Compiled by Richard Gillmann from FOLKDJ-L radio playlists
Based on 8896 airplays.

  1: "Cry Cry Cry," Dar Williams, Lucy Kaplansky And Richard Shindell (68)
        "By Way Of Sorrow" (12)
        "Ballad Of Mary Magdalen" (10)
        "Cold Missouri Waters" (10)
        "Speaking With The Angel" (8)
        "Northern Cross" (6)
        "Shades Of Gray" (6)
        "Memphis" (5)
        "Kid" (3)
        "Lord I Have Made You A Place In My Heart" (3)
        "Fall On Me" (2)
        "Bottom Line"
        "I Know What Kind Of Love This Is"
  2: "Sugar Plums," Various Artists (42)
        "Christmas Time's A-Coming," Peter Rowan (6)
        "That White Christmas Song," Red Knuckles And The Trailblazers (6)
        "Christmas Lullaby," Doc Watson (5)
        "Making Plans," Tim O Brien (5)
        "Beautiful Star Of Bethlehem," John Starling (3)
        "Nothing But A Child," Robin And Linda Williams (3)
        "Silent Night," Seldom Scene (3)
        "1st Noel-Midnight Clear-Joy To World," Various (2)
        "Away In A Manger," Jerry Douglas (2)
        "Santa Bring My Baby Back To Me," Ranch Romance (2)
        "Carpenter's Shop," Bluegrass Cardinals
        "Christ Was Born In Bethlehem," Tim And Mollie O Brien
        "First Noel/Etc," Doyle Lawson
        "Medley," Doyle Lawson And Quicksilver
        "What Child Is This," Dan Crary
  3: "After Yesterday," John Gorka (40)
        "St. Caffeine" (7)
        "Thorny Patch" (6)
        "When The Ice Goes Out" (6)
        "Wisdom" (5)
        "January Floor" (4)
        "Heroes" (3)
        "After Yesterday" (2)
        "Cypress Trees" (2)
        "Zuly" (2)
        "Amber Lee"
        "My Cypress Trees"
        "When He Cries"
  4: "Voices Of Winter," Herdman, Hills And Mangsen (39)
        "Voices Of Winter/Red And Green" (6)
        "Hanerot Halalu" (5)
        "Mister Santa" (5)
        "A'roving On A Winter's Night" (3)
        "Hot Buttered Rum" (3)
        "Unto You This Night" (3)
        "Wintergrace" (3)
        "Joy Health Love And Peace/The Wren" (2)
        "Lo, How A Rose" (2)
        "Serving Girl's Holiday" (2)
        "Frozen Logger/Proper Cup Of Coffee"
        "More Wood"
        "Raise The Dead Of Wintertime"
        "Snow In The Street"
        "Witch Hazel"
  5: "Time Between Trains," Susan Werner (32)
        "Time Between Trains" (10)
        "Sorry About Jesus" (6)
        "Vincent" (5)
        "Old Mistake" (4)
        "Bring 'round The Boat" (2)
        "Petaluma Afternoons" (2)
        "Can't Let You In"
        "Montgomery Street"
        "Standing In My Own Way"
  6: "Radio," Chuck Brodsky (31)
        "On Christmas I Got Nothing" (21)
        "Bad Whiskey" (2)
        "Come Heres And The Been Heres" (2)
        "Moe Berg: The Song" (2)
        "Radio" (2)
        "Hockey Fight Song"
  7: "Mortal City," Dar Williams (29)
        "The Christians And The Pagans" (19)
        "As Cool As I Am" (2)
        "Mortal City" (2)
        "The Pointless, Yet Poignant, Crisis Of A Coed"
        "Southern California Wants To Be Western New York"
        "This Was Pompeii"
  7: "Paper Angels," Artisan (29)
        "Paper Angels" (7)
        "Big Red" (4)
        "Christmas Eve 1914" (4)
        "Throw Another Chairleg On The Fire" (3)
        "Christmas Carol" (2)
        "I Want A Hippopotamus For Christmas" (2)
        "Stuff The Turkey, The Wassail Of Figgy Duff" (2)
        "Wassail Of Figgy Duff" (2)
        "First Christmas Away From Home"
        "Gently, Softly"
        "Morning Of The Year"
  7: "Tinsel Tunes," Various Artists (29)
        "Sleigh Ride," Sam Bush (4)
        "Christmas Is Coming To Town," Various (3)
        "Christmas Story," Nashville Bluegrass Band (3)
        "Christmas Swing," Chesapeake (3)
        "In The Bleak Midwinter," Mollie O'brien (3)
        "All I Want Is Mary For Christmas," Various (2)
        "Last Month Of The Year," Fairfield 4 And Nashville Bluegrass Band (2)
        "Merry Christmas From The Family," Robert Earl Keen (2)
        "Blue Christmas Lights," Chris Hillman And Herb Pedersen
        "Bring A Torch Jeanetta Isabella," Various
        "I'll Be Home For Christmas," Various
        "Jeannette, Isabella," Chris Thile
        "Nothing But A Child," Robin And Linda Williams
        "On A Quiet Night," Various
        "Ring The Bells At Midnight," Kathy Kallick
  7: "Where Have All The Flowers Gone?: The Songs Of Pete Seeger,"
Various Artists (29)
        "Water Is Wide," John Gorka (3)
        "Bells Of Rhymney," Roger Mcguinn (2)
        "I Come And Stand At Every Door," Anne Hills (2)
        "Sailing Down My Golden River," Greg Brown (2)
        "Turn, Turn, Turn," Bruce Cockburn (2)
        "We Shall Overcome," Bruce Springsteen (2)
        "All Mixed Up," Peter, Paul And Mary
        "All My Children Of The Sun"
        "Festival Of Flowers," Tish Hinojosa
        "Golden Thread," Judy Collins
        "Kisses Sweeter Than Wine," Jackson Brown And Bonnie Raitt
        "Living In The Country," Martin Simpson
        "My Father's Mansions," Billy Bragg And Eliza Carthy
        "My Name Is Lisa Kalvalege," Ani Difranco
        "My Rainbow Race," Donovan
        "Of Time And Rivers Flowing," Richie Havens
        "Oh Had I A Golden Thread," Judy Collins
        "Quite Early Morning," Holly Near
        "Step By Step," Sweet Honey In The Rock
        "Those 3 Are On My Mind," Kim And Reggie Harris
        "Where Have All The Flowers Gone," Pete Seeger
        "Wimoweh," Weavers
 11: "Weiss Christmas," Ilene Weiss (28)
        "It's That Time Again" (5)
        "X-Mas At The South Pole Tonight" (5)
        "Talkin' To The Wrong Guy" (4)
        "Santa Rap" (3)
        "Day A Baby Was Born" (2)
        "His Initials" (2)
        "Santa Claus Is Coming To Town" (2)
        "Tree" (2)
        "Another Funky Xmas"
        "Harvest For The World"
        "Take It All Away"
 11: "When I Go," Dave Carter With Tracy Grammer (28)
        "When I Go" (10)
        "River Where She Sleeps" (7)
        "Little Liza Jane" (5)
        "Annie's Lover" (3)
        "Don't Tread On Me"
        "Grand Prairie Tx"
        "Kate And The Ghost Of Lost Love"
 13: "McGarrigle Hour," Kate And Anna McGarrigle (27)
        "Green Green Rocky Road" (4)
        "Dig My Grave" (3)
        "Skip Rope" (3)
        "Baltimore Fire" (2)
        "Johnny's Gone To Hilo" (2)
        "Schooldays" (2)
        "Talk To Me Of Mendocino" (2)
        "Year Of The Dragon" (2)
        "Alice Blue Gown"
        "Cool River"
        "Gentle Annie"
        "Goodnight Sweetheart"
        "Young Love"
 14: "Words That Remain," Solas (26)
        "Pastures Of Plenty" (8)
        "Song Of Choice" (6)
        "Stride Set" (3)
        "Vega Set" (3)
        "Grey Selchie" (2)
        "Chomaraigh Aoibhinn O"
        "I Am A Maid That Sleeps In Winter"
        "Sproggles Set"
        "Waking Up Set"
 15: "The Older I Get, The Better I Was," Art Thieme (25)
        "Red Iron Ore" (5)
        "Great Silkie Of Sule Skerry" (4)
        "Ghostly Tale, North Country Tragedy" (2)
        "Lumber Camp Tale" (2)
        "Pokegama Bear" (2)
        "Way Down The Road" (2)
        "Betty And Dupree Blues"
        "Cowboy's Barbara Allen"
        "Handful Of Songs"
        "In And Around Nashville"
        "Lock And Dam Tale"
        "North Country Tragedy"
        "Robin Hood's Death"
        "Why White Men Cannot See Clearly/The Cherokee Queen"
 15: "When I See Winter Return," William Pint And Felicia Dale (25)
        "The Trees Are All Bare" (6)
        "I Saw 3 Ships" (4)
        "Woodcutter's Song" (4)
        "Tomorrow Shall Be" (3)
        "Auld Lang Syne" (2)
        "Over The Hill And Over The Dale" (2)
        "3 Ships Sailing"
        "January Man"
        "Lo, How A Rose E'er Blooming"
 17: "Christmas In The Hills," Larry Sparks And The Lonesome Ramblers (24)
        "Beautiful Star Of Bethlehem" (3)
        "Birthday Of Our King" (3)
        "Blue Christmas" (3)
        "Christmas In The Mountains" (3)
        "Christmas Is Near" (3)
        "Joy To The World" (2)
        "White Christmas" (2)
        "Away In A Manger"
        "Christmas Memories"
        "Christmas Time's A Coming"
        "Go Tell It On The Mountain"
        "It's Christmas Time"
 17: "Hell Among The Yearlings," Gillian Welch (24)
        "Caleb Meyer" (7)
        "Rock Of Ages" (4)
        "Honey Now" (3)
        "Miner's Refrain" (2)
        "My Morphine" (2)
        "One Morning" (2)
        "Devil Had A Hold Of Me"
        "Good 'til Now"
        "I'm Not Afraid To Die"
        "Whiskey Girl"
 17: "Other Voices, Too," Nanci Griffith (24)
        "Hard Times Come Again No More" (3)
        "Yarrington Town" (3)
        "He Was A Friend Of Mine" (2)
        "Wasn't That A Mighty Storm" (2)
        "Who Knows Where The Time Goes" (2)
        "You Were On My Mind" (2)
        "Canadian Whiskey"
        "Darcy Farrow"
        "Desperadoes Waiting For A Train"
        "Desperodos Waiting For A Train, If I Had A Hammer"
        "Dresses Of Laces"
        "If I Had A Hammer"
        "Summer Wages"
        "Walk Right Back"
        "Wall Of Death"
        "Wings Of A Dove"
 17: "Translucent Soul," Ellis Paul (24)
        "Live In The Now" (7)
        "Translucent Soul" (5)
        "Did I Ever Know You?" (2)
        "I'm The One To Save" (2)
        "She Loves A Girl" (2)
        "Angel In Manhattan"
        "Bring Me Backwards"
        "Sat 2:15"
        "Take Me Down"
        "World Ain't Slowing Down"
 21: "Ridin' The Lines," The Travelers (23)
        "Ridin The Lines" (4)
        "Shadow Of A Man" (4)
        "On Chariots Of Fire" (3)
        "Before The Battle" (2)
        "How Could I Love Her So Much" (2)
        "I'm Over You" (2)
        "Lord What A Way To Go" (2)
        "I'm Going To Be A Wheel Someday"
        "Keep On Going," Travellers
        "Lonely Lady"
        "Who Throwed That Rock"
 21: "Tradition," Burns Sisters (23)
        "Shaloo Shalom" (7)
        "Songs We Love" (4)
        "Children Go Where I Send Thee" (2)
        "Little Drummer Boy" (2)
        "O Come O Come Emmanuel" (2)
        "This Christmas" (2)
        "Tibetan Prayer For Peace" (2)
        "Come Come"
        "Golden Cradle"
 23: "Treasures Left Behind: Remembering Kate Wolf," Various Artists (22)
        "Here In California," Lucinda Williams (5)
        "Love Still Remains," Emmylou Harris (3)
        "Carolina Pines," Cris Williamson And Tret Fure (2)
        "Give Yourself To Love," Kathy Mattea (2)
        "See Here, She Said," Utah Phillips (2)
        "Tequila And Me," Greg Brown And Ferron (2)
        "Cornflower Blue," Eric Bogle
        "Friend Of Mine," Nanci Griffith
        "Hour In California," Lucinda Williams
        "Like A River, Give Yourself To Love"
        "Sweet Love," John Gorka
        "These Times We're Living In," Dave Alvin
 23: "What's That I Hear?: The Songs of Phil Ochs," Various Artists (22)
        "No More Songs," Karen Savoca (3)
        "Power And The Glory," Magpie (3)
        "Bells," Roches (2)
        "Hands," Pat Humphries (2)
        "Highwayman," Steve Gillette And Cindy Mangsen (2)
        "Is There Anybody Here?," Sonia Rutstein (2)
        "There But For Fortune," Peter Yarrow (2)
        "Changes," Nancy Tucker
        "Crucifixion," David Massengill
        "I Ain't Marching Any More," Arlo Guthrie
        "Pleasures Of The Harbor," Rod Macdonald
        "What's That I Hear," Kim And Reggie Harris
        "When I'm Gone," Eric Andersen
 25: "Christmas Heritage," Heritage (21)
        "Christmas Eve" (4)
        "Go Tell It On The Mountain" (4)
        "Gypsy Winter" (3)
        "Patapan" (2)
        "Shalom Aleichem/Breaking Up Christmas" (2)
        "Go Tell It To Mt"
        "In The Bleak Midwinter"
        "O Come O Come Emmanuel"
        "Oh Come, Oh Come Emmanuel/Go Tell It On The Mountain"
 25: "Hillbilly Holiday," Various Artists (21)
        "Christmas Time's A-Comin'," Bill Monroe (4)
        "Reindeer Boogie," Hank Snow (4)
        "Daddy's Drinking Up Our Christmas," Commander Cody (2)
        "I'll Be Walking The Floor This Christmas," Ernest Tubb (2)
        "Christmas Boogie," Davis Sisters
        "Gonna Wrap My Heart In Ribbons," Hank Thompson
        "I'm Gonna Lasso Ol' Santa Claus," Brenda Lee
        "I'n Gonna Tell Santa Claus On You," Faron Young
        "It Came Upon A Midnight Clear," Louvin Brothers
        "My Mom And Santa Claus," George Jones
        "Po' Folks Christmas," Bill Anderson
        "To Heck With Old Santa C," Loretta Lynn
        "Xmas Time's A Cominí," Buck Owens And The Buckaroos
 25: "Stranger To My Kin," Neal And Leandra (21)
        "Take Me Down To The Water" (4)
        "Cry" (3)
        "Ready For Memphis" (3)
        "Firefly" (2)
        "First Best Friend" (2)
        "Penny On The Track And Cry" (2)
        "Rich" (2)
        "Wish I'd Never Gone Away" (2)
        "Roll Away The Stone"
 28: "Holiday Guitar," Dan Crary (20)
        "Carol Of The Bells" (7)
        "God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen" (3)
        "O Holy Night" (3)
        "Silver Bells" (3)
        "Christmas Blues A Comin"
        "Coventry Carol/Patapan"
        "Joy To The World"
        "Silent Night"
        "What Child Is This"
 28: "Spirit Of Giving," Ceilidh Friends (20)
        "Orkney Wassail" (4)
        "Spirit Of Giving" (4)
        "Holly And The Ivy" (3)
        "A-Soalin'" (2)
        "Christmas Is Coming" (2)
        "Wassail Round" (2)
        "Because All Men Are Brothers"
        "Coventry Carol"
 28: "Step Inside This House," Lyle Lovett (20)
        "More Pretty Girls Than One" (5)
        "Memphis Midnight" (3)
        "Step Inside This House" (3)
        "Bosque County Romance" (2)
        "Texas River Song" (2)
        "Ballad Of The Snow Leopard"
        "I'll Come Knockin"
        "Lonely In Love"
        "Rollin' By"
 31: "Everything Matters," Pierce Pettis (19)
        "Just Like Jim Brown" (3)
        "Love Will Always Find A Way" (3)
        "Comet" (2)
        "God Believes In You" (2)
        "My Heart Goes Out" (2)
        "Neutral Ground" (2)
        "Hole In My Heart"
        "Kingdom Come"
        "My Little Girl"
        "She Is History"
        "Tip Of My Tongue"
 31: "Hourglass," Kate Rusby (19)
        "As I Roved Out" (6)
        "Old Man Time" (3)
        "Annan Waters" (2)
        "Bold Riley-O" (2)
        "Jolly Ploughboy" (2)
        "Sir Eglamore" (2)
        "Radio Sweethearts"
        "Rose In April"
 31: "Jubilee," Tom Rozum (19)
        "Don't Fix Up The Doghouse" (7)
        "Without My Walking Stick" (3)
        "Muddy Weather/Jeff City" (2)
        "Sweet Sally Brown" (2)
        "On The Old Kentucky Shore"
        "Ramblin' Blues"
        "Treasures Untold"
        "Walk Downtown"
 31: "Songs Of Experience," Cindy Mangsen (19)
        "Selling The Isabel" (4)
        "Snow Is On The Ground" (4)
        "She Perished In The Snow" (3)
        "Wedding Dress" (3)
        "Clerk Saunders"
        "Cruel Lover"
        "Hallow Brown"
        "Her Bright Smile Haunts Me Still"
        "Shallow Brown"
 35: "Bed By The Window," James King (18)
        "I Don't Do Floors" (5)
        "Bed By The Window" (3)
        "Sweeter Than The Flowers" (3)
        "They'll Never Take Her Love From Me" (2)
        "Big House On The Corner"
        "Called From Potter's Field"
        "Tall Pines"
        "Wear A Red Rose"
        "Yesterday's Winner Is A Loser Today"
 35: "Shaking Off Gravity," Vance Gilbert (18)
        "Icarus By Night" (3)
        "Could You Believe?" (2)
        "Fly" (2)
        "Hey Lah Dee Dah Song" (2)
        "Oh Little Town" (2)
        "Taking It All To Tennessee" (2)
        "Twice Struck" (2)
        "Good Cup Of Coffee"
        "House Of Pain"
        "Takin' It All To Tenn"
 37: "Heart Of A Singer," Dickens, Jones And Hawker (16)
        "Forsaken Lover" (3)
        "Lay Me To Rest" (3)
        "Not A Word Of That Be Said" (3)
        "Old Memories" (3)
        "Love Me Or Leave Me Alone" (2)
        "Faded Pressed Rose"
        "Times Are Not What They Used To Be"
 37: "Through The Bitter Frost And Snow," Susan McKeown And Lindsey Horner (16)
        "Auld Lang Syne" (5)
        "Bold Orion" (2)
        "Christ Child" (2)
        "Green Grow'th The Holly" (2)
        "Coventry Carol"
        "Song Of Forgetting"
        "There Is No Rose"
        "When All The Songs Were Sad"
        "Winter King"
 39: "Christmas," Bruce Cockburn (15)
        "I Saw 3 Ships" (3)
        "O Little Town Of Bethlehem" (3)
        "Early On One Christmas Morn" (2)
        "Mary Had A Baby" (2)
        "Go Tell It On The Mountain"
        "God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen"
        "It Came Upon A Midnight Clear"
        "Joy To The World"
 39: "Clinch Mountain Country," Ralph Stanley And Friends (15)
        "Pretty Polly" (3)
        "Lonesome River" (2)
        "Nobody's Love Is Like Mine" (2)
        "Beautiful Star Of Bethlehem"
        "Gatherin Flowers For The Master's Bouquet"
        "Gold Watch And Chain"
        "How Mountain Girls Can Love"
        "My Deceitful Heart"
        "Old Love Letter"
        "Pretty Little Miss In The Garden"
        "White Dove"
 41: "12 Steps Of Christmas," Various Artists (14)
        "It's A Holiday," Mary Ann Rossoni (3)
        "Menorah," Laura Berkson (2)
        "12 Steps Of Christmas," Jon Campbell
        "Christmas Goose," Artisian
        "Christmas In The City," Jim Payne
        "Christmas Is Homeless," Barbara Kessler
        "Dear Santa," Marilyn Manfra
        "If You're Not Dead," Ratsy
        "It Won't Be Christmas," John W. Fozek
        "Thanks And Praise," Jp Jones
        "When Christmas Day Is Gone," Bill Petterson
 41: "Bittersweet Street," Anne Hills (14)
        "Pleiades" (3)
        "Close The Door Lightly" (2)
        "Cloudships" (2)
        "Bittersweet Street"
        "Blur In The Photograph"
        "New Companion"
        "Some Boats"
        "Wait By The River"
 41: "Confessions Of A Blues Singer," Rory Block (14)
        "Statesboro Blues" (5)
        "Long Way From Home" (2)
        "I Am In The Heavenly Way"
        "I'll Go With Him"
        "If I Had Possession Over Judgment Day, Titanic, Mother Marian"
        "If If Had Possession Over Judgment Day"
        "Mother Marion"
        "Ramblin' On My Mind"
 41: "Great Lakes Chronicle," Lee Murdock (14)
        "Christmas Ship" (6)
        "Safe In The Harbor, Christmas Medley" (2)
        "Cold Winds/Living Gale"
        "Great Lakes Song"
        "Shores Of Lake Michigan"
        "Vices Across The Water, The Longing That I Feel"
        "Voices Cross The Water"
        "White Squall"
 41: "Hurricane Child," Lori B (14)
        "Lucky Blaze" (4)
        "Bodymine" (2)
        "Hurricane Child" (2)
        "Picture A World" (2)
        "To Be Or Not To Be" (2)
        "Romeo, Come Home"
        "Welcome To My Planet"
 41: "Live At The Mac," IIIrd Tyme Out (14)
        "He Said If I Be Lifted Up" (3)
        "I Ain't Broke But I'm Badly Bent" (2)
        "Someone Took My Place With You" (2)
        "Blue Moon Of Kentucky"
        "Erase The Miles"
        "I'm Better Off Without You"
        "It's A Lonesome Road"
        "Till The End Of The World Rolls Around"
        "What Was I Supposed To Do?"
        "White House Blues"
 41: "Matapat," Bourque, Bernard And Lepage (14)
        "Matapat" (3)
        "La Traverse Du Saguenay / Le Grande Triomphe" (2)
        "La Musette Et Le Hautbois"
        "La Pipe Cornue"
        "La Suite De Casse Reel"
        "La Suite Des Rubans"
        "La Turlutte A "Pit"
        "La Valse Matique"
        "Le Damne'"
        "Suite Du Bourque Emissaire"
        "Valse Clog"
 41: "Memory Of The Future," Eric Andersen (14)
        "When I'm Gone" (6)
        "Rain Falls Down In Amsterdam, When I'm Gone" (2)
        "Sudden Love" (2)
        "Blue Heart"
        "Hills Of Tuscany"
        "No Man's Land"
 49: "Big Red Sun," Mollie O'brien (13)
        "Gambling Man" (3)
        "Big Red Sun Blues" (2)
        "Brown Eyed Handsome Man" (2)
        "In My Girlish Days" (2)
        "Rollin'" (2)
        "No Ash Will Burn"
        "No Hiding Place"
 49: "Bluegrass Rules!," Ricky Skaggs (13)
        "Get Up John" (3)
        "Rank Stranger" (2)
        "Riding On That Midnight Train" (2)
        "Amanda Jewell"
        "Another Night"
        "Drunken Driver"
        "Jds Words Of Wisdom"
        "Somehow Tonight"
        "Think Of What You've Done"
 49: "Live In Palma," Dervish (13)
        "Spailpin Fanach" (3)
        "Molly And Johnny" (2)
        "Slip Jigs/Sheila Nee Iyer" (2)
        "Trip To Sligo Reels" (2)
        "Green Mtn"
        "Hills Of Greanmore"
        "Packie Duignan's"
        "World's End"
 49: "Only Sun," Judith Edelman (13)
        "Luggage Tags And Dancing Shoes" (4)
        "Only Sun" (4)
        "Coming Home"
        "Jerusalem To Jackson"
        "Lost Cause Cafe"
        "Midnight On Water"
        "Small Things"
 49: "Out Of The Living Room," Rick Fines (13)
        "Careful What You Want" (6)
        "No Expectations" (3)
        "That's How I Feel" (2)
        "My Baby Knows"
        "Proud Papa"
 49: "Snow Angels," Various Artists (13)
        "Holly And The Ivy," Jim Infantino And Jonatha Brooke (3)
        "Miriam," Pierce Pettis (3)
        "Silent Night," Catie Curtis (3)
        "Little Drummer Boy," Louise Taylor (2)
        "Children Go Where I Sent Thee," Joan Osborn
        "Rudolph The Red-Nosed Reindeer," James McCandless

These lists are compiled and posted to the FOLKDJ-L list every month (since
October 1997).  An archive of past Top Album lists is available at (on the official FOLKDJ-L web site).

The process of compiling the Top Albums list is automated (I do hand correct
some obvious errors and typos).  The results are based on playlists posted to
FOLKDJ-L during the calendar month.  I wrote a pair of programs that work
with the Eudora email program's filtering feature.  One program parses each
playlist as it comes in and adds it to a spreadsheet.  The second program
processes the spreadsheet into a readable report.  Playlists have to include
artist, song and album name (label is optional) and be in a reasonably
regular format for my program to be able to parse them.  My programs wind
up identifying about 60% of the songs actually posted.

The Top Albums list is sorted in descending order by number of plays recorded
for each album.  Within an album, the number of times each track was played
is shown.  If a single DJ is the only one mostly playing an album, the count
of plays is adjusted downwards; otherwise the raw counts are used.  The
top 50 albums are listed.

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