Top Folk Albums, Songs, Artists and Labels of May 2015 (with DJ list)

Compiled by Richard Gillmann from FOLKDJ-L playlists
Based on 14634 airplays from 145 different DJs

  1: "Joe Hill's Last Will," John McCutcheon [Appalsongs, 5/15] (137)
        "Joe Hill's Last Will"
        "Rebel Girl"
        "Casey Jones"
        "It's A Long Way To The Soup Line"
        "What We Want"
        "Preacher And The Slave"
        "There Is Power In A Union"
  2: "Precious Memories," Sue Massek [Strictly Country, 4/15] (129)
        "Down On The Picket Line"
        "Come All You Coal Miners"
        "I Am A Union Woman"
        "Precious Memories"
        "I Don't Want Your Millions Mister"
  3: "Tangled Country," The Honey Dewdrops [, 3/15] (78)
        "Same Old"
        "Fair Share Blues"
        "Loneliest Songs"
  4: "Della Mae," Della Mae [Rounder, 5/15] (76)
        "Boston Town"
        "No Expectations"
        "Take One Day"
        "To Ohio"
        "Can't Go Back"
  5: "The Newpart," April Verch [Slab Town, 4/15] (65)
        "I Heard The Bluebirds Sing"
        "The Newpart"
        "It Don't Do Nothing But Rain"
        "Polska From Kumla"
  6: "What I'm Lookin' For," Dan Weber [Highway 142, 3/15] (64)
        "Oh Woody"
        "What I'm Lookin' For"
        "Spinning My Wheels"
  7: "Owls," Danny Schmidt [Live Once, 5/15] (60)
        "Faith Will Always Rise"
        "Soon The Earth Shall Swallow"
        "Girl With Lantern Eyes"
        "Cries Of Shadows"
  8: "A Wanderer I'll Stay," Pharis And Jason Romero [Lula, 3/15] (55)
        "Dying Soldier"
        "Cocaine Blues"
        "A Wanderer I'll Stay"
        "Goodbye Old Paint"
  9: "Mother Country," Dave Crossland [Folk Era, 4/15] (51)
        "I Remember America"
        "Daydream Believer"
        "Man Who Would Be King"
        "Razorback Woman"
 10: "The Social Music Hour Vol. 1," Spuyten Duyvil [, 3/15] (47)
        "Make Me A Pallet"
        "Cruel War"
        "Keep Your Skillet Good And Greasy"
 11: "The Rose Of Roscrae: A Ballad Of The West," Tom Russell [Frontera, 4/15] (46)
        "Rose Of Roscrae"
        "Last Running"
 12: "Tell Tale Heart," Chuck Brodsky [, 3/15] (45)
        "2000 Friends"
        "Not A Single Shot"
        "Splinter Cheeks Johnson"
 13: "Tetu," Le Vent Du Nord [Borealis, 3/15] (40)
        "D'ouest En Est"
        "Amant Volage"
 14: "Fall Is A Good Time To Die," Jami Lynn [, 4/15] (39)
        "Red Fox"
        "Coyote, Why Ya Been Lookin' So Thin?"
 14: "The Night Tribe," Jimmy Lafave [Music Road, 5/15] (39)
        "Beauty Of You"
        "Queen Jane Approximately"
        "Never Came Back To Memphis"
        "To Get Back To You"
 16: "Anna And Elizabeth," Anna And Elizabeth [Free Dirt, 3/15] (37)
        "Lovin' Babe"
        "Goin' Across The Mountain"
 17: "Power In The Blood," Buffy Sainte-Marie [True North, new] (36)
        "It's My Way"
        "We Are Circling"
        "Farm In The Middle Of Nowhere"
 18: "Jayme Stone's Lomax Project," Jayme Stone [Borealis, 2/15] (35)
        "Lazy John"
        "Sheep, Sheep Don'tcha Know The Road"
 18: "Sundown Over Ghost Town," Eilen Jewell [Signature, 5/15] (35)
        "Needle And Thread"
        "Rio Grande"
        "Here With Me"
 20: "Still She Will Fly (EP)," Heather Pierson Acoustic Trio [Vessel, new] (34)
        "Still She Will Fly"
        "Ain't Gotten Around"
        "You Don't Know Him The Way I Do"
 21: "Sun Might Shine On Me," Grant Dermody [, 5/15] (33)
        "Boll Weevil"
        "Sun Might Shine"
 22: "Tommy: A Bluegrass Opry," The Hillbenders [Compass, new] (32)
        "Pinball Wizard"
 23: "Starlight Highway," Corinne West [Make, new] (31)
        "Give Our Ships Away"
        "Gypsy Harbor"
        "Trouble No More"
 23: "Tim May And Steve Smith," Tim May And Steve Smith [Desert Night, new] (31)
        "Let It Be"
        "Scotch On The Beach"
        "Deer Valley"
 25: "Room To Run (EP)," Jack Tempchin [Blue Elan, 5/15] (30)
        "Room To Run"
        "Summertime Bum"
        "Jesus And Mohammed"
 26: "The Hour Before," Elaine Romanelli [, 4/15] (29)
        "Red Tail"
        "She And He"
 27: "Such Jubilee," Mandolin Orange [Yep Roc, 5/15] (28)
        "Old Ties And Companions"
        "Jump Mountain Blues"
        "Little Worlds"
 28: "Can't Forget," Leonard Cohen [Columbia, new] (27)
        "Joan Of Arc"
        "I Can't Forget"
 28: "Dear Jean: Artists Celebrate Jean Ritchie," Various Artists [Compass, 9/14] (27)
        "L&N Don't Stop Here Anymore," Robin And Linda Williams
 28: "Spinning Yarns," Norah Rendell [Two Tap, 3/15] (27)
        "Pinery Boy"
        "Sailor's Bride"
        "Carrion Crow"
 31: "Brighter Every Day," Trout Steak Revival [, 3/15] (26)
        "Ours For The Taking"
        "Union Pacific"
 31: "The Faster It Goes," The Railsplitters [Self, new] (26)
        "Salt Salt Sea"
 31: "Pandemonium," Moors And McCumber [, 12/14] (26)
        "My Heart Is Open"
        "All Great Tragedy"
 34: "Violets Are Blue," Rani Arbo And Daisy Mayhem [Signature, 3/15] (25)
        "Heart Of The World"
        "Down By The Water"
 34: "Wilder Days," Natasha Borzilova [Hadley, 4/15] (25)
        "White Noise"
        "Wilder Days"
 36: "Celtic Folk," The John Byrne Band [Ri-Ra, 3/15] (24)
        "Follow Me Up To Carlow"
        "Lakes Of Pontchartrain"
 36: "Happy Prisoner: The Bluegrass Sessions," Robert Earl Keen [Dualtone, 2/15] (24)
        "Long Black Veil"
        "52 Vincent Black Lightning"
 36: "The Lied To's," The Lied To's [Hollow Body, 2/15] (24)
        "Tell Me Something New"
 36: "Rise From The Storm," Joanne Lurgio [Self, 3/15] (24)
        "Going With The Flow"
        "Kick Off My Shoes"
 40: "Something In The Water," Pokey LaFarge [Rounder, 4/15] (23)
        "Bad Girl"
        "Actin' A Fool"
 40: "Walk On Solid Ground," Gene And Gayla Mills [Heart Pine, 4/15] (23)
        "Daytime Stars"
        "No Dominion Over Me"
 42: "Brotherhood," The Gibson Brothers [Rounder, 2/15] (22)
        "Sweetest Gift"
 42: "Leave Some Things Behind," The Steel Wheels [Big Ring, 4/15] (22)
        "Old Guitar"
 42: "Laurie & Kathy Sing The Songs Of Vern And Ray," Laurie Lewis And Kathy Kallick [Spruce And Maple, 8/14] (22)
        "My Old Kentucky Home"
        "Cabin On A Mountain"
 42: "The Traveling Kind," Emmylou Harris And Rodney Crowell [Nonesuch, new] (22)
        "The Traveling Kind"
        "I Just Wanted To See You So Bad"
        "Weight Of The World"
 42: "Woody Pines," Woody Pines [Muddy Roots, new] (22)
        "Black Rat Swing"
        "This Train Rolls By"
 47: "One," Natalie MacMaster And Donnell Leahy [Linus, 4/15] (21)
        "Wedding Day Jig"
        "Whistler Of Rosslea"
 48: "Further West," Hungrytown [Listen Here!, new] (20)
        "Hard Way To Learn"
        "Eastward Forests, Westward Hills"
 48: "The Longest River," Olivia Chaney [Nonesuch, new] (20)
        "False Bride"
        "King's Horses"
 50: "The 45th Parallel," Neptune's Car [, 1/15] (19)
        "By The Time It Gets Dark"
        "Fly Fishing The Big Hole"
        "Blue Sky Turned To Rust"
 50: "True And Blue," Hans Theessink And Terry Evans [Blue Groove, 4/15] (19)
        "Glory Of Love"
        "Bourgeois Blues"
 52: "Best Medicine," The Stray Birds [Yep Roc, 10/14] (18)
        "Best Medicine"
 52: "Looking Back: Our American Irish Souls," The Burns Sisters [Sisters, 1/15] (18)
        "Mothers' Ode"
        "Clare To Here"
 52: "The Many Hats Of Jory Nash," Jory Nash [Thin Man, 2/15] (18)
        "Emerald City"
        "Ain't Coming Home"
 52: "Songs My Mother Taught Me," Fannie Lou Hamer [Smithsonian/Folkways, new] (18)
        "This Little Light Of Mine"
        "All The Pretty Little Horses"
 52: "Tomorrow You're Going," The Pine Hill Project [Signature, 3/15] (18)
        "I Know You Rider"
        "Rain Just Falls"
 57: "Citizen," Todd Grebe And Cold Country [Cold Country, 4/15] (17)
        "Nothing Left To Lose"
        "Ain't That Fine"
 58: "Little Hinges," Qristina And Quinn Bachand [Beacon Ridge, 1/15] (16)
        "Welcome Farewell Set"
 58: "The Red Album," Red Molly [, 4/14] (16)
        "Clinch River Blues"
        "Homeward Bound"
 60: "Baladista," Joel Rafael [Inside, 4/15] (15)
        "El Bracero"
        "Old Portland Town"
 60: "Bela Fleck & Abigail Washburn," Bela Fleck & Abigail Washburn [Rounder, 10/14] (15)
 60: "Get Ready," The Revelers [Self, new] (15)
        "Toi, Tu Veux Pus De Moi"
        "Pus Whiskey"
 60: "The Longing Road," Johnsmith [, 7/14] (15)
        "She Loved Flowers"
        "Family Artifacts"
 60: "Me Oh My," The Honeycutters [Organic, 4/15] (15)
 60: "Rise And Fall," Dayna Kurtz [M. C., 3/15] (15)
        "It's How You Hold Me"
        "You're Not What I Need"
 60: "Sound And Color," Alabama Shakes [ATO, new] (15)
        "This Feeling"
        "Sound And Color"
 60: "Tether My Heart," Hannah Shira Naiman [Merriweather, 2013] (15)
        "Little Fox"
 60: "Tree Of Life," Guy Carawan [Flying Fish, 1990] (15)
        "Ain't You Got A Right To The Tree Of Life"
        "Hold On"
 60: "Trust," The Levins [, 1/15] (15)
 60: "When I'm Free," Hot Rize [Ten In Hand, 9/14] (15)
        "Blue Is Fallin"
        "Cowboy's Life"

Compiled by Richard Gillmann from FOLKDJ-L playlists
Based on 14634 airplays from 145 different DJs

1. "Joe Hill's Last Will" (25)
        by John McCutcheon
        from "Joe Hill's Last Will"
2. "Oh Woody" (23)
        by Dan Weber
        from "What I'm Lookin' For"
3. "Same Old" (20)
        by The Honey Dewdrops
        from "Tangled Country"
4. "Boston Town" (19)
        by Della Mae
        from "Della Mae"
4. "Rebel Girl" (19)
        by John McCutcheon
        from "Joe Hill's Last Will"
6. "Casey Jones" (17)
        by John McCutcheon
        from "Joe Hill's Last Will"
6. "Come All You Coal Miners" (17)
        by Sue Massek
        from "Precious Memories"
6. "Down On The Picket Line" (17)
        by Sue Massek
        from "Precious Memories"
9. "Still She Will Fly" (15)
        by Heather Pierson Acoustic Trio
        from "Still She Will Fly (EP)"
10. "It's A Long Way To The Soup Line" (14)
        by John McCutcheon
        from "Joe Hill's Last Will"
10. "No Expectations" (14)
        by Della Mae
        from "Della Mae"
10. "What We Want" (14)
        by John McCutcheon
        from "Joe Hill's Last Will"
13. "Pinball Wizard" (13)
        by Hillbenders
        from "Tommy: A Bluegrass Opery"
14. "I Am A Union Woman" (12)
        by Sue Massek
        from "Precious Memories"
14. "I Heard The Bluebirds Sing" (12)
        by April Verch
        from "The Newpart"
14. "Preacher And The Slave" (12)
        by John McCutcheon
        from "Joe Hill's Last Will"
14. "Precious Memories" (12)
        by Sue Massek
        from "Precious Memories"
14. "There Is Power In A Union" (12)
        by John McCutcheon
        from "Joe Hill's Last Will"
19. "2000 Friends" (11)
        by Chuck Brodsky
        from "Tell Tale Heart"
19. "Dancing With My Mother" (11)
        by Rachel Bissex
        from "Don't Look Down"
        also "In White Light"
19. "Dying Soldier" (11)
        by Pharis And Jason Romero
        from "A Wanderer I'll Stay"
19. "Faith Will Always Rise" (11)
        by Danny Schmidt
        from "Owls"
19. "I Remember America" (11)
        by Dave Crossland
        from "Mother Country"
19. "Room To Run" (11)
        by Jack Tempchin
        from "Room To Run (EP)"
25. "Fair Share Blues" (10)
        by The Honey Dewdrops
        from "Tangled Country"
25. "I Don't Want Your Millions Mister" (10)
        by Sue Massek
        from "Precious Memories"
25. "Loneliest Songs" (10)
        by The Honey Dewdrops
        from "Tangled Country"
25. "Lowlands" (10)
        by The Honey Dewdrops
        from "Tangled Country"
25. "Make Me A Pallet" (10)
        by Spuyten Duyvil
        from "The Social Music Hour Vol. 1"
25. "Summertime Bum" (10)
        by Jack Tempchin
        from "Room To Run (EP)"
25. "Take One Day" (10)
        by Della Mae
        from "Della Mae"
25. "To Ohio" (10)
        by Della Mae
        from "Della Mae"
25. "We Shall Overcome" (10)
        by Guy Carawan
        from "Classic Protest Songs"

Compiled by Richard Gillmann from FOLKDJ-L playlists
Based on 14634 airplays from 145 different DJs

1. John McCutcheon
2. Sue Massek
3. The Honey Dewdrops
4. Della Mae
5. Bob Dylan
6. April Verch
7. Dan Weber
8. Pharis And Jason Romero
9. Danny Schmidt
10. Pete Seeger
11. Chuck Brodsky
11. Spuyten Duyvil
13. Tom Russell
14. Dave Crossland
15. Leonard Cohen
16. Guy Carawan
17. Jimmy Lafave
18. Buffy Sainte-Marie
18. Eilen Jewell
20. Anna And Elizabeth
21. The Steel Wheels
22. Heather Pierson Acoustic Trio
22. Le Vent Du Nord
24. Jami Lynn
25. The Hillbenders
26. Grant Dermody
26. Peter, Paul And Mary
28. Jack Tempchin
28. Woody Pines
30. Corinne West
31. Jayme Stone
31. Tim May And Steve Smith
33. Elaine Romanelli
33. The John Byrne Band
33. Robert Earl Keen
36. Emmylou Harris And Rodney Crowell
37. The Railsplitters
37. Rani Arbo And Daisy Mayhem
39. B. B. King
39. Dar Williams
39. Norah Rendell

Compiled by Richard Gillmann from FOLKDJ-L playlists
Based on 14634 airplays from 145 different DJs

1. Rounder
2. Red House
3. Strictly Country
4. Columbia
5. Compass
5. Sugar Hill
7. Signature
8. Borealis
9. Smithsonian/Folkways
10. Nonesuch
11. Flying Fish
12. Appalsongs
13. Slab Town
14. Vanguard
15. Appleseed
16. Waterbug
16. Yep Roc
18. Rhino
19. Green Linnet
20. Frontera
20. Lula
22. Music Road
22. Rebel
22. Warner
25. Philo
25. Sony
27. Free Dirt
28. Reprise
28. True North
30. Live Once
31. ATO
31. Shanachie
33. Capitol
34. Bear Family
34. Folk Era
34. Folk-Legacy
37. New West
38. Dualtone
39. Arc
39. Patuxent
39. RCA

FOLK DJs - MAY 2015
Compiled by Richard Gillmann from FOLKDJ-L playlists
Based on 14634 airplays from 145 different DJs

Abby Parks (WLJS-FM, AL)
Al Kniola (WVPE-FM, IN)
Alan Hossack (94.7 The Pulse, Australia)
Amy & Travis Luncan (WYSO-FM, OH)
Andrew Antipin (WPRB-FM, NJ)
Angela Page (WJFF-FM, NY)
Annie Keville (WVBR-FM, NY)
Art Menius (WCOM-FM, NC)
Arthur Berman (CiTR-FM, BC)
Arthur Dean (WCNI-FM, CT)
Artie Martello (, NY)
Bettie Carlson (WCUW-FM, MA)
Bill Revill (WESU-FM, CT)
Bill Stuart (WFIT-FM, FL)
Bill Wagman (KDVS-FM, CA)
Bob McWilliams (KANU-FM & KPR, KS)
Bob Weiser (WBRS-FM & WOMR-FM, MA)
Brad Edmondson (WVBR-FM, NY)
Brenda & Roman Tacik (CJTR-FM, SK)
Bruce Cameron (2MCE-FM, Australia)
Bud Johnson (syndicated, AK)
Caragh McMaster (WTJU-FM, VA)
Carolyn VandeWiele (WFHB-FM, IN)
Charlie Backfish (WUSB-FM, NY)
Chris Kocher (WHRW-FM, NY)
Chrisana McGill (WSPN-FM, NY)
Cindy Funk (WYSO-FM, OH)
Colin Fielding (3INR-FM, Australia)
Craig Huegel (WMNF-FM, FL)
Dan Alloway (KTEP-FM, TX)
Darla Novak (KZFR-FM, CA)
Dave Hardy (, MA)
David John (KTRU-FM, TX)
David Sears (WBGU-FM, OH)
Deadwood Dick (KKUP-FM, CA)
Dennis Brunnenmeyer (KVMR-FM, CA)
Diane Crowe (WMCB-FM, MA)
Diane Karl (KBOO-FM etc, OR)
Dick Hermans (WHDD-FM, CT)
Don Jacobson (KBOO-FM, OR)
Doug Dick (WVGN-FM, VI)
Ed McDonald (WVMR-FM etc, WV)
Ed Mellnik (KBOO-FM, OR)
Fred Frawley (WMPG-FN, ME)
Gerd Stassen (EVW, Germany)
Gerry Goodfriend (CKUT-FM, QC)
Graham and Barbara Dean (WBCR-LP, MA)
Hansjoerg Malonek (ISW-FM, Germany)
Harlon Joye (WRFG-FM, GA)
Ian Zolitor (WXPN-FM, PA)
Jan Hall (CFRU-FM, ON)
Jay Hertel (WTJU-FM, VA)
Jean Geiger (KBCS-FM, WA)
Jeff Eads (WNKU-FM, KY)
Jeff Robson (CJUM-FM, MB)
Jeff Zolitor (KNYO-FM, CA)
Jenny Flux (2AIR-FM, Australia)
Jeremy Butler (WUAL-FM & APR, AL)
Jim Canales (WWSP-FM, WI)
Jim Dubinsky (WUVT-FM, CV)
Jim Fisher (WGCS-FM, IN)
Jim Marino (CFMU-FM, ON)
Jim Rogers (WIUP-FM, PA)
Jim Schwall (WORT-FM, WI)
Joe Pszonek (WMSC-FM, NJ)
John & Maureen Rumsey (KVMR-FM, CA)
John Lupton and George Mercer (WVUD-FM, DE)
John Mazza (WNHU-FM, CT)
John Patterson (WXPI-FM, PA)
John Platt (WFUV-FM, NY)
John Weingart (WPRB-FM, NJ)
Johnny Bazzano (KRCB-FM, CA)
Jon 'Chip' Colcord (WSCS-FM, NH)
Jon Kiger (WRFG-FM, GA)
Jon Stein (WTBQ-AM, NY)
Justin Helmer (KVSC-FM, MN)
Jürgen Kramer (ZuSa, Germany)
Karen Rakos (KEUL-FM, AK)
Kate McNally (NHPR, NH)
Kelly Walker (Troy Public Radio, AL)
Ken Batista (WYEP-FM, PA)
Ken Yavit (KBAC-FM, NM)
Kevin Elliott (WEFT-FM, IL)
Kevin Vance (KALW-FM, CA)
Larry Hillberg (KVMR-FM, CA)
Larry Hoyt (WAER-FM, NY)
Laurie Niles (KZFR-FM, CA)
Len Holton (KUAR-FM, AR)
Leonard Epstein (KRFC-FM, CO)
Lilli Kuzma (WDCB-FM, IL)
Linda Fahey (WKSU & syndicated, OH)
Lyle D. Skinner (CJUM-FM, MB)
Maggie Ferguson (WXOU-FM, MI)
Mara Noelle (KVMR-FM & KFOK-LP, CA)
Mark Michaelis (WGDR-FM, VT)
Mark Tobler (WTUL-FM, LA)
Mary Katherine Aldin (KPFK-FM, CA)
Menachem Vinegrad (Upper Galilee-FM, Israel)
Michael Alzo (WSLU-FM, NY)
Michael Kane (WBRS-FM, MA)
Michael Stock (WLRN-FM, FL)
Mike Regenstreif (CKCU-FM, ON)
Mitch Park (Kidnappers, New Zealand)
Naomi Soule and Terry Moses (KCLC-FM, MO)
Nick Barr (WAMC-FM, NY)
Norm Mast (WVPE-FM, IN)
Pamela Smith (WPKN-FM, CT)
Paul Hartman (WTMD-FM, MD)
Paul Hefti (, CA)
Paul Stamler (KDHX-FM, MO)
Peter Jones (WTJU-FM, VA)
Peter Kernast and John Bates (WTSR-FM, NJ)
Peter Thompson (KALW-FM, CA)
Ray Baumler (WRUR-FM & WITH-FM, NY)
Rich Warren (WFMT-FM & syndicated, IL)
Richard Gordon (WVUD-FM, DE)
Rik James (KGLT-FM, MT)
Rob Thurlow (KRFC-FM, CO)
Robert Resnik (VPR, VT)
Robin Pressman (KRCB-FM, CA)
Sandy Goodson (WTJU-FM, VA)
Sharon Downes (2MAX-FM, Australia)
Simon Dillon (Phoenix FM, Australia)
Sonny Ochs (WIOX-FM, NY)
Steve Brockway (KRFC-FM, CO)
Steve Edge (CITR-FM, BC)
Steve Fisher (CKUA-FM, AB)
Steve Harris (KCMJ-FM, CO)
Steve Jerrett (KOPN-FM, MO)
Steve Kindig (WTJU-FM, VA)
Stu Weaver (WFCF-FM, FL)
Sue Kessell (WNUR-FM, IL)
Susan Forbes Hansen (WHUS-FM & WWUH-FM, CT)
Susi Lanagan (PBS-FM, Australia)
Taylor Caffery (WRKF-FM, LA)
Terry Carpenter (WTJU-FM, VA)
Terry Fatseas (2MCE-FM, Australia)
Terry O'Laughlin (WORT-FM, WI)
Todd Tyson (The Point-FM, VT)
Tom Coxworth (CKUA-FM, AB)
Tom Druckenmiller (WDIY-FM & syndicated, PA)
Tom Funk (KGLP-FM, NM)
Valerie Cormier (CITR-FM, BC)
Wanda Fischer (WAMC & syndicated, NY)
Wayne Greene (, LA)

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