Compiled by Richard Gillmann from FOLKDJ-L radio playlists
Based on 12694 airplays.

  1: "Tribute To John Hartford: Live From Mountain Stage," Various Artists (85)
        "Gentle On My Mind," Kathy Mattea And Tim O'Brien (23)
        "In Tall Buildings," Gillian Welch (13)
        "Give Me The Flowers While I'm Living," John Hartford (12)
        "Me And My Fiddle," John Hartford (7)
        "Watching The River Go By," John Hartford (6)
        "Boys From North Carolina," John Hartford (5)
        "Dark As A Dungeon," John Cowan (4)
        "On The Road," Bela Fleck (4)
        "More Love," Tim O'Brien (3)
        "Savannah Rag," Norman Blake (3)
        "In The Heart Of The Cross Eyed Child," John Hartford (2)
        "Billy The Kid," Riders In The Sky
        "Cross-Eyed Child," John Hartford
        "Who Cut Your Heart Out?," Jamie Hartford Band
  2: "Drum Hat Buddha," Dave Carter And Tracy Grammer (81)
        "Highway 80" (14)
        "Gentle Arms Of Eden" (13)
        "Ordinary Town" (13)
        "I Go Like The Raven" (8)
        "Love The Magician" (7)
        "Power And Glory" (5)
        "236-6132" (4)
        "Disappearing Man" (4)
        "Merlin's Lament" (4)
        "Tillman Co" (4)
        "Gentle Soldier Of My Soul" (3)
        "41 Thunderer"
        "Go Like The Raven"
  2: "State Of Grace," Pierce Pettis (81)
        "State Of Grace" (17)
        "Rise From The Ruins" (11)
        "Georgia Moon" (10)
        "Long Way Back Home" (7)
        "Mountaineer Is Always Free" (7)
        "Nothing But The Truth" (6)
        "Down In The Flood" (5)
        "We Will Meet Again" (5)
        "Little River Canyon" (4)
        "All In Good Time" (3)
        "Moontown" (3)
        "I've Got A Hope" (2)
        "Crying Ground"
  4: "Avalon Blues: A Tribute to the Music of Mississippi John Hurt," Various Artists (74)
        "Beulah Land," Gillian Welch (9)
        "Frankie And Albert," Chris Smither (9)
        "Chicken," Geoff Muldaur (7)
        "I'm Satisfied," John Hiatt (7)
        "Angels Laid Him Away," Lucinda Williams (6)
        "Sliding Delta," Ben Harper (6)
        "Candy Man," Steve Earle W/Justin Earle (5)
        "My Creole Belle," Taj Mahal (5)
        "Pay Day," Bill Morrissey (5)
        "Avalon, My Home Town," Bruce Cockburn (4)
        "Monday Morning Blues," Peter Case And David Alvin (4)
        "Here Am I, Oh Lord, Send Me," Alvin Youngblood Hart (2)
        "Make Me Down A Pallet On Your Floor," Mark Selby (2)
        "Stagolee," Beck (2)
        "Creole Belle," Taj Mahal
  5: "Under American Skies," Tom Paxton And Anne Hills (62)
        "Manzanar" (10)
        "There Goes The Mountain" (6)
        "Under American Skies" (6)
        "Well, Well, Well" (6)
        "Follow That Road" (5)
        "Gettin' Up Early" (5)
        "God Bless The Grass" (5)
        "And Lovin' You" (4)
        "Carry It On" (4)
        "Links In The Chain" (4)
        "Shadow Crossing The Land" (3)
        "Birmingham Sunday" (2)
        "Early In The Morning"
        "Pandora's Box"
  6: "Little Lights," Kate Rusby (55)
        "I Courted A Sailor" (11)
        "Who Will Sing Me Lullabies" (10)
        "Withered And Died" (7)
        "William And Davy" (6)
        "Matt Hyland" (5)
        "Merry Green Broom" (5)
        "Playing Of Ball" (3)
        "Some Tyrant" (3)
        "Cannan's Land" (2)
        "Let The Cold Wind Blow" (2)
        "My Young Man"
  7: "Songcatcher Soundtrack," Various Artists (54)
        "When Love Is New," Dolly Parton And Emmy Rossum (12)
        "Cuckoo Bird," Deanna Carter (6)
        "Pretty Saro," Iris Dement (6)
        "Barbara Allen," Emmy Rossum (5)
        "Fair And Tender Ladies," Rosanne Cash (5)
        "Moonshiner," Allison Moorer (4)
        "Wind And Rain," Gillian Welch, David Rawlings And David Steele (4)
        "All My Tears," Julie Miller (3)
        "Sounds Of Loneliness," Patty Loveless (3)
        "Wayfarin' Stranger," Maria Mckee (2)
        "Conversation With Death," Hazel Dickens, David Patrick Kelly, Bobby McMillen
        "Mary Of The Wild Moor," Sara Evans
        "Pat Carroll," Single Girl
        "Single Girl," Pat Carroll
  7: "The Storm Still Rages," Rhonda Vincent (54)
        "Cry Of The Whippoorwill" (12)
        "Is The Grass Any Bluer" (10)
        "I'm Not Over You" (8)
        "Bluegrass Express" (7)
        "Drivin' Nails In My Coffin" (5)
        "You Don't Love God, If You Don't Love Your Neighbor" (4)
        "My Sweet Love Ain't Around" (3)
        "Someone I Used To Know" (2)
        "Don't Lie"
        "Each Season Changes You"
        "Just Someone I Use To Know"
  9: "Eternal And Lowdown," Ray Wylie Hubbard (53)
        "Sugar Cane" (10)
        "Three Days Straight" (9)
        "After All These Years" (7)
        "Black Dog" (5)
        "Mississippi Flush" (5)
        "Sleep Of The Just" (5)
        "Didn't Have A Prayer" (4)
        "Don't Bother Asking Me" (3)
        "Nighttime" (3)
        "Weevils" (2)
 10: "O Brother, Where Art Thou? Soundtrack," Soggy Bottom Boys (47)
        "I Am A Man Of Constant Sorrow" (12)
        "In The Jailhouse Now" (5)
        "Man Of Constant Sorrow" (5)
        "Down To The River To Pray," Alison Krauss (4)
        "I'll Fly Away," Alison Krauss And Gillian Welch (4)
        "Angel Band," Stanley Brothers (2)
        "Big Rock Candy Mountain," Harry McClintock (2)
        "Didn't Leave Nobody But The Baby," Emmylou Harris, Allison Kraus And Gillian Welch (2)
        "I Am Weary Let Me Rest," Cox Family (2)
        "Keep On The Sunny Side," Whites (2)
        "Oh Death," Ralph Stanley (2)
        "You Are My Sunshine," Norman Blake (2)
        "Indian Whoop," John Hartford
        "Of Constant Sorrow/ O," John Hartford/ Man
        "Po Lazarus," James Carter And The Prisoners
 10: "Quick," Eddie From Ohio (47)
        "Quick" (10)
        "Candido And America" (6)
        "Best Of Me" (5)
        "Great Day" (5)
        "Number 6 Driver" (5)
        "Tommy The Canexican" (5)
        "Hey Little Man" (4)
        "Cantering On Fool" (3)
        "Let's Get Mesolithic"
        "One Thousand Sarahs"
 12: "Burnin' Moonlight," Albert And Gage (46)
        "Up Up Up" (10)
        "Tumbleweed" (6)
        "Time Flies" (5)
        "Burnin' Moonlight" (4)
        "My Life" (4)
        "Forever Young" (3)
        "Hey Jimmy" (3)
        "I Used To Be Lonesome" (3)
        "Life Is A Miracle" (3)
        "Standing At The Wall" (3)
        "I'll Be There For You"
        "Small Southern Town," Missy Raines And Jim Hurst
 13: "Essence," Lucinda Williams (42)
        "Get Right With God" (9)
        "Bus To Baton Rouge" (7)
        "Blue" (6)
        "I Envy The Wind" (5)
        "Out Of Touch" (5)
        "Lonely Girls" (4)
        "Reason To Cry" (2)
        "Steal Your Love" (2)
        "Broken Butterflies"
 14: "Del And The Boys," Del McCoury Band (37)
        "1952 Vincent Black Lightning" (8)
        "Bluegrass Country" (6)
        "Goldbricken" (6)
        "Gone But Not Forgotten" (6)
        "All Aboard" (3)
        "Learnin' The Blues" (3)
        "Good Man" (2)
        "Count Me Out"
        "King's Shilling"
        "Travelin Teardrop Blues"
 15: "Arovertherapy," Les Barker (36)
        "Guide Cats For The Blind" (8)
        "Weakest Link" (7)
        "Arnold" (4)
        "Spot The Zebra" (3)
        "Ancient" (2)
        "Chronology" (2)
        "Inconsonants" (2)
        "Stamped Addressed Antelope" (2)
        "Voicemail" (2)
        "Blessed Are The Meek"
        "Last But One Of He Mohicans"
        "Reinstalling Windows"
 15: "Clock Without Hands," Nanci Griffith (36)
        "Armstrong" (6)
        "Pearl's Eye View" (5)
        "Roses On The 4th Of July" (5)
        "Clock Without Hands" (4)
        "Where Would I Be" (4)
        "Lost Him In The Sun" (3)
        "Ghost Inside Of Me" (2)
        "Last Song For Mother" (2)
        "Truly Something Fine" (2)
        "In The Wee Small Hours"
        "Midnight In Missoula"
        "Traveling Through This Part Of You"
 15: "Crazy Time," One Fell Swoop (36)
        "Broke Down" (7)
        "Rails" (5)
        "Water's Deep" (5)
        "Black Ice" (3)
        "Way Out West" (3)
        "Chester And The Tarot Card Queen" (2)
        "Darkest Days" (2)
        "Missouri Roads" (2)
        "Spike Driver's Blues Revisited" (2)
        "Wreck Of The Old 33 1/3" (2)
        "East Side Waltz"
        "Grand Design"
        "Sweet Relief"
 15: "A Nod To Bob," Various Artists (36)
        "All Along The Watchtower," Tom Landa And The Paperboys (5)
        "Clothes Line Saga," Suzzy And Maggie Roche (4)
        "Don't Think Twice, It's All Right," Ramblin Jack Elliott (4)
        "It Ain't Me, Babe," Lucy Kaplansky (4)
        "Boots Of Spanish Leather," Martin Simpson (3)
        "Pledging My Time," Greg Brown (3)
        "Delia," Ramblin Jack Elliot (2)
        "Girl From The North Country," John Gorka (2)
        "Love Minus Zero/No Limit," Eliza Gilkyson (2)
        "Sweetheart Like You," Guy Davis (2)
        "Dieu A Nos Cotes," Hart Rouge
        "I Want You," Cliff Eberhardt
        "Love Minuse Zero," Eliza Gilkyson
        "Restless Farewell," Norman Blake And Peter Ostroushko
        "Tomorrow Is A Long Time," Rosalie Sorrels
 19: "Another Saturday Night," Dudley Connell And Don Rigsby (35)
        "Ballad Of Ira Hayes" (7)
        "Hollis Brown" (6)
        "I Can't Forget" (4)
        "I'll Take The Chance" (3)
        "Where Is My Sailor Boy" (3)
        "You May Sing Of The Beauties" (3)
        "Another Saturday Night" (2)
        "I'm Beside Myself" (2)
        "Ballad Of Hollis Brown"
        "Dreams Of Home"
        "Let Me Fly Low"
        "So Sad"
        "Too Late"
 20: "Borderland," Tom Russell (34)
        "Touch Of Evil" (6)
        "When Sinatra Played Juarez" (5)
        "Down The Rio Grande" (4)
        "Road It Gives, The Road It Takes Away" (3)
        "Santa Fe At Midnight" (3)
        "What Work Is" (3)
        "California Snow" (2)
        "Hills Of Old Juarez" (2)
        "Let It Go" (2)
        "Next Thing Smokin'" (2)
        "Where The Dream Begins" (2)
 20: "You Are Here," Gina Forsyth (34)
        "You Are Here" (11)
        "J'ai Fait Tout Le Tour De Brand Bois" (3)
        "Texas Waltz" (3)
        "Don't Move Back" (2)
        "Everywhere I Am" (2)
        "Monday Morning Stretch" (2)
        "My Name Is Mud" (2)
        "Somewhere Off The Foot Of This Mountain" (2)
        "Sweetest Sound" (2)
        "Hide Your Face"
        "Lumber Song"
        "Old Fashioned Waltz"
        "See's Looking For Dave"
        "Turning Pages," Andrew McKnight
 22: "Two A Roue," Jez Lowe And Jake Walton (32)
        "Patrik's Song/Dance" (4)
        "Trees" (4)
        "Appleby Gallop" (3)
        "Ballad Of Johnny Collier" (3)
        "Brockie Lads" (3)
        "Gold And Silver" (3)
        "Spinning Of The Wheel" (3)
        "Todd's Dance / Monferrina" (3)
        "Over Seal Sands" (2)
        "Galacian Dances"
        "Japs And English"
        "Patrik's Song-Dance/ Tantobie"
 23: "Great Sad River," Harvey Reid And Joyce Andersen (31)
        "Mississippi You're On My Mind" (5)
        "Well Well Well" (5)
        "Will You Go To The Sea" (5)
        "Great Sad River" (4)
        "Moonshiner's Blues" (4)
        "Fourth Of July" (2)
        "Rose Of Allendale" (2)
        "Farther Along"
        "Road To Hiram"
        "Stand Clear"
        "Torn Screen Door"
 23: "Mountain Soul," Patty Loveless (31)
        "Boys Are Back In Town" (6)
        "Rise Up Lazarus" (4)
        "Soul Of Constant Sorrow" (4)
        "Daniel Prayed" (3)
        "Pretty Little Miss" (3)
        "Two Coats" (2)
        "Cheap Whiskey" (2)
        "Someone I Used To Know" (2)
        "You'll Never Leave Harlan Alive" (2)
        "I Know You Are Married"
        "Sorrowful Angels"
        "Sounds Of Loneliness"
 23: "Reflections," Chet Atkins And Doc Watson (31)
        "Dill Pickle Rag" (8)
        "Me And Chet Made A Record" (7)
        "On My Way To Canaan's Land" (4)
        "Texas Gales/Old Joe Clark" (4)
        "Flatt Did It" (2)
        "Goodnight Waltz" (2)
        "Chet And Me Made A Record"
        "I'm On My Way To Canaan's Land"
        "Tennessee And Beaumont Rags" (2)
 23: "Sara And The Sea," Tim Harrison (31)
        "Gonna Ride That Train" (7)
        "When I'm Gone" (6)
        "Sara And The Sea" (5)
        "Ghosts On Pei" (3)
        "Lisa's Waltz" (3)
        "No Percentage In Bitter" (2)
        "One Woman" (2)
        "Lisa's Waltz And When I'm Gone"
        "Prayer Watching"
        "This Song's For You"
 27: "And Then I'm Going Home," Atwater And Donnelly (30)
        "Bright Morning Stars" (4)
        "Lord Franklin" (3)
        "Prodigal Son" (3)
        "Uncle Boo Boo Story #1" (3)
        "Angel Band" (2)
        "The Devil And The Farmer's Wife" (2)
        "The Scotsman" (2)
        "Two Sisters" (2)
        "Uncle Boo Boo Story #2" (2)
        "Young Man Who Wouldn't Raise Corn" (2)
        "Four Marys"
        "Bright Morning Stars"
        "Drowned Lovers"
        "We'll Camp A Little While In The Wilderness"
 27: "Evening Comes Early," John Doyle (30)
        "Crooked Jack" (5)
        "Blue Diamond Mines" (4)
        "Crowley's/Johnny D's Reels" (4)
        "North Sea Holes" (4)
        "Sovay" (3)
        "Morning Dew And The Morning Star" (2)
        "Pretty Saro" (2)
        "Dark Slender Boy," Sean Doyle And John Doyle
        "Early In The Spring"
        "My Parents Raised Me Tenderly"
        "Wheels Of The World," John Doyle W/Karan Casey
        "Willie Riley"
        "Young Tom Ennis/Etc"
 27: "White Horses," William Pint And Felicia Dale (30)
        "Cape Cod Girls" (5)
        "Metal Man/White Horses" (5)
        "Across The Western Ocean" (4)
        "Davy Lowston" (4)
        "Humors Of Ballyconnell/Tom Of The Mountains" (2)
        "One More Day" (2)
        "Twiddles" (2)
        "Jack The Jolly Tar"
        "Johnny Todd"
        "Leave Her, Johnny"
        "Metal Man-White Horses Are Calling Me"
        "Pique La Baleine/An Dro"
 30: "Afterimage," Hilary Spencer (28)
        "Why Am I Painting The Living Room?" (6)
        "My Husband's Got No Porridge In Him" (4)
        "Eleanor Rigby" (3)
        "History Man" (3)
        "Willy Went To Sea" (3)
        "And I Will Lead You/ Self" (2)
        "I Once Lived In Service" (2)
        "Never Be The Sun" (2)
        "Frobisher Bay"
        "Slowing Down To Lethargy"
        "Twa Magicians"
 30: "Folkscene Collection, Volume III," Various Artists (28)
        "Clearing In The Forest," Kate Wolf (6)
        "Way Over Yonder In The Minor Key," Joel Rafael Band (4)
        "Crow On The Cradle," Jackson Browne (3)
        "Minglewood Blues," David Lindley And Wally Ingram (3)
        "Walkin' On The Moon," Katy Moffatt And Rosie Flores (3)
        "Music In My Room," Cheryl Wheeler (2)
        "See Me When You Can," Guy Davis (2)
        "At Seventeen," Janis Ian
        "Huron beltane' Fire Dance," Loreena McKennitt
        "Last Chance To Dance," Alpha Band
        "Our Town," Iris Dement
        "Take Off Your Old Coat," Eliza Gilkyson
 30: "Little Sparrow," Dolly Parton (28)
        "Seven Bridges Road" (7)
        "Little Sparrow" (6)
        "Bluer Pastures" (4)
        "Marry Me" (4)
        "Shine" (3)
        "Down From Dover" (2)
        "I Don't Believe You've Met My Baby"
        "I Get A Kick Out Of You"
 30: "No Song Left To Sell," Fred Koller (28)
        "Jennifer Johnson And Me" (5)
        "Honey Always" (4)
        "Little Green Buttons" (4)
        "Happy Caucasian" (3)
        "Whiplash Will" (3)
        "Don't Knock The Music" (2)
        "Goodnight Little Houseplant" (2)
        "Lovely Margarita"
        "Make It Pretty"
        "Remember My Song"
        "Sweet And Simple Things"
 34: "Full Circle," Vassar Clements (25)
        "White Room" (4)
        "Hard Hearted" (3)
        "Makin' Music Macon Georgia Style" (3)
        "When The Golden Leaves Begin To Fall" (3)
        "Yesterday" (3)
        "I've Just Seen A Face" (2)
        "Your Love Is Like A Flower" (2)
        "Face Lost In The Crowd"
        "In The White Room"
        "Mr. Bojangles"
        "Old Home Place"
        "Tall Timber"
 34: "Paradox Of Grace," Don Conoscenti (25)
        "Beautiful Valley" (5)
        "Vigilante Man" (5)
        "Red Man Sky" (3)
        "All In Time" (2)
        "Molly" (2)
        "Only The Truth" (2)
        "Other Side" (2)
        "Paradox Of Grace" (2)
        "Texas Moon" (2)
 36: "Songs And Ballads Of Hattie Mae Tyler Cargill," Various Artists (24)
        "Come All Ye Fair And Tender Ladies," Debra Cowan, Acie Cargill, Susan Brown (5)
        "Dear Companion," Debra Cowan (3)
        "My Kentucky Home," Acie Cargill (3)
        "I Wish I Was Single Again," Susan Brown (2)
        "Sweet William And Lady Margaret," Debra Cowan-Acie Cargill-Susan Brown (2)
        "Waggonner's Lad," Debra Cowan, Acie Cargill And Susan Brown (2)
        "Carol Of The Cherry Tree," Susan Brown
        "Dark-Skinned Davey," Debra Cowan
        "Fair Ellender," Debra Cowan And Acie Cargill
        "Keep Your Garden Clean," Debra Cowan
        "Lord Thomas ; Fair Ellendor," Acie Cargill And Debra Cowan
        "Lover's Proof," Debra Cowan/Acie Cargill
        "My Wedding Day," Debra Cowan, Acie Cargill, Susan Brown
 36: "Thus Always To Tyrants," Scott Miller And The Commonwealth (24)
        "Daddy Raised A Boy" (4)
        "Dear Sarah" (4)
        "Loving That Girl" (4)
        "I Made A Mess Of This Town" (3)
        "Highland County Boy" (2)
        "Is There Room On The Cross For Me?" (2)
        "Miracle Man" (2)
        "I Won't Go With You"
        "Yes I Won't"
 38: "Blue Lonesome Wind," Mike Auldridge, Richard Bennett And Jimmy Gaudreau (23)
        "Blue Lonesome Wind" (5)
        "Satisfied To Stay" (5)
        "Are You Lost In Sin" (2)
        "City Of Lost Souls" (2)
        "Dog Pause" (2)
        "It Won't Be Long" (2)
        "Welcome To New York" (2)
        "Home Sweet Home Revisited"
        "New Sweet Home"
        "Sweet Prarie Highway"
 38: "Sky Like A Broken Clock," Kelly Joe Phelps (23)
        "Taylor John" (7)
        "Sally Ruby" (5)
        "Clementine" (3)
        "Mr. My Go" (3)
        "Tommy" (2)
        "Flash Cards"
        "Gold Tooth"
        "Worn Out"
 38: "Truck Driver's Boogie," Various Artists (23)
        "Little Pink Mack," Kay Adams (4)
        "Girl On The Billboard," Dave Reeves (3)
        "Truck Driver's Boogie," Milo Twins (3)
        "6 Days On The Road," Dave Dudley (2)
        "Truck Driver's Blues," Cliff Bruner And The Boys (2)
        "Diesel On My Tail," Jim And Jessie And The Virginia Boys
        "Diesel Smoke," Doyle O'Dell
        "Gear Bustin' Son Of A Feller," Bobby Braddock
        "Roll, Truck, Roll," Red Simpson
        "Truck Driver's Cafe," Dick Reinhart Y His Lone Star Boys
        "Truck Driver's Coffee Shop," Dick Reinhart And His Lone Star Boys
        "Truck Driver's Sweetheart," Karl And Harty
        "Truck Drivin' Cat With Nine Wives," Jim Nesbitt
        "Truck Driving Man," Terry Fell And The Fellers
 41: "Burnt Down House," Ken Waldman (22)
        "Ducks On The Millpond/Elzic's Farewell" (5)
        "Year Of Jubilo" (4)
        "Burnt Down House" (2)
        "Ida Red-Soldier's Joy" (2)
        "Johnny Cope" (2)
        "Mississippi Sawyer" (2)
        "Pretty Little Dog/Greasy Coat" (2)
        "Angeline Baker"
        "Julia Ann Johnson"
        "Violinmakers And Johnny Cope"
 42: "Flower From The Fields Of Alabama," Norman Blake (21)
        "Salty Dog" (5)
        "Little Bunch Of Roses" (3)
        "Chasin' Rainbows" (2)
        "Eastbound Freight Train" (2)
        "If We Never Meet Again" (2)
        "Radio Joe" (2)
        "T.A.G. Railroad Rag" (2)
        "All Go Hungry Hash House"
        "Flower From The Fields Of Alabama"
        "Gambler's Dying Words"
 42: "New Favorite," Alison Krauss And Union Station (21)
        "Lucky One" (5)
        "Let Me Touch You For Awhile" (4)
        "Choctaw Hayride" (3)
        "Daylight" (2)
        "I'm Gone" (2)
        "Take Me For Longing" (2)
        "Boy Who Wouldn't Hoe Corn"
        "Choctaw Highway"
        "It's All Coming Together," Tom Paxton
 42: "Real Bad," Karen Poston (21)
        "Ride Ride Ride" (5)
        "Flowered Dresses" (3)
        "Lydia" (3)
        "I Could Loan Some Lonesome To You" (2)
        "Longhorn Song" (2)
        "Real Bad" (2)
        "Black Ice"
        "Easy To Stay"
        "Wherever You Are"
        "You Wish"
 42: "The World Is Only Air," Mike Stevens (21)
        "Big John McNeil" (4)
        "Hanged Man's Reel" (4)
        "Black Velvet Waltz" (3)
        "Jerusalem Ridge" (3)
        "Clarinet Polka" (2)
        "Grumbling Old Man Grumbling Old Woman" (2)
        "Unreel Breakdown" (2)
        "Reel De Pointe-Au-Pic"
 46: "Nickel Creek," Nickel Creek (20)
        "Ode To A Butterfly" (5)
        "Reasons Why" (4)
        "The Fox" (3)
        "Lighthouse's Tale" (2)
        "Cuckoo's Nest"
        "Hand Song"
        "Out Of The Woods"
        "Pastures New"
        "Robin And Marian"
        "When You Come Back Down"
 46: "Not Before Noon," Nina Gerber (20)
        "Kate's Guitar," Nina Gerber And Greg Brown (9)
        "Workin' In Corners" (4)
        "Lullaby" (2)
        "Back Into My Arms"
        "Learning How To Listen," Nina Gerber w/Terry Garthwaite
        "It's All Just Talk"
        "Riff Raff"
        "Somebody I Used To Love"
 46: "The Winds Begin To Sing," Karan Casey (20)
        "Eppie Morrie" (7)
        "King's Shilling" (5)
        "Who Put The Blood" (4)
        "Liberty Tree" (2)
        "Buile Mo Chro"
        "Strange Fruit"
 49: "Crooked Line," Darryl Purpose (19)
        "Late For Dinner" (6)
        "California" (5)
        "Koreatown" (2)
        "Oughta Be A Highway" (2)
        "Bryant St"
        "Crooked Line"
        "I Lost A Day To The Rain"
        "The River, Where She Sleeps"
 49: "Gravitational Forces," Robert Earl Keen (19)
        "Hall Of Fame" (3)
        "High Plains Jamboree" (3)
        "Snowin' On Raton" (3)
        "Walkin' Cane" (3)
        "Hello, New Orleans" (2)
        "I Still Miss Somebody" (2)
        "Wild Wind" (2)
        "Not A Drop Of Rain"
 49: "Something I Saw Or Thought I Saw," Bill Morrissey (19)
        "23rd Street" (4)
        "Harry's Last Call" (3)
        "Moving Day" (3)
        "Fix Your Hair The Way You Used To" (2)
        "Just Before We Lost The War" (2)
        "Buddy Bolden's Blues"
        "Judgment Day"
        "St. Valentine's Day"
        "Traveling By Cab"
        "Winter Song"
 52: "Live From Moutain Stage," Tom Paxton (18)
        "My Ramblin' Boy" (3)
        "Where I'm Bound" (3)
        "Yuppies In The Sky" (3)
        "Along The Verdigris"
        "Come Away With Me"
        "Getting Up Early"
        "Home For Me"
        "It's All Coming Together"
        "Last Thing On My Mind"
        "One Million Lawyers"
        "Ramblin' Boy"
        "Who Will Feed The People"
 52: "Ralph's Last Show," Fred Eaglesmith (18)
        "John Deere" (3)
        "White Trash" (3)
        "Lucille" (2)
        "Spookin' The Horses" (2)
        "Big Hair"
        "Flowers In The Dell"
        "Freight Train/ Self"
        "He's A Good Dog"
        "Mighty Big Car"
        "Time To Get A Gun"
 54: "Tree," Gaelic Storm (17)
        "Johnny Tarr" (3)
        "Swimmin' In The Sea" (3)
        "Before The Night Is Over" (2)
        "Beggarman" (2)
        "Black Is The Colour" (2)
        "Walk Through My Door" (2)
        "City Trees/ Self," Tamarack
        "Midnight Kiss"
        "Thirsty Work"
 55: "Another Sleepless Night," Northern Lights (16)
        "Road Goes On Forever" (3)
        "Annabelle" (2)
        "If I Needed Someone" (2)
        "My Heavenly Home" (2)
        "Rust Farm Fire" (2)
        "Another Sleepless Night"
        "Bouree-Borealis Blues"
        "Dawn At The Red Red Rose"
        "Frail Thing"
        "Silver Lining"
 55: "Follow Me," The Chapmans (16)
        "Follow Me To Tennessee" (4)
        "You Send Me" (4)
        "Losing Again" (2)
        "Old Man In The Shanty" (2)
        "Consider The Lilies Pinecastle Highstrung"
        "Consider The Lillies"
        "Family History," Beth Lodge-Rigal
        "My Heart's Bouquet"
 55: "Lea Rig," El McMeen (16)
        "Shearing's Not For You-Bogie's Bonny Belle" (3)
        "Carolan's Receipt / Morgan Magan" (2)
        "George Brabazon, 2nd Air" (2)
        "Here Comes The Sun" (2)
        "West Virginia Moon" (2)
        "Carolan's Concerto"
        "Lea Rig"
        "Medicine Bow"
        "Mist-Covered Mountains Of Home"
        "Mo Gilla Mear"
 55: "Songs Of The South," Carl Jackson (16)
        "You Are My Flower" (6)
        "Jesse And Me" (3)
        "Earl's Breakdown" (2)
        "Little Darling Pal Of Mine" (2)
        "Keep On The Sunny Side"
        "Lonesome River"
        "On My Mind"
 59: "American Guitar," Pat Donohue (15)
        "Welcome Home" (3)
        "Into The Garden" (2)
        "Rush Hour" (2)
        "Star Spangled Banner" (2)
        "All Thumbs"
        "America The Beautiful"
        "Arkansas Traveler"
        "Blue Tango," Pat Donahue
        "Hard Times"
        "Maple Leaf Rag"
 59: "Concerts For A Landmine Free World," Various Artists (15)
        "Pearl," Emmylou Harris (3)
        "Christmas In Washington," Steve Earle (2)
        "Cold Dog Soup," Guy Clark With Vernon Thompson (2)
        "Mary," Patty Griffin (2)
        "Mines Of Mozambique," Bruce Cockburn (2)
        "Big Ol' Goofy World," John Prine
        "It's A Hard Life," Nanci Griffith
        "Morphine," Gillian Welch And David Rawlings
        "This Shirt," Mary Chapin Carpenter
 59: "Happy Daze," The Battlefield Band (15)
        "Devil's Courtship" (3)
        "Happy Days" (3)
        "Mile Down The Road/Etc" (2)
        "Merry Macs/Etc"
        "Mery Macs And Happy Days"
        "Riccarton Tollman's Daughter"
        "Shepherd Lad"
        "Start All Over Again"
        "Tiny Wee Vin/Etc"
        "Whaur Will We Gang?/Etc"
 59: "Man Under The Influence," Alejandro Escovedo (15)
        "Wave" (3)
        "Wedding Day" (3)
        "Across The River" (2)
        "Castanets" (2)
        "Follow You Down" (2)
        "About This Love"
        "Velvet Guitar"
 59: "The Many Sides Of Fred Neil," Fred Neil (15)
        "Dolphins" (5)
        "Everybody's Talkin'" (5)
        "Other Side Of This Life" (2)
        "I've Got A Secret"
        "Long Black Veil," Fred Neil With The Nashville Street Singers
        "Sweet Cocaine"
 59: "Solo," Mimi Farina (15)
        "Best Of Friends" (6)
        "If My Eyes Were Blind" (3)
        "Quiet Joys Of Brotherhood" (2)
        "Deep Feelings"
        "Hang On To A Dream"
        "Poor Indian," Mike Seeger
        "We Are Stole And Sold From Africa," Mike Seeger

These lists are compiled and posted to the FOLKDJ-L web site every month
(since October 1997).  The archive of past Top Album lists is available
at (the official FOLKDJ-L web site).

The process of compiling the Top Albums list is automated (I do hand
correct some obvious errors and typos). The results are based on
playlists posted to FOLKDJ-L during the calendar month. I wrote a pair
of programs that work with the Eudora email program's filtering feature.
One program parses each playlist as it comes in and adds it to a
spreadsheet. The second program processes the spreadsheet into a readable
report. Playlists have to include artist, song and album name (label is
optional) and be in a reasonably regular format for my program to be able
to parse them. My programs wind up identifying about 60% of the songs
actually posted.

The Top Albums list is sorted in descending order by number of plays
recorded for each album. Within an album, the number of times each
track was played is shown. If a single DJ is the only one mostly playing
an album, the count of plays is adjusted downwards; otherwise the raw
counts are used. The top 60 albums are listed.

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