Compiled by Richard Gillmann from FOLKDJ-L radio playlists
Based on 12750 airplays.

  1: "Scene It All," Seldom Scene (60)
        "Boots Of Spanish Leather" (10)
        "Nadine" (8)
        "Rollin' And Tumblin'" (8)
        "You Better Get Right" (7)
        "One Step Up" (5)
        "Walking The Dog" (5)
        "I Will Always Be Waiting For You" (4)
        "Blue And Lonesome" (3)
        "Dusty" (3)
        "When The Walls Come Tumbling Down" (2)
        "Bonus Duffey Track"
        "From This Moment On"
        "Trust In The Tide"
        "Walk Through This World With Me"
        "Walking Through This World With Me"
  2: "Talkin' To Myself," Lonesome River Band (59)
        "Swing That Hammer" (15)
        "Dog Gone Shame" (9)
        "Harvest Time" (6)
        "Do You Want To Live In Glory" (5)
        "Talkin' To Myself" (5)
        "Mary Ann" (4)
        "Crime I Didn't Do" (3)
        "I Won't Be Calling For You" (3)
        "No One Can Love You Dear" (3)
        "Willow Garden" (3)
        "Are You Ashamed To Call Me Darlin'" (2)
        "Place Where You Can Bury Me"
  3: "Live As I'll Ever Be," Chris Smither (56)
        "Hold On I" (9)
        "I Am The Ride" (6)
        "No Love Today" (6)
        "Dust My Broom" (5)
        "Can't Shake These Blues" (4)
        "Devil's Real" (4)
        "Slow Surprise" (4)
        "Up On The Lowdown" (4)
        "Cave Man" (3)
        "Help Me Now" (3)
        "Killing The Blues" (3)
        "Link Of The Chain" (2)
        "Small Revelations" (2)
        "Winsome Smile"
  4: "The Trade," Dana Robinson (49)
        "Ballad Tree" (8)
        "Counting Freights" (7)
        "Pat Do This" (6)
        "Somebody Loves You" (5)
        "Troy" (4)
        "Anderson Grade" (3)
        "Chautauqua Day" (3)
        "Little Sadie" (3)
        "Rainbow Sign" (3)
        "The Trade" (3)
        "Crossing The Platte" (2)
        "Lazy John"
  5: "These Are The Roots," Diane Zeigler (42)
        "What You've Always Known" (9)
        "Holy Ground" (6)
        "These Are The Roots" (6)
        "By Your Name" (4)
        "You Were Welcome Here" (4)
        "In Defense Of Eve" (3)
        "Winter Sun" (3)
        "Forgiveness" (2)
        "I Know My Baby's Cry" (2)
        "In The Name Of Love"
        "Jack's Belted Galloways"
        "Listen To The Timber Fall"
  6: "Fair Weather," Alison Brown (40)
        "Fair Weather" (8)
        "Leaving Cottondale" (5)
        "Every Day I Write The Book" (4)
        "Everybody's Talkin'" (4)
        "Poe's Pickin' Party" (4)
        "Devil Went Down To Berkeley" (3)
        "Hummingbird" (3)
        "Late On Arrival" (3)
        "Deep Gap" (2)
        "Shake And Howdy" (2)
        "Sweet Thing" (2)
   6: "Tanglewood Tree," Dave Carter And Tracy Grammer (40)
        "Tanglewood Tree" (8)
        "Mountain" (7)
        "Hey Conductor" (6)
        "Crocodile Man" (4)
        "Farewell To Fiddler's Rim" (3)
        "Walkin' Away From Caroline" (3)
        "Cat-Eyed Willie Claims His Lover" (2)
        "Farewell To Saint Dolores" (2)
        "Conductor Man"
        "Cowboy Singer"
        "Farewell To Bitterroot Valley"
        "Fiddler's Rim"
  8: "Family Gathering," Acie Cargill (38)
        "Ginny Git Around" (11)
        "Cherry Tree" (5)
        "Sourwood Mountain" (4)
        "Annie's In The Sycamore Tree" (3)
        "Old Molly Hare" (3)
        "Black Eyed Susie Brown" (2)
        "Courtin' Betsy Brown" (2)
        "Willie Moore" (2)
        "Battle Of Shiloh"
        "Black-Eyed Susan"
        "Black-Eyed Susie Brown"
        "Brown Eyed Darlin' Sue"
        "Drank Myself To Death"
        "Eddyville Prison"
  9: "14 Days," Laura Love (37)
        "Shenandoah" (8)
        "14 Days" (7)
        "Stoned Soul Picnic" (6)
        "In Seattle" (5)
        "More Of You" (4)
        "Sativa" (4)
        "Sometimes Davey Wins" (2)
        "Way Off The Hook"
  9: "Been A Long Time," Si Kahn (37)
        "Going Down To The Old Home Place" (10)
        "Long Way To Harlan" (5)
        "Where The Song Never Ends" (5)
        "First Time Lover" (3)
        "Grandma" (3)
        "Hear That Sound" (3)
        "Been A Long Time" (2)
        "Houses On The Hill" (2)
        "Brown Lung Blues"
        "Dancing With The Johnson Boys"
        "Just A Lie"
        "Tarpaper Shack"
 11: "Written In Red," Louise Taylor (36)
        "Cherry Tree" (9)
        "Meet You Here" (5)
        "2 Bends In The Road" (4)
        "His Hands" (4)
        "While My Love Is Away" (3)
        "Written In Red" (3)
        "Gunny Hole" (2)
        "My Dove" (2)
        "Over The Mountain" (2)
        "Blue Norther"
        "Stubborn As A Gun"
 12: "Out Of The Blue," Burns Sisters (35)
        "God Made Woman" (8)
        "Never Be Mine" (6)
        "Out Of The Blue" (4)
        "I Love You Anyway" (3)
        "Prayer Of St. Francis" (3)
        "2 Step Recipe" (2)
        "Bedrock" (2)
        "Something Real" (2)
        "For Your Love"
        "I Wish I Never Met You"
        "Losing Track," Tom Laverack
        "One That Got Away"
        "Wish I Never Met You"
 12: "Independence Day Sampler," Various Artists (35)
        "Independence Day," Ani Difranco (13)
        "4th Of July," Eddie From Ohio (6)
        "America The Beautiful," Eric Underwood Band (3)
        "Happy 4th Of July Bud Light," Dana Cooke (3)
        "Miracle America," Stefan Des Lauriers And Laleh (2)
        "Tis Of Thee," Ani Difranco (2)
        "America Song," Stephen Kellogg
        "Bill Miller," Trail Of Freedom
        "Holiday Parade," Jeff Cannon
        "Summer Breze," Kris Delmhorst
        "Summer's Day," Lori B
        "Trail Of Freedom," Bill Miller
 14: "Positive Friction," Donna The Buffalo (34)
        "No Place Like The Right Time" (7)
        "Front Porch" (5)
        "Man Of Constant Sorrow" (5)
        "Yonder" (4)
        "Riddle Of The Universe" (3)
        "Family Picture" (2)
        "Movin' On" (2)
        "Revolution" (2)
        "Your Way Home" (2)
        "I Wish You Love"
        "In Another World"
 14: "Unabashedly Folk," Grit Laskin (34)
        "Cosmic And Freaky" (5)
        "End Of A Pointed Gun" (3)
        "Life On The Rolling Sea" (3)
        "Photographers" (3)
        "Sewing Machines" (3)
        "When I Was A Lad" (3)
        "Derwentwater's Farewell / Salmon Tails Up The Water" (2)
        "Upper Class Shanty" (2)
        "Fair Maid Walking"
        "It's Not The Life For Me"
        "Lady On The Island/The High Road To Linton/The Mooncoin Jig"
        "Life Of A New Mother"
        "Long Note"
        "Lucky Man"
        "Middle Of November / Spot The Cliche / Middle Of November"
        "Paddy Fahey's / The Road To Lisdoonvarna / Comb Your Hair And Cut It"
        "Shantyman's Life"
        "Shut Off The Power And Say Goodbye"
 16: "Soup Happens," Hot Soup! (33)
        "Last Thing On My Mind" (8)
        "Much Better View Of The Moon" (4)
        "Dig Down Deep" (3)
        "From Silence Into Song" (3)
        "Soup" (3)
        "Don't Know What Was The Last Thing On My Mind" (2)
        "New Day" (2)
        "Red Kimono" (2)
        "T'aint No Sin To Dance Around In Your Bones" (2)
        "2 Fine Friends"
        "Grandfather's Chair"
        "Sunrise On Carawan Hill"
 17: "Transcendental Blues," Steve Earle (30)
        "Galway Girl" (5)
        "Over Yonder" (5)
        "Halo Round The Moon" (4)
        "When I Fall" (4)
        "Lonelier Than This" (2)
        "Steve's Last Ramble" (2)
        "Transcendental Blues" (2)
        "Until The Day I Die" (2)
        "Wherever I Go" (2)
        "Boy Who Never Cried"
        "Everyone's In Love With You"
 17: "Turtle Wings," Valerie Smith (30)
        "Big Ol' Train" (6)
        "I Feel The Blues Movin' In" (6)
        "Oh Mandolin" (5)
        "Good Man" (3)
        "Hand Me Down" (3)
        "Dancin' By The River" (2)
        "I Feel The Blue Moving In"
        "Mama's Roses," Valerie Smith And Liberty Pike
        "Now He's Gone"
        "Simpson's Holler"
        "Sweeter Field Of Clover"
 19: "Just Over In Heaven," Doyle Lawson And Quicksilver (29)
        "I'll Keep On Sailing" (7)
        "Gonna Row My Boat" (5)
        "Just Over In Heaven" (4)
        "We Need The Light" (4)
        "God Is Watching Over Me" (3)
        "I Am Glad" (3)
        "Great White Angel"
        "Heaven's Not So Far Away"
        "Is That The Bells Of Heaven?"
 19: "Nickel Creek," Nickel Creek (29)
        "The Fox" (5)
        "When You Come Back Down" (5)
        "Lighthouse's Tale" (3)
        "Ode To A Butterfly" (3)
        "Sweet Afton" (3)
        "Cuckoo's Nest" (2)
        "House Of Tom Bombadil" (2)
        "Pastures New" (2)
        "Robin And Marian" (2)
        "Hand Song"
        "Reasons Why"
 21: "Flying Saucer Blues," Peter Case (27)
        "Paradise, Etc" (6)
        "Coulda Shoulda Woulda" (4)
        "Walking Home Late" (4)
        "Cold Trail Blues" (3)
        "Blue Distance" (2)
        "Something Happens" (2)
        "This Could Be The One" (2)
        "2 Heroes"
        "Cool Drink O Water"
        "Lost In Your Eyes"
        "Red Dirt And Clay"
 22: "Days Like Horses," Pete Nelson (26)
        "We're Not In Love Anymore" (6)
        "Good Sushi On Jupiter" (4)
        "Way To Go On Dreaming" (3)
        "Depot Stories" (2)
        "I Drove By Your House" (2)
        "Long Way Back" (2)
        "After The Party's Over"
        "Ballad Of Eddie Gay"
        "By Your House"
        "House Of Cards," Pet Nelson
        "I Love You So"
        "You Don't Love Me," Pet Nelson
        "You Should Fall In Love"
 22: "Sign Of Truth," Tish Hinojosa (26)
        "Fire In Winter" (5)
        "Mona Lisa By The Rio Grande" (4)
        "I Have No Answers" (3)
        "Sign Of Truth" (3)
        "Dreams I Have Seen" (2)
        "Faded Souvenirs" (2)
        "Roses Around My Feet" (2)
        "Song For The Journey" (2)
        "Taste Of Dying Summer" (2)
        "Fence Post"
 24: "Carry Me Across The Mountain," Dan Tyminski (25)
        "Carry Me Across The Mountain" (5)
        "Greens Fees" (3)
        "I Dreamed Of An Old Love Affair" (3)
        "Please Dear Mommy" (3)
        "Praise The Lord" (2)
        "Stuck In The Middle Of Nowhere" (2)
        "Sunny Side Of The Mountain" (2)
        "Think About You Every Day" (2)
        "Tiny Broken Heart" (2)
        "Be Assured"
 24: "Heartbreak Town," Ronnie Mccoury (25)
        "Somebody's Gonna Pay" (7)
        "Glen Rock" (3)
        "Heartbreak Town" (3)
        "Cold Lonesome Feeling" (2)
        "Evangalina" (2)
        "Last Call" (2)
        "Road From Coeburn To Warren" (2)
        "When The Heart's Talkin" (2)
        "Our Love Never Dies"
 26: "Drama Queen," Judith Edelman (24)
        "Come July" (4)
        "Load Of Blues" (4)
        "Preacher And Flo" (4)
        "Blood Reunion" (3)
        "Good Day, There It Goes" (3)
        "Sailor Boy" (3)
        "Don't Open That Door"
        "Sisters Of St. Timothy's"
        "Something Red"
 26: "Love Light," Claire Lynch (24)
        "I'm Movin'" (7)
        "Love Light" (5)
        "Savannah" (4)
        "Missionary Ridge" (3)
        "He Don't Like To Talk About It" (2)
        "Keep My Love There"
        "Stranger Things Have Happened"
 28: "5 Strings Attached, Vol. 2," Arnie Naiman And Chris Coole (23)
        "Rainbow On The Mormon's" (4)
        "From Earth To Heaven" (2)
        "Last Days Of Autumn" (2)
        "Sleepyhead" (2)
        "Snowdrop" (2)
        "Willie Moore" (2)
        "Darling Cora"
        "First Morning"
        "Midnight Sky"
        "Skinny Guys Gotta Eat"
        "Snake On The Road"
        "Things In Life"
        "Trip To Restoule"
        "West Fork Gals"
 28: "Another Kind Of Blue," Peter Keane (23)
        "Another Kind Of Blue" (3)
        "Columbus Avenue" (3)
        "Glory Land" (3)
        "Illinois Blues" (3)
        "Everything's About The Same" (2)
        "Mama Tain't Long Before Day" (2)
        "Round And Round" (2)
        "Call It Sleep"
        "Fool's Paradise"
        "Mama Tain't Long For The Day"
        "Sunday Street"
        "Talco Girl"
 28: "House Concert," Lou And Peter Berryman (23)
        "Dupsha Dove" (4)
        "Acme Forgetting Service" (3)
        "Hour Away" (3)
        "Older'n Everybody" (3)
        "Talkin' At The Same Time" (2)
        "Broccoli Shy," Berryman
        "Broccoli Sky, Uncle Dave's Grace, Whose Is Yours, Dupsha Dove"
        "Chapter One"
        "Cheese And Beer And Snow"
        "Goodbye/Blue Planet Blues Talking At The Same Time"
        "Weirder Than Sunlight"
        "Whose Is Yours?"
 28: "In The Blue Room," Alan Bibey (23)
        "County Fool" (4)
        "In The Blue Room" (4)
        "Wild Fiddler's Rag" (3)
        "Amanda Lena" (2)
        "I'll Be Alright Tomorrow" (2)
        "Save Your Heart" (2)
        "Close By"
        "Evening Prayer Blues"
        "Lee's Reel"
        "Suer Fire," Alan Bibbey
        "What Am I"
        "What I Am," Alan Bibey With Ronnie Bowman
 28: "Stone By Stone," Mae Robertson (23)
        "Love Is Our Cross To Bear" (5)
        "Stone By Stone" (5)
        "Lights Of Louisianne" (3)
        "Tenderness" (3)
        "Pretty Bird," Lui Collins (2)
        "Thinking Of Yr Eyes" (2)
        "Rather Have The Song," Mae Roberstson
        "Surrender," Lui Collins
        "You Don't Love Me Anymore"
 28: "Vertie's Dream," Carol Elizabeth Jones And James Leva (23)
        "Dip Your Fingers In Some Water" (6)
        "Vertie's Dream" (5)
        "Man In Me" (3)
        "Sent To Me" (3)
        "I Ain't Big Enough"
        "Minister's Farewell-Last Of Callahan"
        "Ring Of Fire"
        "River Of Fire"
        "Something Shall Remain"
        "Washington's March / Jim And Arnold"
 34: "Lucky One," Christy McWilson (22)
        "Cryin' Out Loud" (4)
        "Lucky One" (4)
        "Wishin'" (4)
        "'til I Die" (3)
        "Weight Of The World" (3)
        "Fly Away"
        "Little Red Hen"
        "Ship Song"
        "Today Is Yesterday's Tomorrow"
 34: "String Crazy," Mike Dowling (22)
        "Hard Times Come Again No More" (3)
        "Nobody's Business" (3)
        "River's Invitation" (3)
        "String Crazy" (3)
        "Blues Stay Away From Me" (2)
        "Boogie No Woogie" (2)
        "Caravan" (2)
        "Save The Bones" (2)
        "Minor Thing"
        "Nobody√s Business"
 36: "Live," Ellis Paul (21)
        "World Ain't Slowin' Down" (4)
        "Did Galileo Pray?" (2)
        "Here She Is" (2)
        "Martyr's Lounge" (2)
        "Seize The Day" (2)
        "3,000 Miles"
        "Airplane Pilot Deadhead"
        "All Things Being The Same"
        "Changing Your Name"
        "Conversation With A Ghost"
        "Love's Too Familiar A Word"
        "Mrs. Jones"
        "Take Me Down"
 36: "Real Time," Tim O'Brien And Darrell Scott (21)
        "Walk Beside Me" (6)
        "Long Time Gone" (4)
        "More Love" (4)
        "Keep Your Lamps Trimmed And Burning" (2)
        "5 Rooms"
        "House Of Gold"
        "Little Sadie"
        "Second Mouse"
        "There Ain't No Easy Way"
 36: "Well May The World Go," Larry Long (21)
        "No Jobs In Texas" (6)
        "Well May The World Go" (4)
        "Down With The Ku Klux Klan" (3)
        "Chicky, Chicky, Boom" (2)
        "Somalia, Sugar, All The Way To Paradise" (2)
        "Sweet Lura Rose" (2)
        "Somethings Are Not For Sale"
 39: "Follow Me Back To The Fold," Mark Newton (20)
        "Used To Be" (4)
        "If It Ain't Love" (3)
        "Never Looking Back" (3)
        "We Can't Go Wrong" (3)
        "On The Lonesome Wind" (2)
        "High Lonesome," Mark Newton / Kim And Barb Fox
        "My Darling," Mark Newton With Valerie Smith
        "Oh Darling"
        "Pain Of Loving You"
        "Voice Of My Saviour," Mark Newton With Claire Lynch
 39: "One Endless Night," Jimmie Dale Gilmore (20)
        "One Endless Night" (4)
        "Banks Of The Guadalupe" (3)
        "Ripple" (3)
        "Mack The Knife" (2)
        "No Lonesome Tune" (2)
        "Darcy Farrow"
        "Defying Gravity"
        "Georgia Rose"
        "Leaving Old Missoula"
        "No Lonesome Blues"
        "Ramblin' Man"
 39: "Somewhere Near Paterson," Richard Shindell (20)
        "Transit" (4)
        "Confession" (3)
        "Wisteria" (3)
        "My Love Will Follow You" (2)
        "Spring/Summer Reel" (2)
        "Waiting For The Storm" (2)
        "You Stay Here" (2)
        "Calling The Moon"
 42: "Back Home Again," Rhonda Vincent (19)
        "Lonesome Wind Blues" (7)
        "Jolene" (3)
        "When I Close My Eyes" (3)
        "You're In My Heart" (3)
        "Passing Of The Train"
        "Water Is Wide," Cleaver / Smith / Swenson
        "You're Running Wild"
 42: "Broke Down," Slaid Cleaves (19)
        "Broke Down" (7)
        "Breakfast In Hell" (3)
        "Key Chain" (3)
        "This Morning I Was Born Again" (2)
        "Horsehoe Lounge"
        "I Feed Blues"
        "One Good Year"
 42: "Ice Caps: Peaks Of Telluride," Sam Bush (19)
        "Girl Of The North Country" (6)
        "Big Mon" (5)
        "Lee Highway Blues" (3)
        "Same Ol' River" (2)
        "Ice Caps Are Melting"
        "Sailin' Shoes"
        "Spooky Lane"
 42: "Silent Ground," Front Range (19)
        "Montana Gal" (4)
        "Been Down So Long It Looks Like Up To Me" (2)
        "Dust Devil" (2)
        "Love In Vain" (2)
        "My Lord, What A Mourning" (2)
        "Sing Me A River" (2)
        "Cowtown Boogie"
        "Leave Me To Cry"
        "Let Me Rest At The End"
        "Roll Call"
        "Silent Ground"
 42: "'til We Outnumber 'em," Various Artists (19)
        "Ramblin' Round," Indigo Girls W/Ani Difranco (3)
        "Riding In My Car," Bruce Springsteen (3)
        "Against The Law," Billy Bragg (2)
        "Deportee," Bruce Springsteen (2)
        "Pretty Boy Floyd," David Pirner (2)
        "This Land Is Your Land" (2)
        "'til We Outnumber 'em," Arlo Guthrie
        "Do Re Me," Ani Difranco
        "Plane Wreck At Los Gatos," Bruce Springsteen
        "Ridin' In The Car," Bruce Springsteen
        "Talking Dust Bowl," Ramblin' Jack Elliott
 47: "7 Decades," Hank Thompson (18)
        "Sting In This Ole Bee" (5)
        "Night Miss Nancy Ann's Hotel For Single Girls Burned Down" (3)
        "Wreck Of The Old 97" (3)
        "In The Jailhouse Now" (2)
        "Abdul Abdulbul Amir"
        "Condo In Hondo"
        "Dinner For One, Please James"
        "Lobo The Hobo"
        "Triflin' Gal"
 47: "American Fiddle Tunes," Various Artists (18)
        "Ways Of The World," W. Stepp H (3)
        "French 4/Quadrille/2-Step Schottische," Var (2)
        "Haste To The Wedding," Var (2)
        "Natchez Under The Hill," Lon Jordan (2)
        "Bonaparte's Retreat," W. H. Stepp
        "Buffalo Gals," John Hatcher
        "Cotton-Eyed Joe," Marcus Martin
        "Grub Springs," John Hatcher
        "Old Joe Clark," Wayne Perry
        "Quadrille," Var
        "Rickett's Hornpipe," Luther Strong
        "Sugar In The Gourd," Marcus Martin
        "Wake Up Susan/Unnamed," Elmer Barton
 47: "Boom Chang," Steve James (18)
        "Galway Station Blues" (6)
        "Been All Around This World" (3)
        "Country Fool" (2)
        "Gina Reel" (2)
        "Stack Lee's Blues" (2)
        "Born To Lose"
        "Saturday Night In Jail"
 47: "Down To The Promised Land," Various Artists (18)
        "Sunshine," Meat Purveyors (3)
        "Evening Gown," Alejandro Escovedo (2)
        "Favorite," Neko Case And Jon Rauhouse (2)
        "Going Home," Roughnecks (2)
        "Monday Night," Ryan Adams (2)
        "Oh Lonesome Me," Anna Fermin's Trigger Gospel (2)
        "13 Nights," Kelly Hogan And The Pine Valley
        "Highway To Hell," Red Star Belgrade
        "Oh Chicago," Yayhoos
        "Take The Devil Out Of Me," Caitlin Cary
        "Train Song," Split Lip Rayfield

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top 50 albums are listed.

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