Compiled by Richard Gillmann from FOLKDJ-L radio playlists
Based on 9951 airplays.

  1: "How Like The Holly," Joel Mabus (97)
        "Let's Do Christmas Right" (30)
        "How Like The Holly" (16)
        "Children Go Where I Send Thee" (11)
        "Christmas Bells" (7)
        "Es Ist Ein Ros' Entsprungen" (6)
        "One Horse Open Sleigh" (6)
        "Away In A Manger" (5)
        "Cherry Tree Carol" (5)
        "Rorate Ceoli Desuper" (5)
        "Friendly Beasts" (4)
        "Golden Carol"
        "How Vain The Cruel Herod's Fear"
  2: "Winter's Grace," Laurie Lewis And Tom Rozum (74)
        "If We Make It Through December" (13)
        "Messenger" (13)
        "Hot Buttered Rum" (9)
        "Christmas Time's A-Comin'" (7)
        "Gift" (6)
        "Wintergrace" (6)
        "Sleigh Ride" (4)
        "Snowy Road" (4)
        "Wassail Song" (4)
        "Cold Frosty Morning" (3)
        "Earth Moves In A Mysterious Way" (2)
        "Heiligste Nacht" (2)
        "This Snowy Road"
  3: "The Grass Is Blue," Dolly Parton (58)
        "I Still Miss Someone" (9)
        "The Grass Is Blue" (7)
        "Train, Train" (7)
        "Travelin' Prayer" (6)
        "I'm Gonna Sleep With One Eye Open" (5)
        "Cash On The Barrelhead" (4)
        "Silver Dagger" (4)
        "Steady As The Rain" (4)
        "Endless Stream Of Tears" (3)
        "I Wonder Where You Are Tonight" (3)
        "A Few Old Memories" (2)
        "I Am Ready" (2)
        "Will He Be Waiting For Me" (2)
  4: "Voices Of Winter," Herdman, Hills And Mangsen (53)
        "Voices Of Winter/Red And Green" (10)
        "Frozen Logger/Proper Cup Of Coffee" (9)
        "Hot Buttered Rum" (5)
        "Hanerot Halalu" (4)
        "Snow In The Street" (4)
        "Wintergrace" (4)
        "A' Roving On A Winter's Night" (3)
        "More Wood" (3)
        "Mister Santa" (2)
        "Raise The Dead Of Wintertime" (2)
        "Unto You This Night" (2)
        "Joy Health Love And Peace/The Wren"
        "Mr. Santa"
        "Serving Girl's Holiday"
        "Witch Hazel"
  5: "Cold Dog Soup," Guy Clark (52)
        "Be Gone Forever" (9)
        "Cold Dog Soup" (9)
        "Forever, For Always, For Certain" (9)
        "Sis Draper" (6)
        "Fort Worth Blues" (4)
        "Water Under The Bridge" (4)
        "Red River" (3)
        "Die Tryin'" (2)
        "Indian Head Penny" (2)
        "Men Will Be Boys" (2)
        "Ain't No Trouble To Me"
        "Bunkhouse Blues"
  6: "Sugar Plums," Various Artists (40)
        "Making Plans," Tim O'brien (8)
        "Christmas Time's A-Coming," Peter Rowan (7)
        "Christmas Lullaby," Doc Watson (6)
        "Christ Was Born In Bethlehem," Tim And Mollie O'Brien (3)
        "That White Christmas Song," Red Knuckles And The Trailblazers (3)
        "Away In A Manger," Jerry Douglas (2)
        "Beautiful Star Of Bethlehem," John Starling (2)
        "Carpenter Shop," The Bluegrass Cardinals (2)
        "Nothin' But A Child," Robin And Linda Williams (2)
        "Santa Bring My Baby Back To Me," Ranch Romance (2)
        "First Noel," Doyle Lawson And Quicksilver
        "Silent Night," Seldom Scene
        "What Child Is This," Dan Crary
  7: "Listen To The Angels," Neal And Leandra (37)
        "I'll Be Home For Christmas" (7)
        "Long Time Ago" (7)
        "Cradle In Bethlehem" (4)
        "Listen To The Angels" (4)
        "La Nanita Nana" (3)
        "Tell Me The Old, Old Story" (3)
        "Bring A Torch, Jeanette Isabella" (2)
        "It Happened Once" (2)
        "Rise Up Shephard" (2)
        "Snowflight" (2)
        "Welcome Friend"
  8: "One Moment Of Grace," Night Sun (30)
        "Didn't I Try" (6)
        "Harvey And Louise" (4)
        "Babe" (3)
        "One Night Too Many" (3)
        "Breathing" (2)
        "I'll Hold On" (2)
        "Lost Seconds" (2)
        "One Moment Of Grace" (2)
        "Parrish Waltz" (2)
        "Camel In Nunavut"
        "Fire Last Summer"
        "Old Woman"
        "Summer Songs"
  8: "Tubular Dogs," Mrs Ackroyd Band (30)
        "Will The Turtle Be Unbroken?" (7)
        "Get A Long Little Dogie" (4)
        "Sloop John A" (3)
        "Custard Creams," Bill Caddick/Mrs. Ackroyd Band (2)
        "Grey Tunnel Line" (2)
        "Harvey Andrews Chorus" (2)
        "Have You Got Any News Of The Iceberg?" (2)
        "I Live Not Near The Louvre" (2)
        "Techno Notice" (2)
        "Breaking Wind Suddenly"
        "Krill," Les Barker
        "Nolans," Alison Younger
        "O Sole Mio," Hilary Spencer
 10: "Comfort And Joy," Margo Hennebach And Mark Saunders (29)
        "God Rest You Merry" (4)
        "How Far Is It To Bethlehem" (4)
        "Away In A Manger" (3)
        "Calling" (3)
        "Hold Me Close" (3)
        "I Wonder As I Wander" (2)
        "Joy To The World" (2)
        "Rocking" (2)
        "We 3 Kings" (2)
        "I Saw 3 Ships"
        "Irish Medley"
        "Little Drummer Boy"
        "Mary Had A Baby"
 10: "Tradition," The Burns Sisters (29)
        "Songs We Love" (9)
        "Shaloo Shalom" (6)
        "Children Go Where I Send Thee" (4)
        "This Christmas" (4)
        "Come Come" (2)
        "Golden Cradle" (2)
        "Little Drummer Boy"
        "Tibetan Prayer For Peace"
 12: "Weiss Christmas," Ilene Weiss (27)
        "Talkin' To The Wrong Guy" (5)
        "His Initials" (4)
        "Tree" (4)
        "Christmas At The South Pole" (3)
        "The Day A Baby Was Born" (3)
        "Santa Claus Is Coming To Town-Santa Rap" (4)
        "Minute After Midnight" (2)
        "Harvest For The World"
        "It's That Time Again"
 13: "Holiday Guitar," Dan Crary (26)
        "Carol Of The Bells" (6)
        "Coventry Carol/Patapan" (5)
        "Masters In The Hall" (3)
        "Silver Bells" (3)
        "Christmas Blues A' Comin'" (2)
        "God Rest Ye Merry Gents / Joy To The World" (2)
        "Last Noel" (2)
        "O Holy Night" (2)
        "Santa, Baby"
 13: "Tinsel Tunes," Various Artists (26)
        "Merry Christmas From The Family," Robert Earl Keen (5)
        "Blue Christmas Lights," Chris Hillman And Herb Pedersen (3)
        "Christmas Is Coming To Town," Laurel Canyon Ramblers (3)
        "Christmas Story," Nashville Bluegrass Band (3)
        "Sleigh Ride," Sam Bush (3)
        "Bleak Midwinter," Mollie O'brien (2)
        "Ring The Bells At Midnight," Kathy Kallick And The Little Big Band
        "Bring A Torch, Jeannette Isabella," Chris Thile
        "Christmas Swing," Chesapeake
        "I'll Be Home For Christmas," Brother Boys
        "In The Bleak Midwinter," Mollie O'brien
        "Last Month Of The Year," Fairfield 4 And Nashville Bluegrass Band
 15: "Naked As Moonlight," Half The Sky (25)
        "Roseville Fair" (5)
        "My Irene" (4)
        "Time Touches One And All" (3)
        "Better Kind Of Bad" (2)
        "How Seasons Change" (2)
        "Warmth Of Your Love" (2)
        "Angry Lovers"
        "By The River Jim Henry"
        "Going Forever"
        "Kilgore And Billy Jean"
        "Parrish Waltz -One Moment Of Grace Half The Sky: Roseville Fair,"
Night Sun
        "Through The Night"
 16: "Ambition," Dave Mallett (23)
        "You Can't Go Home Again" (4)
        "Ambition" (3)
        "Next Time I Leave Here" (3)
        "Wild In The Sixties" (3)
        "Greenin' Up" (2)
        "Here In This City You Live In" (2)
        "Sportin' Days" (2)
        "Walkin'" (2)
        "Herein The City You Live In"
        "Whiskey Talkin'"
 16: "Folkscene Collection 2," Various Artists (23)
        "Heart Of Saturday Night," Tom Waits (4)
        "Song Of The Candle," Stan Rogers (4)
        "Love At The 5 And Dime," Nanci Griffith (3)
        "I'm This Blue," Greg Brown (2)
        "California Snow," Tom Russell
        "Justine," Patty Larkin
        "Little Angel, Little Brother," Lucinda Williams
        "Lockkeeper," John Gorka
        "Love Is On Our Side," Tish Hinojosa
        "Mr. Tambourine Man," Chris Hillman
        "Our Town," Iris Dement
        "Pace The Cage," Bruce Cockburn
        "Planet Of Love," Jim Lauderdale
        "Take Off Your Old Coat," Eliza Gilkyson
 16: "John And Mary," IIIrd Tyme Out (23)
        "John And Mary" (7)
        "Snow Angel" (5)
        "Coal Mine Blues" (3)
        "Lovin' You, Goin' Blind" (3)
        "Blue Ridge Mountain Memories" (2)
        "Milk Cow Blues"
        "Out Of Sight, Out Of Mind"
        "Rose Of My Heart"
 19: "Drag Queens In Limousines," Mary Gauthier (22)
        "Drag Queens In Limousines" (6)
        "I Drink" (4)
        "Evangeline" (3)
        "Lifetime" (3)
        "Lucky Stars" (2)
        "Different Kind Of Gone"
        "Jackies Train"
        "Karla Faye"
        "Our Lady Of The Shooting Stars"
 20: "Christmas The Cowboy Way," Riders In The Sky (21)
        "Corn, Water And Wood" (7)
        "Prairie Dog Christmas Ball" (3)
        "12 Days Of Cowboy Christmas" (2)
        "Christmas Yodel" (2)
        "Let It Snow/The Last Christmas Medley You'll Ever Need To Hear" (2)
        "Friendly Beasts"
        "Let It Snow/Last Christmas Medley"
        "O Come, O Come Emmanuel"
        "Old Fashioned Christmas Polka"
        "Sidemeat's Christmas Stew"
 20: "In My Hands," Natalie MacMaster (21)
        "Get Me Through December" (6)
        "In My Hands" (4)
        "Flamenco Fling" (3)
        "Gramma" (2)
        "Blue Bonnets Over The Border"
        "Flora Macdonald"
        "Mom's Jig"
        "Moxham Castle"
        "Space Ceilidh"
        "Welcome To The Trossachs"
 20: "Truth Of A Woman," Kristina Olsen (21)
        "Big O" (6)
        "Spend The Whole Night With You" (5)
        "Yellow Piper" (3)
        "Part Time Lover" (2)
        "I Am Ashamed"
        "I Just Want To Spend The Whole Night With You"
        "Phoebe's Iceberg," Kristina Olson
        "Rainy Night In Chinatown"
        "Truth Of A Woman"
 23: "12 Steps Of Christmas," Various Artists (20)
        "It's A Holiday," Mary Ann Rossoni (3)
        "Winter Solstice Blessing," Marcia Taylor (3)
        "12 Steps Of Christmas," Jon Campbell (2)
        "Beginning With You," Atwater-Donnelly (2)
        "Christmas Goose," Artisan (2)
        "Menorah," Laura Berkson (2)
        "Christmas In The City," Jim Payne
        "Christmas Is Homeless," Barbara Kessler
        "Dear Santa," Marilynn Manfra
        "It Won't Be Christmas," John Fuzek
        "Straw Against The Chill," Bob Franke
        "Thanks And Praise," J. P. Jones
 23: "Time And Again," Simple Gifts (20)
        "Waynesboro/Shenandoah Falls" (5)
        "Minka" (3)
        "Bourees/Polka With Teeth" (2)
        "Bumblebee Sirba" (2)
        "Coilsfield House" (2)
        "Woody Knows Nothing" (2)
        "Bourees And Bitte Mand I Knibe"
        "In Memoriam"
        "Reba's Waltz"
        "Romanian Swing"
 25: "Christmas," Bruce Cockburn (19)
        "Mary Had A Baby" (7)
        "Early On One Christmas Morn" (4)
        "Go Tell It On The Mountain" (2)
        "Huron Carol"
        "I Saw 3 Ships"
        "Les Angels Dans Nos Campagnes"
        "O Little Town Of Bethlehem"
        "Riu Riu Chiu / I Saw 3 Ships"
 25: "When I See Winter Return," William Pint And Felicia Dale (19)
        "January Man" (3)
        "Tomorrow Shall Be My Dancing Day" (3)
        "Trees Are All Bare" (3)
        "Quant Je Voi Yver Retourner" (2)
        "Ring In The New Year" (2)
        "Woodcutter's Song" (2)
        "I Saw 3 Ships"
        "Lo, How A Rose E'er Blooming"
        "Over The Hill And Over The Dale"
        "William Pint And Felicia Dale"
 27: "Bells Of Dublin," The Chieftains (18)
        "Bells Of Dublin," Chieftains (3)
        "Rebel Jesus," Chieftains W/ Jackson Browne (3)
        "St. Stephen's Day Murders," Chieftains With Elvis Costello (3)
        "Wexford Carol," Chieftains With Nanci Griffith (3)
        "Il Est Ne," Chieftains And Kate And Anna Mcgarrigle (2)
        "Breton Carol," Chieftains W/Nolwen Monjarret
        "I Saw 3 Ships," Chieftains/Marianne Faithfull
        "Skyline Jig," Chieftains
        "Wren" Medley," Chieftains
 27: "Snow Angels," Various Artists (18)
        "Miriam," Pierce Pettis (4)
        "Children, Go Where I Send Thee," Joan Osborne (3)
        "O Come All Ye Faithful," Kevin Connolly (3)
        "Silent Night," Catie Curtis (3)
        "Holly And The Ivy," Jim Infantino And Jonatha Brooke
        "Little Drummer Boy," Louise Taylor
        "Merry Christmas Baby," Laurie Sargent
        "Rudolph The Red-Nosed Reindeer," James Mccandless
        "Winter Wonderland," Dave's True Story
 29: "From Coffee House To Concert Hall," Stan Rogers (17)
        "At Last, I'm Ready For Christmas" (8)
        "Take It From Day To Day" (2)
        "Acadian Saturday Night"
        "Billy Green"
        "Down The Road"
        "Guysborough Train"
        "Straight And True"
        "Woodbridge Dog Disaster"
 29: "Sleepless," Kate Rusby (17)
        "All God's Angels" (4)
        "Cobbler's Daughter" (3)
        "Our Town" (3)
        "Fairest Of All Yarrow" (2)
        "Unquiet Grave" (2)
        "Wild Goose" (2)
        "Botany Bay"
 29: "Sparrow's Wing," Garnet Rogers (17)
        "All That Is" (3)
        "Next Turn Of The Wheel" (3)
        "Sparrow's Wing" (3)
        "Under The Summer Moonlight" (3)
        "Cricket Dance" (2)
        "Edge Of The Earth"
        "These Broken Hills"
 29: "Traveler's Code," Darryl Purpose (17)
        "Last Great Kiss Of The 20th Century" (14)
        "Ring On My Hand" (2)
        "Smoke And Mirrors," Darrryl Purpose
 29: "The Wayback," Jim Henry (17)
        "Sound Of The Whistle Blow" (6)
        "Ruby" (3)
        "Drive-In Movie Picture Show" (2)
        "Leaving Time" (2)
        "We Think We'll Keep Him" (2)
        "Eddie And Pearl"
 34: "Murder On Music Row," Larry Cordle And Lonesome Standard Time (16)
        "Hard Times" (3)
        "I Know How It Feels" (3)
        "Murder On Music Row" (3)
        "Black Diamond Strings" (2)
        "Jesus And Bartenders" (2)
        "Black Jack"
        "Deep Mine Blues"
        "I'm Not The First"
        "I Wonder Where You Are Tonight"
        "Long Enough To"
        "Old Kentucky Miner"
        "When It S All Said And Done"
 34: "Book Of Survival," Deborah Holland (16)
        "End Of The World" (3)
        "Hard To Be A Human In The Universe" (3)
        "Kids With Guns" (3)
        "Pinochet And Margaret Thatcher" (3)
        "Book Of Survival"
        "Faded Red Car"
        "Happy Birthday, You're Turning 40"
        "I'm Sorry"
 34: "Closer To The Truth," Trout Fishing In America (16)
        "Old Things" (4)
        "Big Boys In Bad Shape" (3)
        "Closer To The Truth" (3)
        "After You've Gone" (2)
        "Sun And Moon And Stars" (2)
        "Alberta Postcard"
 34: "Good Old Boys," John Hartford (16)
        "On The Radio," John Hartford And The Hartford String Band (5)
        "Good Old Boys" (3)
        "Keep On Truckin'" (2)
        "Watching The River Go By" (2)
        "Cross-Eyed Child"
        "Mike And John In The Wilderness"
        "Owl Feather"
        "Waltz Of The Golden Rule"
 34: "Mortal City," Dar Williams (16)
        "Christians And The Pagans" (15)
        "This Was Pompeii"
 34: "Soldier Of The Cross," Ricky Skaggs (16)
        "I'm Ready To Go" (4)
        "Soldier Of The Cross" (3)
        "Voice From On High" (3)
        "Joshua Generation," Ricky Scaggs (2)
        "Waiting At The Gate" (2)
        "Darkest Hour," Ricky Skaggs And Kentucky Thunder
        "Gone Home"
 34: "Sylvia Hotel," Cheryl Wheeler (16)
        "If It Were Up To Me" (5)
        "All The Live Long Day" (2)
        "But The Days And Nights Are Long" (2)
        "His Hometown" (2)
        "Sylvia Hotel" (2)
        "Lighting Up The Mighty Mississippi"
        "Rainy Road Into Atlanta"
 34: "Too Many Santas," The Bobs (16)
        "Santa's Got A Brand New Bag" (5)
        "50 Kilowatt Tree" (4)
        "Christmas In Jail" (2)
        "Mambo, Santa, Mambo"
        "Night Before The Night Before Christmas"
        "Too Many Santas"
        "Yule Man Vs The Anti Claus"
        "Yuleman Vs. Anti-Claus"
 42: "Blue Highway," Blue Highway (15)
        "I Hung My Head" (3)
        "Lonesome Hearted Blues" (3)
        "Clay And Ottie" (2)
        "Don't Come Out Of The Hole" (2)
        "Lonely Old Town" (2)
        "Born With A Hammer In My Hand"
        "Father I Know Why"
        "I Am Near The Gate"
 42: "Christmas Heritage," Heritage (15)
        "Go Tell It On The Mountain" (3)
        "Christmas Eve" (2)
        "In The Bleak Midwinter" (2)
        "New Grange" (2)
        "It Came Upon A Midnight Clear"
        "Oh Come, Oh Come Emanuel"
        "On Christmas Eve"
        "Shalom Aleichem/Breakin' Up Christmas"
 42: "Cruel Moon," Buddy Miller (15)
        "Cruel Moon" (3)
        "Does My Ring Burn Your Finger" (3)
        "I'm Gonna Be Strong" (2)
        "Love Match" (2)
        "Somewhere Trouble Don't Go" (2)
        "In Memory Of My Heart"
        "Looking For A Heartache Like You"
        "Sometimes I Cry"
 42: "Far Away, Down On A Georgia Farm," Norman Blake (15)
        "Constitution March" (2)
        "Far Away, Down On A Georgia Farm" (2)
        "Goin' Back To The Blue Ridge Mountains" (2)
        "New Century Hornpipe" (2)
        "Whiskey Deaf And Whiskey Blind" (2)
        "Give Me Back My Fifteen Cents"
        "Savannah Rag"
        "Snowbird On The Ashbank"
        "Thelma Hatfield"
        "Winds Of Time Won't Change"
 42: "The Man From God Knows Where," Tom Russell (15)
        "Rider On An Orphan Train" (2)
        "Throwin' Horseshoes At The Moon" (2)
        "Ambrose Larsen"
        "Anna Olsen," Tom Russell And Kari Bremnes
        "Casey Jones"
        "Love Abides"
        "Man From God Knows Where"
        "Old Rugged Cross," Iris Dement
        "Outcast," Dave Van Ronk
        "Patrick Russell"
        "Wayfarin' Stranger," Tom Russell / Iris Dement
        "When Irish Girls Grow Up"
 42: "Retrograss," David Grisman, John Hartford And Mike Seeger (15)
        "When I'm Sixty Four" (3)
        "Grisman, Hartford, And Seeger," Maggie's Farm (2)
        "Hound Dawg" (2)
        "Uncle Pen" (2)
        "Blue Ridge Cabin Home"
        "Jerusalem Ridge"
        "Maggies Farm"
        "Old Home Place"
        "Sittin' By The Dock Of The Bay"
 48: "Christmas Time In Eastern Kentucky," 5 For The Gospel (14)
        "Christmas In Kentucky" (3)
        "Frosty The Snowman" (3)
        "Beautiful Star Of Bethlehem" (2)
        "Christmas Time Is Coming" (2)
        "Jingle Bells" (2)
        "Away In A Manger"
        "Christmas Tones"
        "First Noel"
        "Little Drummer Boy"
        "New Star Shining"
        "Santa Clause Is Coming To Town"
 48: "Oy Chanukah!," Klezmer Conservatory Band (14)
        "Dreydl Song" (3)
        "Oy Chanykah, Oy Chanukah!" (2)
        "Celebrating In The Shtetl"
        "Chanukah Gelt/Abi Gezunt"
        "Chanukah/Chanukah, The Festival Of Lights"
        "Der Bosfor"
        "Dona Dona"
        "Freylekhe Nakht In Gan Eydn"
        "Khasidim Tants"
        "Making Latkes"
        "Yingele Fun Polyn"
 48: "Blues At Kerrville," Various Artists (14)
        "Another Time And Place," Dave Van Ronk (3)
        "Kentucky Blues," Roy Book Binder (3)
        "My Man Is A 2 Timer," Marcia Ball (3)
        "Midnight Special," Spider John Koerner (2)
        "I Can Be Had," Josh White, Jr
        "Mississippi Delta Blues," Kenneth Threadgill
        "Texas Blues," Mance Lipscomb
 48: "Hope! Says The Holly," Diane Taraz (14)
        "Auld Lang Syne" (3)
        "Cherry Tree Carol" (3)
        "Green Grows The Holly" (2)
        "In The Bleak Midwinter" (2)
        "People, Look East" (2)
        "Bring A Torch"
        "It Came Upon A Midnight Clear"
 48: "Laurie Lewis And Her Bluegrass Pals," Laurie Lewis (14)
        "Acony Bell" (4)
        "Blow Big Wind" (3)
        "Beyond The River Bend" (2)
        "When I Get Home" (2)
        "Black Waters"
        "Tall Pines"
        "Weevily Wheat"
 48: "Long Ride," Ramblin' Jack Elliott (14)
        "Diamond Joe" (2)
        "East Virginia Blues" (2)
        "Sky Above, The Mud Below" (2)
        "St. James Infirmary" (2)
        "Cup Of Coffee"
        "Let's Have Another Cup Of Coffee"
        "Now He's Just Dust In The Wind"
        "Pictures From Life's Other Side," Jack Elliott
        "Rangers Command"
 48: "The Mountain," Steve Earle And The Del Mccoury Band (14)
        "Texas Eagle" (5)
        "Pilgrim" (3)
        "Carrie Brown" (2)
        "Leroy's Dustbowl Blues" (2)
        "Years," Bridget Ball/Christopher Shaw
 48: "Paper Angels," Artisan (14)
        "Christmas Carol" (4)
        "Paper Angels" (3)
        "First Christmas Away From Home" (2)
        "Christmas Eve 1914"
        "I Want A Hippopotamus For Christmas"
        "Sainsbury Rag"
        "Stuff The Turkey"
        "Throw Another Chairleg On The Fire"
 48: "Through The Bitter Frost And Snow," Susan Mckeown And Lindsey Horner
        "Through The Bitter Frost And Snow" (4)
        "Green Grow'th The Holly" (2)
        "There Is No Rose" (2)
        "When All The Songs Were Sad" (2)
        "Winter King" (2)
        "Christ Child"
        "Dun Oiche Ud I Mbeithil"
 48: "Where Have All The Flowers Gone?: The Songs Of Pete Seeger," Various
Artists (14)
        "False From True," Guy Davis (2)
        "Quiet Early Morning," Holly Near (2)
        "Step By Step," Sweet Honey In The Rock (2)
        "We Shall Overcome," Bruce Springsteen (2)
        "Get Up And Go," Tom Paxton
        "Kisses Sweeter Than Wine," Jackson Browne And Bonnie Raitt
        "Of Time And Rivers Flowing," Richie Havens
        "Sailing Down My Golden River," Greg Brown
        "Turn, Turn, Turn," Bruce Cockburn
        "Where Have All The Flowers Gone," Tommy Sands With Doleres Keane
And Vedran Smailovic
 48: "Winter Solstice," John McCutcheon (14)
        "Christmas In The Trenches" (4)
        "Old Christmas Morning/Breaking Up Christmas" (3)
        "Down In The Forest/New Year's Eve" (2)
        "Christmas Day Ida Moarnin," John Mccutheon
        "Detroit December"
        "Shalom Chaverim And Il Est Ne," Helicon
        "Star In The East"
        "Wexford Carol," Nightnoise

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The Top Albums list is sorted in descending order by number of plays recorded
for each album.  Within an album, the number of times each track was played
is shown.  If a single DJ is the only one mostly playing an album, the count
of plays is adjusted downwards; otherwise the raw counts are used.  The
top 50 albums are listed.

Richard Gillmann                  
Monday "Lunch With Folks" Noon-3pm            
KBCS (91.3 FM) - Bellevue, WA