Compiled by Richard Gillmann from FOLKDJ-L radio playlists
Based on 7905 airplays.

  1: "I Used To Be Nice," Rachel Bissex (32)
        "Royal Blues" (9)
        "In The Middle" (4)
        "There's A River" (4)
        "For Florence" (3)
        "In The Magazines" (3)
        "What's Right" (3)
        "Cold November Wood" (2)
        "December Moon" (2)
        "Ballad Of Eunice And Pearl"
  1: "Next," Kate Mcdonnell (32)
        "Enola Gay" (5)
        "Our Love" (5)
        "Baltimore" (4)
        "If I Knew" (3)
        "Just How Long" (3)
        "Tangerine Shirt" (3)
        "Don't Fix My Faucet" (2)
        "Lines" (2)
        "Dog's Odyssey"
        "I Just Assumed"
        "Looking Down For Looking Up"
        "Looking Up For Looking Down"
        "Time And Time Again"
  3: "Who Knows Where The Time Goes," Fairport Convention (29)
        "Who Knows Where The Time Goes" (5)
        "Heard It Through The Grapevine" (4)
        "Here's To Tom Paine" (3)
        "John Gaudie" (3)
        "Wishfulness Waltz" (3)
        "Bowman's Retreat" (2)
        "Dangerous" (2)
        "Golden Glove" (2)
        "Life's A Long Song"
        "Listen Listen," Sandy Denny
        "Sailing Boat"
        "Spanish Main"
  4: "Fiddle Patch," Bobby Hicks (27)
        "Faded Love" (4)
        "Katy Hill" (4)
        "Prosperity Special" (4)
        "Oh What A Silent Night" (3)
        "Whiskey Before Breakfast" (3)
        "Fiddle Patch" (2)
        "Twinkle Little Star" (2)
        "Angel's Waltz"
        "Comanche Hit And Run"
        "Lily Dale"
        "We're Steppin' Out Tonight," Bobby Hicks W/Del Mccoury
  5: "American Stranger," Julie Henigan (26)
        "American Stranger" (5)
        "Adieu My Lovely Nancy" (3)
        "Hanover" (3)
        "Hoban's Hill" (3)
        "Blue-Eyed Boy / Clinch Mountain Backstep" (2)
        "Jessica's Polka/The Procrastination Polka" (2)
        "Pretty Polly" (2)
        "Streets Of Derry" (2)
        "Cowboy's Girl"
        "Green Grows The Laurel"
        "John Randolph"
  5: "Employee Of The Month," Austin Lounge Lizards (26)
        "Dogs, They Really Miss You" (6)
        "Leonard Cohen's Day Job" (4)
        "Other Shore" (4)
        "Hey, Little Minivan" (3)
        "Last Words" (3)
        "Stupid Texas Song" (3)
        "Flatnose, The Tree Climbing Dog"
        "Monkey On My Back"
        "Rocky Byways"
  7: "Devil Of A Dream," Robin And Linda Williams (25)
        "Men With Guns" (4)
        "Things I've Learned" (4)
        "Genius" (3)
        "Green Summertime" (2)
        "I Wonder If I Care As Much" (2)
        "Letter That I Wrote" (2)
        "Rolling And Rambling" (2)
        "Walking Like A Man" (2)
        "At The Crossroads Again"
        "Falls From The Sky"
        "So, It Was Like This, Man"
        "While I'm Waiting For You"
  7: "Rhyme Schemes," Joel Mabus (25)
        "Druggist" (6)
        "What 'my Doin' Wrong" (5)
        "Doo Dah Ditty" (3)
        "Bubba's 3 B's" (2)
        "Fiddler's Reply-Tight Old Arkansas" (2)
        "Mosquito Coast" (2)
        "Chairman Of The Bored"
        "Clear Blue Sky"
        "Crooked November / The Fiddler's Reply / Tight Old Arkansas"
        "Mr Lucky"
        "Tight Old Arkansas"
  9: "Feel Good Day," Continental Divide (24)
        "Silver Eagle" (4)
        "Claire May" (3)
        "Kick Me When I'm Down" (3)
        "When I Left Old East Virginia" (3)
        "Feel Good Day" (2)
        "If A Train Left For Memphis" (2)
        "Where The Dirt Road Ends" (2)
        "You're Gonna Miss Me When I'm Gone" (2)
        "Cast The First Stone"
        "I Dreamed I Drove The Nails"
        "Lonesome Highway"
  9: "Midnight Storm," Blue Highway (24)
        "I'd Rather Be A Lonesome Pine" (5)
        "Find Me Out On A Mountain Top" (3)
        "Last Dollar Blues" (3)
        "Midnight Storm" (3)
        "Getting Over You" (2)
        "He Walked All The Way Home" (2)
        "Pikerville Flood" (2)
        "Some Day" (2)
        "Cold Frosty Morn"
        "Keen Mountain Prison"
 11: "Sand In Your Shoes," Ralph Mctell (22)
        "I Don't Think About You" (5)
        "Jesus Wept" (4)
        "Fear Of Flying" (2)
        "Irish Blessing" (2)
        "Islands" (2)
        "Peppers And Tomatoes" (2)
        "Sand In Your Shoes" (2)
        "After Rain"
        "Care In The Community"
        "Case Of Otto Schwarzkopf"
 12: "Acoustic Rainbow 4," Various Artists (21)
        "If I Were Me," Christine Kane (4)
        "2 And 20 Blues," Penny Lang (3)
        "Backwoods Woman," Lisa Bigwood (3)
        "Grandpa's Applejack," Waystation (2)
        "Sonido Del Silencio," Inca Son (2)
        "I Am A Pilgrim," John Mceuen
        "Paper Thin," Cris Williamson And Tret Fure
        "So Much Left To Say," Derek Swain
        "Sounds Of Silence," Inca Son
        "St. Anthony," Carl Chesna
        "Telephone Line," John Cooker
        "When The Devil Comes Knocking," Jean Henze
 13: "Like Ducks," Christina Smith And Jean Hewson (20)
        "Mallard" (4)
        "Broken Down Girl" (3)
        "Jolly Jack Tar" (2)
        "Kelly And Joe" (2)
        "Liar's Song" (2)
        "G Minor Jig"
        "I'm So Lonesome I Could Cry"
        "Jacobs Jigs"
        "Lady In The East"
        "Pride Of The Season"
        "Scotty Macmillan's G Minor Jig"
        "Sound Symposium Jig / Steve Neerys Waiting For This"
 14: "Midnight Salvage," Dana Robinson (19)
        "Goodbye Maryjane" (4)
        "Stalk Our Calling" (3)
        "Heaven" (2)
        "Redpoll" (2)
        "Shady Grove" (2)
        "Edge Of The Woods"
        "Lazy June"
        "Midnight Salvage"
        "Sweet Dream"
        "Wishing Pool"
 14: "Prime Cuts of Bluegrass 31," Various Artists (19)
        "Black Eyed Susie," Baucom, Bibey, Graham, And Haley (3)
        "Blood Stains Of The Cross," Larry Sparks (2)
        "Give Me Lots Of Love," Virginia Cutups (2)
        "Here's Mud In Your Eye," Dave Evans (2)
        "I Will Grow In Love With You," Pam Gadd (2)
        "Just When I Needed You Most," Rhonda Vincent (2)
        "Man On The Street Interview/ Shortnin' Bread," Vw Boys (2)
        "Black-Eyed Suzy," Baucom Graham Haley
        "Can I Pick One," Vw Boys
        "Red Clay Halo," Valerie Smith
        "Roxanne's Waltz," James Monroe
 14: "Roses And Ash," Annie Rapid (19)
        "Roses And Ash" (6)
        "New York Song" (2)
        "Yeh" (2)
        "All My Senses"
        "Deciding Factor"
        "In The Name Of"
        "Like A Hurricane"
        "Seed Has Fallen"
        "These Days"
        "To Iberia"
 17: "Shaking Off Gravity," Vance Gilbert (18)
        "Icarus By Night" (4)
        "Taking It All To Tennessee" (4)
        "Hey Lah Dee Dah Song" (3)
        "Just Can't Go Like That" (2)
        "Could You Believe"
        "Oh Little Town"
        "Twice Struck"
 18: "Half Slips And Garters," Mary Ann Rossoni (16)
        "Run Of The Mill" (4)
        "Near To Me" (3)
        "In America" (2)
        "What Do You Care?" (2)
        "Let Up On Me"
        "Night Train"
        "One In The Jury"
        "Safe Zone"
        "When I Die"
 18: "Lipstick Lies And Gasoline," Fred Eaglesmith (16)
        "7 Shells" (3)
        "Pontiac" (2)
        "Spookin' The Horses" (2)
        "Thinking" (2)
        "Angel Of The Lord"
        "Drinking Too Much"
        "Scaring The Horses"
        "Time To Get A Gun"
        "Water In The Fuel"
 20: "3 Part Harmony," Reno Brothers (15)
        "Drake's Creek Reel" (2)
        "Hard To Survive" (2)
        "Kentucky Serenade" (2)
        "Midnight Lover's Express" (2)
        "Somewhere Tonight" (2)
        "Tarnation" (2)
        "Always Late With Your Kisses"
        "Let In The Guiding Light"
        "Movie Time Blues"
 20: "Almost Chocolate," Sonia (Rutstein) (15)
        "13" (4)
        "2 Eggs Over Easy" (3)
        "Is This Evolution" (2)
        "November Or Nothing" (2)
 20: "Bluegrass Rules," Ricky Skaggs and Kentucky Thunder (15)
        "Get Up John" (5)
        "If I Lose" (3)
        "Somehow Tonight" (2)
        "Amanda Jewell"
        "I Hope You've Learned"
        "J. D. 's Words Of Wisdom"
        "Ridin' That Midnight Train"
        "Think Of What You've Done"
 20: "Northeast Kingdom," Cheri Knight (15)
        "Dar Glasgow" (4)
        "Rose In The Vine" (4)
        "Black Eyed Susie" (2)
        "Hatfield Side" (2)
        "If Wishes Were Horses" (2)
        "All Blue"
 24: "Another Morning," J. P. Cormier (14)
        "Kelly's Mountain" (3)
        "You Saw Me" (3)
        "Molly May" (2)
        "Another Morning"
        "Highland Dream"
        "Long For The Sea"
        "Mathematician/Sleepy Maggie"
 24: "Her Infinite Variety," Various Artists (14)
        "Lord Mayo," Cherish The Ladies (3)
        "Briar And The Rose," Niamh Parsons And Loose Connections (2)
        "Unicorns," June Tabor And Martin Simpson (2)
        "Air Tune/ The Cliff Dwellers / Cutting The Waves," Trian
        "Devil In The Kitchen," Eileen Ivers
        "Medely," Eileen Ivers
        "My Own Native Land," Cherish The Ladies
        "Puirt A Beal," Sileas
        "Ready For The Storm," Deanta
        "This New Land," Touchstone
 24: "Little Plastic Castle," Ani Difranco (14)
        "Little Plastic Castle" (4)
        "Fuel" (2)
        "As Is"
        "Glass House"
        "Independence Day"
        "Swan Dive"
 24: "Run Satan, Run," Goins Brothers (14)
        "City That Lies 4 Square" (3)
        "Lonely Tombs" (3)
        "Heavenly Light Is Shining" (2)
        "Run Satan, Run" (2)
        "Savior, Take Me Home" (2)
        "Church In The Wildwood"
        "Old Country Church"
 24: "Slow Burn," Robin Greenstein (14)
        "Slow Burn" (3)
        "Someone To Watch Over Me" (3)
        "He Always Liked The Ladies" (2)
        "When You Leave Amsterdam" (2)
        "Catch You If I Can"
        "Me And My Daydreams"
        "New York Blues"
 24: "Steal Away," Kim And Reggie Harris (14)
        "Harriet Tubman/Steal Away" (4)
        "Ain't I A Woman" (2)
        "Deep River/Swing Low"
        "Follow The Drinking Gourd"
        "Free At Last"
        "Heaven Is Less Than Fair"
        "Let Us Break Bread Together"
        "Now Let Me Fly"
        "Oh Freedom"
        "Water Is Wide"
 30: "Age Of Innocence," Kate Mackenzie (13)
        "Age Of Innocence" (3)
        "Single Girl/Sally Ann" (3)
        "Blue Lonesome Wind" (2)
        "Past The Point Of Rescue" (2)
        "I Can't Stop Myself"
        "What's The Matter With The Mill"
 30: "Cadillac Jack's #1 Son," Kevin Gordon (13)
        "Blue-Collar Dollar" (2)
        "Over The Levee" (2)
        "Pauline" (2)
        "Cadillac Jack's #1 Son"
        "Evan Pick Up The Line"
        "Fast Train"
        "Heaven And The Hanging Tree"
        "Junior's Guitar"
        "Lucy And Andy Drive To Kansas"
 30: "Cornbread And Sweetpeas," Konnarock Critters (13)
        "Swampcat Rag" (3)
        "Say Darling, Say" (2)
        "Cornbread And Sweetpeas"
        "Dixie Darlin'"
        "Down In The Willow Garden"
        "I Don't Love Nobody"
        "I've Endured"
        "Pumpkin Rock"
 30: "Gabby Road," 4 Bitchin Babes (13)
        "Cyberspace" (4)
        "Dyslexic" (4)
        "Wild Berries" (2)
        "Chevy Impala"
        "L. A. F. F"
 30: "Ride," Louise Taylor (13)
        "Run The Wild Country" (3)
        "Too Tired To Leave" (3)
        "Last Days Of Summer" (2)
        "Shiny Dime" (2)
        "Blue Norther"
        "Your Face"
 30: "Skin And Water," Nance Pettit (13)
        "Night Of The Falling Angels" (3)
        "Quiet Still" (3)
        "Cactus Heart" (2)
        "When A Woman Leaves" (2)
        "Simple Thing"
        "So Real"
 30: "Slant 6 Mind," Greg Brown (13)
        "Whatever It Was" (3)
        "Billy From The Hills" (2)
        "Down At The Mill" (2)
        "Spring And All" (2)
        "Vivid" (2)
        "Loneliness House"
        "Wild Like A Sonny Boy"
 30: "So Long So Wrong," Alison Krauss And Union Station (13)
        "Blue Trail Of Sorrow" (2)
        "Little Liza Jane" (2)
        "Road Is A Lover" (2)
        "So Long, So Wrong" (2)
        "I'll Remember You In My Prayers"
        "Looking In The Eyes Of Love"
        "No Place To Hide"
        "There Is A Reason"
 30: "Woodys," Woodys (13)
        "Bobby And Juanita" (5)
        "Like Strangers" (2)
        "100 Years Of Solitude"
        "High Lonesome"
        "I Don't Mean Maybe"
        "Mama And Them"
        "Rain Came Down"
        "Second Wind"
 39: "Blanket," Terry Kitchen (12)
        "3 If By Air" (3)
        "Kid Who Looks Like Me" (3)
        "Big Sister"
        "Everything Makes Me Cry These Days"
        "Lightning Strikes"
        "Love Is Possible"
        "Sweetest Poison"
 39: "Constant Emotion," Kate Macleod (12)
        "Constant Emotion" (4)
        "Child" (3)
        "Second Chance At Romance" (2)
        "My Forsaken Love"
 39: "Ninety Miles Out," Debbie Diedrich (12)
        "Blackberry Vine" (2)
        "Don't Call Me Honey" (2)
        "Road From Me To You" (2)
        "Auf Wiedersehen/ Hamburg 1913"
        "I Can Still Taste The Wine"
        "In A Heartbeat"
        "Ninety Miles Out"
        "Un Canadien Errant"
 39: "Silver And Gold," Claire Lynch (12)
        "Sweetheart, Darlin' Of Mine" (3)
        "Hitchcock Railway" (2)
        "If Wishes Were Horses" (2)
        "Death Angel"
        "I'm Goin' Up"
        "Silver And Gold"
        "Wednesday's Child"
        "Who Knows What Tomorrow Will Bring?"
 39: "Vision," Don Rigsby (12)
        "Rose Among The Thorns" (3)
        "On A High, High Mountain" (2)
        "Highter Than I"
        "I've Just Seen The Rock Of Ages"
        "Little Spirit Man"
        "Over In The Gloryland"
        "Rock Of Ages"
        "That House Far Away"
        "Wings Of Angels"
 39: "You Don't Know Me," Denice Franke (12)
        "Rainy Night Detroit-Lowlands" (2)
        "You Don't Know Me" (2)
        "Bobby Sits By The Window"
        "Come Back Somehow"
        "Foolin Myself"
        "How'd You Know"
        "Old Love Keeps On Burning"

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