Top Folk Albums, Songs, Artists and Labels of July 2007 (with DJ list)

Compiled by Richard Gillmann from FOLKDJ-L radio playlists
Based on 13717 airplays from 142 different DJs

  1: "Your Town Tonight," Eliza Gilkyson [Red House, new] (81)
        "Green Fields"
        "Beauty Way"
        "Lights Of Santa Fe"
        "Bare Necessities"
        "Tender Mercies"
  2: "In Times Like These," Arlo Guthrie [Rising Son, new] (72)
        "In Times Like These"
        "Patriot's Dream"
        "City Of New Orleans"
        "Darkest Hour"
        "St. James Infirmary"
  3: "Letters From Sinners And Strangers," Eilen Jewell [Signature, 7/07] (54)
        "Dusty Boxcar Wall"
        "Too Hot To Sleep"
        "Rich Man's World"
  4: "Waterloo, Tennessee," Uncle Earl [Rounder, 3/07] (46)
        "Last Goodbye"
        "Wish I Had My Time Again"
        "Bony On The Isle Of St. Helena"
  5: "Big Old Life," Rani Arbo And Daisy Mayhem [Signature, 6/07] (45)
        "Joy Comes Back"
        "Red Haired Boy"
        "Farewell, Angelina"
  6: "Things Change," Emily Kurn [Self, new] (37)
        "If I Am American"
        "You Were Drunk"
        "Mississippi Moon"
  7: "Cimarron Manifesto," Jimmy Lafave [Red House, 5/07] (36)
        "This Land"
        "Catch The Wind"
        "Not Dark Yet"
  7: "Lines In The Dirt," Brad Colerick [Back 9, new] (36)
        "Sweet Corn"
        "Ring Of Fire"
        "Lines In The Dirt"
  9: "Dona Got A Ramblin' Mind," Carolina Chocolate Drops [Music Maker, 2/07] (32)
        "Another Man Done Gone"
        "Starry Crown"
  9: "The Spiritual Kind," Terri Hendrix [Wilory, new] (32)
        "Life's A Song"
        "Jim Thorpe's Blues"
        "What Is The Color Of The Soul"
 11: "Anchored In Love: A Tribute To June Carter Cash," Various Artists [Dualtone, 6/07] (30)
        "Far Side Banks Of Jordan," Patty Loveless And Kris Kristofferson
        "If I Were A Carpenter," Sheryl Crow And Willie Nelson
        "Road To Kaintuck," Billy Bob Thornton And The Peasall Sisters
 12: "The Banjo Monologues," Joel Mabus [Fossil, 5/07] (29)
        "Foreword Looking Back / The Dragonfly"
 12: "The Wounded Heart Of America," Tom Russell And Friends [Hightone, new] (29)
        "Sky Above And The Mud Below," Ramblin' Jack Elliott And Tom Russell
        "Veteran's Day," Johnny Cash
 14: "NeGrass," Laura Love [Octoroon Biography, 4/07] (28)
        "This Train / Ezekiel And The Wheel"
 14: "Over The Hills," Lucy Kaplansky [Red House, 3/07] (28)
        "Manhattan Moon"
 16: "Thanksgiving," Si Kahn [Strictly Country, 2/07] (27)
        "To Hear Doc Watson Play"
        "Who's Watching The Man"
 17: "Gospel Truth," Susan Werner [Sleeve Dog, 2/07] (26)
        "Heaven So Small"
        "Did Trouble Me"
 17: "Hop High," Crooked Still [Footprint, 2004] (26)
        "Orphan Girl"
        "Angeline The Baker"
 19: "Let Us Get Together," Marie Knight [M. C., new] (25)
        "12 Gates To The City"
        "Death Don't Have No Mercy"
        "Samson And Delilah"
 19: "Sweet Warrior," Richard Thompson [Shout Factory, 5/07] (25)
        "Sunset Song"
        "Johnny's Far Away"
 21: "Ef You Don't Watch Out," Anne Hills [Self, new] (24)
        "Little Orphant Annie"
        "Voice From The Farm"
 21: "When At Last," Russ Barenberg [Compass, new] (24)
        "Little Monk"
        "On Milo's Back"
 23: "South Of Delia," Richard Shindell [Self, 5/07] (23)
        "Northbound 35"
        "Mercy Street"
 24: "Blackberry Time," Jud Caswell [Alderdown, 5/07] (22)
        "Raven In The Apple Tree"
        "For Sale"
 24: "Col Arco," Daniel And Amy Carwile [Self, new] (22)
        "Cole's Waltz"
        "Exactly Like You"
        "Tates Creek/Brown County Breakdown"
 24: "In This Town," Annie And Rod Capps [Yellow Room, new] (22)
        "In This Town"
        "When My Time Comes"
        "I Will Try"
 24: "Sparrows In The Bell," The Pines [Red House, 6/07] (22)
        "Throw Me In The River"
        "Circle Around The Sun"
        "Without A Kiss"
 24: "Stars In My Crown," Jorma Kaukonen [Red House, 2/07] (22)
        "Late Breaking News"
        "Fur Peace Rag"
        "Will There Be Any Stars In My Crown?"
 29: "Black Water," Kris Drever [Compass, 10/06] (21)
        "Harvest Gypsies"
        "Steel And Stone"
 29: "Look Out!," Hackensaw Boys [Nettwerk, new] (21)
        "Gospel Plow"
 29: "Quartet," Peter Rowan And Tony Rice [Rounder, 1/07] (21)
        "Let The Harvest Go To Seed"
 29: "Room To Grow," Adrienne Young And Little Sadie [Addibelle, 5/07] (21)
        "All For Good"
        "River And A Dirt Road"
 29: "Summer's Voice," Arlon Bennett [Red Sea, new] (21)
        "Be The Change"
        "Summer's Voice"
        "Bandana Man"
 34: "Elana James," Elana James [Snarf, 2/07] (20)
        "20-4 Hours A Day"
        "Run Away With Me"
 34: "Firecracker," Wailin' Jennys [Red House, 6/06] (20)
        "Devil's Paintbrush Road"
 36: "Thinking Out Loud," Scott And Michelle Dalziel [DL Arts, 4/07] (19)
        "April 9, 1865"
        "Gravel Roads"
 36: "Try Me One More Time," David Bromberg [Appleseed, 2/07] (19)
        "Try Me One More Time"
        "Kind Hearted Woman"
 38: "Migrations," The Duhks [Sugar Hill, 9/06] (18)
        "3 Fishers"
        "Moses Don't Get Lost"
 38: "This Land Is Your Land: The Asch Recordings, Vol. 1," Woody Guthrie [Smithsonian/Folkways, 1997] (18)
        "This Land Is Your Land"
 40: "The Calling," Mary Chapin Carpenter [Zoe, 3/07] (17)
        "The Calling"
 40: "Dancing With A Ghost," Neal And Leandra [Uncle Gus, 4/07] (17)
        "Dancing With A Ghost"
        "This Road"
 40: "Plying My Trade," John Munro [Greentrax, 5/07] (17)
        "While I Am Here"
 43: "Folk Jazz Blues And Soul," Jory Nash [Thin Man, 2/07] (16)
        "Be Careful How You Break My Heart"
        "Summer Hunter"
 43: "Low Country Suite," King Wilkie [Zoe, 6/07] (16)
        "Wrecking Ball"
 43: "One Night In Louisiana," Randall Williams [Self, 4/07] (16)
        "I Will Come For You"
        "Spirit Of Amelia"
 43: "Shaken By A Low Sound," Crooked Still [Signature, 8/06] (16)
        "Ain't No Grave"
        "New Railroad"
 47: "Dreamers, Lovers And Outlaws," Siobhan Quinn And Michael Bowers [Roundhouse, 5/07] (15)
        "Let It Come"
 47: "Gaining Wisdom," Donna Hughes [Rounder, 2/07] (15)
        "Time After Time"
 47: "Golden West," Laurie Lewis And The Right Hands [Hightone, 9/06] (15)
        "Mourning Cloak"
        "Golden West"
 47: "One Tough Town," David Olney [Red Parlor, 4/07] (15)
        "Whistle Blow"
        "No Lies"
 47: "Wagonmaster," Porter Wagoner [Anti, 6/07] (15)
        "11 Cent Cotton"
 47: "We're Still Here," Work O' The Weavers [Worldwind, 5/07] (15)
        "My Peace"
 53: "Black And White," Cherryholmes [Skaggs Family, 6/07] (14)
        "Mansions Of Kings"
        "You Don't Know What Love Is"
 53: "Dance Of The Comedians," Simon Mayor And The Mandolinquents [Acoustics, new] (14)
        "Loch Lomond"
 53: "Here And There Now And Then," Gary Shearston [Rouseabout, new] (14)
        "It's On"
 53: "Live And In Session," Tannahill Weavers [Compass, 5/07] (14)
        "Dark Eyed Molly"
        "When The Kye Come Hame"
 53: "Pretty World," Sam Baker [Self, new] (14)
 53: "Rhapsody In Uke," The Stringbusters [Kennedys, new] (14)
        "Minor Swing"
 53: "River," Steve Fisher [Self, new] (14)
 53: "Sea Fever," John Roberts [Golden Hind, new] (14)
        "Sea Fever"
 53: "Strange Names And New Sensations," Steve Forbert [429, 6/07] (14)
        "30 More Years"
        "Middle Age"
 53: "Wilderness Plots," Various Artists [Rosehill, 3/07] (14)
        "Healing Waters," Carrie Newcomer
        "Aurora Means Dawn," Krista Detor And Tim Grimm
 63: "Three Score And Ten," Peggy Seeger [Appleseed, 2/07] (13)
        "Darling Annie"
        "Home Sweet Home"
 63: "Big Dreams," Liz Carlisle [Wildground, 5/07] (13)
        "Hey California"
 63: "Fire And Brimstone," Patty Booker [Label?, new] (13)
        "Hell I've Been Through"
        "Tomorrow Never Comes"
 63: "Great Big World," Lea [Self, 5/07] (13)
        "Everyone But Me"
 63: "Leave The Light On," Chris Smither [Signature, 9/06] (13)
        "Leave The Light On"
        "Origin Of Species"
 63: "Soul Journey," Gillian Welch [Acony, 2003] (13)
        "Look At Miss Ohio"
 63: "Standard Songs For Average People," John Prine And Mac Wiseman [Oh Boy, 4/07] (13)
        "I Forgot To Remember To Forget"
 63: "Viridian," The Greencards [Dualtone, 3/07] (13)
        "Lonesome Side Of Town"
        "When I Was In Love With You"

Compiled by Richard Gillmann from FOLKDJ-L radio playlists
Based on 13717 airplays from 142 different DJs

1. "Green Fields" (17)
        by Eliza Gilkyson
        from "Your Town Tonight"
2. "In Times Like These" (16)
        by Arlo Guthrie
        from "In Times Like These"
3. "Dusty Boxcar Wall" (12)
        by Eilen Jewell
        from "Letters From Sinners And Strangers"
4. "City Of New Orleans" (11)
        by Arlo Guthrie
        from "In Times Like These"
4. "This Land Is Your Land" (11)
        by Woody Guthrie
        from "This Land Is Your Land: The Asch Recordings, Vol. 1"
6. "If I Am American" (10)
        by Emily Kurn
        from "Things Change"
6. "Patriot's Dream" (10)
        by Arlo Guthrie
        from "In Times Like These"
8. "Bare Necessities" (9)
        by Eliza Gilkyson
        from "Your Town Tonight"
8. "Be The Change" (9)
        by Arlon Bennett
        from "Summer's Voice"
8. "Beauty Way" (9)
        by Eliza Gilkyson
        from "Your Town Tonight"
8. "Joy Comes Back" (9)
        by Rani Arbo And Daisy Mayhem
        from "Big Old Life"
8. "Last Goodbye" (9)
        by Uncle Earl
        from "Waterloo, Tennessee"
8. "Lights Of Santa Fe" (9)
        by Eliza Gilkyson
        from "Your Town Tonight"
8. "St. James Infirmary" (9)
        by Arlo Guthrie
        from "In Times Like These"
8. "This Land" (9)
        by Jimmy Lafave
        from "Cimarron Manifesto"
16. "Darkest Hour" (8)
        by Arlo Guthrie
        from "In Times Like These"
16. "Last Train" (8)
        by Arlo Guthrie
        from "In Times Like These"
16. "Little Monk" (8)
        by Russ Barenberg
        from "When At Last"
16. "Little Orphant Annie" (8)
        by Anne Hills
        from "Ef You Don't Watch Out"
16. "Medicine Man" (8)
        by Dan Janisch
        from "Medicine Man"
16. "Sweet Corn" (8)
        by Brad Colerick
        from "Lines In The Dirt"
16. "Tender Mercies" (8)
        by Eliza Gilkyson
        from "Your Town Tonight"
16. "Too Hot To Sleep" (8)
        by Eilen Jewell
        from "Letters From Sinners And Strangers"
16. "Tools For The Soul" (8)
        by Danny Flowers
        from "King Easy Radio Sampler"
        also "Tools For The Soul"
25. "All For Good" (7)
        by Adrienne Young And Little Sadie
        from "Room To Grow"
25. "Heaven So Small" (7)
        by Susan Werner
        from "Gospel Truth"
25. "In This Town" (7)
        by Annie And Rod Capps
        from "In This Town"
25. "Late Breaking News" (7)
        by Jorma Kaukonen
        from "Stars In My Crown"
25. "Lines In The Dirt" (7)
        by Brad Colerick
        from "Lines In The Dirt"
25. "Look At Miss Ohio" (7)
        by Gillian Welch
        from "Soul Journey"
25. "Perfection" (7)
        by Peter Rowan And Tony Rice
        from "Quartet"
25. "Radio" (7)
        by Hackensaw Boys
        from "Look Out"
25. "Rich Man's World" (7)
        by Eilen Jewell
        from "Letters From Sinners And Strangers"
25. "Ring Of Fire" (7)
        by Brad Colerick
        from "Lines In The Dirt"
25. "Saskatchewan" (7)
        by Laura Love
        from "NeGrass"
25. "Voice From The Farm" (7)
        by Anne Hills
        from "Ef You Don't Watch Out"

Compiled by Richard Gillmann from FOLKDJ-L radio playlists
Based on 13717 airplays from 142 different DJs

1. Eliza Gilkyson
2. Arlo Guthrie
3. Woody Guthrie
4. Eilen Jewell
5. Uncle Earl
6. Bob Dylan
7. Rani Arbo And Daisy Mayhem
7. Richard Shindell
9. Pete Seeger
10. Jimmy Lafave
11. Joel Mabus
11. Terri Hendrix
13. Crooked Still
13. Johnny Cash
15. Brad Colerick
16. Gillian Welch
17. Emily Kurn
18. Richard Thompson
19. Lucy Kaplansky
20. Carolina Chocolate Drops
20. Peter Rowan And Tony Rice
22. Laura Love
22. Si Kahn
22. Susan Werner
25. Dave Carter And Tracy Grammer
25. Wailin' Jennys
27. The Duhks
28. Alison Krauss
28. Emmylou Harris
28. Tom Paxton
31. Anne Hills
31. John Gorka
31. Laurie Lewis
34. Adrienne Young
34. Jorma Kaukonen
34. Lucinda Williams
34. Mary Chapin Carpenter
38. Bill Staines
38. Nanci Griffith
38. Tim O'Brien

Compiled by Richard Gillmann from FOLKDJ-L radio playlists
Based on 13717 airplays from 142 different DJs

1. Rounder
2. Red House
3. Compass
4. Columbia
5. Sugar Hill
6. Signature
7. Warner
8. Appleseed
9. Smithsonian/Folkways
10. Rising Son
11. Greentrax
11. Shanachie
13. Vanguard
14. Philo
15. Flying Fish
16. Hightone
17. Rhino
18. Borealis
19. Dualtone
19. Green Linnet
21. RCA
22. Nettwerk
23. Reprise
24. MCA
25. Rebel
26. Anti
27. Elektra
28. Sony
28. Waterbug
28. Wilory
31. Zoe
32. Music Maker
33. M. C.
34. Capitol
34. Folk-Legacy
34. Fossil
34. Nonesuch
38. Arhoolie
38. Yellow Room
38. Yep Roc

FOLK DJs - JULY 2007
Compiled by Richard Gillmann from FOLKDJ-L radio playlists
Based on 13717 airplays from 142 different DJs

Andrew Doerr (KCSB-FM, CA)
Angela Page (WJFF-FM, NY)
Annie Keville (WVBR-FM, NY)
Arthur Berman (CITR-FM, BC)
Arthur Dean (WCNI-FM, CT)
Arthur Elliott (4RED-FM, Australia)
Barry Parks (2HHH-FM, Australia)
Ben Sands (Clanrye-FM, Ireland)
Betsi Meissner (KXCI-FM, AZ)
Bill Hahn (WFDU-FM, NJ)
Bill Stuart (WFIT-FM, FL)
Bill Wagman (KDVS-FM, CA)
Blair Larsen (KUSU-FM & UPR, UT)
Bob Blackman (WKAR-FM, MI)
Bob Gregory (WRFL-FM, KY)
Bob McWilliams (KANU-FM & KPR, KS)
Brenda Tacik (CJTR-FM, SK)
Bruce Cameron (2MCE-FM, Australia)
Bryan French (KUMD-FM, MN)
Bud Johnson (syndicated, AK)
Charlie Backfish (WUSB-FM, NY)
Chrisana McGill (WSPN-FM, NY)
Cindy Funk (WYSO-FM, OH)
Dan Alloway (KTEP-FM, TX)
Dan Ross (KACI-FM, OR)
David Fuente, Jr. (WKSU-FM etc, OH)
David John (KTRU-FM, TX)
David Sears (WBGU-FM, OH)
Dennis Brunnenmeyer (KVMR-FM, CA)
Diane Karl (KBOO-FM etc, OR)
Don Jacobson (KBOO-FM, OR)
Doug Dick (WVGN-FM, VI)
Doug Tucker (KWVA-FM, OR)
Ed McDonald (WVMR-FM etc, WV)
Frank Gosar (KLCC-FM, OR)
Frank Hoppe (KCSN-FM, CA)
Fred Dolan (WJCU-FM, OH)
Gary Harrison (KVMR-FM, CA)
Gaye Auxier (WDBX-FM, IL)
Gene Shay (WXPN-FM, PA)
Gerd Stassen (EVW, Germany)
Ginger Hopper (KBCS-FM, WA)
Graham McDonald (ArtSound-FM, Australia)
Greg Schatzmann (CJLX-FM, ON)
Hal Durden (KBCS-FM, WA)
Harlon Joye (WRFG-FM, GA)
Heinrich Wesolly (Radio Neckarburg, Germany)
Henk de Weerd (5EBI-FM, Australia)
Henry Hallett (KXCI-FM, AZ)
Howard & Roz Larman (KPFK-FM & syndicated, CA)
Jamie Hoover (KSUT-FM, CO)
Jan Nary (4EB-FM, Australia)
Jeff Brown (KTOO-FM, AK)
Jeff Robson (CJUM-FM, MB)
Jenny Flux (2AIR-FM, Australia)
Jeremy Butler (WUAL-FM & APR, AL)
Jim Gilliland (WRUW-FM, OH)
Jim Marino (CFMU-FM, ON)
Jim Rogers (WIUP-FM, PA)
Jim Sigler (KUMR-FM, MO)
Jo Beattie (CFUR-FM, BC)
Joe Cline (WNCW-FM, NC)
Joe Colvin (WYSO-FM, OH)
Joel Wortzman (CKLN-FM, ON)
Johanna Halbeisen (WXOJ-FM, MA)
John Kalb (WSCL-FM, MD)
John Mazza (WNHU-FM, CT)
John McLaughlin (WMUC-FM, MD)
John Platt (WFUV-FM, NY)
John Sincock (KBCS-FM, WA)
John Trout (WYEP-FM, PA)
John Wright (WLUW-FM, IL)
Jon Stein (WTBQ-AM, NY)
Jude & Mart Fowler (2HHH-FM, Australia)
Judith Gennett (KPSU, OR)
Juliet Youngren (WEFT-FM, IL)
Jürgen Kramer (ZuSa, Germany)
Karen Rakos (KEUL-FM, AK)
Kate McNally (NHPR, NH)
Ken Batista (WYEP-FM, PA)
Kent Anderson (KCSC-FM, OK)
Kevin Elliott (WEFT-FM, IL)
Kevin Vance (KALW-FM, CA)
Larry Hoyt (WAER-FM, NY)
Laura Summerfield (2MAX-FM, Australia)
Laurie DesJardins (KVMR-FM, CA)
Len Holton (KUAR-FM, AR)
Leonard Epstein (KRFC-FM, CO)
Linda Bull (CITR-FM, BC)
Lyle D. Skinner (CJUM-FM, MB)
Maggie Ferguson (WXOU-FM, MI)
Mara Noelle (KVMR-FM, CA)
Mark Michaelis (WGDR-FM, VT)
Mark Pedersen (WOJB-FM, WI)
Mark Tobler (WTUL-FM, LA)
Matt Watroba (WDET-DM, MI)
Mel DeYoung (WPSU-FM, PA)
Menachem Vinegrad (Upper Galilee-FM, Israel)
Michael Alzo (WSLU-FM, NY)
Michael Stock (WLRN-FM, FL)
Mike Flynn (KUAF-FM & syndicated, AR)
Mike Regenstreif (CKUT-FM, QC)
Mitch Park (Kidnappers, New Zealand)
Naomi Soule and Terry Moses (KCLC-FM, MO)
Norman Whitman (WYSO-FM, OH)
Paul Hefti (cable FM, CA)
Paul Stamler (KDHX-FM, MO)
Peter Kernast (WTSR-FM, NJ)
Rainer Zellner (Radio Wueste Welle, Germany)
Randall Auxier (WDBX-FM, IL)
Randy Wynne (WMNF-FM, FL)
Ray Baumler (WRUR-FM, NY)
Rich Pietrzak (WPRK-FM, FL)
Rich Warren (WFMT-FM, XM & syndicated, IL)
Richard Gillmann (KBCS-FM, WA)
Robert Resnik (VPR, VT)
Robyne Fawx (KDVS-FM, CA)
Ron Olesko (WFDU-FM, NJ)
Sandy Stift (CJSR-FM, AB)
Sean Donovan (KBCS-FM, WA)
Sonja Hedlund (WJFF, NY)
Sonny Ochs (WRPI-FM, NY)
Steve Brockway (KRFC-FM, CO)
Steve Clarke (CHES-FM, ON)
Steve Edge (CITR-FM, BC)
Steve Jerrett (KOPN-FM, MO)
Steve Pritchard (CKLN-FM, ON)
Stu Weaver (WFCF-FM, FL)
Sue Kessell (WNUR-FM, IL)
Susan Forbes Hansen (WHUS-FM, CT)
Suzi Wollenberg (WVUD-FM, DE)
Taylor Caffery (WRKF-FM, LA)
Terry Hayden (WRPI-FM, NY)
Tom Bingham (WCVF-FM, NY)
Tom Coxworth (CKUA-FM, AB)
Tom Funk (KGLP-FM, NM)
Tom Martin-Erickson (WPR, WI)
Tom Pittman (KOOP & KUTX, TX)
Trevor Ruffell (Kidnappers, New Zealand)
Troy Tyree (WICN-FM, MA)
Valerie Cormier (CITR-FM, BC)
Wanda Fischer (WAMC & syndicated, NY)

These lists are compiled and posted to the FOLKDJ-L web site every month
(since October 1997).  The archive of past Top Album lists is available
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The process of compiling the Top Albums list is automated (I do hand
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One program parses each playlist as it comes in and adds it to a
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report. Playlists have to include artist, song and album name (label is
optional) and be in a reasonably regular format for my program to be able
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The Top Albums list is sorted in descending order by number of plays
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