Top Folk Albums, Songs, Artists and Labels of August 2015 (with DJ list)

Compiled by Richard Gillmann from FOLKDJ-L playlists
Based on 12987 airplays from 134 different DJs

  1: "Shifted," Harpeth Rising [Grimm Rising, 8/15] (93)
        "I Am Eve"
        "7 Thunders"
        "Dance Me To The End Of Love"
        "Rollin' To You"
  2: "Bright Shadow," Ana Egge [Grace/Parkinsong, 5/15] (65)
        "Jenny Run Away"
        "Flat Top Guitar"
  3: "Domestic Eccentric," Old Man Luedecke [True North, 7/15] (58)
        "Chester Boat Song"
        "Early Days"
        "Briar And The Rose"
        "Brightest On The Heart"
  4: "Leaving Soon," Crow And The Canyon [, 6/15] (57)
        "Gentle On My Mind"
        "Crow And The Canyon"
        "Wine And Whiskey"
  5: "Too Big World," Bumper Jacksons [, 6/15] (52)
        "Trouble In Mind"
        "Delta Bound"
        "Hell Is Hot!"
  6: "Third Street," Peter Mayer [Blue Boat, 11/14] (49)
        "Hawk And Whale"
        "When You Dream"
        "Dr. Seuss"
  7: "Coffee Creek," The Slocan Ramblers [, 7/15] (44)
        "Call Me Long Gone"
  8: "Beautiful You," The Waifs [Compass, 8/15] (43)
        "Somebody's Gonna Get Hurt"
        "Blindly Believing"
        "Black Dirt Track"
  9: "Deep End Sessions, Vol. 2," Jesse Milnes And Emily Miller [, 7/15] (42)
        "Roving Gambler"
        "My Better Years"
        "Come All You Roving Gamblers"
  9: "Ordinary Band," Katie Dahl [Waterbug, 6/15] (42)
        "Ballad Of The Lazy Susan And The Dumbwaiter"
        "Ordinary Band"
 11: "Tomorrow's Child," Jonathan Edwards [Rising, 6/15] (41)
        "Mole In The Ground"
        "This Old Guitar"
        "Down In The Woods"
 12: "Walking Into White," Sarah McQuaid [Waterbug, new] (38)
        "Where The Wind Decides To Blow"
        "Walking Into White"
 13: "Rural Electrification," Peter Keane [Little Hat, 6/15] (37)
        "Little Sadie"
        "Hobo's Lullaby"
        "Sitting On Top Of The World"
 14: "Morning In A New Machine," Dubl Handi [, 6/15] (36)
        "Train That Carried My Girl From Town"
        "Don't Get Trouble In Your Mind"
 15: "Postmodern Man," Clint Alphin [Ernest Engine Songs, 6/15] (34)
        "Nobody Knows My Name"
 15: "The Promise Of The Sowing," Dan Schatz [Folk-Legacy, new] (34)
        "The Promise Of The Sowing"
        "Gone Gonna Rise Again"
        "Now Is The Cool Of The Day"
 17: "The Shape Of Things Gone Missing, The Shape Of Things To Come," Martha Scanlan [Up On The Divide, 4/15] (33)
        "August Is A Gate"
        "Taken Or Given"
 17: "Banjo & Fiddle: Tunes From The North, Songs From The South," Karrnnel Sawitsky And Daniel Koulack [, 3/15] (33)
        "How Does A Poor Man Stand Such Times And Live"
        "Killin' Floor"
 19: "Ballads Long And Short," John Roberts And Debra Cowan [Golden Hind, new] (28)
        "Tailor's Breeches"
        "Anderson's Coast"
 20: "Didn't It Rain," Amy Helm [E One, 7/15] (27)
        "Deep Water"
        "Didn't It Rain"
        "Good News"
 20: "Rise," Andrea Zonn [Compass, new] (27)
        "Another Side Of Home"
        "Another Swing And A Miss"
        "No Reason To Feel Good"
 20: "Sundown Over Ghost Town," Eilen Jewell [Signature, 5/15] (27)
        "Hallelujah Band"
        "Down The Road"
 23: "Sorrow Bound," Kaia Kater [Kingswood, 6/15] (26)
        "Rose On The Mountain"
        "When Sorrows Encompass Me Round"
        "Southern Girl"
 24: "Starlight Highway," Corinne West [Make, 5/15] (25)
        "Trouble No More"
        "Cry Of The Echo Drifter"
        "Starlight Highway"
 25: "Dogwood Cats," Jefferson Ross [Deep Fried, 6/15] (24)
        "Great Big Garden"
        "Dogwood Cats"
 25: "Still She Will Fly (EP)," Heather Pierson Acoustic Trio [Vessel, 5/15] (24)
        "Still She Will Fly"
        "Ain't Gotten Around"
        "You Don't Know Him The Way I Do"
 27: "Stumbling Towards The Light," Eric Bannan [Self, new] (23)
        "Better Look At Life"
        "Carolina Rain"
 28: "Building A Human Being," Dana Cooper [Self, 6/15] (22)
        "No Second Coming"
        "Building A Human Being"
 28: "Something More Than Free," Jason Isbell [Southeastern, 7/15] (22)
        "If It Takes A Lifetime"
        "24 Frames"
 28: "Soul Of A Man," Adam Michael Rothberg [, 4/15] (22)
        "Guitar Song"
        "Central Square"
 28: "Watkins Family Hour," Watkins Family Hour [Self, 7/15] (22)
        "Brokedown Palace"
        "Feelin' Good Again"
 32: "Ten From The Pen," Roy Schneider [Shiny Gnu, 6/15] (21)
        "Cabin In The Sky"
        "Old Tyme Religion"
 32: "Anna And Elizabeth," Anna And Elizabeth [Free Dirt, 3/15] (21)
        "Little Black Train"
        "Lovin' Babe"
 32: "Tommy: A Bluegrass Opry," The Hillbenders [Compass, 6/15] (21)
        "Pinball Wizard"
        "Amazing Journey"
 32: "The Trackless Woods," Iris DeMent [Flariella, 8/15] (21)
        "Listening To Singing"
        "Broad Gold"
 36: "The Faster It Goes," The Railsplitters [, 5/15] (20)
        "Tell Me"
 36: "Further West," Hungrytown [Listen Here!, 5/15] (20)
        "Don't You Let Me Down"
        "Ramparts And Bridges"
 36: "Still," Richard Thompson [Concord, 6/15] (20)
        "Patty Don't You Put Me Down"
        "She Never Could Resist A Winding Road"
 36: "Tangled Country," The Honey Dewdrops [, 3/15] (20)
        "Loneliest Songs"
        "Same Old"
 40: "Common Law Wife," Angela Easterling [De L'est, 8/15] (19)
 40: "A Gathering Of Moments II," David Tamulevich [Yellow Room, new] (19)
        "If I Had A Hammer"
        "Bend To Your Oars"
 40: "Joe Hill's Last Will," John McCutcheon [Appalsongs, 5/15] (19)
        "It's A Long Way To The Soup Line"
        "Overalls And Snuff / The Connaughtman's Rambles"
 40: "Owls," Danny Schmidt [Live Once, 5/15] (19)
        "Girl With Lantern Eyes"
        "Guns And The Crazy Ones"
 40: "The People Need Light," Mr. Sun [Compass, new] (19)
        "Fiddler's Boot"
        "After You've Gone"
 40: "Solo Flight," Steve Spurgin [Blue Night, 6/15] (19)
        "Roadside Stand"
        "Lay This Old Guitar Down"
 46: "Grandma's Got A Boombox," Sandy Ross [, 5/15] (18)
        "Child Of The Sixties"
        "Distant Campfire"
 46: "Monterey," The Milk Carton Kids [Self, 5/15] (18)
 46: "When I'm Free," Hot Rize [Ten In Hand, 9/14] (18)
        "I Never Met A One Like You"
        "Sky Rider"
 46: "With A Lampshade On," The Dustbowl Revival [Signature, 7/15] (18)
        "Whiskey In The Well"
        "Cherokee Shuffle"
 50: "Django And Jimmie," Willie Nelson And Merle Haggard [Legacy, 6/15] (17)
        "Don't Think Twice"
        "Driving The Herd"
 50: "L.A. Blues," John Malcolm Penn [Blue Night, 6/15] (17)
        "Pony Express"
        "Bells Of San Gabriel"
 52: "Eat The Moon," FY5 - Finnders & Youngberg [Swingfingers, 7/15] (16)
        "After Tonight"
        "Day Is Wide Open"
 52: "A Love Like This," Jacob Miller And The Bridge City Crooners [Self, 6/14] (16)
        "A Love Like This"
        "Mean Dean"
 52: "Muscle Shoals Recordings," The Steeldrivers [Rounder, 6/15] (16)
        "6 Feet Away"
        "Drinkin Alone"
 52: "Pageant Material," Kacey Musgraves [Mercury, 6/15] (16)
        "Dime Store Cowgirl"
 56: "Emerald," Dar Williams [Self, 5/15] (15)
        "Girl Of The World"
 56: "Precious Memories," Sue Massek [Strictly Country, 4/15] (15)
        "Hello, Coal Miner"
 56: "Tim May And Steve Smith," Tim May And Steve Smith [Desert Night, 4/15] (15)
        "Washboard Road"
 56: "The Traveling Kind," Emmylou Harris And Rodney Crowell [Nonesuch, 5/15] (15)
        "The Traveling Kind"
        "I Just Wanted To See You So Bad"
 60: "The Blade," Ashley Monroe [Warner, new] (14)
        "Winning Streak"
        "On To Something Good"
 60: "Come Find Me," Audrey Auld [Reckless, 2011] (14)
        "Bread And Roses"
 60: "Della Mae," Della Mae [Rounder, 5/15] (14)
        "Boston Town"
        "For The Sake Of My Heart"
 60: "Jamie Was A Boozer," Joe West And The Sinners [Baby Black Panda, new] (14)
        "$2000 Navajo Rug"
 60: "Radio," Steep Canyon Rangers [Rounder, new] (14)
        "Looking Glass"
 60: "The Social Music Hour Vol. 1," Spuyten Duyvil [, 3/15] (14)
        "Who's Gonna Shoe Your Pretty Little Feet?"
 60: "A Wanderer I'll Stay," Pharis And Jason Romero [Lula, 3/15] (14)
        "Goodbye Old Paint"
        "A Wanderer I'll Stay"
 67: "Ashes And Dust," Warren Haynes [Concord, new] (13)
        "Company Man"
 67: "The Blessing And The Curse," Lance Canales [Music Road, new] (13)
        "Death Got No Mercy"
 67: "Fiddle Gems," Kitty Amaral [String Dreams, 1/15] (13)
        "Bumblebee In A Jug"
 67: "Power In The Blood," Buffy Sainte-Marie [True North, 5/15] (13)
        "Farm In The Middle Of Nowhere"
 67: "Such Jubilee," Mandolin Orange [Yep Roc, 5/15] (13)
        "From Now On"
        "Old Ties And Companions"
 67: "What I'm Lookin' For," Dan Weber [Highway 142, 3/15] (13)
        "Ain't Done Ramblin' Yet"

Compiled by Richard Gillmann from FOLKDJ-L playlists
Based on 12987 airplays from 134 different DJs

1. "I Am Eve" (22)
        by Harpeth Rising
        from "Shifted"
2. "Wildflowers" (17)
        by Ana Egge
        from "Bright Shadow"
3. "Fortune" (16)
        by Harpeth Rising
        from "Shifted"
4. "Gentle On My Mind" (12)
        by Crow And The Canyon
        from "Leaving Soon"
5. "Crow And The Canyon" (10)
        by Crow And The Canyon
        from "Leaving Soon"
5. "Dreamer" (10)
        by Ana Egge
        from "Bright Shadow"
5. "Flat Top Guitar" (10)
        by Ana Egge
        from "Bright Shadow"
5. "Jenny Run Away" (10)
        by Ana Egge
        from "Bright Shadow"
5. "Mole In The Ground" (10)
        by Jonathan Edwards
        from "Tomorrow's Child"
5. "Nobody Knows My Name" (10)
        by Clint Alphin
        from "Postmodern Man"
5. "Somebody's Gonna Get Hurt" (10)
        by The Waifs
        from "Beautiful You"
12. "7 Thunders" (9)
        by Harpeth Rising
        from "Shifted"
12. "August Is A Gate" (9)
        by Martha Scanlan
        from "Shape Of Things Gone"
12. "Chester Boat Song" (9)
        by Old Man Luedecke
        from "Domestic Eccentric"
12. "Dance Me To The End Of Love" (9)
        by Harpeth Rising
        from "Shifted"
12. "Hawk And Whale" (9)
        by Peter Mayer
        from "Third Street"
12. "Rollin' To You" (9)
        by Harpeth Rising
        from "Shifted"
12. "Still She Will Fly" (9)
        by Heather Pierson Acoustic Trio
        from "Still She Will Fly (EP)"
12. "Waterfalls" (9)
        by Crow And The Canyon
        from "Leaving Soon"
12. "When You Dream" (9)
        by Peter Mayer
        from "Third Street"
21. "Blindly Believing" (8)
        by The Waifs
        from "Beautiful You"
21. "Early Days" (8)
        by Old Man Luedecke
        from "Domestic Eccentric"
21. "This Old Guitar" (8)
        by Jonathan Edwards
        from "Tomorrow's Child"
24. "Black Dirt Track" (7)
        by The Waifs
        from "Beautiful You"
24. "Cindy" (7)
        by Dubl Handi
        from "Morning In A New Machine"
24. "Crowns" (7)
        by Katie Dahl
        from "Ordinary Band"
24. "Don't Think Twice" (7)
        by Willie Nelson And Merle Haggard
        from "Django And Jimmie"
24. "Down In The Woods" (7)
        by Jonathan Edwards
        from "Tomorrow's Child"
24. "Flood" (7)
        by Clint Alphin
        from "Postmodern Man"
24. "Galilee" (7)
        by The Slocan Ramblers
        from "Coffee Creek"
24. "Hammer" (7)
        by Angela Easterling
        from "Common Law Wife"
24. "I Am The Big Easy" (7)
        by Ray Bonneville
        from "Goin' By Feel"
24. "Listening To Singing" (7)
        by Iris DeMent
        from "The Trackless Woods"
24. "My Better Years" (7)
        by Jesse Milnes And Emily Miller
        from "Deep End Sessions, Vol. 2"
24. "Shifted" (7)
        by Harpeth Rising
        from "Shifted"
24. "Trouble In Mind" (7)
        by Bumper Jacksons
        from "Too Big World"
24. "Where The Wind Decides To Blow" (7)
        by Sarah McQuaid
        from "Walking Into White"
24. "Wine And Whiskey" (7)
        by Crow And The Canyon
        from "Leaving Soon"

Compiled by Richard Gillmann from FOLKDJ-L playlists
Based on 12987 airplays from 134 different DJs

1. Harpeth Rising
2. Old Man Luedecke
3. Ana Egge
4. Crow And The Canyon
5. Audrey Auld
6. Bumper Jacksons
7. Peter Mayer
8. The Slocan Ramblers
9. Bob Dylan
10. Jonathan Edwards
11. Jesse Milnes And Emily Miller
12. Katie Dahl
12. The Waifs
14. Sarah McQuaid
15. Clint Alphin
15. Eilen Jewell
15. Peter Keane
18. Dan Schatz
19. Dubl Handi
20. John McCutcheon
20. Martha Scanlan
22. Karrnnel Sawitsky And Daniel Koulack
22. Richard Thompson
24. Iris DeMent
24. John Roberts And Debra Cowan
26. Jimmy Lafave
27. Corinne West
27. Heather Pierson Acoustic Trio
27. Pete Seeger
30. Amy Helm
30. Andrea Zonn
30. Anna And Elizabeth
30. Kaia Kater
34. Eric Bannan
35. Emmylou Harris And Rodney Crowell
35. Jefferson Ross
35. Peter, Paul And Mary
35. Pharis And Jason Romero
35. Steve Spurgin
40. Dana Cooper
40. The Hillbenders
40. The Honey Dewdrops
40. The Railsplitters
40. Roy Schneider
40. Willie Nelson And Merle Haggard

Compiled by Richard Gillmann from FOLKDJ-L playlists
Based on 12987 airplays from 134 different DJs

1. Rounder
2. Compass
3. Red House
3. Sugar Hill
5. Waterbug
6. Columbia
6. Signature
8. Nonesuch
9. True North
10. Yep Roc
11. Smithsonian/Folkways
12. Reckless
13. Vanguard
14. Arc
14. Warner
16. Borealis
17. Blue Boat
17. Philo
19. Green Linnet
20. Folk-Legacy
20. Sony
22. New West
23. Capitol
23. Grimm Rising
25. Appleseed
25. Slomusic
27. Rising
28. Blue Night
29. Music Road
30. Mercury
30. Rhino
32. Legacy
33. Up On The Divide
34. RCA
35. Elektra
36. Dualtone
36. Kingswood
36. Reprise
36. Topic
40. Anti
40. Grace/Parkinsong
40. Yellow Room

Compiled by Richard Gillmann from FOLKDJ-L playlists
Based on 12987 airplays from 134 different DJs

Abby Parks (WLJS-FM, AL)
Al Kniola (WVPE-FM, IN)
Allison Brock (CKUA-FM, AB)
Amanda Lynn Stubley (CHRW-FM, ON)
Amy & Travis Luncan (WYSO-FM, OH)
Andrew Antipin (WPRB-FM, NJ)
Angela Page (WJFF-FM, NY)
Annie Keville (WVBR-FM, NY)
Art Menius (WCOM-FM, NC)
Arthur Berman (CiTR-FM, BC)
Arthur Dean (WCNI-FM, CT)
Artie Martello (, NY)
Bill Revill (WESU-FM, CT)
Bill Stuart (WFIT-FM, FL)
Bill Wagman (KDVS-FM, CA)
Bob McWilliams (KANU-FM & KPR, KS)
Bob Weiser (WBRS-FM & WOMR-FM, MA)
Brad Edmondson (WVBR-FM, NY)
Brenda & Roman Tacik (CJTR-FM, SK)
Bruce Cameron (2MCE-FM, Australia)
Bud Johnson (syndicated, AK)
Caragh McMaster (WTJU-FM, VA)
Carolyn VandeWiele (WFHB-FM, IN)
Charlie Backfish (WUSB-FM, NY)
Chris Kocher (WHRW-FM, NY)
Chrisana McGill (WSPN-FM, NY)
Cindy Funk (WYSO-FM, OH)
Colin Fielding (3INR-FM, Australia)
Craig Huegel (WMNF-FM, FL)
Dan Alloway (KTEP-FM, TX)
Darla Novak (KZFR-FM, CA)
Darwin Davidson (WERU-FM, ME)
Dave Hardy (, MA)
David John (KTRU-FM, TX)
David Sears (WBGU-FM, OH)
Deadwood Dick (KKUP-FM, CA)
Diane Crowe (WMCB-FM, MA)
Diane Karl (KBOO-FM etc, OR)
Dick Hermans (WHDD-FM, CT)
Don Jacobson (KBOO-FM, OR)
Doug Dick (WVGN-FM, VI)
Ed McDonald (WVMR-FM etc, WV)
Ed Mellnik (KBOO-FM, OR)
Fred Frawley (WMPG-FN, ME)
Gerd Stassen (EVW, Germany)
Gerry Goodfriend (CKUT-FM, QC)
Graham and Barbara Dean (WBCR-LP, MA)
Hansjoerg Malonek (ISW-FM, Germany)
Harlon Joye (WRFG-FM, GA)
Jan Hall (CFRU-FM, ON)
Jay Hertel (WTJU-FM, VA)
Jean Geiger (KBCS-FM, WA)
Jeff Robson (CJUM-FM, MB)
Jeff Zolitor (KNYO-FM, CA)
Jenny Flux (2AIR-FM, Australia)
Jeremy Butler (WUAL-FM & APR, AL)
Jim Canales (WWSP-FM, WI)
Jim Dubinsky (WUVT-FM, CV)
Jim Fisher (WGCS-FM, IN)
Jim Marino (CFMU-FM, ON)
Jim Rogers (WIUP-FM, PA)
Joe Pszonek (WMSC-FM, NJ)
John & Maureen Rumsey (KVMR-FM, CA)
John Lupton and George Mercer (WVUD-FM, DE)
John Mazza (WNHU-FM, CT)
John Patterson (WXPI-FM, PA)
John Sillberg (CKOL-FM, ON)
Johnny Bazzano (KRCB-FM, CA)
Jon 'Chip' Colcord (WSCS-FM, NH)
Jon Kiger (WRFG-FM, GA)
Jon Stein (WTBQ-AM, NY)
Juliet Youngren (WEFT-FM, IL)
Justin Helmer (KVSC-FM, MN)
Jürgen Kramer (ZuSa, Germany)
Karen Rakos (KEUL-FM, AK)
Kate McNally (NHPR, NH)
Kelly Walker (Troy Public Radio, AL)
Ken Batista (WYEP-FM, PA)
Ken Yavit (KBAC-FM, NM)
Kevin Vance (KALW-FM, CA)
Larry Hillberg (KVMR-FM, CA)
Larry Hoyt (WAER-FM, NY)
Laurie DesJardins (KVMR-FM, CA)
Len Holton (KUAR-FM, AR)
Leonard Epstein (KRFC-FM, CO)
Lilli Kuzma (WDCB-FM, IL)
Linda Fahey (WKSU & syndicated, OH)
Lyle D. Skinner (CJUM-FM, MB)
Maggie Ferguson (WXOU-FM, MI)
Mara Noelle (KVMR-FM & KFOK-LP, CA)
Mark Michaelis (WGDR-FM, VT)
Mark Pedersen (WOJB-FM, WI)
Mark Tobler (WTUL-FM, LA)
Mary Sue Twohy (SiriusXM & syndicated, DC)
Michael Alzo (WSLU-FM, NY)
Michael Kane (WBRS-FM, MA)
Michael Stock (WLRN-FM, FL)
Mike Regenstreif (CKCU-FM, ON)
Mitch Park (Kidnappers, New Zealand)
Naomi Soule and Terry Moses (KCLC-FM, MO)
Nick Barr (WAMC-FM, NY)
Norm Mast (WVPE-FM, IN)
Paul Hartman (WTMD-FM, MD)
Paul Hefti (, CA)
Paul Stamler (KDHX-FM, MO)
Peter Fraissinet (WVBR-FM, NY)
Peter Jones (WTJU-FM, VA)
Peter Kernast and John Bates (WTSR-FM, NJ)
Ray Baumler (WRUR-FM & WITH-FM, NY)
Rich Warren (WFMT-FM & syndicated, IL)
Richard Gordon (WVUD-FM, DE)
Rik James (KGLT-FM, MT)
Rob Thurlow (KRFC-FM, CO)
Robert Resnik (VPR, VT)
Roz Larman (KPFK-FM & syndicated, CA)
Sandy Goodson (WTJU-FM, VA)
Sharon Downes (2MAX-FM, Australia)
Simon Dillon (Phoenix FM, Australia)
Sonny Ochs (WIOX-FM, NY)
Steve Brockway (KRFC-FM, CO)
Steve Edge (CITR-FM, BC)
Steve Harris (KCMJ-FM, CO)
Steve Kindig (WTJU-FM, VA)
Stu Weaver (WFCF-FM, FL)
Sue Kessell (WNUR-FM, IL)
Susan Forbes Hansen (WHUS-FM & WWUH-FM, CT)
Susi Lanagan (PBS-FM, Australia)
Taylor Caffery (WRKF-FM, LA)
Terry O'Laughlin (WORT-FM, WI)
Tom Druckenmiller (WDIY-FM & syndicated, PA)
Tom Funk (KGLP-FM, NM)
Valerie Cormier (CITR-FM, BC)
Wanda Fischer (WAMC & syndicated, NY)
Wayne Greene (, LA)

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