Cowtown," Don Walser
        "Dream River," Mavericks
        "Soft Place To Fall," Allison Moorer
 26: "Courage My Love," Annie Gallup (17)
        "Blue Dress" (5)
        "It's Dangerous, Charlie" (2)
        "Oh Tom, You Didn't Mean That" (2)
        "Saint Fido" (2)
        "Sweet Good Nature" (2)
        "Hard Luck"
        "Hard Work"
 26: "Midnight Choo Choo," Jackie Washington (17)
        "Triscadecaphobia" (3)
        "When That Midnight Choo Choo Leaves For Alabam'" (3)
        "Midnight Choo Choo" (2)
        "Should I" (2)
        "I Like Pie, I Like Cake"
        "Please Keep Me In Your Dreams"
        "Street Of Dreams"
        "Sugarfoot Rag"
        "Turkish Delight"
        "Where Did Robinson Crusoe Go"
 26: "My True Name," Carrie Newcomer (17)
        "My True Name" (4)
        "I Should've Known Better" (2)
        "Moon Over Tucson" (2)
        "Something Worth Fighting For" (2)
        "What Kind Of Love Is This" (2)
        "When One Door Closes" (2)
        "Length Of My Arms"
        "One Good Turn"
        "Razor's Edge"
 26: "October Song," House Band (17)
        "Grey Funnel Line" (6)
        "7 Yellow Gypsies" (4)
        "Factory Girl" (2)
        "3 Rusty Swords/The Dusty Miller"
        "Donald Maclellan's Tuning Phrase/Etc"
        "Donald Maclennan's Tuning Phase"
        "End Of The World"
        "Risipiti/Mairtin O'connor's"
 26: "One Way Down," Jory Nash (17)
        "Terrible Man" (4)
        "Been So Good To You" (3)
        "Across The Water" (2)
        "Dark Brown Eyes" (2)
        "One Way Down" (2)
        "Call It Blue"
        "Let Me In"
 26: "Spine," Cordelia's Dad (17)
        "Granite Mills" (8)
        "Knife" (2)
        "Spencer Rifle" (2)
        "Clyde Davenport Tunes"
        "Granite Falls"
        "Imaginary Trouble"
        "In The Cars On The Lirr"
        "Louis Boudreault Tunes"
 32: "Grand Design," Cosy Sheridan (16)
        "George And His 88 Keys" (4)
        "I Won't Worry Anymore" (3)
        "18 Holes On The Open Range" (2)
        "Little Train" (2)
        "Tell Me It All Works Out In The End" (2)
        "Bad Cliche'"
        "Don't Go In The Water"
        "Fool Entering The World"
        "Grand Design"
        "Losing Game"
        "My Lost Valentine"
 32: "Feel Good Day," Continental Divide (16)
        "Feel Good Day" (4)
        "You're Gonna Miss Me When I'm Gone" (3)
        "Silver Eagle" (2)
        "Where My Wheels Meet The Road" (2)
        "If A Train Left For Memphis"
        "Kick Me When I'm Down"
        "Lonesome Highway"
        "When I Left Old East Virginia"
        "Where The Dirt Road Ends"
 32: "Hammer Thru The Silence," Keith Knight (16)
        "Choppin Weed" (3)
        "High Water Everywhere" (3)
        "Gallis Pole" (2)
        "Goodnight Irene" (2)
        "Jim Reilly" (2)
        "Cuttin' Weed"
        "Police Dog Blues"
        "See That My Grave Is Kept Clean"
 32: "Vision," Don Rigsby (16)
        "Over In The Gloryland" (5)
        "Rose Among The Thorns" (4)
        "Drifting Too Far From The Shore" (2)
        "Angel Of Death"
        "God Needed My Mother"
        "Higher Than I"
        "That Home Far Away"
        "Wings Of Angels"
 36: "Bluegrass Rules!," Ricky Skaggs (15)
        "Get Up John" (3)
        "Ridin' That Midnight Train" (3)
        "Amanda Jewell" (2)
        "Rawhide," Ricky Skaggs And Kentucky Thunder (2)
        "I Hope You've Learned"
        "If I Lose"
        "Rank Stranger"
        "Sonehow Tonight"
        "Think Of What You've Done"
 36: "Employee Of The Month," Austin Lounge Lizards (15)
        "Hey Little Minivan" (5)
        "Stupid Texas Song" (4)
        "Flatnose, The Tree-Climbing Dog" (2)
        "Dogs, They Really Miss You"
        "La Cacahuate"
        "Last Words"
        "Other Shore"
 36: "Living A Dream," Mark Newton (15)
        "Sugar Coated Love" (4)
        "Fast As I Can Crawl" (3)
        "Last Song" (2)
        "Midnight Rider" (2)
        "Chain Of Memories"
        "God Has A Place"
        "I've Just Seen The Rock Of Ages"
 36: "Resume Speed," Various Artists (15)
        "Everybody Gets The Blues," End Construction (3)
        "Just The Jester Fool," Ellis Paul (3)
        "Desperate Times," Jim Infantino (2)
        "I'm Sorry," End Construction (2)
        "Ellis Paul: This Old Car," End Construction
        "New Light On Your Halo," Ellis Paul
        "Serious Guy," Jim Infantino
        "Supermen," End Construction
        "Television," Jon Svetkey
 40: "Our Point Of View," New Coon Creek Girls (14)
        "These Old Blues" (4)
        "Muleskinner Blues" (2)
        "On Fire" (2)
        "Sassafrass" (2)
        "Who Knew" (2)
        "Clinging To A Saving Hand"
        "Danny Boy"
        "Heavens The Way To Go"
        "One Of A Kind"
        "Who Will Pray For Me"
 40: "Some Kinda Funny," Lou And Peter Berryman (14)
        "Odd Man Out" (4)
        "Do You Believe In Me" (3)
        "Stuff Song" (3)
        "Good News, Everybody" (2)
        "Maiden Voyage"
        "Poet In Love," Berrymans

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 plays is adjusted downwards; otherwise the raw counts are used.  The top 40
 albums are listed.

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