Compiled by Richard Gillmann from FOLKDJ-L radio playlists
Based on 11729 airplays.

  1: "Tanglewood Tree," Dave Carter And Tracy Grammer (66)
        "Mountain" (10)
        "Tanglewood Tree" (10)
        "Happytown" (9)
        "Hey Conductor" (8)
        "Crocodile Man" (7)
        "Cat-Eye Willie Claims His Lover" (6)
        "Farewell To Fiddler's Rim" (6)
        "Farewell To Saint Delores" (3)
        "Walkin' Away From Caroline" (3)
        "Cowboy Singer" (2)
        "Farewell To Bitterroot Valley" (2)
  2: "Written In Red," Louise Taylor (52)
        "Cherry Tree" (14)
        "Written In Red" (8)
        "Two Bends In The Road" (7)
        "My Dove" (7)
        "Over The Mountain" (7)
        "His Hands" (4)
        "Miriam Bell" (3)
        "Meet You Here"
        "Stubborn As A Gun"
  3: "Nickel Creek," Nickel Creek (49)
        "Ode To A Butterfly" (10)
        "Fox" (7)
        "Cuckoo's Nest" (5)
        "Hand Song" (5)
        "Out Of The Woods" (5)
        "House Of Tom Bombadil" (4)
        "Lighthouse's Tale" (3)
        "Sweet Afton" (3)
        "Reasons Why" (2)
        "Robin And Marion" (2)
        "When You Come Back Down" (2)
        "Pastures New"
  4: "Scene It All," Seldom Scene (43)
        "Boots Of Spanish Leather" (9)
        "Nadine" (7)
        "One Step Up" (7)
        "Rollin' And Tumblin'" (7)
        "Trust In The Tide" (4)
        "Dusty" (3)
        "Walking The Dog" (3)
        "When The Walls Come Tumblin' Down" (2)
        "Blue And Lonesome"
  5: "Love Light," Claire Lynch (39)
        "Jealousy" (8)
        "I'm Movin'" (7)
        "Missionary Ridge" (6)
        "Blue Water Holler" (5)
        "I Don't Have To Dream" (3)
        "Love Light" (3)
        "Stranger Things Have Happened" (2)
        "These Flowers" (2)
        "He Don't Talk About It"
        "Keep My Love There"
  6: "One Endless Night," Jimmie Dale Gilmore (38)
        "Banks Of The Guadalupe" (7)
        "Mack The Knife" (6)
        "Darcy Farrow" (4)
        "Goodbye Old Missoula" (4)
        "One Endless Night" (4)
        "Ripple" (4)
        "Blue Shadows" (3)
        "No Lonesome Tune" (3)
        "Your Love Is My Rest" (2)
  7: "Fair Weather," Alison Brown (35)
        "Late On Arrival" (7)
        "Everybody's Talkin'" (6)
        "Hummingbird" (5)
        "Shake And Howdy" (3)
        "Everyday I Write The Book" (2)
        "Fair Weather" (2)
        "Girl's Breakdown" (2)
        "Leaving Cottondale" (2)
        "Poe's Pickin' Party" (2)
        "Sweet Thing" (2)
        "Deep Gap"
        "Devil Went Down In Berkeley"
  7: "Only A Story," The Mollys (35)
        "Don't Come On Strong And Run" (6)
        "Yer Drunk Again/Polka Del Diablo" (6)
        "Powers Brothers" (4)
        "Come On With Me" (3)
        "I'm Not As Willing" (3)
        "Time To Burn" (3)
        "Don't Want To Outlive That Man Too Long" (2)
        "My Manda" (2)
        "Youngest Daughter" (2)
        "Man In Question"
        "Only A Story"
        "Strike Me Down"
        "Will You Forgive Me"
  7: "Real Time," Tim O'Brien And Darrell Scott (35)
        "Long Time Gone" (7)
        "Little Sadie" (4)
        "More Love" (4)
        "Walk Beside Me" (4)
        "Second Mouse" (3)
        "Weary Blues From Waiting" (3)
        "House Of Gold" (2)
        "I'm Not Gonna Forget You" (2)
        "There Ain't No Easy Way" (2)
        "Ain't No Easy Way"
        "City Of Gold"
        "Helen Of Troy, Pa"
        "With A Memory Like Mine"
  7: "Silver And Gold," Neil Young (35)
        "Buffalo Springfield Again" (6)
        "Silver And Gold" (6)
        "Daddy Went Walkin'" (4)
        "Horseshoe Man" (4)
        "Without Rings" (4)
        "Red Sun" (3)
        "Good To See You" (2)
        "Great Divide" (2)
        "Daddy Went A Walking"
        "Distant Camera"
        "Interview Disc From Reprise"
        "Razor Love"
 11: "Ear To The Ground," Malvina Reynolds (31)
        "Little Boxes" (11)
        "It Isn't Nice" (4)
        "Money Crop" (3)
        "Magic Penny" (2)
        "On The Rim Of The World" (2)
        "What Have They Done To The Rain" (2)
        "Bury Me In My Overalls"
        "Judge Said"
        "Look On The Sunnyside"
        "Mario's Duck"
        "Rosie Jane"
        "Skagit Valley Forever"
        "This World"
 11: "Hopper," Joel Rafael Band (31)
        "Way Over Yonder In The Minor Key" (11)
        "China Basin Digs" (7)
        "As I Move Along" (3)
        "Learning To Love" (2)
        "Light And Thunder," Joel Rafael (2)
        "Minor Key" (2)
        "Mi Amigo"
        "So Fast"
        "Solo Pasando"
        "Way Over Yonder In The Minor Key And China Basin Digs"
 13: "Broke Down," Slaid Cleaves (30)
        "Breakfast In Hell" (6)
        "Broke Down" (4)
        "This Morning I Am Born Again" (4)
        "Cold And Lonely" (3)
        "Horseshoe Lounge" (3)
        "One Good Year" (3)
        "Bring It On" (2)
        "I Feel The Blues Movin' In" (2)
        "Lydia" (2)
        "Key Chain"
 14: "Tangle With The Ghost," Jory Nash (29)
        "Love No More" (6)
        "Acoustic In-Between" (5)
        "7 And Out" (4)
        "Tangle With The Ghost" (4)
        "7 Lions" (2)
        "Little Panic" (2)
        "Prisoner's Lament" (2)
        "Autumn Song"
        "Can I Walk You Home?"
        "Loneliest Of Times"
        "So Much Larger Than Life"
 15: "Dancin' With Them That Brung Me," Stacey Earle (27)
        "Dancin' With Them That Brung Me" (4)
        "No New Shoes" (4)
        "Promise You Anything" (4)
        "Good-By" (3)
        "How I Ran" (3)
        "Kiss Her Goodnight" (2)
        "Why" (2)
        "Wonderful Life" (2)
        "Did I Say I'm Sorry"
        "Is It Enough"
        "Must Be Love"
 15: "Million Year Mind," Peter Mayer (27)
        "Fall" (6)
        "Africa" (4)
        "John's Garden" (4)
        "One More Circle" (4)
        "Charlie Porter" (2)
        "Dark," Peter Meyer (2)
        "Holy Now" (2)
        "Magic Beans" (2)
        "Brand New Harley"
 17: "Follow Me Back To The Fold," Mark Newton (25)
        "Child Again" (4)
        "Candle Of Love" (3)
        "Day That Lester Died" (3)
        "Never Look Back" (3)
        "Follow Me Back To The Fold" (2)
        "Used To Be" (2)
        "Voice Of My Saviour" (2)
        "We Can't Go Wrong" (2)
        "High Lonesome"
        "If It Ain't Love"
        "Oh My Darlin," Mark Newton And Valari Smith
        "Pain Of Loving You," Mark Newton And Gloria Belle
 17: "Songs From An Unmarried Housewife," Suzzy Roche (25)
        "G Chord Song" (6)
        "Looking For God" (4)
        "Cold Hard Wind" (3)
        "Love Comes To Town" (3)
        "Out Of The Blue" (3)
        "Yankee Doodle" (3)
        "9 Chord Song"
        "Sweetie Pie"
        "To Alaska With Love"
 19: "Butt Naked Free," Guy Davis (24)
        "Sometimes I Wish" (4)
        "Sugarbelle Blue" (4)
        "Come On Sally Hitch A Ride" (3)
        "Ain't No Bluesman" (2)
        "High Flying Rocket" (2)
        "Meet Me Where The River Turns" (2)
        "Waiting On The Cards To Fall" (2)
        "Butt Naked Free"
        "Let Me Stay Awhile"
        "My Rambling Ways"
        "Never Met Know Woman Treats Me Like You Do"
        "Raining In My Soul"
 19: "John Cowan," John Cowan (24)
        "Dark As A Dungeon" (6)
        "Nothing But The Blues" (5)
        "All I Wanna Feel" (3)
        "My Heart Will Follow You" (3)
        "High Above The Powerlines" (2)
        "Gotta Get Go"
        "Mississippi Delta Blues"
        "Mississippi Delta Time"
        "Roll Away The Stone"
        "Wichita Way"
 19: "Man Must Carry On," Aubrey Haynie (24)
        "Buffalo Gals" (5)
        "Creek's A Risin'" (4)
        "Happy Go Lucky" (3)
        "Homesick And Lonesome" (3)
        "Man Must Carry On" (2)
        "Butcher Boy"
        "Can I Get An Amen"
        "Eternal Blues"
        "Sam Creeks Blues"
        "Tennessee Hardwood"
 19: "My Roots Are Showing," Natalie Macmaster (24)
        "Hey Johnny Cope" (4)
        "Boys Of The Lake" (3)
        "A' Chuthag" (2)
        "Captain Keeler" (2)
        "E Flat Set" (2)
        "Glencoe Dance Set" (2)
        "Queen Of The Wild" (2)
        "Shakin's O' The Pocky" (2)
        "Wildcat" (2)
        "Balmoral Highlanders"
        "Closer To The Floor"
        "Willie Fraser"
 19: "Night Owl," Dolores Keane (24)
        "Dangerous Dance" (5)
        "New Deal" (5)
        "Forger's Farewell" (3)
        "Make Me Want To Stay" (3)
        "Night Owl" (2)
        "Ballyroan," Delores Keane
        "Banks Of The Nile"
        "Dunlavin Green"
        "When The Night Owl Homeward Turns"
        "Wind That Shakes The Barley"
 19: "Omens," Jack Hardy (24)
        "I Ought To Know" (5)
        "Yellow Billed Cuckoo" (4)
        "Only One Sky" (3)
        "Siar On Ndaingean" (3)
        "Arrow" (2)
        "Bony Bailiff" (2)
        "Boney Baliff"
        "Change Of Heart"
        "In The Building Of The Boat"
        "West Of Dingle"
 19: "Poor Man's Troubles," Bruce Molsky (24)
        "Fishin' Blues" (5)
        "Rove Riley Rove" (5)
        "Poor Man's Troubles" (3)
        "Field Holler / Piney Woods / Lost Indian" (2)
        "I Truly Understand And Billy Joe Banes" (2)
        "Peg And Awl" (2)
        "Cabin Creek"
        "Cousin Sally Brown"
        "Poor Cowboy"
        "Terrell Texas Blues"
 19: "Somewhere Near Paterson," Richard Shindell (24)
        "Spring" (4)
        "Waiting For The Storm" (4)
        "Calling The Moon" (3)
        "Confession" (3)
        "Abuelita, Spring" (2)
        "Transit" (2)
        "Wisteria" (2)
        "You Stay Here" (2)
        "Grocer's Broom"
        "My Love Will Follow You"
 19: "To The Bone," Eleni Kelakos (24)
        "Rockin' The Boat And Robbin' The Cradle" (4)
        "To The Bone" (4)
        "Wyoming In Him" (4)
        "Application" (3)
        "Circle And Dance" (2)
        "Gimme The Car Keys Daddy" (2)
        "Tell Me Where The Love Goes" (2)
        "Valentine's Day At The Satellite Bar And Grill" (2)
        "Tallest Poppy"
 28: "Speaking With The Angel," Mary Black (23)
        "Broken Wings" (4)
        "Fields Of Gold" (4)
        "Cut By Wire" (3)
        "I Live Not Where I Love" (3)
        "Speaking With The Angel" (3)
        "Turning Away" (3)
        "Big Trip To Portland"
        "Bless The Road"
 29: "Cimarron," Emmylou Harris (22)
        "If I Needed You" (5)
        "Spanish Is A Loving Tongue" (5)
        "Tennessee Waltz" (3)
        "Colors Of Your Heart" (2)
        "Price You Pay" (2)
        "Born To Run," Emmylouharris
        "Last Cheater's Waltz"
        "Rose Of Cimarron"
        "Son Of A Rotten Gambler"
        "Tennessee Rose"
 29: "Little Lion," Brooks Williams (22)
        "Belfast Blues" (8)
        "Joyful Joyful" (4)
        "O' Leaozinho" (2)
        "Water Song" (2)
        "Asa Branca"
        "Frenzy At The Feeder"
        "Goodbye Walker Percy"
        "Lizard Logic"
        "What Wonderous Love"
 29: "Live," Ellis Paul (22)
        "Here She Is" (3)
        "Martyr's Lounge" (3)
        "Airplane Pilot Dead Head" (2)
        "Angel In Manhattan" (2)
        "Conversation With A Ghost" (2)
        "Take Me Down" (2)
        "When We Begin" (2)
        "3,000 Miles"
        "All Things Being The Same"
        "Look At The Wind Blow"
        "Maria's Beautiful Mess"
        "Tornado Girl"
        "World Ain't Slowing Down"
 32: "Slide And Joy," Orville Johnson (21)
        "Old Riverman" (6)
        "At The Cross" (2)
        "Fried Onions" (2)
        "Mambolaya" (2)
        "Mardi March" (2)
        "Squirrell's Revenge" (2)
        "Weeping Cedar" (2)
        "Zebadiah Stomp" (2)
        "Walker's Air"
 33: "5 Strings Attached Vol. 2," Arnie Naiman And Chris Coole (20)
        "Rainbow On The Mormon's" (3)
        "Becky The Beader" (2)
        "Darling Cora" (2)
        "West Fork Gals" (2)
        "Willie Moore" (2)
        "Bloody Red River"
        "Don Valley's Ramble"
        "From Earth To Heaven, Snowdrop"
        "Heron's Wing"
        "Things In Life"
        "Walking The Dog"
 33: "Drag Queens In Limousines," Mary Gauthier (20)
        "Drag Queens In Limousines" (4)
        "I Drink" (3)
        "Our Lady Of The Shooting Stars" (3)
        "Different Kind Of Gone" (2)
        "Evangeline" (2)
        "Jackie's Train" (2)
        "Lifetime" (2)
        "Karla Faye"
        "Slip Of The Tongue"
 33: "Sacred Heart," Peter Ostroushko (20)
        "Boston" (4)
        "Lafayette" (4)
        "Madison" (3)
        "Medicine Bow" (3)
        "Sloboda" (2)
        "Even The Ravens Mourn Over You"
        "Puckett's Farewell"
        "Sacred Heart," Peter Oshtrousko
        "Tatiana's Lament"
 33: "Silent Ground," Front Range (20)
        "Sing Me A River" (4)
        "Sweetest Flower Of My Heart" (3)
        "Love In Vain" (2)
        "My Lord What A Mourning" (2)
        "Silent Ground" (2)
        "Been Down So Long"
        "Cowtown Boogie"
        "Dust Devil"
        "Leave Me To Cry"
        "Let Me Rest At The End Of My Journey"
        "Roll Call"
        "Silver Plume"
 37: "Another Kind Of Blue," Peter Keane (19)
        "Columbus Avenue" (5)
        "Another Kind Of Blue" (4)
        "Mama Tain't Long Fore Day" (2)
        "Talco Girl" (2)
        "Call It Sleep"
        "Everything's About The Same"
        "Illegal Man"
        "Illinois Blues"
        "Round And Round"
        "Sunday Street"
 37: "The Grass Is Blue," Dolly Parton (19)
        "I Still Miss Someone" (4)
        "Silver Dagger" (3)
        "Travelin' Prayer" (3)
        "Endless Stream Of Tears" (2)
        "Steady As The Rain" (2)
        "Train, Train" (2)
        "Cash On The Barrelhead"
        "Few Old Memories"
        "I Am Ready"
 37: "Rock Of Ages," Kim And Reggie Harris (19)
        "Get On Board" (7)
        "Run Mary Run" (4)
        "Stars That Didn't Shine" (2)
        "Ages," Kim/Reggie Harris: Rock Of
        "Crack In The Wall," Harris
        "Keep Your Eyes On The Prize"
        "Passive Restraint," Kim And Reggis Harris
        "Too Many Martyrs"
        "Walkin' In The Wilderness," Kim/Reggie Harris
 37: "Somerville Live," Vance Gilbert (19)
        "If These Teardrops Had Wings" (4)
        "Icarus By Night" (3)
        "Charlene" (2)
        "Taking It All To Tennessee" (2)
        "When Jimmy Falls In Love" (2)
        "Alan Lomax's Children"
        "Jimmy Falls In Love"
        "Pablo's Lights"
        "Teardrops Had Wings"
        "Utilitarian Church"
        "Watching A Good Thing Burn"
 37: "Trouble With Poets," Peter Mulvey (19)
        "Home" (4)
        "Tender Blindspot" (4)
        "All The Way Home" (2)
        "Every Word Except Goodbye" (2)
        "Trouble With Poets" (2)
        "You Meet The Nicest People In Your Dreams" (2)
        "Bright Idea"
        "Wings Of The Ragman"
        "Words Too Small To Say"
 42: "Cold Dog Soup," Guy Clark (18)
        "Fort Worth Blues" (5)
        "Men Will Be Boys" (4)
        "Cold Dog Soup" (2)
        "Indian Head Penny" (2)
        "Sis Draper" (2)
        "Ain't No Trouble To Me"
        "Die Tryin'"
        "Forever, For Always, For Certain"
 42: "I-10 Chronicles," Various Artists (18)
        "Are You Listeneing Lucky," Joe Ely And Eliades Ochoa (3)
        "Everybody's Talkin'," Willie Nelson (3)
        "Eighteen Inches Of Rain," Bill Hearne (2)
        "He Don't Care About Me," Sarah Nicole (2)
        "La Freeway," Bill Hearne (2)
        "Across The Borderline," Meredith Marshall
        "Borderline," Meredith Marshall
        "Carmelita," Adam Duritz
        "El Guataque De Don Thomas," Eliades Ochoa, Flaco Jiminez
        "New Mexico Rain," Bill Hearne
        "Yipi," Eliades Ochoa
 42: "Rich From The Journey," Kimmie Rhodes (18)
        "Espiritu Santo Bay" (3)
        "God's Acre" (3)
        "I'm So Amazed" (3)
        "Thank You For Another Day" (3)
        "Big Ol' Train" (2)
        "Rich From The Journey" (2)
        "Bells Of Joy"
        "This Is The Gift"
 42: "Spin," Whirligig (18)
        "Abbey Reels" (6)
        "Fair Maid Walking" (4)
        "Constant Lovers" (3)
        "Favorite Sharks" (2)
        "Nobleman's Wedding" (2)
        "Revolution Earth"
 42: "Sylvia Hotel," Cheryl Wheeler (18)
        "If It Were Up To Me" (7)
        "His Hometown" (3)
        "But The Days And Nights Are Long" (2)
        "Unworthy" (2)
        "Who Am I Fooling?" (2)
 47: "Deeper," Burach (17)
        "Flora Whistles A Scandanavian Tune" (4)
        "And Still There" (2)
        "Life And Times Of Johnny Hattersfield" (2)
        "Turn Up For The Books, Knot Quite Silverstone" (2)
        "Bird's Nest"
        "Birds Set," B┘rach
        "Flora Macdonald / Lipstick On My Whistle / Stenstrom's Reel"
        "Frazzled Buzzard / The Low Flier / Niamh's Capers"
        "Keep On Shining"
        "Knot Quite Silverstone"
        "Poetry Punch-Up / 10-Na / Ronan The Librarian"
 47: "Ready To Go," Bryan Sutton (17)
        "Decision At Glady Fork" (3)
        "Highland Rim" (3)
        "Blue Night" (2)
        "Brown County Breakdown" (2)
        "Water Is Wide" (2)
        "When Love Comes To Town" (2)
        "Lady Be Good"
        "Minor Swing"
        "Smoky Mountain Memories," Bryan Sutton W/ Dolly Parton
 47: "Sleepless," Kate Rusby (17)
        "Cobbler's Daughter" (5)
        "Wild Goose" (4)
        "Sleepless Sailor" (2)
        "Botany Bay"
        "Fairest Of All Yarrow"
        "I Wonder What Is Keeping My True Love This Night"
        "Our Town"
        "Sho Heen"
        "Sweet Bride"
 50: "Live At Antone's," Joe Ely (16)
        "Road Goes On Forever" (4)
        "Gallo Del Cielo" (2)
        "Rock Salt And Nails" (2)
        "All Just To Get To You"
        "Gallo Del Ceilo"
        "Just To Get To You"
        "Me And Billie The Kid"
        "My Eyes Got Lucky"
        "Road Hawg"
        "Thousand Miles From Home"
        "Up On The Ridge"
 50: "Pizza Tapes," Jerry Garcia, David Grisman And Tony Rice (16)
        "Rosalee Mcfall" (4)
        "Amazing Grace" (2)
        "Knockin' On Heaven's Door" (2)
        "Little Sadie" (2)
        "Louis Collins" (2)
        "Man Of Constant Sorrow" (2)
        "Shady Grove"
        "So What"
 50: "Raise Your Head," The Poozies (16)
        "Widow" (5)
        "Another Train" (3)
        "Poncho And Lefty" (3)
        "Willie's Old Trousers" (2)
        "Hey How My Johnny"
        "Mountaineer's Set"
        "Mr. Grapes"
 50: "Soup Happens," Hot Soup (16)
        "Last Thing On My Mind" (5)
        "Dig Down Deep" (3)
        "Much Better View Of The Moon" (2)
        "Red Kimono" (2)
        "'tain't No Sin"
        "Sunrise On Carawan Hill"
 50: "The Way I Should," Iris Dement (16)
        "There's A Wall In Washington" (6)
        "Keep Me God" (2)
        "Letter To Mom" (2)
        "Wasteland Of The Free" (2)
        "Way I Should" (2)
        "Walkin' Home"
        "When My Mornin' Comes Around"

These lists are compiled and posted to the FOLKDJ-L web site every month
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The process of compiling the Top Albums list is automated (I do hand correct
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FOLKDJ-L during the calendar month.  I wrote a pair of programs that work
with the Eudora email program's filtering feature running under Microsoft
Windows NT.  One program parses each playlist as it comes in and adds it to
a spreadsheet.  The second program processes the spreadsheet into a readable
report.  Playlists have to include artist, song and album name (label is
optional) and be in a reasonably regular format for my program to be able to
parse them.  My programs wind up identifying about 60% of the songs actually

The Top Albums list is sorted in descending order by number of plays recorded
for each album.  Within an album, the number of times each track was played
is shown.  If a single DJ is the only one mostly playing an album, the count
of plays is adjusted downwards; otherwise the raw counts are used.  The
top 50 albums are listed.

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