Top Folk Albums, Songs, Artists and Labels of April 2015 (with DJ list)

Compiled by Richard Gillmann from FOLKDJ-L playlists
Based on 12996 airplays from 144 different DJs

  1: "A Wanderer I'll Stay," Pharis And Jason Romero [Lula, 3/15] (81)
        "A Wanderer I'll Stay"
        "Goodbye Old Paint"
        "There's No Companion"
        "Ballad Of Old Bill"
  2: "The Social Music Hour Vol. 1," Spuyten Duyvil [, 3/15] (69)
        "Who's Gonna Shoe Your Pretty Little Feet?"
        "Cruel War"
        "Keep Your Skillet Good And Greasy"
        "Lord Franklin"
  3: "The Hour Before," Elaine Romanelli [, new] (65)
        "Red Tail"
        "She And He"
  4: "The Newpart," April Verch [Slab Town, new] (64)
        "Belle Election"
        "Bring Your Clothes Back Home"
        "I Heard The Bluebirds Sing"
        "Cruel Willie"
  4: "Tell Tale Heart," Chuck Brodsky [, 3/15] (64)
        "Splinter Cheeks Johnson"
        "Rachel's Guitar"
        "Not A Single Shot"
        "I Used To Fall"
  6: "Anna And Elizabeth," Anna And Elizabeth [Free Dirt, 3/15] (63)
        "Goin' Across The Mountain"
        "Little Black Train"
        "Very Day I'm Gone"
        "Greenwood Sidey"
  7: "The Rose Of Roscrae: A Ballad Of The West," Tom Russell [Frontera, new] (59)
        "Rose Of Roscrae"
        "He Wasn't A Bad Kid, When He Was Sober"
        "Resurrection Mountain"
  8: "Jayme Stone's Lomax Project," Jayme Stone [Borealis, 2/15] (49)
        "I Want To Hear Somebody Pray"
        "Lazy John"
        "Sheep, Sheep Dont'cha Know The Road"
  9: "Violets Are Blue," Rani Arbo And Daisy Mayhem [Signature, 3/15] (46)
        "Heart Of The World"
        "I Love This City"
        "Walk Around The Wheel"
 10: "Walk On Solid Ground," Gene And Gayla Mills [Heart Pine, new] (45)
        "Daytime Stars"
        "No Dominion Over Me"
        "Another Day"
 11: "Brighter Every Day," Trout Steak Revival [, 3/15] (44)
        "Union Pacific"
        "Brighter Every Day"
        "Ours For The Taking"
 11: "Happy Prisoner: The Bluegrass Sessions," Robert Earl Keen [Dualtone, 2/15] (44)
        "T For Texas"
        "This World Is Not My Home"
        "Walls Of Time"
 13: "Tomorrow Is My Turn," Rhiannon Giddens [Nonesuch, 2/15] (43)
        "Up Above My Head"
        "Round About The Mountain"
        "Shake Sugaree"
 14: "Pandemonium," Moors And McCumber [, 12/14] (42)
        "My Heart Is Open"
        "You Take Me Somewhere"
        "Crack A Smile"
 14: "Tetu," Le Vent Du Nord [Borealis, new] (42)
        "Noce Tragique"
 16: "Devil In The Seat," The Foghorn String Band [, 1/15] (36)
        "90 Miles An Hour"
        "Pretty Polly"
 17: "Redemption Road," Tom Paxton [Pax, 3/15] (34)
        "Redemption Road"
        "Virginia Morning"
        "Mayor Of MacDougal Street"
 18: "Looking Back: Our American Irish Souls," The Burns Sisters [Sisters, 1/15] (33)
        "Clare To Here"
        "Ned Of The Hill"
 18: "Lucky Stars," Leaf Rapids [Black Hen, new] (33)
        "Galaxie 500"
 18: "One," Natalie MacMaster And Donnell Leahy [Linus, new] (33)
        "Tribute To Buddy"
        "Clog Medley"
 21: "Glory Junkies," Danielle Miraglia [, new] (31)
        "Coffee Stained Thank You Cards"
        "Glory Junky"
        "Heat Of The Win"
 22: "Leave Some Things Behind," The Steel Wheels [Big Ring, 4/15] (30)
        "Promised Land"
        "End Of The World Again"
        "Help Me"
 23: "The 45th Parallel," Neptune's Car [, 1/15] (29)
        "Blue Sky Turned To Rust"
        "By The Time It Gets Dark"
        "Fly Fishing The Big Hole"
 23: "A Bird In This World," Joel Mabus [Fossil, 2/15] (29)
        "Every Bitter Thing Is Sweet"
        "Hillbilly Singer"
        "Spin Of Desire"
 23: "Spinning Yarns," Norah Rendell [Two Tap, new] (29)
        "Biddy Rooney"
        "Letty Lee"
        "Carrion Crow"
 26: "Classic American Ballads," Various Artists [Smithsonian/Folkways, new] (28)
        "Banks Of The Ohio," Doc Watson And Bill Monroe
        "Titanic," Pink Anderson
 26: "The Lied To's," The Lied To's [Hollow Body, 2/15] (28)
        "Carry Your Boots"
        "Do You Ever Miss The Things You Swore You Never Would"
 28: "Baladista," Joel Rafael [Inside, 4/15] (27)
        "El Bracero"
        "Old Portland Town"
        "Good Samaritan"
 28: "Brotherhood," The Gibson Brothers [Rounder, 2/15] (27)
        "How Mountain Girls Can Love"
        "Crying In The Rain"
 28: "Trust," The Levins [, 1/15] (27)
        "Love Song"
 31: "Sliding Delta," Michael Jerome Browne [Borealis, 1/15] (26)
        "Frisco Town"
        "Living In The White House"
        "Sliding Delta"
 31: "Some 1 Like U," Kathy Moser [Self, 2009] (26)
        "Some 1 Like U"
        "Straw, Clay, Wood And Stone"
        "Big Yellow Taxi"
 33: "Still The King: Celebrating The Music Of Bob Wills And His Texas Playboys," Asleep At The Wheel [Bismeaux, 3/15] (25)
        "Trouble In Mind"
        "Ding Dong Daddy From Dumas"
 33: "That Kind Of Girl," Amy Speace [Windbone, 2/15] (25)
        "Better Than This"
        "Nothing Good Can Come From This"
        "Trouble Looks Good On You"
 35: "Long Before Light," The Onlies [Soft Day, 4/15] (24)
        "Handsome Molly"
 35: "The Many Hats Of Jory Nash," Jory Nash [Thin Man, 2/15] (24)
        "Ain't Coming Home"
        "Night With You"
 37: "Best Medicine," The Stray Birds [Yep Roc, 10/14] (23)
        "Best Medicine"
 38: "Tomorrow You're Going," The Pine Hill Project [Signature, 3/15] (22)
        "Farewell To St. Dolores"
 39: "Something In The Water," Pokey LaFarge [Rounder, new] (21)
        "Knocking The Dust Off The Rust Belt Tonight"
        "Something In The Water"
 39: "Sweet Memories... Never Leave," Erynn Marshall And Carl Jones [Dittyville, 2/15] (21)
        "Lohman Waltz"
        "Maple On The Hill"
 39: "The Widening Gyre," Altan [Compass, 1/15] (21)
        "No Ash Will Burn"
        "Triple T"
 42: "West," The Kennedys [Self, 3/15] (20)
        "Bodhisattva Blues"
 42: "Wink At July," Rachel Garlin [Tactile, new] (20)
        "Colorado Rain"
        "This Winding Road"
 44: "Complicated Game," James McMurtry [Complicated Game, 2/15] (19)
        "Ain't Got A Place"
        "Forgotten Coast"
 44: "Dreaming As I Do," Caroline Cotter [Bella Blue, 2/15] (19)
        "Bella Blue"
        "Dreaming As I Do"
 44: "Ionia," Lindsay Lou And The Flatbellys [, 2/15] (19)
        "Hot Hands"
        "Old Song"
 44: "The Ruffian's Misfortune," Ray Wylie Hubbard [Bordello, new] (19)
        "Chick Singer Badass Rockin"
        "Too Young Ripe, Too Young Rotten"
 48: "Coming Forth By Day," Cassandra Wilson [Legacy, new] (18)
        "Billie's Blues"
        "What A Little Moonlight Can Do"
 48: "Rise And Fall," Dayna Kurtz [M. C., new] (18)
        "Yes, You Win"
        "It's How You Hold Me"
 48: "Roll Up The Night Sky," Dana Sipos [Muddy Roots, new] (18)
        "Holy People"
        "My Beloved"
 48: "Signature Sounds 20th Anniversary Collection: Favorites and Rarities from the Second Decade," Various Artists [Signature, 3/15] (18)
        "Country Blues," Zoe Muth And The Lost High Rollers
 48: "Wage Love," Fred Gillen Jr [Dys, 1/15] (18)
        "Ghost Of Joe Hill"
 53: "Ain't In No Hurry," Jorma Kaukonen [Red House, 2/15] (17)
        "Ain't In No Hurry"
        "Nobody Knows You When You're Down And Out"
 53: "Band Of Ruhks," Band Of Ruhks [101 Ranch, new] (17)
        "Coal Mining Man"
        "Lost Highway"
 53: "Bela Fleck & Abigail Washburn," Bela Fleck & Abigail Washburn [Rounder, 10/14] (17)
        "What'cha Gonna Do"
 53: "Songs Around The Kitchen Table," David Llewellyn And Ida Kristin [Norna, 2/15] (17)
        "Only God Knows"
        "59th Street Bridge Song"
 57: "Dear Jean: Artists Celebrate Jean Ritchie," Various Artists [Compass, 9/14] (16)
        "L&N Don't Stop Here Anymore," Robin And Linda Williams
 57: "Liz Longley," Liz Longley [Sugar Hill, 3/15] (16)
        "Skin And Bones"
 57: "Rare Bird," Chris Sanders [Desert Night, 3/15] (16)
        "Roll In The Night"
        "Snow Geese"
 57: "Rise From The Storm," Joanne Lurgio [Self, new] (16)
        "Kick Off My Shoes"
 57: "Traveling Show," Songs From The Road Band [Lucks Dumpy Toad, new] (16)
        "Traveling Show"
        "Hillbilly Wedding Day"
 57: "Wood, Wire & Words," Norman Blake [Plectraphone, 1/15] (16)
        "Blake's Rag"
        "There's A One Way Road To Glory"
 63: "Chasing The Sun," The Sweet Lowdown [, 11/14] (15)
        "River Winding Down"
        "April 29th"
 63: "A History Of Ghosts," Bobtown [, 11/14] (15)
        "Across The River"
        "Stitch In Time"
 63: "Ken Whiteley And The Beulah Band," Ken Whiteley And The Beulah Band [Borealis, 3/15] (15)
        "Beulah Land"
 63: "The RCA Sessions," Malcolm Holcombe [Gypsy Eyes, new] (15)
        "Who Carried You"
        "I Feel Like A Train"
 63: "Terraplane," Steve Earle & The Dukes [New West, 1/15] (15)
        "Ain't Nobody's Daddy Now"
        "Acquainted With The Wind"
 63: "XVII," The Nields [, 2/15] (15)
        "Love Love Love"
 69: "Blue Roses," Rachael Sage [MPress, 10/14] (14)
 69: "Dragonflies," Scott And Michelle Dalziel [Gatorbone, 1/15] (14)
        "Step Into Now"
 69: "Kelly Bosworth," Kelly Bosworth [, 11/14] (14)
        "House Of Gold"
 69: "Pretty Bird," Cosy Sheridan [Waterbug, 6/14] (14)
        "Pretty Bird"
 69: "Wilder Days," Natasha Borzilova [Hadley, new] (14)
        "Life Simplified"
        "Wilder Days"

Compiled by Richard Gillmann from FOLKDJ-L playlists
Based on 12996 airplays from 144 different DJs

1. "A Wanderer I'll Stay" (19)
        by Pharis And Jason Romero
        from "A Wanderer I'll Stay"
2. "Goodbye Old Paint" (17)
        by Pharis And Jason Romero
        from "A Wanderer I'll Stay"
3. "25" (13)
        by Elaine Romanelli
        from "The Hour Before"
4. "Shine" (12)
        by Elaine Romanelli
        from "The Hour Before"
5. "Rose Of Roscrae" (11)
        by Tom Russell
        from "The Rose Of Roscrae: A Ballad Of The West"
5. "Test Of Time" (11)
        by Steep Canyon Rangers And Edie Brickell
        from "Test Of Time"
5. "There's No Companion" (11)
        by Pharis And Jason Romero
        from "A Wanderer I'll Stay"
5. "Who's Gonna Shoe Your Pretty Little Feet?" (11)
        by Spuyten Duyvil
        from "The Social Music Hour Vol. 1"
9. "Belle Election" (10)
        by April Verch
        from "The Newpart"
9. "Heart Of The World" (10)
        by Rani Arbo And Daisy Mayhem
        from "Violets Are Blue"
9. "I Heard The Bluebirds Sing" (10)
        by April Verch
        from "The Newpart"
9. "Keep Your Skillet Good And Greasy" (10)
        by Spuyten Duyvil
        from "The Social Music Hour Vol. 1"
9. "Splinter Cheeks Johnson" (10)
        by Chuck Brodsky
        from "Tell Tale Heart"
14. "Bring Your Clothes Back Home" (9)
        by April Verch
        from "The Newpart"
14. "Cruel War" (9)
        by Spuyten Duyvil
        from "The Social Music Hour Vol. 1"
14. "Daytime Stars" (9)
        by Gene And Gayla Mills
        from "Walk On Solid Ground"
14. "Goin' Across The Mountain" (9)
        by Anna And Elizabeth
        from "Anna And Elizabeth"
14. "Little Black Train" (9)
        by Anna And Elizabeth
        from "Anna And Elizabeth"
14. "Rachel's Guitar" (9)
        by Chuck Brodsky
        from "Tell Tale Heart"
14. "Up Above My Head" (9)
        by Rhiannon Giddens
        from "Tomorrow Is My Turn"
14. "Very Day I'm Gone" (9)
        by Anna And Elizabeth
        from "Anna And Elizabeth"
22. "Clare To Here" (8)
        by The Burns Sisters
        from "Looking Back: Our American Irish Souls"
22. "Handsome Molly" (8)
        by The Onlies
        from "Long Before Light"
22. "I Love This City" (8)
        by Rani Arbo And Daisy Mayhem
        from "Violets Are Blue"
22. "Lord Franklin" (8)
        by Spuyten Duyvil
        from "The Social Music Hour Vol. 1"
22. "New Lonesome Blues" (8)
        by Pharis And Jason Romero
        from "A Wanderer I'll Stay"
22. "No Dominion Over Me" (8)
        by Gene And Gayla Mills
        from "Walk On Solid Ground"
22. "Not A Single Shot" (8)
        by Chuck Brodsky
        from "Tell Tale Heart"
22. "Union Pacific" (8)
        by Trout Steak Revival
        from "Brighter Every Day"

Compiled by Richard Gillmann from FOLKDJ-L playlists
Based on 12996 airplays from 144 different DJs

1. Pharis And Jason Romero
2. Chuck Brodsky
3. Anna And Elizabeth
4. April Verch
4. Spuyten Duyvil
6. Elaine Romanelli
7. Tom Paxton
8. Tom Russell
9. Rhiannon Giddens
10. Robert Earl Keen
11. Joni Mitchell
11. Rani Arbo And Daisy Mayhem
13. Le Vent Du Nord
14. Trout Steak Revival
15. Bob Dylan
16. Gene And Gayla Mills
16. Jayme Stone
16. Moors And McCumber
19. The Foghorn String Band
19. Pete Seeger
19. Richard Thompson
22. The Burns Sisters
23. Natalie MacMaster And Donnell Leahy
24. The Steel Wheels
25. Danielle Miraglia
25. John McCutcheon
25. Norah Rendell
28. Amy Speace
28. The Gibson Brothers
28. Joel Mabus
28. Neptune's Car
32. John Renbourn
32. Leaf Rapids
32. The Stray Birds
35. Asleep At The Wheel
35. Joel Rafael
35. The Levins
38. Michael Jerome Browne
38. Norman Blake
40. Eliza Gilkyson
40. Jory Nash
40. The Lied To's
40. The Onlies

Compiled by Richard Gillmann from FOLKDJ-L playlists
Based on 12996 airplays from 144 different DJs

1. Rounder
2. Signature
3. Red House
4. Borealis
5. Compass
5. Sugar Hill
7. Columbia
8. Nonesuch
9. Free Dirt
10. Smithsonian/Folkways
11. Capitol
11. Lula
13. Flying Fish
14. Dualtone
14. Yep Roc
16. Warner
17. Waterbug
18. Slab Town
19. Rebel
20. Frontera
20. Vanguard
22. Appleseed
23. New West
23. Rhino
25. Shanachie
26. 2 Tap
26. Black Hen
26. Philo
29. Inside
29. Linus
31. Arc
31. Reprise
33. Sony
34. Greentrax
34. RCA
36. Fossil
36. Green Linnet
38. ATO
39. Hollow Body
40. Bismeaux

Compiled by Richard Gillmann from FOLKDJ-L playlists
Based on 12996 airplays from 144 different DJs

Abby Parks (WLJS-FM, AL)
Al Kniola (WVPE-FM, IN)
Alan Hossack (94.7 The Pulse, Australia)
Amy & Travis Luncan (WYSO-FM, OH)
Angela Page (WJFF-FM, NY)
Annie Keville (WVBR-FM, NY)
Art Menius (WCOM-FM, NC)
Arthur Berman (CiTR-FM, BC)
Arthur Dean (WCNI-FM, CT)
Artie Martello (, NY)
Bettie Carlson (WCUW-FM, MA)
Bill Revill (WESU-FM, CT)
Bill Stuart (WFIT-FM, FL)
Bill Wagman (KDVS-FM, CA)
Bob McWilliams (KANU-FM & KPR, KS)
Bob Weiser (WBRS-FM & WOMR-FM, MA)
Brad Edmondson (WVBR-FM, NY)
Brenda & Roman Tacik (CJTR-FM, SK)
Bruce Cameron (2MCE-FM, Australia)
Bud Johnson (syndicated, AK)
Caragh McMaster (WTJU-FM, VA)
Carolyn VandeWiele (WFHB-FM, IN)
Charlie Backfish (WUSB-FM, NY)
Chris Kocher (WHRW-FM, NY)
Chrisana McGill (WSPN-FM, NY)
Cindy Funk (WYSO-FM, OH)
Colin Fielding (3INR-FM, Australia)
Craig Huegel (WMNF-FM, FL)
Dan Murphy (, NH)
Darla Novak (KZFR-FM, CA)
Darwin Davidson (WERU-FM, ME)
Dave Hardy (, MA)
David John (KTRU-FM, TX)
David Sears (WBGU-FM, OH)
Denis McKay (VOX-FM, Australia)
Dennis & Judy Cook (WOBC-FM, OH)
Dennis Brunnenmeyer (KVMR-FM, CA)
Diane Crowe (WMCB-FM, MA)
Diane Karl (KBOO-FM etc, OR)
Dick Hermans (WHDD-FM, CT)
Don Jacobson (KBOO-FM, OR)
Doug Dick (WVGN-FM, VI)
Ed McDonald (WVMR-FM etc, WV)
Ed Mellnik (KBOO-FM, OR)
Fred Frawley (WMPG-FN, ME)
Gail Comfort (, MB)
George Dayton (WTJU-FM, VA)
Gerd Stassen (EVW, Germany)
Gerry Goodfriend (CKUT-FM, QC)
Graham Rice (WJFF-FM, NY)
Graham and Barbara Dean (WBCR-LP, MA)
Hansjoerg Malonek (ISW-FM, Germany)
Harlon Joye (WRFG-FM, GA)
Heather Miller (KRUU-LP, IA)
Jan Hall (CFRU-FM, ON)
Jean Geiger (KBCS-FM, WA)
Jeff Eads (WNKU-FM, KY)
Jeff Robson (CJUM-FM, MB)
Jenny Flux (2AIR-FM, Australia)
Jeremy Butler (WUAL-FM & APR, AL)
Jim Canales (WWSP-FM, WI)
Jim Dubinsky (WUVT-FM, CV)
Jim Fisher (WGCS-FM, IN)
Jim Marino (CFMU-FM, ON)
Jim Rogers (WIUP-FM, PA)
Jim Schwall (WORT-FM, WI)
Joe Pszonek (WMSC-FM, NJ)
John & Maureen Rumsey (KVMR-FM, CA)
John Lupton and George Mercer (WVUD-FM, DE)
John Mazza (WNHU-FM, CT)
John Platt (WFUV-FM, NY)
John Weingart (WPRB-FM, NJ)
Johnny Bazzano (KRCB-FM, CA)
Jon 'Chip' Colcord (WSCS-FM, NH)
Jon Stein (WTBQ-AM, NY)
Justin Helmer (KVSC-FM, MN)
Jürgen Kramer (ZuSa, Germany)
Karen Rakos (KEUL-FM, AK)
Kate McNally (NHPR, NH)
Kelly Walker (Troy Public Radio, AL)
Ken Batista (WYEP-FM, PA)
Kevin Elliott (WEFT-FM, IL)
Kevin Vance (KALW-FM, CA)
Larry Hillberg (KVMR-FM, CA)
Larry Hoyt (WAER-FM, NY)
Laurie DesJardins (KVMR-FM, CA)
Len Holton (KUAR-FM, AR)
Lilli Kuzma (WDCB-FM, IL)
Linda Fahey (WKSU & syndicated, OH)
Lyle D. Skinner (CJUM-FM, MB)
Maggie Ferguson (WXOU-FM, MI)
Mara Noelle (KVMR-FM & KFOK-LP, CA)
Mark Michaelis (WGDR-FM, VT)
Mark Tobler (WTUL-FM, LA)
Mary Sue Twohy (SiriusXM & syndicated, DC)
Menachem Vinegrad (Upper Galilee-FM, Israel)
Michael Alzo (WSLU-FM, NY)
Michael Benson (WPKN-FM & WESU-FM, CT)
Michael Kane (WBRS-FM, MA)
Michael Stock (WLRN-FM, FL)
Mitch Park (Kidnappers, New Zealand)
Naomi Soule and Terry Moses (KCLC-FM, MO)
Nick Barr (WAMC-FM, NY)
Norm Mast (WVPE-FM, IN)
Pamela Smith (WPKN-FM, CT)
Paul Hartman (WTMD-FM, MD)
Paul Hefti (, CA)
Paul Stamler (KDHX-FM, MO)
Peter Jones (WTJU-FM, VA)
Peter Kernast and John Bates (WTSR-FM, NJ)
Peter Thompson (KALW-FM, CA)
Ray Baumler (WRUR-FM & WITH-FM, NY)
Rhonda J. Miller (WUMD-FM, MA)
Rich Warren (WFMT-FM & syndicated, IL)
Richard Gordon (WVUD-FM, DE)
Rik James (KGLT-FM, MT)
Rob Thurlow (KRFC-FM, CO)
Robert Resnik (VPR, VT)
Robin Pressman (KRCB-FM, CA)
Ron Olesko (WFDU-FM, NJ)
Rosemarie Nielsen (WAMU-FM & syndicated, VA)
Sandy Goodson (WTJU-FM, VA)
Sharon Downes (2MAX-FM, Australia)
Simon Dillon (Phoenix FM, Australia)
Sonny Ochs (WIOX-FM, NY)
Steve Brockway (KRFC-FM, CO)
Steve Edge (CITR-FM, BC)
Steve Fisher (CKUA-FM, AB)
Steve Harris (KCMJ-FM, CO)
Steve Jerrett (KOPN-FM, MO)
Steve Pritchard (CKLN-FM, ON)
Stu Weaver (WFCF-FM, FL)
Sue Kessell (WNUR-FM, IL)
Susan Forbes Hansen (WHUS-FM & WWUH-FM, CT)
Susi Lanagan (PBS-FM, Australia)
Taylor Caffery (WRKF-FM, LA)
Terry O'Laughlin (WORT-FM, WI)
Todd Tyson (The Point-FM, VT)
Tom Coxworth (CKUA-FM, AB)
Tom Druckenmiller (WDIY-FM & syndicated, PA)
Tom Funk (KGLP-FM, NM)
Valerie Cormier (CITR-FM, BC)
Wanda Fischer (WAMC & syndicated, NY)
Wayne Greene (, LA)

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