Compiled by Richard Gillmann from FOLKDJ-L radio playlists
Based on 8234 airplays.

  1: "Where Have All The Flowers Gone?: The Songs Of Pete Seeger," Various Artists (106)
        "We Shall Overcome," Bruce Springsteen (7)
        "Where Have All The Flowers Gone?," Tommy Sands, Dolores Keane, Vedran Smailovic (7)
        "Bells Of Rhymney," Roger Mcguinn (6)
        "If I Had A Hammer," Nanci Griffith And Friends (6)
        "The Water Is Wide," John Gorka (6)
        "Turn, Turn, Turn," Bruce Cockburn (6)
        "Doublin," Si Kahn And The Freight Hoppers (5)
        "Sailing Down My Golden River," Greg Brown (5)
        "Empty Pocket Blues," Ronnie Gilbert, Robin Flower And Libbie Mclaren (3)
        "False From True," Guy Davis (3)
        "Get Up And Go," Tom Paxton (3)
        "Goofing Off Suite," Tony Trischka Band (3)
        "Kisses Sweeter Than Wine," Jackson Browne And Bonnie Raitt (3)
        "Living In The Country," Martin Simpson (3)
        "Oh Had I A Golden Thread," Judy Collins (3)
        "Waist Deep In The Big Muddy," Dick Gaughan (3)
        "All Mixed Up," Peter, Paul And Mary (2)
        "Festival Of Flowers," Tish Hinojosa (2)
        "How Can I Keep From Singing," Cordelia's Dad (2)
        "I Come And Stand At Every Door," Anne Hills (2)
        "My Name Is Lisa Kalvelage," Ani Difranco (2)
        "Of Time And Rivers Flowing," Richie Havens (2)
        "Old Riley," John Stewart (2)
        "Quiet Early Morning," Holly Near (2)
        "Step By Step," Sweet Honey In The Rock (2)
        "Those 3 Are On My Mind," Kim And Reggie Harris And Magpie (2)
        "To Everyone In The World," Cathy Fink And Marcy Marxer (2)
        "Torn Flag," John Trudell (2)
        "Wimoweh," Weavers (2)
        "All My Children Of The Sun," Tim Robbins
        "And I Am Still Searching," Pete Seeger
        "And Still I Am Searching," Pete Seeger
        "Letter To Eve," Indigo Girls
        "My Rainbow Race," Donovan
        "Oh, Sacred World," Studs Terkel
        "Old Father Hudson/Sailing Down My Dirty Stream," Casey Neill
        "One Grain Of Sand," Odetta
  2: "Bottleneck Dreams," Salamander Crossing (63)
        "5 Days In May" (13)
        "What Kind Of Person" (11)
        "River And The Rain" (8)
        "Paul And Peter Walked" (7)
        "Indigo Rose" (5)
        "Ain't Gonna Work Tomorrow" (4)
        "Crossing The Bar" (4)
        "Light In The Window" (4)
        "Something Above" (3)
        "Last Iron Horse" (2)
        "Peter And Paul Walked" (2)
  3: "What's That I Hear?: The Songs of Phil Ochs," Various Artists (49)
        "Hands," Pat Humphries (6)
        "No More Songs," Karen Savoca (5)
        "Bells," Roches (3)
        "Draft Dodger Rag," Tom Paxton (3)
        "Highwayman," Cindy Mangsen (3)
        "When I'm Gone," Eric Andersen (3)
        "Boy In Ohio," David Buskin (2)
        "Bracero," John Gorka (2)
        "Chords Of Fame," Agnelli-Rave And The Charmers (2)
        "Crucifixion," David Massengill (2)
        "I Ain't Marching Anymore," Arlo Guthrie (2)
        "Iron Lady," Anne Hills (2)
        "Is There Anybody Here?," Sonia Rutstein (2)
        "Pleasures Of The Harbor," Rod Macdonald (2)
        "Power And The Glory," Magpie (2)
        "There But For Fortune," Peter Yarrow (2)
        "Changes," Nancy Tucker
        "Flower Lady," Iain Matthews
        "Freedom Riders," Kim And Reggie Harris And Magpie
        "Gas Station Woman," Megan Mcdonough- Christine Lavin- Frank Christian
        "Jim Dean Of Indiana," Sammy Walker
        "Tape From Calif," Greg Greenway
  4: "Blue Earth," Maria Sangiolo (40)
        "Jenny Dreamed Of Trains" (11)
        "To Live Is To Fly" (9)
        "Blue Earth" (6)
        "Something Real" (5)
        "Anchor, Singing Beach, Blue Earth" (2)
        "North Slope" (2)
        "Sense Of Humor" (2)
        "Before The Sun Goes Down"
        "This House"
        "Work Of Heart"
  5: "Visions Of Plenty," Kate Campbell (33)
        "Crazy In Alabama" (10)
        "Visions Of Plenty" (8)
        "Jesus And Tomatoes" (5)
        "Bus 109" (3)
        "Deep Tang" (2)
        "Sing Me Out" (2)
        "Perfect World"
        "This Side Of Heaven"
  6: "Folkscene Collection," Various Artists (32)
        "Pacing The Cage," Bruce Cockburn (5)
        "Someday Soon," David Wilcox (5)
        "Lock Keeper," John Gorka (4)
        "Our Town," Iris Dement (4)
        "Waltzing's For Dreamers," Richard Thompson (4)
        "Barn Burning," Dave Alvin (2)
        "Hit The Ground Running," Maura O'connell (2)
        "This Was Pompeii," Dar Williams (2)
        "Columbus," Mary Black
        "Goin' Back To Harlan," Kate And Anna Mcgarrigle
        "Love Is On Our Side," Tish Hinojosa
        "Writing On The Wall," Lowen And Navarro
  7: "Shaking Off Gravity," Vance Gilbert (30)
        "Icarus By Night" (6)
        "Fly" (5)
        "Taking It All To Tennessee" (5)
        "Watching A Good Thing Burn" (3)
        "Charlene" (2)
        "Hey Lah Dee Dah Song" (2)
        "Just Can't Go Like That" (2)
        "Could You Believe"
        "House Of Pain"
        "Nothing For You"
        "Oh Little Town"
        "Twice Struck"
  8: "My True Name," Carrie Newcomer (28)
        "I Should've Known Better" (4)
        "Moon Over Tucson" (4)
        "Razor's Edge" (4)
        "My True Name" (3)
        "This Long" (3)
        "When One Door Closes" (3)
        "Just A Little Hand" (2)
        "Close Your Eyes"
        "Length Of My Arms"
        "Length Of Your Arms"
        "One Good Turn"
        "Take It Around Again"
  9: "Friends Of Mine," Ramblin' Jack Elliott (27)
        "Rex's Blues" (7)
        "Louise" (4)
        "Last Letter" (3)
        "Riding Down The Canyon" (3)
        "Hard Travelin'" (2)
        "Walls Of Red Wing" (2)
        "Hard Travelin'"
        "Friend Of Mine"
        "Friend Of The Devil"
        "He Was A Friend Of Mine"
        "Me And Billy The Kid"
        "Reason To Believe"
 10: "The Horse Whisperer," Various Artists (26)
        "Leaving Train," Gillian Welch (4)
        "Slow Surprise," Emmylou Harris (4)
        "South Wind Of Summer," Flatlanders (3)
        "Still I Long For Your Kiss," Lucinda Williams (3)
        "Whispering Pines," Iris Dement (3)
        "Me And The Eagle," Steve Earle (2)
        "Soft Place To Fall," Allison Moorer (2)
        "Big Ball's In Cowtown," Don Walser
        "Cattle Call," Dwight Yoakam
        "Cowboy Love Song," Don Edwards
        "Dream River," Maverics
        "Red River Valley," George Strait
 10: "Walkin' Down The Line," Rick Robbins (26)
        "Walkin' Down The Line" (5)
        "Diamond Joe" (4)
        "Handsome Molly" (3)
        "Tramp On The Street" (3)
        "Desperado's Waiting For A Train" (2)
        "Those Brown Eyes" (2)
        "Yankee Clipper" (2)
        "Depserado Waiting For A Train"
        "East Texas Red"
        "Hobo's Lullabye"
        "Low And Lonely"
 12: "Endless Story," Kukuruza (25)
        "Old Fiddle" (6)
        "Old Cabby's Song" (5)
        "Beyond The Rocky Mountain" (3)
        "Bird On The Wire" (3)
        "Red Haired Boy" (3)
        "Dried Fig" (2)
        "It Doesn't Matter Anymore"
 12: "I Used To Be Nice," Rachel Bissex (25)
        "Royal Blues" (5)
        "In The Middle" (4)
        "For Florence" (3)
        "What's Right" (3)
        "Ballad Of Eunice And Pearl" (2)
        "There's A River" (2)
        "Bonus Track"
        "December Moon"
        "In The Magazines"
 14: "Midnight Storm," Blue Highway (24)
        "Keen Mountain Prison" (4)
        "Pikeville Flood" (4)
        "He Walked All The Way Home" (3)
        "I'd Rather Be A Lonesome Pine" (3)
        "Cold Frosty Morn" (2)
        "Midnight Storm" (2)
        "Some Day" (2)
        "Find Me Out On A Mountain Top"
        "Getting Over You"
        "Last Dollar Blues"
        "Whither Thou Go"
 14: "One More River," Bill Staines (24)
        "Less Of Me" (4)
        "My Grandfather's Clock" (4)
        "So Sang The River" (4)
        "Song Of Peace" (3)
        "Fox" (2)
        "One More River" (2)
        "Leatherwing Bat"
        "Mole In The Ground"
        "Mr Rabbit, Mr Rabbit"
        "Ol' Blue"
        "Riddle Song"
 16: "Employee Of The Month," Austin Lounge Lizards (20)
        "Last Words" (4)
        "Leonard Cohen's Day Job" (4)
        "The Dogs, They Really Miss You" (2)
        "Flatnose, The Tree Climbing Dog" (2)
        "Hey, Little Minivan" (2)
        "Momma Don't Allow" (2)
        "Stupid Texas Song" (2)
        "Love In A Refrigerator Box"
        "Trailways Of Tears"
 17: "Courage My Love," Annie Gallup (19)
        "Blue Dress" (5)
        "Circle" (3)
        "Saint Fido" (3)
        "100 Miles From Music City" (2)
        "Oh Tom, You Didn't Mean That" (2)
        "Anything Is Possible"
        "Million Ways," Annie Gallop
 17: "Grand Design," Cosy Sheridan (19)
        "Tell Me It All Works Out In The End" (4)
        "Don't Go In The Water" (3)
        "Bad Cliche" (2)
        "George And His 88 Keys" (2)
        "Love Conquer All" (2)
        "18 Holes On Open Range"
        "Fool Entering The World," Cosy Sherdian
        "Grand Design"
        "I Won't Worry Any More"
        "Little Train"
        "Some Fires"
 17: "Howlin' At The Moon," Sam Bush (19)
        "Howlin' At The Moon" (4)
        "Song For Roy" (4)
        "Take Me Out To The Ball Game" (3)
        "Funk 42" (2)
        "Mr. Freddie" (2)
        "Ozzie And Max" (2)
        "Big Rabbit"
        "Go With The Flow"
 20: "Gone From Danger," Joan Baez (18)
        "Reunion Hill" (5)
        "February" (2)
        "Fishing" (2)
        "Lilly" (2)
        "No Mermaid" (2)
        "Crack In The Mirror"
        "If I Wrote You"
        "Mercy Bound"
        "Money For Floods"
        "Who Do You Think I Am"
 21: "Bushes And Briars," Susan Mckeown (17)
        "In London So Fair" (5)
        "Bushes And Briars" (4)
        "Banks Of Claudy" (2)
        "Bonny Boy" (2)
        "After Aughrim"
        "Ho Abha Inn"
        "Mhaire Bhruinneall"
        "Mountain Streams Where The Moorcocks Crow"
 21: "Live At The Mac," IIIrd Tyme Out (17)
        "Til The End Of The World Rolls Around" (4)
        "White House Blues" (3)
        "Someone Took My Place With You" (2)
        "Blue Moon Of Kentucky"
        "He Said If I Be Lifted Up"
        "I Ain't Broke"
        "It's A Lonesome Road"
        "Little Rabbit"
        "Lord Protect My Soul"
        "Tennessee Waltz"
 21: "Prime Cuts of Bluegrass #32," Various Artists (17)
        "Fast As I Can Crawl," Mark Newton (4)
        "You Should See My Heart," Unlimited Tradition (3)
        "First Train Through Arkansas," Valerie Smith (2)
        "Hard Luck And Trouble," Sam Hill (2)
        "Take Your Shoes Off Moses," Various (2)
        "Fiddle In "A" Breakdown," Jim Buchanan System
        "Hey Mama Just Look At Me Now," Dave Evans
        "Little Lies," White Oak
        "Walk The Waves With Jesus," Art Stevenson And Highwater
 24: "Duality," Schankman Twins (16)
        "Waterbound" (4)
        "Back To Dixie" (2)
        "When The Roses Bloom In Dixie Land" (2)
        "Blue Kentucky Girl"
        "Livin On Love"
        "Montana Cowboy"
        "Pilgrimage Of Lost Children," Lisa Gerrard And Pieter Bourque
        "Sally Ann"
        "Shuckin The Corn"
        "Tempest," Lisa Gerrard And Pieter Bourke
        "Unfolding," Lisa Garrard And Peter Bourke
 24: "Crossing The Border," Anne Weiss (16)
        "Moon's Serenade" (4)
        "Crossing The Border" (3)
        "Dad's Pocket" (2)
        "Looks Like Satin, Acts Like Steel" (2)
        "House Where Everybody's Home"
        "In My Town"
        "Look Like Satin, Act Like Steel"
        "Mi Luna"
        "Particles Of Rain"
 24: "End Of The Summer," Dar Williams (16)
        "Are You Out There" (4)
        "If I Wrote You" (3)
        "What Do You Hear In These Sounds" (3)
        "Better Things"
        "Bought And Sold"
        "My Friends"
        "Party Generation"
        "Road Buddy"
        "Teenagers, Kick Our Butts"
 24: "Vulturama," Hot Vultures (16)
        "Baby What's Wrong" (2)
        "I Love The Life I Live" (2)
        "Preacher's Blues" (2)
        "South Coast Bound, Going Across The Mountains" (2)
        "Taking My Time" (2)
        "Blues Got The World By The Balls"
        "Peach Pickin Time In Georgia"
        "Pretty Polly"
        "Put Your Money In Your Shoes"
        "T. B. Blues"
 28: "Some Kinda Funny," Lou And Peter Berryman (15)
        "Unfulfilled Sneeze" (4)
        "Good Night Everybody" (2)
        "Odd Man Out" (2)
        "Stuff Song" (2)
        "Aunt Emily"
        "Glorious Prediction"
        "Heard About The Heat?"
        "Maiden Voyage"
        "You Blot Out The Future"
 29: "2 Kinds Of Laughter," Sara Hickman (14)
        "8" (5)
        "I Wear The Crown" (3)
        "Let Go" (3)
        "One In Our Happiness" (2)
        "2 Kinds Of Laughter"
 29: "Honesty Room," Dar Williams (14)
        "When I Was A Boy" (7)
        "Babysitter's Here" (2)
        "You're Aging Well" (2)
        "Great Unkown"
        "In Love But Not At Peace"
 29: "Northeast Kingdom," Cheri Knight (14)
        "Hatfield Side" (4)
        "Crawling" (3)
        "If Wishes Were Horses" (2)
        "White Lies" (2)
        "Black Eyed Susie"
        "Dar Glasgow"
        "Rose In The Vine"
 29: "Seventh One," Dean Magraw (14)
        "Kitchen Man" (5)
        "Seventh One" (4)
        "Trippin' In Eden" (3)
        "Nova Scotia"
 29: "You Don't Know My Mind," Guy Davis (14)
        "You Don't Know My Mind" (3)
        "Dorothy Is Harlem Bound" (2)
        "Po Boy" (2)
        "Best I Can"
        "Everything Is Gonna Be All Right"
        "Georgia Flood"
        "If I Could Fly Like And Eagle"
        "If You Love Somebody"
        "Pretty Little Woman"
        "You Remembered My Name"
 34: "Next," Kate Mcdonnell (13)
        "Enola Gay" (4)
        "Looking Down For Looking Up" (3)
        "If I Knew" (2)
        "Don't Fix My Faucet," Louise Taylor
        "I Just Assumed"
        "Looking Up For Looking Down"
 34: "Rust Farm," Rust Farm (13)
        "2 By 2" (4)
        "Rust Farm Fire" (3)
        "6 Foot Pine Box" (2)
        "Downpour" (2)
        "Road To Cody"
        "Until I Know Her Name"
 34: "Sand In Your Shoes," Ralph Mctell (13)
        "Jesus Wept" (5)
        "Peppers And Tomatoes" (2)
        "After Rain"
        "Care In The Community"
        "Daddy's Whistling Home"
        "Irish Blessing"
        "Sand In You Shoes"
 37: "Baseball's Greatest Hits," Various Artists (12)
        "Did You See Hit Jackie Robinson Hit That Ball," Count Basie Orchestra (2)
        "Ball Game," Sister Wynona Carr
        "Baseball Blues," Claire Hamill
        "Casey At The Bat," Dewolf Hopper
        "Cubbies Are Rockin'," M. C. Gary And Dj Barry And The Aggregation
        "Dodgers Song," Danny Kaye
        "Land Of Wrigley," Stormy Weather
        "Let's Keep The Dodgers In Brooklyn," Phil Foster
        "Robby-Dobie Boogie," Brownie Mcghee
        "St. Louis Browns," Skip Battin
        "Take Me Out To The Ball Game," Doc And Merle Watson
        "Who's On First," Abbott And Costello
        "Willie, Mickey And The Duke," Terry Cashman
 37: "Catalina Days," Wende Allyn (12)
        "Cripple Creek" (5)
        "Horses And Harleys" (2)
        "Marilyn In The Moon" (2)
        "Catalina Days"
        "For You"
        "Walk By The River"
 37: "Devil Of A Dream," Robin And Linda Williams (12)
        "Things I've Learned" (5)
        "Walking Like A Man" (2)
        "5 Rooms"
        "Green Summertime"
        "Men With Guns"
        "So It's Like This Man"
        "While I'm Waiting For You"
 37: "Midnight Salvage," Dana Robinson (12)
        "Sadie" (3)
        "Goodbye Mary Jane" (2)
        "Heaven" (2)
        "Redpoll" (2)
        "Shady Grove" (2)
        "Stalk Your Calling"
 37: "Parish Notices," Jez Lowe (12)
        "Propping" (3)
        "Glad Rags Again" (2)
        "Go Away Joe"
        "If I Had Another Penny"
        "Linmping Drinker Polks," Jez Lowe And The Bad Pennies
        "Parish Notices," Jez Lowe And The Bad Pennies
        "Spares Or Repair"
        "Spitting Cousins"
        "Tom-Tom," Jez Lowe And The Bad Pennies
 37: "Polk City Ramble," Roy Book Binder (12)
        "Anywhere You Go" (3)
        "Blind Lemon" (2)
        "I'm Just Another Old Chunk Of Coal" (2)
        "Let's Get Together"
        "New Age Woman Blues"
        "Polk City Ramble"
        "Rag Mama"
        "She Did You A Favor"
 37: "Reunion Hill," Richard Shindell (12)
        "Next Best Western" (4)
        "Money For Floods" (3)
        "I Saw My Youth Today" (2)
        "Darkness Darkness"
        "Reunion Hill"
 37: "Rhyme Schemes," Joel Mabus (12)
        "Bubba's 3 B's" (2)
        "Mister Lucky" (2)
        "Say Cheese" (2)
        "Barbeque, Banjos And Beer"
        "Clear Blue Sky"
        "Do Dah Ditty"
        "Mr. Lucky"
        "What 'my Doin' Wrong"
 37: "Solitary Travel," Sam Pacetti (12)
        "Brian's Rapier" (4)
        "Shawnee Town" (2)
        "First Ride"
        "Lion And The Child"
        "Saturday's Revival"
        "Still Alive"

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