Compiled by Richard Gillmann from FOLKDJ-L radio playlists
Based on 15045 airplays.

  1: "O Brother, Where Art Thou? Soundtrack," Various Artists (134)
        "I Am A Man Of Constant Sorrow," Soggy Bottom Boys (37)
        "Down To The River To Pray," Alison Krauss (16)
        "You Are My Sunshine," Norman Blake (13)
        "I'll Fly Away," Gillian Welch And Alison Krauss (12)
        "In The Jailhouse Now," Soggy Bottom Boys (9)
        "Didn't Leave Nobody But The Baby," Emmylou, Krauss And Gillian Welch (7)
        "Keep On The Sunny Side," Whites (7)
        "O Death," Ralph Stanley (7)
        "Lonesome Valley," Fairfield 4 (6)
        "Angel Band," Stanley Brothers (6)
        "Hard Time Killing Floor Blues," Chris Thomas King (3)
        "I Am Weary," Cox Family (3)
        "Po Lazarus," James Carter And Prisoners (3)
        "Big Rock Candy Mountain," Harry Mcclintock (2)
        "In The Highways," Pexsall Sister
        "Mercury," Tim Blake Nelson
        "Segment 2," O Brother Where Art Thou? Soundtrack Radio Special
  2: "Little Sparrow," Dolly Parton (55)
        "Little Sparrow" (14)
        "Seven Bridges Road" (9)
        "I Get A Kick Out Of You" (6)
        "Marry Me" (6)
        "Bluer Pastures" (5)
        "My Blue Tears" (5)
        "I Don't Believe You've Met My Baby" (3)
        "In The Sweet By And By" (3)
        "Mountain Angel" (2)
        "Down From Dover"
  3: "Man Of Constant Sorrow," Ralph Stanley (50)
        "Rocky Island" (12)
        "I've Just Seen The Rock Of Ages" (4)
        "Man Of Constant Sorrow" (5)
        "Oh Death" (4)
        "Angel Band" (3)
        "Calling My Children Home" (3)
        "Dream Of A Miner's Child" (3)
        "Goin' Up Home To Live In Green Pastures" (3)
        "Hard Times" (3)
        "Little Birdie" (3)
        "Old Richmond Prison" (3)
        "Poor Rambler" (3)
        "I Am Weary"
  4: "Tanglewood Tree," Dave Carter And Tracy Grammer (49)
        "Tanglewood Tree" (12)
        "Crocodile Man" (10)
        "Hey Conductor" (6)
        "The Mountain" (6)
        "Farewell To Bitterroot Valley" (5)
        "Farewell To Saint Delores" (4)
        "Walkin' Away From Caroline" (2)
        "Cat-Eye Willie"
        "Cowboy Singer"
        "Farewell To Fiddler's Rim"
  5: "Anthymn," Cosy Sheridan (41)
        "Demeter's Lost Daughter" (6)
        "Multiply Pierced" (6)
        "Oren's Song" (6)
        "Dorothy And Eve" (5)
        "Anthymn" (3)
        "Bikini On A Billboard" (3)
        "Urban Assault Vehicle" (3)
        "Barbie" (2)
        "Love Is Thicker Than Water" (2)
        "PMS" (2)
        "The World Has Taken Care Of Me" (2)
        "Ladies Room"
  6: "Somewhere Near Paterson," Richard Shindell (37)
        "Transit" (8)
        "Spring" (6)
        "Wisteria" (5)
        "You Stay Here" (5)
        "Confession" (4)
        "Calling The Moon" (3)
        "Grocer's Broom" (2)
        "Waiting For The Storm" (2)
        "My Love Will Follow You"
  6: "Unit Of Measure," Tony Rice Unit (37)
        "Jerusalem Ridge" (10)
        "Sally Goodin" (6)
        "Beaumont Rag" (4)
        "Shenandoah" (4)
        "Gold Rush" (3)
        "High Noon" (3)
        "House Of The Rising Sun" (3)
        "Manzanita" (3)
        "Olde Irish Aire"
  8: "Compass And Companion," Mark Erelli (36)
        "Compass And Companion" (10)
        "Ghost" (6)
        "Little Sister" (6)
        "Take My Ashes To The River" (6)
        "Why Should I Cry" (3)
        "All Behind Me Now"
        "Almost Home"
        "Before I Knew Your Name"
        "Free Ride"
        "My Love"
  9: "Crossing Muddy Waters," John Hiatt (34)
        "Crossing Muddy Waters" (11)
        "Lift Up Every Stone" (6)
        "Lincoln Town" (5)
        "Only The Song Survives" (4)
        "God's Golden Eyes" (3)
        "Before I Go" (2)
        "What Do We Do Now?" (2)
        "Take It Down"
  9: "Devolver," The Waybacks (34)
        "Last Steam Engine Train" (6)
        "JNPT" (5)
        "Witch Of The Westmereland" (4)
        "Cluck Old Hen" (3)
        "Compadres In The Old Sierra Madre" (3)
        "I Wan'na Be Like You" (3)
        "Scrapple From The Apple" (3)
        "Been Around" (2)
        "Gone Way Back" (2)
        "Last Steamtrain"
        "Lickkus Interruptus"
        "Likkus Interuptus"
 11: "At The Turning Of The Year," Herdman, Hills And Mangsen (33)
        "At The Turning Of The Year" (10)
        "Snow" (5)
        "Solstice Round" (4)
        "Forget-Me-Not" (3)
        "Away Ye Merry Lassies" (2)
        "The Druggist" (2)
        "Goodbye To The Roses" (2)
        "Years" (2)
        "Candlemas Eve"
        "Corn, Water And Wood And Years"
        "Winter's Come And Gone"
 11: "Covenant," Greg Brown (33)
        "'cept You And Me Babe" (8)
        "Rexroth's Daughter" (6)
        "Blue Car" (3)
        "Lullaby" (3)
        "Real Good Friend" (3)
        "Waiting On You" (3)
        "Blues Go Walking" (2)
        "Living In A Prayer" (2)
        "Marriage Chant"
        "Pretty One More Time"
        "Walkin' Daddy"
 11: "The Hour Before Dawn," Solas (33)
        "Bonnie Mae" (5)
        "Last Of The Great Whales" (5)
        "Bheadh Buachaillan Deas Ag Sile" (4)
        "Granny Quinn's/The Lilac Reel/Sporting Pat" (4)
        "Homeless" (3)
        "I Will Remember You" (3)
        "Miner's Life" (3)
        "Bruach Na Carraige Baine" (2)
        "New Custom House"
        "What's Up With Win/ Sonny's Brogran's/Cahal's Jig"
        "When My Love And I Parted"
 11: "Oasis Acoustic 1," Various Artists (33)
        "McNamara's Tear," Kate Long (3)
        "Mouth Reel," No Strings Attached (3)
        "You Better Let That Liar Alone," Harmony Sisters (3)
        "In 1845," Harry Tuft (2)
        "On The Ohio River," Helena Tripplett (2)
        "Paddy On The Turnpike," Jake Krack And Doug Van Gundy (2)
        "Rivers Will Rise," David Lynn Grimes (2)
        "Skin Quarter Curve," Page Wilson With Reckless Abandon (2)
        "Two Step's One Too Many For Me," Bagboys
        "Cadillacin'," Modern Hicks
        "Can't Do That No More," Roy Book Binder
        "Easter Morn," Bare Necessities
        "Fast Freight," Clearwater Connection
        "House Of David Blues," Jim Shumate And Dan Fox
        "Lady Washington," David And Ginger Hildebrand
        "Loesome Dove Tale," Andrea Hoog
        "Matty Groves," Efenwealt Wystle
        "Round Bard," Still On The Hill
        "Saint Anne's Reel/Fisher's Hornpipe," Peter Mclaughlin
        "Vance Song," Ed Trickett
        "Wimbush Rag," Roustabout
        "Winter Song," Rosalie Sorrels
 11: "Public Domain: Songs From The Wild Land," Dave Alvin (33)
        "Shenandoah" (9)
        "Railroad Bill" (3)
        "Walk Right In" (3)
        "East Virginia Blues" (2)
        "Maggie Campbell" (2)
        "Short Life Of Trouble" (2)
        "What Did They Deep Sea Say" (2)
        "Dark Eyes"
        "Don't Let Your Deal Go Down"
        "Engine 143"
        "Mama Ain't Long For Day"
        "Murder Of The Lawson Family"
        "Sign Of Judgement"
        "Texas Rangers"
        "Unidentified Instrumental Track"
 16: "The Captain," Kasey Chambers (32)
        "The Captain" (7)
        "These Pines" (6)
        "Cry Like A Baby" (5)
        "We're All Gonna Die Someday" (4)
        "You Got The Car" (3)
        "Last Hard Bible" (2)
        "Mr. Baylis" (2)
        "Southern Kind Of Life" (2)
        "This Flower"
 17: "Blame The Dog," Martha Schuyler Thompson (31)
        "As Far As I Can See" (7)
        "Hell's Kitchen" (6)
        "He's Got A Mind Of His Own" (5)
        "Roadhouse Blues" (4)
        "I Can Always Find My Way Home" (3)
        "Little Time For Me" (2)
        "Pray For Rain" (2)
        "World Without End"
        "You Humble Me"
 17: "Red Dirt Girl," Emmylou Harris (31)
        "Red Dirt Girl" (7)
        "Bang The Drum Slowly" (4)
        "Michelangelo" (4)
        "Boy From Tupelo" (3)
        "I Don't Want To Talk About It Now" (3)
        "My Baby Needs A Shepherd" (3)
        "One Big Love" (2)
        "Tragedy" (2)
        "Hour Of Gold"
        "J'ai Fai Tout"
 17: "Trainfare Home," Last Forever (31)
        "Roll On The Ground" (5)
        "Casey Jones" (4)
        "Alexander Selkirk" (3)
        "All For You" (3)
        "Louis Collins/Spike Driver Blues" (3)
        "Diamond Joe" (2)
        "Down The Road" (2)
        "John Doe #24" (2)
        "Oklahoma" (2)
        "That's Enough" (2)
        "Batchelor's Hall"
        "Duke Of Earl"
        "What Are They Doing In Heaven Today?"
 20: "Holy Fool," Chris Rosser (30)
        "David And Marie" (5)
        "Two People" (4)
        "Charlotte The Queen" (4)
        "Deeper Than My Own Name" (3)
        "Federico Fellini" (3)
        "First Class Ticket" (3)
        "Abraham Has Fallen" (2)
        "Feat Of Amazing Grace" (2)
        "She's So Good" (2)
        "Christmas In The Ashram"
        "Sweet Nadya," Cris Rosser
 20: "In Full Color," Karl Shiflett And Big Country Show (30)
        "You're Gonna Miss Me When I'm Gone" (9)
        "Misery Loves Company" (5)
        "Day I Met An Angel" (3)
        "Jakebrakes" (3)
        "Standing In The Need Of Prayer" (3)
        "Cold, Cold Love" (2)
        "Down In The Willow Garden" (2)
        "Juke Joint Boogie"
        "Now That You Have Me"
        "Since You've Gone Away"
 20: "Password," Geoff Muldaur (30)
        "Kitchen Door Blues" (7)
        "K.C. Moan" (3)
        "Light Rain" (3)
        "Wait 'til I Put On My Robe" (3)
        "Beautiful Isle Of Somewhere" (2)
        "Got To Find Blind Lemon" (2)
        "Mary Of The Wild Moors" (2)
        "Some Of These Days" (2)
        "Trouble Soon Be Over" (2)
        "At The Christmas Ball," Geoff And Clare Muldaur
        "Drop Down Mama"
        "Got To Find Blind Lemon-Part 2"
        "Prairie Lullabye"
 23: "Broke Down," Slaid Cleaves (29)
        "One Good Year" (15)
        "Breakfast In Hell" (4)
        "Broke Down" (3)
        "Key Chain" (3)
        "Horseshoe Lounge"
        "I Feel The Blues Moving In"
        "This Morning I Am Born Again"
 24: "Alchemy," Tannahill Weavers (28)
        "It Was All For Our Rightful King" (6)
        "Breton Connection" (3)
        "Gallant Shearers" (3)
        "Hebridean Dream" (3)
        "Helen Of Kirkconnell" (2)
        "Malley Leigh" (2)
        "One For The Road Set" (2)
        "Silver Whistle Set" (2)
        "Fair Maid Of Oban Set"
        "For Aye"
        "Over The Moor And Amang The Heather"
        "Ower The Moor Amang The Heather"
        "Wagtail Set"
 24: "Live At The Davy Lamp," Jez Lowe And The Bad Pennies (28)
        "Greek Lightning" (4)
        "Black Diamonds" (3)
        "London Danny" (3)
        "Galloways" (2)
        "These Coal Town Days" (2)
        "Tom Tom" (2)
        "You Can't Take It With You" (2)
        "Another Man's Wife"
        "Back In Durham Gaol"
        "Big Meeting Day"
        "High Side Of The Town"
        "Kid Canute And Last Of The Widows And These Coal Town Days"
        "Kid Canute/Scotty Moore's Reel"
        "Old Bones"
        "Sweep Horizons Clean"
        "Weave And Worry"
 24: "Road To Canso," Scruj MacDuhk (28)
        "Cidermill" (6)
        "Maid Who Sold Her Barley / The Rakes Of Kildare" (5)
        "Adventure Sings / Louis Riel" (3)
        "Things In Life" (3)
        "Craigie Hills" (2)
        "Nonsuch, Etc" (2)
        "Northern Set" (2)
        "Rambling Irishman" (2)
        "La Banqueroute/La Reel St Jean," Scruj Macdukh
        "Nonesuch/Dinky's Reel/Meech Lake Breakdown"
        "Silence They Say," Scrug Macduhk
 27: "Leaving Fort Knox," Lui Collins (27)
        "Swimming To The Other Side" (7)
        "Things To Do" (5)
        "Dark Silkie" (3)
        "Mystery Play" (3)
        "Green Light" (2)
        "Spark-Wings" (2)
        "Won't Miss You Darlin'" (2)
        "Leaving Fort Knox"
        "Loose The Ties"
        "Song Of The Waters"
 27: "Little Lion," Brooks Williams (27)
        "Belfast Blues" (7)
        "Frenzy At The Feeder" (5)
        "Goodbye Walker Percy" (4)
        "Joyful Joyful" (3)
        "Asa Brancha" (2)
        "Lizard Logic" (2)
        "54-46 Was My Number"
        "O Leaozinho"
        "Water Song"
        "What Wondrous Love"
 27: "Nickel Creek," Nickel Creek (27)
        "The Fox" (9)
        "Ode To A Butterfly" (5)
        "Lighthouse's Tale" (4)
        "Reasons Why" (3)
        "House Of Tom Bombadil" (2)
        "Hand Song"
        "Pastures New"
        "Sweet Afton"
        "When You Come Back Down"
 27: "Six Of One," Joel Mabus (27)
        "Virus On The Town" (5)
        "Balm In Gilead" (4)
        "Cowboy's Barb'ry Allen" (4)
        "My Ramona" (3)
        "School For Love" (3)
        "Back Porch Of Glory" (2)
        "Don't Let Your Deal Go Down" (2)
        "Old Baggum/Toss The Feathers" (2)
        "Old Smokey"
        "Storybook Romance"
 31: "Best Of Broadside," Various Artists (26)
        "Baby I've Been Thinking," Janice Ian (2)
        "Ballad Of Martin Luther King," Mike Millius (2)
        "Carry It On," Len Chandler And The Broadside Singers (2)
        "Nothing But His Blood," Rev. Frederick Douglass Kirkpatrick (2)
        "Ballad Of Donald White," Bob Dylan
        "Birmingham Sunday," Richard Farina
        "Blowin' In The Wind," New World Singers
        "Civil Defense Sign," Mark Spoelstra
        "Father's Grave," Len Chandler And The Broadside Singers
        "Freedom Riders," Phil Ochs
        "I'm Going To Get My Baby Out Of Jail," Len Chandler And Bernice Johnson Reagan
        "I'm Gonna Be An Engineer," Peggy Seeger
        "Legal - Illegal," Ewan Maccoll
        "Let Me Die In My Footsteps," Happy Traum
        "Long Time Troubled Road," Eric Andersen
        "Mack The Bomb," Pete Seeger
        "Mississippi Goddamn," Nina Simone
        "More Good Men Going Down," Broadside Singers
        "Paths Of Victory," Broadside Singers
        "Shady Acres," Janis Ian
        "We Will Never Give Up," Kristin Lems
        "We'll Never Turn Back," Freedom Singers
 31: "Live As I'll Ever Be," Chris Smither (26)
        "Winsome Smile" (5)
        "I Am The Ride" (4)
        "Devil's Real" (3)
        "Hold On I" (3)
        "Killin' The Blues" (3)
        "Link Of Chain" (3)
        "Up On The Lowdown" (2)
        "No Love Today"
        "Slow Surprise"
        "When I Was A Caveman"
 33: "Anthology Of American Folk Music," Various Artists (24)
        "Expressman Blues," Sleepy John Estes And Yank Rachell (2)
        "He Got Better Things For You," Memphis Sanctified Singers (2)
        "Judgement," Sister Mary Nelson (2)
        "Since I Laid My Burden Down," Elders Mcintorsh And Edwards Sanctified Singers (2)
        "This Song Of Love," Middle Georgia Singing Conv. No. 1 (2)
        "50 Miles Of Elbow Room," Rev. F. W. Mcgee
        "Frankie," Mississippi John Hurt
        "Hello Stranger," Carter Family
        "King Kong Kitchie," Chubby Parker
        "Newport Blues," Cincinnati Jug Band
        "Oh Death, Where Is Thy Sting," Rev. J. M. Gates
        "Old Dog Blue," Jim Jackson
        "One-Step," Joseph Falcon Acadian
        "Present Joys," Alabama Sacred Harp Singers
        "Prison Cell Blues," Blind Lemon Jefferson
        "Sail Away Ladies," Uncle Bunt Stevens
        "Saut Crapaud," Columbus Fruge
        "See That My Grave Is Kept Clean," Blind Lemon Jefferson
        "Spike Drivers Blues," Mississippi John Hurt
        "Stackalee," Frank Hutchison
        "You Must Be Born Again," Rev. J. M. Gates
 33: "Fair Weather," Alison Brown (24)
        "Fair Weather" (7)
        "Late On Arrival" (4)
        "Girl's Breakdown" (3)
        "Sweet Thing" (3)
        "Everyday I Write The Book" (2)
        "Hummingbird," Alison Brown With Claire Lynch (2)
        "Deep Gap"
        "Everybody's Talking," Alison Brown With Tim O'Brien
        "Leaving Cottondale"
 33: "Songs Of The Carter Family," Jody Stecher And Kate Brislin (24)
        "Bye And Bye" (6)
        "March Winds Gonna Blow My Blues Away" (3)
        "River Of Jordan" (3)
        "Sow 'em On The Mountain" (3)
        "Away Out On The Old Saint Sabbath" (2)
        "Dark And Stormy Weather" (2)
        "Bear Creek Blues"
        "Dreaming Of You Darling"
        "Meet Me In The"
        "Motherless Children"
        "Single Girl, Married Girl"
 36: "Flood," Annie Rapid (23)
        "Still" (10)
        "Leave The Light On" (3)
        "Every Other Weekend" (2)
        "Flood" (2)
        "Space Between Us" (2)
        "I Still"
        "This World Will Allow"
        "True Green"
 36: "Hard Times In Babylon," Eliza Gilkyson (23)
        "Hard Times In Babylon" (8)
        "Beauty Way" (5)
        "Engineer Bill" (3)
        "Coast" (2)
        "Walk Away From Love" (2)
 36: "Written In Red," Louise Taylor (23)
        "Over The Mountain" (7)
        "His Hands" (5)
        "My Dove" (3)
        "Two Bends In The Road" (2)
        "Cherry Tree" (2)
        "Gunny Hole"
        "Meet You Here"
        "Miriam Bell"
        "Written In Red"
 39: "Back Home Again," Rhonda Vincent (22)
        "Lonesome Wind" (8)
        "Jolene" (4)
        "Passing Of The Train" (4)
        "When I Close My Eyes" (2)
        "You're In My Heart" (2)
        "Little Angels"
        "Out Of Hand"
        "Pretend I Don't Care"
        "Where No Cabins Fall"
        "You Don't Know How Lucky You Are"
 39: "Special Delivery," Larry Sparks (22)
        "Colleen Malone" (5)
        "Lovin' On Borrowed Time" (5)
        "Be Nobody's Darling But Mine" (3)
        "I'm Moving" (2)
        "Richmond County" (2)
        "Around The Carousel"
        "California Zephyr"
        "Ghost Stories"
        "Nobody's Darling"
        "San Antonio Rose"
        "Snow Covered Mound"
        "Undelivered Message"
 39: "These Are The Roots," Diane Zeigler (22)
        "Winter Sun" (8)
        "By Your Name" (5)
        "You Were Welcome Here" (3)
        "These Are The Roots" (2)
        "I Know My Baby's Cry"
        "In Defense Of Eve," Diane Ziegler
        "Listen To The Timber Fall"
        "This Too Shall Pass"
 42: "Just A Drifter," Chris Jones (21)
        "Man On The Side Of The Road" (7)
        "Just A Town" (5)
        "Cowboys Ain't Supposed To Cry" (2)
        "Slave Rock" (2)
        "Uphill Climb" (2)
        "Few More Years"
        "Pretty Saro"
        "Tonight I'm Gonna Ride"
 42: "Things I Gave Away," Mollie O'Brien (21)
        "Train Time" (5)
        "You Won't See Me" (4)
        "Love, Life And Money" (3)
        "Practice Walking Away" (3)
        "River's Invitation" (2)
        "When I'm Gone" (2)
        "House, The Boat, The Lovers"
        "When I've Got The Moon"
 44: "Big Mon: The Songs Of Bill Monroe," Various Artists (20)
        "Heavy Traffic Ahead," Steve Wariner (3)
        "Rocky Road Blues," Dwight Yoakam (3)
        "Walk Softly," Dixie Chicks And Ricky Skaggs (3)
        "Blue Night," Mary Chapin Carpenter With Ricky Skaggs And Friends (2)
        "My Little Georgia Rose," Travis Tritt And Ricky Skaggs (2)
        "Big Mon," Ricky Skaggs
        "Blue Moon Of Kentucky," John Fogerty
        "Close By," Patty Loveless And Ricky Skaggs
        "Cry, Cry Darling," Dolly Parton And Ricky Skaggs
        "Darlin' Corey," Bruce Hornsby
        "On The Old Kentucky Shore," Ricky Skaggs And Joan Osborne
        "Used To Be," Whites, With Ricky Skaggs And Friends
 45: "Empty Old Mailbox," Don Rigsby (19)
        "Empty Old Mailbox" (6)
        "Bluestone Mountain" (4)
        "Bad Day In Akron" (2)
        "Poor Little Rich Man" (2)
        "Son Of A Gun" (2)
        "Don't Sell The Land"
        "Dust To Dust"
        "I Won't Be There"
 45: "Fool's Gold," Aengus Finnan (19)
        "Blackleg Miner" (7)
        "Wild Rose" (4)
        "Fool's Gold" (2)
        "Wayfaring Stranger" (2)
        "Black Is The Colour"
        "Fly Away"
        "Sweet Evelina"
        "War Bride's Waltz"
 45: "The Green World," Dar Williams (19)
        "After All" (4)
        "Calling The Moon" (3)
        "I Won't Be Your Yoko Ono" (3)
        "What Do You Love More Than Love" (3)
        "Playing To The Firmament" (2)
        "Another Mystery"
        "Happens Every Day"
        "I Had No Right"
        "It Happens Every Day"
 45: "Oasis Acoustic 24," Various Artists (19)
        "1000 Angels," Chuck Oliver (2)
        "Angel Of Freedom," Whiteville Choir (2)
        "Headed For Amsterdam," Alicia (2)
        "Bittersweet," John Redmond Pollard
        "Calling All Angels," Jesse Christopher
        "Canyons On The Moon," Johnny Blackthorn
        "Heaven," Bar Scott
        "Mammary Glands," Kristen Lems
        "No Science," Sons Of Gravity
        "Remains," Julie Goldman
        "River," Peggy Atwood
        "Shine On," Richard Follett
        "Song For The New Year," Gary Gackstatter And The Renters
        "This River," Peggy Atwood
        "This Time," Geary R. Redmond
        "When The Lovin's So Good," Donna Long
 45: "Sharp And Sweet," Sangsters (19)
        "Beware O' Bonnie Ann" (3)
        "My Bonnie Mary" (3)
        "Somewhere Along The Road" (2)
        "Away Ye Broken Heart"
        "Barbara Allen"
        "Duncan Gray"
        "Fause Bride"
        "Guiding Light, Evening Star"
        "Lady Mary Ann"
        "Lover's Sweet"
        "Lovers Heart"
        "Parcel Of Rogues"
        "Refuse And Perfume"
        "Willie Brewed A Peck O' Maut"
 50: "If I Could Only Fly," Merle Haggard (18)
        "Crazy Moon" (2)
        "Honky Tonky Mama" (2)
        "If I Could Only Fly" (2)
        "Leavin's Getting Harder" (2)
        "Proud To Be Your Old Man" (2)
        "Turn To Me" (2)
        "Wishing All These Old Things Were New" (2)
        "Listening To The Wind"
        "Thanks To Uncle John"
        "Think About A Lullaby"
        "Wish All These Old Things Were New Again"
 50: "It's Hard To Tell The Singer From The Song," Hazel Dickens (18)
        "Few Old Memories" (4)
        "It's Hard To Tell The Singer From The Song" (3)
        "California Cottonfields" (2)
        "Here Today, Gone Tomorrow" (2)
        "Only A Hobo" (2)
        "You'll Get No More Of Me" (2)
        "Don't Bother To Cry"
        "Hills Of Home"
        "Will Jesus Wash The Bloodstains From Your Hands"
 50: "Murder On Music Row," Larry Cordle And Lonesome Standard Time (18)
        "Black Diamond Strings" (3)
        "I Know How It Feels" (3)
        "Murder On Music Row" (3)
        "Black Jack" (2)
        "Deep Mine Blues" (2)
        "Hard Times"
        "I'm Not The First"
        "Old Kentucky Miners"
        "When All Is Said And Done"
        "When Its All Said And Done"
 50: "Nothing Seems Better To Me: The Warner Collection Vol. Ii," Frank Proffitt (18)
        "Tom Dooley" (5)
        "Conversation With Eleasar Tillett," Anne And Frank Warner (2)
        "Goin' Cross The Mountain" (2)
        "Conversation With Frank Proffitt," Anne And Frank Warner
        "Johnny, You Are My Darling," Lee Monroe Presnell
        "Old Virginny," Lee Monroe Presnell
        "Rocky By Baby," Rebecca King Jones
        "Snow Is On The Ground," Eleasar Tillett
        "Sweet By And By"
        "Sweet Bye And Bye"
        "Tracks 1-5"
        "W P And A"
 50: "Places In Between," Terri Hendrix (18)
        "It's A Given" (3)
        "Joy Or Sorrow" (3)
        "Invisible Girl" (2)
        "Motherless Children" (2)
        "My Own Place" (2)
        "Places In Between" (2)
        "Good Time Van"
        "Moon On The Water"
        "Prelude / Goodtime Van"
 50: "Waltz Of The Wallflowers," Small Potatoes (18)
        "Waltz Of The Wallflowers" (5)
        "1000 Candles, 1000 Cranes" (3)
        "Hope" (2)
        "Old Devil Time" (2)
        "Call It A Day"
        "Dollar Episode"
        "Hummin' To Myself"
        "Lather / Danish Misfortune / Mad Mouth"
        "Life Is An Accident"
 56: "Another Kind Of Blue," Peter Keane (17)
        "Illinois Blues" (3)
        "Another Kind Of Blue" (2)
        "Columbus Avenue" (2)
        "Everything's About The Same" (2)
        "Round And Round" (2)
        "Talco Girl" (2)
        "Call It Sleep"
        "Glory Land"
        "Illegal Man"
        "Sunday Street"
 56: "Carry Me Across The Mountain," Dan Tyminski (17)
        "I Dreamed Of An Old Love Affair" (4)
        "Stuck In The Middle Of Nowhere" (3)
        "Tiny Broken Heart" (3)
        "Carry Me Across The Mountain" (2)
        "Sunny Side Of The Mountain" (2)
        "Think About You Every Day" (2)
        "Praise The Lord"
 56: "Distillation," Erin Mckeown (17)
        "Blackbirds" (3)
        "Didn't They" (3)
        "Fast As I Can" (3)
        "La Petite Mort" (2)
        "Little Cowboy" (2)
        "Queen Of Quiet" (2)
        "Love In Two Parts"
        "You Musn't Kick It Around"
 56: "The Grass Is Blue," Dolly Parton (17)
        "Cash On The Barrel Head" (3)
        "The Grass Is Blue" (3)
        "I Am Ready" (3)
        "Silver Dagger" (3)
        "I'm Gonna Sleep With One Eye Open" (2)
        "Steady As The Rain"
        "Train, Train"
        "Travelin' Prayer"
 56: "Grasshoppers," Grasshoppers (17)
        "Cold Dark Night" (3)
        "River Of Tears" (3)
        "I'm Callin' Jesus" (2)
        "On My Way Home" (2)
        "Set Me Free" (2)
        "Snow" (2)
        "It Amazes Me"
        "Let's Rekindle Our Love"
 56: "One Endless Night," Jimmie Dale Gilmore (17)
        "No Lonesome Tune" (3)
        "Banks Of The Guadalupe" (2)
        "Darcy Farrow" (2)
        "Goodbye Old Missoula" (2)
        "Ripple" (2)
        "Your Love Is My Rest" (2)
        "Blue Shadow"
        "Mack The Knife"
        "One Endless Night"
        "Ramblin' Man"
 56: "Sailing To Philadelphia," Mark Knopfler (17)
        "Last Laugh" (4)
        "Sailing To Philadelphia" (4)
        "Baloney Again" (3)
        "Prairie Wedding" (2)
        "Do America"
        "Silvertown Blues"
        "What It Is"
 56: "Transcendental Blues," Steve Earle (17)
        "Halo Round The Moon" (5)
        "Over Yonder" (3)
        "Lonelier Than This" (2)
        "Transcendental Blues" (2)
        "Until The Day I Die" (2)
        "When I Fall" (2)
        "Galway Girl"

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