Compiled by Richard Gillmann from FOLKDJ-L radio playlists
Based on 12641 airplays from 145 different DJs

  1: "Firecracker," Wailin' Jennys [Red House, 6/06] (99)
        "Devil's Paintbrush Road"
        "Glory Bound"
        "Apocalypse Lullaby"
  2: "We Shall Overcome: The Seeger Sessions," Bruce Springsteen [Columbia, 4/06] (76)
        "My Oklahoma Home"
        "Pay Me My Money Down"
        "Erie Canal"
        "John Henry"
  3: "Unsung," Slaid Cleaves [Rounder, 5/06] (67)
        "Another Kind Of Blue"
        "Oh Roberta"
        "Flowered Dresses"
  4: "Laps In Seven," Sam Bush [Sugar Hill, new] (59)
        "Bringing In The Georgia Mail"
        "White Bird"
        "Where There's A Road"
  5: "Taking The Long Way," Dixie Chicks [Columbia, 5/06] (56)
        "Not Ready To Make Nice"
        "Long Way Around"
        "I Hope"
  6: "Strange Conversation," Kris Delmhorst [Signature, 6/06] (50)
        "Everything Is Music"
        "Strange Conversation"
        "Light Of The Light"
  7: "Postcards," Peter Ostroushko [Red House, new] (45)
        "Bemidji Blues"
        "Manassas Junction"
        "Baghdad Blues"
  8: "Songs For Bright Street," Amy Speace [Wildflower, new] (42)
        "Row Row Row"
        "Step Out Of The Shade"
  9: "Personal File," Johnny Cash [Columbia, 5/06] (41)
        "Letter Edged In Black"
 10: "Invisible Man," Darrell Scott [Full Light, new] (38)
        "Goodle, Usa"
        "Shattered Cross"
        "And The River Is Me"
 10: "Stone And Sand And Sea And Sky," Penny Lang [Borealis, new] (38)
        "Let Me Fly"
        "If I Could Be The Rain"
        "Prairie Sky"
 12: "Honey On My Grave," Abbie Gardner [Gimmie Some Ribs, 5/06] (37)
        "Sweet Georgia Pines"
        "I'm A Fool"
        "Hit The Road Jack"
 12: "Roadside Saints," Zoe Mulford [Azalea City, 5/06] (37)
        "Earth And The Sky"
        "Stone Song"
        "American Wake"
 14: "Break Me Open," Johnsmith [Blue Pine, 4/06] (36)
        "Honest Truth"
        "Break Me Open"
        "Back To The Mystery"
 14: "Vista," David Wilcox [W. A. R, 5/06] (36)
        "Great Big World"
        "Get On"
 16: "Blood Oranges," Ginn Sisters [Self, new] (35)
        "Dancing Shoes"
        "Get It And Go"
        "Hard Fall"
 16: "New Day," Claire Lynch [Rounder, 3/06] (35)
        "Be Ready To Sail"
        "Leavin' On That Evening Train"
        "Train Long Gone"
 18: "All American Bluegrass Girl," Rhonda Vincent [Rounder, new] (34)
        "Heartbreaker's Alibi"
        "All American Bluegrass Girl"
        "Rhythm Of The Wheels"
 19: "My Remembrance Of You," Diana Jones [Newsong, 3/06] (33)
        "Hold On Me"
        "All My Money On You"
 20: "Cottonwood," Brad Colerick [Back, 5/06] (30)
        "Come What May"
        "There's A Light"
 21: "Big Dream Boulevard," Antje Duvekot [Black Wolf, 5/06] (29)
 21: "Folk Is The New Black," Janis Ian [Cooking Vinyl, 2/06] (29)
        "Folk Is The New Black"
        "Last Train"
 21: "Live At Coalesce," Darryl Purpose With Julie Beaver [Gambler's Grace, 5/06] (29)
        "Mr. Schwinn"
        "Singer, Songwriter Heaven"
 24: "American Favorite Ballads," Pete Seeger [Smithsonian/Folkways, 2002] (27)
 25: "Accidental Pilgrimage," Jen Cass [Blind Justice, 4/06] (26)
        "Dear Mr. President"
        "Standing In Your Memory"
        "I Believe"
 25: "Being There," Steve Gillette And Cindy Mangsen [Compass, 4/06] (26)
        "Road Through The Woods"
        "Kid With The Comic Book"
 25: "Closer," Lui Collins [Waterbug, 4/06] (26)
        "All The Pretty Birds"
        "Gone But Not Forgotten"
 28: "Love Sweet Love," Lynn Miles [Red House, 4/05] (25)
        "1000 Lovers"
        "Flames Of Love"
 29: "Lost John Dean," Kieran Kane, Kevin Welch And Fats Kaplin [Compass, 5/06] (24)
        "Monkey Jump"
        "Lost John Dean"
 29: "Tulips For Lunch," Chuck Brodsky [Waterbug, 2/06] (24)
        "Liar Liar Pants On Fire"
        "Man Who Blew Kisses"
 31: "Ghost Repeater," Jeffrey Foucault [Signature, 5/06] (23)
        "Ghost Repeater"
        "Mesa, Arizona"
        "One Part Love"
 31: "Hope And Other Casualties," Mark Erelli [Signature, 3/06] (23)
        "Here And Now"
        "Passing Through"
        "Seeds Of Peace"
 33: "West Of The West," Dave Alvin [Yep Roc, 5/06] (22)
        "California Bloodlines"
        "Here In California"
 34: "Black Cadillac," Rosanne Cash [Capitol, 1/06] (20)
        "Burn Down This Town"
        "Radio Operator"
 34: "Getting Somewhere," Allison Moorer [Sugar Hill, new] (20)
        "You'll Never Know"
 34: "New Tattoo," John Cowan Band [Pinecastle, new] (20)
        "Carla's Got A New Tattoo"
 34: "Paradise Hotel," Eliza Gilkyson [Red House, 8/05] (20)
        "Man Of God"
 34: "Underdog," Wishing Chair [Self, 5/05] (20)
        "Bully Circus"
        "Outlaw Wedding"
        "Sue Mundy"
 39: "Case For Case: A Tribute To The Songs Of Peter Case," Various Artists [Hungry For, 4/06] (19)
        "Beyond The Blues," Hays Carll
        "Put Down The Gun," Joe Ely
 39: "Laughing In The Face Of The Blues," Jack Williams [Wind River, 10/05] (19)
        "High Cotton"
        "Buckets Of Rain"
 39: "The Other Side Of The Glass," Paul Mills [Borealis, 2/06] (19)
        "45 Years"
        "Last Steam Engine Train"
 39: "Sail Away: The Songs Of Randy Newman," Various Artists [Sugar Hill, 5/06] (19)
        "Political Science," Duhks
        "Rider In The Rain," Reckless Kelly And Joe Ely
 43: "Acoustic Rainbow 25," Various Artists [Poetman, 5/06] (18)
        "Country Blues," Kent Gustavson
        "90 Miles To Hemingway," Mike Aiken
 43: "Departure," The Mammals [Signature, 2/06] (18)
        "Follow Me To Carthage"
        "Kiss The Break Of Day"
 43: "The Great Divide," Eric Taylor [Blue Ruby, 1/06] (18)
        "Big Love"
        "The Great Divide"
 43: "Harlan County USA: Songs Of The Coal Miner's Struggle," Various Artists [Rounder, new] (18)
        "Coal Tattoo," Hazel Dickens
        "Dark As A Dungeon," Merle Travis
 43: "Let 'er Go, Boys," Michael Cleveland [Rounder, 5/06] (18)
        "Flower Blooming In The Wildwood"
 43: "She Waits For Night," Uncle Earl [Rounder, 7/05] (18)
        "Take These Chains"
        "Walkin In My Sleep"
 49: "All The Roadrunning," Mark Knopfler And Emmylou Harris [Warner, 5/06] (17)
        "This Is Us"
        "All The Roadrunning"
 49: "Chicago Town And Points West," Art Thieme [Folk-Legacy, 5/06] (17)
        "Wreck Of The Tennessee Gravy Train"
        "When I Was A Cowboy/Roy And Trigger"
 49: "Knuckleball Suite," Peter Mulvey [Signature, 4/06] (17)
        "Girl In The Hi-Tops"
        "Knuckleball Suite"
 49: "Live From Charlottesville," Terri Allard [Reckless Abandon, new] (17)
        "Louisiana 1927"
 49: "Red Letter Day," The Gibson Brothers [Sugar Hill, 1/06] (17)
        "Prisoner's Song"
 49: "Twilight Of The Dogs," Various Artists [Mrs Ackroyd, new] (17)
        "Debate," Les Barker
        "Dawning Of The Day," Roy Bailey And Martin Simpson
 55: "Knuckled Brass And Bone," David Ross MacDonald [Pepper Tree, new] (16)
        "Til I'm Gone"
        "We Don't Live Forever"
 55: "Life's An Intelligence Test," Bruce Holmes [Haven, 10/05] (16)
        "We Were A Family"
 57: "Love And Fear," Tom Russell [Hightone, 2/06] (15)
        "Pugilist At 59"
        "Sound Of One Heart Breaking"
 57: "Suitable Disguise," Michael Lille [Downstream, new] (15)
        "Just Another Song"
 57: "Take Me Back," April Verch [Rounder, 2/06] (15)
        "Take Me Back"
        "Tennessee Wagoner"
 60: "The Art Of Virtue," Adrienne Young And Little Sadie [Addie Belle, 6/05] (14)
        "The Art Of Virtue"
        "My Sin Is Pride"
 60: "Blue Alert," Anjani [Columbia, new] (14)
        "Innermost Door"
        "Thanks For The Dance"
 60: "A Flying Leap," James Hill [Borealis, 4/06] (14)
        "Little Wing"
        "Never On Sunday"
 60: "Little Willies," Little Willies [Milking Bull, 3/06] (14)
        "I Gotta Get Drunk"
 60: "Live And Otherwise," Jason Wilber [Wilbertone, new] (14)
        "My Great Uncle Jim"
        "Talk About 69"
 60: "Mercernary," Dr. John [EMI, new] (14)
        "You Must Have Been A Beautiful Baby"
 60: "Milly's Cafe," Fred J. Eaglesmith [AML, new] (14)
        "Milly's Cafe"
 60: "Prairie Home Companion," Various Artists [New Line, new] (14)
        "Old Plank Road," Robin And Linda Williams
        "You Have Been A Friend To Me," L. Q. Jones
 60: "Reunion," Solas [Compass, new] (14)
        "Newry Highwayman"
 60: "Say I Am You," The Weepies [Nettwerk, 3/06] (14)
        "Gotta Have You"
 60: "This Weary Way," Wayne Scott [Full Light, 8/05] (14)
        "Sunday With My Son"
        "It's The Whisky That Eases The Pain"


Compiled by Richard Gillmann from FOLKDJ-L radio playlists
Based on 12641 airplays from 145 different DJs

1. "Devil's Paintbrush Road" (23)
        by Wailin' Jennys
        from "Firecracker"
2. "Bringing In The Georgia Mail" (14)
        by Sam Bush
        from "Laps In 7"
2. "Glory Bound" (14)
        by Wailin' Jennys
        from "Firecracker"
2. "Not Ready To Make Nice" (14)
        by Dixie Chicks
        from "Taking The Long Way"
5. "Everything Is Music" (12)
        by Kris Delmhorst
        from "Strange Conversation"
6. "2" (11)
        by Amy Speace
        from "Songs For Bright Street"
6. "Everette" (11)
        by Slaid Cleaves
        from "Unsung"
6. "Long Way Around" (11)
        by Dixie Chicks
        from "Taking The Long Way"
6. "Randall Knife" (11)
        by Guy Clark
        from "Craftsman"
        also "Dublin Blues"
6. "Row Row Row" (11)
        by Amy Speace
        from "Songs For Bright Street"
11. "Bemidji Blues" (10)
        by Peter Ostroushko
        from "Postcards"
11. "Heartbreaker's Alibi" (10)
        by Rhonda Vincent
        from "All American Bluegrass Girl"
11. "Let Me Fly" (10)
        by Penny Lang
        from "Stone And Sand And Sea And Sky"
14. "Dear Mr. President" (9)
        by Jen Cass
        from "Accidental Pilgrimage"
14. "Goodle, Usa" (9)
        by Darrell Scott
        from "Invisible Man"
14. "Great Big World" (9)
        by David Wilcox
        from "Vista"
14. "Paradise" (9)
        by Johnny Cash
        from "Personal File"
14. "Pay Me My Money Down" (9)
        by Bruce Springsteen
        from "We Shall Overcome: The Seeger Sessions"
14. "Swallow" (9)
        by Wailin' Jennys
        from "Firecracker"
20. "Another Kind Of Blue" (8)
        by Slaid Cleaves
        from "Unsung"
20. "Apocalypse Lullaby" (8)
        by Wailin' Jennys
        from "Firecracker"
20. "Be Ready To Sail" (8)
        by Claire Lynch
        from "New Day"
20. "Honest Truth" (8)
        by Johnsmith
        from "Break Me Open"
20. "John Henry" (8)
        by Bruce Springsteen
        from "We Shall Overcome: The Seeger Sessions"
20. "My Oklahoma Home" (8)
        by Bruce Springsteen
        from "We Shall Overcome: The Seeger Sessions"
20. "Oh Roberta" (8)
        by Slaid Cleaves
        from "Unsung"
20. "Shattered Cross" (8)
        by Darrell Scott
        from "Invisible Man"
20. "Starlight" (8)
        by Wailin' Jennys
        from "Firecracker"
20. "Step Out Of The Shade" (8)
        by Amy Speace
        from "Songs For Bright Street"
20. "Strange Conversation" (8)
        by Kris Delmhorst
        from "Strange Conversation"
20. "Sweet Georgia Pines" (8)
        by Abbie Gardner
        from "Honey On My Grave"
20. "White Bird" (8)
        by Sam Bush
        from "Laps In 7"
20. "You'll Never Know" (8)
        by Allison Moorer
        from "Getting Somewhere"


Compiled by Richard Gillmann from FOLKDJ-L radio playlists
Based on 12641 airplays from 145 different DJs

1. Wailin' Jennys
2. Bruce Springsteen
3. Slaid Cleaves
4. Sam Bush
5. Pete Seeger
6. Dixie Chicks
6. Johnny Cash
8. Kris Delmhorst
9. Peter Ostroushko
10. Amy Speace
10. Darrell Scott
12. Johnsmith
13. Penny Lang
13. Rhonda Vincent
15. David Wilcox
16. Diana Jones
17. Abbie Gardner
17. Zoe Mulford
19. Claire Lynch
19. Greg Brown
21. Darryl Purpose
21. Eliza Gilkyson
21. Ginn Sisters
24. Nanci Griffith
25. Margaret MacArthur
25. Janis Ian
25. Tom Paxton
28. Antje Duvekot
28. Chuck Brodsky
28. Mark Erelli
28. Tom Russell
32. Alison Krauss
32. Jen Cass
32. John McCutcheon
35. Bob Dylan
36. Brad Colerick
36. John Prine
38. Jeffrey Foucault
38. Lui Collins
40. Jack Williams
40. John Gorka
40. Lynn Miles


Compiled by Richard Gillmann from FOLKDJ-L radio playlists
Based on 12641 airplays from 145 different DJs

1. Rounder
2. Columbia
3. Red House
4. Sugar Hill
5. Compass
6. Signature
7. Borealis
8. Warner
9. Smithsonian/Folkways
10. Vanguard
11. Philo
12. Greentrax
13. Flying Fish
14. Appleseed
15. Waterbug
16. Rhino
17. Hightone
17. Rebel
19. Green Linnet
19. MCA
19. RCA
22. Capitol
22. Sony
24. Pinecastle
25. Shanachie
26. Wind River
27. EMI
28. Folk-Legacy
29. Elektra
29. Nettwerk
31. Alligator
31. Full Light
33. Dualtone
34. Mercury
34. Yep Roc
36. Wildflower
37. Reprise
38. A&M
39. Skaggs Family
40. What Are

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