Compiled by Richard Gillmann from FOLKDJ-L radio playlists
Based on 10194 airplays from 145 different DJs

  1: "Writing In The Margins," John Gorka [Red House, new] (59)
        "Writing In The Margins"
        "Road Of Good Intentions"
        "Chance Of Rain"
        "When You Sing"
  2: "Firecracker," Wailin' Jennys [Red House, 6/06] (54)
        "Devil's Paintbrush Road"
  3: "We Shall Overcome: The Seeger Sessions," Bruce Springsteen [Columbia, 4/06] (50)
        "Pay Me My Money Down"
        "Jesse James"
  4: "Invisible Man," Darrell Scott [Full Light, 6/06] (41)
        "Hank Williams' Ghost"
        "Goodle, Usa"
        "Invisible Man"
  4: "Unsung," Slaid Cleaves [Rounder, 5/06] (41)
        "Song For June"
        "Fairest Of Them All"
  6: "Folk Is The New Black," Janis Ian [Cooking Vinyl, 2/06] (37)
        "Great Divide"
        "Folk Is The New Black"
        "Standing In The Shadows Of Love"
  7: "Honey On My Grave," Abbie Gardner [Gimmie Some Ribs, 5/06] (36)
        "Ain't Misbehavin"
        "Honey On My Grave"
        "Sweet Georgia Pines"
  8: "All American Bluegrass Girl," Rhonda Vincent [Rounder, 6/06] (33)
        "All American Bluegrass Girl"
        "Heartbreaker's Alibi"
        "Rhythm Of The Wheels"
  9: "Seven Is The Number," Dave Carter And Tracy Grammer [Self, new] (32)
        "7 Is The Number"
        "Sarah Turn 'round"
  9: "Bad Girl Once," Deborah Holland [Rageon, new] (32)
        "Bad Girl Once"
        "Hard Times"
        "Sloop John B"
  9: "Songs For Bright Street," Amy Speace [Wildflower, 6/06] (32)
        "Row Row Row"
        "Step Out Of The Shade"
 12: "Being There," Steve Gillette And Cindy Mangsen [Compass, 4/06] (31)
        "High Cotton"
        "Road Through The Woods"
 12: "Life Grows Back," Sloan Wainwright [Derby Disc, 6/06] (31)
        "Tired Of Wasting Time"
        "Between The Lines"
        "When I Walk Away"
 14: "Laps In Seven," Sam Bush [Sugar Hill, 6/06] (27)
        "Bringing In The Georgia Mail"
        "Ridin' That Bluegrass Train"
        "Where There's A Road"
 15: "Curious Thing," Cormac McCarthy [Rakish Tilt, new] (26)
        "Asylum Of Your Arms"
        "Curious Thing In The Middle"
 15: "Just My Heart For You," Curtis And Loretta [Haymarket, 6/06] (26)
        "Harps In Heaven"
        "Ain't No Bugs On Me"
 15: "Midnight On The Water," David Mallett [North Road, new] (26)
        "Ballad Of The St. Anne's Reel"
        "Midnight On The Water"
 15: "Taking The Long Way," Dixie Chicks [Columbia, 5/06] (26)
        "I Hope"
        "Not Ready To Make Nice"
 19: "Blood Oranges," Ginn Sisters [Self, 6/06] (23)
        "Down The Drain"
        "I'm Clean"
 19: "Break Me Open," Johnsmith [Blue Pine, 4/06] (23)
        "Back To The Mystery"
        "So Here's To You"
        "Silver Creek"
 19: "Life Short Call Now," Bruce Cockburn [True North, new] (23)
        "Peace March"
        "This Is Baghdad"
        "Life Short Call Now"
 19: "My Remembrance Of You," Diana Jones [Newsong, 3/06] (23)
        "Hold On Me"
        "Pretty Girl"
        "Willow Tree"
 23: "Distant Land To Roam," Ralph Stanley [Columbia, 6/06] (22)
        "Distant Land To Roam"
        "I'm Thinking Tonight Of My Blue Eyes"
 23: "From The Pasture To The Future," The Waybacks [Compass, 4/06] (22)
        "Monkey Pants"
 23: "Roadside Saints," Zoe Mulford [Azalea City, 5/06] (22)
        "Angel In The Storm"
 26: "Adieu False Heart," Linda Ronstadt And Ann Savoy [Vanguard, new] (21)
        "Adieu False Heart"
        "I Can't Get Over You"
 26: "Personal File," Johnny Cash [Columbia, 5/06] (21)
        "Letter Egded In Black"
 26: "Strange Conversation," Kris Delmhorst [Signature, 6/06] (21)
        "We'll Go No More A-Roving"
        "Light Of The Light"
 26: "Workbench Songs," Guy Clark [Dualtone, new] (21)
        "Walkin' Man"
 30: "Accidental Pilgrimage," Jen Cass [Blind Justice, 4/06] (19)
        "Dear Mr. President"
 30: "Hillbilly Heartache," Don Rigsby And Midnight Call [Rebel, new] (19)
        "Daddy Was A Moonshine Man"
        "Make God Laugh"
 30: "Suitable Disguise," Michael Lille [Downstream, 6/06] (19)
        "Born To Be Wild"
        "Can't You Hear The Whistle Blow"
 33: "American V: A Hundred Highways," Johnny Cash [American, new] (18)
        "4 Strong Winds"
        "Like The 309"
 33: "Angels Castles Covers," Vance Gilbert [Disismye, new] (18)
        "Heaven Help Us All"
        "Case Of You"
 33: "Big Dream Boulevard," Antje Duvekot [Black Wolf, 5/06] (18)
        "Diamond On Your Hand"
 33: "I Stand Alone," Ramblin' Jack Elliott [Anti, 6/06] (18)
        "Careless Darling"
 37: "American Favorite Ballads," Pete Seeger [Smithsonian/Folkways, 2002] (17)
        "America The Beautiful"
 37: "A Few Simple Verses," James Keelaghan [Jericho Beach, new] (17)
        "My Blood"
        "Sweet Thames Flow Softly"
 37: "I'm A Mountain," Sarah Harmer [Cold Snap, 11/05] (17)
        "I Am Aglow"
        "I'm A Mountain"
 40: "A Flying Leap," James Hill [Borealis, 4/06] (16)
        "Down Rideau Canal"
        "Little Wing"
 40: "Ghost Repeater," Jeffrey Foucault [Signature, 5/06] (16)
        "Ghost Repeater"
        "Mesa, Arizona"
 40: "Hush," Pauline Scanlon [Compass, new] (16)
        "Demon Lover"
 40: "Land Of Milk And Honey," Eliza Gilkyson [Red House, 2004] (16)
        "Peace Call"
        "Hiway 9"
 40: "Live At Coalesce," Darryl Purpose With Julie Beaver [Gambler's Grace, 5/06] (16)
        "Ghost Of Crazy Horse"
 40: "Shaken By A Low Sound," Crooked Still [Signature, new] (16)
        "Come On In My Kitchen"
        "New Railroad"
        "Wind And Rain"
 40: "Stone And Sand And Sea And Sky," Penny Lang [Borealis, 6/06] (16)
        "Careless Love"
 40: "Vista," David Wilcox [W. A. R, 5/06] (16)
        "Wilford Brandon Hayes"
 48: "Drum Hat Buddha," Dave Carter And Tracy Grammer [Signature, 2001] (15)
        "Tillman County"
        "Gentle Arms Of Eden"
 48: "The Great Divide," Eric Taylor [Blue Ruby, 1/06] (15)
        "Bonnie And Avery"
        "The Great Divide"
 48: "Laughing In The Face Of The Blues," Jack Williams [Wind River, 10/05] (15)
        "Lay Down By The Water"
 48: "Lost John Dean," Kieran Kane, Kevin Welch And Fats Kaplin [Compass, 5/06] (15)
        "Postcard From Mexico"
        "I Can't Wait"
 48: "Sail Away: The Songs Of Randy Newman," Various Artists [Sugar Hill, 5/06] (15)
        "Sail Away," Tim O'Brien
        "Louisiana 1927," Sonny Landreth
 48: "Say I Am You," The Weepies [Nettwerk, 3/06] (15)
        "World Spins Madly On"
        "Gotta Have You"
 48: "We Will Be Together," David Massengill [Gadfly, new] (15)
        "Dave Van Ronk's Last Cigar"
        "Talking Dave Van Ronk Blues"
 55: "Departure," The Mammals [Signature, 2/06] (14)
        "Kiss The Break Of Day"
        "Follow Me To Carthage"
 55: "New Day," Claire Lynch [Rounder, 3/06] (14)
        "Be Ready To Sail"
 55: "Spinning," Claudia Schmidt [Self, 6/06] (14)
        "Moment They Knew"
 55: "Spooked," Marley's Ghost [Sage Arts, 2/06] (14)
        "Palms Of Victory"
        "Sail Away, Ladies"
 55: "Underdog," Wishing Chair [Self, 5/05] (14)
        "Bully Circus"
        "Sue Mundy"
 60: "A Different Life," Emily Smith [White Fall, new] (13)
        "Lochmaben Harper"
 60: "For The Living Of These Days," Kate Campbell [Large River, new] (13)
        "Would They Love Him Down In Shreveport"
 60: "Knuckleball Suite," Peter Mulvey [Signature, 4/06] (13)
 60: "Let 'er Go, Boys!," Michael Cleveland [Rounder, 5/06] (13)
        "Bright And Early"
 60: "Love And Fear," Tom Russell [Hightone, 2/06] (13)
        "It Goes Away"
 60: "Tulips For Lunch," Chuck Brodsky [Waterbug, 2/06] (13)
        "In The Beginning"
        "2 Left Feet"
 60: "West Of The West," Dave Alvin [Yep Roc, 5/06] (13)
        "Here In California"
 67: "Follow You Down," Caroline Doctorow [Narrow Lane, new] (12)
        "One Too Many Mornings"
 67: "Postcards," Peter Ostroushko [Red House, 6/06] (12)
        "Manassas Junction"
 67: "Skunkmello," Guy Davis [Red House, 4/06] (12)
        "Uncle Tom Is Dead"
 67: "Tanglewood Tree," Dave Carter And Tracy Grammer [Signature, 2000] (12)
        "Tanglewood Tree"


Compiled by Richard Gillmann from FOLKDJ-L radio playlists
Based on 10194 airplays from 145 different DJs

1. "7 Is The Number" (14)
        by Dave Carter And Tracy Grammer
        from "Seven Is The Number"
2. "All American Bluegrass Girl" (11)
        by Rhonda Vincent
        from "All American Bluegrass Girl"
3. "Bad Girl Once" (10)
        by Deborah Holland
        from "Bad Girl Once"
3. "Devil's Paintbrush Road" (10)
        by Wailin' Jennys
        from "Firecracker"
3. "Great Divide" (10)
        by Janis Ian
        from "Folk Is The New Black"
3. "Row Row Row" (10)
        by Amy Speace
        from "Songs For Bright Street"
3. "Tired Of Wasting Time" (10)
        by Sloan Wainwright
        from "Life Grows Back"
3. "Writing In The Margins" (10)
        by John Gorka
        from "Writing In The Margins"
9. "Folk Is The New Black" (9)
        by Janis Ian
        from "Folk Is The New Black"
10. "Peace Call" (8)
        by Eliza Gilkyson
        from "Land Of Milk And Honey"
10. "4 Strong Winds" (8)
        by Johnny Cash
        from "American V. A Hundred Highways"
10. "I Hope" (8)
        by Dixie Chicks
        from "Taking The Long Way"
10. "Pay Me My Money Down" (8)
        by Bruce Springsteen
        from "We Shall Overcome: The Seeger Sessions"
10. "Road Of Good Intentions" (8)
        by John Gorka
        from "Writing In The Margins"
10. "Step Out Of The Shade" (8)
        by Amy Speace
        from "Songs For Bright Street"
10. "Water In The Desert" (8)
        by Tena Moyer
        from "Water In The Desert"
10. "When The War Is Won" (8)
        by Mission Street Project
        from "When The War Is Won"
18. "Chance Of Rain" (7)
        by John Gorka
        from "Writing In The Margins"
18. "Hank Williams' Ghost" (7)
        by Darrell Scott
        from "Invisible Man"
18. "Hard Times" (7)
        by Deborah Holland
        from "Bad Girl Once"
18. "Motorway" (7)
        by The Waybacks
        from "From The Pasture To The Future"
18. "Swallow" (7)
        by Wailin' Jennys
        from "Firecracker"
18. "When You Sing" (7)
        by John Gorka
        from "Writing In The Margins"
24. "Adieu False Heart" (6)
        by Linda Ronstadt And Ann Savoy
        from "Adieu False Heart"
24. "Back To The Mystery" (6)
        by Johnsmith
        from "Break Me Open"
24. "Dear Mr. President" (6)
        by Jen Cass
        from "Accidental Pilgrimage"
24. "Firecracker" (6)
        by Wailin' Jennys
        from "Firecracker"
24. "Fishing" (6)
        by Cormac McCarthy
        from "Curious Thing"
24. "Goodle, Usa" (6)
        by Darrell Scott
        from "Invisible Man"
24. "Heaven Help Us All" (6)
        by Vance Gilbert
        from "Angels Castles Covers"
24. "Homelessness" (6)
        by Steve Gillette And Cindy Mangsen
        from "Being There"
24. "Invisible Man" (6)
        by Darrell Scott
        from "Invisible Man"
24. "Johnny And June" (6)
        by Truckstop Honeymoon
        from "Delivery Boy"
24. "Kiss The Break Of Day" (6)
        by The Mammals
        from "Departure"
24. "Lay Down By The Water" (6)
        by Jack Williams
        from "Laughing In The Face"
24. "Lockkeeper" (6)
        by John Gorka
        from "Writing In The Margins"
24. "Sail Away" (6)
        by Tim O'Brien
        from "Sail Away: The Songs Of Randy Newman"
24. "Shattered Cross" (6)
        by Darrell Scott
        from "Invisible Man"
24. "Sloop John B" (6)
        by Deborah Holland
        from "Bad Girl Once"
24. "So Here's To You" (6)
        by Johnsmith
        from "Break Me Open"
24. "Song For June" (6)
        by Slaid Cleaves
        from "Unsung"
24. "This Land Is Your Land" (6)
        by Woody Guthrie
        from "This Land Is Your Land: The Asch Recordings, Vol. 1"
24. "Wilford Brandon Hayes" (6)
        by David Wilcox
        from "Vista"
24. "Willow Tree" (6)
        by Diana Jones
        from "My Remembrance Of You"


Compiled by Richard Gillmann from FOLKDJ-L radio playlists
Based on 10194 airplays from 145 different DJs

1. Dave Carter And Tracy Grammer
2. John Gorka
3. Johnny Cash
4. Wailin' Jennys
5. Bruce Springsteen
6. Darrell Scott
7. Slaid Cleaves
8. Janis Ian
9. Bruce Cockburn
10. Abbie Gardner
10. Deborah Holland
12. Guy Clark
12. Rhonda Vincent
14. Pete Seeger
15. Steve Gillette And Cindy Mangsen
16. Curtis And Loretta
16. David Mallett
16. Sam Bush
16. Sloan Wainwright
20. Amy Speace
20. Eliza Gilkyson
20. Kate Campbell
23. Dixie Chicks
23. The Waybacks
25. Bob Dylan
25. Cormac McCarthy
25. James Keelaghan
25. Johnsmith
29. Ralph Stanley
29. Tom Russell
31. Diana Jones
32. Kris Delmhorst
33. Dave Alvin
34. Cheryl Wheeler
34. Jack Williams
34. John Prine
34. Tim O'Brien
38. Ginn Sisters
38. Linda Ronstadt And Ann Savoy
38. Ramblin' Jack Elliott
38. Robert Earl Keen
38. Zoe Mulford


Compiled by Richard Gillmann from FOLKDJ-L radio playlists
Based on 10194 airplays from 145 different DJs

1. Rounder
2. Red House
3. Columbia
4. Compass
5. Sugar Hill
6. Signature
7. Smithsonian/Folkways
8. Warner
9. Vanguard
10. Borealis
10. Philo
12. Flying Fish
12. Rebel
14. Appleseed
15. Hightone
16. Rhino
17. Greentrax
18. Shanachie
19. Green Linnet
19. Pinecastle
21. RCA
22. Folk-Legacy
22. Waterbug
24. Gadfly
24. Wind River
26. Sony
26. True North
28. Dualtone
29. Nettwerk
29. Reprise
31. MCA
32. Alligator
32. Full Light
34. Capitol
35. Koch
36. Elektra
37. Arhoolie
37. Yep Roc
39. Skaggs Family
40. Mercury

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