Compiled by Richard Gillmann from FOLKDJ-L radio playlists
Based on 8635 airplays.

  1: "Other Voices, Too," Nanci Griffith (62)
        "I Still Miss Someone" (8)
        "Hard Times Come Again No More" (6)
        "You Were On My Mind" (6)
        "Wasn't That A Mighty Storm" (5)
        "Who Knows Where The Time Goes" (5)
        "Yarrington Town" (5)
        "Darcy Farrow" (4)
        "Summer Wages" (4)
        "Streets Of Baltimore" (3)
        "Deportee" (2)
        "Desperadoes Waiting For A Train" (2)
        "Wings Of A Dove" (2)
        "Desparados Waiting 4 Train"
        "Dress Of Laces"
        "Hammer Song"
        "He Was A Friend Of Mine"
        "If I Had A Hammer"
        "Mighty Storm"
        "On The Wings Of A Dove"
        "Try The Love"
        "Walk Right Back"
        "Wall Of Death"
  2: "Car Wheels On A Gravel Road," Lucinda Williams (44)
        "Lake Charles" (9)
        "Jackson" (6)
        "Metal Firecracker" (5)
        "Still I Long For Your Kiss" (5)
        "Concrete And Barbed Wire" (4)
        "2 Cool 2 Be 4-Gotten" (3)
        "Can't Let Go" (3)
        "Drunken Angel" (2)
        "Greenville" (2)
        "Right In Time, Car Wheels On A Gravel Road" (2)
        "Car Wheels"
        "I Lost It"
        "Too Cool To Be Forgotten"
  3: "Road Kill," Martha Schuyler Thompson (36)
        "All Right Without You" (6)
        "Shake It" (6)
        "Prairie Schooner" (5)
        "Heart That's True" (4)
        "I Have Been There Before" (3)
        "Gravity" (2)
        "Road Kill" (2)
        "Waterjar Girl" (2)
        "Wild Grasses" (2)
        "Casting My Net"
        "Heart's That True"
        "Piece Work"
        "Thirst For Life"
  4: "Visions Of Plenty," Kate Campbell (27)
        "Crazy In Alabama" (5)
        "Deep Tang" (4)
        "This Side Of Heaven" (4)
        "Funeral Food" (3)
        "Perfect World" (3)
        "Suit Yourself" (2)
        "Visions Of Plenty" (2)
        "Bus 109"
        "Jesus And Tomatoes"
        "Sing Me Out"
  5: "Hell Among The Yearlings," Gillian Welch (26)
        "Caleb Meyer" (6)
        "Devil Had A Hold Of Me" (6)
        "I'm Not Afraid To Die" (4)
        "Miner's Refrain" (2)
        "Rock Of Ages" (2)
        "Winter's Come And Gone" (2)
        "Caleb Melody"
        "Good Til Now"
        "One Morning"
        "Whiskey Girl"
  5: "Journey Home," Jones And Leva (26)
        "Satan I Won't Be Your Servant No More" (4)
        "Sweet Goodbye" (4)
        "Nothin' For Nothin'" (3)
        "She Could Have Loved Him" (3)
        "Truest Love" (3)
        "Up On Camp" (3)
        "Loving On Borrowed Time" (2)
        "Bullet In Your Breast"
        "Log Book Of Love"
        "Satan I Won't Be No Servant To Thee"
        "Where Did You Go?"
  7: "American Beauty," Nashville Bluegrass Band (25)
        "Red Clay Halo" (7)
        "All Alone" (3)
        "Fiddlin' Bill" (2)
        "Holiday Pickin'" (2)
        "Homeless Waltz" (2)
        "Johnson Boys" (2)
        "Just Like A Fiddle" (2)
        "Signs Following" (2)
        "Blue Cadillac"
        "Down A Winding Rd"
        "Slow Learner"
  7: "Mussolini's Head," Greg Greenway (25)
        "Archaeology" (5)
        "4 In The Morning" (4)
        "Driving" (4)
        "Mussolini's Head" (4)
        "Survival" (3)
        "Into The Wild Why Not" (2)
        "Needles And Fairy Tales"
        "On My Way To Find Out"
        "Safely Home"
  7: "Restless On The Farm," Jerry Douglas (25)
        "Things In Life" (10)
        "Don't Take Your Guns To Town" (3)
        "Like It Is" (3)
        "Follow On" (2)
        "For Those Who've Gone Clear" (2)
        "Takarasaka" (2)
        "Passing The Bar"
        "Tribute To Peador O'donnell"
 10: "Moonbone," Valerie And Walter Crockett (24)
        "Tell Me Baby Did I Do Something Wrong" (4)
        "But Still" (3)
        "Lonely Town" (3)
        "Sugar Baby Now" (3)
        "This Ain't The '60's No More" (3)
        "Can She Walk Away" (2)
        "Did I Do Something Wrong"
        "Down On The Farm"
        "Island Frame Of Mind"
        "Its Been Hard"
        "One Way Ticket"
        "What Do Roses Smell Like"
 10: "Seeing Things," Laurie Lewis (24)
        "Blue Days, Sleepless Nights" (5)
        "Let The Bird Go Free" (5)
        "Kiss Me Before I Die" (4)
        "Visualize" (3)
        "Blackest Crow" (2)
        "Manzanar" (2)
        "Bane And Balm"
 12: "Mermaid Avenue," Billy Bragg And Wilco (21)
        "Way Over Yonder In The Minor Key" (7)
        "At My Window Sad And Lonely" (3)
        "Birds And Ships" (3)
        "I Guess I Planted" (2)
        "Ingrid Bergman" (2)
        "California Stars"
        "Hesitating Beauty"
        "She Came Along To Me"
        "Walt Whitman's Niece"
 13: "Bluegrass Essentials," Various Artists (20)
        "I Don't Know Why," Alison Krauss And Union Station (3)
        "Blue Moon Of Kentucky ," Bill Monroe (2)
        "Foggy Mountain Breakdown ," Flatt And Scruggs (2)
        "Fox On The Run," Country Gentlemen (2)
        "Old Home Place," J. D. Crowe And The New South (2)
        "Are You Missing Me," Jim And Jesse
        "Blue Kentucky Moon," Bill Monroe
        "Darkest Hour," Stanley Bros
        "Dooley," Dillards
        "High Lonesome Sound," Vince Gill
        "How Long Have I Been Waiting For You," Seldom Scene
        "Last Thing On My Mind," Chesapeake
        "Rocky Top," Osborne Brothers
        "You're Gonna Change Or I'm Gonna Leave," Jimmy Martin
 13: "Fiddle Patch," Bobby Hicks (20)
        "Katy Hill" (4)
        "Whiskey Before Breakfast" (4)
        "We're Steppin Out Tonight" (3)
        "Comanchie Hit And Run" (2)
        "Oh, What A Silent Night" (2)
        "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star" (2)
        "Angel Waltz"
        "Faded Love"
        "Prosperity Special"
 13: "Midnight Storm," Blue Highway (20)
        "He Walked All The Way Home" (4)
        "Midnight Storm" (4)
        "Find Me Out On A Mountain Top" (3)
        "Getting Over You" (2)
        "Last Dollar Blues" (2)
        "Pikeville Flood" (2)
        "Some Day" (2)
        "I'd Rather Be A Lonesome Pine"
 16: "Hydrangea," Kate Jacobs (19)
        "Honeybees" (4)
        "Shallow" (3)
        "Eddy Went To Spain" (2)
        "Good Night For Sleeping" (2)
        "Stole The Madonna" (2)
        "Cuts #1 And 2"
        "Good Doctor"
        "Hope Is A Weed"
        "Never Be Afraid/Good Doctor/Eddy Went Tot Spain/Because I Have Forgiven Everyone"
        "On The Way Home"
 16: "Shaking Off Gravity," Vance Gilbert (19)
        "Hey Lah Dee Dah Song" (4)
        "Taking It All To Tennessee" (4)
        "Fly" (3)
        "Just Can't Go Like That" (2)
        "Oh Little Town" (2)
        "Could You Believe"
        "Hay La Dee Dah Song"
        "House Of Pain"
        "Watching A Good Thing Burn"
 18: "Gospel Radio Gems," Doyle Lawson And Quicksilver (18)
        "I'm Riding High On Wings Of Love" (3)
        "Peace Like A River" (3)
        "Home Of The Soul" (2)
        "I'm Finding Joy In My Savior's Love" (2)
        "Just A Veil Between" (2)
        "Til The Last Leaf Shall Fall" (2)
        "We Should Walk Together" (2)
        "Never Leave Me"
        "Things Invisible"
 18: "Riptide," Anam (18)
        "Blew Treghys" (3)
        "Riptide" (3)
        "Way Is Clear" (3)
        "14 Days"
        "Aird A Chuamhaing"
        "Fourteen Days"
        "House On The Hill"
        "Long Night"
        "Mary And The Soldier"
        "Reels: Riptide/Nugent's/Wonders Never Cease"
        "This Time"
        "Westlin Winds"
 18: "Territory," Alvin Youngblood Hart (18)
        "Tallacatcha" (4)
        "Illinois Blues" (3)
        "Ouachita Run" (3)
        "Just About To Go" (2)
        "Mama Don't Allow And John Hardy" (2)
        "Sallie, Queen Of The Pines" (2)
        "Underway At 7"
 18: "You Don't Know Me," Denice Franke (18)
        "Lowlands" (4)
        "Milo" (4)
        "Saints" (4)
        "How'd You Know" (2)
        "Rainy Night In Detroit" (2)
        "Bobby Sits By The Window"
        "Come Back Somehow"
 22: "Bottleneck Dreams," Salamander Crossing (17)
        "Indigo Rose" (4)
        "River And The Rain" (3)
        "Ain't Gonna Work Tommorrow" (2)
        "Light In The Window" (2)
        "Paul And Peter Walked" (2)
        "Something Above" (2)
        "Peter And Paul Walked"
        "Put The Weight On Me"
 22: "Clinch Mountain Country," Ralph Stanley (17)
        "Lonesome River" (4)
        "Are You Ready To Die," Ralph Stanley And Sony And Becky Isaacs
        "Bright Morning Star," Ralph Stanley And Kathy Matea
        "Gold Watch And Chain," Ralph Stanley And Friends
        "How Country Girls Can Love"
        "I've Just Seen The Rock Of Ages"
        "If I Lose," Ralph Stanley And Jim Lauderdale
        "If That's The Way You Feel"
        "Lonesome Banjo Man"
        "My Deceitful Heart"
        "Old Love Letters"
        "Pretty Little Miss In The Garden"
        "Shouting On The Hills Of Glory"
        "Stone Walls And Steel Bars"
 22: "Everything Matters," Pierce Pettis (17)
        "Love Will Always Find Its Way" (4)
        "Neutral Ground" (4)
        "Just Like Jim Brown" (3)
        "Tip Of My Tongue" (2)
        "Words Said In The Dark" (2)
        "God Believes In You"
        "Hole In My Heart"
 22: "Like A Hurricane," Chris Hillman (17)
        "Second Wind" (5)
        "Carry Me Home" (4)
        "Angel's Cry" (3)
        "Like A Hurricane" (2)
        "Back S Against The Wall"
        "Heaven's Lullaby"
        "When You Walk In The Room"
 22: "Never Grow Up," Anne Hills And Cindy Mangsen (17)
        "Chickens They're A-Crowin'" (2)
        "Colorado Trail" (2)
        "Where Did You Get That Hat" (2)
        "Dummy Line"
        "Froggy Went A Courtin"
        "Hopalong Peter"
        "Hudson River Steamboat"
        "I've Got Rings On My Fingers"
        "Kitty Alone"
        "Master Of The Sheep"
        "Now He's Sorry That He Spoke"
        "Old Blue"
        "Wait 'til The Clouds Roll By"
        "Watch The Stars - At The Gate Of Heaven"
 27: "Back On The Street Again," Laurel Canyon Ramblers (16)
        "Back On The Street Again" (4)
        "Heaven Bound" (2)
        "Hold On" (2)
        "It Hurts To Know" (2)
        "Please Come Back Sweetheart" (2)
        "You Can Close Your Eyes" (2)
        "Girl By The Bank"
        "I'll Have A Broken Heart"
 27: "Blackjack David," Dave Alvin (16)
        "Blackjack David" (3)
        "Evening Blues" (2)
        "From A Kitchen Table" (2)
        "Laurel Lynn" (2)
        "New Highway" (2)
        "Ca Snow"
        "California Snow"
        "Mary Brown"
        "Tall Trees"
        "Way You Say Goodbye"
 27: "Lucinda Williams," Lucinda Williams (16)
        "Side Of The Road" (3)
        "I Asked For Water He Gave Me Gasoline" (2)
        "Something About What Happens When We Talk" (2)
        "Am I Too Blue"
        "Big Red Sun Blues"
        "Crescent City"
        "Goin' Back Home"
        "Like A Rose"
        "Nothing In Rambling"
        "Passionette Kisses"
 27: "More Than Once," Debi Smith (16)
        "Mother's Hands" (3)
        "Old River" (2)
        "Sleep" (2)
        "Virginia/Shenendoah" (2)
        "Big Old River"
        "Everyone's Got A Story"
        "Hang The Moon"
        "He Doesn't Work On Love"
        "Italy And France"
        "Life Outside This Town"
        "More Than Once"
 27: "Perspectives," Leon Rosselson (16)
        "Ant And The Grasshopper" (3)
        "They're Going To Build A Motorway" (3)
        "Ballad Of A Spycatcher" (2)
        "Perspectives" (2)
        "Consider The Majority"
        "History Lesson"
        "Somebody's Stolen The End Of My Dream"
        "Song Of The Moderate Man"
 27: "Rough Lines," Terri Allard (16)
        "Rough Lines" (3)
        "19 Again/Baby's Baby/Open Road" (2)
        "Dance Again" (2)
        "My Love, Goodnight," Terry Allard (2)
        "Not A Pretty Dance" (2)
        "Song For David" (2)
        "So Like The Moon," Terry Allard
        "Your Love Is Addictive"
 27: "Where Have All The Flowers Gone?: The Songs Of Pete Seeger," Various Artists (16)
        "One Grain Of Sand," Odetta (2)
        "Water Is Wide," John Gorka (2)
        "False From True," Guy Davis
        "Festival Of Flowers," Tish Hinojosa
        "Goofing Off Suite," Tony Trishka
        "Had I A Golden Thread," Judy Collins
        "Kisses Sweeter Than Wine," Jackson Browne And Bonnie Raitt
        "Living In The Country," Martin Simpson
        "My Father's Mansion," Billy Bragg And Eliza Carthy
        "My Golden River," Greg Brown
        "Sailing Down My Golden River," Greg Brown
        "Step By Step," Sweet Honey In The Rock
        "Turn, Turn, Turn," Bruce Cockburn
        "Where Have All The Flowers Gone," Tommy Sands
 34: "Bluegrass Rules," Ricky Skaggs (15)
        "Get Up John" (3)
        "Little Maggie" (3)
        "Amanda Jewell" (2)
        "If I Lose" (2)
        "Riding On That Midnight Train" (2)
        "Drunken Driver"
        "Think Of What You've Done"
 34: "Bound To Ride," Jim Mills (15)
        "Bound To Ride" (4)
        "He Came From Carolina" (4)
        "Big Tilda" (3)
        "Bear Tracks"
        "Ground Hog"
        "There'll Be No Teardrops Tonight"
 34: "Heroes," Don Wayne Reno (15)
        "Remington Ride" (3)
        "Tennessee Stomp" (3)
        "Hard Times" (2)
        "Nashville Skyline Rag" (2)
        "5 X 8," Done Wayne Reno
        "Banjo Bounce"
        "Gold Rush," Mark O'connor
        "Just A Phone Call Will Do"
 37: "Dear Friends And Gentle Hearts," Suzanne Thomas (14)
        "Louisiana Woman, Mississippi Man" (4)
        "Just A Few More Days" (3)
        "You're Doin' Me Wrong, Jim Beam" (2)
        "Dear Friends And Gentle Hearts"
        "Faded Coat Of Blue"
        "I Have No Mother Now"
        "Silver Tongue And Gold-Plated Lies"
        "Sweet Sunny South"
 37: "Great Big Western Howdy," Riders In The Sky (14)
        "Ballad Of Palindrome" (5)
        "Wah-Hoo" (3)
        "Autumn On The Trail"
        "Cimarron Moon"
        "Cimarron Rose"
        "Cowboy Camp Meetin'"
 37: "Left Of Cool," Bela Fleck And The Flecktones (14)
        "Big Country" (4)
        "Almost 12" (2)
        "Throwdown At The Hoedown" (2)
        "Road To Conamarra"
        "Slow Walker"
        "Trane To Conamarra"
        "Trouble And Strife"
 37: "Man I'm Trying To Be," Ronnie Bowman (14)
        "Love For An Angel" (4)
        "Left This Country Boy" (2)
        "Longing For The Old Days" (2)
        "Man I'm Trying To Be" (2)
        "Blue John Mine"
        "Jailhouse Blues"
        "Lord Is My Light"
        "Voice In The Wilderness"
 37: "Oasis Acoustic 10," Various Artists (14)
        "Last Time I Saw Maya," Don Conoscenti (2)
        "Whistling On The Water," Christopher Williams (2)
        "Coming Home," Chuck Grogg
        "Far Away," Tirnan'og
        "Indigo Rose," Salamander Crossing
        "Keep The Faith," Little Creek
        "Laughing At Danger," Luke Liddy
        "Open The Window," Chris Miller
        "Parisian Rag," Andy Polon
        "Prelude From The Cello Suite," Michael J. Miles
        "Thunderstorm," Anthony Carter
        "Twirly Girl," Jay Scott
 37: "Painted Door," Erin Corday (14)
        "Land Of Sweetness" (3)
        "Didjago" (2)
        "Long Hair" (2)
        "Mi Caballo" (2)
        "Still Life"
        "Who Says"
 37: "Revival," Gillian Welch (14)
        "Tear My Stillhouse Down" (4)
        "One More Dollar" (3)
        "Orphan Girl" (2)
        "Paper Wings" (2)
        "By The Mark"
        "Only One And Only"
 37: "So Long So Wrong," Alison Krauss (14)
        "No Place To Hide" (3)
        "So Long, So Wrong" (3)
        "Looking In The Eyes Of Love" (2)
        "Road Is A Lover" (2)
        "Deeper Than Crying"
        "Find My Way Back To My Heart"
        "There Is A Reason"
 37: "Traveller's Prayer," John Renbourn (14)
        "Estampie" (2)
        "Planxty Llanthon/Loftus Jones" (2)
        "Traveller's Prayer" (2)
        "When The Wind Begins To Sing" (2)
        "At The Break Of Day"
        "Bunyan's Hymn"
        "Planxty-Llantony/Loftus Jones"
        "Southwind/Feathered Nest"
        "Wexford Lullaby"
 37: "You Don't Know My Mind," Guy Davis (14)
        "Georgia Flood" (3)
        "Po' Boy" (2)
        "You Don't Know My Mind" (2)
        "Best I Can"
        "Everything Is Gonna Be Alright"
        "Home Cooked Meal"
        "If You Love Somebody"
        "Marlboro Blues"
        "Pretty Little Woman"
        "You Remembered My Name"
 47: "Convenience Store Troubadours," Chris Chandler (13)
        "Carnivals" (3)
        "Last Thoughts On Elvis Presley" (2)
        "Sex/Let's Do It" (2)
        "Blood To Wine"
        "Breakfast Cereal Killers"
        "Innocence," Chris Chandler W/David Rovics And Samantha Parton
        "Thriftstore Diva"
        "Wild Mt. Tyme"
        "You're So Mundane"
 47: "Crown Of Jewels," Randy Scruggs (13)
        "City Of New Orleans" (3)
        "Both Sides Now" (2)
        "Soldier's Joy" (2)
        "Wildwood Flower" (2)
        "It's Only Love"
        "Lonesome Reuben"
        "My Secret Life"
        "Passin' Through"
 47: "Earthlings," Jim Layeux (13)
        "Treasure" (3)
        "Broken Trees" (2)
        "Back To Oklahoma"
        "County Green"
        "Earth Has Sent A Message"
        "Erie Canal"
        "Mary Brown"
        "Second Class Species," Jim Layeaux
        "Tales Of Old Cheyenne"
        "Union," Jim Layuex
 47: "Howlin' At The Moon," Sam Bush (13)
        "Howlin' At The Moon" (5)
        "Crossing The Transippi" (2)
        "Face Tomorrow" (2)
        "Song For Roy" (2)
        "Ozzie And Max"
        "Take Me Out To The Ball Game"
 47: "Other Roads Other Lives," Hilary Spencer (13)
        "Everything Glows" (3)
        "Ballard Of The Shape Of Things" (2)
        "Kitty Bawn O'brien" (2)
        "Lies" (2)
        "Misty Eye'd View" (2)
        "Sheffield Grinders"
        "Tam Lin"
 47: "Roses And Ash," Annie Rapid (13)
        "Roses And Ash" (2)
        "These Days" (2)
        "Yeh" (2)
        "Zuma Beach" (2)
        "All My Senses"
        "Seed Has Fallen"
        "To Iberia"
 47: "She's Gone," Unlimited Tradition (13)
        "She's Gone" (4)
        "I Ain't Gonna Cry Anymore" (3)
        "You Should See My Heart" (3)
        "Blinded By Love"
        "Without You"
        "You Couldn't Come Back Now"
 47: "What's That I Hear?: The Songs of Phil Ochs," Various Artists (13)
        "After I'm Gone," Eric Anderson
        "Bracero," John Gorka
        "Changes," Nancy Tucker
        "Chords Of Fame," Agnelli-Rave And The Charmers
        "Crucifixion," David Massingill
        "Draft Dodger Rag," Tom Paxton
        "Freedom Riders," Kim And Reggie Harris And Magpie
        "Highwayman," Steve Gillette And Cindy Mangsen
        "Is There Anybody There," Sonia Rutstein
        "Outside Of A Small Circle Of Friends," Dave Van Ronk
        "Pleasures Of The Harbor," Rod Macdonald
        "Power And The Glory," Magpie
        "Tape From California," Greg Greenway

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