Compiled by Richard Gillmann from FOLKDJ-L radio playlists
Based on 11921 airplays.

  1: "Drum Hat Buddha," Dave Carter And Tracy Grammer (128)
        "Ordinary Town" (27)
        "Gentle Arms Of Eden" (18)
        "I Go Like The Raven" (16)
        "Tillman Co" (14)
        "Highway 80" (10)
        "Power And Glory" (10)
        "Disappearing Man" (8)
        "Love, The Magician" (7)
        "41 Thunderer" (6)
        "Gentle Soldier Of My Soul" (5)
        "236-6132" (4)
        "Merlin's Lament" (3)
  2: "Avalon Blues: A Tribute to the Music of Mississippi John Hurt," Various Artists (71)
        "Frankie And Albert," Chris Smither (9)
        "Angels Laid Him Away," Lucinda Williams (8)
        "Avalon, My Home Town," Bruce Cockburn (6)
        "Candy Man," Steve And Justin Earle (6)
        "I'm Satisfied," John Hyatt (6)
        "Beulah Land," Gillian Welch (5)
        "Chicken," Geoff Muldaur (5)
        "My Creole Belle," Taj Mahal (4)
        "Stagolee," Beck (4)
        "Here Am I, Oh Lord, Send Me," Alvin Youngblood Hart (3)
        "Monday Morning Blues," Peter Case And Dave Alvin (3)
        "Pay Day," Bill Morrissey (3)
        "Sliding Delta," Ben Harper (3)
        "Make Me A Pallett On Your Floor," Mark Selby (2)
        "Since I've Laid My Burden Down," Victoria Williams (2)
        "Frankie And Johnny," Chris Smither
        "Since I Laid My Burdens Down," Victoria Williams
  3: "A Nod To Bob," Various Artists (62)
        "Love Minus Zero/No Limit," Eliza Gilkyson (10)
        "It Ain't Me Babe," Lucy Kaplansky (6)
        "Restless Farewell," Norman Blake And Peter Ostrouschko (6)
        "Boots Of Spanish Leather," Martin Simpson (5)
        "Clothes Line Saga," Suzzy And Maggie Roche (5)
        "All Along The Watchtower," Tom Lando And The Paperboys (4)
        "Delia," Spider John Koerner And Dave Ray (4)
        "Tomorrow Is A Long Time," Rosalie Sorrels (4)
        "Don't Think Twice, It's All Right," Ramblin' Jack Elliott (3)
        "Girl From The North Country," John Gorka (3)
        "I Want You," Cliff Eberhardt (3)
        "Pledging My Time," Greg Brown (3)
        "Sweetheart Like You," Guy Davis (3)
        "With God On Our Side," Hart Rouge (2)
        "Don't Think Tiwce, It's All Right," Ramblin' Jack Elliott
  4: "Little Lights," Kate Rusby (53)
        "I Courted A Sailor" (9)
        "Withered And Died" (8)
        "Merry Green Broom" (7)
        "Let The Cold Wind Blow" (6)
        "William And Davy" (6)
        "Playing Of Ball" (5)
        "Canaan's Land" (4)
        "Who Will Sing Me Lullabies" (4)
        "Matt Hyland" (2)
        "My Young Man"
        "Some Tyrant"
  5: "Eternal And Lowdown," Ray Wylie Hubbard (47)
        "Black Dog" (8)
        "Mississippi Flush" (8)
        "After All These Years" (7)
        "3 Days Straight" (6)
        "Didn't Have A Prayer" (6)
        "Sleep Of The Just" (5)
        "Sugar Cane" (3)
        "Joyride" (2)
  6: "O Brother, Where Art Thou? Soundtrack," Various Artists (44)
        "I Am A Man Of Constant Sorrow," Soggy Bottom Boys (8)
        "Indian War Whoop," John Hartford (6)
        "In The Jailhouse Now," Soggy Bottom Boys (5)
        "I'll Fly Away," Gillian Welch And Alison Krauss (4)
        "Angel Band," Stanley Brothers (3)
        "Keep On The Sunny Side," Whites (3)
        "Man Of Constant Sorrow," Soggy Bottom Boys (3)
        "Big Rock Candy Mountain," Harry McClintock (2)
        "Didn't Leave Nobody But The Baby," Emmylou Harris, Alison Krause And Gillian Welch (2)
        "Down To The River And Pray," Alison Krauss (2)
        "Po Lazarus," James Carter And The Prisoners (2)
        "Alison Krauss," Down To The River To Pray
        "Hard Time Killing Floor Blues," Chris-Thomas King
        "Lonesome Valley," Fairfield 4
        "Stanley Brothers," Angel Band
  7: "Essence," Lucinda Williams (43)
        "Get Right With God" (8)
        "I Envy The Wind" (6)
        "Lonely Girls" (6)
        "Bus To Baton Rouge" (5)
        "Out Of Touch" (5)
        "Blue" (4)
        "Are You Down?" (3)
        "Steal Your Love" (3)
        "Broken Butterflies"
        "Reason To Cry"
  7: "Songs And Ballads Of Hattie Mae Tyler Cargill," Various Artists (43)
        "Come All Ye Fair And Tender Ladies," Wright (7)
        "Dark-Skinned Davey," Debra Cowan, Acie Cargill, And Susan Brown (6)
        "Farmer Feeds Us All," Wright (3)
        "Unbroken Token," Debra Cowen And Acie Cargill (3)
        "Barbara Allen," Debra Cowan (2)
        "Dear Companion," Debra Cowan/Acie Cargill/Susan Brown (2)
        "Keep Your Garden Clean," Debra Cowan (2)
        "Lord Thomas And Fair Ellender," Debra Cowan, Acie Cargill And Kristina Olsen (2)
        "My Brother Edward," Debra Cowan, Acie Cargill And Susan Brown (2)
        "Rosebud Blooms But Once," Susan Brown And Margaret Tyler (2)
        "Sweet William And Lady Margaret," Debra Cowan, Acie Cargill, And Kristina Olsen (2)
        "Waggonner's Lad," Debra Cowan, Acie Cargill And Susan Brown (2)
        "Carol Of The Cherry Tree," Wright
        "Come All You Fair And Tender Maidens," Debra Cowan
        "I Wish I Was Single Again," Wright
        "Lord Lovell," Debra Cowan-Acie Cargill-Susan Brown
        "Lover's Proof," Wright
        "My Kentucky Home," Acie Cargill And Ellen And John Wright
        "My Wedding Day," Debra Cowan
        "Omie Wise," Cowan, Cargill, Brown
  9: "The Storm Still Rages," Rhonda Vincent (42)
        "Drivin' Nails In My Coffin" (7)
        "Is The Grass Any Bluer" (7)
        "Cry Of The Whippoorwill" (6)
        "Bluegrass Express" (5)
        "I'm Not Over You" (3)
        "You Don't Love God If You Don't Love Your Neighbor" (3)
        "Each Season Changes You" (2)
        "Just Someone I Used To Know" (2)
        "On Solid Ground" (2)
        "Cry Of The Whipporwhill"
        "Don't Lie"
        "My Sweet Love Ain't Around"
        "Sweet Love Ain't Around"
        "When The Angels Sing"
 10: "Songcatcher," Various Artists (39)
        "Barbara Allen," Emmy Rossum/Emmylou Harris (7)
        "Fair And Tender Ladies," Rosanne Cash (5)
        "Pretty Saro," Iris Dement (5)
        "Wayfarin' Stranger," Maria McKee (5)
        "When Love Is New," Dolly Parton And Emmy Rossum (5)
        "Cuckoo Bird," Deana Carter (4)
        "Sounds Of Loneliness," Patty Loveless (3)
        "Wind And Rain," Gillian Welch (3)
        "All My Tears," Julie Miller
        "Cpnversation With Death," Hazel Dickens/David Patrick/Bobby McMillan
 11: "Borderland," Tom Russell (38)
        "Down The Rio Grande" (8)
        "Touch Of Evil" (8)
        "Hills Of Old Juarez" (5)
        "When Sinatra Played Juarez" (5)
        "Road It Gives, The Road It Takes Away" (2)
        "Sante Fe At Midnight" (2)
        "Where The Dream Begins" (2)
        "Down To The Rio Grand"
        "Let It Go"
        "Next Thing Smokin'"
        "Road Gives, The Road Takes Away"
        "Sinatra Played Juarez"
        "That's What Work Is"
 12: "Aereo-Plain," John Hartford (32)
        "Turn Your Radio On" (8)
        "Back In The Goodle Days" (4)
        "Steamboat Whistle Blues" (4)
        "Boogie" (3)
        "Steam Powered Aereo Plane" (3)
        "Station Break" (2)
        "Up On The Hill Where They Do The Boogie" (2)
        "With A Vamp In The Middle" (2)
        "Leather Britches"
        "Presbyterian Guitar"
        "Symphony Hall Rag"
        "They're Going To Tear Down The Grand Old Opry"
 13: "Live From Moutain Stage," Tom Paxton (31)
        "One Million Lawyers" (7)
        "Yuppies In The Sky" (6)
        "Last Thing On My Mind" (4)
        "Bottle Of Wine" (2)
        "Who Will Feed The People" (2)
        "Along The Verdigris"
        "Along The Vergidris"
        "Come Away With Me"
        "Home For Me"
        "Home To Me"
        "Marvelous Toy"
        "My Ramblin' Boy"
        "Ramblin' Boy"
        "That Was The Last Thing On My Mind"
        "Where I'm Bound"
 14: "Arovertherapy," Les Barker (28)
        "Detritus" (4)
        "Guide Cats For The Blind" (4)
        "Weakest Link" (4)
        "Ancientmariner. Com" (3)
        "Arnold" (2)
        "Mono" (2)
        "Voicemail" (2)
        "Blessed Are The Meek"
        "Blessed Are The Weak"
        "Spot The Zebra"
        "Stamped Addressed Antelope"
        "Y Files"
 14: "Burnt Down House," Ken Waldman (28)
        "Burnt Down House" (7)
        "Walking In The Parlor" (4)
        "Year Of Jubilo" (4)
        "Pretty Little Dog/Greasy Coat" (3)
        "Julie Anne Johnson" (2)
        "Angeline The Baker"
        "Irish Tea"
        "John's Place"
        "Village Fiddle"
        "West Fork Gals"
 14: "Hand Hewn," Dry Branch Fire Squad (28)
        "Angelina Baker" (8)
        "Cuckoo Is A Pretty Bird" (3)
        "Black Lung" (2)
        "I Saw A Man At The Close Of Day" (2)
        "I;Ll Live Again" (2)
        "Lonesome Road Blues" (2)
        "Nazeer, Nazeer" (2)
        "Sailor's Return" (2)
        "Atlanta Is Burning"
        "Midnight, The Unconquered Outlaw"
        "Papa's Billy Goat"
        "While Roving On Last Winter's Night"
        "Willye Brennan"
 14: "Little Sparrow," Dolly Parton (28)
        "Little Sparrow" (7)
        "Bluer Pastures" (5)
        "Marry Me" (4)
        "Seven Bridges Road" (3)
        "In The Sweet By And By" (2)
        "Down From Dover"
        "I Don't Believe You've Met My Baby"
        "I Get A Kick Out Of You"
        "In The Sweet Bye And Bye," Dp
        "My Blue Tears"
        "Sweet By And By"
 18: "Thus Always To Tyrants," Scott Miller And The Commonwealth (25)
        "Dear Sarah" (9)
        "Daddy Raised A Boy" (5)
        "Highland County Boy" (4)
        "I Won't Go With You" (2)
        "Across The Line," Scott Miller
        "I Made A Mess Of This Town"
        "I Made A Mess Out Of This Tow"
        "Is There Room On The Cross For Me"
        "Yes I Won't"
 19: "Bad Tattoo," Jeff Talmadge (24)
        "Bad Tattoo" (7)
        "Angels On The Lawn" (6)
        "Lie To Me" (5)
        "Haley" (2)
        "Take A Drive With Me" (2)
        "Al's Roses"
        "Closing The Circle"
 19: "Banjo Manikin," Howie Bursen (24)
        "Hull's Victory, Etc" (3)
        "I Think My Brains Fell Out" (3)
        "Jay And Molly's Wedding" (3)
        "Malana's Jig/Medley" (2)
        "Pretty Saro" (2)
        "Wild Bill Jones" (2)
        "Beat The Reaper/Don't Go Yet"
        "Bursen's Fancy / Dusty Miller"
        "For Pete S Sake"
        "June Appal"
        "June Apple - Train On The Island"
        "June Apple And Mysteries Of A Hobo's Life"
        "June Apple/Train On The Island"
        "Song For Jay And Molly"
        "Tommy Thompson"
 19: "Ralph's Last Show," Fred Eaglesmith (24)
        "Freight Train" (4)
        "He's A Good Dog" (3)
        "I Like Trains" (3)
        "John Deere" (3)
        "White Trash" (2)
        "Alcohol And Pills"
        "Big Hair"
        "Good Enough"
        "Pretty Good Guy"
        "Rodeo Boy"
        "Spookin' The Horses"
        "Time To Get A Gun"
        "You're Spookin' The Horses"
 19: "Something I Saw Or Thought I Saw," Bill Morrissey (24)
        "Buddy Bolden's Blues" (5)
        "Moving Day" (4)
        "23rd Street" (4)
        "Judgment Day" (3)
        "Harry's Last Call" (2)
        "Just Before We Lost The War" (2)
        "Travelling By Cab" (2)
        "Will You Be My Rose"
 23: "Washington Square Memoirs: The Great Urban Folk Boom 1950-1970," Various Artists (22)
        "Hard Travelin'," Woody Guthrie (3)
        "Midnight Special," Cisco Houston (2)
        "Old Man Atom," Sam Hinton (2)
        "One Meat Ball," Josh White (2)
        "Four Strong Winds," Ian And Sylvia
        "Black, Brown And White," Big Bill Broonzy
        "Candy Man," Taj Mahal
        "Darlin' Cory," Ed McCurdy
        "I Ain't Marching Anymore," Phil Ochs
        "I Can't Help But Wonder Where I'm Bound," Tom Paxton
        "I Was Born 10,000 Years Ago," Oscar Brand
        "Little Boxes," Malvina Reynolds
        "Molly Dee," Kingston Trio
        "Nottamun Town," Jean Ritchie
        "Pack Up Your Sorrows," Richard And Mimi Farina
        "South Coast," Randy Sparks
        "Spanish Is A Loving Tongue," Glenn Yarborough
        "Sportin' Life," Sonny Terry And Brownie McGhee
        "Swannanoa Tunnel," Erik Darling
        "Wasn't That A Time," The Weavers
        "You'se A Viper," Dave Van Ronk
 24: "The Company You Keep," John Gorka (21)
        "Morningside" (4)
        "Let Them In" (3)
        "What Was That" (3)
        "Over There" (2)
        "When You Walk In" (2)
        "Around The House"
        "Hank Senior Moment"
        "Oh Abraham"
        "People My Age"
        "Saint's Complaint"
        "Shape Of The World"
 24: "Full Circle," Vassar Clements (21)
        "White Room" (5)
        "Your Love Is Like A Flower" (4)
        "I've Just Seen A Face" (2)
        "Old Home Place" (2)
        "Tall Timber" (2)
        "All That Is Gold," Gail Rundlett
        "Face Lost In The Crowd"
        "John Cowan/ White Room"
        "Out Inn The Middle Of Nowhere"
        "Smalltown Blues," Ruthie Foster
        "When The Golden Leaves Begin To Fall"
 24: "Live From Mountain Stage," John Hartford (21)
        "Gentle On My Mind" (8)
        "Where Does An Old Time River Man Go" (5)
        "I Wish We Had Our Time Again" (4)
        "Annual Waltz"
        "Gum Tree Canoe"
        "I Wonder Where You Are Tonight"
 24: "Tim Eriksen," Tim Eriksen (21)
        "Boston" (5)
        "Garden Hymn" (4)
        "Dress It Up In Blue" (2)
        "Last Chance" (2)
        "Brown Girl"
        "Farewell To Old Bedford"
        "Hick's Farewell"
        "I Love Music"
        "I Wish The Wars Were All Over"
        "Leave Your Light On"
        "Wish All The Wars Were Over"
 24: "Wild Hog In The Red Brush," John Hartford (21)
        "Birdie" (3)
        "Old Virginia Reel" (3)
        "Squirrel Hunters" (3)
        "Down At The Mouth Of Old Stinson" (2)
        "Shelvin' Rock" (2)
        "Wild Hog In The Red Brush" (2)
        "Flannery's Dream"
        "Grandmammy, Look At Uncle Sam"
        "On The Road To Maysville"
        "West Fork Gals"
 29: "Good Old Boys," John Hartford (20)
        "Good Old Boys" (5)
        "On The Radio" (4)
        "Cross-Eyed Child" (3)
        "Waltz Of The Mississippi" (3)
        "Billy The Kid," John Hartford And Hartford String Band
        "Birmingham," Randy Newman
        "Keep On Truckin," John Hartford And Hartford String Band
        "Waltz Of The Golden Rule"
        "Watching The River Go By"
 29: "Morning Bugle," John Hartford (20)
        "Bye-Bye" (5)
        "My Rag" (3)
        "Late Last Night When My Willie Came Home" (2)
        "Nobody Eats At Linebaugh's Anymore" (2)
        "On The Road" (2)
        "All Fall Down"
        "Howard Hughes"
        "Morning Bugle"
        "Old Joe Clark"
        "Willie Came Home"
 29: "Positively Live," The Kennedys (20)
        "Bend In The River" (3)
        "Coo-Coo" (3)
        "Life Is Large" (3)
        "River Of Fallen Stars" (3)
        "Highway 10" (2)
        "Sirens/Life Is Large" (2)
        "Come In My Kitchen"
        "Distant Thunder"
        "Jesu, Joy Of Man Desiring"
 29: "Swerve," Annie Gallup (20)
        "Georgia O'Keefe" (5)
        "End" (3)
        "Money" (3)
        "Red Hair" (2)
        "Sky" (2)
        "Three Bills"
        "Absecon Bay"
        "My Mother's Daughter"
        "One Two"
        "What I Know"
 29: "Tell The Truth," Lee Roy Parnell (20)
        "Breaking Down Slow" (4)
        "South By Southwest" (4)
        "Brand New Feeling" (3)
        "I Declare" (3)
        "Right Where It Hurts" (2)
        "Jamie Watson," Diamond Joe
        "Love's Been Rough On Me"
        "Takes What It Takes"
        "Tell The Truth"
 34: "Follow Me," The Chapmans (19)
        "Follow Me To Tennessee" (5)
        "Losing Again" (3)
        "Old Man In The Shanty" (3)
        "My Heart's Bouquet" (2)
        "When I Was A Girl," Beth Lodge Rigal (2)
        "Candy Kisses"
        "Highwire," Beth Lodge Rigal
        "I'm Going Back To Old Kentucky"
        "What They Write About," Beth Lodge-Rigal
 34: "Not Before Noon," Nina Gerber (19)
        "Workin' In Corners" (5)
        "Kate's Guitar," Nina Gerber And Greg Brown (3)
        "Bigfoot" (2)
        "Lullaby," Nina Gerber With Kim Scanlon (2)
        "Back Into My Arms"
        "It's All Just Talk"
        "Late Into The Night"
        "Learning How To Listen"
        "Riff Raff"
        "Somebody I Used To Love"
        "Someone I Used To Love"
 36: "Retrograss," David Grisman, John Hartford And Mike Seeger (18)
        "Hound Dawg" (4)
        "Old Home Place" (4)
        "Maybelline" (2)
        "When I'm Sixty-4" (2)
        "Airmail Special"
        "Flint Hill Special"
        "My Walking Shoes Don't Fit Me Any More"
        "Rocky Top"
        "Sittin' On The Dock Of The Bay"
 37: "Diamond Mountain Sessions," Sharon Shannon (17)
        "On The Banks Of The Old Ponchartrain" (4)
        "Galway Girl" (3)
        "4 Jimmys" (2)
        "Diamond Mountain" (2)
        "Man Of Constant Sorrow" (2)
        "Fire In The Bellies"
        "Hounds Of Letterfrack"
        "Love Love Love/ Compass"
        "Say You Love Me"
 37: "Itch," Jenny Kerr Band (17)
        "Tijuana Waltz" (5)
        "Mississippi Delta" (4)
        "I Wanna Be Rich" (2)
        "If I Had Wings" (2)
        "Itch" (2)
        "Clear A Path"
 37: "Long Grey Line," Debra Cowan (17)
        "Blackwaterside" (4)
        "Long Grey Line" (3)
        "Bold Archer" (2)
        "Darlin' Corey" (2)
        "Johnny Be Fair" (2)
        "Across The Water"
        "McGinnis Gets A Job"
        "Rose That You Wore For Me"
        "Verdant Braes Of Skreen"
 37: "Time Of Our Lives," Pam Gadd (17)
        "Hold Your Horses" (3)
        "If I Was A River" (3)
        "Virginia Man" (3)
        "Acoustisizer" (2)
        "Blue Railroad Tracks"
        "Go On"
        "Ramble And Roll"
        "Settling Down"
        "Some Things Stay The Same"
        "Whole Lot Of Heart"
 41: "American Guitar," Pat Donohue (16)
        "Mudslide" (4)
        "Blue Tango" (3)
        "Millwood" (2)
        "Arkansas Traveller"
        "Hard Times"
        "Joe Fingers"
        "Rush Hour"
        "Welcome Home"
 41: "Another Sleepless Night," Northern Lights (16)
        "If I Needed Someone" (5)
        "Another Sleepless Night" (4)
        "Annabelle" (2)
        "Road Goes On Forever" (2)
        "Rust Farm Fire" (2)
        "Silver Lining"
 41: "Down On The River," John Hartford (16)
        "Delta Queen Waltz" (4)
        "I Wish We Had Our Time Again" (3)
        "Old Time River Man" (3)
        "Here I Am In Love Again" (2)
        "Men All Want To Be Hoboes" (2)
        "Girl With Green Eyes"
        "Little Boy"
 41: "The Girl I Left Behind," Joyce Andersen (16)
        "Going To Bodie" (3)
        "Short Life Of Trouble" (3)
        "Dizzy With The View" (2)
        "Ramblin' Man" (2)
        "Show Me The Road" (2)
        "Devil's Fiddle-Growling Old Man"
        "Don't Explain"
        "Who's That Knockin At My Door"
 41: "Merry Sisters Of Fate," Lunasa (16)
        "Merry Sisters Of Fate" (4)
        "Morning Nightcap" (3)
        "Minor Bee" (2)
        "Donogh And Mike's"
        "Killarney Boys Of Pleasure"
        "Paistin Fiorin"
        "Return From Fingal"
 41: "Paradox Of Grace," Don Conoscenti (16)
        "Molly" (3)
        "Other Side" (3)
        "All In Time" (2)
        "Drink Another Round" (2)
        "Only The Truth" (2)
        "Beautiful Valley"
        "Paradox Of Grace"
        "Texas Moon"
        "Vigilante Man"
 41: "Scuffletown," Eric Taylor (16)
        "Chicken Pie" (3)
        "Happy Endings" (3)
        "White Bone" (3)
        "Where I Lead Me" (2)
        "Your God" (2)
        "All The Way To Heaven"
        "Bread And Wine"
        "Game Is Gone"
 41: "A Sense Of Place," Steve Gillette And Cindy Mangsen (16)
        "Tide And The River Rising" (6)
        "Buddy And Carol's Waltz" (3)
        "Sunrise," Gillette And Mangsen (2)
        "Architecture Song"
        "Shenandoah Falls"
        "When The First Leaves Fall"
 49: "Evening Comes Early," John Doyle (15)
        "North Sea Holes" (4)
        "Crowley's / Johnny D's" (3)
        "Crooked Jack" (2)
        "Wheels Of The World" (2)
        "Willie Riley" (2)
        "Early In The Spring"
 49: "Just A Drifter," Chris Jones (15)
        "Man On The Side Of The Road" (7)
        "Just A Town" (2)
        "Last Nail" (2)
        "Brn Breakdown"
        "Slave Rock"
        "Tonight I'm Gonna Ride"
        "Uphill Climb"
 49: "Nickel Creek," Nickel Creek (15)
        "Cuckoo's Nest" (2)
        "House Of Tom Bombadil" (2)
        "Lighthouse's Tale" (2)
        "Out Of The Woods" (2)
        "Reasons Why" (2)
        "Sweet Afton" (2)
        "Hand Song"
        "Ode To A Butterfly"
 49: "Portland West," Casey Neill Trio (15)
        "I'm On Fire" (4)
        "Storms Are On The Ocean" (3)
        "Stonewall" (2)
        "Kerfuntan Set"
        "Killing Thing"
        "Long Drop"
        "May Morning Dew"
 49: "Skiffle-Bop," Brooks Williams (15)
        "Love Came Down" (7)
        "Ring Bell" (2)
        "Zoe/ Signature-Sounds" (2)
        "Chasing The Groove"
        "Libera Me"
        "Weary Of The Moon"
 49: "Sleepy Little Sailor," Oh Susanna (15)
        "Sleepy Little Sailor" (4)
        "All That Remains" (3)
        "Ted's So Wasted" (3)
        "River Blue" (2)
        "I've Got Dreams To Remember"
        "King's Road"
 55: "Concerts For A Landmine Free World," Various Artists (14)
        "Pearl," Emmylou Harris (4)
        "It's A Hard Life," Nanci Griffith And Emmylou Harris (2)
        "Mary," Patty Griffin (2)
        "Wilderness Of This World," Terry Allen (2)
        "Cold Dog Soup," Guy Clark And Verlon Thompson
        "Mines Of Mozambique," Bruce Cockburn
        "Morphine," Gillian Welch And David Rawlings
        "Shipwrecked In The Eighties," Kris Kristofferson
 55: "Flower From The Fields Of Alabama," Norman Blake (14)
        "Radio Joe" (3)
        "Sitting On Top Of The World" (3)
        "All Go Hungry Hash House" (2)
        "Eastbound Freight Train" (2)
        "Bonaparte's Grand March"
        "Chasin' Rainbows"
        "Salty Dog"
        "Slopes Of Beech Mt"
 55: "Man Under The Influence," Alejandro Escovedo (14)
        "Rhapsody" (5)
        "As I Fall" (2)
        "Velvet Guitar" (2)
        "Wave" (2)
        "Follow You Down"
 55: "A Musical Doorway," Various Artists (14)
        "Fatback Louisiana," Del Rey (3)
        "Gypsy Wind," Heidi Muller (2)
        "Inconsequential," Brian Butler (2)
        "Ponderosa Pine," Linda Waterfall (2)
        "Cluck Old Hen / Cracklin Hen / Chicken Reel," Vivian And Phil
        "London Hornpipe," Vivian And Phil Williams
        "Marriage Blessing," Stanley Greenthal
        "Of This World," 29 Toes
        "What You'll Find," Rodeo Lagoon
 55: "Speed Of Sound," Rosie Flores (14)
        "Don't Know If I'm Comin' Or Goin'" (2)
        "Don't Take It Away" (2)
        "I Push Right Over" (2)
        "Rock-A-Bye Boogie" (2)
        "Country Boy"
        "Devil Love"
        "Rock-A-Bye Baby"
        "Since I Fell For You"
        "Somewhere Down The Line"
        "Speed Of Sound"
 55: "Time After Time," Eva Cassidy (14)
        "I Wandered By A Brookside" (3)
        "Ain't No Sunshine" (2)
        "Penny To My Name" (2)
        "Time After Time" (2)
        "Anniversary Song"
        "I Wish I Was A Single Girl Again"
        "Swimming In The Stars," Dave Crossland
        "Way Beyond The Blue"
 55: "Traditional Songs And Ballads Of Appalachia," Frank Proffitt (14)
        "Bonnie James Campbell"
        "Dance From Ghana," Bawa
        "Going Across The Mountain"
        "Handsome Molly And Tom Dooley And Sourwood Mountain"
        "I'll Never Get Drunk No More"
        "I'm Going Back To North Carolina"
        "Lady Keith's Lament," Ray Fisher
        "Lord Randall"
        "Morning Fair"
        "Reuben Train"
        "Rye Whiskey"
        "Tom Dooley"
        "Trifling Woman"
 55: "The Winds Begin To Sing," Karan Casey (14)
        "Who Put The Blood" (5)
        "Buile Mo Chroi" (2)
        "Eppie Morrie" (2)
        "King's Shilling" (2)
        "Snows They Melt The Soonest"
        "Strange Fruit"

These lists are compiled and posted to the FOLKDJ-L web site every month
(since October 1997).  The archive of past Top Album lists is available
at (the official FOLKDJ-L web site).

The process of compiling the Top Albums list is automated (I do hand
correct some obvious errors and typos). The results are based on
playlists posted to FOLKDJ-L during the calendar month. I wrote a pair
of programs that work with the Eudora email program's filtering feature.
One program parses each playlist as it comes in and adds it to a
spreadsheet. The second program processes the spreadsheet into a readable
report. Playlists have to include artist, song and album name (label is
optional) and be in a reasonably regular format for my program to be able
to parse them. My programs wind up identifying about 60% of the songs
actually posted.

The Top Albums list is sorted in descending order by number of plays
recorded for each album. Within an album, the number of times each
track was played is shown. If a single DJ is the only one mostly playing
an album, the count of plays is adjusted downwards; otherwise the raw
counts are used. The top 60 albums are listed.

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