Top Folk Albums, Songs, Artists and Labels of December 2014 (with DJ list)

Compiled by Richard Gillmann from FOLKDJ-L playlists
Based on 13192 airplays from 142 different DJs

  1: "Hudson Harding Sampler, Vol. 9: Happy Holidays," Various Artists [Hudson Harding, new] (65)
        "7 Seconds," Joe Crookston
        "Day After Christmas," Brad Colerick
        "Merry Christmas," Lizanne Knott
        "Miner's Dream Of Home," Lorrie Newman Keating
  2: "Discovered: Live In Concert," Peter, Paul And Mary [Rhino, 11/14] (52)
        "Give Yourself To Love"
        "You Can Tell The World"
        "No Choice"
  3: "Dear Jean: Artists Celebrate Jean Ritchie," Various Artists [Compass, 9/14] (41)
        "Wintergrace," Debra Cowan And John Roberts
        "L&N Don't Stop Here Anymore," Robin And Linda Williams
        "I Celebrate Life," Pete Seeger
  3: "Thompson Family," Thompson Family [Concord, 11/14] (41)
        "Bonny Boys"
        "One Life At A Time"
  5: "The Early Mays," The Early Mays [Bird On The Wing, 10/14] (40)
        "Little Darling Pal Of Mine"
        "Dear Companion"
  6: "If You're Drunk You Cannot Buy A Puppy," Christine Lavin [, 11/14] (38)
        "If You're Drunk You Cannot Buy A Puppy"
        "Remembering My Password"
        "Chicken Pot Pie"
  7: "Chasing The Sun," The Sweet Lowdown [, 11/14] (37)
        "River Winding Down"
        "Birds And The Bees"
        "Hell's Flu Jig/ Margaret's Jig/ Brokedown Breakdown"
  7: "Christine Lavin Presents: Just One Angel v2.0," Various Artists [Yellow Tail, 12/13] (37)
        "Light The Lamp," Emily Kurn
        "These Ornaments," Craig Werth
  9: "Best Medicine," The Stray Birds [Yep Roc, 10/14] (36)
        "Best Medicine"
 10: "Bela Fleck & Abigail Washburn," Bela Fleck & Abigail Washburn [Rounder, 10/14] (33)
        "What'cha Gonna Do"
        "And Am I Born To Die"
 11: "Come Darkness, Come Light," Mary Chapin Carpenter [Zoe, 2008] (31)
        "Longest Night Of The Year"
        "Hot Buttered Rum"
        "Bells Are Ringing"
 11: "Tracks," Anne Hills [Hand And Heart, 9/14] (31)
        "Winter Vigil"
        "Like A Train"
        "City Of New Orleans"
 11: "Waterproof," Robyn Landis [Brave Hearts, 10/14] (31)
        "Across The Miles"
        "Black Train"
 14: "If I Were an Angel," Debi Smith [, 9/14] (29)
        "Light A Candle"
        "Christmas Cheer"
        "From The Hills Of Bethlehem"
 15: "An Americana Christmas," Various Artists [New West, 10/14] (28)
        "Everything Is Cool," John Prine
        "Christmas Must Be Tonight," Band
 15: "Laurie & Kathy Sing The Songs Of Vern And Ray," Laurie Lewis And Kathy Kallick [Spruce And Maple, 8/14] (28)
        "My Clinch Mountain Home"
        "Thinkin' Of Home"
 15: "A Very Blue Rock Christmas," Various Artists [Blue Rock, 12/13] (28)
        "Hand Of Kindness," Bob Bennett
        "Rudolph The Red Nosed Reindeer," Ruthie Foster
 18: "Midwinter," Peter Mayer [Blue Boat, 2005] (27)
        "Houses Of Winter"
        "Longest Night"
        "Christmas Morning"
 18: "Just One Angel," Christine Lavin And Friends [Yellow Tail, 2010] (27)
        "Ready For The Dark," Larry Murante
        "Christmas Guitar," Megon McDonough
 20: "A History Of Ghosts," Bobtown [, 11/14] (26)
        "Across The River"
        "Stitch In Time"
 20: "Lay It Down," Louise Mosrie [Zoe Cat, 10/14] (26)
        "Singing My Heart Out"
        "Baker Hotel 1929"
        "I'll Take You In"
 20: "The Longing Road," Johnsmith [, 7/14] (26)
        "Borders Of The Moon"
        "Lay It Down"
 23: "Gift Of The Magi," Darryl Purpose [, 2002] (25)
        "Gift Of The Magi"
        "American Noel"
        "Christians And The Pagans"
 24: "Everything That Brought You Here," David Hawkins [, 9/14] (24)
        "All Along The Watchtower"
        "I'll Be Your Baby Tonight"
 24: "Merry Humbug," Andina And Rich [Dulciyodel, 11/14] (24)
        "Season Of Hope"
        "Ocho Kandelikas"
        "Merry Humbug"
 24: "The Rose Of No-Man's Land," Nell Robinson [Compass, 11/14] (24)
        "Scots Irish"
        "Drive On"
 24: "Sterling Road," Cassie And Maggie [, 5/14] (24)
 28: "Milltowns," Mark Erelli [Hillbilly Pilgrim, 9/14] (23)
        "Ice Fishing"
 29: "A Reasonable Amount Of Trouble," Jesse Winchester [Appleseed, 9/14] (22)
        "All That We Have Is Now"
        "Never Forget To Boogie"
 29: "The Red Album," Red Molly [, 4/14] (22)
        "With A Memory Like Mine"
        "1952 Vincent Black Lightning"
 29: "Winter's Grace," Laurie Lewis And Tom Rozum [Signature, 1999] (22)
        "If We Make It Through December"
        "Christmas Time's A-Comin"
 32: "Tell 'em I'm Gone," Yusuf (Cat Stevens) [Legacy, 10/14] (21)
        "I Was Raised In Babylon"
        "Tell Em I'm Gone"
        "You Are My Sunshine"
 32: "Tried And True," Annie Lou [, 10/14] (21)
        "In The Country"
        "9 Bridges Down"
 32: "Voices Of Winter," Herdman, Hills And Mangsen [Gadfly, 1997] (21)
        "More Wood"
        "Voices Of Winter / Red And Green"
 32: "You Can't Outrun The Radio," Jonathan Byrd [Waterbug, 11/14] (21)
        "You Can't Outrun The Radio"
        "Big Truck Brought It"
 36: "Can't Hold The Wheel," The New Line [, 11/14] (20)
        "Train On The Island"
        "Her Bright Smile Haunts Me Still"
 36: "The Nocturne Diaries," Eliza Gilkyson [Red House, 3/14] (20)
        "Eliza Jane"
        "All Right Here"
 36: "Hudson Harding Sampler, Vol. 8: Happy Holidays," Various Artists [Hudson Harding, 12/13] (20)
        "Give To Receive," Jonathan Byrd And Chris Kokesh
        "Taladh Chriosda," Mara Levine W/ Jeff Scroggins And Colorado
 39: "Blood Oranges In The Snow," Over The Rhine [Great Speckled Dog, 11/14] (19)
        "If We Make It Through December"
 39: "Dear Katie," Katie Gosnell [, 9/14] (19)
        "Crazy Girl"
        "Poor Guitar"
 39: "Georgia I'm Here," Joe Crookston [Milagrito, 4/14] (19)
        "Big Sky"
        "Black Dress"
 39: "Lost On The River," The New Basement Tapes [Harvest, 11/14] (19)
        "Kansas City"
        "Lost On The River #20"
 39: "Still On The Levee," Chris Smither [Signature, 7/14] (19)
        "Train Home"
        "What They Say"
 39: "When I'm Free," Hot Rize [Ten In Hand, 9/14] (19)
        "I Never Met A One Like You"
        "You Were On My Mind This Morning"
 39: "While This Planet Spins Beneath Our Feet," Heather Styka [Kite Stripe, 9/14] (19)
        "Birch Log"
        "Love In The Multiverse"
 46: "Signs Of Life," Zak Smith [Precambrian, 10/14] (18)
        "Have You Looked Outside"
        "Raise The Moon"
 46: "Wonderland: A Winter Solstice Celebration," Various Artists [Signature, 2001] (18)
        "Tree," Jim Henry
        "American Noel," Dave Carter And Tracy Grammer
 48: "Holiday!," The Claire Lynch Band [Thrill Hill, 11/14] (17)
        "Home For The Holidays"
        "Snow Day"
 48: "O Christmas Tree," Various Artists [Rounder, 2002] (17)
        "Call Collect On Christmas," James King Band
        "Smoky Mountain Christmas," Jeannie Kendel
 48: "Songs Of Winter's Cheer," Steven Gellman [Hidden Poet, new] (17)
        "Hanukkah Medley"
        "Christmas For Cowboys"
 51: "American Noel," Dave Carter And Tracy Grammer [Signature, 2007] (16)
        "American Noel"
 51: "The First Christmas Gift," Robin And Linda Williams [Red House, 2005] (16)
        "Silent Night All Day Long"
        "Together All Alone"
 51: "Link of Chain: A Songwriters Tribute to Chris Smither," Various Artists [Signature, 10/14] (16)
        "Leave The Light On," Jorma Kaukonen
        "Train Home," Patty Larkin
 51: "Remedy," Old Crow Medicine Show [ATO, 7/14] (16)
        "Sweet Amarillo"
        "Brushy Mountain Conjugal Trailer"
 51: "Standing In The Breach," Jackson Browne [Inside, 10/14] (16)
        "Standing In The Breach"
        "Birds Of St. Marks"
 51: "Talkin' Christmas," Blind Boys Of Alabama And Taj Mahal [Sony, 10/14] (16)
        "Do You Hear What I Hear?"
        "No Room In The Inn"
 57: "At The Turning Of The Year," Herdman, Hills And Mangsen [Hand And Heart, 2000] (15)
        "Solstice Round"
        "At The Turning Of The Year"
 57: "The Basement Tapes," Bob Dylan And The Band [Columbia, 11/14] (15)
        "900 Miles From Home"
 57: "Chasing Beauty," Ellis Paul [Black Wolf, 7/14] (15)
        "Chasing Beauty"
        "Kick Out The Lights"
 57: "Christmas," Bruce Cockburn [Columbia, 1998] (15)
        "Mary Had A Baby"
 57: "Christmas In The Smokies," Various Artists [Pinecastle, 10/14] (15)
        "Christmas In The Smokies," Lorraine Jordan And Carolina Road
 57: "Current Affairs," Runa [, 6/14] (15)
        "Land Of Sunshine Set"
 57: "Paradise Outlaw," Pieta Brown [Red House, 9/14] (15)
        "Rise My Only Rose"
 57: "A Permeable Life," Carrie Newcomer [Available Light, 4/14] (15)
        "Every Little Bit Of It"
        "Room At The Table"
 57: "Stories From The Dark Heart Tavern," Fred Raimondo [Narrow Lane, 10/14] (15)
        "Devil's Bargain"
 66: "Bad Dog Buffet," Vance Gilbert [Disismye, 2/14] (14)
        "Holiday Employment"
        "God Bless Everyone"
 66: "Blues People," Eric Bibb [Stony Plain, 11/14] (14)
        "I Heard The Angels Singin"
        "Dream Catchers"
 66: "Fine Winter's Night," Matt And Shannon Heaton [, 2007] (14)
        "First Snowfall Of December"
 66: "Jingle All The Way," Bela Fleck And The Flecktones [Rounder, 2008] (14)
        "Jingle Bells"
        "Linus And Lucy"
 66: "Last Month Of The Year," Magpie [Sliced Bread, 2002] (14)
        "Solstice Carol"
        "Ballad Of Chanukah"
 66: "Live At Wolf Trap," John McCutcheon [Rounder, 1991] (14)
        "Christmas In The Trenches"
 66: "North Star," Kyle Carey [Americelta, 9/14] (14)
        "Across The Great Divide"
        "Nora O'Kane"
 66: "A Parlor Guitar Christmas," Joel Mabus [Fossil, 2012] (14)
        "Up On The Housetop"
 66: "Return To Trion," Chris Coole And Ivan Rosenberg [Vole-O-Tone, 9/14] (14)
        "Rain And Snow"
 66: "The Second Hands," The Second Hands [Self, 2012] (14)
        "Would You Miss Me?"
        "Good To Have You Back Home"
 66: "Hudson Harding Sampler, Vol. 7: Happy Holidays," Various Artists [Hudson Harding, 2012] (14)
        "Lights Of St. John's," Craig Werth

Compiled by Richard Gillmann from FOLKDJ-L playlists
Based on 13192 airplays from 142 different DJs

1. "Christmas In The Trenches" (26)
        by John McCutcheon
        from "Live At Wolf Trap"
        also "Water From Another Time"
2. "Best Medicine" (14)
        by The Stray Birds
        from "Best Medicine"
3. "7 Seconds" (12)
        by Joe Crookston
        from "Hudson Harding Sampler, Vol. 9: Happy Holidays"
3. "If You're Drunk You Cannot Buy A Puppy" (12)
        by Christine Lavin
        from "If You're Drunk You Cannot Buy A Puppy"
3. "River Winding Down" (12)
        by The Sweet Lowdown
        from "Chasing The Sun"
6. "Across The Miles" (11)
        by Robyn Landis
        from "Waterproof"
        also "Hudson Harding Sampler, Vol. 9: Happy Holidays"
6. "Give Yourself To Love" (11)
        by Peter, Paul And Mary
        from "Discovered: Live In Concert"
8. "Remembering My Password" (10)
        by Christine Lavin
        from "If You're Drunk You Cannot Buy A Puppy"
8. "River" (10)
        by Joni Mitchell
        from "Blue"
8. "You Can Tell The World" (10)
        by Peter, Paul And Mary
        from "Discovered: Live In Concert"
11. "American Noel" (9)
        by Dave Carter And Tracy Grammer
        from "American Noel"
        also "Wonderland: A Winter Solstice Celebration"
11. "Christmas In Paradise" (9)
        by Mary Gauthier
        from "Filth And Fire"
11. "Family" (9)
        by Thompson Family
        from "Thompson Family"
11. "Light The Lamp" (9)
        by Emily Kurn
        from "Christine Lavin Presents: Just One Angel v2.0"
11. "Longest Night Of The Year" (9)
        by Mary Chapin Carpenter
        from "Come Darkness, Come Light"
11. "Merry Christmas From The Family" (9)
        by Robert Earl Keen
        from "2 Live Dinner"
11. "Railroad" (9)
        by Bela Fleck & Abigail Washburn
        from "Bela Fleck & Abigail Washburn"
18. "All That We Have Is Now" (8)
        by Jesse Winchester
        from "A Reasonable Amount Of Trouble"
18. "Christians And The Pagans" (8)
        by Dar Williams
        from "Mortal City"
18. "Light One Candle" (8)
        by Peter, Paul And Mary
        from "Holiday Celebration"
18. "Must Be Santa" (8)
        by Bob Dylan
        from "An Americana Christmas"
        also "Christmas In The Heart"
18. "These Ornaments" (8)
        by Craig Werth
        from "Christine Lavin Presents: Just One Angel v2.0"
18. "Winter Vigil" (8)
        by Anne Hills
        from "Tracks"
24. "Bonny Boys" (7)
        by Thompson Family
        from "Thompson Family"
24. "Christmas Carol" (7)
        by Tom Lehrer
        from "Songs And More Songs By Tom Lehrer"
24. "Christmas In The Smokies" (7)
        by Lorraine Jordan And Carolina Road
        from "Christmas In The Smokies"
24. "Christmas Time At Home" (7)
        by Rhonda Vincent
        from "Beautiful Star"
24. "Day After Christmas" (7)
        by Brad Colerick
        from "Hudson Harding Sampler, Vol. 9: Happy Holidays"
24. "Gift Of The Magi" (7)
        by Darryl Purpose
        from "Gift Of The Magi"
24. "Give To Receive" (7)
        by Jonathan Byrd And Chris Kokesh
        from "Hudson Harding Sampler, Vol. 8: Happy Holidays"
24. "Have You Looked Outside" (7)
        by Zak Smith
        from "Signs Of Life"
24. "I Was Raised In Babylon" (7)
        by Yusuf (Cat Stevens)
        from "Tell 'em I'm Gone"
24. "In The Bleak Midwinter" (7)
        by David Llewellyn & Ida Kristin
        from "In The Bleak Midwinter"
24. "No Choice" (7)
        by Peter, Paul And Mary
        from "Discovered: Live In Concert"
24. "Season Of Hope" (7)
        by Andina And Rich
        from "Merry Humbug"
24. "Train On The Island" (7)
        by The New Line
        from "Can't Hold The Wheel"

Compiled by Richard Gillmann from FOLKDJ-L playlists
Based on 13192 airplays from 142 different DJs

1. Peter, Paul And Mary
2. John McCutcheon
3. Christine Lavin
4. Bela Fleck And Abigail Washburn
5. The Early Mays
6. Laurie Lewis And Kathy Kallick
7. Mary Chapin Carpenter
8. Pete Seeger
9. Joe Crookston
9. Joel Mabus
9. The Stray Birds
12. Thompson Family
13. Bob Dylan
13. Phil Ochs
13. The Sweet Lowdown
16. Anne Hills
16. Herdman, Hills And Mangsen
18. Mark Erelli
18. Robyn Landis
20. Bruce Cockburn
20. Eliza Gilkyson
20. Jesse Winchester
23. Ellis Paul
24. Robin And Linda Williams
25. Debi Smith
25. Peter Mayer
27. Darryl Purpose
28. Carrie Newcomer
28. Johnsmith
30. Chris Smither
31. Bobtown
31. Dave Carter And Tracy Grammer
31. David Hawkins
31. Magpie
31. Red Molly
36. Andina And Rich
36. Judy Collins
36. Lee Murdock
36. Nell Robinson
40. Louise Mosrie
40. Mary Gauthier
40. Nowell Sing We Clear
40. Shelley Posen
40. Steven Gellman

Compiled by Richard Gillmann from FOLKDJ-L playlists
Based on 13192 airplays from 142 different DJs

1. Rounder
2. Red House
3. Hudson Harding
4. Sugar Hill
5. Signature
6. Compass
7. Rhino
8. Columbia
9. Rebel
9. Sony
9. Warner
12. Waterbug
12. Yep Roc
14. New West
15. Vanguard
16. Appleseed
16. Pinecastle
18. Borealis
18. Legacy
18. RCA
18. Smithsonian/Folkways
22. Arc
22. Flying Fish
22. Yellow Tail
25. Capitol
25. Hand And Heart
27. Nonesuch
27. Philo
29. True North
30. Fantasy
31. Blue Boat
32. Green Linnet
33. Blue Rock
33. Folk-Legacy
33. Mountain Home
33. Patuxent
37. Bear Family
38. Elektra
38. Fossil
38. Spruce And Maple

Compiled by Richard Gillmann from FOLKDJ-L playlists
Based on 13192 airplays from 142 different DJs

Abby Parks (WLJS-FM, AL)
Al Kniola (WVPE-FM, IN)
Amy & Travis Luncan (WYSO-FM, OH)
Annie Keville (WVBR-FM, NY)
Art Menius (WMMT-FM, KY)
Arthur Berman (CiTR-FM, BC)
Arthur Dean (WCNI-FM, CT)
Artie Martello (, NY)
Bill Hahn (WFDU-FM, NJ)
Bill Revill (WESU-FM, CT)
Bill Stuart (WFIT-FM, FL)
Bill Wagman (KDVS-FM, CA)
Bob McWilliams (KANU-FM & KPR, KS)
Bob Weiser (WBRS-FM & WOMR-FM, MA)
Brenda & Roman Tacik (CJTR-FM, SK)
Bruce Cameron (2MCE-FM, Australia)
Caragh McMaster (WTJU-FM, VA)
Caroline Doctorow (WPKM-FM & WPKN-FM, CT)
Carolyn VandeWiele (WFHB-FM, IN)
Charlie Backfish (WUSB-FM, NY)
Chris Kocher (WHRW-FM, NY)
Chrisana McGill (WSPN-FM, NY)
Cindy Funk (WYSO-FM, OH)
Colin Fielding (3INR-FM, Australia)
Craig Huegel (WMNF-FM, FL)
Dan Alloway (KTEP-FM, TX)
Dan Murphy (, NH)
Darla Novak (KZFR-FM, CA)
Darwin Davidson (WERU-FM, ME)
Dave Hardy (, MA)
David John (KTRU-FM, TX)
David Sears (WBGU-FM, OH)
Deadwood Dick (KKUP-FM, CA)
Dennis & Judy Cook (WOBC-FM, OH)
Dennis Brunnenmeyer (KVMR-FM, CA)
Diane Crowe (WMCB-FM, MA)
Diane Karl (KBOO-FM etc, OR)
Dick Hermans (WHDD-FM, CT)
Don Jacobson (KBOO-FM, OR)
Doug Dick (WVGN-FM, VI)
Ed McDonald (WVMR-FM etc, WV)
Ed Mellnik (KBOO-FM, OR)
Frank Gosar (KLCC-FM, OR)
Gail Comfort (, MB)
Gary Irving (WVUD-FM, DE)
George Dayton (WTJU-FM, VA)
Gerd Stassen (EVW, Germany)
Gerry Goodfriend (CKUT-FM, QC)
Graham Rice (WJFF-FM, NY)
Graham and Barbara Dean (WBCR-LP, MA)
Hansjoerg Malonek (ISW-FM, Germany)
Harlon Joye (WRFG-FM, GA)
Heather Miller (KRUU-LP, IA)
Jan Hall (CFRU-FM, ON)
Jean Geiger (KBCS-FM, WA)
Jeff Eads (WNKU-FM, KY)
Jeff Robson (CJUM-FM, MB)
Jenny Flux (2AIR-FM, Australia)
Jeremy Butler (WUAL-FM & APR, AL)
Jim Canales (WWSP-FM, WI)
Jim Dubinsky (WUVT-FM, CV)
Jim Fisher (WGCS-FM, IN)
Jim Gilliland (WRUW-FM, OH)
Jim Marino (CFMU-FM, ON)
Jim Rogers (WIUP-FM, PA)
Jim Schwall (WORT-FM, WI)
Joe Pszonek (WMSC-FM, NJ)
John & Maureen Rumsey (KVMR-FM, CA)
John Lupton and George Mercer (WVUD-FM, DE)
John Mazza (WNHU-FM, CT)
John Patterson (WXPI-FM, PA)
John Platt (WFUV-FM, NY)
John Weingart (WPRB-FM, NJ)
Johnny Bazzano (KRCB-FM, CA)
Jon 'Chip' Colcord (WSCS-FM, NH)
Jon Kiger (WRFG-FM, GA)
Jon Stein (WTBQ-AM, NY)
Juliet Youngren (WEFT-FM, IL)
Justin Helmer (KVSC-FM, MN)
Jürgen Kramer (ZuSa, Germany)
Karen Rakos (KEUL-FM, AK)
Kelly Walker (Troy Public Radio, AL)
Ken Batista (WYEP-FM, PA)
Kevin Elliott (WEFT-FM, IL)
Kevin Vance (KALW-FM, CA)
Larry Hillberg (KVMR-FM, CA)
Larry Hoyt (WAER-FM, NY)
Laurie DesJardins (KVMR-FM, CA)
Len Holton (KUAR-FM, AR)
Leonard Epstein (KRFC-FM, CO)
Lilli Kuzma (WDCB-FM, IL)
Linda Fahey (WKSU & syndicated, OH)
Lyle D. Skinner (CJUM-FM, MB)
Maggie Ferguson (WXOU-FM, MI)
Mara Noelle (KVMR-FM & KFOK-LP, CA)
Mark Michaelis (WGDR-FM, VT)
Mark Tobler (WTUL-FM, LA)
Menachem Vinegrad (Upper Galilee-FM, Israel)
Michael Alzo (WSLU-FM, NY)
Michael Benson (WPKN-FM & WESU-FM, CT)
Michael Kane (WBRS-FM, MA)
Michael Stock (WLRN-FM, FL)
Mitch Park (Kidnappers, New Zealand)
Naomi Soule and Terry Moses (KCLC-FM, MO)
Nick Barr (WAMC-FM, NY)
Norm Mast (WVPE-FM, IN)
Pamela Smith (WPKN-FM, CT)
Paul Hartman (WTMD-FM, MD)
Peter Fraissinet (WVBR-FM, NY)
Peter Jones (WTJU-FM, VA)
Peter Kernast and John Bates (WTSR-FM, NJ)
Peter Thompson (KALW-FM, CA)
Ray Baumler (WRUR-FM & WITH-FM, NY)
Rhonda J. Miller (WXIN-FM, RI)
Rich Warren (WFMT-FM & syndicated, IL)
Rik James (KGLT-FM, MT)
Rob Thurlow (KRFC-FM, CO)
Robert Resnik (VPR, VT)
Sandy Goodson (WTJU-FM, VA)
Sharon Downes (2MAX-FM, Australia)
Simon Dillon (Phoenix FM, Australia)
Sonny Ochs (WIOX-FM, NY)
Steve Brockway (KRFC-FM, CO)
Steve Edge (CITR-FM, BC)
Steve Fisher (CKUA-FM, AB)
Steve Harris (KCMJ-FM, CO)
Steve Jerrett (KOPN-FM, MO)
Steve Kindig (WTJU-FM, VA)
Steve Pritchard (CKLN-FM, ON)
Stu Weaver (WFCF-FM, FL)
Sue Kessell (WNUR-FM, IL)
Susan Forbes Hansen (WHUS-FM & WWUH-FM, CT)
Susi Lanagan (PBS-FM, Australia)
Taylor Caffery (WRKF-FM, LA)
Terry Carpenter (WTJU-FM, VA)
Terry O'Laughlin (WORT-FM, WI)
Todd Tyson (The Point-FM, VT)
Tom Druckenmiller (WDIY-FM & syndicated, PA)
Tom Funk (KGLP-FM, NM)
Valerie Cormier (CITR-FM, BC)
Wanda Fischer (WAMC & syndicated, NY)
Wayne Greene (, LA)

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