Compiled by Richard Gillmann from FOLKDJ-L radio playlists
Based on 10152 airplays.

  1: "Bleecker Street," Various Artists (49)
        "Bleecker Street," Jonatha Brooke (8)
        "The Last Thing On My Mind," Cry Cry Cry (7)
        "Reason To Believe," Ron Sexsmith (6)
        "My Back Pages," Marshall Crenshaw (5)
        "Everybody's Talking," Patty Larkin (4)
        "Pack Up Your Sorrows," Loudon Wainwright (3)
        "Thirsty Boots," John Gorka (3)
        "I Ain't Marchin' Anymore," Larry Kirwan And Black 47 (2)
        "Morning Glory," Chrissie Hynde (2)
        "No Regrets," Curtis Stigers (2)
        "So Long, Marianne," John Cale And Suzanne Vega (2)
        "Turn Turn Turn," Na (2)
        "Let's Get Together," Paul Brady
        "Love's Still Growing," Roches
        "Since You Asked," Beth Nielson Chapman
  2: "Laurie Lewis And Her Bluegrass Pals," Laurie Lewis (42)
        "Beyond The River Bend" (6)
        "Hard Luck And Trouble" (6)
        "Tall Pines" (6)
        "Acony Bell" (5)
        "Big Eddy" (4)
        "Going To The West" (4)
        "When I Get Home" (4)
        "Stepping Stones" (2)
        "Weevily Wheat"(2)
        "Black Water"
        "Blow Big Wind"
        "Wood Thrush's Song"
  3: "High Lonesome," Longview (40)
        "Windy Mountain" (8)
        "High Lonesome" (7)
        "Angels Are Singing" (5)
        "I'm Going Home Again" (4)
        "Ballad Of Maudie Dawson" (2)
        "Does It Have To End This Way" (2)
        "Leavin' Tennessee" (2)
        "Listen To My Hammer Ring" (2)
        "Little Annie" (2)
        "Voice Of My Savior" (2)
        "Where The Dim Lights Are The Dimmest" (2)
        "He'll Save Your Soul Yet"
        "I'll Love You 'til The Day I Die"
  4: "You'll Never Be The Sun," Lynn Morris (38)
        "The Likes Of You" (6)
        "Twister" (6)
        "Scraps From Your Table" (5)
        "You'll Never Be The Sun" (4)
        "Destination Love" (3)
        "Long Train Of Fools" (3)
        "Wrong Road Again" (3)
        "If Teardrops Were Pennies" (2)
        "River" (2)
        "17 Cents"
        "Love Beyond"
        "Seventeen Cents"
        "Thy Burdens Are Greater Than Mine"
  5: "Gentleman Of Leisure," Jesse Winchester (32)
        "Club Manhattan" (5)
        "No Pride At All" (5)
        "Just Like New" (4)
        "Freewheeler" (3)
        "Just Cause I'm In Love With You" (3)
        "Sweet Loving Daddy" (3)
        "That's What Makes You Strong" (3)
        "Wander My Way Home" (2)
        "Evil Angel"
        "Gentleman Of Leisure"
        "I Wave Bye Bye"
        "You Tickle Me"
  6: "3 Wishes," Erica Wheeler (31)
        "Onward From Here" (10)
        "Nowhere To Go" (5)
        "Jack's Tavern" (4)
        "Angeline" (3)
        "Angels" (3)
        "Saturday" (2)
        "Solace Of A Prayer" (2)
        "January Wind"
        "Layin It Down"
  6: "Crossing," Tim O'Brien (31)
        "Ireland's Green Shore" (7)
        "Wagoner's Lad" (7)
        "Wandering" (4)
        "Into The West" (3)
        "John Riley" (3)
        "Mountaineer Is Always Free" (2)
        "Yew Piney Mountain-Dusty Miller" (2)
        "Crossing, Into The West"
        "Down By The Willow Garden"
        "Lost Little Children"
  8: "Road," James Keelaghan (30)
        "Love What A Road" (5)
        "My Old Man" (5)
        "Your Secret" (5)
        "Who Dies" (4)
        "Message To The Future" (3)
        "Captain Torres" (2)
        "Mirabeau Bridge" (2)
        "Pillow" (2)
  8: "Stealth Project," Various Artists (30)
        "Harrison Ford," Christine Lavin (6)
        "Hold Me Tonight," Red Grammer (4)
        "I'm Going Back," Cathie Ryan (3)
        "Adolescent Rant," Don White (2)
        "John's Cocoons," Michael Mcnevin (2)
        "Let The Rain Come Down," Lori Lieberman (2)
        "Prom Dress," Deborah Pardes (2)
        "Rust," Lynn Miles (2)
        "Walk On Water," Diane Zeigler (2)
        "Hi Sal Have You Checked Your Email," Grit Laskin
        "Lounging In The Belly Of The Beast," Electric Bonsai Band
        "Love Travels," Ceili Rain
        "Marijo Tonight," Jackie Tice
        "River Skeeters," Gideon Freudman
 10: "10 Year Night," Lucy Kaplansky (29)
        "10 Year Night" (9)
        "One Good Reason" (4)
        "Promise Me" (4)
        "5 In The Morning" (3)
        "Just You Tonight" (3)
        "End Of The Day" (2)
        "For Once In Your Life" (2)
        "Somewhere Out There"
        "Turn The Lights Back On"
 10: "Tornado In Slo Mo," Darcie Deaville (29)
        "Catch The Ball" (4)
        "Picture Of A Dreamicy Mountain" (4)
        "Icy Barrel Of A Loaded Gun" (3)
        "It's Just The Moon" (3)
        "Running" (3)
        "When I Was A Child" (3)
        "Who Needs You" (3)
        "Blackbird On The Runway/Dalmation On The Roof" (2)
        "Going Back Home" (2)
        "End Of The Line"
        "Tornado In Slo Mo"
 12: "Press On," June Carter Cash (28)
        "The L&N Don't Stop Here Anymore" (4)
        "Ring Of Fire" (4)
        "Far Side Bank Of Jordan" (3)
        "Gatsby's Restaurant" (3)
        "Meeting In The Air" (3)
        "I Used To Be Somebody" (2)
        "Tiffany Anastasia Lowe" (2)
        "Will The Circle Be Unbroken" (2)
        "Diamonds In The Rough"
        "Gatsby's Restaraunt"
        "Losin You"
        "Tall Lover Man"
        "Wings Of Angels"
 13: "Bad Love," Randy Newman (26)
        "Great Nations Of Europe" (5)
        "Better Off Dead" (4)
        "I Want Everyone To Like Me" (4)
        "My Country" (4)
        "Big Hat, No Caddle" (3)
        "I'm Dead" (3)
        "Everytime It Rains"
        "My America"
        "World Isn't Fair"
 13: "One Night," Greg Brown (26)
        "Downtown" (5)
        "Dream On" (4)
        "Every Street In Town" (3)
        "Heart Of My Country" (3)
        "Banjo Moon" (2)
        "Ships" (2)
        "Butane Lighter Blues"
        "Canned Goods"
        "Ella Mae"
        "Flat Stuff"
        "Little Places Around Town/You Don't Really Get Me"
        "You Don't Really Get Me"
 13: "Rime Of The Ancient Matriarch," Holly Tannen (26)
        "Lily Of The Net" (10)
        "Fair Margaret And Young Whatshisname" (4)
        "Suburban Shaman" (3)
        "High And Lonesome" (2)
        "On Line Romance" (2)
        "Wailing Wall Wail" (2)
        "Ballad Of The White Seal Maid"
        "Death And The Maiden"
        "Humboldt Wassail Kevin Dooley"
 13: "Steady Steady Yes," Annie Gallup (26)
        "Howling In The Distance" (4)
        "Steady Steady Yes" (4)
        "3 Photographs" (3)
        "James" (3)
        "Stone Angel" (3)
        "Tiger" (3)
        "Anything Is Possible" (2)
        "Circle" (2)
        "Jack McGraw"
 13: "Walkin In My Shoes," Kathy Kallick Band (26)
        "Don't Mind Me" (5)
        "I Won't Do It Again" (4)
        "Dark Moon" (2)
        "I'd Jump The Mississippi" (2)
        "Moods Of A Fool" (2)
        "Walkin In My Shoes" (2)
        "When I Wake Up To Sleep No More" (2)
        "Who's Goin' Down To Town" (2)
        "Wings" (2)
        "Rocky Road Blues"
        "Tomorrow's Breakdown"
        "Who's Goin Down To Town"
 18: "Family Tree," Darrell Scott (25)
        "My Father's House" (7)
        "Hummingbird" (4)
        "My Father S House" (4)
        "When There's No One Around / Will The Circle Be Unbroken" (3)
        "I Never Had A Sister" (2)
        "Rhonda's Last Ride" (2)
        "Family Tree And The Hummingbird"
        "Lazarus Dies Again"
        "She Sews The World With Love"
 19: "Calling On Love," Paul Kamm And Eleanore Macdonald (24)
        "Calling On Love" (8)
        "Chasing The Storm" (4)
        "From Clare To Here" (4)
        "Last Tango In Paradise" (4)
        "To Lay Me Down" (2)
        "Broken Down On Easy Street"
        "Great Highway"
 20: "Town To Town," Tanya Savory (23)
        "When The River Rose" (8)
        "Reason Enough" (4)
        "Passed Him By" (3)
        "I Don't Hear That Train" (2)
        "40, 80 Or 10"
        "Back To Tucson"
        "Dad Was A Minister"
        "Passed By Him"
        "Reuben Brown"
        "Time Was"
 21: "Les Sampou," Les Sampou (22)
        "Afraid Of The Dark" (4)
        "Broken Pieces" (4)
        "Same Fine Line" (4)
        "Baby" (2)
        "Fly / Sitting On Jupiter" (2)
        "Happy Anniversary" (2)
        "I Want You" (2)
        "Hanging By A Thread"
        "My Van Gogh"
 21: "Mule To Ride," Tara Nevins (22)
        "Sittin' On Top Of The World" (5)
        "Fall On My Knees" (3)
        "I've Got A Mule To Ride" (2)
        "Troubles" (2)
        "Daddy Said So"
        "Down The Road," Tara Nevins W/Jim Miller
        "Fall No My Knees"
        "Hell Broke Loose In Georgia"
        "John Henry"
        "Lee Highway Blues"
        "Over My Shoulder"
        "Raleigh And Spencer"
        "Sweet Sensations"
        "This Time"
 21: "When I Go," Dave Carter With Tracy Grammer (22)
        "When I Go" (4)
        "Don't Tread On Me" (3)
        "Lancelot" (3)
        "Annie's Lover" (2)
        "Elvis Presley" (2)
        "Grand Prairie Texas Blues" (2)
        "Little Liza Jane" (2)
        "River, Where She Sleeps" (2)
        "Frank To Valentino"
        "Kate And Ghost Of Lost Love"
 24: "Drive You Home Again," Chris Smither (21)
        "Duncan And Brady" (4)
        "No Love Today" (4)
        "Rattlesnake Preacher" (4)
        "Don't Make Promises" (2)
        "Hey, Hey, Hey" (2)
        "Tell Me Why You Love Me" (2)
        "Drive You Home Again"
        "Get A Better One"
        "No Lvoe Today"
 25: "Scottie Sparks," Scottie Sparks (20)
        "Old 109" (6)
        "Old Railroad Track" (3)
        "Little Willie" (2)
        "Midnight Storm" (2)
        "Old Kentucky Hillside" (2)
        "Working On A Mansion" (2)
        "Get Thee Behind Me Satan"
        "In My Arms Instead"
        "Thank You Lord"
 25: "Common Ground," Blueridge (20)
        "Katie's Winter Love" (5)
        "It's So Cold" (3)
        "Sugar Coated Love" (3)
        "Appalachian Queen" (2)
        "Shoot The Moon" (2)
        "Highway Bound"
        "New Raod"
        "New Road"
        "Talk It Out"
        "Tomorrow," Bono And Adam Clayton
 25: "Family," Del McCoury Band (20)
        "Look Of A Perfect Diamond" (4)
        "Nashville Cats" (4)
        "Far Cry" (3)
        "Backslidin' Blues" (2)
        "Cryin' Heart Blues" (2)
        "Don't You Think It's Time To Go" (2)
        "Get Down On Your Knees And Pray"
        "On The Lonesome Wind"
        "She Left Me Again"
 25: "Third Generation Blues," Doc And Richard Watson (20)
        "Walk On Boy" (4)
        "Columbus Stockade Blues" (3)
        "Moody River" (3)
        "Summertime" (3)
        "Gypsy Davey" (2)
        "Honey Please Don't Go"
        "House Of The Rising Sun"
        "If I Were A Carpenter"
        "Milk Cow Blues"
        "South Coast"
 25: "Vignettes," Winstons (20)
        "Anything At All" (6)
        "Bending Blades" (5)
        "Slowly Melding" (4)
        "Caroline And Ray" (2)
        "Finding My Way"
        "Heart Of Stone"
 30: "Mother Indigo," Terry Clarke (19)
        "Candyman's Last Night" (7)
        "Ballysadare Bay" (4)
        "Back To The Well"
        "Bruce Channel In This Town"
        "Frank Murray"
        "Frankie Murray Sings Kansas City"
        "Mother Indigo"
        "Out At Jack Noone's"
        "Walk With Me Tonight"
        "Who's Your Lover Now"
 30: "The Mountain," Steve Earle And The Del Mccoury Band (19)
        "Pilgrim" (4)
        "Carrie Brown" (3)
        "Dixieland" (3)
        "Leroy's Dustbowl Blues" (2)
        "Mountain" (2)
        "Yours Forever Blue" (2)
        "Harlan Man"
        "I'm Still In Love With You"
        "Texas Eagle"
 32: "Prime Cuts of Bluegrass #39," Various Artists (18)
        "Where The Smoke Goes Up," Karl Shiflett (6)
        "Fighting Irishman," Bill Harman (3)
        "Fast Ride To The Rio," Dry River Boys (2)
        "Lorena Go Home," Wild Valley Boys (2)
        "How's Your Heart," Clay County
        "Journey On Believer," Wild And Blue
        "Love Will Keep Us Alive," Jimmy Bowen And Santa Fe
        "Prodigal Son," New Tradition
        "Stone Coal West Virginia," Dave Evans
        "Wings," Kathy Kallick Band
 33: "After Yesterday," John Gorka (17)
        "St. Caffeine" (4)
        "Heroes" (3)
        "Thorny Patch" (3)
        "Amber Lee" (2)
        "January Floor" (2)
        "After Yesterday"
        "When He Cries"
 33: "Ancient Tones," Ricky Skaggs And Kentucky Thunder (17)
        "How Mountain Girls Can Love" (3)
        "Walls Of Time" (3)
        "Boston Boy" (2)
        "Carolina Mountain Home" (2)
        "Connemara" (2)
        "Pig In A Pen" (2)
        "Give Us Rain"
        "I Believe In You Darling"
        "It's Mighty Dark To Travel"
 33: "Borders," Cliff Eberhardt (17)
        "Land Of The Free" (3)
        "Unrequited" (3)
        "Why Is The Road So Long" (3)
        "Your Face" (2)
        "Anna Lee"
        "Fix Your Blues"
        "Isn't That The Way Things Are"
        "Lines," Cliff Eberhart
        "Long Goodbye"
        "Wrong Side Of The Line"
 33: "Night In A Strange Town," Lynn Miles (17)
        "Middle Of The Night" (5)
        "Anywhere" (2)
        "Beautiful Night" (2)
        "Sunset Blvd" (2)
        "Map Of My Heart"
        "The One You're Waiting For"
        "Sacre Coeuer"
        "Sunset Boulevard"
        "Yeah Yeah"
 33: "Shuffleboard Queens," Deirdre Flint (17)
        "Bridesmaid Dress Song" (3)
        "Cheerleader Song" (3)
        "Past Life Regressed" (3)
        "Fishlands" (2)
        "Shuffleboard Queens" (2)
        "We Fit Right" (2)
        "Boob Fairy"
        "Bridesmaid's Dress"
 33: "Sylvia Hotel," Cheryl Wheeler (17)
        "If It Were Up To Me" (5)
        "Rainy Road Into Atlanta" (4)
        "Unworthy" (4)
        "Sylvia Hotel" (2)
        "Right Way To Do The Wrong Thing"
 39: "Big Tiger Roars Again," Benny Martin (16)
        "Good Enough Reason" (3)
        "Lover Of The Town" (2)
        "Me And My Fiddle" (2)
        "Money Up Front" (2)
        "Checkin' Out On You," Del Mccoury
        "I Can Read Between The Lines"
        "If I Could Stay Away Long Enough"
        "Secret Of Your Heart"
        "Where Is Your Heart Tonight"
        "Will I Ever Be Happy Being Lonesome"
        "You Know That I Know"
 39: "Fellow Workers," Utah Phillips And Ani Difranco (16)
        "Most Dangerous Woman" (6)
        "Joe Hill" (4)
        "Bread And Roses"
        "I Will Not Obey"
        "Pie In The Sky"
        "Saw Playing Musician"
        "Sawplay Musician"
 39: "Gone Forever," Curtis And Loretta (16)
        "Gone Forever" (5)
        "Banish Misfortune" (3)
        "Carrickfergus" (2)
        "Don't Miss The Sights"
        "Half Empty Half Full," Curtis Teague And Loretta Simonet
        "Half Empty/Half Full/Streetsinger's Heaven/Banish Misfortune"
        "Johnnie I Hardly Knew Les Franco Americans"
        "Smoke, Smoke, Smoke That Cigarette"
        "Streetsinger's Heaven"
 39: "The Man From God Knows Where," Tom Russell (16)
        "The Man From God Knows Where" (3)
        "Patrick Russell" (3)
        "Chickasaw County Jail" (2)
        "Rider On An Orphan Train" (2)
        "Wayfaring Stranger" (2)
        "Old Northern Shore"
        "Old Rugged Cross," Tom Russell W/Iris Dement
        "Sitting Bull In Venice"
        "When Irish Girls Grow Up," Tom Russell, Iris Dement And Dolores Keane
 39: "Return Of The Grievous Angel," Various Artists (16)
        "Hickory Wind," Gillian Welch (6)
        "Return Of The Grievous Angel," Lucinda Williams And David Crosby (2)
        "Sin City," Beck/Emmylou Harris (2)
        "1, 000 Dollar Wedding," Evan Dando And Julianna Hatfield
        "High Fashion Queen," Chris Hillman And Steve Earle
        "Hot Burrito," Mavericks
        "Ooh Las Vegas," Cowboy Junkies
        "She," The Pretenders
        "Sleepless Nights," Elvis Costello
 39: "Simple Gearle," Stacey Earle (16)
        "Losers Weep" (3)
        "Next Door Down" (3)
        "Simple Gearle" (3)
        "In My Way" (2)
        "Just Another Day" (2)
        "Cried My Heart Out"
        "Weekend Runaways"
 39: "Songs From The Mountain," Dirk Powell, Tim O'Brien, And John Herrmann
        "Hard Times" (3)
        "Mole In The Ground" (3)
        "Blackest Crow" (2)
        "Drunkard's Hiccups, Backstep Cindy" (2)
        "Angel Band"
        "Bow Down"
        "Fair Margaret And Sweet William"
        "Raleigh And Spencer"
        "Skillet Good And Greasy"
        "Wayfaring Stranger"
 46: "Blackbirds And Thrushes," Niamh Parsons (15)
        "Blackbirds And Thrushes" (5)
        "Alexander" (2)
        "Flower Of Magherally O" (2)
        "Water Is Wide" (2)
        "Fear A Bhata"
        "Flower Of Finae, Sally Sits Weeping"
        "Kilnamartyra Exile"
        "Sally Sits Weeping"
 46: "Citternalia," Joseph Sobol (15)
        "Carolan's Concerto/Pachabel's Reel" (3)
        "Trip To Durrow/The Mullingar Races" (3)
        "Jigs: Have A Drink With Me" (2)
        "Air: The Coolin"
        "Barndances: Bill Malley's/Kilnamona"
        "Barndances: Shaskeen/Sweedish"
        "Malin Head/ Titletown, O'sullivan's March"
        "Paul Ha'penny"
        "Planxty Loftus Jones"
        "Reels: A Long Way From Home, Etc"
 46: "Looking Out The Fishbowl," Eddie From Ohio (15)
        "Atlantic" (3)
        "Old Dominion" (3)
        "20 Thousand Hearts"
        "Bonny Brook"
        "Gone From Dacca"
        "Irish Dream"
        "Loitering In The Lobby"
        "Maylee, I Had A Dream"
        "Minnesota 1945"
        "Stupid American"
        "Woman Of Faith"
 46: "Reflections," Chet Atkins And Doc Watson (15)
        "Dill Pickle Rag" (3)
        "You're Gonna Be Sorry" (3)
        "Goodnight Waltz" (2)
        "Me And Chet Made A Record" (2)
        "Black And White/Ragtime Annie"
        "Dont You Monkey Round My Widder"
        "Goodnight Blues"
        "Tennessee Rag/Beaumont Rag"
 46: "Underneath," David Wilcox (15)
        "Underneath" (4)
        "Never Enough" (3)
        "All My Life" (2)
        "Down Here"
        "Home Within Your Heart"
        "Prisoner Of War"
        "Sex And Music"
        "Spirit Wind"

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The process of compiling the Top Albums list is automated (I do hand correct
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top 50 albums are listed.

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