Compiled by Richard Gillmann from FOLKDJ-L radio playlists
Based on 9599 airplays.

  1: "Cry Cry Cry," Dar Williams, Lucy Kaplansky And Richard Shindell (68)
        "Northern Cross" (11)
        "By Way Of Sorrow" (10)
        "Cold Missouri Waters" (8)
        "The Kid" (7)
        "Shades Of Gray" (7)
        "Ballad Of Mary Magdalen" (6)
        "Speaking With The Angel" (6)
        "Memphis" (5)
        "Fall On Me" (3)
        "I Know What Kind Of Love This Is" (3)
        "Down By The Water"
        "Lord I Made You A Place"
  2: "Sylvia Hotel," Cheryl Wheeler (66)
        "His Hometown" (14)
        "Potato" (9)
        "Sylvia Hotel" (9)
        "If It Were Up To Me" (7)
        "Unworthy" (7)
        "All The Live Long Day" (6)
        "Rainy Road Into Atlanta" (6)
        "Lighting Up The Mighty Mississippi" (3)
        "But The Days And Nights Are Long" (2)
        "Right Way To Do The Wrong Thing" (2)
        "Who Am I Fooling?"
  3: "After Yesterday," John Gorka (44)
        "St. Caffeine" (8)
        "January Floor" (7)
        "Cypress Trees" (5)
        "Thorny Patch" (5)
        "After Yesterday" (4)
        "When The Ice Goes Out" (4)
        "When He Cries" (3)
        "Heroes" (2)
        "Silvertown" (2)
        "Wisdom" (2)
        "Amber Lee"
  4: "Where Have All The Flowers Gone?: The Songs Of Pete Seeger," Various Artists (42)
        "We Shall Overcome," Bruce Springsteen (4)
        "Bells Of Rhymney," Roger Mcguinn (3)
        "If I Had A Hammer," Nanci Griffith (3)
        "Sailing Down My Golden River," Greg Brown (3)
        "Turn Turn Turn," Bruce Cockburn (3)
        "Festival Of Flowers," Tish Hinojosa (2)
        "Kisses Sweeter Than Wine," Bonnie Raitt And Jackson Browne (2)
        "Living In The Country," Martin Simpson (2)
        "Of Time And Rivers Flowing," Richie Havens (2)
        "Step By Step," Sweet Honey In The Rock (2)
        "Those 3 Are On My Mind," Kim And Reggie Harris And Magpie (2)
        "Wimoweh," Weavers (2)
        "Blessed Be The Nation," Studs Terkel
        "Everyone In The World," Cathy Fink-Marcy Marcer
        "How Can I Keep From Singing," Cordelia's Dad
        "Letter To Eve," Indigo Girls
        "My Father's Mansions," Billy Bragg And Eliza Carthy
        "Oh, Sacred World," Studs Terkel
        "One Grain Of Sand," Odetta
        "Quiet Early Morning," Holly Near
        "To Everyone In The World," Cathy Fink And Marcy Marxer
        "Waist Deep In The Big Muddy," Dick Gaughan
        "Water Is Wide," John Gorka
        "Where Have All The Flowers Gone," Tommy Sands W/ Dolores Keane And Vedran Smalovic
  5: "Night In A Strange Town," Lynn Miles (40)
        "One You're Waiting For" (9)
        "Anywhere" (7)
        "Middle Of The Night" (7)
        "Beautiful Night" (4)
        "Map Of My Heart" (3)
        "Rust" (3)
        "Sacre' Coeur" (3)
        "Sunset Boulevard" (2)
        "Perfect Romance"
  6: "When I Go," Dave Carter With Tracy Grammer (39)
        "Don't Tread On Me" (7)
        "When I Go" (7)
        "The River Where She Sleeps" (6)
        "Annie's Lover" (4)
        "Grand Prairie Tx Homesick Blues" (4)
        "Frank To Valentino" (3)
        "Lancelot" (3)
        "Elvis Presley" (2)
        "Kate And The Ghost Of Love" (2)
        "Little Liza Jane"
  7: "Through A Glass Darkly," David Olney (33)
        "Snowin' On Raton" (9)
        "1917" (4)
        "JT's Escape" (4)
        "That's All I Need To Know" (4)
        "Dillinger" (3)
        "Avery County" (2)
        "Suicide Kid" (2)
        "C'mon Thru Carolina"
        "Cold Dark Water"
        "Lay Down Your Kingdom"
        "Lilly Of The Valley"
  8: "Come On Down To My World," J. D. Crowe And The New South (27)
        "Back To The Barrooms" (7)
        "Come Back Sweetheart" (4)
        "Come On Down To My World" (3)
        "White Freightliner" (3)
        "Careless Love" (2)
        "Grandpa's Shoes" (2)
        "J's Tune," J. D. Crowe (2)
        "You Didn't Say Goodbye" (2)
        "I'm So Afraid Of Losing You Again"
        "My Blue Eyes You Left In Tennessee"
  9: "Stranger To My Kin," Neal And Leandra (26)
        "Ready For Memphis" (11)
        "Roll Away The Stone" (3)
        "Take Me Down To The Water" (3)
        "Wish I'd Never Gone Away" (3)
        "Penny On The Track" (2)
        "Rich" (2)
  9: "Time Between Trains," Susan Werner (26)
        "Time Between Trains" (7)
        "Like Bonsai" (4)
        "Standing In My Own Way" (3)
        "Montgomery Street" (2)
        "Old Mistake" (2)
        "Pentaluma Afternoons" (2)
        "Vincent" (2)
        "Bring Round The Boat"
        "I Can't Let You In"
        "Movie Of My Life"
        "Sorry About Jesus"
 11: "Ancient Tones," Ricky Skaggs (25)
        "Walls Of Time" (5)
        "Mighty Dark To Travel" (4)
        "Boston Boy" (3)
        "Carolina Mountain Home" (3)
        "Coal Minin' Man" (2)
        "Connemara" (2)
        "How Mountain Girls Can Love" (2)
        "Pig In A Pen" (2)
        "I Believed In You Darlin'"
        "It's Might Dark To Travel"
 11: "Bottleneck Dreams," Salamander Crossing (25)
        "5 Days In May" (5)
        "Indigo Rose" (4)
        "River And The Rain" (4)
        "Ain't Gonna Work Tomorrow" (3)
        "What Kind Of Person" (3)
        "Crossing The Bar" (2)
        "Put The Weight On Me" (2)
        "Last Iron Train"
        "Light In The Window"
 11: "Step Inside This House," Lyle Lovett (25)
        "Step Inside This House" (5)
        "If I Needed You" (4)
        "Bears" (2)
        "Highway Kind" (2)
        "More Pretty Girls Than One" (2)
        "Babes In The Woods"
        "Bosque County Romance"
        "I've Had Enough"
        "Memphis Midnight"
        "Rollin' By"
        "Snow Leopard"
        "Texas Trilogy: Daybreak, Traion Ride, Bosque County Romance"
        "West Texas Highway"
 14: "Treasures Left Behind: Remembering Kate Wolf," Various Artists (24)
        "Love Still Remains," Emmylou Harris (6)
        "Here In California," Lucinda Williams (4)
        "Back Roads," Nina Gerber (3)
        "Carolina Pines," Cris Williamson And Tret Fure (2)
        "Give Yourself To Love," Kathy Mattea (2)
        "See Here, She Said," Utah Phillips (2)
        "Sweet Love," John Gorka (2)
        "In China Or A Woman's Heart," Rosalie Sorrels
        "Tequilla And Me," Greg Brown And Ferron
        "These Times We're Living In," Dave Alvin
 15: "Big Red Sun," Mollie O'brien (22)
        "In My Girlish Days" (7)
        "Big Red Sun Blues" (3)
        "Love Like Blood" (3)
        "Gambling Man" (2)
        "Looking For Trouble" (2)
        "No Hiding Place" (2)
        "Little Baby"
 15: "Hell Among The Yearlings," Gillian Welch (22)
        "Caleb Meyer" (10)
        "Good Til Now" (3)
        "Winter's Come And Gone" (3)
        "Miner's Refrain" (2)
        "Devil Had A Hold Of Me"
        "I'm Not Afraid To Die"
        "One Morning"
        "Whiskey Girl"
 17: "Car Wheels On A Gravel Road," Lucinda Williams (21)
        "Car Wheels On A Gravel Road" (7)
        "Can't Let Go" (3)
        "Jackson" (3)
        "Right In Time" (3)
        "2 Cool 2 Be 4gotten"
        "Concrete And Barbed Wire"
        "I Lost It"
        "Metal Firecracker"
 17: "McGarrigle Hour," Kate And Anna McGarrigle (21)
        "Cool River" (4)
        "Gentle Annie" (3)
        "Schooldays" (3)
        "Dig My Grave" (2)
        "Young Love" (2)
        "Alice Blue Gown"
        "Baltimore Fire"
        "Johnny's Gone To Hilo"
        "Port En Arriere"
        "Skip Rope Song"
        "Talk To Me Of Mendocino"
 19: "Clinch Mountain Country," Ralph Stanley And Friends (19)
        "Lonesome Night" (3)
        "Bright Morning Star" (2)
        "If I Lose" (2)
        "Beautiful Star Of Bethlehem"
        "Darkest Hour Is Just Before Dawn"
        "Gathering Flowers For The Master's Bouquet"
        "How Can We Thank Him For What He Has Don"
        "How Mountain Girls Can Love"
        "How My Girls Can Love"
        "I Only Exist"
        "Nobody's Love Is Like Mine"
        "Pretty Little Miss In The Garden"
        "Pretty Polly"
        "She's More To Be Pitied"
        "Window Up Above"
 19: "Hundred Year Shadow," Brooks Williams (19)
        "My Love Will Follow You" (4)
        "I Will" (3)
        "Mockingbird Hill" (3)
        "Darker Kind Of Blue" (2)
        "Kar-Kar" (2)
        "Willie Mae Brown" (2)
        "All The Ways You Wander"
        "House Of Truth"
        "Songs My Brother Taught Me"
 19: "Jubilee," Tom Rozum (19)
        "Don't Fix Up The Doghouse" (4)
        "Without My Walking Stick" (4)
        "Muddy Weather/Jeff City" (2)
        "On The Old Kentucky Shores" (2)
        "Walk Downtown" (2)
        "Love Is A Lonely Street"
        "Ramblin' Blues"
        "Sweet Sally Brown"
        "Treasures Untold"
 22: "Echoes Of The Past," Buzz Matheson And Mac Martin (18)
        "On The Old Kentucky Shore" (3)
        "One Teardrop And One Step Away" (3)
        "Darling Do You Know Who Loves You" (2)
        "I've Always Been A Rambler" (2)
        "If You See My Savior" (2)
        "Angels Watching Over Me"
        "Bluegrass Stomp"
        "Cincinnatti Rag And On The Old Kentucky Shore"
        "Have No Desire To Roam"
        "Old Chain Gang"
        "Rose On God's Shore"
 22: "Older I Get, The Better I Was," Art Thieme (18)
        "Is Your Lamps Gone Out?" (3)
        "North Country Tragedy" (3)
        "Bye And Bye" (2)
        "Red Iron Ore" (2)
        "Walkie In The Parlour" (2)
        "Fair Margaret And Sweet William"
        "Great Silkie Of Sule Skerry"
        "Handful Of Songs"
        "In 1795"
        "Lumlber Camp Tale"
        "Polkegama Bear And A Ghostly Tale"
 22: "Secret Handshake," Geoff Muldaur (18)
        "Wild Ox Moan" (5)
        "Chevrolet/Big Alice" (4)
        "Got To Find Blind Lemon" (3)
        "I Believe I'll Go Back Home" (2)
        "This World Is Not My Home" (2)
        "Mistreated Mama"
        "The World Is Not My Home"
 22: "Texas And Tennessee," Steve Gillette (18)
        "2 10 Train" (5)
        "Here's To The Rocky Road" (3)
        "Ghost Rider's Medley" (2)
        "West Texas Wind" (2)
        "Cornstalk Pony"
        "If You're Ever In Texas"
        "No Pronuncias Mi Nombre"
        "Railroad Written All Over Him"
        "Twon Men In The Building"
        "Windows Of Heaven"
 26: "American Beauty," Nashville Bluegrass Band (17)
        "Red Clay Halo" (5)
        "Livin' The Blues" (3)
        "Homeless Waltz" (2)
        "Johnson Boys" (2)
        "All Alone"
        "Blue Cadillac"
        "Fiddlin' Bill"
        "Holiday Pickin'"
        "Slow Learner"
 26: "Bed By The Window," James King (17)
        "Bed By The Window" (3)
        "I Don't Do Floors" (3)
        "Yesterday's Winner Is A Loser Today" (3)
        "Wear A Red Rose" (2)
        "Big House On The Corner"
        "Love Me One More Time"
        "Pack Up Your Sorrows"
        "Sweeter Than The Flowers And I Don't Do Floors"
        "Tall Pines"
        "They'll Never Take Her Love From Me"
 26: "Midnight Storm," Blue Highway (17)
        "I'd Rather Be A Lonesome Pine" (4)
        "Midnight Storm" (4)
        "He Walked All The Way Home" (2)
        "Keen Mountain Prison" (2)
        "Pikeville Flood" (2)
        "Getting Over You"
        "Last Dollar Blues"
        "Some Day"
 26: "Seeing Things," Laurie Lewis (17)
        "Kiss Me Before I Die" (6)
        "Blue Days, Sleepless Nights" (4)
        "Let The Bird Go Free" (3)
        "Refugee" (2)
        "Bane And Balm"
 26: "Sounding Land," Susan Graham White (17)
        "Farm" (4)
        "Brigid's Shield" (3)
        "If I Had My Way" (3)
        "Seasons" (3)
        "Hooves Are Sounding" (2)
        "Sweet Companion" (2)
 31: "Heart Of A Singer," Dickens, Jones And Hawker (16)
        "Love Me Or Leave Me Alone" (5)
        "Lay Me To Rest" (2)
        "Not A Word Of That Be Said" (2)
        "Forsaken Lover"
        "I Can't Find Your Love"
        "Let Me Go"
        "Old Memories Mean Nothing To Me"
        "Old River"
        "Times Are Not What They Used To Be"
        "Times Winding Up"
 31: "Songs Of Experience," Cindy Mangsen (16)
        "Snow Is On The Ground" (5)
        "Wedding Dress" (4)
        "Selling The Isabel" (2)
        "Shallow Brown" (2)
        "Haunted Hunter"
        "Her Bright Smile Haunts Me Still"
        "She Perished In The Snow"
 31: "When I See Winter Return," William Pint And Felicia Dale (16)
        "January Man" (8)
        "Over The Hill And Over The Dale" (2)
        "Ring In The New Year" (2)
        "Auld Lang Syne"
        "Lo How A Rose"
        "Trees Are All"
        "Woodcutters Song"
 34: "Cool And Unusual," Martin Simpson (15)
        "Stole And Sold From Africa" (4)
        "Prelude-Santa Cruz" (2)
        "Darlin' Corey"
        "Darling Cory"
        "Deep Blue Sea"
        "Disassembly Of God-Swing Low Sweet Chariot - John Connolly"
        "Rose Of Allandale"
        "Shepard's Delight"
        "Waters Of Tyme / My Bonny Lad / Radcliffe's Fancy"
        "Week Before Easter"
 34: "Friends Of Mine," Ramblin' Jack Elliott (15)
        "Rex's Blues" (6)
        "Reason To Believe" (2)
        "Dark As A Dungeon"
        "Friend Of The Devil"
        "Hard Travelin"
        "He Was A Friend Of Mine"
        "Last Letter"
        "Me And Billy The Kid"
        "Riding Down The Canyon"
 34: "Loose Change And Spare Parts," Terri Allard (15)
        "Borrowed Time" (3)
        "We'll Have Elvis" (3)
        "La La Rosie Goes" (2)
        "Lifeline" (2)
        "Forbidden Fruit"
        "I Don't Want To Know"
        "Loose Change And Spare Parts"
        "Squeaky Wheel"
 34: "She's Gone," Unlimited Tradition (15)
        "Broken Hearted Crying Time Again" (5)
        "Higher Ground" (3)
        "You Couldn't Come Back Now" (3)
        "Bound To Get Burned" (2)
        "One Step Ahead Of The Blues"
        "You Should My Heart"
 34: "What's That I Hear?: The Songs of Phil Ochs," Various Artists (15)
        "No More Songs," Karen Savoca (3)
        "Bells," Roches (2)
        "Hands," Pat Humphries (2)
        "I Ain't Marchin' Anymore," Arlo Guthrie (2)
        "Here's To The State Of Mississippi," Katy Moffatt
        "Highwayman," Gillette And Mangsen
        "Is There Anybody Here?," Sonia Rutstein
        "Outside Of A Small Circle Of Friends," Dave Van Ronk
        "Power And The Glory," Magpie
        "What's That I Hear," Kim And Reggie Harris
 39: "Bittersweet Street," Anne Hills (14)
        "Close The Door Lightly" (5)
        "Bittersweet Street" (2)
        "Cloudships" (2)
        "Some Boats" (2)
        "First Day Of Autumn"
        "Just By Offering"
 39: "Hourglass," Kate Rusby (14)
        "Annan Waters" (3)
        "Radio Sweetheart" (3)
        "Bold Riley" (2)
        "As I Roved Out"
        "Dadio Sweethearts"
        "Old Man Time"
        "Radio Sweetharts"
        "Sir Eglamore"
        "Stananivy / Jack And Jill"
 39: "Live 1966," Bob Dylan (14)
        "She Belongs To Me" (4)
        "Desolation Row" (3)
        "It's All Over Now Baby Blue" (3)
        "Fourth Time Around" (2)
        "Just Like A Woman"
        "Leopardskin Pillbox Hat"
 39: "Mac, Doc And Del," Mac Wiseman, Doc Watson And Del McCoury (14)
        "More Pretty Girls Than One" (3)
        "Beauty Of My Dreams" (2)
        "Black Mountain Rag" (2)
        "I Wonder Where You Are Tonight" (2)
        "I'll Sail My Ship Alone"
        "New Moon Over My Shoulder"
        "Old Account"
        "Speak To Me Little Darling"
        "Talk Of The Town"
 39: "Memory Of The Future," Eric Andersen (14)
        "When I'm Gone" (3)
        "Hills Of Tuscany" (2)
        "Memory Of The Future" (2)
        "No Man's Land" (2)
        "Rain Falls Down In Amsterdam" (2)
        "Blue Heart"
        "Sudden Love"
 39: "Nobody," Joel Cage (14)
        "Nobody" (4)
        "Reason" (2)
        "Streets" (2)
        "Winter" (2)
 39: "Sounds Of The Mountains," Rambler's Choice (14)
        "Sounds Of The Mountains" (3)
        "Enough On My Mind" (2)
        "Mama's Flowers" (2)
        "No More Painting Up The Town" (2)
        "Sit And Sing The Blues" (2)
        "Education From On High"
        "Poor Rambler"
        "What About You"
 39: "Translucent Soul," Ellis Paul (14)
        "Angel In Manhattan" (5)
        "7" (2)
        "Take Me Down" (2)
        "Bring Me Backwards"
        "Did I Ever Know You"
        "Live In The Now"
        "She Loves A Girl"
        "Translucent Soul"
 39: "Trespass," Pete Morton (14)
        "Dick Turpin" (3)
        "Mower And The Dairymaid" (3)
        "Cuckoo, The Gay Goshawk" (2)
        "Little Musgrave" (2)
        "Banks Of The Sweet Dundee"
        "Farmer's Boy"
        "John Barleycorn"
        "Night Visiting"
 39: "Visions Of Plenty," Kate Campbell (14)
        "Crazy In Alabama" (3)
        "Visions Of Plenty" (3)
        "Deep Tang" (2)
        "This Side Of Heaven" (2)
        "Jesus And Tomatoes"
        "Perfect World"
        "Sing Me Out"
 49: "Other Voices, Too," Nanci Griffith (13)
        "Hard Times Come Again No More" (3)
        "Walk Right Back" (3)
        "You Were On My Mind" (2)
        "If I Had A Hammer"
        "Who Knows Where The Time Goes"
        "Wings Of A Dove"
        "Yarrington Town"
 49: "Radio," Chuck Brodsky (13)
        "Come Heres And The Been Here's" (3)
        "Bad Whiskey" (2)
        "Hockey Fight Song" (2)
        "First Song On Cd"
        "La Migra Viene"
        "On Christmas I Got Nothing"
        "Our Gods"
 49: "Redwood Cathedral," Dick Gaughan (13)
        "Pancho And Lefty" (3)
        "Turn Turn Turn" (3)
        "Gone, Gonna Rise Again" (2)
        "Why Old Men Cry" (2)
        "Fine Horseman"
        "Muir And The Master Builder"
 49: "Spellbound," Sharon Shannon (13)
        "Sparky" (3)
        "Bonnie Mulligan" (2)
        "Sandy River Belle" (2)
        "3 Headed Monster"
        "Each Little Thing"
        "Marquerita Suite"
        "Mighty Sparrow"
 49: "Words That Remain," Solas (13)
        "Pastures Of Plenty" (5)
        "Grey Selchie" (3)
        "Song Of Choice" (2)
        "Chomaraigh Aoibhinn"
        "Pasteurs Of Plenty"
        "Vega Set"

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