Compiled by Richard Gillmann from FOLKDJ-L radio playlists
Based on 14381 airplays.

  1: "Outlaws And Dreamers," Dick Gaughan (56)
        "When I'm Gone" (10)
        "Tom Joad" (8)
        "Tom Paine's Bones" (7)
        "Yew Tree" (7)
        "What You Do With What You've Got" (6)
        "Dowie Dens O Yarrow" (5)
        "Outlaws And Dreamers" (4)
        "Wild Roses" (4)
        "Florence In Florence" (3)
        "Strong Women Rule Us All" (2)
  2: "Winter's Grace," Laurie Lewis And Tom Rozum (55)
        "Christmas Time's A'Comin'" (9)
        "Hot Buttered Rum" (8)
        "If We Make It Through December" (8)
        "Cold Frosty Morning" (5)
        "Messenger" (5)
        "Snowy Road" (5)
        "Wassail Song" (5)
        "Wintergrace" (3)
        "The Gift" (2)
        "Heiligste Nacht" (2)
        "Earth Moves In A Mysterious Way"
        "Earth Moves In Mysterious Ways"
        "Sleigh Ride"
  3: "Sugar Plums," Various Artists (54)
        "That White Christmas Song," Red Knuckles And The Trailblazers (11)
        "Silent Night," Seldom Scene (6)
        "Christ Was Born In Bethlehem," Tim And Mollie O'Brien (5)
        "Away In A Manger," Jerry Douglas (4)
        "Carpenter Shop," Bluegrass Cardinals (4)
        "Christmas Lullaby," Don Walker (4)
        "Making Plans," Tim O'Brien (4)
        "Nothing But A Child," Robin And Linda Williams (4)
        "Christmas Time's A-Coming," Peter Rowan (3)
        "Santa Bring My Baby Back," Ranch Romance (3)
        "First Noel Medley," Doyle Lawson (2)
        "Medley," Doyle Lawson And Quicksilver (2)
        "Beautful Star Of Bethlehem," John Starling
        "Christmas Time Is A-Comin," Peter Rowan
  4: "If I Had A Song: The Songs Of Pete Seeger, Vol. 2," Various Artists (47)
        "Snow, Snow," Eric Andersen (6)
        "This Old Car," Pete Seeger And Arlo Guthrie (6)
        "Oh, Had I A Golden Thread," Dar Williams And Toshi Reagan (5)
        "Well May The World Go," Larry Long And Pete Seeger (5)
        "66 Highway Blues," Pete Seeger And Arlo Guthrie (4)
        "Old Devil Time," Kim And Reggie Harris And Magpie (4)
        "The Emperor Is Naked Today-O," Dave Carter And Tracy Grammer (2)
        "If I Had A Hammer," Billy Bragg And Liza Carthy (2)
        "Last Train To Nurenburg," Joel Rafeal Band (2)
        "Maple Syrup Time," Moxy Fruvous (2)
        "Walking Down Death Row," Steve Earle (2)
        "You'll Sing To Me Too," Guardabarranco (2)
        "Emperor's Naked Today," Dave Carter And Tracy Grammer
        "Guantanamera," Jackson Browne And Joan Baez
        "Old Car," Arlo Guthrie And Pete Seeger
        "Talking Union," John McCutcheon And Corey Harris
        "Words, Words, Words," John Wesley Harding And The Minus 5
  4: "Shifting Sands Of Time," Wayfaring Strangers (47)
        "Wayfaring Strangers" (8)
        "Shifting Sands Of Time" (7)
        "Man Of Constant Sorrow" (6)
        "Working On A Building" (6)
        "High On A Mountain" (3)
        "I'm Blue, I'm Lonesome Too" (3)
        "Memories Of You" (3)
        "Motherless Child" (3)
        "June Apple" (2)
        "Rank Stranger" (2)
        "Strange Bird" (2)
        "Cry, Cry Darling"
        "Funeral On My Brain"
  6: "Tinsel Tunes," Various Artists (45)
        "Sleigh Ride," Sam Bush (14)
        "Christmas Story," Nashville Bluegrass Band (7)
        "All I Want Is Mary For Christmas," Lonesome River Band (5)
        "Ring The Bells At Midnight," Kathy Kallick And The Big Little Band (4)
        "Christmas Is Coming To Town," Laurel Canyon Ramblers (3)
        "Last Month Of The Year," Fairfield Four (3)
        "Blue Christmas Lights," Hillman And Pedersen (2)
        "Christmas From The Family," Robert Earl Keen
        "Christmas Swing," Chesapeake
        "Christmas Time Is Coming To Town," Laurel Canyon Ramblers
        "I'll Be Home For Christmas," Brother Boys
        "In The Bleak Midwinter," Mollie O'Brien
        "Merry Christmas From The Family," Robert Earl Keen
        "On A Quiet Night," Psychograss
  7: "Drum Hat Buddha," Dave Carter And Tracy Grammer (43)
        "Gentle Arms Of Eden" (15)
        "Gentle Soldier Of My Soul" (5)
        "Ordinary Town" (5)
        "Disappearing Man" (4)
        "I Go Like The Raven" (4)
        "41 Thunderer" (2)
        "Love, The Magician" (2)
        "Power And Glory" (2)
        "Tillman Co" (2)
        "Merlin's Lament"
  8: "Five Stories," Kris Delmhorst (42)
        "Broken White Line" (9)
        "Cluck Old Hen" (6)
        "Garden Rose" (6)
        "Mean Old Wind" (6)
        "Little Wings" (5)
        "Yellow Brick Road" (4)
        "Damn Love Song" (2)
        "Gave It Away"
        "Honeyed Out"
        "Just What I Meant"
        "Lullaby 101"
  8: "Wonderland," Various Artists (42)
        "River," Peter Mulvey (7)
        "American Noel," Dave Carter And Tracy Grammer (5)
        "I Saw Three Ships," Rani Arbo (5)
        "Song For A Winter Night," Erica Wheeler (4)
        "This Ain't No Time Of Year To Be Alone," Mark Erelli (4)
        "Let's Make A Baby King," Louise Taylor (3)
        "Before You Go," Richard Shindell (2)
        "Cherry Tree Carol," Maria Sangiolo (2)
        "Christmas Carol," Nerissa And Katryna Nields (2)
        "Nowell Sing We," Waters, Moore, And Arbo (2)
        "Tree," Jim Henry (2)
        "At The Christmas Ball," Erin Mckeown
        "Holly And The Ivy," Jim Infantino And Jonatha Brooke
        "I Wonder As I Wander," Brooks Williams
        "You're A Mean One, Mr. Grinch," Pete Nelson
 10: "Voices Of Winter," Herdman, Hills And Mangsen (39)
        "Hanerot Halalu" (9)
        "Frozen Logger-Proper Cup Of Coffee" (5)
        "Voices Of Winter/Red And Green" (5)
        "Snow In The Street" (3)
        "Wintergrace" (3)
        "Mister Santa" (2)
        "Mr. Santa" (2)
        "Raise The Dead Of Wintertime" (2)
        "A'roving On A Winter's Night"
        "Hot Buttered Rum"
        "Joy, Health, Love And Peace-The Wren"
        "Lo, How A Rose"
        "More Wood"
        "Roving On A Winters Night"
        "Serving Girl's Holiday"
        "Witch Hazel"
 11: "At The Turning Of The Year," Herdman, Hills And Mangsen (38)
        "Solstice Round" (12)
        "At The Turning Of The Year" (7)
        "Corn, Water And Wood" (5)
        "Years" (5)
        "The Druggist" (3)
        "Away Ye Merry Lassies" (2)
        "Snow" (2)
        "Goodbye To The Roses"
        "Winter's Come And Gone"
 11: "Father Christmas," Deana Carter (38)
        "Merry Christmas Darling" (9)
        "I'll Be Home For Christmas" (6)
        "Johnny's Snowman" (5)
        "Winter Wonderland" (5)
        "Blue Christmas" (3)
        "Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas" (3)
        "White Christmas" (3)
        "Let It Snow" (2)
        "Christmas Song"
        "Silent Night"
 11: "How Like The Holly," Joel Mabus (38)
        "Let's Do Christmas Right" (13)
        "How Like The Holly" (8)
        "Children Go Where I Send Thee" (3)
        "Cherry Tree Carol" (2)
        "Christmas Bells - One Horse Open Sleigh" (2)
        "One Horse Open Sleigh" (2)
        "Rorate Ceoil Desuper" (2)
        "Away In A Manger"
        "Es Ist Ein' Ros'"
        "Golden Carol And Christmas Bells"
        "How Like The Holly, Rorate Ceoli Desuper"
        "How Vain The Cruel Herod's Fear"
        "Lo How A Rose Ere Blooming"
 11: "New Favorite," Alison Krauss And Union Station (38)
        "Boy Who Wouldn't Hoe Corn" (7)
        "Lucky One" (6)
        "Take Me For Longing" (5)
        "Bright Sunny South" (4)
        "Daylight" (4)
        "New Favorite" (3)
        "Choctaw Hayride" (2)
        "I'll Remember You Love In My Prayers" (2)
        "Stars," Alison Krauss (2)
        "Crazy Faith"
        "It All Comes Down To You"
        "Let Me Touch You For Awhile"
 15: "Last Man On Earth," Loudon Wainwright III (33)
        "Last Man On Earth" (6)
        "I'm Not Gonna Cry" (5)
        "Living Alone" (4)
        "Missing You" (4)
        "Surviving Twin" (4)
        "White Winos" (4)
        "Fresh Fossils" (2)
        "Graveyard" (2)
 15: "Not All Who Wander Are Lost," Chris Thile (33)
        "Eureka!" (9)
        "Raining At Sunset" (6)
        "Wolfcreek Pass" (5)
        "Song For A Young Queen" (3)
        "Big Sam Thompson" (2)
        "Riddles In The Dark" (2)
        "Sinai To Canaan, Part I" (2)
        "Club G.R.O.S.S"
        "Laurie De Tullins"
        "Raining At Sunrise"
        "You Deserve Flowers"
 15: "The Storm Still Rages," Rhonda Vincent (33)
        "Bluegrass Express" (6)
        "Is The Grass Any Bluer" (5)
        "Cry Of The Whippoorwill" (3)
        "Drivin' Nails In My Coffin" (3)
        "On Solid Ground" (3)
        "When The Angels Sing" (3)
        "You Don't Love God If You Don't Love Your Neighbor" (3)
        "Each Season Changes You" (2)
        "I'm Not Over You" (2)
        "Don't Lie"
        "Still Driving Nails"
        "You'll Never Leave Harlan Alive," Patty Loveless
 18: "Time (The Revelator)," Gillian Welch (32)
        "Dear Someone" (7)
        "I Want To Sing That Rock And Roll" (7)
        "Red Clay Halo" (7)
        "Elvis Presley Blues" (4)
        "My First Lover" (3)
        "Everything Is Free" (2)
        "Red Clay Hobo"
        "The Revelator"
 19: "O Sister! The Women's Bluegrass Collection," Various Artists (31)
        "Eight More Miles," Lewis, Lynch, Morris And Vincent (7)
        "If Wishes Were Horses," Claire Lynch (5)
        "Lonesome Wind Blues," Nr/Rhonda Vincent (4)
        "Old River," Hazel Dickens And Ginny Hawker (3)
        "Blue," Stevens Sisters (2)
        "Will There Be Any Stars?," Cox Family With Alison Krauss (2)
        "Just Like The Rain," Kathy Kallick
        "Last Old Shovel," Phyllis Boyen
        "Mama's Hand," Lynn Morris
        "Miles," Laurie Lewis, Claire Lynch, Lynn Morris And Rhonda Vincent
        "Pardon Me," Cox Family
        "Sad Situation," Delia Bell
        "True Life Blues," Hazel And Alcie
        "You Tried To Ruin My Name," Wilma Cooper
 20: "Harp: A Time To Sing," Holly Near, Arlo Guthrie, Ronnie Gilbert, Pete Seeger (30)
        "City Of New Orleans," Arlo Guthrie (4)
        "Guantamera" (3)
        "Oh Mary Don't You Weep," (3)
        "Singing For Our Lives" (3)
        "Water Is Wide," Ronnie Foster (3)
        "Wimoweh" (2)
        "All Over The World," Arlo Guthrie
        "Emma," Holly Near
        "Estadio Chile And Guantanamera"
        "Ghannu Ma I"
        "Jacob's Ladder"
        "Mothers, Daughters Wives"
        "Oh Mom"
        "The River Is Wide," Ronnie Gilbert
        "Singing With You," Holly Near, Ronnie Gilbert
        "Somos El Barco/We Are The Boat"
        "Take Back The Night"
        "What's Going On/Foolish Notion," Holly Near And Ronnie Gilbert
 20: "There Is No Eye: Music For Photographs," Various Artists (30)
        "Oh Babe, It Ain't No Lie," Elizabeth Cotton (5)
        "Come All You Tenderhearted," Carter Stanley (3)
        "If I Had My Way," Reverend Gary Davis (3)
        "Roll On John," Bob Dylan (3)
        "Twin Sisters," Sidna Myers (3)
        "Man Of Constant Sorrow," Roscoe Holcomb (2)
        "Sally Goodin," Eck Robertson (2)
        "Tb Blues," Alice Gerard And Hazel Dickens (2)
        "Thank You, Lord," Gospel Church Choir, Harlem (2)
        "Who Ll Water My Flowers," Last Forever (2)
        "Hick's Farewell," Doc Watson And Gaither Carlton
        "Paloma Blanca," Huayno Stringband
        "Sally Johnson," Wade Ward And Charlie Higgins
 20: "Walls And Windows," Maura O'Connell (30)
        "Walls" (5)
        "Blessing" (4)
        "Don't Ask Why" (4)
        "I Wonder" (4)
        "Crazy Love" (3)
        "Far Cry" (3)
        "Every River" (2)
        "Long Ride Home" (2)
        "I Get Lost"
        "Poor Man's House"
        "Sleepy Eyed Boy"
 23: "Feel The Earth Spin," Kate Macleod (29)
        "Winter Love" (6)
        "Wild Birds" (5)
        "Potter's Wheel" (4)
        "Way Out West" (4)
        "Shadow Changes" (3)
        "Cliffhanger" (2)
        "My Unclaimed Love" (2)
        "Annual Menhaden"
        "My Baby Leaving"
 23: "History Of The Future," Ricky Skaggs (29)
        "Shady Grove" (7)
        "Dim Lights, Thick Smoke" (4)
        "Halfway Home Cafe" (3)
        "Old Home" (3)
        "Too Far Down To Fall" (3)
        "Mother's Only Sleeping" (2)
        "One Way Track" (2)
        "Sweet Baby's Arms" (2)
        "Road To Spencer"
        "Rollin' In My Sweet Baby's Arms," Ricky Skaggs And Kentucky Thunder
        "Sawin' On The Strings"
 23: "O Brother, Where Art Thou? Soundtrack," Various Artists (29)
        "Down To The River To Pray," Alison Krauss (5)
        "I Am A Man Of Constant Sorrow," Indian War Whoop (5)
        "In The Jailhouse Now," Soggy Bottom Boys (4)
        "Keep On The Sunny Side," Whites (3)
        "Angel Band," Stanley Brothers (2)
        "Big Rock Candy Mountain," Harry McClintock (2)
        "Hard Time Killing Floor Blues," Chris Thomas King (2)
        "I'll Fly Away," Alison Krauss And Gillian Welch (2)
        "Oh Death," Ralph Stanley (2)
        "Man Of Constant Sorrow," Soggy Bottom Boys
        "Po Lazarus," James Carter And The Prisoners
 23: "Somewhere Along The Road," Cathie Ryan (29)
        "Somewhere Along The Road" (8)
        "Raking And Roguing" (5)
        "Carrick-A-Rede" (4)
        "So Here's To You" (4)
        "In My Tribe" (3)
        "Cailin' Deas Cuuite Na Mbo"
        "High On A Mountain"
        "It Is The Day"
        "Rathlin Island"
        "Wave Up To The Shore"
 27: "Cindy Kallet 2," Cindy Kallet (28)
        "Listen, I Think The Rain's Come" (6)
        "Trying Times" (4)
        "Marblehead Neck" (3)
        "Time Came Down" (3)
        "Going For The Gold" (2)
        "If I Sing" (2)
        "Take Me To The Moon" (2)
        "Wolf S Lullaby" (2)
        "I Don T Have To"
        "Mystic Aureole"
        "Steamboat To The Mainland"
        "When I Was Now"
 27: "Salvation Street," J.P. Jones (28)
        "Ordinary Day" (7)
        "Dante's Highway" (6)
        "Salvation Street" (4)
        "Thas Right" (4)
        "What Called Me To This" (3)
        "Tiger Woods" (2)
        "Almost Satisfied"
        "Po Man"
 29: "To Shorten The Winter," Tommy Sands (27)
        "Christmas Childhood" (7)
        "Like The First Time It's Christmas Time" (7)
        "Hearts Of Love" (4)
        "Bushes Of Jerusalem" (3)
        "Welcome Here Kind Stranger" (3)
        "Raglan Road" (2)
        "Whiter Shade Of Pale"
 30: "Blue Ridge Mountain Christmas," Various Artists (26)
        "Christmas Is Near," Rarely Herd (7)
        "Winter Wonderland," Wild And Blue (5)
        "Daddy Looked A Lot Like Santa," Terry Eldredge (4)
        "12 Days Of Bluegrass Christma," Foxfire (3)
        "Cradle In Bethlehem," Bass Mountain Boys (2)
        "Frosty The Snowman," Mitch Harrell (2)
        "Stuck In The Chimney," Gene Wooten (2)
        "12 Days Of Bluegrass Chirstmas," Fox Fire
        "Breaking Up Christmas," Tommy Jarrell et al
 30: "Del And The Boys," Del McCoury Band (26)
        "1952 Vincent Black Lightning" (9)
        "All Aboard" (4)
        "Bluegrass Country" (4)
        "Goldbrickin" (4)
        "Gone But Not Forgotten" (3)
        "Count Me Out"
        "Good Man Like Me"
 30: "Holiday Sampler," Slaid Cleaves (26)
        "You're A Mean One, Mr. Grinch" (15)
        "One Good Year" (6)
        "You Don't Have To Tell Me" (2)
        "Monster In Law"
        "Mr. Grinch"
        "Nov. Skies"
 30: "One More Christmas," Albert And Gage (26)
        "One More Christmas" (6)
        "River" (5)
        "Little Toy Trains" (3)
        "Un Flambeau Jeannette Isabelle" (3)
        "Angels Cried" (2)
        "Baby It's Cold Outside" (2)
        "Have Yourself A Very Merry Little Christmas" (2)
        "Linus And Lucy" (2)
        "Mr And Mrs Santa Claus"
 34: "Borderland," Tom Russell (25)
        "Touch Of Evil" (6)
        "Down The Rio Grande" (4)
        "Where The Dream Begins" (4)
        "California Snow" (2)
        "The Road It Gives, The Road It Takes Away" (2)
        "Santa Fe At Midnight" (2)
        "The Hills Of Old Juarez"
        "Let It Go"
        "Next Thing Smokin'"
        "What Work Is"
        "When Sinatra Played Juarez"
 35: "Blue Trail Of Sorrow," Various Artists (24)
        "Cotton Eyed Joe," Freight Hoppers (5)
        "Blue Trail Of Sorrow," Allison Kraus, Union Station And Dan Taminsky (2)
        "Everybody Wants To Go To Heaven," Cox Family, With Alison Krauss (2)
        "Hills Of Home," Hazel Dickens (2)
        "Meet Me In The Moonlight," Stanley Brothers (2)
        "Owl Feather," John Hartford And Mike Compton (2)
        "You Don't Love God If You Don't Love Your Neighbor," Rhonda Vincent (2)
        "Bringing In The Georgia Mail," Norman And Nancy Blake
        "Conversation With Death," Lloyd Chandler
        "Crazy Heart," James King
        "Cruel Willie," Connie And Babe, Red Roberts
        "Man Of Constant Sorrow," Tony Furtado And Tim O'Brien
        "Time Is Winding Up," Ginny Hawker And Carol Elizabeth Jones
        "Wild Bill Jones," Dirk Powell
 35: "Where Have All The Flowers Gone?: The Songs Of Pete Seeger," Various Artists (24)
        "How Can I Keep From Singing?," Cordelia's Dad (2)
        "One Grain Of Sand," Odetta (2)
        "Snow, Snow," Eric Andersen (2)
        "The Water Is Wide," John Gorka (2)
        "You'll Sing To Me Too," Guardabarranca (2)
        "66 Highway Blues," Arlo Guthrie And Pete Seeger
        "Blessed Be The Nation," Studs Turkel
        "Goofing Off Suite," Tony Trischka Band
        "Kisses Sweeter Than Wine," Jackson Browne And Bonnie Raitt
        "Last Train To Nuremberg," Joel Rafael Band
        "Little Boxes," Mcgarrigle Sisters
        "My Father's Mansion," Billy Bragg-Eliza Carthy
        "My Rainbow Race," Donovan
        "Oh, Had I A Golden Thread," Dar Williams And Toshi Reagan
        "Sailing Down My Golden River," Greg Brown
        "Talking Union," John McCutcheon
        "This Old Car," Pete Seeger And Arlo Guthrie
        "Torn Flag," John Trudell
        "Where Have All The Flowers Gone?," Tommy Sands And Delores Keane
 37: "Lookin' For A Home," Odetta (23)
        "Bourgeois Blues" (4)
        "In The Pines" (3)
        "You Don't Know My Mind" (3)
        "Midnight Special" (2)
        "New Orleans" (2)
        "When I Was A Cowboy" (2)
        "Alabama Bound - Boll Weevil"
        "Goodnight Irene"
        "How Long"
        "Jim Crow Blues"
        "Mother's Blues"
        "Rock Island Line"
 37: "Songcatcher Soundtrack," Various Artists (23)
        "Fair And Tender Ladies," Rosanne Cash (5)
        "Barbara Allen," Emmylou Harris (4)
        "Wayfarin' Stranger," Maria Mckee (4)
        "Pretty Saro," Iris Dement (2)
        "When Love Is New," Dolly Parton, Emmy Rossum (2)
        "Wind And Rain," Gillian Welch And David Rawlings (2)
        "Cuckoo Bird," Deana Carter
        "Mary Of The Wild Moor," Sara Evans
        "Moonshiner," Allison Moorer
        "Sounds Of Loneliness," Patty Loveless
 39: "Two Journeys," Tim O'Brien (22)
        "Apple Press; The Apple Cart" (4)
        "Turning Around" (4)
        "Two Journeys" (3)
        "Demon Lover" (3)
        "Norwegian Wood" (2)
        "Pear Tree And Muddy Roads And Ladies Pantelettes" (2)
        "Tide Flows Into Miltown" (2)
        "Holy Well"
        "Mick Ryan's Lamentl"
 39: "Borrowed And Blue," Les Sampou (22)
        "Meet Me In The Morning" (5)
        "Kokomo Blues" (3)
        "You Are My Sunshine" (3)
        "Chinatown" (2)
        "Holy Land" (2)
        "Sweet Perfume" (2)
        "Big Road Blues"
        "Police Dog Blues"
        "Richland Women Blues"
        "Traveling Riverside Blues"
 39: "Christmas," Bruce Cockburn (22)
        "Go Tell It On The Mountain" (3)
        "Adeste Fidelis" (2)
        "Early On One Christmas Morn" (2)
        "I Saw Three Ships" (2)
        "Les Anges Dans Nos Campagnes" (2)
        "Mary Had A Baby" (2)
        "Shepherds" (2)
        "Down In Your Forest"
        "Huron Carol"
        "It Came Upon A Midnight Clear"
        "Jesus Ahatonnia"
        "O Little Town Of Bethlehem"
        "Rin Rin Chiu"
        "Riu Riu Chiu / I Saw Three Ships"
 39: "Cocktail Swing," Rani Arbo And Daisy Mayhem (22)
        "Cocktail Swing" (4)
        "I Do My Cryin' At Night" (3)
        "Limo To Memphis" (3)
        "That's All" (3)
        "Comes Love" (2)
        "Snowbird" (2)
        "Butter And Egg Man," Daisy Mayhem
        "I Get The Blues When It Rains"
        "Let's Pretend There's A Moon"
        "Once More"
        "Singing In The Bathtub," Andrew Kinsey And Daisy Mayhem
 39: "Philadelphia Folk Festival 40th Anniversary," Various Artists (22)
        "Bee's Wing," Richard Thompson (3)
        "I Aint A Marching Anymore," Phil Ochs (2)
        "St. Mary's Of Regret," Susan Werner (2)
        "Aint No Telling," Mississippi John Hurt
        "Darcy Farrow," Steve Gillette And Cindy Mangsen
        "Georgia State Patrol/Deep Gap Salute," Gamble Rogers
        "Goodnight Irene," Steve Goodman
        "Green, Green Rocky Road," Dave Van Ronk
        "Irish Dance Medley," De Danaan
        "Kokomo Blues," Bonnie Raitt
        "Le Jig Francais," Beausoleil
        "My Father's House," Eric Bibb
        "Ode To A Butterfly," Nickel Creek
        "Open Up Them Pearly Gates," Doc And Merle Watson
        "Panama Limited," Tom Rush
        "Sharon," David Bromberg
        "Tanglewood Tree," Dave Carter And Tracy Grammer
        "Watchin The River," John Hartford
 39: "Running Wild," Rice, Rice, Hillman And Pedersen (22)
        "Passin' Through" (4)
        "Things We Said Today" (4)
        "4 And 20" (3)
        "Mystery That Won't Go Away" (3)
        "San Antone" (3)
        "Two Of A Kind" (2)
        "You're Running Wild" (2)
        "It's A Long Way To The Top Of The World"
 45: "Best Of Nowell Sing We Clear," Nowell Sing We Clear (21)
        "Green Grow'th The Holly" (3)
        "Rise Up Jock" (3)
        "Cutty Wren" (2)
        "Gower Wassail" (2)
        "Holly And The Ivy" (2)
        "Orkney New Year's Carol" (2)
        "The Carnal And The Crane Medley"
        "Carol For New Year's Day"
        "Cherry Tree Carol"
        "Child This Day Is Born"
        "Gloucester Wassail"
        "Kris Kringle"
        "Leaping And Dancing"
 45: "Buddy And Julie Miller," Buddy And Julie Miller (21)
        "Keep Your Distance" (5)
        "Holding Up The Sky" (4)
        "River's Gonna Run" (3)
        "Forever Has Come To An End" (2)
        "Little Darlin'" (2)
        "Rock Salt And Nails" (2)
        "Dirty Water"
        "This River's Gonna Run"
 45: "Listen," Jamie Anderson (21)
        "Family Of Friends" (5)
        "Much Better View Of The Moon" (3)
        "Three Bridges" (2)
        "Forever Family" (2)
        "Her Problem Now" (2)
        "Full Moon Tango," Kaila Flexer And Third Ear
        "I Miss The Dog"
        "I Wanna Drive"
        "Maybe You Miss Me"
        "Potato Chips"
 45: "A Taste Of Chanukah," Various Artists (21)
        "Ikh Bin A Kleyner Dreydl," Nec Children's Chorus (3)
        "Dance Music: Keshenev Bulgar," Nec Jewish Music Ensemble (2)
        "Kitaltas," Ensemble (2)
        "Latke Cooking Demonstration," Chasiasegal (2)
        "Ocho Kandelikes," Rebecca Shrimpton, Marissa Sterngold And Nec Jewish Music Ensemble (2)
        "Siete Ijos Tiene Hanna," Judith Berkson, Elizabeth Parvin, And Rebecca Shrimpton (2)
        "Drey Dreydele," Ensemble
        "Fayer," Judith Berkson And Nec Jewish Music Ensemble
        "I Have A Little Dreydl," Thomas Jacobs, Kevin Harris, Nec Chorus
        "Kitalas," Theodore Bikel/New England Conservatory
        "Mi Yimalel," Theodore Bikel And Morris Shames
        "Miracle Of Chanukah," Judith Berkson, Elisabeth Parvin And Rebecca Shrimpton
        "Oy Chanukah," Theodore Bikel And Nec Jewish Music Ensemble
        "S Vivon," New England Conservatory Chorus
 48: "Avalon Blues: A Tribute to the Music of Mississippi John Hurt," Various Artists (20)
        "Avalon, My Home Town," Bruce Cockburn (3)
        "Beulah Land," Gillian Welch (3)
        "Frankie And Albert," Chris Smither (3)
        "Monday Morning Blues," Peter Case And Dave Alvin (3)
        "Chicken," Geof Muldaur
        "I'm Satisfied," John Hiatt
        "Make Me A Pallet On Your Floor," Mark Selby
        "My Creole Belle," Taj Mahal
        "Pay Day," Bill Morrissey
        "Since I've Laid My Burden Down," Victoria Williams
        "Sliding Delta," Ben Harper
        "Stagolee," Beck
 48: "Christmas In The Hills," Larry Sparks (20)
        "Christmas In The Mountains" (5)
        "Christmas Is Near" (3)
        "Beautiful Star Of Bethletham" (2)
        "Blue Christmas" (2)
        "Christmas Memories" (2)
        "Christmas Time's A' Comin'" (2)
        "Go Tell It On The Mountian" (2)
        "Away In A Manger"
        "Birthday Of Our King"
 48: "Christmas Time Back Home," Country Gentlemen (20)
        "Christmas Time Back Home" (6)
        "Beautiful Star Of Bethlehem," Ralph Stanley (5)
        "Blue Christmas" (4)
        "Christmas Time's A' Comin'"
        "Home For Christmas," Red Ellis And The Huron Valley Boys
        "Jingle Bells"
        "Silent Night"
        "Slowly Fall The Snowflakes," Bill Carroll
 48: "Letters From My Father," Ginny Hawker (20)
        "My Warfare Will Soon Be Over" (5)
        "Undone In Sorrow" (3)
        "Looking For A Place To Fall Apart" (2)
        "Oh, Have You Seen That Turtle Dove?" (2)
        "Those Two Blue Eyes" (2)
        "Don't Neglect The Rose"
        "Gospel Ship Has Long Been Sailing"
        "Heart That Will Never Break Again"
        "I'll Not Be A Stranger," Ginny Hawker W/ Tim O'Brien
        "Silver Tongue And Gold Plated Lies"
        "You Don't Tell Me That You Love Me Anymore"
 48: "New American Language," Dan Bern (20)
        "God Said No" (4)
        "New American Language" (4)
        "Black Tornado" (3)
        "Albuquerque Lullaby" (2)
        "Thanksgiving Day Parade" (2)
        "Toledo" (2)
        "Albuquerque Highway"
 48: "Supper's On The Table, Everybody Come On In," John McCutcheon (20)
        "Calling All The Children Home" (4)
        "Immigrant" (4)
        "Closing The Bookstore Down" (2)
        "Principle" (2)
        "Who'll Watch The Cradle" (2)
        "Dead Man Walking"
        "Memory Of Old Jack"
        "Meteors/The Perseid"
 48: "Tradition," Burns Sisters (20)
        "Shaloo Shalom" (5)
        "This Christmas" (5)
        "Songs We Love" (4)
        "Little Drummer Boy" (2)
        "Children Go Where I Send Thee"
        "Golden Cradle"
        "O Come Emmanuel"
        "What Child Is This"
 48: "'twas On A Night Like This," Various Artists (20)
        "Holly Tree Carol," Cathy Barton And Dave Para (3)
        "Kentucky Wassail," Dave Para And Cathy Barton (3)
        "Peace Round," Golden Ring (3)
        "Mary Had A Baby," Cathy Barton And Dave Para et al (2)
        "New Year Round," Ensemble (2)
        "Quaker Benediction," Golden Ring (2)
        "Every Star Shall Sing A Carol," Ensemble
        "Holly Bears A Berry/Oh Come Little Children," Sandy And Caroline Paton
        "In The Bleak Midwinter," Cathy Barton And Dave Para
        "Last Month Of The Year," Sandy And Caroline Paton
        "T'was On A Night Like This," Cathy Barton And Dave Para
 48: "When I See Winter Return," William Pint And Felicia Dale (20)
        "I Saw Three Ships/ Untitled Jig" (4)
        "Trees Are All Bare" (4)
        "Ring In The New Year" (3)
        "Woodcutter's Song" (3)
        "Lo, How A Rose E'Er Blooming"
        "Over Hill And Over Dale"
        "Over The Hill And Over The Dale"
        "Quant Je Voi Yver Retorner"
        "Ring The New Year In - Ring It In"
        "Tomorrow Shall Be My Dancing Day"
 58: "Twelve Steps Of Christmas," Various Artists (19)
        "Menorah," Laura Berkson (4)
        "Winter Solstice Blessing," Marcia Taylor (4)
 58: "At Gerdes Folk City," Doc Watson (19)
        "St. Louis Blues" (4)
        "Milk Cow Blues" (3)
 58: "Between The Breaks...Live!," Stan Rogers (19)
        "First Christmas" (14)
        "Witch Of The Westmoreland" (3)
 58: "Every Single Day," Lucy Kaplansky (19)
        "Broken Things" (7)
        "Don't Mind Me" (3)
        "Every Single Day" (3)
 58: "Hands Across The Pond," Richard Greene And Beryl Marriott (19)
        "Chorus Jig" (4)
        "She's Like The Swallow" (4)
 58: "Hillbilly Holiday," Various Artists (19)
        "Christmas Time's A'coming," Bill Monroe (3)
 58: "Holiday Guitar," Dan Crary (19)
        "Christmas Blues A Comin'" (6)
        "Carol Of The Bells" (3)
        "Christmas Waltz - Fum, Fum, Fum" (3)
 58: "Listen To The Angels," Neal And Leandra (19)
        "I'll Be Home For Christmas" (4)
 58: "Pieces Of Me," Lori McKenna (19)
        "Mars" (6)
        "Fireflies" (4)
 58: "Risk Involved," Mary Sue Twohy (19)
        "Gift Of The Magi" (10)
        "How Will I Ever Be Simple Again" (3)
 58: "Rosa Mundi," June Tabor (19)
        "Rose In June" (3)
        "Roses Of Picardy" (3)
 58: "This Road Tonight," Kitty Donohoe (19)
        "No One On This Road" (5)
        "Singing My Song" (4)
        "Do What You Love" (3)
 58: "Thistle And Shamrock Christmas Ceilidh," Various Artists (19)
        "I Saw Three Ships," John Renbourne (4)
        "Snowy Path," Altan (3)

These lists are compiled and posted to the FOLKDJ-L web site every month
(since October 1997).  The archive of past Top Album lists is available
at (the official FOLKDJ-L web site).

The process of compiling the Top Albums list is automated (I do hand
correct some obvious errors and typos). The results are based on
playlists posted to FOLKDJ-L during the calendar month. I wrote a pair
of programs that work with the Eudora email program's filtering feature.
One program parses each playlist as it comes in and adds it to a
spreadsheet. The second program processes the spreadsheet into a readable
report. Playlists have to include artist, song and album name (label is
optional) and be in a reasonably regular format for my program to be able
to parse them. My programs wind up identifying about 60% of the songs
actually posted.

The Top Albums list is sorted in descending order by number of plays
recorded for each album. Within an album, the number of times each
track was played is shown. If a single DJ is the only one mostly playing
an album, the count of plays is adjusted downwards; otherwise the raw
counts are used. The top 60 albums are listed.

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