Compiled by Richard Gillmann from FOLKDJ-L radio playlists
Based on 12444 airplays from 147 different DJs

  1: "The Other Side Of The Glass," Paul Mills [Borealis, new] (55)
        "Doc's Guitar"
        "45 Years"
        "Last Steam Engine Train"
  2: "In The Dirt," Karen Savoca [Alcove, 1/06] (42)
        "In The Dirt"
        "Give Me A Kiss"
        "Just Let Go"
  3: "Red Letter Day," The Gibson Brothers [Sugar Hill, 1/06] (41)
        "I Got A Woman"
        "Red Letter Day"
        "Prisoner's Song"
  3: "Your Daughters And Your Sons," Duhks [Self, 2003] (41)
        "Pretty Boy Floyd"
        "Rock Of Ages"
        "Trooper And The Maid"
  5: "Love Sweet Love," Lynn Miles [True North, 4/05] (39)
        "Flames Of Love"
        "1000 Lovers"
        "Love Sweet Love"
  6: "Forerunner," The Cottars [Rounder, 1/06] (38)
        "Hold On"
        "Byker Hill"
  7: "The Day The River Sang," John Stewart [Appleseed, new] (37)
        "New Orleans"
        "The Day The River Sang"
        "Baby It's You"
  8: "I'm A Mountain," Sarah Harmer [Cold Snap, 11/05] (35)
        "I Am Aglow"
        "I'm A Mountain"
  9: "The Back Fields," Tim Grimm [Wind River, 10/05] (34)
        "Like A Blessing"
        "Girl From The North Country"
        "People's Highway"
 10: "Hope And Other Casualties," Mark Erelli [Signature, new] (33)
        "Seeds Of Peace"
        "Snowed In"
        "Imaginary Wars"
 11: "Half Of My Crime," Annie Gallup [Waterbug, new] (32)
        "3 Brothers"
        "I Rode The Train"
 12: "Blissville," Jeff Talmadge [Corazong, 1/06] (30)
        "40 Days Of Rain"
        "Driving To Blissville"
 13: "Departure," The Mammals [Signature, new] (27)
        "Kiss The Break Of Day"
        "Alone On The Homestead"
 13: "Even The Lost Creek," Laura Cortese [Self, new] (27)
        "Blackbirds And Thrushes"
        "Morning Comes Around"
        "Blow The Candle Out"
 15: "Before The Separation," Freebo [Poppabo, 1/06] (26)
        "Before The Separation"
        "It Goes By Fast"
 15: "My Better Self," Dar Williams [Razor & Tie, 9/05] (26)
 17: "Garden Of Days," Jamie Byrd [Rooster Dog, 12/05] (25)
        "String Of Pearls"
        "If I Made A Painting"
        "In A Mirror"
 18: "Mightier Than The Sword," John McCutcheon [Appalsongs, 2005] (23)
        "Our Flag Was Still There"
        "It's The Economy, Stupid"
 18: "Paradise Hotel," Eliza Gilkyson [Red House, 8/05] (23)
        "Man Of God"
        "Paradise Hotel"
 20: "Six Strings North Of The Border V3," Various Artists [Borealis, new] (22)
        "Waterford Girls," October Browne
        "Dragonfly Helicopter," Andy Sheppard
 20: "Take Me Back," April Verch [Rounder, new] (22)
        "Take Me Back"
        "7 Years"
 22: "Blues And Lamentations," Kate Campbell [Large River, 8/05] (21)
        "Miles Of Blues"
        "Pans Of Biscuits"
 22: "Flower Of Avalon," Tracy Grammer [Signature, 4/05] (21)
        "Laughlin Boy"
        "Gypsy Rose"
 22: "Love And Thirst," Joyce Andersen [Joyscream, 1/06] (21)
        "Riding On A Train"
        "Filled With Love"
 22: "Wide Open," Mountain Heart [Skaggs Family, new] (21)
        "God And Everybody"
        "Town That Isn't There"
 26: "Behind The Levee," The Subdudes [Back Porch, new] (20)
        "Let's Play"
        "One Word"
        "Papa Dukie And The Mud People"
 26: "Classic Railroad Songs," Various Artists [Smithsonian/Folkways, new] (20)
        "Train 45," New Lost City Ramblers
 26: "The Girl Who Couldn't Fly," Kate Rusby [Compass, 9/05] (20)
        "Fare Thee Well"
        "Game Of All Fours"
 26: "Inside The Thunder," Dougie MacLean [Dunkeld, new] (20)
        "Not Look Down"
        "Song For Johnny"
        "Seventh Sea"
 26: "Laughing In The Face Of The Blues," Jack Williams [Wind River, 10/05] (20)
        "Meet Me Mama"
        "High Cotton"
 31: "Fair And Square," John Prine [Oh Boy, 4/05] (19)
        "Glory Of True Love"
        "Long Monday"
 31: "Fiddler's Green," Tim O'Brien [Sugar Hill, 8/05] (19)
        "Early Morning Rain"
        "Look Down That Lonesome Road"
 31: "I Sing The Body Acoustic," Joe Giacoio [Romantic Devil, new] (19)
        "God Knows"
        "She Got A Rock"
 31: "Radiator," Brianna Lane [Pay My Rent, new] (19)
        "Good Guys"
 35: "Downriver," Karen Matheson [Compass, 2/06] (18)
        "Singing In The Dark"
        "Puirt A Beul"
 35: "Fields Of Dreams And Glory," Dan McKinnon [Self, 1/06] (18)
        "Wandering Days"
        "Aesop's Fables"
 35: "Harbor," Marc Douglas Berardo [Prime, 1/06] (18)
        "Shake Out The Dust"
 35: "Haven," Flook [World Village, new] (18)
        "Asturian Way"
        "Mouse Jigs"
 35: "Raven," John Williams And Dean Magraw [Compass, new] (18)
        "Gypsy Queen"
 35: "She Waits For Night," Uncle Earl [Rounder, 7/05] (18)
        "How Long"
        "Take These Chains"
 41: "Back Home In Sulphur Springs," Norman And Nancy Blake [Dualtone, 1/06] (17)
        "Back Home In Sulphur Springs"
        "More Good Women Gone Wrong"
 41: "Better Fight," Terry Tufts [Borealis, 12/05] (17)
        "Better Fight"
 41: "Black Cadillac," Rosanne Cash [Capitol, new] (17)
        "Black Cadillac"
        "House By The Lake"
 41: "Every Step Of The Way," Mark Dvorak [Waterbug, 1/06] (17)
        "Lucky In Love"
        "Not War"
 41: "One Foot Out The Door," Abi Tapia [Wanderlusty, 5/05] (17)
        "Cried Wolf"
 41: "Se," Lunasa [Compass, new] (17)
        "Black River"
 41: "Trouble And Me," Rick Shea And Brantley Kearns [Tres Pescadores, 1/06] (17)
        "Carolina Ca"
        "Sail Away Ladies"
 48: "The Best Kept Secret," Jerry Douglas [Koch, 9/05] (15)
        "Who's Your Uncle?"
        "Swing Blues No. 1"
 48: "Dying To Have A Good Time," Charlie Sohmer [Self, 1/06] (15)
        "Nobody's Baby"
        "Take My Possessions"
 48: "Half A Million Miles," The Kennedys [Appleseed, 7/05] (15)
        "Chimes Of Freedom"
        "Half A Million Miles"
 48: "Live In Sydney," Arlo Guthrie [Rising Son, 8/05] (15)
        "Chilling Of The Evening"
 48: "Nuthatch Suite," Sons Of The Never Wrong [Gadfly, 8/05] (15)
 48: "Pearl," Dave Crossland [Self, new] (15)
 48: "Song Of The Traveling Daughter," Abigail Washburn [Nettwerk, 8/05] (15)
        "Eve Stole The Apple"
 48: "Spooked," Marley's Ghost [Sage Arts, new] (15)
        "Sail Away, Ladies"
 48: "Weiser Sunrise," Foghorn String Band [Nettwerk, 8/05] (15)
        "Be Nobody's Darlin' But Mine, Dear"
 57: "9th Ward Pickin' Parlor," Shawn Mullins [Vanguard, new] (14)
        "Cold Black Heart"
        "House Of The Rising Sun"
 57: "Cat Tales: Songs Of The Feline Persuasion," Cindy Mangsen [Compass Rose, 12/05] (14)
        "Rudy's Big Adventure"
 57: "Folk Is The New Black," Janis Ian [Cooking Vinyl, new] (14)
        "Great Divide"
        "Folk Is The New Black"
 57: "Here To Sing," Bonnie Koloc [Self, new] (14)
        "Dancin' In The Kitchen"
        "It's Great When It Rains"
 57: "Oh Hear Us," Jennifer Kimball [Epoisse, 1/06] (14)
        "Don't Take Yr Love Away"
        "East Of Indiana"
 57: "One-Horse Town," Jim Henry [Self, 1/06] (14)
        "One-Horse Town"
 57: "Sanctuary Road," Erik Balkey [Hudson Harding, 10/05] (14)
        "Cut 'em Down"
 57: "Weather And Water," The Greencards [Dualtone, 6/05] (14)
        "Ghost Of Who We Were"
        "Like A Melody"
 65: "Always Never Enough," Kenny And Amanda Smith [Rebel, 8/05] (13)
        "Always Never Enough"
 65: "American Folk," Various Artists [Putumayo, 8/05] (13)
        "I Had Something," Lucy Kaplansky
 65: "Giants," Donal Hinely [Scuffletown, 11/05] (13)
        "Blue Ink"
 65: "Mantras For Madmen," Harry Manx [Dog My Cat, 11/05] (13)
        "San Diego-Tijuana"
 65: "Mercy Now," Mary Gauthier [Lost Highway, 2/05] (13)
        "Wheel Inside The Wheel"
 65: "Parables And Primes," Danny Schmidt [Live Once, 7/05] (13)
        "Neil Young"
 65: "Seeds: The Songs Of Pete Seeger, Vol. 3," Various Artists [Appleseed, 2003] (13)
        "Bring Them Home," Pete Seeger With Billy Bragg, Ani Difranco, And Steve Earle


Compiled by Richard Gillmann from FOLKDJ-L radio playlists
Based on 12444 airplays from 147 different DJs

1. "New Orleans" (17)
        by John Stewart
        from "The Day The River Sang"
2. "Waterlily" (12)
        by The Cottars
        from "Forerunner"
3. "Doc's Guitar" (10)
        by Paul Mills
        from "The Other Side Of The Glass"
4. "40 Days Of Rain" (9)
        by Jeff Talmadge
        from "Blissville"
4. "45 Years" (9)
        by Paul Mills
        from "The Other Side Of The Glass"
4. "The Day The River Sang" (9)
        by John Stewart
        from "The Day The River Sang"
4. "February" (9)
        by Dar Williams
        from "Mortal City"
4. "I Am Aglow" (9)
        by Sarah Harmer
        from "I'm A Mountain"
4. "Man Of God" (9)
        by Eliza Gilkyson
        from "Paradise Hotel"
10. "I'm A Mountain" (8)
        by Sarah Harmer
        from "I'm A Mountain"
10. "In The Dirt" (8)
        by Karen Savoca
        from "In The Dirt"
10. "Pretty Boy Floyd" (8)
        by Duhks
        from "Your Daughters And"
10. "Rock Of Ages" (8)
        by Duhks
        from "Your Daughters And Your Sons"
10. "Seeds Of Peace" (8)
        by Mark Erelli
        from "Hope And Other Casualties"
15. "Blackbirds And Thrushes" (7)
        by Laura Cortese
        from "Even The Lost Creek"
15. "Deadeye Dick" (7)
        by Steve Brooks
        from "Deadeye Dick"
15. "Empire" (7)
        by Dar Williams
        from "My Better Self"
15. "Flames Of Love" (7)
        by Lynn Miles
        from "Love Sweet Love"
15. "Glory Of True Love" (7)
        by John Prine
        from "Fair And Square"
15. "Kiss The Break Of Day" (7)
        by The Mammals
        from "Departure"
15. "Like A Blessing" (7)
        by Tim Grimm
        from "The Back Fields"
22. "3 Brothers" (6)
        by Annie Gallup
        from "Half Of My Crime"
22. "Byker Hill" (6)
        by The Cottars
        from "Forerunner"
22. "Give Me A Kiss" (6)
        by Karen Savoca
        from "In The Dirt"
22. "Hold On" (6)
        by The Cottars
        from "Forerunner"
22. "I Got A Woman" (6)
        by The Gibson Brothers
        from "Red Letter Day"
22. "I Rode The Train" (6)
        by Annie Gallup
        from "Half Of My Crime"
22. "Just Let Go" (6)
        by Karen Savoca
        from "In The Dirt"
22. "Last Steam Engine Train" (6)
        by Paul Mills
        from "The Other Side Of The Glass"
22. "Laughlin Boy" (6)
        by Tracy Grammer
        from "Flower Of Avalon"
22. "Not Look Down" (6)
        by Dougie MacLean
        from "Inside The Thunder"
22. "Pearl" (6)
        by Dave Crossland
        from "Pearl"
22. "Red Letter Day" (6)
        by The Gibson Brothers
        from "Red Letter Day"
22. "Red River Memory" (6)
        by James Talley
        from "Got No Bread No Milk"
22. "Snowed In" (6)
        by Mark Erelli
        from "Hope And Other Casualties"
22. "Sometimes" (6)
        by Abigail Washburn
        from "Song Of The Traveling Daughter"
22. "Song For Johnny" (6)
        by Dougie MacLean
        from "Inside The Thunder"
22. "String Of Pearls" (6)
        by Jamie Byrd
        from "Garden Of Days"
22. "Trooper And The Maid" (6)
        by Duhks
        from "Your Daughters And Your Sons"
22. "Wandering Days" (6)
        by Dan McKinnon
        from "Fields Of Dreams And Glory"
22. "Waterford Girls" (6)
        by October Browne
        from "Six Strings North Of The Border V3"


Compiled by Richard Gillmann from FOLKDJ-L radio playlists
Based on 12444 airplays from 147 different DJs

1. Duhks
2. Paul Mills
3. The Gibson Brothers
4. Dar Williams
4. Lynn Miles
6. Annie Gallup
7. John McCutcheon
8. Karen Savoca
8. The Mammals
8. Tim Grimm
11. John Stewart
12. The Cottars
13. Eliza Gilkyson
13. Greg Brown
15. John Prine
15. Mark Erelli
17. Kate Campbell
17. Lucy Kaplansky
17. Sarah Harmer
20. Richard Shindell
20. Tim O'Brien
22. Dougie MacLean
23. Bob Dylan
23. Cheryl Wheeler
23. Tom Russell
26. Jeff Talmadge
27. Johnny Cash
27. Rosanne Cash
29. Laura Cortese
30. Nanci Griffith
31. Freebo
31. Jack Williams
33. Arlo Guthrie
33. Kate Rusby
33. Mountain Heart
36. David Francey
36. Johnsmith
36. Lucinda Williams
36. Norman And Nancy Blake
36. Tracy Grammer


Compiled by Richard Gillmann from FOLKDJ-L radio playlists
Based on 12444 airplays from 147 different DJs

1. Rounder
2. Sugar Hill
3. Red House
4. Compass
5. Columbia
6. Signature
7. Philo
8. Borealis
9. Waterbug
10. Appleseed
11. Shanachie
12. Warner
13. Green Linnet
14. Smithsonian/Folkways
15. Vanguard
16. Dualtone
16. Flying Fish
18. Hightone
18. Rhino
20. Rebel
21. Wind River
22. Folk-Legacy
22. Nettwerk
24. Koch
25. Capitol
25. Greentrax
27. Pinecastle
28. Putumayo
29. RCA
29. Skaggs Family
31. Razor And Tie
31. Reprise
33. Gadfly
34. MCA
35. Sony
36. Elektra
36. Topic
38. Alcove
39. Blue Corn
40. Acoustic Disc

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