Compiled by Richard Gillmann from FOLKDJ-L radio playlists
Based on 8804 airplays.

  1: "Sylvia Hotel," Cheryl Wheeler (59)
        "But The Days And Nights Are Long" (10)
        "Potato" (9)
        "His Hometown" (7)
        "All The Live Long Day" (6)
        "If It Were Up To Me" (5)
        "Meow" (5)
        "Unworthy" (5)
        "Who Am I Foolin'?" (5)
        "Sylvia Hotel" (4)
        "Lighting Up The Mighty Mississippi"
        "Rainy Road Into Atlanta"
        "Right Way To Do The Wrong Thing"
  2: "The Mountain," Steve Earle And The Del McCoury Band (51)
        "I'm Still In Love With You" (9)
        "Texas Eagle" (8)
        "Carrie Brown" (6)
        "Pilgrim" (6)
        "Long Lonesome Highway Blues" (5)
        "The Mountain" (4)
        "Graveyard Shift" (3)
        "Connemara Breakdown" (2)
        "Dixie Land" (2)
        "Harlan Man" (2)
        "Leroy's Dustbowl Blues" (2)
        "Paddy On The Beatr" (2)
  3: "Hundred Year Shadow," Brooks Williams (44)
        "Mockingbird Hill" (10)
        "Darker Kind Of Blue" (9)
        "I Will" (5)
        "All The Ways You Wander" (4)
        "My Love Will Follow You" (4)
        "House Of Truth" (3)
        "Songs My Brother Taught Me" (3)
        "Good And The Bad" (2)
        "Deeper Kind Of Blue"
        "Willie Mae Brown"
  4: "Night In A Strange Town," Lynn Miles (37)
        "Rust" (8)
        "Anywhere" (5)
        "One You're Waiting For" (5)
        "Beautiful Night" (4)
        "Middle Of The Night" (4)
        "Perfect Romance" (3)
        "Sacre Coeur" (3)
        "Sunset Blvd" (3)
        "Yeah Yeah"
  5: "Respond," Various Artists (34)
        "Everything I Need," Melissa Ferrick (3)
        "Grown Up Love Songs And Other Oxymorons," Barbara Kessler (3)
        "Romeo," Jess Klein (3)
        "Different Kind Of Gone," Mary Gauthier (2)
        "Fireflies," Lori Mckenna (2)
        "Lately," Linda Nawn (2)
        "Moon Over Water," Esther Friedman (2)
        "Uncle," Pamela Means (2)
        "Veering From The Wave," Jennifer Kimball (2)
        "Weatherman," Kris Delmhorst (2)
        "2 Boats," Mary Lou Lord
        "Angels Wings," Patty Larkin
        "Any Kind Of Love," Linda Sharar
        "Arlene," Colleen Sexton
        "Come Around," Different Kind Of Gone/Charan Devereaux
        "Do Unto Others," Catie Curtis
        "Firefly," Lori Mckenna
        "Purple Ray Gun," Alexis Shepard
        "Running Out," Juliana Hatfield
        "Sister's Boyfriends," Faith Soloway
        "Turnaround," Jules Verdone
  6: "Ancient Tones," Ricky Skaggs and Kentucky Thunder (33)
        "Walls Of Time" (8)
        "How Mountain Girls Can Love" (5)
        "Boston Boy" (4)
        "Carolina Mountain Home" (4)
        "Mighty Dark To Travel" (3)
        "I Believed In You Darlin'" (2)
        "Coal Minin' Man"
        "Give Us Rain"
        "I'll Make My Way"
        "Little Bessie"
        "Lonesome Night"
        "Pig In A Pen"
  7: "The Family," The Del McCoury Band (30)
        "Don't You Think It's Time To Go" (6)
        "Far Cry" (6)
        "Nashville Cats" (6)
        "Red Eyes On A Mad Dog" (3)
        "Backslidin' Blues" (2)
        "Crying Heart Blues," Del Mccoury (2)
        "Look Of A Perfect Diamond" (2)
        "50/50 Chance"
        "Get Down On Your Knees And Pray"
        "She's Left Me Again"
  8: "Through A Glass Darkly," David Olney (28)
        "Lilly Of The Valley" (8)
        "Snowin' On Raton" (5)
        "That's All I Need To Know" (4)
        "1917" (3)
        "JT's Escape" (2)
        "Little Bit Of Poison" (2)
        "Race Track Blues" (2)
        "Colorado Kid"
  9: "Cry Cry Cry," Dar Williams, Lucy Kaplansky And Richard Shindell (27)
        "By Way Of Sorrow" (5)
        "Cold Missouri Waters" (4)
        "Shades Of Gray" (4)
        "Memphis" (3)
        "Fall On Me" (2)
        "I Know What Kind Of Love This Is" (2)
        "Kid" (2)
        "Northern Cross" (2)
        "The Ballad Of Mary Magdalen"
        "Lord I Have Made You A Place In My Heart"
        "Speaking With The Angel"
 10: "After Yesterday," John Gorka (25)
        "St. Caffeine" (6)
        "When The Ice Goes Out" (5)
        "Thorny Patch" (4)
        "Wisdom" (4)
        "Cypress Trees" (2)
        "Heroes" (2)
        "Silver Town"
 10: "Songs Of Mississippi John Hurt," Bill Morrissey (25)
        "Coffee Blues" (9)
        "If You Don't Want Me" (7)
        "Avalon Blues" (4)
        "Monday Morning Blues" (2)
        "Big Leg Blues"
        "Funky Butt"
        "Joe Turner Blues"
 12: "Come On Down To My World," J. D. Crowe And The New South (24)
        "White Freightliner" (5)
        "Back To The Barrooms" (4)
        "Careless Love" (4)
        "I'm Goin' That Way" (2)
        "Back To The Bar Rooms Again"
        "Come On Back Sweetheart"
        "Come On Down To My World"
        "Grandpa's Shoes"
        "I Don't Know"
        "I'm So Afraid Of Losing You Again"
        "J's Tune"
        "My Blue Eyes You Left In Tennessee"
        "You Didn't Say Goodbye"
 13: "Time Between Trains," Susan Werner (23)
        "Petaluma Afternoons" (5)
        "Standing In My Own Way" (5)
        "Time Between Trains" (4)
        "Old Mistake" (3)
        "Like Bonsai" (2)
        "Vincent" (2)
        "Courting The Muse"
 13: "Treasures Left Behind: Remembering Kate Wolf," Various Artists (23)
        "Love Still Remains," Emmylou Harris (4)
        "Sweet Love," John Gorka (3)
        "These Times We're Living In," Dave Alvin (3)
        "Friend Of Mine," Nanci Griffith (2)
        "Give Yourself To Love," Kathy Mattea (2)
        "Here In California," Lucinda Williams (2)
        "Like A River," Peter Rowan (2)
        "Thinking About You," Terry Garthwaite (2)
        "Carolina Pines," Cris Williamson And Tret Fure
        "In China Or A Woman's Heart," Rosalie Sorrells
        "Tequila And Me," Greg Brown And Farron
 15: "Words That Remain," Solas (22)
        "Pastures Of Plenty" (8)
        "Chemaraigh Aoibhinn O" (3)
        "I Am A Maid That Sleeps In Love" (2)
        "Slng Of Choice" (2)
        "Vega Set" (2)
        "Beauty Spot"
        "Grey Selchie"
        "Sproggle's Set"
        "Sraid An Chloig"
        "Stride Set"
 16: "Everything Matters," Pierce Pettis (21)
        "Just Like Jim Brown" (6)
        "Hole In My Heart" (4)
        "Love Will Always Find Its Way" (4)
        "My Little Girl" (2)
        "Neutral Ground" (2)
        "Words Said In The Dark" (2)
        "Kingdom Come"
 16: "Sounding Land," Susan Graham White (21)
        "Farm" (5)
        "If I Had My Way" (4)
        "Brigid's Shield" (3)
        "Hooves Are Sounding" (3)
        "Just Like You" (2)
        "Seasons" (2)
        "Rhythm Of Air"
        "Sweet Companion"
 18: "Car Wheels On A Gravel Road," Lucinda Williams (20)
        "Can't Let Go" (6)
        "Right In Time" (3)
        "Car Wheels On A Gravel Road" (2)
        "Jackson" (2)
        "Lake Charles" (2)
        "Concrete And Barbed Wire"
        "Drunken Angel"
        "I Lost It"
        "Metal Firecracker"
 18: "When I Go," Dave Carter With Tracy Grammer (20)
        "Annie's Lover" (3)
        "Don't Tread On Me" (3)
        "Kate And The Ghost Of Lost Love" (3)
        "Elvis Presley" (2)
        "Grand Prairie TX Homesick Blues" (2)
        "Lancelot" (2)
        "Frank To Valentino"
        "Little Liza Jane"
        "The River Where She Sleeps"
        "When I Go"
 20: "Man From God Knows Where," Tom Russell (19)
        "Man From God Knows Where" (4)
        "Acres Of Corn," Tom Russell W/Iris Dement (3)
        "Love Abides," Tom Russell/Iris Dement (2)
        "Outcast," Dave Van Ronk (2)
        "Throwin' Horseshoes At The Moon" (2)
        "Anna Olsen," Kari Bremnes/Tom Russell
        "Casey Jones"
        "Patrick Russell," Tom Russell W/ Iris Dement
        "Poor Wayfarin Stranger," Tom Russell-Iris Dement
        "Rider On An Orphan Train"
 21: "Clinch Mountain Country," Ralph Stanley And Friends (18)
        "Shouting On The Hills Of Glory" (3)
        "Pretty Little Miss In The Garden" (2)
        "Pretty Polly" (2)
        "Bright Morning Star"
        "Gold Watch And Chain"
        "How Can We Thank Him For What He Has Don"
        "I'll Take The Blame"
        "I've Just Seen The Rock Of Ages"
        "If I Lose"
        "Lonesome Banjo Man"
        "Nobody's Love Is Like Mine"
        "Old Love Letters"
        "She's More To Be Pitied"
        "Window Up Above"
 21: "Echoes Of The Past," Buzz Matheson And Mac Martin (18)
        "Emotions" (2)
        "I've Always Been A Rambler" (2)
        "Jesus Will Save Your Soul" (2)
        "One Tear Drop And One Step Away" (2)
        "Angels Watching Over Me"
        "Childish Love"
        "Cincinatti Rag"
        "I Can See You're Living A Lie"
        "I Could Cry"
        "I'll Just Pretend"
        "Just When I Needed You"
        "New Memphis Blues"
        "Old Chain Gang"
        "On The Old Kentucky Shore"
 21: "Loose Change And Spare Parts," Terri Allard (18)
        "Lifeline" (6)
        "Loose Change And Spare Parts" (5)
        "Borrowed Time" (2)
        "Squeaky Wheel" (2)
        "La La Rosie Goes"
        "We'll Have Elvis"
 24: "American Beauty," Nashville Bluegrass Band (17)
        "Fiddlin' Bill" (4)
        "Red Clay Halo" (4)
        "Just Like A Fiddle" (3)
        "4 Signs Following"
        "Blue Cadillac"
        "Down A Winding Road"
        "Livin' The Blues"
        "Signs Following"
        "Slow Learner"
 24: "Crossing The Bridge," Eileen Ivers (17)
        "Bunch Of Keys" (3)
        "Gravelwalk / Jama" (3)
        "Islanders" (2)
        "Jama" (2)
        "March Up Fifth Street" (2)
        "Polka. Com" (2)
        "Bygone Days"
        "Dear Irish Boy"
 24: "Song Of The Hills," Various Artists (17)
        "Greenwood Tree," Norman And Nancy Blake (3)
        "Water Is Wide," John Doan And Brian Keane (3)
        "Midnight On The Water," Jay Ungar And Molly Mason (2)
        "Seneca Square Dance," Jay Ungar, Molly Mason (2)
        "Tom Bigbee Waltz," Jay Unger, Molly Mason And John Sebastian (2)
        "Darling Cora," Eric Weissberg
        "Footprints In," Bill Keith, Tony The Snow
        "Shenandoah," Brian Keane
        "Wagoner's Lad," John Sebastian And Brian Keane
        "When First Unto This Country," John Sebastian, Et Al
 24: "Translucent Soul," Ellis Paul (17)
        "Take Me Down" (3)
        "I'm The One To Save" (2)
        "She Loves The Girl" (2)
        "Translucent Soul" (2)
        "World Ain't Slowin' Down" (2)
        "Angel In Manhattan"
        "Bring Me Backwards"
        "Did I Ever Know You"
        "Live In The Now"
        "Sat 2:15"
 28: "Where Have All The Flowers Gone?: The Songs Of Pete Seeger," Various
 Artists (15)
        "Kisses Sweeter Than Wine," Jackson Browne And Bonnie Raitt (6)
        "Goofing Off Suite," Tony Trischka (2)
        "If I Had A Hammer," Various--Nanci Griffith (2)
        "Empty Pocket Blues," Ronnie Gilbert With Robin Flower And Libby Mclaren
        "Had I A Golden Thread," Judy Collins
        "Living In The Country," Martin Simpson
        "Water Is Wide," John Gorka
        "We Shall Overcome," Bruce Springsteen
 29: "Broken Road," Jeff White (14)
        "Broken Road" (7)
        "Cliffs By The Sea"
        "I'll Make My Way"
        "I'm Not A Stranger To Love"
        "Lonesome As It Gets"
        "Rich Girl"
        "Stay Away From Me"
 29: "Listen To My Hammer Ring," Ralph Stanley II (14)
        "Highway Of Regret" (4)
        "Katie Daley" (3)
        "I Hear A Choo Choo Coming" (2)
        "Listen To My Hammer Ring" (2)
        "Another Song, Another Drink"
        "Little Darling Pal Of Mine"
        "Strolling In The Moonlight"
 29: "Secret Anniversaries," Jeff Talmadge (14)
        "Here's A Letter That You Can't Send Back" (4)
        "Secret Anniversaries" (3)
        "Midnight Flight" (2)
        "She Will Not Save You" (2)
        "Hold On"
        "Monmouth County"
 29: "Signs Of Life," Martin Carthy (14)
        "Jim Jones In Botany Bay" (3)
        "Lonesome Death Of Hattie Carroll" (3)
        "New York Mining Disaster 1941" (3)
        "Heartbreak Hotel"
        "Love Never Dies," Barbara Higbie
        "New York Mine Disaster 1941, Barbary Allen"
 33: "Bottleneck Dreams," Salamander Crossing (13)
        "River And The Rain" (3)
        "5 Days In May" (2)
        "Light In The Window" (2)
        "What Kind Of Person" (2)
        "Ain't Gonna Work Tommorrow"
        "Crossing The Bar"
        "Last Iron Horse"
        "Paul And Peter Walked"
 33: "Finding The Way," Lonesome River Band (13)
        "Devil Chased Me Around The Stump" (2)
        "Don't Worry About Daddy" (2)
        "Love's Come Over Me" (2)
        "Sweet Sally Brown" (2)
        "Am I A Fool"
        "Better Days To Come"
        "Cardboard Mansion"
        "Love Comes Over Me"
        "Perfume, Powder And Lead"
 33: "Heart Of A Singer," Jones, Dickens And Hawker (13)
        "Coming Down From God" (3)
        "Lay Me To Rest" (3)
        "Jealous Heart" (2)
        "Love Me Or Leave Me Alone" (2)
        "Forsaken Lover"
        "Old River"
        "Times Are Not What They Used To Be"
 33: "Simple Gearle," Stacey Earle (13)
        "Simple Gearle" (5)
        "Cried My Heart Out" (2)
        "Loser's Weep" (2)
        "Just Another Day"
        "Next Door Down"
        "Show Me How"
        "Tears That She Cries"
 33: "Slide City," Rob Ickes (13)
        "Can't Find My Way Home" (3)
        "California Blues" (2)
        "Last Polar Bear" (2)
        "Way We Was" (2)
        "Boxex Of Bones," Whispered
        "Dwight's Blues"
        "New Blues"
        "Watermelon Man"
 33: "Step Inside This House," Lyle Lovett (13)
        "Ballad Of The Snowleopard And The Tanquery Cowboy" (2)
        "Flyin Shoes" (2)
        "Lonely In Love" (2)
        "Rollin' By" (2)
        "More Pretty Girls Than One"
        "Step Inside This House"
        "Texas Trilogy:Train Ride"
        "Train Ride"
 33: "Stories The Crow Told Me," John Cohen (13)
        "Danville Girl" (2)
        "Stories The Crow Told Me" (2)
        "Buckdancer's Choice"
        "Chilly Winds"
        "Chinquapin Pie"
        "Chittlin' Cooking Time In Cheatham County"
        "Farmland Blues"
        "My Name Is John Johanna"
        "Story That The Crow Told Me"
        "Twin Sisters"
 40: "Oasis Acoustic 14," Various Artists (12)
        "Dancing With You In My Heart," Billy And Pam Gorley (2)
        "Greeneyed Girl Steve Palazzo," Northern Pacific (2)
        "Break The Bank Blues," Christine Vivona
        "En Route Chez Moi," Sandy Gibbons
        "Hellbound Train," James Reams
        "Juniors Field," Coyote Love
        "Land Of The Sugar Cane," Linda Lou And The Lucky 4
        "Life In 4 Minutes," Susan Urban
        "Marguerite," Miriam Tell
        "Swim," Richard 'dahl
        "Unbroken Thread," Molly Mason And Penny Nichols
 40: "5 Strings Attached With No Backing," Arnie Naiman And Chris Coole (12)
        "Blackest Crow" (2)
        "Country Blues"
        "Darling Nellie Grey"
        "Ducks On The Pond"
        "John Hardy"
        "John Henry"
        "Sally Ann Johnson"
        "Sam's Dreams"
        "Skinny Guy's Gotta Eat"
        "Winfield's Fancy"
 40: "Changing Times," New Vintage (12)
        "6 Feet Under The Ground" (3)
        "Long Lost Love" (3)
        "Chain Gang"
        "Changing Times"
        "He Took Your Place"
        "Next To Nothing"
        "Send My Baby Home On A Freight Train"
        "You Put The Fun Back"
 40: "Family Music Party," Trout Fishing In America (12)
        "Mine!" (3)
        "Window" (2)
        "18 Wheels On A Big Rig"
        "Baby's Got The Car Keys"
        "Back When I Could Fly"
        "Eighteen Wheels On A Big Rig"
        "My World"
        "No Matter What Goes Right"
        "What I Want Is A Proper Cup Of Coffee"
 40: "Harbors Of Home," Gordon Bok, Ann Mayo Muir And Ed Trickett (12)
        "Great Valley's Harvest" (3)
        "Napoleon Crossing The Chesapeake" (2)
        "Dancing At Whitsun"
        "Farthest Field"
        "From The Lambing To The Wool"
        "Outside Track"
        "Turning Of The Year"
        "Velveteen Love Song"
        "Wiscasset Schooners"
 40: "Mac, Doc And Del," Mac Wiseman, Doc Watson And Del McCoury (12)
        "I Wonder Where You Are Tonight" (2)
        "More Pretty Girls Than One" (2)
        "New Moon Over My Shoulder" (2)
        "Beauty Of My Dreams"
        "Black Mountain Rag"
        "I've Endured"
        "Old Account"
        "Speak To Me Little Darling"
        "Talk Of The Town"
 40: "McGarrigle Hour," Kate And Anna McGarrigle (12)
        "What'll I Do" (4)
        "Alice Blue Gown"
        "Bon Voyage"
        "Dig My Grave"
        "Green Green Rocky Road"
        "La Porte En Arriere"
        "Porte En Arriere"
 40: "Tears Of Stone," The Chieftains (12)
        "Lowlands Of Holland" (3)
        "Magdalene Laundries," Joni Mitchell And The Chieftains (3)
        "Factory Girl," The Chieftains And Sinead O'Connor (2)
        "I Know My Love," The Chieftans-The Corrs (2)
        "Fiddlin' Ladies"
        "Magdalene Launderers"
 40: "Wings Of Butterflies," Various Artists (12)
        "Safe Haven," Dave Burland (4)
        "Earth," Norma Waterson And Martin Carthy (2)
        "War Horse Town," Steve Tilston (2)
        "Chaos," Pete Morton
        "Child/Lead Kindly Light," June Tabor Et Al
        "Cortez," Fiona Simpson/Les Barker
        "Soldier," Coope Boyes And Simpson
 49: "Czechmate," Druha Trava (11)
        "Skocna" (3)
        "Brazos Bottom" (2)
        "El Santo Dia"
        "From Smetana's Bartered Bride"
        "One More Cup Of Coffee"
        "Wild Horses"
 49: "My Place In The Sun," Missy Raines (11)
        "You Don't Have To Move That Mountain" (3)
        "Nashville Skyline Rag" (2)
        "Traveling Down This Lonesome Road" (2)
        "Bells Of Norfolk"
        "Jersey Bounce"
        "Whiskerhead Goes To Leningrad"
 49: "Other Voices Other Rooms," Nanci Griffith (11)
        "Across The Great Divide" (2)
        "Can't Help But Wonder Where I'm Bound" (2)
        "10 Degrees And Getting Colder"
        "Are You Tired Of My My Darling," Nanci Griffith W/Iris Dement And
 Emmylou Harris
        "Do Re Mi"
        "Morning Song For Sally"
        "Night Rider's Lament"
        "Speed Of The Sound Of Lonliness"
        "Tecumseh Valley"
 49: "Stranger To My Kin," Neal And Leandra (11)
        "Cry" (3)
        "Roll Away The Stone" (2)
        "I Am Rich"
        "Penny On The Track"
        "Ready For Memphis"
        "Take Me Down To The Water"
        "Wish I'd Never Gone Away"

These lists are compiled and posted to the FOLKDJ-L list every month (since
October 1997).  An archive of past Top Album lists is available at the official FOLKDJ-L web site).

The process of compiling the Top Albums list is automated (I do hand correct
some obvious errors and typos).  The results are based on playlists posted to
FOLKDJ-L during the calendar month.  I wrote a pair of programs that work
with the Eudora email program's filtering feature running under Microsoft
Windows NT.  One program parses each playlist as it comes in and adds it to
a spreadsheet.  The second program processes the spreadsheet into a readable
report.  Playlists have to include artist, song and album name (label is
optional) and be in a reasonably regular format for my program to be able to
parse them.  My programs wind up identifying about 60% of the songs actually

The Top Albums list is sorted in descending order by number of plays recorded
for each album.  Within an album, the number of times each track was played
is shown.  If a single DJ is the only one mostly playing an album, the count
of plays is adjusted downwards; otherwise the raw counts are used.  The
top 50 albums are listed.

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