Compiled by Richard Gillmann from FOLKDJ-L radio playlists
Based on 8982 airplays.

  1: "Bluegrass Sessions," Bela Fleck (33)
        "Blue Mountain Hop" (8)
        "Ode To Earl" (4)
        "Buffalo Nickel" (3)
        "Foggy Mountain Special" (3)
        "When Joy Kills Sorrow" (3)
        "Do You Have Room? / Foggy Mountain Special" (2)
        "Katmandu" (2)
        "Polka On The Banjo" (2)
        "Spanish Point" (2)
        "Major Honker"
        "Maura On A Bicycle Etc"
        "Overgrown Waltz"
        "Valley Of The Rogue"
  1: "The Man From God Knows Where," Tom Russell (33)
        "Outcast," Dave Van Ronk (4)
        "Acres Of Corn" (3)
        "Patrick Russell" (3)
        "Ambrose Larsen" (2)
        "Chickasaw County Jail" (2)
        "Love Abides," Tom Russell W/ Iris Dement (2)
        "Man From God Knows Where" (2)
        "Mary Clare Molloy" (2)
        "Rider On An Orphan Train" (2)
        "Sitting Bull In Venice" (2)
        "Throwing Horseshoes At The Moon" (2)
        "Wayfarin' Stranger," Tom Russell And Iris Dement (2)
        "Anna Olson"
        "Casey Jones"
        "Eg Er Framand," Tom Russell With Sondre Bratland
        "Old Northern Shore," Sondre Bratland And Kari Bremmer
        "When Irish Girls Grow Up," Tom Russell With Dolores Keane, Iris Dement
  3: "Ghost Towns," Guthrie Thomas (32)
        "I'll Be Lucky" (10)
        "I Can't Count The Times" (5)
        "If You've Got A Moment" (4)
        "Captain Jack" (3)
        "Melissa" (3)
        "I Ll Be Lucky/If You Ve Got A Moment/Captain Jack" (2)
        "Love Is Hard To Find"
        "My Love Won't Fade Away"
        "Puppet On A String"
        "Sweet Virginia"
        "You And Me"
  4: "High Lonesome," Longview (29)
        "I'll Love You Til The Day I Die" (4)
        "I'm Going Home Again" (4)
        "Leavin' Tennessee" (4)
        "Listen To My Hammer Ring" (3)
        "Windy Mountain" (3)
        "High Lonesome" (2)
        "Little Annie" (2)
        "Angels Are Singing"
        "Ballad Of Maudie Dawson"
        "Does It Have To End This Way"
        "He'll Save Your Soul Yet"
        "Just Wondering Why"
        "Little Georgia Rose," Seldom Scene
        "Ruby," Osborne Brothers
  4: "Sylvia Hotel," Cheryl Wheeler (29)
        "If It Were Up To Me" (7)
        "His Hometown" (4)
        "Right Way To Do The Wrong Thing" (4)
        "Unworthy" (4)
        "But The Days And Nights Are Long" (3)
        "Potato" (2)
        "Rainy Road Into Atlanta" (2)
        "Lighting Up The Mighty Mississippi"
        "Who Am I Fooling"
  6: "Blue Highway," Blue Highway (27)
        "Born With A Hammer In My Hand" (7)
        "Lonesome Hearted Blues" (4)
        "Don't Come Out Of The Hole" (3)
        "I Am Near The Gate" (3)
        "I Hung My Head" (3)
        "Clay And Ottie" (2)
        "Lonely Old Town" (2)
        "Troubles Up And Down The Road" (2)
        "Man Of Constant Sorrow"
  7: "10 Year Night," Lucy Kaplansky (26)
        "10 Year Night" (6)
        "For Once In Your Life" (4)
        "One Good Reason" (4)
        "Turn The Lights Back On" (4)
        "5 In The Morning" (2)
        "End Of The Day" (2)
        "Promise Me" (2)
        "Just You Tonight"
        "Somewhere Out There"
  7: "Forget About It," Alison Krauss (26)
        "Forget About It" (7)
        "Never Got Off The Ground" (5)
        "Could You Lie" (3)
        "Ghost In The House" (3)
        "Stay" (3)
        "Dreaming My Dreams With You" (2)
        "It Wouldn't Have Made Any Difference" (2)
  9: "The Crossing," Tim O'brien (25)
        "The Mountaineer Is Always Free" (6)
        "Ireland's Green Shore" (4)
        "John Riley" (4)
        "Wagoner's Lad" (3)
        "Lost Little Children" (2)
        "Ribbon In Your Hair" (2)
        "Into The West"
        "Talkin' Cavan"
  9: "Mule To Ride," Tara Nevins (25)
        "Lee Highway Blues" (4)
        "Sittin' On Top Of The World" (4)
        "Troubles" (4)
        "Chilly Winds" (3)
        "Fall On My Knees" (2)
        "Hell Broke Loose In Georgia" (2)
        "Pig In A Pen" (2)
        "Darling Cory"
        "John Henry"
        "Lost John"
        "Rocky Island"
 11: "Diva's Day Off," Camille West (24)
        "Viagra In The Waters" (6)
        "Toe To Toe With The HMO" (4)
        "I'm Dyslexic" (3)
        "Angst On The Radio" (2)
        "Getting Raptured 2000" (2)
        "Romance Languages" (2)
        "Root Canal Of The Heart" (2)
        "Tails From The Litterbox"
        "Viennese Drinking Song"
 12: "Tornado In Slo Mo," Darcie Deaville (23)
        "Picture Of A Dream/Icy Mountain" (6)
        "Catch The Ball" (4)
        "Chain Of Love" (4)
        "Blackbird On The Runway, Dalmation On The Roof" (3)
        "Running" (2)
        "Goin' Back Home"
        "Icy Barrel Of A Loaded Gun"
        "Tornado In Slo Mo"
        "Who Needs You"
 13: "Gentleman Of Leisure," Jesse Winchester (22)
        "Just Like New" (4)
        "Sweet Loving Daddy" (4)
        "That's What Makes You Strong" (3)
        "Freewheeler" (2)
        "I Wave Bye Bye" (2)
        "No Pride At All" (2)
        "Wander My Way Home" (2)
        "Club Manhattan"
        "Evil Angel"
        "Just Cause I'm In Love With You"
 14: "Bleecker Street," Various Artists (21)
        "Bleecker Street," Jonatha Brooke (4)
        "Last Thing On My Mind," Cry Cry Cry (4)
        "My Back Pages," Marshall Crenshaw (3)
        "I Ain't Marching Anymore," Larry Kirwan And Black 47 (2)
        "Pack Up Your Sorrows," Wainwright And Dement (2)
        "Since You've Asked," Beth Nielsen Chapman (2)
        "Everybody's Talkin'," Patty Larkin
        "Let's Get Together," Paul Brady
        "Moring Glory," Chrissie Hynde
        "So Long, Marianne," John Cale And Suzanne Vega
 14: "Gone Forever," Curtis And Loretta (21)
        "Cliffs Of Moher" (4)
        "Half Empty/Half Full" (4)
        "Don't Miss The Sights" (2)
        "Gone Forever" (2)
        "Minstrel Boy" (2)
        "Banish Misfortune"
        "Cliffs To Mother"
        "Don't Keep A Sailor Away From The Sea"
        "Gypsy Laurie"
        "Jean's Song"
        "Johnny I Hardly Knew Ye"
        "Smoke! Smoke! Smoke!"
 14: "Laurie Lewis And Her Bluegrass Pals," Laurie Lewis (21)
        "Hard Luck And Trouble" (4)
        "Tall Pines" (4)
        "Black Waters" (3)
        "Acony Bell" (2)
        "Big Eddy" (2)
        "Blow, Big Wind" (2)
        "Going To The West" (2)
        "Beyond The River Bend"
        "Wind At Play"
 17: "One Guitar No Vocals," Leo Kottke (20)
        "Morning Is The Long Way Home" (6)
        "Snorkel" (5)
        "3/Quarter North" (2)
        "Chamber Of Commerce" (2)
        "Too Fast" (2)
        "Accordian Bells"
 18: "Cry Cry Cry," Dar Williams, Lucy Kaplansky And Richard Shindell (19)
        "Cold Missouri Waters" (4)
        "Shades Of Gray" (3)
        "By Way Of Sorrow" (2)
        "Kid" (2)
        "Lord, I Have Make You A Place In My Heart" (2)
        "Ballad Of Mary Magdalen"
        "Down By The Water"
        "Fall On Me"
        "I Know What Kind Of Love This Is"
        "Speaking With The Angel"
 18: "Shine Eyed Mister Zen," Kelly Joe Phelps (19)
        "River Rat Jimmy" (6)
        "House Carpenter" (3)
        "Goodnight Irene" (2)
        "Hobo's Son" (2)
        "Piece By Piece" (2)
        "Train Carried My Girl From Town" (2)
        "Capman Bootman"
        "Dock Boggs Country Blues"
 18: "Stealth Project," Various Artists (19)
        "Harrison Ford," Christine Lavin (4)
        "Adolescent Rant," Don White (3)
        "Hold Me Tonight," Red Grammer (2)
        "John's Cocoons," Michael Mcnevin (2)
        "Walk On Water," Diane Ziegler (2)
        "Hi Sal, Have You Checked Your Email," Grit Laskin
        "Let The Rain Come Down," Lori Lieberman
        "Love Travels," Ceilli Rain
        "Marijo Tonight," Jackie Tice
        "Prom Dress," Deborah Pardes
        "River Skeeters," Gideon Freudman
 21: "Ancient Tones," Ricky Skaggs (18)
        "Give Us Rain" (4)
        "Walls Of Time" (4)
        "How Mountain Girls Can Love" (2)
        "Mighty Dark To Travel" (2)
        "Pig In A Pen" (2)
        "Boston Boy"
        "I Believed In You Darlin'"
        "Lonesome Night," Ricky Skaggs And Kentucky Thunder
 21: "Blue Indians," John Trudell (18)
        "Blue Indians" (4)
        "Dizzy Duck" (3)
        "All Night Cafe" (2)
        "Terminal Neon" (2)
        "All Nite Cafe"
        "Angel Of Sin"
        "Bad Dog"
        "Devil And Me"
        "You Were"
 21: "Crusades Of The Restless Knights," Ray Wylie Hubbard (18)
        "Conversation With The Devil" (6)
        "Lovers In Your Dreams" (4)
        "Messenger" (2)
        "River Runs Red" (2)
        "There Are Some Days" (2)
        "River Bed"
 21: "Looking Out The Fishbowl," Eddie From Ohio (18)
        "Fifth Of July" (3)
        "Woman Of Faith" (3)
        "Bonny Brook" (2)
        "Maylee, I Had A Dream" (2)
        "Old Dominion" (2)
        "Stupid American" (2)
        "5th Of July"
        "From Dacca"
        "Irish Dream"
        "Minnesota 1945"
 21: "Mountain," Steve Earle And The Del Mccoury Band (18)
        "Carrie Brown" (6)
        "Texas Eagle" (4)
        "I'm Still In Love With You" (3)
        "Graveyard Shift" (2)
        "Leroy's Dust Bowl Blues"
        "Outlaw's Honeymoon"
 21: "You'll Never Be The Sun," Lynn Morris (18)
        "Likes Of You" (3)
        "River" (2)
        "Scraps From Your Table" (2)
        "Seventeen Cents" (2)
        "Thy Burdens Are Greater Than Mine" (2)
        "You'll Never Be The Sun" (2)
        "17 Cents"
        "Destination Love"
        "If Teardrops Were Pennies," Lynn Morris Band
        "Long Train Of Fools"
        "Wrong Road Again"
 27: "Common Ground," Blueridge (17)
        "Katie's Winter Love" (6)
        "Shoot The Moon" (3)
        "Appalachian Queen" (2)
        "Every Dog Must Have Its Day"
        "Help Me To Believe," Paul Brady
        "New Road," Blue Ridge
        "No Sad Goodbyes"
        "Rosa Lee"
        "Talk It Out"
 27: "Drive You Home Again," Chris Smither (17)
        "Drive You Home Again" (4)
        "Get A Better One" (3)
        "No Love Today" (3)
        "Rattlesnake Preacher" (2)
        "Tell Me Why You Love Me" (2)
        "Duncan And Brady"
        "Hey, Hey, Hey"
        "Steel Guitar"
 27: "Family," Del McCoury Band (17)
        "Nashville Cats" (4)
        "Backslidin' Blues" (3)
        "Get Down On Your Knees" (3)
        "50/50 Chance" (2)
        "Don't You Think It's Time To Go"
        "Far Cry"
        "Look Of A Perfect Diamond"
        "Red Eyes On A Mad Dog"
        "She's Left Me Again"
 27: "Simple Path," Irene Kelley (17)
        "Little Bluer Than That" (4)
        "Constant State Of Grace" (3)
        "It Wasn't Me" (3)
        "Not So Different After All" (2)
        "O Mexico" (2)
        "Never Lookin' Back"
        "Scorns Of Time"
 31: "Return Of The Grievous Angel," Various Artists (16)
        "Hickory Wind," Gillian Welch (4)
        "Juanita," Sheryl Crow And Emmylou Harris (3)
        "Sin City," Beck And Emmylou Harris (3)
        "High Fashion Queen," Chris Hillman And Steve Earle (2)
        "Hot Burrito #1," Mavericks
        "Return Of The Grievous Angel," Lucinda Williams And David Crosby
        "She," Pretenders
        "Song For You," Whiskeytown
 31: "Rime Of The Ancient Matriarch," Holly Tannen (16)
        "Lily Of The Net" (5)
        "Fair Margaret And Young Whatshisname" (2)
        "Online Romance" (2)
        "Ballad Of The White Seal Maid"
        "Death And The Maiden"
        "High And Lonesome"
        "Humboldt Wassail"
        "Rime Of The Ancient Matriarch"
        "Suburban Shaman"
        "Victim Of Them"
 33: "Bad Love," Randy Newman (15)
        "My Country" (6)
        "I'm Dead" (2)
        "World Isn't Fair" (2)
        "Big Hat, No Cattle"
        "I Want Everyone To Like Me"
        "I'm Going Home"
        "One You Love"
 33: "Borders," Cliff Eberhardt (15)
        "Wrong Side Of The Line" (3)
        "Isn't That The Way Things Are" (2)
        "Unrequited" (2)
        "Why Is The Road So Long?" (2)
        "Your Face" (2)
        "Anna Lee"
        "Fix Your Blues"
        "Land Of The Free"
        "Long Goodbye"
 33: "Linda Dunn," Linda Dunn (15)
        "Guardian Angel" (4)
        "This Time Tomorrow" (3)
        "Fortune S Courtesan" (2)
        "Bastard Amber"
        "Be Somewhere Else"
        "Broken Heart Is A Terrible Thing"
        "In The Chelsea"
        "Sorry For The Rain"
        "Wonder What He's Doing"
 33: "Road," James Keelaghan (15)
        "Message To The Future" (4)
        "Mirabeau Bridge" (4)
        "Captain Torres" (3)
        "Love What A Road" (3)
 33: "Town To Town," Tanya Savory (15)
        "I Don't Want To Hear That Train" (3)
        "Reason Enough" (3)
        "Time Was" (2)
        "When The River Rose" (2)
        "40, 80, Or 10"
        "Back To Tucson"
        "Big Town"
        "Passed Him By"
        "Reuben Brown"
 38: "3 Wishes," Erica Wheeler (14)
        "Angels" (3)
        "Angeline" (2)
        "Casey, Illinois" (2)
        "Jaack S Tavern" (2)
        "Nowhere To Go" (2)
        "Onward From Here"
        "Solace Of A Prayer"
 38: "Live In Texas," Lyle Lovett (14)
        "If I Had A Boat" (4)
        "I've Been To Memphis" (3)
        "Nobody Knows Me" (2)
        "That's Right You're Not From Texas" (2)
        "Closing Time"
        "North Dakota"
        "She's No Lady"
 38: "One Night," Greg Brown (14)
        "Banjo Moon" (2)
        "Dream On" (2)
        "On Records The Sound Just Fades Away" (2)
        "Waiting" (2)
        "All The Little Places Around The Town"
        "Butane Lighter Blues"
        "Canned Goods"
        "Heart Of My Country"
        "Love Is A Chain"
 41: "Calling On Love," Paul Kamm And Eleanore Macdonald (13)
        "Calling On Love" (7)
        "From Clare To Here" (2)
        "Last Tango In Paradise" (2)
        "Chasing The Storm"
 42: "Beyond The Blue," Julie (12)
        "Breaking Up Is Hard To Do" (3)
        "Back On My Mind" (2)
        "Beyond The Blue" (2)
        "One Of These Days" (2)
        "Passing Of The Train" (2)
        "Sweetest Gift" (2)
        "Goin Gone"
        "If He's Ever Near"
        "Wings Of A Dove"
 42: "Mysterious Light," Don Conoscenti (12)
        "Mysterious Light" (3)
        "Anastasia" (2)
        "Drink Another Round" (2)
        "Hour In Texarkana"
        "Just Like Jim Brown"
        "Mona Lisa"
        "Truth Is"
 42: "Night In A Strange Town," Lynn Miles (12)
        "Rust" (6)
        "Beautiful Night" (2)
        "Middle Of The Night"
        "One You're Waiting For"
        "Sunset Boulevard"
        "Yeah Yeah"
 42: "Roaring Mary," Roaring Mary (12)
        "Sliabh Russell/Alabama Rick's" (3)
        "Matthew's Waltz" (2)
        "Fair Mids Of Loughrea/John Dywer's/The Ravelled Hank Of Yarn"
        "June Mccormack's/Bunch Of Keys/Etc"
        "Little Jennifer/The 3 Little Drummers/Up In The Rafters"
        "Munster Jig And Humours Of Lisheen And Jimmy Ward's"
        "Munster Jig/Etc"
        "Tempest / Exile Of Erin / Dinky's Reel"
        "Wild Horse Polka;John Walsh's"
 42: "Simple Gearle," Stacey Earle (12)
        "In My Way" (3)
        "If It Weren't For You" (2)
        "Cried My Heart Out"
        "Just Another Day"
        "Next Door Down"
        "Show Me How"
        "Simple Gearle"
        "Wedding Night"
        "Weekend Runaway / Simple Gearle"
 42: "Social Studies," Loudon Wainwright Iii (12)
        "Tonya's Twirls" (3)
        "Y2k" (2)
        "Carmine Street"
        "Jessie Don't Like It"
        "Number One"
        "Our Boy Bill"
        "Pretty Good Day"
        "Tonya's Twirls, New Street People"
        "What Gives?"
 42: "Tall Tales," Hot Club Of Cowtown (12)
        "Emily" (2)
        "There'll Be Some Changes Made" (2)
        "Bonaparte's Retreat"
        "Darling You And I Are Through"
        "Draggin' The Bow"
        "I Can't Tame Wild Women"
        "Joe Bob Rag"
        "Polka Dots And Moonbeams"
        "You Can't Take It With You"
 42: "Where Have All The Flowers Gone?: The Songs Of Pete Seeger," Various Artists (12)
        "Living In The Country," Martin Simpson (2)
        "All My Children Of The Sun," Tim Robbins
        "And Still I Am Searching," Pete Seeger
        "Blessed Be The Nation," Studs Terkel
        "Doublin," Si Kahn And The Frieighthoppers
        "How Can I Keep From Singing?," Cordelia's Dad
        "My Father's Mansions," Billy Bragg And Eliza Carthy
        "Oh I Had A Golden Thread," Judy Collins
        "Waist Deep In The Big Muddy," Dick Gaughan
        "Water Is Wide," John Gorka
        "Where Have All The Flowers Gone," T. Sands, D. Keane, V. Smailovic
 50: "At The Pure Fountain," Robin Williamson And Clive Palmer (11)
        "Come A Ye Tramps And Hawkers" (3)
        "Paris" (3)
        "Still In Love With You" (2)
        "Pretty Fair Maid"
        "Rise When The Rooster Crows"
        "Tramps And Hawkers"
 50: "Black Sheep," Martin Sexton (11)
        "America The Beautiful" (3)
        "Black Sheep" (2)
        "Diner" (2)
        "Caught In The Rain"
        "Glory Bound"
        "Glory Diner / Diner"
        "Love Keep Us Together"
 50: "Family Tree," Darrell Scott (11)
        "My Father's House" (3)
        "Family Tree" (2)
        "Lazarus Dies Again" (2)
        "Double-Headed Eagle"
        "Rhonda's Last Ride"
        "When There's No One Around/Will The Circle Be Unbroken?"
 50: "Little Dreams," Jaime Michaels (11)
        "Steal Light" (5)
        "Everyday Faces" (2)
        "One Diamond Down" (2)
        "Fair To Say"
        "Waiting For You"
 50: "Steady Steady Yes," Annie Gallup (11)
        "Howling In The Distance" (4)
        "Anything Is Possible" (2)
        "If I Loved You" (2)
        "3 Photographs"
        "Jamck Mcgraw"
        "Stone Angel"
 50: "Under The Mediterranean Sky," Tsufit (11)
        "Dance Me To The End Of Love" (3)
        "My Transylvanian" (3)
        "Kol Ha'olam Kulo" (2)
        "Erev Shel Shoshanin"
        "Hebrew Peace Medley/My Transylvanian/How Does It Feel"
 50: "Vignettes," The Winstons (11)
        "Anything At All" (5)
        "Bending Blades" (2)
        "Vignettes" (2)
        "Caroline And Ray"
        "Heart Of Stone"
 50: "When I Go," Dave Carter With Tracy Grammer (11)
        "When I Go" (5)
        "The River, Where She Sleeps" (3)
        "Annie's Lover" (2)
        "Elvis Presley"

These lists are compiled and posted to the FOLKDJ-L web site every month
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The process of compiling the Top Albums list is automated (I do hand correct
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with the Eudora email program's filtering feature running under Microsoft
Windows NT.  One program parses each playlist as it comes in and adds it to
a spreadsheet.  The second program processes the spreadsheet into a readable
report.  Playlists have to include artist, song and album name (label is
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parse them.  My programs wind up identifying about 60% of the songs actually

The Top Albums list is sorted in descending order by number of plays recorded
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of plays is adjusted downwards; otherwise the raw counts are used.  The
top 50 albums are listed.

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