Compiled by Richard Gillmann from FOLKDJ-L radio playlists
Based on 8737 airplays.

  1: "Treasures Left Behind: Remembering Kate Wolf," Various Artists (70)
        "Sweet Love," John Gorka (13)
        "Give Yourself To Love," Kathy Mattea (11)
        "Tequila And Me," Greg Brown And Ferron (7)
        "Friend Of Mine," Nanci Griffith (6)
        "Back Roads," Nina Gerber (5)
        "See Here She Said," Utah Phillips (5)
        "Carolina Pines," Cris Williamson And Tret Fure (4)
        "Here In California," Lucinda Williams (4)
        "Like A River," Peter Rowan (4)
        "Love Still Remains," Emmylou Harris (4)
        "These Times We're Living In," Dave Alvin (3)
        "In China Or A Woman's Heart," Rosalie Sorrells (2)
        "Cornflower Blue," Eric Bogle
        "Thinking About You," Terry Garthwaite
  2: "Hell Among The Yearlings," Gillian Welch (66)
        "Caleb Meyer" (11)
        "Whiskey Girl" (11)
        "Good Til Now" (7)
        "Miner's Refrain" (7)
        "One Morning" (7)
        "My Morphine" (6)
        "Devil Had A Hold Of Me" (5)
        "I'm Not Afraid To Die" (3)
        "Rock Of Ages" (3)
        "Winter's Come And Gone" (3)
        "Honey Now" (2)
        "Good Till Now"
  3: "Jubilee," Tom Rozum (58)
        "Don't Fix Up The Doghouse" (10)
        "Sweet Sally Brown" (10)
        "Jubilee" (8)
        "Ramblin' Blues" (8)
        "Walk Downtown" (8)
        "Without My Walking Stick" (5)
        "Muddy Waters/Jeff City" (3)
        "One Sweet Hello" (2)
        "Love Is A Lonely Street"
        "Mason's Lament"
        "On The Old Kentucky Shore"
        "Treasure's Untold"
  4: "Other Voices Too," Nanci Griffith (56)
        "You Were On My Mind" (8)
        "Deportee" (7)
        "Desperadoes Waiting For A Train" (6)
        "Hard Times Come Again No More" (5)
        "Wings Of A Dove" (4)
        "Darcy Farrow" (3)
        "I Still Miss Someone" (3)
        "Summer Wages" (3)
        "Who Knows Where The Time Goes" (3)
        "Canadian Whiskey" (2)
        "Dress Of Laces" (2)
        "He Was A Friend Of Mine" (2)
        "Walk Right Back" (2)
        "Wall Of Death" (2)
        "If I Had A Hammer"
        "Streets Of Baltimore"
        "Wasn't That A Mighty Storm"
        "Yarrington Town"
  5: "Everything Matters," Pierce Pettis (39)
        "Just Like Jim Brown" (7)
        "Tip Of My Tongue" (6)
        "Words Said In The Dark" (5)
        "Comet" (4)
        "Love Will Always Find Its Way" (4)
        "My Little Girl" (4)
        "Neutral Ground" (3)
        "Hole In My Heart" (2)
        "My Heart Goes Out" (2)
        "God Believes In You"
        "Kingdom Come"
  6: "Back On The Street Again," The Laurel Canyon Ramblers (36)
        "I'll Have A Broken Heart" (5)
        "When I Stop Dreaming" (5)
        "Back On The Street Again" (4)
        "Please Come Back Sweetheart" (4)
        "Girl By The Bank" (3)
        "Heaven Bound" (3)
        "Happy I'll Be" (2)
        "Hold On" (2)
        "It Hurts To Know You" (2)
        "Move On" (2)
        "You Can Close Your Eyes" (2)
        "Gimme Dat Thang"
        "Pamela's Song"
  7: "Radio," Chuck Brodsky (31)
        "Bad Whiskey" (5)
        "Our Gods" (5)
        "Radio" (5)
        "La Migra Viene" (4)
        "Moe Berg: The Song" (4)
        "Come Heres And The Been Heres" (2)
        "Hockey Fight Song" (2)
        "Blow 'em Away/Hockey Fight Song"
        "On Christmas I Got Nothing"
  8: "Bound To Ride," Jim Mills (30)
        "Ain't Gonna Lay My Armor Down" (3)
        "Big Tilda" (3)
        "Bound To Ride" (3)
        "Ground Hog" (3)
        "John Henry Blues" (3)
        "Rebecca" (3)
        "Bear Tracks" (2)
        "Charley Horse Stomp" (2)
        "How Great Thou Art" (2)
        "Rockwood Deer Chase" (2)
        "There'll Be No Teardrops Tonight" (2)
        "He Came From Carolina"
        "Poor Ellen Smith"
  9: "Car Wheels On A Gravel Road," Lucinda Williams (29)
        "Can't Let Go" (4)
        "Concrete And Barbed Wire" (3)
        "Drunken Angel" (3)
        "Greenville" (3)
        "I Lost It" (3)
        "Right In Time" (3)
        "2 Kool 2 Be 4-Gotten" (2)
        "Joy" (2)
        "Lake Charles" (2)
        "Metal Firecracker" (2)
        "Car Wheels On A Gravel Road"
 10: "Moon Over The Interstate," The Mollys (28)
        "Lang Town" (5)
        "Moon Over The Interstate" (4)
        "Sierra Madre" (4)
        "Holding On" (3)
        "Old Tramp Steamer" (3)
        "Rosie" (3)
        "Cash For Gold" (2)
        "Mi Casita" (2)
        "Dance With Me Johnny"
        "Up Spoke The Baby"
 11: "Big Red Sun," Mollie O'Brien (27)
        "In My Girlish Days" (9)
        "Big Red Sun Blues" (5)
        "Looking For Trouble" (4)
        "Gambling Man" (2)
        "No Ash Will Burn" (2)
        "No Hiding Place" (2)
        "Brown Eyed Handsome Man"
        "Denver To Dallas"
        "Love Like Blood"
 12: "Another Night Of Waiting," Gibson Brothers (25)
        "She Paints A Picture" (4)
        "Travelin' Blues" (4)
        "Breakthrough" (3)
        "My Yesterdays Look Better Every Day" (3)
        "Another Night Of Waiting" (2)
        "City Water" (2)
        "I Don't Care Anymore" (2)
        "Wanting, Wanting You" (2)
        "Last Letter Home"
        "Next One Is Me"
        "We'92ll Stay Here"
 12: "Only Sun," Judith Edelman (25)
        "Shotgun Shack" (4)
        "Library Card" (3)
        "Lost Cause Cafe" (3)
        "Luggage Tags And Dancing Shoes" (3)
        "Small Things" (3)
        "Cry Along" (2)
        "Midnight On The Waters" (2)
        "Only Sun/Library Card/Small Things" (2)
        "Coming Home"
        "Jerusalem To Jackson"
        "Last Cause Cafe"
 12: "Restless On The Farm," Jerry Douglas (25)
        "Follow On" (6)
        "Things In Life" (6)
        "Don't Take Your Guns To Town" (4)
        "Takarasaka" (4)
        "Passing The Bar" (2)
        "Ride" (2)
        "Like It Is"
 12: "Rocket Science," Hugh Blumenfeld (25)
        "Shoot The Moon" (7)
        "Longhaired Radical Socialist Jew" (5)
        "Hands And Feet" (4)
        "Snail" (2)
        "Way Am I Awake" (2)
        "Mighty Quiet"
        "No Secret Castle"
        "Saxton's River"
        "Wormwood Hill"
        "Zhang Jingsheng"
 16: "American Beauty," The Nashville Bluegrass Band (24)
        "Red Clay Halo" (7)
        "All Alone" (3)
        "Just Like A Fiddle" (3)
        "Blue Cadillac" (2)
        "Down A Winding Road" (2)
        "Johnson Boys" (2)
        "Livin' The Blues" (2)
        "Fiddlin' Bill"
        "Holiday Pickin'"
        "Signs Folowing"
 16: "Finding The Way," The Lonesome River Band (24)
        "Am I A Fool" (6)
        "Devil Chased Me Around The Stump" (4)
        "Better Days To Come" (3)
        "Cardboard Mansion" (3)
        "Perfume, Powder, And Lead" (2)
        "Baby Come Home"
        "Don't Worry 'bout Daddy"
        "Let It Go"
        "Love's Come Over Me"
        "Sweet Sally Brown"
        "Up On The Shelf"
 16: "Mussolini's Head," Greg Greenway (24)
        "Archeology" (8)
        "Driving" (4)
        "On My Way To Find Out" (3)
        "4 In The Morning" (2)
        "Safely Home" (2)
        "Breaking Out"
        "Into The Wild Why Not"
        "Mussolini's Head"
        "Needles And Fairy Tales"
 16: "What's That I Hear?: The Songs of Phil Ochs," Various Artists (24)
        "Hands," Pat Humphries (3)
        "Power And The Glory," Magpie (3)
        "Boy In Ohio," David Buskin (2)
        "Bracero," John Gorka (2)
        "No More Songs," Karen Savoca (2)
        "When I'm Gone," Eric Anderson (2)
        "Another Age," John Wesley Harding
        "Bells," Roches
        "Chords Of Fame," Agnelli-Rave And The Charmers
        "Flower Lady," Iain Matthews
        "Gas Station Women," Christine Lavin
        "Highwayman," Steve Gillette And Cindy Mangsen
        "Pleasures Of The Harbor," Rod Macdonald
        "Sailors And Soldiers," Sid Griffin-Billy Bragg
        "There But For Fortune," Peter Yarrow
        "What's That I Hear?," Kim- Reggie Harris
 20: "Walk Between The Raindrops," James McMurtry (23)
        "Walk Between The Raindrops" (8)
        "Airline Agent" (4)
        "I Only Want To Talk To You" (3)
        "Rex's Blues" (3)
        "Soda And Salt" (2)
        "Fast As I Can"
        "Racing To The Redlight"
        "Tired Of Walking"
 21: "Bottleneck Dreams," Salamander Crossing (22)
        "Indigo Rose" (5)
        "What Kind Of Person" (4)
        "Crossing The Bar" (3)
        "River And The Rain" (3)
        "5 Days In May" (2)
        "Ain't Gonna Work Tomorrow" (2)
        "Paul And Peter Walked"
        "Peter And Paul"
        "Put The Weight On Me"
 21: "Journey Home," Jones And Leva (22)
        "Nothin' For Nothin'" (4)
        "She Could Have Loved Him" (4)
        "Log Book Of Love" (3)
        "Bullet In Your Breast" (2)
        "Where Did You Go?" (2)
        "Drunkard's Lantern"
        "Jenny-Lynne," Woods Tea Co
        "Johnny Jump Up," Woods Tea Co
        "Loving On Borrowed Time"
        "Satan I Won't Be Yur Servant No More"
        "Sweet Goodbye"
        "Up On Camp"
 23: "Industrial Lullaby," Stephen Fearing (20)
        "Upside Down" (5)
        "Industrial Lullaby" (3)
        "Coryanna" (2)
        "Man O' War" (2)
        "So Many Miles Away" (2)
        "All The Kings Horses"
        "Blind Indifference"
        "Dog On A Chain"
        "Long Suffering Waltz"
        "Robert's Waterloo"
        "When The World Was A Well"
 23: "Seeing Things," Laurie Lewis (20)
        "Kiss Me Before I Die" (6)
        "Blue Days, Sleepless Nights" (5)
        "Let The Bird Go Free" (2)
        "Manzanar" (2)
        "Refugee" (2)
        "Angel On His Shoulder"
        "I'll Take Back My Heart"
 25: "Clinch Mountain Country," Ralph Stanley (19)
        "Pretty Little Miss In The Garden" (3)
        "Gold Watch And Chain" (2)
        "How Mountain Girls Can Love" (2)
        "Pig In A Pen" (2)
        "How Can We Thank Him For What He Has Done"
        "I Just Got Wise"
        "If That's The Way You Feel"
        "Just Before The Dawn"
        "Old Love Letters"
        "Pretty Polly," Ralph Stanley And Patty Loveless
        "Stone Walls And Amp; Bars," Ralph Stanley And Friends
        "Way Down Deep," Ralph Stanley And Friends
        "White Dove," Ralph Stanley And Porter Wagner
        "Window Up Above," Ralph Stanley And George Jones
 25: "Dear Friends And Gentle Hearts," Suzanne Thomas (19)
        "Faded Coat Of Blue" (4)
        "Leaving This Land" (3)
        "Just A Few More Days" (2)
        "Miss The Mississippi And You" (2)
        "Silver Tongue And Gold Plated Lies" (2)
        "Dear Friends And Gentle Hearts"
        "From The Point Of View Of Ruby Jane"
        "I Have No Mother Now"
        "Sweet Sunny South"
        "We Must Have Been Out Of Out Minds"
        "You're Doin' Me Wrong, Jim Beam"
 25: "Flesh And Blood," Maddy Prior (19)
        "Bitter Withy" (3)
        "Honest Work" (3)
        "Brother Lawrence" (2)
        "Heart Of Stone" (2)
        "Laugh And The Kiss" (2)
        "Rolling English Road" (2)
        "Bitter Wiskey"
        "Hind Horn"
        "Sheath And Knife"
        "Who Am I?"
 25: "Riptide," Anam (19)
        "Mary And The Soldier" (4)
        "Long Night" (3)
        "Way Is Clear" (3)
        "An Blew Treghys" (2)
        "Mo CahEDl=EDn Donn" (20
        "Riptide" (2)
        "14 Days"
        "Belgarth Waltz"
        "House On The Hill"
 29: "Fiddle Patch," Bobby Hicks (18)
        "We're Steppin' Out Tonight" (4)
        "Comanche Hit And Run" (2)
        "Fiddle Patch" (2)
        "Gardenia Waltz" (2)
        "Lily Dale" (2)
        "Twinkle Little Star" (2)
        "Angles Waltz"
        "Faded Love"
        "Katy Hill"
        "Oh What A Silent Night"
        "Prosperity Special"
        "Whiskey Before Breakfast"
 29: "Little Space Left," Tamara (Feinman) (18)
        "Cool, Blue And Rolling" (4)
        "Happily Ever After" (4)
        "Jenny Just Like Me" (3)
        "2 Dresses" (2)
        "Your Mother Hates Me" (2)
        "I Wish My Apt. Building Allowed Dogs"
        "Oscar And Bud"
 29: "Road Kill," Martha Schuyler Thompson (18)
        "All Right Without You" (4)
        "Prairie Schooner" (4)
        "Road Kill" (2)
        "Wild Grasses" (2)
        "Casting My Net"
        "Heart That's True"
        "I Have Been There Before"
        "Piece Work"
        "Waterjar Girl"
 32: "Grand Design," Cosy Sheridan (17)
        "Tell Me It All Works Out In The End" (5)
        "Grand Design" (3)
        "18 Holes On The Open Range" (2)
        "I Won't Worry Any More" (2)
        "Some Fires" (2)
        "Don't Go In The Water"
        "Little Train"
        "Love Conquers All"
 32: "Never Grow Up," Anne Hills And Cindy Mangsen (17)
        "Colorado Trail" (2)
        "Froggy Went A-Courting" (2)
        "Now He's Sorry That He Spoke" (2)
        "Ol' Blue," Hills/Mangsen (2)
        "Chickens They're A Crowing"
        "Dummy Line"
        "Froggie Went A-Courtin'," With Dave Van Ronk
        "Hudson River Steamboat"
        "Kitty Alone"
        "Thinnest Man"
        "Wait 'Til The Clouds Roll By"
        "Watch The Stars/At The Gate Of Heaven," And Rosalie Sorrels
        "Where Did You Get That Hat"
 32: "Song About A Train," Tom Flannery (17)
        "Blame It On The Death Of Charles Kuralt" (6)
        "Song About A Train" (4)
        "Feel Like Coming Home" (2)
        "Steve Earle Blues" (2)
        "Marie's Song"
        "Moshing W/ David Crosby"
 32: "You Don't Know Me," Denice Franke (17)
        "Rainy Night Detroit" (4)
        "How'd You Know" (3)
        "Saints" (3)
        "Bobby Sits By The Window" (2)
        "Lowlands" (2)
        "Foolin' Myself"
        "You Don't Know Me"
 36: "Domestic Blues," Bap Kennedy (16)
        "Mostly Water" (3)
        "Angel Is The Devil" (2)
        "Backroom" (2)
        "Domestic Blues" (2)
        "Ghosts Of Belfast" (2)
        "Way I Love Her" (2)
        "Dirty Old Town"
        "I've Fallen In Love"
        "Long Time Comin'"
 36: "Rough Lines," Terri Allard (16)
        "My Love, Goodnight" (4)
        "Not A Pretty Dance" (3)
        "19 Again" (2)
        "Rough Lines" (2)
        "Open Road"
        "So Like The Moon"
        "Song For David," Terry Allard
        "Your Love Is Addictive"
 36: "Traveller's Prayer," John Renbourn (16)
        "South Wind/Feathered Nest" (5)
        "Estampie" (3)
        "Travellers' Prayer" (2)
        "Wexford Lullaby" (2)
        "When The Wind Begins To Sing" (2)
        "At The Break Of Day"
        "Bunyan's Hymn"
 39: "Courage My Love," Annie Gallup (15)
        "Blue Dress" (3)
        "Flood" (2)
        "It's Dangerous Charlie" (2)
        "100 Miles From Music City"
        "All The Girls"
        "Hard Work"
        "Oh Tom, You Didn't Mean That"
        "Saint Fido"
        "Sweet Good Nature"
 39: "Crown Of Jewels," Randy Scruggs (15)
        "Wildwood Flower," With Emmylou Harris And Iris Dement (7)
        "It's Only Love," Mary Chapin/Randy Scruggs (3)
        "Both Sides Now" (2)
        "City Of New Orleans" (2)
        "Passin Thru," Randy Scruggs/Joan Osborne
 39: "Flesh And Bone," Lucy Kaplansky (15)
        "This Is Mine" (4)
        "Return Of The Grievous Angel" (3)
        "Edges" (2)
        "Scorpion" (2)
        "I've Just Seen A Face"
        "Love Is The Ride"
        "Peace, Love And Understanding"
        "Still Life"
 39: "Follow Your Heart," Chris Jones (15)
        "Nashville Blues" (7)
        "Bridge To Portsmouth" (2)
        "Follow Your Heart Back Home"
        "Fork In The Road"
        "I'm Ready If You're Willin'"
        "Leaning On The Everlasting Arms"
        "Train That Never Slows Down"
        "Waltz Of The Wind"
 39: "Lonesomers," Mare Winningham (15)
        "Are You Smiling" (5)
        "Silver Bullets" (3)
        "Last Time" (2)
        "It's So Hard"
        "Leave It Alone"
        "Wake Up"
 39: "Mermaid Avenue," Billy Bragg And Wilco (15)
        "Way Over Yonder In The Minor Key" (5)
        "Birds And Ships" (3)
        "Walt Whitman's Niece" (3)
        "Ingrid Bergman" (2)
        "At My Window Sad And Lonely"
        "Hesitating Blues"
 45: "Fruit On The Vine," Harvey Reid (14)
        "Babylon Is Fallen" (2)
        "Farewell To The Gold" (2)
        "Magnolia Promenade" (2)
        "Above The Clouds"
        "Aragon Mill"
        "Banjo Player"
        "Great Pyramid"
        "I Have Found A Home"
        "It's A Banjo Playing"
        "Linday Road"
        "Lucky Penny"
        "Macallan's Jig"
        "This Old Heart Of Mine"
        "Times Gone By"
 45: "6 Months, No Sun," Kieran Kane (14)
        "48 And Goal" (6)
        "What A Wonderful World" (3)
        "Kill The Demon" (2)
        "6 Months, No Sun"
        "I Wonder Where You Are Tonight"
        "Physical Thing"
 45: "Big Love," Margo Hennebach (14)
        "After All" (3)
        "Big Love" (2)
        "Home At Last" (2)
        "Little That I Know" (2)
        "Miner's Daughter" (2)
        "Hold Me Close"
        "Morning Song"
        "Something So Special"
 45: "End Of The Summer," Dar Williams (14)
        "End Of The Summer" (8)
        "My Friends" (2)
        "Better Things"
        "If I Wrote You"
        "Party Generation"
        "What Do You Hear In These Sounds?"
 45: "Harry Smith Connection," Various Artists (14)
        "East Virginia Blues," Roger Mcguinn, Jeff Tweedy And Jay Bennett (3)
        "Old Dog Blue," Lonnie Pitchford (3)
        "Frankie And Johnny," John Jackson
        "His Tapes Roll On," Peter Stampfel
        "I'm On The Battlefield For My Lord," Ethel Caffie-Austin
        "John Henry," John Jackson
        "Lazy Farmer Boy," Greg Hooven
        "Minglewood Blues," John Sebastian And The J-Band W/ Geoff Muldaur
        "Nothing," Fugs
        "Spike Driver Blues," Dave Van Ronk
 45: "Next," Kate Mcdonnell (14)
        "Enola Gay" (5)
        "If I Knew" (2)
        "Tangerine Shirt" (2)
        "Time And Time Again" (2)
        "Dog's Odyssey"
        "I Just Assumed"
 45: "Visions Of Plenty," Kate Campbell (14)
        "Visions Of Plenty" (4)
        "Bowl-A-Rama" (3)
        "Perfect World" (2)
        "Bus 109"
        "Deep Tang"
        "Funeral Food"
        "Sing Me Out"
        "This Side Of Heaven"
 45: "Where Have All The Flowers Gone?: The Songs Of Pete Seeger," Various Artists (14)
        "I Come And Stand At Every Door," Anne Hills (3)
        "We Shall Overcome," Bruce Springsteen (2)
        "Empty Pocket Blues," Ronnie Gilbert
        "False From True," Guy Davis
        "How Can I Keep From Singing?," Cordelia's Dad
        "Letter To Eve," Indigo Girls
        "My Name Is Lisa Kalvenage," Ani Difranco
        "My Rainbow Race," Donavan
        "Old Riley," John Stewart
        "One Grain Of Sand," Odetta
        "Quiet Early Morning," Holly Near

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